The Major's Daughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Military, Humiliation, Spanking, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was a rose buried in the wastelands of a country afflicted by corruption and despair. Her father was well-respected, but the sex-deprived men under his command saw an opportunity that could not be ignored.

The base was really not one of those isolated military posts that most soldiers described as “the pits of hell”. In fact, other than the occasional alert for random probes by mountain bandits or anti-government elements, the place was fairly habitable and for that reason, the defense department in its infinite wisdom decided it was suitable for dependent assignment in the status of “accompanied” for all officers and a few selected high-ranking non-coms with nubile spouses.

Since I was only a “wet behind the ears” raw recruit, I was informed I was with all the other unlucky slobs denied female companionship for the next eighteen months. It was that period of time that still had virtually no female members in the military ranks and those that were there were kept in rear areas like hospitals or headquarters for jobs that were distinctly better suited to the feminine gender. Nobody seemed to question that easily accepted fact especially not any female with enough common sense to appreciate the wisdom of making trigger-pulling man’s work.

I cannot say with precise accuracy the exact figures on the base make-up of assigned personnel, but it seems safe to say that we had about three hundred enlisted swine and about two dozen officers of various ranks with the highest being the Colonel. The Colonel stayed mostly inside his quarters because he was rumored to have some sort of allergy to the air in the foothills where the all but forgotten base had been established after a short war that placed the United States in a position of “nation-building” temporary responsibility.

I hadn’t been involved in the actual fighting in the combat era.

Most of the older enlisted men had been in-country for that brief period of time and they didn’t talk about it much because the consensus of opinion was that it was a chaotic muck-up of gigantic disaster. The civilian populace had suffered huge losses mostly from poorly selected targeting planning and the rebels had simply melted away into the hills with no stomach for conventional warfare that put them at a distinct disadvantage against our overwhelming force.

Roughly half of the officers had elected to bring their spouses and minor dependents with them on the assignment because the extended length of assignment was only two years in an “accompanied” role. The added perks of compensation were an inducement to have their female partners available for nocturnal duty for the entire period of seven hundred and thirty nights.

Those dozen spouses along with a handful of teenaged female dependent offspring and about ten senior enlisted men’s spouses made up the full contingent of the other gender on the almost all male base. With a disparity of gender that registered 329 males and 27 females assigned to the base, it made the assigned females a bit nervous with the uneven playing field. One could say that the situation was mitigated by the fifty-fifty split of native population demographics, but the simple fact was that “fraternization” was specifically forbidden by penalty of court martial and the culture of the local populace was such that even the thought of such contact was a basis for a severe beating that would include a public flogging of a half nude female. Needless to say, none of the indignant female populace had any inclination to test the resolve of the village elders just to get their ashes hauled in the middle of the night.

I had been assigned the collateral duty of transporting the minor children to the improvised base school located outside the walls of the fortified position. The “school” was approved by the inspector general as appropriate for all dependents and even one or two of the younger enlisted members went there to study for their high school GED testing determined to be the new standard for any enlistee. A number of recruits had been accepted into service without benefit of minimal education because it was woefully hard to find warm bodies willing to risk getting their heads blown off and precious little thanks for their sacrifice.

The little mini-bus barely held the students and I as the “guard” and it was extremely fortunate that the journey was only a matter of a few kilometers and not a longer distance over the rough road. I was forced to sit on the stair with a poncho as my padding and found the position most rewarding because I had unfettered viewing of more than one pair of female legs that generally ended in youthful cotton panties of various colors and designs.

A pair of yellow and black “smiley face” panties stared me in the face only inches from my inquiring nose and I looked up into the eyes of Heidi, the Major’s daughter. She was truly the “apple” of his eye and they were particularly close despite the generational gap in their ages. The Major’s wife was also quite the looker with her long blonde hair and her heart-shaped backside that she had no sense of shyness about displaying for male visual delight at all times. I suspected she had a fetish for assuming poses that accentuated her posterior excellence and would often wear skimpy attire just to reveal her curves.

His wife’s name was Renata and she came from some small town in Germany that specialized in the making of clocks. Her husband had a fine collection of clocks and he insisted she keep them all fine-tuned to the exact time and looked after their accuracy with dedicated sense of duty.

I had spoken to the daughter on almost a daily basis now for the past two months and she had confided in me that the Major took a dim view of any discrepancy with his clocks and that when his wife Renata failed in her duties to keep the clocks ticking perfectly, he would administer a “correction” to her right in front of the daughter to teach her how important it was to follow all orders. The girl would hold my arm with both hands as she described how her poor mother had to bare her bottom for the correction and count each stroke with precise intelligible words and the proper sense of contrition for her shameful faults.

