Under Control
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by MsKatie

Katie Williams sat in her cubbyhole deep in the bowels of Mega-Corp. She was an IT security consultant hired in after several security breaches. Not only had someone signed into a website that let in a virus, it held the servers’ captive until the company could shut down and bring up the backup. But several company secrets had also been leaked to their competitors causing millions of dollars of damage.

Katie was at the top of her field and being outside the company framework she could do things that employees could not. Katie was in the process of searching out the source of the leaks. She was data mining each computer in the corporation. Searching out exactly what each employee did; not only on the work computer, but slipping programs on their smart phones, tablets, and even their home computers. She was very good and loved to explore all the dirty secrets that the company could not see.

It was a long process, as it was impossible to look at each hard drive. She typically ran a search program looking for key words. When those words were located, the program tagged the computer which Katie explored in more detail. Usually there was nothing there but if something caught her eye she would delve deeper into that person’s life. In just a day or two she knew everything about the employee, their family, their finances, and sometimes their fantasies, and lovers. Nothing escaped her. Today Katie was looking forward to what her data mining turned up.

Earlier this week her program tagged Dave Wilson’s computer. He was a middle manager in the Quality Department. The Quality Department was typically where companies stashed employees who had risen to the top of their competency; “The Peter Principle.” He was a long-time employee that came up through the ranks till he fucked up a major project. Instead of firing him they sent him to quality. Now his days were spent doing audits and surfing the net. Katie’s mining program flagged several keys and notified Katie to look closer.

At first glance Katie didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but when she looked closer she noticed that he cleared his browser history several times a day. When she saw that, she released what she called her dogs. Her dogs were several programs, one that tracked keystrokes, one that attached to any device he connects to the network (like phones or personal tablets), and one that connects to any computer on his home network. It usually took a couple of days before she started to get something back, and today was the day.

As she sat down at her desk with her morning coffee, she perused the reports from last night. Only three computers had been tagged. She made a note to look closer at these later today. She then opened the file containing everything her dogs found out about Dave’s life. She immediately noticed why he cleared his browser all the time. He was surfing porn sites, typically erotic story sites. When she looked closer, all the stories were usually about a father or husband being cuckolded by his wife and/or kids. Sometimes it was the wife being fucked by large cocks and making the husband watch or even participate, or the son who takes charge and replaces the husband as head of the house.

Katie giggled thinking about when she met Dave. He was pretty average. She hardly remembered him as he seemed to blend in with the walls. His fetish fit him perfectly. She then looked at his home devices and computers. His home office computer seemed to be used mostly by his wife, Kathy. Most of her usage was shopping and emailing her friends. In most of her emails she complained about how Dave was useless in bed never satisfying her with his 4” cock. On several occasions, she mentioned that she wished he was more like her first husband. Katie looked deeper into the files and found a directory labeled “Kathy”. It was password protected but that was quickly solved. Once inside she found hundreds of pictures, mostly of older women being dominated by young studs with large cocks. There were also several erotic stories mostly involving incest between mothers and sons and a couple of mothers and daughters. Katie shook her head as she realized that this family with just a little push could descend in depravity.

Katie continued surfing through the other devices on the family’s network. She soon learned that this was a blended family. Dave and Kathy had only been married for few years. Kathy had been in an abusive relationship with a dominate man who was now in prison for murder. She divorced him when he was sentenced to life. Six months later she met Dave at a party and latched onto him. He was the exact opposite of her ex. He was stable, gentle, and made a lot of money. Although the sex was unsatisfying the lifestyle made up for it.

Dave on the other hand, was a widow. His wife died of breast cancer a couple of years before he met Kathy. His first wife controlled everything enjoying the lifestyle dominating Dave. When she died, Dave never thought he would get married again. When Kathy came into his life it was like a godsend. However, the marriage never matched his first as he loved the control of his first wife.

Kathy had two kids, Bill who was 18 and Cindy who was 15. Bill was a spitting image of his dad. He was tall, dark, and handsome with a strong personality. Cindy who already was already developing into a woman also had her dad’s dominating presence.

Dave also had two kids, Susan, 17, and Sean, 14. Both were like their dad very meek almost timid. Both of Dave’s kids were easily dominated especially by Bill and Cindy. Katie delved into their computers and phones and found the kids were very much like their parents.

Bill and Cindy both tended to surf sites, books, stories with dominate kids taking over families. Bill in particular liked incest stories and videos of sons dominating their mothers and humiliating them into submission. Cindy on the other hand liked stories about girls dominating men and boys turning them into submissive sissy boy toys.

