Moving Forward
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Reluctant, Science Fiction, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Craig lost his wife, Nichelle lost her mother and Claudia lost her parents. How can they put things back together? A story of the Fleet Auxiliary.

The signal showed red, so Craig listened to the car radio while he waited, “ ... denied the report. And in local news, the Confederacy extracted nine sponsors, twenty-four concubines and their dependents from the Riverside Mall midday. The spokesperson for...” Then the traffic started moving again and he lost interest. Riverside Mall was popular enough that the Moving Forward Club would likely gain a few new members for Nikki to look after. He half-qualified as a member himself as he’d been left behind when the Confederacy picked up his wife a few months ago. He was a teacher though, too old for the club, which was to help young adult students adjust to their changed lives after losing their parents in an extraction.

He pulled into his driveway, went into his house and headed to the kitchen for some coffee. An urgent knocking at the front door interrupted his progress. He opened it to receive an armful of sobbing sixteen-year-old. Claudia lived next door with her parents. Rather, she had lived with her parents. Between sobs she explained that her mother and father had been at Riverside Mall for lunch and were now on a colony ship in orbit. All she had in exchange was a letter from the Confederacy telling her the news.

Craig disentangled himself, sat her down on the sofa and headed back to the kitchen to make two coffees and grab some paper towels.

“Your Dad was a sponsor, wasn’t he?”

“Yeah. He took Mom, Billy and some woman called Michelle something.”

“So your brother’s gone as well?”

“Yeah. He’s only thirteen, so he counts as a dependent.” She broke into tears again.

Craig passed her the paper towels and waited while she gathered herself. He knew Claudia both as a neighbor and as a pupil in school. Normally she was quiet, almost shy, and well-behaved. Academically, she tended to get lost in the middle of the pack. Her looks were average as well: brunette, pretty but not striking. ‘Girl next door’, if that wasn’t too much of a cliché for the girl who actually lived next door.

She was showing off her tanned teenage legs in a very short red skirt. Her Italian ancestry helping her tan look good. Above that she had a high-necked dark-blue top. The short skirt was standard these days, her top wasn’t. Most of the girls in school wanted to show off as much of their legs, breasts and everything between as they thought they could get away with. Claudia didn’t. Her top wasn’t cut short to show her midriff and it had a high neck as well. From what Craig could see under her clothes her breasts looked good, but she presumably disagreed and kept them hidden.

“Could I stay here tonight, Mr. Kirkman? Please. I really don’t want to sleep in the house alone. I won’t be any trouble. Please?”

“Of course, Claudia. I’ll set up the guest bed, though you’ll need to get your toothbrush and stuff from next door.”

That got him a hug and a peck on the cheek. “Thank you, sir.”

Not unexpectedly she was subdued all evening. They talked about the Moving Forward Club in school. She’d heard about it of course and Craig promised to introduce her to Nikki Villareal who ran it.

Claudia lay in bed that night, her thoughts running at a thousand miles an hour. She was on her own now. How would she get money to live on? She wanted to finish school and graduate; would that even be possible? Mom, Dad and Billy were gone. She hadn’t expected to go with Dad as his second concubine. They’d discussed it and neither of them was happy with the thought of what they’d have to do if she was with him. Both Dad and Mom had tried to find a sponsor to take her. That must have been weird for them, offering their daughter to high CAP friends and colleagues. Anyway, that was all over now, she’d somehow have to find her own sponsor. That would be very difficult. Any prospective sponsor would expect her to strip and as soon as they saw her they’d reject her. Did the Confederacy ever do any pickups in the dark? That was probably her only hope, unless she could find a blind guy with a high score.

It was impossible for her to get to sleep on her own. Maybe Mr. Kirkman...

She disturbed him, coming into his bedroom. “Sorry Mr. Kirkman, I can’t sleep. Can I share with you please? It might help.” He was only half awake and mumbled something. She took it as a ‘yes’ and slipped into the double-bed beside him.

Tuesday Craig woke confused, spooned behind someone with his morning erection pressed against her ass and a hand on her hip. He hadn’t woken next to anyone for months. Luckily, he remembered it was Claudia before he tried anything. Carefully moving back from her, he looked at the clock. Only five minutes to go, so he got up quietly and turned off the alarm to avoid waking her. She was asleep, which was a good sign.

