Adventures of an A+ Student
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Fiction, School, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Spanking, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young co-ed says the fateful words, "I'll do anything," to improve her and The Professor takes her up on her offer. She submits to a semester-long seminar in being The Professor's play toy. Not all codes in early chapters.

I stood outside the house, breathing in the cold, January air. I looked down at my phone to make sure the address was right. The Professor had been very clear that I was not to be late. He had also said I needed to wear a pencil skirt, fitted blouse, front-closing demi bra, and strappy, open-toed heels. I hope he approves, I thought, playing nervously with the tie on my purple winter coat. Mom certainly wouldn’t, if she knew what I used her gift card for. But the dark green demi from Victoria’s Secret really sets off my eyes, and the high cut of the panties shows off my ass.

I wonder if he’ll want to fuck my ass. His tongue felt so good back there before, so I bet he’ll try. Boys always want to fuck my ass, but I never let them. But The Professor, he’s a man.


I hurried down the sidewalk and took the steps slowly, not wanting to be too early. I paused at the doorbell and thought about how I had ended up on the porch of this early 20th century craftsman house (thanks First year seminar on Midwestern Architecture!) getting ready to fuck my Professor.

For the second time...

I sat at my desk, looking at the clock on my computer. 5 minutes until office hours were over. 5 minutes before I could get out of here and go home. There was a bottle of Bulleit rye waiting for me as soon as I got there. Once again, no one had showed to office hours, which was a bit surprising as I had returned their final papers this week and usually that meant a line of bitching and moaning about why their C+ paper was actually worthy of an A+ and publication in a peer-reviewed journal, apparently.

A knock at the door drew my eyes up from my Twitter feed as I cursed under my breath and told the student to come in. Of course they wait until 7:59 to show up. My mood changed as I saw that it was one of the female students from my large survey lecture. Nothing like a graduation requirement to keep those enrollments up!

“Come in,” I said. “It’s a Adeline, right?” I remembered her name for sure. She was tall, probably 5’8” or so, and curvy. She was a cheerleader or dancer or something that had required her to miss a few classes for a tournament in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and had a curvy, but toned dancer’s body. Either way, she was the sort of woman you noticed when she came into the lecture hall. Bright smile, long brunette hair down past her shoulders, mischievous eyes. She always sat near the front of the class and participated a fair amount for such a large class.

Her eyes weren’t mischievous as she came in and sat down nervously in the chair in front of my desk. No, her eyes looked pensive and worried. I focused on her eyes, as I noticed her low-cut sweater and short pleated skirt that showed a lot of thigh as she fiddled nervously with the hem. I thought she had done well on her paper, and wondered why she looked so worried.

“How can I help you?” i said, again, focusing on a spot on the wall over her shoulder.

Fuck, I was nervous. How did I get a D on that paper? I had been doing well on the quizzes, kept up on the reading, and I started the paper well in advance. “Um, it’s about the paper. I got a D on it, and there weren’t really a lot of comments, other than the rubric, so I’m kind of confused.” I handed him the printed sheet with the rubric and comments on them, along with my student number. The Professor said he wanted to be objective when he graded our papers, so he had us put numbers rather than our names on our assignments. He looked at the sheet and started blathering on and on about structure and thesis statements and some shit.

I didn’t have time for this, as there were no more assignments and this paper was worth 40% of the class grade. I needed him to change the grade, which is why I came late and wore this outfit. I had never heard any rumors about The Professor being down with that sort of thing, like some of the more creepy ones on campus. Or the faculty members in the art department. If my old roommate was to believed, that place was just one big orgy among the students, grad students, and faculty. But what choice did I have. I asked about extra credit.

He didn’t give extra credit he said. Fuck.

“I really need to get this grade changed,” I said. “I’m applying to medical school and I need my GPA to be as high as possible. I’m on a full-ride scholarship, and if I get a D in the course I’ll lose it and won’t be able to afford to stay in school.” I took a deep breath and said the words I never thought I would say, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to change the grade. I’ll do anything you want.” As I said this, I undid a few more buttons on my sweater, spread my knees a bit more, and started rubbing my thighs. And looked The Professor in the eye.

“Anything?!” he said.

Wait, what? Did she just say what I thought she said? Holy fuck, she did. I didn’t know how to respond, so I looked back at the class spreadsheet that I had pulled up to see her grade. I found her name and looked at her other grades in the class. As I did this, I noticed that the grade sheet listed her paper grade as an A-. That was weird, it clearly said D on the grade sheet. I double checked the student number.

Oh shit, I had transposed the last two digits and written the wrong number on the grade sheet. Her number ended in 69, not 96. I did a quick Control-F to find the student whose comment sheet I had given her. Hmmm, some kid named Albus. Fuckin Harry Potter fans must really hate their child. Also, fuck, I’m old, how is someone named after Dumbledore old enough to be in college? Double fuck how did I make this mistake? 10 points from Ravenclaw.

But she said she would do anything. How many times have I heard that? Never. Never is the answer to that. I should just tell her I made a mistake. But really, what makes her think she flash some cleavage and a glimpse of her panties and get me to change her grade? Am I really that much of a pushover? Does she think that little of me? Maybe I should make this a teachable moment about the consequences of language.

