The Professor Goes to Hogwarts
Chapter 1: The Start of the Slythering Slope

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Fan Fiction, School, Ghost, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Doctor/Nurse, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Start of the Slythering Slope - The Professor accepts a post as the first Weasley Chair for Muggle Studies at Hogwarts and is assigned a beautiful young witch as his Research Assistant. A muggle surrounded by magic, will he be able to resist the temptations of his nubile assistant and the strange dreams he keeps having? Harry Potter fanfic, without any of the original characters.

The Professor sat at the table staring at the frothy beverage sitting before him. Butterbeer! Real, actual, magical butterbeer! He couldn’t believe it. He’d been waiting almost 30 years to taste it. And now finally could, as much as he wanted. For the length of the school term, at least.

Things had moved so quickly since the owl had arrived outside his office at the end of the previous spring semester. He knew what it was as soon as it landed outside his window, but wasn’t sure why it was there. Liam, his best friend since age 2 and a powerful academic wizard, usually sent him WE-mail, the wizard form of email communication that was compatible with his smart phone. So, this was strange.

The Professor opened his window and let the owl in. It dropped a small scroll and then took off back through the open window. He quickly opened the scroll and scanned the contents:

Upon the recommendation of Dr. Liam Arthur Blackburn, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Magical History at Oxford University, you are cordially invited to spend the 2017-2018 academic term at Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches as the inaugural Weasley Chair for Muggle Studies. This newly endowed position was created to facilitate understanding of the muggle world among the students at Hogwarts.

Should you choose to accept the position, you will be awarded a generous honorarium, as well as room and board at Hogwarts, a generous research budget, and a research assistant for your time as the chair.

Your duties will include teaching several sections of Muggle Studies to upper level students preparing for their OWLs, and mentoring and supervision of one of the four Houses, to be determined at a later date.

Hmmm, The Professor thought, Ravenclaw, hopefully, or Gryffindor would be good too. Just not Slytherin. Anything but that.

If you choose to accept the position, simply utter the phrase “studio excepto!” while holding this scroll and we shall take care of the rest. Feel free to take your time to decide, but let us know within the next fortnight.

Warmest regards, Abernathy MacAlden, Headmaster, Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches

The Professor started at the scroll for a few minutes, digesting the information. He’d wanted to visit Hogwarts ever since the fateful day Liam had received his scroll, forcing him to choose between his best friend, his home in the U.S., and eventually his mother and the exciting world of magic and wizards. Liam’s mother had been adamantly opposed, as her distant relatives had come over on the Mayflower and burned witches at Salem. Liam’s father, born and raised in Belfast, had been all for it. The fights were epic, but eventually Liam choose magic and his mom chose to divorce Liam’s dad. He still spent summers with his mom, and the two best friends stayed close.

Those summers felt like old times, at least as long as Liam could not do any magic outside of school. That didn’t stop him from regaling his best friend with endless stories of the craziness of Hogwarts, the excitement of Quidditch, and all the secrets of the Wizarding world. Technically, Liam wasn’t supposed to have told a non-relative all of these secrets, but they had been BFFs since before they could walk, so it only made sense.

The Professor was brought out of his reminiscence by a ping from his computer. He looked at the screen and saw a Google chat window from Liam.

WizzardOfBlahs: Hey dude, the owl should have arrived by now. Are you going to take the offer? I had to pull a few strings, but I was able to convince them they needed a muggle to do this right and that you were the perfect choice. TheProfK: It did! I still can’t believe it’s true. But thx for pulling strings and

recommending me. I was scheduled for a sabbatical next spring, but I can put that off. TheProfK: And why are you on GChat? You at your mom’s? WizzardOfBlahs: Yeah, she was having some minor surgery, but demanded I be here to help her recover. I don’t mind, I just wish she would let me use some potions on her, but she’s as stubborn as ever. I can’t even access my WE-mail unless I sneak off to the coffee shop. WizzardOfBlahs: Anyway, I gotta run, but take the position, you won’t regret it, I promise you.

The Professor signed off, turned off his computer, held up the scroll and said the magic words...

“Excuse me, Professor? Hello? DId someone hit you with a stupify spell?”

The Professor looked up from his butterbeer and found himself lost in a pair of gorgeous brown eyes twinkling behind a pair of hipster glasses. Shaking his head to regain his thoughts, The Professor took in the vision of beauty before him. Long brown hair with shimmering highlights that had to have some sort of magical help, tight t-shirt for some wizard indie rock band showing a fair amount of cleavage, tucked into a tight pair of low-rise jeans. If it weren’t for the fact that they were sitting in the Leaky Cauldron, he would have easily assumed she just a regular teenager.

