Helping Sis
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a very short fragment of a coming of age story probably never to be written. One day, Jack is called by his sister Harriet to come to the bathroom to shave her pussy. The girls at school have been teasing her about having so much pussy hair. That leads to Harriet's panties being stolen at school, and the plot thickens from there. 4 chapters.

In a very frustrated voice, Harriet called out to her brother. “Jack, can you come help me? I can’t seem to get this damned thing to work!”

“Sure, Sis. Where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom. Come on in. The door isn’t locked.”

Jack waltzed into the bathroom, expecting to find his sister in her bathrobe standing at the sink trying to open another of her multitude of cosmetics or cleanser bottles. Instead, he found her standing in the otherwise empty bathtub and totally naked. “Oops, Sis, are you sure you wanted me to see you like that?”

“Yeah, Bro. I have reached the end of my endurance with trying to remove my pussy hair. I can’t seem to get anything to work properly. I figured that you have started shaving, so you would know how to handle the razor and the other stuff. Will you please help me?”

“Sure, I’ll help. I was just surprised at seeing you naked. You have been so modest with me up to now. Why the sudden change of heart?”

Harriet began to drip a few tears and explained. “Today was the last straw! I am the only 15-year-old girl in the world who still has her pussy hair. I was in the locker room after PE (Physical Education) today, and the other girls started to chant, ‘Hairy, Hairy, why don’t you shave it off?’ I had been teased about my pussy hair a few times before now, but today was the first time that all of the other girls joined in on the teasing. Dammit, I found out that I could not take it, and I broke down into tears. The other girls laughed at me, so I ran to my locker and jerked on my clothes as quickly as possible. I grabbed my books and practically ran to my next class. On my way home, I vowed to get rid of the damned hair. They won’t call me Hairy again.”

“Don’t worry, Sis, we’ll have that hair off in no time. Your main problem is that you are going about it the wrong way. Your bush is way too thick to hit it with a razor without some preparation. The first thing we need to do is to cut off most of the hair with scissors. Where can I find some sharp scissors with 5 or 6-inch blades?”

“I think that Mom’s sewing scissors best fit your description. You’ll find them in her sewing box, but make damned sure that she knows nothing about it. She takes care of those scissors like they were made of gold.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” It only took Jack a couple of minutes to find the scissors and to return to the bathroom. When he entered, he picked up the waste basket and handed it to Harriet.

“Here, hold this to catch the hair as I cut it away. There’s enough hair here to make a hell of a mess in the drain. That will get us more attention than we want.”

Jack reached into the bathtub to start cutting with the scissors, but he stopped immediately. “Oh, damn! I can’t reach you properly from this far away. I am going to have to get into the tub with you.”

“Jack, that means that I will see you naked. Are you sure you are okay with that?”

“Yeah, I see you naked now, so I don’t see why you can’t see me the same way. Just give me a minute to take my clothes off.” Jack went into his bedroom and stripped to the skin. It was a case of do it now or do it later because they would be splashing around a lot of water once the shaving started. One thing that neither Jack nor Harriet had counted on was that Jack would sport a massive boner. Oh, well, it was bound to happen, so Jack went back to the bathroom with his cock leading the way.

“Oh, my God, Jack. I had no idea that you were so big!”

“Ha, Sis, thanks for the compliment, but my cock is less than 7 inches long, and it certainly is less than 2 inches in diameter. The few girls who have sampled it liked it, though, so I guess that my cock qualifies as big enough. Okay, let’s get started.”

Jack stepped into the tub and had Harriet hold the wastebasket under her pussy as low as she could reach. He made a few cuts, and only about half of the cut hair actually fell into the wastebasket. “Shit, this isn’t going to work as well as I had hoped. Let’s try something. Spread your thighs and stick the basket between them. It’s a good thing that the basket is rectangular. Hold the wide sides with your thighs and steady it with your hand.

“Great, now we are getting somewhere. Almost all of the hair is falling into the basket and very little is in the tub. We can get that up before we turn on the water. Dammit, I just wish my cock would go down so it was not in the way.”

“Don’t knock it, Bro. I take it as a compliment that I can make you hard like that. After all, I am you sister.”

“Sis, don’t kid yourself. You are a hot number, and seeing your tits and pussy is enough to make me hard without me cutting your pussy hair. I just hope that we can get through before Mom gets home. I’m sure that she would have a hissyfit if she saw this.”