So, I told her to get up, close, and lock the door. And she did. She came back and started to sit down, but I tell you to stay standing and slowly look her up and down, enjoying every inch of her curves. I say that what she chooses to do will determine her grade on the paper, and thus the class, since the big project was worth such a large % of the class grade.

“if you just want to get a C on the paper and pass the class you can come over here and give me the best blowjob you’ve ever given. You will treat me like your high school boyfriend that you thought you would marry some day. You will worship the cock. You will lick the balls. You will go fast and then slow. You’ll use a minimal amount of hands. And you will swallow every drop. If you want a B, you’ll start with the blowjob. But you’ll take off the rest of your bra and panty set. After you swallow all of my spunk, you’ll lie back on my desk and let me taste you. For as long as I like.”

“And if I want an A,” said.

Holy shit, she’s going along with this? I figured that would scare her off. Maybe if I go more extreme she’ll cry uncle.

Or daddy ... stop it, I told myself.

“If you want an A-, you’ll climb on my lap after you cum 3 or 4 times, the last one as I wiggle a finger in your tight ass and you’ll ride me until I fill you up. And if you want an A+, you’ll agree to be my toy for the next semester until you graduate. You’ll come to my apartment every week, where I will use all variety of toys and implements to squeeze every inch of pleasure out of your body. I’ll spank you with open hands, and wooden spoons, and paddles, use a flogger on your tits, bind your wrists and legs and use a hitachi magic wand to make you cum and cum until you cry out for mercy. Then I’ll massage away the kinks in your legs and worship your feet. but the choice is up to you...”

I leaned back and waited for the words to sink in. She stood there fiddling with the button on her sweater. I could see the indecision in her eyes.

I felt like such a dirtbag. I was also hard as fuck.

She finished undoing the buttons and pulled her blouse out of her skirt.

“Wait!” I exclaimed, my voice cracking. “Stop.” She paused, with panic in her eyes. I quickly told her that I had made a mistake and that she actually had received an A- on the paper, which is what she would get as he grade in the class. As I said this, I could see her relax as she realized what I was saying. The worry left her eyes and was replaced with relief, and then something that looked like ... lust? No, it couldn’t be.

That fucking asshole. He made a stupid typing mistake and now I’m standing here with my sweater off and my blouse half unbuttoned. And expecting me to suck his middle-aged, hasn’t seen the gym since high school, grey bearded dick? Much less stick that cock in my tight, 21 year old pussy? As if I would let him eat me out.

Well, that might not be that bad. Drunk frat boys never seem that enthusiastic about it and only do it in return for a hummer. The Professor sounds like he’s actually into it. And that hitachi thing sounds fun. It certainly looks good on those videos where they tie the girls up and use the wand on them until they squirt.

Oh shit, am I getting wet. Fuck. My nipples feel like pebbles. I look down and they are ready to poke The Professor’s eyes out, if he leaned any closer. Hmm, he’ not much to look at, but I did like his class and I don’t see a wedding band. No pictures of kiddos on his desk, and he never talks about a girlfriend in class. God, am I a slut? No slut shaming yourself, Addie girl, come on! Own it.

I smile at The Professor and finish unbuttoning my blouse, letting it hang open. I unzip the skirt and slide it down, step out of it, and fold it neatly with my blouse over the back of the chair Shit, am I really going through with this? I stand there, not sure if it’s a good thing I’m wearing dark panties so he can’t see the growing wet spot. God, look at his face. Looking me up and down. It’s like he hasn’t seen a hot girl naked that wasn’t on his iPad in years.

Well, he’s in for a treat.

I walk around his desk, grab the armrest of his chair and spin him 90 degrees to face me.

“You don’t have to do this!” he says, “you already have an A-.”

I pull up his shirt, undo his belt and button, and pull down the zipper on his khakis. (Ugh, fucking fashion forward he is not... ) He lifts his hips up and I pull his pants and boxers down. His cock isn’t anything special, plenty of girth, however. Nice. I’ll be able to take it all, but it will still stretch my jaw.

“You don’t have to do this. We shouldn’t do this. You’re still my student at this point. This is so wrong.”

I lean over and run my tongue around the tip of The Professor’s cock, which is already leaking pre-cum. Tastes alright. So I take a nice, slow lick along the bottom of the shaft.

I look up at The Professor, give him my best dancer’s smile and say, “I want that A+,” before sliding my mouth all the way down his cock. He starts to moan and as I bob up and down slowly. I pull back and let it pop out of my mouth. I blow a small stream of air across the top and reach up to lightly scratch his balls with my fingernails. Nice of him to keep it trimmed, I hate picking out pubic hairs later.

I look up at The Professor and see the happiest looking man I have probably ever seen in my life. I give it a few soft pumps with my right hand, enjoying the hardness, and then dive back down. I start slowly again and begin to pick up speed. I feel one of his hands caress the side of my head and his fingers running through my hair. He doesn’t force me down, just gently massages my scalp.

HIs moans get faster and more silly sounding. He’s close. Damn, bitch, I got skills. Lol.