Craig found it strange making breakfast for two again. The Confederacy had hit a lunch place near where Louise worked, tearing her out of his life. The wound was healing, but slowly. He knew he’d have to move on eventually and that wasn’t such a distant prospect now as it had once been.

When Claudia came down she was still subdued, even for her, but not as bad as yesterday. She had already dressed for school in the same short red skirt, though she’d changed her top for a T-shirt with some boy-band logo on it. High necked again, that never changed; he’d never even seen her in a v-neck. Her eyes were red and she didn’t seem much interested in conversation, so breakfast was quiet.

She studied her neighbor over the table. Thirty-eight, blond and about five-ten. Medium build and not sporty. Her Dad liked playing tennis, but Mr. Kirkman didn’t seem to do sports. He wasn’t fat, but he probably wasn’t buff either. She hadn’t noticed him bring any girlfriends around since the Confederacy had taken his wife, which was strange. Some of the rumors in school said he was a sponsor though other rumors said he wasn’t. She enjoyed his lessons, mostly, though he was more casual here in his home than in the classroom.

He offered her a lift into school, which she accepted. Her mother often drove her, which started another short round of tears when she thought about it.

She’d calmed down some by the time they reached the school. “Are you OK, Claudia?” he asked anxiously.

“Not really, but I’ve got to go back sometime, haven’t I?”

“I’ll take you to see Ms. Villareal. She’ll help you with advice and so on. That will make it easier for you.”

“Thanks, Mr. Kirkman.”

As soon as Nikki Villareal saw them she asked, “The Riverside Mall pickup yesterday?” Claudia nodded. “Come with me, Claudia. I’ve already got two others in the same boat: the Wasserman twins.” She smiled at Craig as she walked away with an arm around the girl, comforting her. Nikki was fifty and motherly, ideal for her job of comforting teens who had lost one or both parents so abruptly.

Luckily for him, Craig taught science. He had cribbed a spiel from a teachers’ website to motivate young adults to attend his classes. If the Confederacy wanted to fight the Swarm, then they’d need scientists able to develop biological weapons, chemical weapons and death rays to attack them. Basically, ‘learn science and your CAP score should increase’. Most of the sensible kids understood. A lot of them liked the idea of death rays; with the arrival of the Confederacy and all its new technology, Science Fiction ideas were more real than before. Anyone over fourteen was legally an adult, so school was unofficially more like a university where attendance at lessons was voluntary. Whatever the reason, it was much easier teaching the more motivated students without bored troublemakers in the class.

Craig had a free period that afternoon and went in search of Nikki; he found her as she was out looking for him. “Craig, good. We need to talk.”

In her tiny office she cleared some papers off her guest chair. He sat down and asked, “How is Claudia? She wasn’t in my class this morning.”

“I gave her a pass for the whole day. She was either with me, talking to the others in the club or in the library. She’ll probably be all right in time, but she’s fragile at the moment. Losing both parents at once is a big shock for her.”

“Understandable. Is there anything I can do?”

“Great! A volunteer,” Nikki said with a smile. “Since you live next door to her, I’d like you to act as a substitute parent for her. I’ve told her she can come to you for advice and help if she needs it.” Craig nodded agreement, he’d expected that. Nikki continued, “She said she stayed last night at your place, which helped. The ones who’ve lost both parents often feel abandoned, so it’s important for them to have someone around. You’re not family, but she knows you and you’re nearby. Her other family are out-of-state in Florida and Oregon, so they’re too far away.”

“That’s OK. She can visit me whenever she needs to.”

“She’ll need some money to live on in the short-term until her parents’ bank accounts get transferred to her name and the Confederacy support comes through. She can pay you back then.”

“Just basic day-to-day money will be fine,” Craig agreed. “I can’t stretch to a new car for her.”

Nikki laughed. “Of course not, for that sort of thing she’ll have to use her own money. Anyway, she owns two cars now: one in her driveway and one parked at Riverside Mall.”

“True, I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Do you know how well off her parents really were? Sometimes we find that the fancy cars and nice house took all their income and there’s nothing left in the bank.”

