Hirsute Hanna
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young woman believes in being natural

After he finished squirting his baby makers inside her, Hanna had a question for her step-brother. “Why do I have such a difficult time getting a nice boyfriend to go out with?”

Fucking her stepbrother was a poor substitute for getting naked with a real boyfriend. The two cocks that currently banged her were not initially of her choosing although they had become a lot more pleasurable. Rod had been screwing her for about six months after discovering that his father was tapping her. Blackmail worked.

Stepdad used a variety of things to make her his playmate. Or more accurately, his cum dump. Her mom travelled four days a week and always, in a cutesy way, referred to Hanna as the “woman of the house” while she was gone, not realizing the implications. Stepdad walked in on her with a cucumber up her twat and she was too aroused to resist the real thing.

There was no romance. She’d get on all fours or lay on her side and he’d rub her pussy a little and ease his rather small dick inside, hump a while, and squirt. He’d had a vasectomy so no problem there. She learned about blowjobs during her periods.

Stepbrother was a different experience. She wasn’t on birth control and he taught her about safe days and anal penetration. He was quite a bit older and more knowledgeable. Stepdad did her mornings while his work hours gave his son some after school opportunities. Rod at least showed her a lot of the fun side of sex. Different positions and ways of stimulating each other. It was pretty damned consensual now. She knew he was the one to ask.

Rod had a question for her, “Tell me what happens on your dates.”

Hanna thought for a moment, then replied, “The first dates are pretty normal, you know, getting acquainted by talking and stuff. If we like each other enough to have a second date I like to get a little physical, you know, kissing and hugging and stuff. The third or fourth date is where the problem seems to happen. The guy always likes it when I get in his pants or open them. Nobody had a problem with my hands or mouth making their pecker feel good. My bra comes off easily and my titties seem to be appreciated but when they get their hands in my pants the evening seems to fall apart. Why is that? I take a shower and don’t date during my period.”

A little more background about Hanna. She strongly believed in being “natural”. Her face was pretty enough to pull it off without makeup. Her uncut straight hair was quite long but managed. But that wasn’t the only hair that was long. Her armpits, legs, and crotch had plenty.

Stepdad just stuck it in from behind which was the least hairy approach. Besides, her mom didn’t like shaving either. Rod learned about sex from an older neighbor lady whose generation kept their pubic hair so he was used to it, although she was quite a bit more trimmed than Hanna.

“Little sister,” he replied, “I think that this is the problem.” He reached down between her legs and gently grabbed a handful of curly hair. “Guys now days see all the shaved pussy on the internet and think that’s the way it is supposed to be. They don’t know what to do with you so they run.”

“Well I’m not shaving for any guy. You and Dad think it’s OK. Why can’t they? What else can I do?”

Rod explained, “My first pussy was hairy because it was an older woman. It makes sense to me that older guys would be more used to your natural look. Besides, to get young pussy they’d put up with a lot.”

Hanna punched him, “I don’t want to be ‘put up with’, damn it! I want to be appreciated.”

“OK! OK! I didn’t mean it in a bad way. How about you get a job working for horny older guys like Mr. Jones on the next block. I heard him ask Mom at church if she knew anyone who did housecleaning. You could earn a few bucks while you were getting banged.” [grin]

“You bastard, you’ve got me thinking and horny again. Get that thing back in me.”

Two weeks later Rod was reaming Hanna when she asked, “Does my pussy feel any looser?”

Rod stopped in mid-stroke, “It might. Why?”

“I learned two things yesterday. Older men sure can fuck, and you and Daddy’s dicks are a long way from the biggest.” [big grin]

Rod shot his wad and laid beside her, “OK, tell me about it”

Hanna kept grinning, “It was my second time there and it was warm. I wore those tight shorts that give you a hard on and a t-shirt, no bra. Mr. Jones was watching me like a hawk and I thought I saw a bulge in his shorts so I asked him if he’d mind if I cleaned in the nude. He couldn’t speak, just nodded like crazy. His bulge got bigger when he saw me naked and he kept squeezing his crotch so I knew it was going well. He got me a bottle of water and sat with me on a couch. I drank part of it and unzipped his pants saying he would be more comfortable. I was VERY pleased with what popped out.

“We got REAL comfortable in his bed. Two times. He hadn’t been laid in months and my pussy drained a lot when I went pee. He loved eating me before and after, something you don’t do much either.

“By the way, this is the last day you and Dad are getting any of this pussy. The piece you just had was a thank you for the idea. And for loaning me the money for the birth control implant. I’m starting housecleaning for another older guy tomorrow.”

Rod was more alarmed than thankful, “Why do you think you can cut me off without me telling your Mom.”

“Blackmail works both ways, big brother. I don’t think your dad would like seeing the proof I have that his wife’s been sampling your cock.”

Rod pulled on his pants and left. Hanna rubbed her hairy pussy. On to bigger and better things!

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