Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beth Chastain and her son Mark are hiding a burning passion. Usually a quiet, somewhat shy person, Beth has a well-hidden inner slut, the devil inside that created her son in the first place when she was a naive teenager. The slut has been clamoring to get out again, and she's zeroed in on the man Beth loves over all others, behind the closed doors of their small house.

Beth Chastain and her son Mark lived a quiet life in a quiet two-bedroom house on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood in a quiet suburb in a quiet Southern city.

Beth and Mark were both quiet, unassuming people, often shy and somewhat introverted, and as mothers and sons go, they were extremely close. Maybe too close.

Because pressure was building in the little house that would soon explode in a white-hot passion that would change their lives forever.

Beth had grown up in a small town about an hour away from the city where she and her son now lived, the middle child in a working-class family. She had an older sister and younger brother, both of whom were far more outgoing and achievement-oriented than she was.

Allison, her sister, was talented musically, with an excellent voice, and took an interest in theatre, especially musical theatre. Her brother Charles – or Charlie – was an athlete who was successful in sports all the way into college. And both were Honors students.

Their parents, naturally, tended to spend more time and effort at her siblings’ events, and, as such, she tended to fall through the cracks growing up, plus she was late maturing.

Indeed, most Saturdays and many Sundays from the time she was about 8 until she was almost 16, she spent alone.

While the rest of the family followed her brother and sister to sports games or recitals, Beth stayed at home, either reading or wandering the outskirts of their town.

She found several private places near the river and in the woods behind their house where she could read, write, draw pictures or just watch and listen to nature.

She would try to listen politely when she was taken to Allison’s various performances, but her mind would usually wander far afield before very long.

And on the rare occasions when she got dragged to Charlie’s games, she roamed the premises looking for quiet, out-of-the way places to be alone.

No question, she felt most comfortable as a wallflower, and that self-perception persisted even when she finally grew some boobs, her face matured and her body became more that of a woman and less like a girl.

She actually became quite pretty, with lustrous hair that was a mahogany brown color, with a large dose of auburn.

Physically, she was average sized, about 5-foot-3 or so, and slender, and her breasts and behind were both on the small side, although she would grow into a B-cup after she had Mark.

Beth was a bright, inquisitive girl, but she didn’t care for school work, and getting top grades was not a priority for her, unlike her brother and sister. She figured she could make B’s and C’s with minimal effort, and that was fine with her.

She had an extensive and eclectic library of books, and much preferred their company to other people her age, although she started to come out of her shell a little in her senior year of high school.

What nobody knew at the time was that behind her shy, introverted exterior, Beth harbored a deep welter of desires.

She watched her older sister going out on dates and having boyfriends, and it fueled her vivid imagination. And, as she got older and started to mature, her imaginings often turned to sex. She created lurid fantasies in her mind that she used once she learned to pleasure herself.

Of course, she was too shy and proper to let those fantasies come to life. At least not until the summer after she graduated from high school.

Beth had two girlfriends from the neighborhood she’d known all her life, and one of them had developed a bit of a wild streak. She started encouraging Beth to loosen up and party a little, and at that point in her life Beth was ready to be a little rebellious.

She started going out with this friend, that her parents trusted, and the friend began to introduce Beth to alcohol and weed.

No question, Beth liked the high, liked being out with her friend, who was more outgoing and popular than she was, and liked the attention she started getting in a new, different environment.

Beth’s friend procured her a fake ID to get them into a few of the bars in their small town, an atmosphere she didn’t care for, and to house parties, which were more her style.

It was at one of these parties that she met Michael Murray, a friend of her friend from another part of the county. He was a couple of years older than Beth, and he sized her up as fresh meat.

Beth had been on a couple of dates her last year of high school, but she was still very naïve about relationships and dating, and she was still a virgin.

It was Michael who became the first – and until the events of this story – the only man who had been able to tap into Beth’s deep well of sexuality, who opened the door and showed her what sex was really all about.

Michael pursued her with a single-minded determination to pluck her ripe cherry, and it didn’t take him long to succeed.

Of course, her sister was alarmed when she saw Michael Murray coming around to date Beth. She and Michael were the same age, and even though they’d gone to different high schools, he’d gone to her middle school, and Allison knew of him as a con artist and a pussy hound.

Allison knew he was up to no good, but she was powerless to stop her sister from taking such a risky move. But it was already too late.

Sure enough, Michael got Beth drunk and high one night, then blew her mind with the kind of animal sex she’d only fantasized about before.

Beth was like a drunkard in a liquor store; once she got a taste of pleasure, she wanted more, a lot more. She quickly grew to love Michael’s big cock, and what he could do with it.

She was insatiable during this period of her life, what she was later refer to as her slut period, and Michael took full advantage of the naïve teenager’s exploding lust.

Somehow, Michael got her to where she’d do anything he wanted her to do sexually, and that included several occasions when Michael brought his friends in to fuck his horny girlfriend.

At least twice that she could remember, Beth found herself drunk and high with a cock in each of her holes, sending her lust soaring into the stratosphere. At first, she had balked at anal sex, but like everything else, Michael led her to an appreciation of a big cock in her ass.

For about three months, Beth carried on a torrid relationship with Michael Murray, until she ended up pregnant. She had just turned 18.

Michael, of course, denied that he was the father, even though he’d never once fucked her with a condom. Of course, the fact that she’d let him share her with his friends reduced her argument that he and no one else was the father of her baby.

Beth’s father was furious, and only the intervention of her mother prevented her dad from kicking her to the curb.

Her sister and brother were both disgusted with her, but her mom was sympathetic. She made the argument that if they had paid more attention to Beth when she was younger, instead of treating her like the furniture, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.

There was no question that she was going to keep the baby, and while her dad made noises about her giving it up for adoption, Beth never seriously considered it.

And she made a vow as she held her new-born son that she would live for him; that he would get all the love she could give.

It was probably just as well that Michael Murray slithered out of her life. A few years later, he was caught having sex with a 13-year-old cousin. While in the county jail awaiting trial (he was unable to bond out), he was beaten up at least twice.

Once the case came to trial, though, he was acquitted of statutory rape. Turned out the now 15-year-old cousin had initiated the encounter, then got up on the witness stand and told two different versions of what happened at different points in her testimony, and both were at odds with her original statement to the sheriff’s department.