“I don’t think they were like that,” he said. “They seemed reasonably sensible with money. He drives ... drove a Ford and she had a Toyota. Nothing too flash.”

“Good, that’s one less worry.”

Claudia spent Tuesday evening with Craig. She promised she’d move back into her own house soon, but she wasn’t ready to do that yet. She was very apologetic about bothering him, but he assured her it wasn’t a problem. She did insist on cooking though. “There’s stuff in our ... my fridge that needs using up.” She barely managed not to cry over that mistake; a reminder of her loss.

Her omelet with onions and eggplant accompanied by a green salad was definitely better than anything he could have made himself, which he made sure to tell her. She blushed at his praise, but enjoyed it. That helped lift her mood a little.

They retired to their separate beds, but Wednesday morning he woke to find her sharing with him again. This time, however, she was half-awake and shifted around as he got up. She’d obviously got more sleep than the night before.

That morning Claudia decided to drive herself to school. She’d driven her mother’s car before and felt she couldn’t impose on Craig too much. Besides, he had to stay late after school that evening for a meeting. She did ask for some money for gas, “I’ll pay you back. Ms. Villareal said I’ll get some money soon, I just don’t have any now.”

“Sure Claudia, that’s not a problem.”

The next Monday, she repaid him with thanks and a small kiss.

“So the money from the banks has come through then?” he asked.

“Not yet, Ms. Villareal says it should take about another week or so. I got this from selling Dad’s car. I only need one, so I sold the other.”

It was good that she was taking more control of her life. She hadn’t consulted him about her decision to sell, it was something she’d done on her own. A hopeful sign.

Later that week Nikki buttonholed Craig in the staff room, “I think Claudia needs someone to share her house so she’s not on her own. I have a girl I need to place. Would you mind if she moved in?”

“Not a problem for me, provided Claudia is OK with it. Who?”

“Nichelle Varley. She’s seen you around, but you’ve never taught her.”

Craig knew her by sight, “Big black girl, one year ahead of Claudia. Would make a good linebacker for a women’s football team?”

Nikki laughed, “Yes, that’s her, but don’t let her hear you say that.”

He grinned. “When does she move in?”

“On Monday for a two-week trial. They get along well in the club, but living together is different.”

“What’s Nichelle like?”

“She’s much more outgoing than Claudia and likes bossing other girls around. I hope she’ll help bring Claudia out of her shell more. Academically she’s no great shakes, but she’s got a lot of street smarts.”

“Sounds like she could be an interesting neighbor,” he commented.

He met Nichelle next Monday evening. Taller than Claudia, she was probably five-eight, almost up to his five-ten. Wearing more typical clothes than Claudia, she had tight green short shorts and a red cut-off tank top with a low-scooped neckline showing her cleavage. She had a definite liking for bangles and bracelets, three or four on each arm. Dark brown skin, not as black as some. She wasn’t fat, but she was never going to be petite with her very solid build. He suspected that if she wasn’t careful she would run to fat as she got older. Her hair was short and straightened. It wasn’t a style he particularly liked – he preferred a more natural look – but it wasn’t his choice to make. “Coffee ladies?” he offered as they sat down.

“Yes please,” Claudia replied.

“Just water, please sir,” Nichelle requested.

“Water?” That puzzled him, if not coffee then teens usually wanted a soda.

“I’m tryin’ to lose weight. I can’t take coffee without sugar, an’ diet sodas all taste gross, so I drink water.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve got used to it, really sir.”

“We’re not in school now, Nichelle. Call me Craig.”

“OK, Craig,” she nodded and smiled.

As Nikki had said, Nichelle was more outgoing than Claudia. She’d been living in a rented apartment since they’d extracted her divorced mother almost a year ago. The Confederacy had paid it up for a year, so now she needed to move somewhere else as she had no income to pay the rent. Her mother had lived from paycheck to paycheck so she didn’t have any savings to fall back on.

“You’re living with Claudia now?” Craig confirmed.

“For a trial period to see if we get along an’ what this area is like.”

“The area is fine, nice and quiet.”

“For you maybe, but you ain’t black. This is a white area an’ sometimes that might be trouble. I’ll need to check it out; see how people take me.”