After a few minutes of snipping away, Jack said, “That is about all I can cut with the scissors above your pussy lips. How much does your clit stick out, and how much do your inner pussy lips stick out. It will hurt like hell if I nip them with the scissors.”

“Oh, I forgot that you could not see my pussy lips and slit for all of that hair. My clit is not very long, so it barely sticks out when I am aroused. My inner lips don’t really stick out. They end with the edge of my outer lips.”

“Okay, that will make things a little bit easier. Let me cut down beside your pussy lips. That should be no different than what I just finished doing. Oh, hell, Sis, I can’t get close to you because your pussy lips are in the way. I need to pull them to one side with my fingers. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I don’t know how much I will react when you touch me. You will be the first boy to touch my pussy, even through clothes, so I may jump from the thrill. Just be prepared not to cut me if I do jump.”

Jack chuckled and Harriet started to cloud up. “Oh, hell, Sis, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was laughing at me. I’ll bet my cock gets even harder when I touch your pussy. Watch it and see if I’m not right.”

Harriet did laugh when Jack touched her pussy. Not only did she jump, but Jack’s cock did get a little longer. It was no big deal, but both of them could see it happen. Not only that, but Harriet’s pussy slit started to leak a little bit of liquid. Harriet pushed against Jack’s hand and kind of wiggled a little bit. That was enough to make Jack blush, and his sister pushed her pussy a little harder against his hand.

“Sis, you better back off on your flirting. We are running out of time, and I don’t want to leave this job half done. I know, we don’t have to worry about Dad because he is out of town on a business trip, but Mom should be home from her bridge party by 6:00, and we need to be finished by then.”

“Sorry, Bro, but you are just too sexy for words. I’ll try to keep myself under control until you finish, but I do want to say that I am a virgin, even though my cherry was broken in a gym accident. Mom has me on the Pill, so I can’t get pregnant. I sure do want to sample that wonderful looking cock of yours as soon as we can find a time.”

“Okay, Sis, I’ll hurry as fast as I can, but I don’t want to hurt you. Now, stand still so that I can get this hair cut as soon as possible.”

At that moment, the telephone rang, and Jack went to answer it. He had a huge smile on his face when he came back. “Wonderful news, Sis. Mom is going out for a girl’s night out with the rest of the bridge club. She said not to wait up for her because it might be as late as midnight before she gets home. We can order in pizza if we want to; I have her credit card number.”

Harriet nearly fell in the tub as she jumped to embrace her brother. “Oh, my God, Jack. We have hit the jackpot. Hurry up and finish. I can hardly wait.”

Jack clipped the last of the long hair around Harriet’s pussy and asked, “Sis, I can see some long hair on your ass. Do you want that cut, too?”

“Yeah, you better cut that too, or those damned girls will find a way to tease me about it.”

“Okay, let me finish up with your lips, and then I will cut the hair on your fanny.”

Jack cut for a very few minutes more and said, “I’m ready to cut the hair on and around your ass. You will have to bend over for me to do that. Turn around and prop on the end of the tub. Let me hold the wastebasket while you move—we don’t want you to fall. It would be a pain to explain how you got hurt.”

That produced a laugh from Harriet, but she did turn around and lean on the tub rim. Jack clipped the little bit of hair he found back there and said, “I am ready to start shaving you, now. Let me get the loose hair out of the way, and I will fetch my shaving stuff.

When he came back, Jack had Harriet step out of the shower while he adjusted the water temperature. He just set it for a comfortable shower temperature and they got back into the tub. He closed the shower curtain and began to lather up the area on his sister’s belly where he had cut the hair first. The hair was still about a ¼-inch long, so the razor clogged easily and he was not able to shave her as quickly as he expected.

They finally finished that part of the shaving, and Jack squatted in the tub to shave her pussy. Here, too, the hair was long enough to slow down the rate of shaving, but this did give Jack more opportunity to push and pull on Harriet’s pussy lips, and they both enjoyed that.

At last, she turned around and bent over for the last area to be shaved. This went fairly quickly, so Jack rinsed her off thoroughly and did the same for himself. For practical purposes, they both had just had a shower.

They dried off and headed for Jack’s room—he had the larger bed. Harriet picked up several clean towels on the way. She turned the bed down and spread two towels on the bed, one for each of them. She didn’t know exactly what to expect, so she was covering all possibilities.