As one juror put it after it was over, “We knew he did it, but we agreed that we couldn’t believe anything that came out of that girl’s mouth, and without her testimony the state couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it happened. We didn’t have any choice but to acquit.”

Being acquitted gave Michael a sense of false bravado for a few weeks, and he started asking around town about Beth, thinking about possibly rekindling their relationship, not knowing that she had moved to the city.

Charlie Chastain disabused Michael of that idea in no uncertain terms. Charlie cornered Michael outside a bar in town, worked him over for a few minutes, then advised him to leave town, go far, far away, and leave his sister and nephew alone.

Both he and Allison had patched up their relationship with Beth somewhat, but their initial response to her pregnancy drove a wedge between her and her siblings that has never been bridged.

Beth moved to the city, both for the greater opportunities and to escape the whispers and disapproving looks from the people in her home town, and her family. She went to secretarial school, while her mom kept the baby, then went to work as a secretary and receptionist at a succession of businesses. She had been secretary to a CPA for seven years when her son approached his 17th birthday.

Mark Chastain grew up to be a fine-looking young man, of average size, with the same mahogany brown hair and flawless skin of his mother. Like Beth, he was bookish, and like his mother, he tended to be shy and somewhat introverted.

Beth doted on her son, but she tried not to spoil him. It wasn’t easy. They went everywhere together, to the park, movies, restaurants, and small trips, whatever they could afford.

She disciplined her son on the rare occasions when he made mistakes, and all she really needed to do was express her displeasure over something he’d done, or not done, and his remorse was genuine. Mark grew up always wanting his mother’s approval.

Although he was never a real talented player, Mark took an interest in sports, especially soccer, and he played soccer and baseball from the time he was 5 until he turned 15.

And every single time he took the field, Beth was there to cheer him on. She made it a point to learn about the games Mark was interested in, although some of the rules remained a little arcane to her.

One of the things Beth drilled into her son’s head was to take an interest in his schoolwork, more so than she had, that education – getting decent grades – was the key to success.

Mark’s sports and school were the only real social outlets Beth had, and what acquaintances she had were through those two facets of her son’s life. That was the only social life she believed she needed.

As he grew into a young man, Mark found he could talk to his mom about anything and everything. And one of the things they talked about more and more as Mark got later in his high school years, was the issues they each had with the opposite sex.

Being on the shy side, Mark found it difficult to relate to or approach the girls at his school, and he went to a very large public high school where he tended to get swallowed up and overlooked.

For her part, Beth had learned from her encounter with Michael Murray that men were not to be trusted, that they would use you and betray you if given the opportunity, and that even included her father and her brother.

Only her beloved son was worthy of her trust, and the lion’s share of her love. And, as these things sometimes do, love morphed into lust.

Living alone together in a small house with just one full bath, Beth and Mark constantly saw each other in various stages of dress and undress.

She recalled that Mark’s junk had been impressive as a baby and toddler, and sometimes deep in the night, her fantasies would run wild about her handsome son.

Beth never lost an interest in her lurid, forbidden fantasies, or as she had come to call it, her inner slut, the devil inside; she just kept a tight clamp on her fantasies to keep the slut safely locked away after Mark had come along.

Nevertheless, she still had needs, so she bought herself a relatively inexpensive laptop where she stored a rather extensive array of porn, most of it hardcore bordering on extreme.

When the internet had become the thing, she had started surfing for porn, and had eventually carved herself a quick, easy, and relatively safe path to her favorite porn sites, where she had downloaded images, film clips and erotic stories to a series of folders on the desktop.

At first, her interest was in simple straight sex. But as Mark got older and matured into a good-looking man, and as her lurid fantasies increasingly focused on her son, she started delving into incest porn.

Many of the stories and scenarios she encountered on those sites were ludicrous. But others had the whiff of possibility. Beth would chastise herself about her predilection in the cold light of the day.

But at night, when she was alone with just her thoughts and fantasies, her inner slut would grab her and hold her through sweaty nights, where she’d wake up with her panties off and the sheets bunched up between her legs.

Things started happening between them not long after Mark turned 16 in June the previous year. The two of them had gone on a real vacation, to the caves and hills of eastern Tennessee. Mark was interested in geology, with a collateral interest in spelunking.

The conversation on their drive to the mountains was spirited, as always, but they also talked increasingly of relationships.

“Mom, why don’t you ever go out on dates?” Mark asked.

“I do,” she replied. “I go out with you all the time. That’s all the dating I need to do. Besides, I’ve told you. I don’t trust men. Except you. I trust you. You’re my baby.”

Mark looked over at his mom, and not for the first time thought how beautiful and sexy his mom was, and how lonely she must be.

Later, when they went down to the pool at their motel, Mark was pleasantly surprised to see his mom come out in a tight one-piece suit that, frankly, was more revealing than a skimpy bikini.

There were no cups on this suit, so her little B-cups with the tight little nipples were showed off to maximum effect, and the legs were cut high on her hips, leaving all her thighs and most of her pert little butt exposed, and only a thin strip of nylon covering her crotch.

Likewise, Beth was pleased to see her son with some definition to his body. They had recently joined a gym – something else they did together – and the results on both of their bodies was noticeable.

But what got her attention was the cock hanging between her son’s legs, outlined perfectly in his wet shorts as he exited the pool. Fine piece of meat, she mused, just like his father.

Of course, a week in close proximity brought with it a renewed intimacy between mother and son as they spent their nights in the motel room.

Mark tried to be quiet at night when he started stroking his dick, while Beth lay on the other bed pretending to be asleep as she quietly fingered her boiling-hot pussy, listening to her son try to masturbate quietly.

And there was also the day they went deep into a cavern with a hired guide. Mark and Beth often found themselves in close quarters, their bodies pressed together in a confined space.

Both Beth and Mark would look back and say that was when the dance of seduction started, but it took some time for it to develop.

From that point forward, Beth and Mark made a conscious effort to look good for the other. They both kept up with the gym routine, both styled their hair in a manner the other liked.

Beth had to dress nicely, but conservatively, for her work, but when she was out with Mark, her clothes started getting a little tighter, the skirts a little shorter, the blouses a little showier, and she added some pizzazz to her makeup, using eye shadow and ruby red lipstick.

Her tits really didn’t need a bra for support, so often she went without one, especially through the summer and into the fall.

Mark definitely took notice. He had always worshipped his mother, but now he began to see her as the sexiest woman on the planet, and one to be desired, longstanding taboos notwithstanding.