Heidi’s tightly clenched fingers around my arm caused me to wonder if she would grasp my shaft in the same manner with that firm control that German girl’s seemed to have with regard to handling private parts when there were no witnesses to their guilty behavior.

On a day when we were the last two off the bus, I placed her hot little hand on my hardened bulge and saw the gleam of lust in her teenaged eyes as she traced every square inch of my masculine identity.

That same afternoon, she pressed a small wad of cloth into my hand and I quickly hid the smiley face panties in my pocket. Later that night, I held them under my nostrils and had wild dreams of Heidi with her legs spread wide open for me and her mother watching in the background attending to her duties setting all the clocks for the exact time. I saw that they were ready to strike the hour and managed to flood Heidi’s lovely slit with my offering just in time to zip up and resume my guard duties as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

I knew the moment I saw Heidi next that I had to have her sweet surrender and taste the essence of her teenaged passion no matter how dangerous the circumstance and regardless of the consequences of my enflamed desire.

She ran back to the bus to get her books.

We both knew it was a ploy to be alone for a moment.

Quickly, I pushed up her school uniform skirt and pulled down her pure white cotton panties. She was sparkling clean and her crack had the scent of lilacs inviting me to slide inside the rear part of her feminine slit. There was no doubt about her complicity because her channel was already well lubricated with her juices and we were joined to the hilt in an instant. Since time was of the essence, we humped vigorously until I spurted hard and fast deep inside her wonderful tunnel of lust. Her moans were music to my ears and we both smoothed our clothing for the run up to the schoolhouse.

I was certain nobody was wise to our frenzied copulation and I vowed to do it again as soon as possible.

Heidi was smiling at me and I knew she was holding my juices inside and that made me feel wanted in a special way far more than my fumbling with strange girls at the silly all-night raves back in my home town.

Everything seemed like it was coming up roses.

At least until Heidi spilled the beans to her hard-as-nails mom Renata. Her mom was fit to be tied and I was suddenly afraid that she would inform on us to the Major putting me in the guard house for the remainder of my tour of duty.

“Private Pruitt, since you seem to be a person of low character and strong urges to rob decent females of their physical dignity, you might as well get over here and show me your secret to making good girls like my Heidi spread her legs without a thought to her reputation and feminine mystique.”

I was shocked to see the Major’s spouse lift her long skirts and show me her control-top panty hose with the soft cotton vaginal strip that gave her pussy a better than average share of genital comfort than any other type of undies except wearing absolutely nothing at all. I didn’t think any of the ladies in the officer’s wives club went around wearing their birthday suits under their long dresses because they were a tight-assed bunch not likely to spread their legs for inferior enlisted men no matter how impressive their masculine equipment.

Heidi was quick to loosen my belt and get my trousers down to address her mom from behind with my already rampant cock. She took me in hand and rubbed me all over her mom’s ample entryway and I wondered if she was as tight as she looked. The answer to that question was answered almost immediately as she bent over the dining room table and took me on board like we were “old friends” and well accustomed to mid-day festivities. I have to admit my salami slid up her already wet channel with easy entry and deep penetration. She was loose in comparison to the teenaged Heidi but that was only to be expected because she was twenty years her senior and had been sexually active for several years with numerous beaus before settling on the Major as her ticket to social success.

The little imp Heidi was giving both of us her middle finger straight up our rear facing entryways in a way that made both of us hump heroically in a frantic dance of depraved degradation that

Filled the small room with the sound of meaty slapping together that sounded more like a butcher’s shop during the rush hour than a field grade officer’s home quarters on a quiet weekday afternoon. Heidi was giving it to both of us with immature delight hoping to make us reach our point of release together in an explosive manner that would expose our base instincts to the light of day. I could see Renata’s beautiful cheeks bouncing and shaking with the spirit of the humiliating coupling and I knew Heidi was watching and holding both of our rear ends in her hands like a brace of naughty hunting dogs that needed her touch of sensual encouragement.

I pounded poor Renata’s backside with enthusiastic thrusts that threatened to push her all the way down to the fluffy white carpet on the dining room floor but she looked over her shoulder and dared me to give it to her harder. I met her dare with renewed vigor and Heidi was suddenly jealous that her mother was getting all the action and all she had was our sphincters trembling on her fingers like untamed animals in need of firm control.

My flood hit the poor military housewife before she was quite ready but time was of the essence and we all knew being caught in such a delicate situation was definitely not an option. We all cleaned up and did our best to hide the facts of the scent of sex that hung in the small house like a wall of fog hanging around with no motivation to leave the scene of the crime.

I knew with cosmic certainty that both mother and daughter were of the same opinion of me and that we would be joined in a “troika” of lust until the end of the assignment. It was a promise that helped make me more amenable to their need for fun and games to make life less boring than stuffy good behavior.

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