Guilt by Dissociation

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Science Fiction, Sadistic, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 05: There are two sides to Derek. Not everyone has two sides. Some have two sides, but none have two sides like Derek. Derek has two sides. Ereka is Derek's other side. There are two sides to Derek. No one has two sides like Derek.

Derek, standing five foot ten with black plastic rectangular glasses and combed back, shoulder length, dark blond hair isn’t a bad looking guy, just not the kind of guy the popular kids in school are attracted to.

No, Derek is one of the guys that are on the geeky side. He’s shy and he’s a gamer. If it has to do with video games of RPGs then you can find him. You just won’t find him on the football or basketball team where all the hot girls are.

The fact that he isn’t popular or on a team doesn’t bother him, what bothers him is he is nearly done with high school, his last year with only a few months before graduation, and he has never been laid. Not even his girl friends that hang around playing D&D will sleep with him. He hasn’t really tried to get with any of them because of the small fact that he is way too shy to even approach the subject.

Regardless of his lack of sex and the fact he is still a virgin, Mindy, or as many call her, Mindy Bendy always manages to catch his attention. Of course she is nowhere near being on her radar, but she certainly is on his. Mindy got her nickname because apparently she can bend into all kinds of positions which only makes it more fun to fuck her. The thought makes Derek’s cock twitch a little in his pants.

Derek is so wrapped up in his thoughts of Mindy that he doesn’t even notice when Steven, the co-captain of the football team, walks up to stand right behind him. The sudden sound of the guy’s deep voice makes Derek nearly jump out of his skin. His books and papers go flying in all directions.

“Hey four eyes,” the co-captain says. “I see you’re staring at Mindy again. What the fuck did I tell you about that?” The question comes with a slap to the back of the head.

“I’m sorry, Steven. She’s just so pretty is all,” he says, dropping to the floor to begin gathering up his belongings. “It won’t happen again, I promise.”

Steven chuckles and looks to two other members of the team with him, eliciting laughs from each of them. “Good, it better not,” he says and then kicks the math book from Derek’s hand.

The book slides quickly across the floor and into the set of locker’s across the way. The students lining the hall in this area all turn and the majority of them all laugh briefly before turning back to their conversations as if nothing at all happened.

Steven taps the other two on the shoulder and says, “Let’s get out of here. Four Eyes is too boring to even look at.”

Derek fumbles with his papers and books, glancing up only to see Steven and his friends walking off. Once he knows they are out of sight, he mumbles under his breath, “One of these days I’m going to show you, Steven, and I’m going to fuck Mindy Bendy.”

“Did I just hear my name?” Mindy asks.

Derek’s face quickly turns red as her turns back to stare at Mindy’s long and nicely shaved legs. He lifts his head up; following her shapely curves all the way up to her skirt, which is barely at school regulation level and up to see ... she’s not wearing any panties. And she has a very nice, shaved pussy.

“I ... um...” is all that he can muster at the present moment.

Mindy smiles and drops into a crouch, quickly helping him to recover his things. “You like my pussy?” she asks in a low whisper.

Derek’s face only gets redder, but he manages to nod just a little.

“I bet that dick of yours is big too,” she says with a smile. “I’ve seen it pushing pretty hard against your pants when you stare at me.”

“Um ... I don’t know what to say,” he stammers to say.

Mindy giggles and says, “You don’t have to say anything. Do you wanna?”

“Wanna what?” he asks with a shaky voice.

“Do you wanna play with my pussy?”

Despite his nervousness and still red face, a smile forms on his face, one he has no control over whatsoever. His throat goes dry the moment he tries to form words. Instead all he does is nod.

She grabs Derek’s hand and pulls him to his feet and begins dragging him off, leaving his books and papers scattered around the hall. The other students take notice and begin whispering, but Mindy doesn’t even think twice about them.

Eventually Derek does find his voice as the excitement grows in his pants. The feeling of her hand on his only makes it swell even faster.

“Where are we going?” he asks curiously.

“To the janitor’s closet of course,” she says in a way that it should be obvious.

“The janitor’s closet?”

“Yeah, it will be fun and naughty!” she giggles.

Once they reach the closet, Mindy looks around to make sure the coast is clear and then she yanks Derek into the closet, following behind and closing the door shut. Though it is dark, there is more than enough light coming in through the cracks around the door. Her hands immediately slip into the front of his pants. She isn’t surprised to discover when doing so that he is already firmly hard.

“You are really horny aren’t you?” she giggles again as she begins tying with his hard cock.

“So are you,” he says, easily having now likewise slipped his hand beneath her skirt where he quickly discovers the wet lips that greedily suck at his fingertips as he runs them teasingly up and down her tight slit.