That Christmas, they almost crossed the line.

It had been a stressful day. The weather had been bad, rainy and cold, but they still had to go to her parents’ place for the holiday.

Despite living less than an hour away from her hometown, Beth didn’t visit her parents all that often, and family gatherings, usually for holidays, could be tense.

When Mark had been younger, they had often stayed over Christmas Eve, but when her brother and sister moved away, started having kids and thus needed the extra beds, it made sense for them to just come over in the morning for presents and Christmas dinner.

And it had not been a particularly joyful day, although the adults put on a façade for the children. Beth’s father was sick, cancer, and the prognosis wasn’t good. In fact, he had less than four months left, although no one knew that yet.

Beth had been in a somber, reflective mood during the white-knuckle drive back to the city in a steady rain. Mark, meanwhile, was contemplating the special Christmas gift he’d gotten for his mother, which he was going to present when they made it home.

Even though the mood was kind of down as they entered the house, Mark couldn’t help but admire his mom’s legs and butt as they were encased in a pair of tight leggings. Her dark hair was tousled from the cap she’d worn and her cheeks were still rosy from the cold.

Beth got the heater going, turned on the Christmas tree lights then fetched a glass of wine from the open bottle in her fridge. To her surprise, Mark had dimmed the lights in the front room and put on some Christmas music.

“Mark, honey, haven’t you had about enough Christmas?” she said teasingly. She appreciated his effort to lift her spirits.

“There was one gift you didn’t open,” he said quietly, almost hesitantly, handing her the professionally-wrapped package.

“Mark?” she said as the opened the present and found a box from a prominent lingerie shop. Inside was a simple negligee, waist-length with spaghetti straps, with a matching pair of loose-fitting boy shorts. Also in the box were a couple of skimpy bra-and-panty sets, with both thongs and regular bikini panties.

“I want you to look sexy when you start going out on dates,” Mark said softly. Beth was having reckless thoughts as she gulped down the rest of the wine in her glass.

“They’re beautiful, but...” she started to say. She turned to refill her glass, suddenly aware of a growing tension in the room.

“Mom,” Mark said, as he came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “You need to start getting out more. You’re a beautiful, sexy woman. It’s not right for you to sit at home like this.”

“Why?” she said as she turned around, suddenly slightly irritated. “Why not? So some man can use my body and toy with my heart? No thanks. I’d rather have you.”

The comment hung in the air like a loaded missile, and Beth realized that she had turned around straight into her son’s embrace. They stared at each other, their faces inches apart, their lips parting, as if waiting for a cue.

Then, realizing what was happening, Mark backed away, but not before he realized that the tip of his dick was wet from his mother’s closeness. Beth too had noticed as Mark had started to become aroused, and she decided to push the envelope.

“Would you like to see me in the negligee?” she asked softly. “Isn’t that why you got it for me? Why don’t you get comfortable, and I’ll put on a little fashion show. You won’t be disappointed.”

Mark was confused as he retreated to his little bedroom to change into some sweatpants and a loose t-shirt.

Was his hot, sexy mom really coming on to him? And how did he feel about that? Silly question. He was elated, but also apprehensive. He was well aware of the taboos against sex with one’s mother, and he’d studied the subject enough to know that it would be extremely risky.

Nevertheless, the thought of getting his virgin dick in his mom’s hot, tight pussy was invigorating. As he flicked off the light in his bedroom after changing, he decided to let his mom set the pace and see what happened. He’d go as far as she let him.

He sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, to see what might be on. He’d picked up the morning paper and was idly thumbing through it while listening to an NBA game from the TV, when he heard a soft, “ahem,” coming from the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

Mark was transfixed by the vision he saw there. The nightie fit Beth perfectly. The satiny top hugged her chest, revealing her perfect tits, with the stiff nipples poking into the material, and the bottoms were snug around her hips but loose around her legs.

Beth had taken a quick shower, to wash the day away, physically and emotionally, so her hair was still wet and a little wild.

While she was usually fastidious about her hair, this time she didn’t care. She liked it being slightly out of control; it fit her mood.

Mark’s cock was tingling and stiffening as Beth sashayed into the front room. He clamped his legs together to try not to let his arousal show, but it wasn’t easy.

Although he had seen his mom in her panties and bra plenty of times while they were dressing for work, or for some event they were attending, he had never seen his mom look quite like this, and it was intoxicating.

As she strutted into the room, Beth’s heart was beating wildly. She saw the look of lust in her son’s eyes, and she could see him trying to conceal his hard-on.

“So, what do you think?” Beth said, with just a trace of nervousness. “How does your old mom stack up against those hotties at school?’

“Are you kidding?” Mark exclaimed. “You’ve got them beaten by a mile. They’re just girls. You’re a woman.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Beth sighed as she sat down on the sofa next to her son, and snuggled up against him. “I’m lucky to have you.”

In the position where they were sitting, Mark had a nearly-unobstructed view of his mother’s tits. The top to the negligee was low-cut anyway, and the way Beth was sitting, it hung a little loose and slightly open.

Beth could see Mark getting hard, and she was so, so tempted to reach down and touch it, to make it harder, to make it cum for her. She could feel the inner slut trying to escape, but she wasn’t quite ready to let her loose.

They sat like that companionably, until Beth shook herself and backed away mentally from the temptation.

She was still constrained by ancient taboos, and, more to the point, although she saw Mark’s arousal, she was still worried how he would really feel if she tried something, or how they both would feel in the morning if they succumbed to pleasure that night.

“I’m sorry, Mark,” Beth exclaimed hastily as she stood up from the couch. She’d had two glasses of wine already, and she was afraid if she had another, her defenses might be lowered even further.

“What do you mean?” Mark said, a little flustered himself.

“I’m just ... I’m just sorry,” she said. “I’m going on to bed. It’s been a long day. And...”

Mark would wonder for quite a while what his mother started to say at that moment, and what she had to be sorry about.

“Good night, son,” Beth said as she bent over to give Mark a kiss on the cheek. “Be sure to lock everything up and turn out the lights.”

As she did, her top gaped open and gave Mark a clear view of his mom’s tits. It was just for a moment, but it was enough to sear itself on his memory. They were perfect, tight little orbs with a pair of pink – and very hard – nipples sticking out of areolae about the size of a nickel.

“Um ... OK, Mom,” Mark stammered. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” she answered.