Susan was probably the most normal of all the kids. Her history showed she mostly read romance novels with a beautiful young girl captured, only to be saved by a hero. Although the latest books she downloaded were about girls being abducted and sold into slavery. Sean really didn’t use the computer much except to shop. But even looking at his history he tended to be looking at feminine items like girl games, clothes, and hairstyles.

Katie gasped as she had never seen such a fucked-up family. She debated on whether to turn Dave in to management and have him fired, or to see, with just a little push if all of their fantasies could be fulfilled.

As Katie delved deeper into this fucked up family, something clicked inside her. With all this knowledge and the family’s fetishes she could, with just a little effort, take total control over them. She was always a control freak. That’s why she worked as an independent contractor. She hated taking orders but loved having the power with just a keystroke destroy someone’s life. She closed the file as her pussy was wet thinking of how much control she could have over this family.

Two days later, Katie now had everything ready to talk to Dave. Normally contractors were not allowed to wander around the corporate headquarters without an escort. She talked about visiting the quality department to the head of the IT department, using an excuse that she was not able to connect to a device somewhere in the department. She could not email or call him as she didn’t want any electronic trail leading back to her.

When they arrived at the quality section, Katie saw Dave sitting in his cubical. Her escort went over to talk to some friends while Katie walked up to Dave. When he looked up at her he immediately cleared his browser hoping that she didn’t notice what he was reading.

Katie smiled at the wimp sitting in front of her. She simply sat down and whispered to him. “I know everything about you. I know what you do at the office and at home. I can have you fired with just a word. If you try to resist I will have you arrested for selling company secrets. Now just smile and meet me at the café down the street at noon. If you cooperate your job and life will be secure.” Katie then stood up and walked over to her escort.

Dave watched her leave and almost collapsed on his desk. Who was that woman? He had seen her around the last few weeks. He heard rumors that the company hired a security contractor but was that her? All he knew was that he would be at the café at noon.

Katie watched from her car as Dave entered the café ten minutes before noon. He looked nervous as he looked from side to side looking for her. She smiled as her plan was about to be put into action. Katie opened her bag and checked the contents. Everything was still there just as it was ten minutes ago when she last checked. She closed her eyes, calming her nerves and wanting to make him wait.

Dave grabbed a coffee and sat at a corner table in the back. He watched the front door waiting for the woman from earlier at his cubical. When he saw her enter the café he almost passed out. Her brief conversation earlier was all he could think about. If he lost his job he would lose everything. Between his wife, kids, house and lifestyle he barely made ends meet. If she was going to blackmail him he had very little to give.

Katie walked through the door and spotted him sitting in the corner. He looked scared as he fiddled with his coffee. She walked up to him confidently and sat down.

Without and small talk Katie said, “I own you! I own your family. I own your life. If you resist I will destroy you and leave you homeless and broke. Do you understand?”

“What do you mean you own me? I’ve done nothing wrong. Who do you think you are? This conversation is over and I’m leaving.” Dave answered as he started to leave.

Katie swung her right hand and smacked the left side of his face. The sound alone caused everyone to look over at the couple sitting in the corner. “Sit down slave, unless you want to end up in jail.”

Dave fell back in the chair as tears formed in his eyes. He looked around the room and tried to play off the smack. “What do you mean jail?”

“Here’s the deal slave, for the last few days I have been monitoring everything you and your family has done. You especially are at risk, because you have been a very bad boy, surfing porn on the company’s computers. With just a note I can have you fired and escorted out of the building. But even better, I discovered that it was you who leaked the company’s new technology. That is against the law and you will go to jail.” Katie said watching Dave slump back in his chair.

“I never leaked anything. You are wrong. There is no way you can prove I did anything of the sorts, because I didn’t do it.”

“Oh, yes I can. Remember I have complete access to everything in the company. There is a trail of leaked information that leads right back to you. I OWN YOU SLAVE!”

Dave cringed as the couple sitting close by turned and looked at him and snickered. “What do you want from me? I don’t have much money. I’m in debt up to my ass.”

“It’s simple, all you have to do is exactly what I say, when I say, without hesitation. You do that, your job and freedom is safe, at least for now.”

“What proof do you have to back up your claims?” Dave asked hoping against hope she was bluffing.

“You want proof? Look at these.” She said as she pulled out a large folder and handed it to him.