“You’re the new Muggle Studies Chair at Hogwarts, aren’t you?” she asked sitting down opposite him. “I had a vision that you would be here, but divination was never my strong suit. I also had strange feelings of dread and warning about you, mixed with opportunity and excitement, so I couldn’t wait until we got to Hogwarts to meet you.” The mass of brunette waves and curves stuck out her hand toward The Professor and said, “I’m Adeline, but my friends call me Addie. I’m to be your Research Assistant for the year.”

The Professor groaned inwardly, wondered if she’d cast an erection spell on him, and couldn’t decide if he should thank or curse his lucky stars for bringing him such a vision of probably not 18 yet research assistantship. “Nice to meet you,” he finally stammered.

Addie explained that she had already been at Hogwarts and volunteered to bring him from London since he couldn’t take the Hogwarts Express with the rest of the students. She didn’t need to use her wand to bring The Professor under her spell. He gazed at her as she filled him in on how they would get to the school, her interests in potions and the healing arts, how she’d spent the summer reading up on muggle medical techniques, and her hopes to one day engage in research combining magic and muggle technology.

Eventually, she said it was time to go, so The Professor gathered up his things and followed her toward the flu network. He swore she put an extra wiggle in her well-shaped behind, but that might have just been the butterbeer.

It sure was going to be an interesting year, he thought.

Slytherin? That can’t be right! The Professor started freaking out. He asked the Headmaster to ask the sorting hat again, there had to be some sort of mistake. Abernathy assured him it was not a mistake and that many a talented and famous wizards and witches had come from House Slytherin and that they would benefit tremendously from having a muggle living amongst them.

Accepting his fate, The Professor asked how to get to the Slytherin boys dormitory, only to be informed that the living quarters were no longer segregated. Apparently the sexual revolution had come to Hogwarts in the time since Liam had been here. Abernathy called out to a young witch that had been standing in the doorway. “Pixie here will show you to your quarters.”

The Professor stood up, turned around, and saw trouble personified in the body of a goth’d out witch with a spiky pixie cut, purple hair, numerous facial piercings, and magical ink tats on her forearms that danced like the top fold photo on the Daily Prophet. The Professor’s little snake perked up and they both wondered if she was a Parselmouth what her parseltongue would feel like slythering around his cock.

Pixie shook his hand, rubbing the inside of his palm with her middle finger and said to follow her.

Maybe House Slytherin wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

The Professor was not prepared for what he saw upon entering the Slytherin sleeping quarters. His neck was already sore from trying to take in all the sights of Hogwarts while keeping up with Pixie, who skipped along the moving stairways with practiced ease. He was even more shocked by the painting that served as the gateway to House Slytherin. Pixie stopped for a moment to enjoy the view.

Like the other paintings adorning the walls at Hogwarts, this one was fully animated. Unlike the others that The Professor had paid attention to, this depicted a scene that was straight out of the depths of the imagination of the Marquis de Sade. It was a massive orgy of wizards and witches, plus all sorts of magical creatures from centaurs to trolls to things The Professor could not recall even seeing in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Apparently you found them fucking every way to Sunday on the entrance to House Slytherin. Once Pixie had seen enough, she blurted out the secret words, “Dominatrix, fellatrix, erectum!” and the picture dissolved, allowing them through.

Bounding up the stairs, Pixie threw off her robe, waved her wand absentmindedly, and the robe flew off down a hallway. What was left without the robe was some bad joke of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform from a Burning Angel porn shoot. Ripped fishnet thigh-highs connected to shiny silver garter belts underneath a pleated, black and purple tartan skirt that didn’t even pretend to cover Pixie’s pert ass cheeks. And what epic ass cheeks they were.

The Professor hadn’t really been able to tell under her voluminous robes, but while Pixie described her haircut and her height, it did not describe the hourglass of curves pouring out of her outfit. A matching black dress shirt was tied underneath two cantaloupe-sized tits that were barely contained by the purple satin bra she was wearing. Despite the hefty size of her tits, there was hardly any sag at all. The Professor wondered if it was magic, youth, effective lingerie, or some combination of the three. EIther way, he wanted to bury his face in her cleavage and then wrap her pillows around his hard cock and.

Jesus, keep it together, she’s a student, he thought.

PIxie took him through what she said was the main common room and then up a flight of stairs to a room that Pixie said was only for those witches and wizards that were of age. The Professor took a look around the common room and saw a number of the oldest Slytherin students in various levels of undress, lounging around, some in pairs or threesomes, all engaging in some sort of foreplay.

“Um, Pixie. Is all of this allowed in the dorms?” The Professor asked. “Of course,” she replied, “but most people are just getting revved up for tonight. Once the underage students are asleep there’s a big orgy. There will be a lot of powerful spells cast tonight, strong enough to last all term. Plus, people haven’t seen each other all summer, so they’re getting reacquainted.”