He hadn’t thought of that, but plainly it would be very important for her. The area was mostly white with a few Hispanics and one Indian family, the Thakurs. He wasn’t sure how people might react; sometimes they could surprise you. Nichelle had a point.

“We can’t ask him that,” Claudia complained. “He’ll see what we’re doing right away. I’ll be so embarrassed.” She liked Craig and didn’t want to be a bother to him. She still relied on him for moral support.

Nichelle disagreed with her friend, “Don’t be stupid, Claudia. If he’s a got the score then he already knows. Any guy with a brain an’ a dick knows that conks are lookin’ for a sponsor. That means we’ll fuck him if he asks. He’s prob’ly had lots of offers already.”

“The rumors in school say he’s only a 6.2 and he hasn’t moved any women in with him since they extracted his wife. I don’t think he’s even had any girlfriends over for a night.”

“An’ the other rumors say he’s a sponsor. We need to ask him an’ find out.”

Nichelle took charge as usual and they both went next door to see Craig.

Claudia sat quietly, trying not to catch his eye while Nichelle talked for the two of them. “Craig, there are two stories about you ‘round school. One says you have a 6.2 CAP an’ the other says you’re a sponsor. Well?”

Craig preferred to keep his score quiet, so he produced a card showing 6.2. Nichelle took it and examined it suspiciously. “This ain’t a CAP card.”

“No it isn’t. It’s an Average Joes card, like it says on the front. I tested before the President’s announcement. Back then people didn’t know that CAP testing was anything to do with the Confederacy.” The card was a fake of course. Counterfeiting a Confederacy card was illegal and potentially dangerous, but an Average Joes card wasn’t an official Confederacy card. A surprising number of people accepted the fake, which was how the 6.2 rumor got started. Nichelle however wasn’t completely sold on his story.

“Why didn’t you get a real one?”

“I never saw the point. At my age my score won’t change so it didn’t seem worth the bother.”

She plainly wasn’t convinced, but she handed the card back and changed the subject. “Do you wanna come ‘round to us for dinner later? Claudia is doin’ meatballs.”

“I’d love to.” He turned to Claudia, smiling. “Your meatballs are far better than anything I can put together. Give me an hour to finish my grading.”

Claudia perked up at that. Craig had praised her cooking and Nichelle hadn’t embarrassed him.

The meatballs and spaghetti were very good – Claudia had learned the recipe from her mother – with ice-cream to follow for two of them and fresh fruit for Nichelle. After the meal the three of them moved into the lounge with coffees for Craig and Claudia, while Nichelle had her usual water.

“OK Craig,” Nichelle said once they’d settled. “That was bullshit about your card, wasn’t it?”

“Nichelle!” Claudia complained. “Don’t be rude.”

“But that card was fake, wasn’t it?” the black teen persisted. “I looked online. All those old Average Joes cards got pulled in an’ replaced.”

Craig decided to stonewall, “Why would I fake a 6.2? If I faked anything, I’d fake a 6.5 so I’d have girls lining up to jump into my bed. There’s no point in faking a low score.”

“I dunno why. I s’pose you wanna keep your real score quiet or somethin’. An’ there’s those other rumors as well. The ones about you havin’ a good score. I bet you’ve got a real card someplace with a 6.5 on it.”

Nichelle was right of course. Teachers with high scores often had to fend off potential concubines in school. He wasn’t ready to put up with that at work; teaching was difficult enough without the extra disruption. Tyler Fenton had walked into his classroom one day to find a naked girl waiting, laid out on his desk! Better to keep things low-key for the moment and avoid the bother. Teenage sponsors, the boys anyway, didn’t seem to mind the attention. He preferred a quieter life and he wasn’t completely over Louise yet.

“I don’t know why you’re hiding it either,” Claudia said suddenly, “but I think you’ve got a good score and you want to keep it quiet.” If Craig was a sponsor, then he might, just might, be ready to take her in spite of her problem. At least he knew her and liked her, which made it less likely he’d reject her out of hand. She crossed her fingers, hoping.

Craig sat, thinking. Seeing the looks on the girls’ faces, he realized he’d thought for too long – they’d guessed the truth. Best try to limit the damage rather than have them boost the sponsor rumors. “First I want a promise from you both.”