Dave opened the folder and perused the contents. The more he looked the whiter his face as he realized that she indeed had him by the nuts. The more he read the more his shoulders slumped. When he finally put down the folder he slumped back in his seat and quietly said. “I’ll do as you ask.”

Katie smiled as the first step in her plan to take control over the family was in place. Now it’s time to strengthen her hold on him and start the humiliation. She reached into her bag and pulled out a training bra and pink frilly panties. “Go to the men’s room and put these on and throw out your underwear. You have 5 minutes to get it done and get back here.”

Dave gasped as she laid the garments on the table. He quickly grabbed them and hid them under the table. “I can’t do that. I’ve got to go back to work. What if someone should see me?”

“Not my problem SISSY BOY.” She said almost shouting. Again, the couple sitting near them snickered as they heard a little of what she said. Dave turned crimson down his neck as he quietly stood and walked into the restroom just behind him.

Katie sat back and opened the camera app on her phone. She glanced at the couple next to her and smiled. “You have to be firm with sissy slaves. He’s still in training. Would you like to help?”

The young woman sitting closest to Katie laughed and said, “What do we need to do?”

“Do you have any red lipstick? Or a spare pair of stockings?” Katie answered.

“I think so, let me check my bag.” She answered as she opened her large bag and dug inside. In a minute, she pulled out a sample tube of lipstick and an unopened package of thigh highs. “Here they are what else do you need.”

“When he comes back I’ll talk to him. He’ll walk over to you and ask if you like his new undies. What I want you to do is hand him the lipstick and stockings and tell him to color his nipples with the lipstick and put on the stockings. If he balks at all, tell him to do the nipples in front of you. If he hesitates again tell him to obey or he has to put on the stocking here also.”

“Oh, he is a sissy boy, isn’t he?” The woman gasped. Her companion was now laughing out loud as he couldn’t believe his ears. “Is there anything I can do?” He said.

“Sure, why don’t you go into the restroom as I’m sure he is probably naked by now. While you’re in there steal his shirt. That way he has to come out in just the bra.”

The man quickly stood up and walked into the men’s room.

Dave sat on the toilet. His mind was reeling from everything she wanted him to do. Now he was in a public restroom having to put on women’s underwear. In spite of the fear of losing everything and going to jail, his cock was hard as a rock. Almost every story and video he watched was exactly this type of situation. Instead of being disgusted and thinking of a way out, his mind was thinking of what she might do to him next. As he sat in the first stall, started to take off his shirt, the door opened slightly. When he tried to lock it, it just wouldn’t stay closed.

He was now naked from the waist up as he grabbed the training bra and pulled it over his head and down his chest. It was very tight as it was for a much smaller girl. He wanted to get this over as quickly as possible before someone walked in on him. When it was in place he stood, opened his slacks and pulled them down along with his underwear. When they reached his ankles, he couldn’t get them over his shoes. Now panicking as he was standing wearing a training bra with his pants around his ankles and the stall door open. His 4” cock throbbing and sticking out from his body. Dave sat down on the toilet to remove his shoes and pants, when in walked the man sitting at the table next to theirs. Dave gasped as the man stopped, pushed open the door and laughed at him. Dave fumbled to cover himself but instead fell off the toilet and ended up with his face on the man’s shoes.

“What the fuck are you doing pervert? You’re naked wearing a bra and crawling on the floor. Is that a pair of panties in your hand? Now I understand what that woman meant when she called you a sissy boy.” The man said as he reached over and grabbed Dave’s shirt lying on the floor beside him. “I guess you won’t need this if you’re going to wear that.” He said as he turned and walked out the door.

Dave lay on the floor, his mind totally confused. Just a couple of hours ago he was just another worker in a large company. Now his life was spiraling out of control. Dave stumbled to his knees and sat back down on the toilet to get his pants off so he could wear the panties as ordered. As he pulled the pink frilly panties up his legs his cock was now leaking and dripping on the floor. The feel of the panties as they covered his prick was all it took for it to explode as he climaxed and spew his seed down the front of his new undies. There was no hiding his humiliation as the large wet spot was obvious that he came while wearing woman’s panties. Dave grabbed his pants and finished dressing very glad the pants covered his humiliation. Two minutes later he was standing at the door leading to the café. With no shirt, he had no other choice but to walk out wearing the bra. He was glad that the table was just outside the restroom and he wouldn’t have to walk through the restaurant. When he returned to his seat, Katie and the young couple sitting at the next table were watching him. He blushed down to his belt but kept his head down looking at the floor. He couldn’t look anyone in the eye. All he wanted to do was to get his shirt and go home.