“Jack, I really am a virgin, so I will have to leave it all to you to tell me what to do to make it good for you. I know how much you care for me, so I know that whatever you do will be good for me.”

“Thanks for the compliment, Sis. I’m not all that experienced with women, but I have never hurt one that I know of, so I’ll do my best to treat you the same way.

“Usually, I start out with some foreplay to make sure that my date is wet enough not to be hurt when I penetrate her. You look to me to be wet already, so it is up to you. Do you want the foreplay, or do you want to go straight to the fucking?”

“Oh, hell, Bro, I am about to bust as it is. Just stick your wonderful cock in where it belongs, and let’s go from there.”

“Okay, we’ll try the foreplay some other time, though I guess that what we did in the bathroom sure should count as doing it. I almost came a couple of times when I was pulling on your pussy lips, and that was almost too much for me.”

“Same here, Bro. You could make me come just by pulling gently on my pussy lips like you did in the bathroom if you did it only a little longer. Now, please hurry up and stick you cock where it belongs. I will die of frustration if I have to wait much longer.”

“Right, I feel the same way. Lie flat on your back with your ass on a towel. We’ll see what we have to do from there ... Uh-oh, Sis, your pussy is too far down on the mattress for me to reach your hole. Don’t worry about it, Honey, there is a very good and time-tested way around that problem. Raise your knees and put your feet flat on the bed ... Oh, dammit, still not enough. Okay, we are going all the way this time.

Jack explained what he had in mind and put Harriet’s legs against his chest. “Okay, we are in business! Now I can reach any part of your pussy with my cock, so all of the problems are solved. I’m going to roll you back so that your back will form an arc. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. I’ve had to do this before, so I know what I am doing. A girl who needed this position taught it to me, and she claimed that there was no pain involved.

“Spread your pussy lips with the fingers of your left hand and guide my cock into place with your right hand. But before we insert my cock, we need to get it coated with your lube. Gently pull me forward so that I can rub my cock in the trough made by your pussy lips. That will get me fully coated.

“That’s right. Make sure that I have a good coating. I’ll pick up more as I go inside, but it never hurts to have a lot available for the first penetration. Okay, line me up and I will try to push in. Don’t be concerned about any trouble we might have because I will have to stretch you some to get past your lips and the ring of muscle just behind your lips. You try to relax and let me do the work. I might have to roll you back farther so that your knees touch your tits. That won’t hurt, so don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, Jack, I can feel you sliding right in. That feels wonderful! Please don’t stop.”

“I won’t stop until I get in as far as I can go. You may be wet enough that I won’t hang up on a dry spot.”

A few seconds later, Harriet squealed! “Oh, my God, Jack! What did you do? I just felt the most wonderful feeling all up and down inside me.”

“That was when I first touched your G-spot. Didn’t you know you had one?”

“Not really. I have heard the girls talk about it, but only a few seemed to have felt what I felt. Will that happen again?”

“I sure plan to try with every stroke. Men don’t have one, so I don’t know exactly what it feels like, but I looked it up on the web. Your G-spot is a part of your clit nerves, and you might feel it every time I rub across it. I’m going to try to do that for you.”

Jack pushed in farther and Harriet began to moan in pleasure. “Oh, Jack, that is a wonderful feeling! I wish that it would never go away.”

Finally, Jack’s pubic bone bumped into Harriet’s clit, and triggered a scream of pleasure. Jack paused for a few seconds so that he could savor the feeling of being buried inside his sister’s cunt. Then he withdrew slowly so that Harriet could feel the pleasure of his cock sliding inside her.

“Jack, that’s not all, is it? Are you finished?”

“Oh, no, I have a lot to do, yet. Just be patient.” Jack continued to stroke and increased the rate as Harriet began to moan and pant in time with his strokes.

A few minutes later, Harriet said, “Jack, I feel like ... I am going to come, but ... this is a lot stronger than I ... could ever do for myself.” Her panting kept interrupting her. Then it happened, “Oh ... oh ... oh ... HERE IT COMES!” That last shout was so loud that Jack was sure it could be heard all up and down the street.

Jack continued to stroke during his sister’s orgasm, but only hard enough to push her into even greater sensations and not to lose what he had built up for himself. Jack returned to hard and fast strokes as soon as Harriet returned to Earth. The look on Harriet’s face was payment for all of his effort so far, but he wanted to build on that and to get his own release before he stopped.

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