“I knew it!” Nichelle exclaimed. “You’re a sponsor.” She started unbuttoning her blouse. It didn’t take her long with only two buttons left to undo.

“Slow down, Nichelle,” he told her. “First you need to promise.”

“Promise what?”

“Promise you won’t tell people I’ve got a good score. Let them keep believing the 6.2 story.”

“Yeah, that’s easy,” the black teen replied while reaching behind to unfasten her dark blue bra. “We want the first chance at bein’ your conks. Don’t want no competition musclin’ in.”

“I promise,” Claudia added. Her heart began to beat faster from mixed anticipation and worry. How should she let him know? Would he be disgusted by how ugly she was?

Nichelle was topless by now, sitting bolt upright with her arms back and her chest forward. Her breasts seemed smaller than they actually were; with her large build they weren’t as prominent as they would have been on a smaller woman. “So, what’s your real score then?”

“Six point seven.” He pulled his genuine CAP card out of his wallet and passed it to Nichelle.

“Why didn’t you let people know?” Claudia asked.

“Did you hear what happened with Mr. Fenton?”

“You mean when Denyse stripped an’ waited for him?” Nichelle asked.

“Yes. I don’t want to have to put up with stuff like that. I’d rather make my selections quietly. That’s why I made you promise.”

“She fucked him after, ya’know. She saw him after school that day, an’ they fucked. He didn’t pick her though,” Nichelle said. “She told me, I know her,” answering his unasked question.

“Now that’s something new. He never mentioned that part in the staff room.”

Nichelle grinned at that. “So, who d’ya wanna fuck first, me or Claudia?”

“Neither, for the moment. First I want to see your CAP cards and ask a few questions.”

Claudia’s showed a 4.8 score. “The woman at the testing center said I had low self-esteem...”

“That’s for sure,” Nichelle interjected.

“ ... but I could improve my score if that got better,” Claudia finished.

“What did they say after your test, Nichelle?” he asked. Unsurprisingly, her score of 6.2 was better than her friend’s.

“They said I had good leadership an’ good motherhood potential. Didn’t say nothin’ about how to get my score up though.”

The leadership was no surprise, Nichelle liked taking charge. “Do you have any real experience with young children, either of you?” he asked.

Claudia shook her head, “No, just me and Billy with a little babysitting.”

“I’m the youngest, so my brother an’ sister are both older,” Nichelle explained. “Jayla has a baby boy, so I get to see him about twice a month, but I s’pose that’s not gonna make much difference.”

“You’re an aunt!” Claudia exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah. Auntie Nichelle, that’s me,” the black teen smiled.

“Can you both learn?” Craig asked. “I’d been thinking of taking an experienced mother as one of my two.”

“We can learn,” Nichelle assured him. “I’m already doin’ childcare class an’ I’ll work real hard now. Ms. Villareal suggests it to all the conks in the club, even the boys!”

“I haven’t signed up yet, but I will.” Claudia’s worries had returned. If Craig wanted a mother, then he might drop her and take an older woman along with Nichelle. She wouldn’t be able to bear it if that happened.

“OK, to make things clear,” Craig asked, “do you both want to be my concubines?”

That got him an eager “Yeah!” from Nichelle and a quieter “Yes please,” from Claudia.

“Good. I’ll need to test you both of course. Are you both protected?”

“No, I’m not,” Claudia said, sounding worried.

“Yeah, Ms. Villareal got me an IUD,” Nichelle added.

“That’s OK, Claudia,” Craig reassured her. “I’ll pick up some condoms tomorrow and you can talk to Ms. Villareal about an IUD. Looks like you’re first then, Nichelle.”

“Great!” Nichelle reached for the button on her shorts.

“Leave your shorts and put your blouse back on for now. We’ll do your test next door.” He turned to the younger girl, “It wouldn’t be fair on you, Claudia if you went second this evening. Tomorrow, I’ll have some condoms and have recovered from Nichelle.” The black teen smiled at that and followed Craig out, still buttoning her blouse.

Claudia watched the two of them leave and then slumped on the sofa. She had until tomorrow evening and then Craig would reject her. He’d see how ugly she really was and leave her behind. She could feel the tears running down her face. She’d lost her family and now she was going to lose two good friends. She’d be left on her own with no chance of being extracted. Ever.