Beth couldn’t help seeing where Mark’s eyes had been drawn and she felt a flush rise from her chest to her face. Yes, indeed, she needed to go to bed. To bed, with her Christmas present to herself, a nice fat 8-inch dildo that she had ordered from an on-line retailer.

She thought about getting her laptop out and masturbating in her desk chair while riding her new toy, but decided against it. She knew what she was going to fantasize about this night as she worked the fake cock deep in her now-needy pussy.

Beth had tried dating for about a year when Mark was 3 going on 4. She had just finished school and started her first job, so she tried to be sociable at work. She had gone out with co-workers and other acquaintances, both for fun and for dates.

She was careful about her alcohol intake, and generally her demeanor when she went out was the same demure Beth she was at the office.

She had been listening to her family tell her that Mark needed a father, or at least an adult male influence, in his life, and this was her response.

But nothing had come of them. Most of her dates were just out for fun and shied away at the mention of her child, and they were often cold and cruel about it, especially when they weren’t getting any sex out of it.

A couple, however, had accepted Mark and had thus progressed to the point where she had consented to sex, and it had been very underwhelming.

Neither one had been able to unlock Beth’s inner slut, because of a size deficiency for one and poor technique from the other. The one couldn’t hit the hot spots deep in her pussy, and the other didn’t believe in foreplay and was one and done in under three minutes.

After a frustrating New Year’s Eve spent with a date that fizzled out, Beth had made a resolution that she would forego men and devote herself to her son.

She’d had trust issues with most of the men she dated during this period anyway, so it was no stretch for her to simply swear off dating and sex, and spend as much time as she could with Mark.

She didn’t learn for a long time that her brother had run off Michael Murray once and for all, or things might have been different.

The bottom line was that at that point it had been 12 years since she’d been laid. But that hadn’t stopped her inner slut from tormenting her with lurid fantasies, and now those fantasies were focusing in on the one man she knew she shouldn’t have, her own son.

Nevertheless, Beth decided to stay in the satin outfit she was wearing, rather than strip naked. After all, it had come from her son, and if she was going to wallow in her forbidden fantasies, that would play into it.

She lay under a sheet caressing the flesh-colored dildo as she slid a hand inside the leg of her pants. She slid a finger along the outside of her slit, and gasped as bursts of sensation exploded from her still-wet, still-needy pussy, along with a small flow of her juices.

Beth circled her throbbing clit with her middle finger, then rubbed her fingers briskly over her flooded cunt, and the dark hairs of her trimmed bush were quickly damp with the rapidly-increasing dew of her arousal.

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered, pretending her son was in bed with her. “Lick my pussy, please, fuck me with your big hard cock.”

At that moment, Mark was lying back in the recliner in front of the TV, from which the NBA game continued to air. His left hand was inside the waistband of his sweatpants, slowly stroking his half-hard cock and contemplating what had transpired that night.

What had his mom meant when she’d said, “I’d rather have you?” Did she really want him to fuck her? Had she started to suspect how much he’d been obsessing over that very thing through most of the previous year?

He was certain she’d been very close to touching his cock; he’d seen the way her hand had hovered over his crotch as she’d sat next to him – real close, so their bodies were touching – and the way she had abruptly pulled it away.

He’d noted the guilty look on her face as she’d stood up to tell him good night. And, of course, he was sure she’d deliberately flashed her tits at him as she leaned over to give him a goodnight kiss.

Certainly, the man in him wanted to fuck his mother, but he was afraid of how it might change their relationship.

He loved his mom more than anything in this world, and he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that relationship, even if it meant denying himself the one thing he wanted more than anything.

And why did he want to fuck his mom, when there were pretty, willing girls his own age? Simple, he rationalized, she was a beautiful woman, first, a woman not a girl, as he’d told Beth earlier that night.

But for another, it was the fact that he knew she would never break his heart. She would always be there for him, and he couldn’t be sure about some strange girl in this anonymous city.

And as he thought about it all, thought about the possibility of fucking his sexy mom, his cock stiffened under his idle stroking.

Abruptly, he turned off the TV, locked the house, turned out the lights in the front room, leaving just the light over the kitchen sink on, as they always did.

He paused for a moment outside the door of his mom’s bedroom and listened carefully, and he thought, maybe, he heard Beth in her bed moaning softly.

Then he went down the hall to his bedroom, shut and locked the door then stripped off his clothes, reached in his bedside drawer for the tube of lube he kept hidden (he thought) in the bottom of the drawer, turned out the light and crawled in bed.

He imagined Beth walking into his room, naked, and he stroked his cock slowly, feeling the clear ball of fluid well out of the tip.

He spread that over the bulbous head of his long hard cock, then opened the cap on the tube of jelly, squeezed out a liberal dollop and rubbed the lube all over his dick.

As he did, his cock grew to maximum stiffness, and he imagined it was his mom sucking his cock, taking it deep in her throat and humming her appreciation for its size. He stroked now with more purpose, feeling the cum boiling in his balls.

“Oh, Mom,” he whispered. “That feels soooooo gooood. You’re the best cocksucker on the planet.”

In his fantasy, he saw his mother now pull her mouth off his cock and straddle his hips, imagined her fitting the head to her dripping slot and taking him in completely.

Up and down, he saw in his mind’s eye, his sexy mom, her small tits bouncing on her chest as she rode him, her son.

“Oh, Mom,” he whispered again, this time more urgently. “You’re going to make me come. Oh, oh, oh, yeaaaaaah!”

Mark arched his back as his orgasm raced from his scrotum and spewed out the end of his dick in three or four rich bursts of semen all over his chest, stomach and hand.

Finally, he relaxed and fell back on the bed, tired now, physically and emotionally. He used the sheet to clean up the mess on his body, rolled over and closed his eyes as sleep began to overtake him. After all, it had been a long day.

“One of these days,” he murmured just before he fell asleep for good. “You can fight it all you want, but one of these days, I’m going fuck you, Mom.”

Beth was thinking along similar lines as she worked the big dildo into her pussy. She was still in the satin top, but had discarded the pants, the better to access her pussy. She pushed it in, pulled it out and pushed it back in, and was immediately wracked with a mini-orgasm.

She gasped as the big rubber cock filled her aching cunt. She used one hand to manipulate the dildo in and out of her squishy pussy and used the other to briskly stroke her throbbing clit.

“Oh God, Mark,” she exclaimed softly, so as not to be heard. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck your mother like a good boy.”