“I’m close,” he gasps, so I pull back and look up to his face. “Where do you want it?” I ask. “In your mouth,” he says, so I get back to work and work my tongue all over the crown of his cock. He gasps out loud and I feel him start to pulse in my mouth. I swallow quickly and continue to suck gently as he finishes moaning. I lean back and open my mouth, showing him, “All gone!”

Oh man, I am so fucked. Tenure? Forget it? Continued employment? Forget it. I’m not famous enough for the Administration to cover this up or ignore it or transfer me to another department. I told her she didn’t have to do that. Why don’t these fucking Millennials ever listen.

I looked down at her, sitting there on her heels, as she said, “All gone!” I guess she really did want that A. I guess that means I should return the favor. And really, in for a penny, in for a pound. Or a pounding, amirite?

Jesus, laugh at your own dumb jokes later, it’s time to taste some honey. I lean forward and tell Adeline to stand up and lose the bra and panties. She reaches behind and unsnaps her bra, lowering the cups as they fall down.


My brain stops working for a moment as I gaze on her tits, which sway magically as she bends over to take her panties off. Once I regain the power of speech, I tell her to climb up on my desk. She lets her feet dangle off and I roll my chair close to the edge.

I lean in close and inhale her arousal. Her pussy lips glistening and slightly apart. I hook my arms under her legs and take a slow lick along the crease of where her leg meets her torso, and then switch to the other side. I lean back and kiss behind the backs of her left knee, and then right right. I then slowly kiss my way down the back of her leg. I hear her mewing, getting frustrated that I don’t get to the main event.

Finally, I get back to her crotch and use the flat of my tongue to slowly go from bottom to top. When I get to her clit I pause and gently massage it with my tongue. I’m rewarded with a gasp so I continue the slow undulations on her clit, alternating with making the tip stiff and twirling under the hood. After doing this for awhile, I go back to licking from bottom to top and then focus on sticking my tongue into her folds as deep as I can.

She tastes amazing. Sweet and spicy, clean and juicy. I keep lapping at her pussy as it leaked onto my tongue. I return to her clit and her hips start to jerk involuntarily. She gasps and pulls her knees up, trapping my head. She’s close.

I purse my lips like a sorority girl duckfacing for a selfie and take in her whole clit, flipping my tongue quickly until she gasps out and shudders out her orgasm.

I pause, briefly. Then return to the soft, gentle tongue action. I slip one and then a second finger into her pussy. It’s so hot and slick that they slide in, but I can feel how tight she is. I continue the gentle licks on her clit as I slowly move my index and middle fingers in and out. She moans as I continue this and pick up the pace with both fingers and tongue. After a minute or so, I slow down again, rotate my wrist 180 degrees and curl my fingers to the top of her canal, feeling for the spongy G spot. She gaps as I find it, and tries to do the knee thing again, but I’m ready this time.

I move my finger tips in a small circle inside her as I speed up the licks with a stiff tongue. She’s close again, so I start alternating pressing against her G spot like I’m playing 32nd notes on a piano. She comes again, but this time pushes my head away.

“Fuck, so sensitive.” so I pull my fingers out, stand up, reach down and tell her to clean them off. She licks all around my fingers, getting every drop off.

When she finished, I sit back back down, pull her hips forward and up, and spread her knees apart. I lean down and pull her cheeks apart and gaze at her cute little bum. I lean forward and plant kisses around her left globe and then the right. I get closer and closer and then start to gently rim her ass. She gasps, whines a gentle, “that’s so nasty, but feels so good, please don’t stop.” So I dig in, tossing her salad like a vegan at a Whole Foods raw food bar. Her moans get louder as I return the two fingers to her pussy. I move them in and out faster and faster. She starts to push her hips against my hand, faster and faster. I move my head up and attack her clit again. She gasps and says, “oh, fuck, almost there.” I flick the stiff end of my tongue around her clit, which is sticking way out at this point. I then suck on it as I gently slip my index finger into her slick and relaxed asshole.

“Ohmyfuckinggodwhatareyoudoiiiiiiiing” she exclaims as she comes one more time. I leave my finger all the way in and continue to gently wiggle it inside as she slowly comes down from the big wave. I lean back and look at her face.

Her face is all flushed, her glasses all astray, but she looks even more beautiful than before.

I start to say something, when my cell phone starts going off. I look over at the screen and see I’m supposed to be at the department holiday party downtown in 45 mins.

Fuck, I gotta get home and shower, I tell her. So, we gotta go.

She almost looks disappointed as I tell her this.

“But you said I had to fuck you to get the A-,” she tells me with a pout.

“You didn’t have to do any of this, I made a mistake remember?”

“I want the A+,” she demanded, “I’ll be your toy for all of next semester. You can do whatever you want to me. Just make me feel that way again.”

I pulled my pants back up and said, “Ok, sure, whatever. Um, I’ll email you over the break. Just let me know what your class schedule is.”

Adeline pressed the doorbell and stood back. A few moments later the big, wooden door swung open, revealing The Professor with a huge smile on his face.

“I’m ready to get the A+,” she said.

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