She curled up on the sofa, not even bothering to go to her bedroom. All she could do was cry, despairing about how her life was going to be completely wrecked for the second time.

She didn’t think she slept, but she must have because Nichelle’s voice woke her. “God! You look like shit, girl. Go have a shower an’ get changed. I’ll make breakfast.”

Nichelle making breakfast! That was very unusual. Thinking about that helped distract her from the impending end of her best chance for extraction. She stood up shakily and went upstairs. The shower was a good idea; Nichelle making breakfast not so much.

Claudia took one look at the breakfast Nichelle had put out for her and started crying. “The cereal,” she sobbed.

“What about it? Even I can’t mess up cereal,” Nichelle asked, puzzled.

“It was Billy’s,” Claudia explained. “I never liked it.” Coming on top of last night, the reminder of her lost family was too much.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.” Nichelle quickly cleared away the cereal packet. “OK, toast then. Coffee will be ready soon.”


“Yeah. I used to drink it, so I can still make it. Coffee an’ toast is my limit though.”

While waiting for the toaster to finish, Nichelle told her, “You don’t look like you’re up to school so I called Ms. Villareal. We’ve both got the day off.”

“Thanks, I don’t think I could face it today.”

After they’d both finished a quiet breakfast, Nichelle cleared the plates into the dishwasher and sat back down opposite Claudia. “OK, what’s this about? It ain’t about me fuckin’ Craig is it?”

“No, not that,” Claudia assured her. “It’s because Craig will reject me. He’ll take you and someone else, a mother like he said, and I’ll be alone again.” Her tears restarted.

“Why would he reject you? He likes you.”

“I’m ugly,” Claudia sniffled.

“Ugly? You ain’t ugly. What the fuck you talkin’ about girl? You look good.”

“You don’t know. I keep it hidden.” She reached down and lifted her top to show Nichelle her chest.

“Shit! That looks nasty,” Nichelle exclaimed. “You had that all along?”

“I was born with it. I keep it covered, but I won’t be able to do that when Craig tests me. He’ll take one look and reject me!” she wailed.

“No he won’t. He’s better than that,” Nichelle reassured her. She moved to sit next to her friend and hugged her. “He’s a good guy. He’ll treat you right. And the Confederacy can prob’ly fix it. They’re always sayin’ they can change a conk’s looks after they extract her. They’ll be able to fix you up good for sure. He knows that – he ain’t stupid. Don’t you worry about it.”

Claudia appreciated Nichelle trying to help, but she wasn’t convinced. She’d only ever shown one boy and he’d run away as soon as he had seen what she was like. Never again, but now she’d have to let Craig see her. She was terrified he’d have the same reaction.

She decided to distract Nichelle, “How did you do on your test drive? Did he accept you?”

“He didn’t say. He’s gonna tell us both after he’s tested you. He wants to give us the news at the same time.”

“What’s he like? You know...” Claudia was too embarrassed to complete the question.

“He’s a lot better than most of the boys in school, he lasts longer for one. It ain’t over in twenty seconds like with some. Mind you, a few of the boys are better.”

“Mike D. has a good reputation.”

“Yeah, Mike is well good, better than Craig,” Nichelle said. “But Craig’s better than most.”

“How large is Craig?”

“Oh, he’s normal, six or six an’ a half. Short of Mike’s monster.” She held her hands about eight inches apart.

“What else do I need to know about him?” Claudia asked.

“He licks pussy good. Make sure you get him to do that for you. Like I said, he lasts longer than most boys the first time, but he takes longer to get hard again for seconds. My jaw was achin’ by the time he got it back up.”

“You did it twice?”

“Three times. Twice last night and once this morning.”

When Craig got back from work, the two girls came straight over to see him.

“You weren’t in school today. Ms. Villareal told me something had come up.”

“Yeah,” Nichelle said. “It’s important and you need to be careful.”

“OK, I’ll be careful. About what?”

“Claudia has somethin’ to tell you.”

Claudia went pink, “This is really embarrassing for me. I keep it hidden, especially from boys ... men I mean.”

“Is it something to do with the tops you wear?”