Faster and harder, she used her hands on her spastic pussy and her hips humped in rhythm, imagining a body, the body of her beautiful son, attached to the fake cock that was giving her pleasure, albeit not quite the pleasure she wanted.

Up, up, up, she climbed, until she gasped, gave a short little squeal and felt her climax wash through her body. She shuddered for several long seconds before she finally came back to earth.

She pulled the dildo out of her body and let it fall to the floor, then she slumped in the bed, now horrified once again at the fantasy she’d just played out. And, not for the first time, she rolled over, buried her face in her pillow and cried bitter tears.

“God help me, I want him so badly. What am I going to do?” she thought to herself, before sleep mercifully overtook her.

For the first time, Mark had been invited by a friend to sleep over for New Year’s Eve, so Beth was alone that night, by choice, and she spent most of it naked, drinking wine and masturbating relentlessly to the collection of porn on her trusty laptop.

She rang in the New Year exploding to her fourth sweaty orgasm, with her big new dildo deep in her pussy and her older, smaller vibrator humming away in her ass.

Beth made a couple of decisions the next morning, as she nursed a hangover. She was going to get on birth control pills, or have an operation to tie her tubes, and she was going to try dating again.

Maybe some other man would scratch her itch for sex, and pry her thoughts away from her son.

Mark, too, resolved in the harsh light of the New Year to start going out more and trying to meet some of the girls at school. He knew he needed to tamp down his obsession with his mother.

The next six months passed with the pressure building in the little house. Mark did start going out with his few friends more often, but getting close to any girls proved elusive, although he did manage to secure a date for his school’s prom, a double date with his best friend.

Outwardly, Beth had been happy that Mark had gotten a date for the prom, but after all the pictures had been taken and the youngsters had left, she fell into a jealous funk.

Beth found she’d been the ice queen for so long in her professional life that everyone in her office assumed that she had no interest in going out, so they never asked her to join them on any nights out.

Although she abhorred the bar scene, she bucked up and went out to a few around town, and was reminded of why she hated bars.

They were uniformly populated by younger people on the make, and oily men that reminded her of Michael Murray, whom she’d long referred to as, “Mark’s sperm donor,” rather than his father. Still, there were times late in the night when she recalled Michael a lot more fondly.

Mark had enjoyed his prom, but there wasn’t a lot of chemistry with his date, and she went to another school anyway. Mark knew when he gave his date a chaste kiss at her door early the next morning that he’d probably never see her again.

And it was just a few days after that when Beth’s father started going quickly downhill, and he died quietly one night in April.

She and Mark leaned on each other during that traumatic time. Mark had never been real close to his grandfather, reflecting Beth’s often-stormy relationship with her father, but he’d still loved the old man.

Beth took his death hard. She realized that she had craved her father’s unconditional love her entire life, and it broke her heart that she never really got it.

Her dad had devoted himself to Charlie’s sports, as the only boy he’d produced. What little time he had left over, he spent focusing on Allison while virtually ignoring his younger daughter, or berating her because she wasn’t more like her brother and sister.

So, if Beth was grieving, then Mark felt it was incumbent on him to sooth his mother’s aching heart, even as it relit the passions that they had tried to keep down.

Her father’s death, and Mark’s willingness to comfort her, the closeness that they had displayed during that time, had rekindled the fantasies about her son, as her frustrated inner slut began demanding to be let out.

She was down about the fact that her decision to try to get laid again had gone for naught. She hadn’t even found anyone she was interested in dating, never mind have sex with, and she was sexually and emotionally frustrated.

Beth had a few friends that she’d made over the years, but she wasn’t close to any of them. She was still close to her other old friend from her neighborhood, not the one who led her astray when she was 17, but that girl lived 500 miles away and they rarely saw each other.

Otherwise, she was alone and she was lonely. She needed someone to love, and if the outside world couldn’t provide that, then she found herself turning to the one man who could, the young man who was still the focus of her life, her adoring son.

As Mark’s birthday approached, Beth found herself less and less willing to keep her inner slut at arm’s length. She had fought the urge to actively seduce her son for so long, and, emotionally, she was drained.

One night, not long after the end of the school year, Beth lay naked in her bed, sweaty and exhausted from another furious masturbation session when she finally capitulated and made the fateful decision that she was going to seduce her son.

“I’ll give him the best birthday present he’s ever had,” she thought to herself.

But did he feel the same way now as he had at Christmas? She knew if she had taken that step then, if she’d simply dropped her hand onto his hard cock that night, he would have gone for it.

Now? She honestly didn’t know. She couldn’t just come right out and ask him if he wanted to fuck his mother. Could she? Then she had an idea. She could ask him without actually asking him, by leaving her laptop on her desk where Mark could see it.

Not long after New Year’s, she had started writing a personal diary, and stored it in a folder on her laptop, along with some other erotic writings she had authored over the years.

It was all pretty lurid stuff, even her diary. She described in exquisite detail exactly what she wanted to do with her son, once she’d made the decision to go for it after her father died. Life was too short to deny herself the pleasure she craved with the only man she loved.

It was risky, but Beth knew it was her only chance. Mark might well be repulsed by what he read, if he even took the bait. Mark was such a decent kid, she didn’t know if he’d violate his mother’s privacy like that.

But she figured he was a normal teenage boy, and that his curiosity would overcome his scruples about poking around on his mom’s computer.

She figured correctly.

Over the past couple of months, Mark’s sexual fantasies about his mother began to creep back into his consciousness.

He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. Beth was still just 36, and, in his view, had just gotten sexier and better-looking with age and maturity.

But how to go about seducing her? Beth hadn’t wanted Mark to take a summer job, so they could be free to take vacations and, this summer at least, take some college tours, although Mark was leaning toward the university located in their city and living at home.

In return, Mark was expected to keep the house clean, do the laundry, mow their little yard regularly, and plan and fix dinner. And being the conscientious young man that he was, he was diligent in his duties.

He also earned a little walking-around money by mowing lawns for some of their neighbors, many of whom were older retired people in their working-class neighborhood. One morning, about a week before his birthday in mid-June, he was gathering laundry from his mother’s bedroom when he noticed a laptop on his mother’s little desk with the lid open.

This computer was one he’d never seen and was different from the family PC that sat at the desk in their front room. The screen was blank, but Mark knew it was just in sleep mode.