Orgy? Thought The Professor. Did Liam not tell me something important.

Pixie kept walking up more stairs and eventually slid into a large, well apportioned room, turned around and told him that they had arrived at his room, and that as Faculty in Residence, the whole suite was for his use.

He set down his bags and followed Pixie into what she described simply as the “Star Chamber.” The Professor looked around the room, which had a star-shaped altar in the middle of the room and was surrounded by all sorts of strange-looking contraptions. Displayed all along the walls were innumerable whips, paddles, canes, and other things The Professor did not even recognize.

Pixie walked over to a low-level, leather ottoman of some sort and laid down on her stomach with her ass poking up into the air. As she did this she explained that one of his roles as Faculty in Residence was to punish the students that misbehaved. She kept talking as she wiggled her wand at her ankles and hands causing the intricate wood inlaid snakes on the foot of each corner to suddenly come alive and slither around her limbs, binding her securely to the piece of furniture.

“Take my wand, sir, and then take ME, take me anyway you like for as long as you like. I’ve been a bad, bad, witch, and I need to be punished.”

The Professor looked down at Pixie, he could see her wetness dripping down the inside of her thighs. She looked so vulnerable in that position, and not very comfortable. That sorting hat clearly fucked up he thought to himself. He was in the complete wrong place. He should have been in Ravenclaw, that’s where the intellectuals were, or at least Gryffindor, shit even Hufflepuff. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He started pacing back and forth around the room.

“Please, Professor, please fuck me. I need it so bad. I haven’t been fucked properly since the end of Spring term, and I’m so horny I can taste it. I can do magic when I’m not at school!”

The Professor wondered why she said that last bit, and then remembered, wizards and witches could not do magic outside of their school until they were considered actual, legal, adults in the the wizarding world. I guess she’s older than she looks then, he thought.

For fuck sake, thought The Professor, whiney, demanding, over-privileged students sound the same whether they’re muggles or magical. Why doesn’t she shut the fuck up. As he finished this thought, his eyes stopped on some sort of gag that had leather straps and some sort mouthpiece that forced the mouth open but left a space for him to shove his cock. He took it down from the wall, walked over to Pixie and secured it in her mouth. It stopped the incessant complaining, leaving just a low-level murmur from the young witch.

The Professor turned back to the wall and pondered all of the different options displayed before him. Not really knowing where to start, he picked up a light looking paddle and walked over to where Pixie remained tied tightly to the black leather ottoman.

Pixie wasn’t wearing panties he noticed when he got close enough. He’d thought she was wearing a thong, but that was not the case. For some reason, that made him even more filled with annoyance, so he walked over and started laying down light swats all around her upturned ass. This was apparently what she wanted as the slight whines changed to enthusiastic moans. He distributed the smacks all over her ass cheeks and upper thighs, which brought forth a bright red glow to her pale skin. After every few swats he would reach down and rub the palm of his hand over her smouldering pussy lips. She was hot and wet like a swamp.

The Professor alternated between spanking her ass 5 swats at a time and sticking first two, then three fingers into Pixie’s tight pussy, fingering her vigorously. A few more swats and then he started spanking her right on her engorged vulva. This pushed her over the edge as she let out a muffled scream and started squirting liquid all over The Professor’s hand.

Wiping his hand on the back of her blouse, he then undid his belt and stepped out of his pants. His cock was so hard it hurt. He walked up behind Pixie and sank to the hilt in one fell swoop. Despite the vigorous rodgering he’d just given her pussy with three chubby fingers, her pussy still felt tight and vice like.

I wonder if Addie’s pussy feels this tight, he thought.

<stop it, she’s your responsibility this year>

I bet it does. And I bet her ass tastes great.

<where did that come from, just fuck this Slytherin tart in front of you>

I think her tits would work well with that flogger over there.

<what the actual fuck, dude>

The Professor pushed the thoughts out of his mind and focused on the sensations coursing through his body. He looked down at Pixie’s winking asshole and in a fit of rage pulled out of her velvety pussy and shoved his cock into her dry asshole. His cock was so covered in her juices that it slid right in and he shouted out as he bottomed out and fired his ropes of cum into her ass. His cock eventually softened and pulled out of her ass with a plop. The snakes binding Pixie to the ottoman uncurled from her arms and legs and returned to their original form. Pixie got up and stretched her arms toward the ceiling. She reached back and undid the bindings on her gag and set it on the ottoman.

“I bet you were thinking about Addie the whole time,” she said to him and giggled when he denied it.

“I have a spell that can make her your’s...”

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