Claudia panicked, “You don’t know, do you?” She could feel her heart beating faster.

“I don’t know exactly, but I thought there was something. You keep your top well covered, but not your legs.”

“Ermm ... I have a ... I have this birthmark.” Her face was completely red from embarrassment and she couldn’t look Craig in the eyes. Even so, he could tell that she was on the verge of tears.

“And you’re worried I won’t like it?” he guessed.

“It’s horrible!” Craig could see Nichelle nodding behind Claudia, where the younger girl couldn’t see her. Evidently Claudia wasn’t panicking about nothing.

“How much does it cover?” he asked.

“Half my front.” She waved her hand over the right side of her chest.

“Can you show me a little of it?”

She pulled the neck of her top down below her collarbone. There was the beginning of a dark-red port wine birthmark there. Yes, it was plainly a very serious thing for the teenager.

“OK, that’s enough.”

Relieved, she covered it up again.

“I suppose you’re worried I’ll reject you because of it?”

“I’m ugly. You won’t like me!” She burst into tears.

Craig gestured for Nichelle to comfort her friend. Once Claudia had calmed down he told her. “You can keep your top on for the test drive if you want. Would that help?”

“Yes. It would be better.”

“I’m sure Confederacy medicine can fix it after we’re picked up. They can grow a whole new leg and there’s a lot of new skin on a leg. Until then you can keep your top on, though I might want to fondle your breasts,” he grinned.

She gave him a wan smile, “That’s OK sir.”

“Now, I have some work to do, can you come back about ten, Claudia?”

She nodded and the pair of them left.

He didn’t get as much grading done as he’d planned; he needed to think. Nichelle was his first woman since he’d lost his wife and he’d enjoyed sex with her more than he’d expected. He was finally getting over Louise. A few years ago their routine ‘test drive’ between sponsor and prospective concubine would have got him fired. Back then teachers did not have sex with students. The Confederacy had changed a lot of things.

Claudia would need very careful handling. She was much closer to her loss than he was to his and he didn’t want to inflict any more pain on her if he could avoid it. That meant accepting them both as his concubines and actually trying to get extracted. Up to now he’d mostly avoided likely places for pickups, but that was going to have to change. Perhaps he could look at setting up a pre-pack? He’d never forget Louise, but he needed to move forward. Nichelle and Claudia gave him the incentive to take the next step. It wasn’t just his own future any more; now he had two other people to think about.

Claudia was understandably nervous when she arrived right at ten. She wore a little more makeup than usual and had on a short dark gray pleated skirt with a green top, high-necked as always. Craig had changed into a white shirt and dark pants; he wanted to treat the occasion a bit formally as it would obviously be important for Claudia. He started by holding her hand, which seemed to help calm her a little.

“Nervous?” he asked.

She nodded. “I-I’ve not really done anything with boys. I tried once, but he ran away.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Ermm ... I was fourteen and we were on vacation in Florida with Aunt Gina. He was on vacation from New York. We were kissing and stuff, but when we got close to doing it he saw my birthmark and ran away.” She paused to gather herself. “I never really went out with any boys after that, not seriously.”

Craig hugged her, the memory was obviously painful. Being rejected like that by her first boy can’t have been pleasant. “Are you a virgin then?”

“Sort of. When I turned fourteen me and Mom had a long talk about what might happen at a pickup and the things I might have to do to get a sponsor. We agreed it would be best if I wasn’t a virgin, so she loaned me one of her toys for me to bust my cherry. I’ve never actually done it with a boy; Frank from New York was the closest I got.”

He was going to have to take things a lot more slowly with Claudia than with Nichelle. The black teen had stripped inside thirty seconds and had him upstairs a minute later. That approach wouldn’t work with Claudia.

He’d kept his arm around her shoulders after hugging her, so he used that to segue into a make-out session. She kissed nicely, not seeming inexperienced. Unlike most girls he remembered from his past, she was more nervous when his hands wandered above her waist than when they explored below. That he could understand. He got a surprise when he reached the top of her thighs, “No panties?”

She blushed, “Nichelle wouldn’t let me wear any.”

Craig laughed at that. “Knowing Nichelle I can believe it. You’re lucky she didn’t send you over without the skirt too.”