Building up the nerve, Derek gently pushes Mindy down to the floor and onto her back. The closet is massive, not your ordinary little, smash all the supplies you can wherever you can type of closet. This one was big enough to fit a teacher’s desk inside and still have plenty of room for the supplies. He then slides in between her legs catching the wild-eyed look in her eyes. Derek has seen enough porn videos to have a fairy good idea of how he needs to do this.

She smiles and then moans softly as his tongue probes the softness of her now very wet slit. As he lies here licking her sweet tasting pussy, he can’t help but imagine that he is the first one to ever do this to her. Although by her immediate reactions, it is evident that she is thoroughly enjoying herself as her head tosses back and forth, squeezing and toying with her own breasts, that this isn’t her first time.

Derek sucks, licks and manipulates her hard clit with his tongue and lips the best he can, especially since has never had any practice. And though her moans and eventual groans aren’t too loud, she cries out suddenly in obvious delight as her orgasm washes over her in waves.

Mindy pushes his head away as he tries to continue. Strangely, there is a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach the moment she does that. He ignores it and turns his attention to the door, trying to hear over her heavy breathing, ensuring that they are still alone.

Mindy sits up after minute more and looks right at him. “Your turn,” she says softly.

He smiles, probably too big of a smile and allows Mindy to push him onto his back as she rolls over onto her side and maneuvers his pants down. Her lips are exploring him before he knows it. Mindy is enthusiastic. And as horny as he has been for the better part of his life, he knows by the sensual and highly arousing touch of her mouth and hands upon him, that he isn’t going to be able to last very long.

“I want to see you cum all over my titties,” she mouths around his member. “So tell me when you’re ready.”

It isn’t more than a minute or so after this when he is. “I’m ready,” Derek informs her. “More than.”

Mindy sits up, continuing to slow stroke his cock and aiming it toward her firm breasts while she does so. “I just love my titties covered in cum,” she coos.

Derek says nothing as a pleasured grimace stretches across his face. Within seconds his cock begins to explode in a much needed, very intensive series of eruptions that began spurting, landing and covering Mindy’s breasts in a copious amount of white thick cum.

She continues pumping him furiously against her breasts, laughing, crazily excited until there is simply no more to give her.

“Okay, you can stop now,” Derek tells.

She seems briefly disappointed and doesn’t stop, only tightens her grip. And then that is when it happens. That feeling in the pit of his stomach erupts. It is unlike anything he has ever felt before.

This is the moment that Derek’s other side emerges. This is the precise time that Ereka comes into existence, pushing Derek into a category all his own, marking him different that everyone else.

The first thing to happen is his chest starts heaving, like he can’t breathe. Slowly, his shirt expands until it reaches its limits and tears, exposing a pair of rapidly expanding breasts.

“Oh yes! It hurts so good!” he cries.

They continue to grow before stopping at the size of two volley balls with very large and very pink nipples.

Mindy scoots back in sudden horror. Just what the fuck is going on?

Derek can’t believe his eyes either. He reaches up to feel the roundness of his new breasts when another pain shoots through his groin.

“Again! Yes!” he demands.

A similar effect happens with his balls expanding to a size equal to that of two softballs.

“What is happening?” Mindy shrieks.

Derek shakes his head, though with his breasts creating a barrier between him and Mindy, there is no way for her to see the motion.

Then suddenly begins laughing uncontrollably. His voice changes in tone and he goes from sounding like his usual self to that of a female.

“What is happening?” Derek says in a totally different voice as he stands. “ ... is Derek is no longer here. My name is Ereka and you my pretty are mine.”

Mindy shrieks again. She scrambles to her feet and pushes herself to the door, trying to move as far away as she can but not going anywhere. “What do you want with me?”

“I want to use all those tight little holes of yours,” Ereka grins wickedly.

Mindy’s eyes drop, she can’t help it. From between Ereka’s legs, her cock begins to stretch, doubling in length before her eyes and then tripling. Mindy is intrigued a little by this but her fear keeps her from dropping to her knees to lap up the massive cock.

It is only when one ... then two ... then three cocks start emerging from under her skin and then several more. Mindy loses count and now knows she is in some serious trouble. The new cocks easily match the first in length, but they all don’t stop growing, they’re like cock tentacles. She panics and reaches for the door handle. Her hand almost lands on it when one of the cocks whips out and wraps her wrist.

“I don’t think so,” Ereka says viciously. “You little bitch will have it all filled.”

She is slammed against the door. When she tries to free her wrist, another of the cock tentacle shoots out to wrap around that hand, pulling it back and effectively pinning Mindy against the door.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” Mindy sobs out.