Mark hesitated as he stood there transfixed. Could he violate his mom’s privacy? He had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach, like he was on the cusp of something big, and his curiosity won out over his prudence.

He touched the mouse pad on the keyboard, and sure enough, the screen came to life. Mark gasped as he saw the wallpaper on his mom’s laptop. It was apparently a selfie, taken in this very room, with Beth standing naked and striking a seductive pose.

There were several folders arrayed on the computer desktop, but his attention immediately zeroed in on one titled MOMSON.

He opened it and was astounded to see it filled with pictures of hardcore porn shots, all of them showing older women having sex with younger men, many of them purporting to be mothers and sons together.

Mark’s cock sprouted like it was spring-loaded as he worked his way through the folder. He didn’t need any lube, as pre-cum was boiling out of the tip of his dick in copious quantities.

He dropped his shorts to the floor, sat down in his mom’s desk chair and took himself firmly in hand, slowly stroking his rock-hard dick as he looked at the pictures.

After getting through that folder, he closed it and opened the folder titled MARK. This one was filled with pictures of young men, most of them either naked or nearly naked, many engaging in sex, and all of them had a vague resemblance to him.

Pictures of men did nothing for him sexually, so he moved on to another folder, one titled BETH. These were more his speed. They contained photos of older women who looked a lot like his mom, slender, small-breasted women with dark hair.

Mark tried to hold back the superheated cum that was rising in his scrotum, but what finally did him in was a photo that was clearly a picture of Beth herself, a close-up of her pussy as it was filled with a big flesh-colored dildo.

The face was out of focus, but not her pussy, and he recognized some of the rings his mom typically wore. Just the thought that his sexy mother was on display like that sent him over the edge.

With a gasp, he felt cum fairly leap from his cock. The first shot splattered over his neck and jawline, the second over one of his breasts and the rest fell in a wet spray over his stomach. He sat back heavily in the chair as the last dregs of a spectacular orgasm oozed over his hand. He picked up a pair of his mom’s dirty panties – he was delighted to see that it was one of the ones he’d given her for Christmas – put the crotch to his nose and inhaled his mother’s essence, getting a renewed spike in his arousal, then used it clean the sperm from his body.

When he was relatively clean, he resumed his exploration of his mother’s laptop. He was particularly interested in a folder titled WRITINGS.

There were a couple of dozen Word files of stories, almost all of them sex stories, and many of them were tales of mothers and sons having uninhibited sex with each other.

Mark’s cock stirred again as he read a few of them, but the files he was most interested in were titled, “The Devil Inside,” and, “My Diary.”

He started with, “The Devil Inside,” in which Beth had written about her slut period. She described in lurid detail what she had done while under the spell of Michael Murray, and she didn’t leave much out.

Mark was amazed. He’d had no clue that his quiet, demure mother could act like that. She went on to describe some of her dreams and fantasies and how she had tried to keep her inner devil at bay.

Mark’s cock was hard again as he closed the file and went on to his mother’s diary. It had started after the first of that year, and at first it was mundane stuff, but soon she started describing her torment over her desire for her son.

He learned that Beth had indeed been very close to touching his cock that Christmas night, and wrote that she didn’t know what she would have done had she done it, and he came on to her.

“I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it,” she’d written not long after her father’s funeral. “He is so beautiful, so loving, so sexy, and he’s got a gorgeous cock. I’ve fought it for so long, and I can’t stand it anymore. I have to have him.”

The last entry, from the night before, was the capper. Beth wrote about how she had masturbated while fantasizing about her son taking her, and how much she wanted it to happen.

“I wish he would just take me, throw me on the bed and fuck the shit out of me,” she’d written. “I love him so much, but I’m scared to make the first move. Maybe I’ll give him a birthday he’ll never forget.”

That did it. A second explosive orgasm shot out of his cock, perhaps not as impressively as before, but satisfying enough.

Tired now, Mark closed the file and sat back in the chair, contemplating what he’d just learned about his mother.

“She wants me,” he said out loud, in a tone of wonder and elation. “Oh God, Mom. I’ll make you forget all about Michael what’s-his-name. I’ll be your lover for as long as you want me.”

Surprisingly, he felt little guilt. If she wanted it, and he wanted it, then what was the problem? They loved each other to the exclusion of anyone else, so why shouldn’t they express that love in the most intimate way possible?

Dinner that night was quieter than normal, as the two of them were lost in their thoughts. Finally, Beth spoke up as they worked next to each other cleaning up the dinner dishes.

“You have a birthday coming up, don’t you?” Beth said. “So, what do you want for your big 17th? We’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything?” he said, with a raised eyebrow.

“Anything,” Beth replied, as she moved in closer to her son and wrapped an arm around his waist. “Anything at all.”

The innuendo was clear, and as they stared momentarily at each other, they each knew.

Mark carefully weighed his response, as he usually did. He didn’t want to just come out and say, “Mom, I want to fuck you,” but that’s exactly what he wanted.

“Let’s go out on a date,” he said, finally. “A real date. You know, dress up real nice, go out to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner. You and me.”

“You mean like a boyfriend-girlfriend date,” Beth said.

“Boyfriend-girlfriend,” he repeated, then added, “Husband and wife.”

“That sounds like fun,” she said, more than a little nervously, and she felt her pussy immediately moisten.

“Let’s go to that nice Italian restaurant across town,” Mark said. “I’ve heard it’s a nice quiet place for a romantic evening out. We don’t know anyone over there, and we can ... you know, not have to worry about what other people think.”

Beth could feel her pussy drooling as she hugged her son, and she didn’t fail to notice that Mark’s cock was growing in his shorts.

When Beth shut the door to her bedroom that night for bed, she did a little fist pump. She couldn’t believe it. He’d taken the bait. He’d looked at her computer and hadn’t been disgusted with her.

On the contrary, he had taken the initiative and suggested, “A real date ... like husband and wife.”

The implication was unmistakable. What did husbands and wives usually do at the end of date night? They went home and fucked.

Beth decided to pull out all the stops for this date. The following Saturday, she went out shopping. She had a look she wanted, and cost was no object. She’d been frugal through the years, and had plenty of money saved.

She went to a trendy dress shop in the city’s boutique section, and the 20-something clerk fixed Beth up with a skirt and jacket outfit with a stylish belt.

The skirt was mid-thigh length and snug, with a 9-inch slit up the right side. She also bought a pair of sexy thigh-high stockings, a sheer white blouse and a pair of high heels that the clerk had referred to as, “come fuck me heels.”