As well as the absent underwear, his fingers told him that she would soon be ready for more. He stood up and held out a hand, “Shall we go upstairs?” Claudia nodded and followed him. She was so nervous. Would he like her? Would she pass the test?

In the morning Claudia wriggled back against Craig. “Is that what the boys call ‘morning wood’?” she asked, referring to what he had pressed against her ass.

“Yes,” he replied.

She giggled, “So you don’t really love me then?”

“No,” he said, smiling, “I just need to hit the bathroom.”

While he headed down the corridor she smiled to herself, remembering last night. She had really enjoyed it and as far as she could tell she’d passed the test. Craig hadn’t said anything yet, but she was confident she’d done well enough.

He’d kept the room dark for her and let her keep her top on, the skirt was somewhere on the floor. For their first time he’d let her be on top doing cowgirl so she had more control over things. That had helped a lot and her worries were soon lost in the flood of wonderful new sensations. Craig wasn’t a bit like the unlamented Frank. Nichelle had been right about how good he was at pussy-licking, not that she had anyone to compare him with. She was also right about the time it took to get him hard again for more. Their second time he’d been on top for a missionary fuck. After that he’d claimed exhaustion and collapsed on the bed beside her. She enjoyed not being a virgin for real. Sometimes she’d despaired of ever finding a boy, or man, to do it. Even if she didn’t make it as Craig’s concubine, at least she had passed that milestone.

Claudia led Craig up to her front door. As soon as she opened it she rushed upstairs. “I want to get some panties,” she explained. He smiled at her disappearing back and went through to the living room where Nichelle was checking something on Claudia’s tablet. “Where’s Claudia?” she asked.

“Getting some panties.”

Nichelle gave him a wide grin and spread her legs; she wasn’t wearing panties this morning either.

Claudia was back quickly and sat next to Nichelle, the two of them waiting for his verdict.

He smiled. “You both passed your...” He wasn’t able to say more before the two thankful teens swarmed him. After they had sat back down with two big smiles, he continued. “OK, you’ve both passed and I accept you both as my concubines.”

Claudia felt a great wave of relief. She’d made it! She’d found a sponsor, a good sponsor too. Her birthmark hadn’t been as big a problem as she had imagined.

Nichelle didn’t feel so strongly. She was much more confident and had expected that she would easily pass a real test-drive. Fucking the boys in school didn’t count, they were just for practice. Her main problem was being in the right place at the right time. She was positive she’d pass, whoever tested her.

Craig was still talking, “We need to keep things quiet at school so I want you both to dress and behave as normal.” They nodded. “That means you can’t tell your friends I’ve accepted you; that would let my real score out. You’ll have to pretend you’re both still looking for a sponsor and that I have a 6.2 CAP.”

“We ain’t stupid,” Nichelle replied. “We wanna keep you for ourselves.”

“You’ll have to keep your sex-life normal, Nichelle.” He knew that Claudia didn’t have any boyfriends. “You can keep fucking the boys you’re already fucking. Though you need to make them wear a condom, your IUD won’t protect us from diseases.”

“Yeah. I only fuck some of the sponsor boys, an’ Mike Davies. I’ll prob’ly drop Steve Noonan though. He’s only got a 6.8 an’ he’s fucked at least six girls that I know of. I was thinkin’ of droppin’ him soon anyhow.”

“As long as you don’t act too differently, that’s fine Nichelle,” Craig agreed. He trusted her self-interest to keep things quiet.

“We also need to think about how we can get picked up together,” he continued. We’re together in school, but we need to stay together as much as possible out of school. No school trips or vacations unless all three of us are going, for example.” Again the two teens nodded.

“What about a pre-pack?” Claudia asked.

“I’ll look at that as well.”

“Dad might have had something,” Claudia said. “I know he was looking at setting one up for him and Mom. I’ll have a hunt through his stuff to see if I can find it.”

“Thanks, Claudia. That will be useful. Now, Nichelle needs to put some panties on and we can go to school.”

“Wouldn’t you rather fuck?” Nichelle flashed her pussy at him again.

“Nichelle!” Claudia complained.

“No, Nichelle,” Craig said. “We need to act normally. We can fuck after school, when I’ve finished my lesson preparation for tomorrow.”

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