Katie laughed as Dave sat down. Her own body was reacting to the control she held over the wimp sitting across the table from her. Her pussy was soaked and her nipples were hard as rocks. If anyone touched her she would explode in an orgasm. “My, don’t you look cute. Where’s your shirt?” She asked.

Dave trying to find his voice, squeaked, “The man beside you took it from me.”

Katie looked at the couple sitting next to her and smiled. Both the woman and man were flushed with excitement at humiliating the sissy boy. “I guess you should ask for it back wimp. And while you’re at it, why don’t you ask them what they think of your new undies. Ask them if there is anything else you need to complete your outfit.”

Dave looked up at Katie with a look of panic in his eyes. “Please don’t do this, I’m begging you.” He said in barely a whisper.

Katie reacted quickly and slapped him across the face again. “When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it. No hesitations now do as I say sissy boy.”

Dave looked at the couple and started to speak, “May I please...”

Smack ... smack, Katie smacked him again and said, “That’s no way to ask sissy, get up and stand in front of them so they get a good look.”

Dave cringed as the blows eliminated any resistance, stood, and stepped next to the couple’s table. “May I ask what you think of my new undies? And may I have my shirt back?” He said wishing his voice was stronger.

The woman laughed as Dave stood in front of her wearing only his bra from the waist up. “I don’t know, I need to see your new panties. Drop your pants and let me see.”

Dave’s legs almost buckled as he heard what he needed to do. “Please miss, don’t make me do this.”

Katie reacted immediately and smacked his ass. “Do not question any request sissy boy, drop the pants.”

Dave, defeated looked around the room, glad that the only people in the cafe were right in front of him, slowly reached over and unbuckled his pants and slid them down his legs.

Everyone broke out in laughter as cum stained panties came into view. “I guess someone is enjoying this. The sissy boy just creamed his new panties.” The woman said. “If you enjoyed that so much here take this tube of lipstick and paint your nipples. And when you finish that put on these nylons. You’ll really get off wearing those.”

Dave staggered back, “Oh My God I can’t do that. Please have mercy on me.” He begged. The woman looked at the sissy standing in front of her reached out and smacked his face. “You don’t have a choice sissy. Now paint those nipples right here, right now. If you don’t do a good job then you can put the nylons on out here also. Now get busy.” The suddenly dominate woman said.

Dave cringed but reached down and pulled the bra up above his nipples. He grabbed the lipstick off the table and started to paint his nipple bright red. His face and chest were now almost as red as his nipples. The humiliation was coursing through his body. When he finished, he looked at the couple and asked. “Is this OK?”

“Very good sissy, now pull your bra down and go put on your new nylons.”

Dave grabbed the bra and pulled it down his chest, the red lipstick smearing down his chest as it slid over his nipples. He grabbed the package of nylons and rushed back to the restroom.

Katie and the couple burst out in laughter at the sissy’s humiliation and slapped high fives. “What are you going to do to him next?” The man asked.

“I was going to send him back to work, but now I think I’m going to adjust his pants and send him home showing off his new look.” Katie answered.

A few minutes later Dave returned to the table and sat down. He didn’t know what to do so he just sat quietly waiting for the next command.

The couple stood to leave but before they left the woman handed a piece of paper to Katie. “Here’s my number if you want any more help. I can’t wait to get home and fuck his brains out.” She said as he indicated her companion.

Katie smiled and nodded. “That might be fun. I’ll let you know.”

Dave heard her and shivered. The thought of including them again on his humiliation only increased his arousal.

As the couple left, Katie turned back to Dave and said. “OK sissy, here are your instructions. You better follow them to the letter. If you deviate in any way I will ruin you.” She then handed him an envelope. “Oh, while you’re at it take off your pants. I need to make an adjustment.” Dave looked up at her, all resistance was gone. He again opened his pants and pulled them down his legs. He was now sitting in the back of the café wearing only the bra, stockings, and cum soaked panties. Katie took the pants, reached down in her bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. She then proceeded to cut off the legs leaving him with a pair of daisy dukes to wear home. Katie smiled tossed him what was left of his pants and said, “Enjoy your walk back to your car. I’m sure you will be noticed. I’ll be in touch.”

She then got up and walked out the front door of the café.

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