She had told the clerk she was had a date that she hoped would end, “nicely,” and the clerk had understood exactly what she needed. She even steered Beth to a nice faux pearl necklace.

Beth also bought some special supplies for later, and on impulse bought a bottle of perfume she thought Mark would like.

The day before their date, Beth had her hair trimmed and styled just a bit differently, and had her nails done, which she then carefully painted a bright red.

The next afternoon she took off work early to prepare. Her co-workers teased her about her hot date, knowing she was just taking her son to dinner for his birthday, and Beth just thought, “If they only knew.”

The house was quiet when she arrived home. She stripped off her work clothes and drew a bath, pouring a liberal amount of bath oil into the water. She found some romantic music on her favorite music site, cued it in then sank into the water, which was hot, but not too hot.

Beth’s arousal was copious, and she gasped as she ran a finger through her labia. But she didn’t follow through. She wanted the arousal to continue to build until she could get her son alone in an intimate setting later that evening.

It had been tough, but she’d kept her hands away from her pussy ever since the post-dinner conversation a week earlier.

Giving a frustrated sigh, Beth set about getting her body ready for what she hoped would be a night to remember.

She washed her body thoroughly, even the rosebud between her butt cheeks. She knew she would be offering her ass to Mark at some point, although probably not that night. Still, she wanted everything about her body to be squeaky clean.

She carefully shaved her legs, then set to work taming the unruly nest of pubic hair. This was a ritual she went through every summer to get ready for swimsuit season, but this year she was extra attentive to cleaning up between her legs.

She considered simply shaving her cunt clean, as was the trend these days, but thought better of it. She would let Mark dictate how he wanted her, clean or full or something in between.

Taking her small pair of scissors, she trimmed her pubic bush to a short length then took her razor and carefully took care of the area at the juncture of her legs and her pubes. She left it reasonably full, but thin.

She was still standing naked at the sink putting on her makeup when she heard Mark come in the side door after running some errands. She thought about just staying naked, but chose to wrap up in her towel. She didn’t want to unveil her body to her son just yet.

They exchanged a quick kiss – on the lips – as Beth surrendered the bathroom to Mark then sauntered into her bedroom to get dressed.

To say Mark was gobsmacked when he saw his mother as they prepared for their night out would be an understatement.

Her hair was brushed to a glossy sheen, the soft waves glimmering in the light. Beth was quite tastefully made up, not too garish, but showy nonetheless, with blood-red lipstick.

But that wasn’t what riveted Mark’s attention. It was the outfit. Beth hadn’t put on the jacket yet, and her tits were clearly visible through the diaphanous material of her blouse. She had decided to take a dare and go out this night with no underwear of any sort.

The skirt was short and tight, and his eyes bugged out as he saw the top of her stocking through the slit up the right side of the skirt. The CFM shoes accentuated her gorgeous legs, and they were enhanced by the sexy black stockings, the kind with the seam line up the back.

For maybe the thousandth time in his life, Mark pondered the question of why no other man had ever scooped up his mother. He knew she had trust issues, but, damn, this was one fine-looking woman. Oh well, he mused, their loss was going to be his gain.

Still, he didn’t fail to notice that almost everyone in the restaurant – men and women – turned to ogle Beth as they were escorted to their table.

Beth was oblivious, or at least she appeared to be. She was right where she wanted to be, on the arm of the man she loved. So what if that man happened to be her own son. She had reconciled herself to what was about to happen and there was no place for guilt.

After being seated at an intimate corner table, Beth and Mark just gazed at each other for a long minute, until their waiter came by for their drink orders.

Beth had removed her jacket, and Mark was captivated by the sight of Beth’s perfect tits showing clearly through the almost sheer material of her blouse.

Once the ordering process was done, Mark took his mother’s hands in his and put everything on the table.

“Mom, I think we both know what’s going to happen tonight,” Mark said quietly. “I know I’ve wanted you for a long time, wanted you as a lover. But you don’t have to do this. It’s a big step, and once we take it, there is no going back. If you aren’t 100 percent certain this is what you want, then we won’t do it.”

“Oh, Mark, honey, I want this more than you could possibly know,” Beth said, emotion now welling to the surface. “I’ve been so lonely for so long, and I’ve fought this for months, years even. I can’t fight it anymore. If I don’t do this, I’ll always look back and think, ‘what if.’ I love you so much and you are the only man I trust.”

Then Beth did something that Mark totally didn’t expect. She took one of her hands back, reached between her legs and gathered up some of the nectar of her arousal on her fingers. She brought that hand up to Mark’s nose then rubbed the fluid onto his lips.

“I’ve been like this for a week,” Beth said. “Constantly. I’ve been wet ever since we made this date, anticipating tonight. Hell, I’ve dreamed about you for months on end, good dreams, dreams of you making love to me. I’ve come too far to back out now. I want you and I’m going to have you ... lover.”

“Well, I’m not a man yet,” Mark said cheerfully. “I’ve saved myself for you.”

“By the time I get through with you, you’ll be a man and a half,” Beth said seductively.

As they walked back to the parking garage to the car after a spectacular meal, Beth laid her head down on Mark’s shoulder in contentment, an arm around his waist, while his right hand squeezed her right breast through the thin see-through material of her blouse.

Their car was in a secluded spot on the next-highest level of the five-story parking structure. Beth had planned it that way for what she had in mind to start their weekend of unbridled lust.

As they reached the passenger side of the car, Mark unlocked the door, but before he could open it, Beth turned him around forcefully, so he was leaning back against the car, put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him, deep and hard, their first true kiss as lovers.

Mark couldn’t believe how good his mom’s lips tasted and how good her body felt pressed up against his. As they kissed wantonly, Mark’s hands swept down Beth’s back to her butt, which he massaged with both hands then he slid them under her skirt.

Mark’s cock was like a board in his slacks as he understood now that his mom had been walking around with no panties on, as well as no bra.

He squeezed Beth’s naked butt cheeks – her firm, naked butt cheeks – then moved a hand around and slid his fingers between her legs, getting a thrill at how wet his mother was.

Beth hissed in lust as Mark briefly slipped two fingers into her pussy, feeling around for a few seconds then pulled out and circled her clit a half-dozen times with his middle finger.

Then he reached up, and quickly and efficiently unbuttoned Beth’s blouse so he could get a good, unobstructed view of his mother’s bare breasts.