“Hurt you?” Ereka asks. “Why would I do such a thing? I’m just going to give you all the pleasure you’ll ever need.”


“Now hush.” Ereka’s word is final. As if the sell that point, one of the cock tentacles launches up into the air and fires straight into the girl’s open mouth. It begins thrusting in and out, cutting off any words she has, replacing them with muffled sucking and squishing noises.

Ereka tosses her head back and says, “Yes, suck that dick bitch!”

The cock tentacle forces its way back into the girl’s throat further with each thrust until her throat is bulging outward with each thrust. Saliva pours from her mouth, pooling at her feet. Some manages to hit her belly and slide down to her smooth pussy.

Ereka grins. “Now, we have a couple neglected holes that need to be filled, don’t we?”

Mindy is then lifted off the floor, leaving her feet to dangle. The girl tries to fight against her restraints and the cock lodging itself into her throat to no effect. The struggle only seems to give Ereka more pleasure.

She moves up two of the cock tentacles along the girl’s belly to her breasts, encircling them and spreading the saliva around causing the nipples to glisten in the low light peeking through the door’s edges. Meanwhile another of the cocks is sliding up and down along Mindy’s tight slit from asshole to clit, smearing the girl’s saliva and juices.

“Such a nice little pussy,” Ereka growls. “You get a lot of cock don’t you? I bet you’ve never had two in you at once.”

Mindy’s eye go wide and she tries to speak but her words are muffled and the vibrations of the sound only amplifies the feeling on the cock in her mouth. It makes Ereka moan slightly and smile.

“You like that idea don’t you?” Ereka asks deviously.

The cock sliding against the girl’s slit stop and presses against her entrance. With a soft pop, it slips inside and deep. As Mindy groans from the sudden intrusion of pleasure, the cock starts pumping hard, fast and deep. After a few moments it is joined by a second. Bothe cock tentacles start rhythmically and simultaneously pump into her.

Mindy’s moans get louder which have an effect of the cock tentacle in her mouth and Ereka pumps it deeper. Indy’s throat bulges to the point it looks like it will explode with each thrust.

“You take it like a pro,” Ereka taunts. “Let us see if you can handle all of me.”

Without any foreplay, Ereka sends a cock tentacle up into the girl’s ass, followed very quickly by a second. Mindy’s eyes go wider than ever. She screams as best as she can before her gagging stops her. In tandem, all four cocks in her pussy and ass piston in and out the girl. Within moments, the pain she felt is removed and replaced with pleasure.

Ereka is grinning ear to ear. She is experiencing so much pleasure, more than Derek could ever have. Her hands slip to her large, round breasts that seem to sit perfect on her chest without the slightest sag. She smashes her fingers into them. Her fingers find purchase on the extra-large, pink nipples and she squeezes. Such and incredible feeling shoots through her, that without a second’s thought, the cock tentacles immediately double in size to that of a soda can.

Mindy is opened further than she ever thought was possible if she could think in this moment. The pleasure is so great, her eyes roll to the back of her head and she instantly becomes a rag doll being used as a fuck sleeve. Even though she falls unconscious her body goes into overdrive. Her pussy contracts and releases over and over, spilling her cum all over the cocks. Her mouth produces ample amounts of saliva.

Ereka is moaning and groaning. Her fingers squeeze her nipples and breasts to the point of them turning white from the restricted blood flow. Her balls start to swell, increasing their size momentarily. Then with a sudden jolt they return to their soft ball size. Her hands fly to her sides, trying to find purchase with anything in reach.

The cock tentacle in Mindy’s mouth explodes first. So much cum is released that the pressure is too much. The cock flies from the girl’s mouth, spraying cum all over her, the door and that side of the room. Mindy’s head lulls to the side and cum pours from her gapping mouth.

The next explosions come from all four cocks in the girl. They do a better job at staying in and because of this. The girl’s stomach quickly expands to accommodate the massive surge of cum.

When the tentacle cocks stop pulsating, Ereka, who is now breathing hard, lowers the girl to the ground and pulls back her cocks. They leave the girl breathing hard herself, her chest heaving up and down as she tries to fill her lungs with fresh, clean air. Her pussy and backdoor are just two big gaping holes with a torrent of cum seeping out, creating a massive pool beneath her.

Ereka smiles one last time before the tentacle cocks are recalled, the balls shrink back to their normal, average size. Last to go are the very large breasts, down to normal for a guy. The process takes mere seconds and leaves Derek breathing hard, balls aching and cock sore.

He searches for his glasses and gets to his feet. Brushing his hair back into place, he gathers what is left of his clothes, steps over Mindy with the biggest smile of his life and slips out the door.

A new chapter in Derek’s life has just been opened.

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