Meanwhile, Beth had already reached down and was squeezing Mark’s long hard rod through his pants.

“Oh, my God, Mark, your cock is so big,” she exclaimed delightedly.

“Bigger than what’s-his-name’s, the sperm donor’s?” Mark asked as he playfully licked his mom’s nose.

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out once you get it in me,” Beth said.

“Hmmmmm,” was all Mark could say as they resumed their make-out session.

But Beth wasn’t going to be satisfied with just kissing her son and massaging his cock through his slacks. No, sir. She was eager to see it, to smell it, to taste it and to have it fuck her hard in all her holes.

As they continued kissing, she reached down, pulled the zipper to his pants down, reached in the fly and pulled out the most impressive cock she’d ever seen in her limited experience. Michael had been big, she recalled, but not like this.

And she hadn’t failed to notice that Mark had gone commando, just as she had.

Mark’s dick was perfectly cut and classically shaped, probably 7, maybe 8 inches, long and fat, but not so fat that it would be a chore to use. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, and she had to get it in her mouth.

Abruptly, she broke their embrace and squatted down on her haunches, hiking her skirt to her waist as she did and spreading her legs wantonly, giving Mark as clear a look at her cunt as he would get in the dim light.

“Watch for cars while I take care of this beauty,” Beth said urgently.

She grasped Mark’s cock firmly at the base from where it jutted out from his fly, got her nose right up to the shaft and inhaled his manly aroma. Her tongue flicked out and she began to lick the shaft like an ice cream cone, savoring the taste.

Reaching the head, she noticed a large ball of pre-cum flowing out of the tip and licked it up. She almost came right there, just from the flavor. If his cum tastes like that, she mused, I may never take it out of my mouth.

But she wanted more, much more. She licked all over the head then slid it past her red lips and into her mouth. Beth was thrilled to find that Mark’s cock was perfect for sucking, big enough to fill her mouth, but not so big that it hurt her lips.

As she began working on her son’s cock, her right hand moved between her legs, and she began strumming her clit and fingering her pussy.

God, she needed to come so badly. But she was in no hurry. She wanted to prolong the agony, certain that once she did finally climax, it would be one for the books.

Mark gasped as he watched his cock disappear into his mother’s mouth. The sensation was unbelievable and he had to fight the urge to simply grab Beth’s head and thrust it all the way in.

He didn’t have to worry. After a few tentative sucks with about a third of his cock in her maw, Beth started working his cock back and forth in her mouth with purpose.

Yep, she decided, it was true what was said about sucking cock. It was just like riding a bicycle; once you learned how to properly suck and deep throat a cock, you never forget, no matter how out of practice you are.

“Oh, wow, Mom,” Mark exclaimed as Beth took his big cock all the way to the root, with her face was nestled in his fly so that his modest pubic bush tickled the tip of her nose. “That feels so gooooood.”

After deep throating his cock for several long seconds, Beth pulled her mouth away to catch her breath. Her pussy spasmed as she watched tendrils of pre-cum and spittle kept her mouth and Mark’s cock attached for long seconds.

She didn’t give it a chance to disconnect as she swooped right back onto Mark’s cock, taking him deep in her mouth and sliding it back so that just the head was in her mouth. Her fingers were in a steady, controlled rhythm as she worked her fingers between her legs.

Sloppy sucking noises filled the air around them as Beth worked Mark’s cock briskly with her mouth.

Mark knew it wasn’t going to take much of this before he spewed his load, a load he’d been storing up ever since he’d jacked off while snooping around in his mom’s computer a week earlier.

After a few more minutes, Beth again came up for air then bent down and captured his balls in her mouth, lavishing sucks and licks on first one then the other then both. She marveled at how fat they were, with all the juicy, tasty cum stored there. But that wasn’t going to get it done. No, she desperately wanted Mark’s cock back in her mouth, to taste his spicy cum.

She quickly gobbled her son’s cock into her mouth and in seconds was sucking him deep into her throat and back out again in rhythm, taking care not to let him out of her mouth. She knew he was getting close, and she wanted to be ready.

Right on cue, Mark thrust his hips subtly, in time with his mom’s deep plunges, and his motions now became more urgent as the cum began to reach critical mass deep in his scrotum.

He wasn’t sure whether Beth was a swallower or not, so he thought it polite to warn her of his imminent explosion. “M-m-m-mom, I’m gonna ... cummmm,” Mark said in a strained voice.

Beth just hummed and nodded her head and doubled her pace, working him faster, harder and deeper into her ravenous mouth.

Mark’s hip thrusts were more pronounced as though he was fucking his mother’s mouth. When Beth maneuvered his cock in her mouth so that her cheek bulged out, that was it.

With a strangled gasp of, “I’m ... commmmming!” Mark pushed his cock deep into Beth’s throat one final time and exploded with the most intense orgasm of his young life.

It shot out the end of his dick like a rocket and hit the back of Beth’s throat with such force and such volume that it caught her unawares, even though she’d tried to be ready.

She simply couldn’t swallow fast enough and she coughed, and as she did, Mark’s cock slipped out of her mouth and a good bit of the hot, tasty semen flowed out the corners of her mouth and down onto her naked chest.

Once Mark’s initial climax was past, Beth stuffed the still-oozing head of his cock back into her mouth and eagerly accepted the remainder of his cum offering down her throat and into her stomach.

“God, that was sensational, Mom,” Mark said, his mind still blown from how well his mom sucked his cock.

Beth had to hurriedly pull her hand away from her crotch to keep from coming before she wanted to. She’d pushed herself right to the edge and she groaned inwardly at denying herself the relief she needed.

She’d lost track of where she was in her climb to her orgasm because of the intense thrill she’d gotten from the taste of Mark’s cum, and the power of his climactic explosion. It gave her enormous satisfaction to know she could please her son like that.

It was Mark who finally shook them out of their reverie.

“We’d better go,” he said. “We’ve been lucky no one has come up here, but let’s not push it. I have things I want to do with you, and we can’t do them here, and we certainly can’t do them at the police station if we get caught like this.”

Mark’s cock was still semi-hard, and Beth gave a mock pout as she released it from her mouth. She started to put it back in his pants then thought better of it.

“OK, but leave it out,” she said. “I want to play with him on the way home. Maybe it’ll keep me occupied so I don’t finger myself to come before I’m ready.”

Mark felt kind of funny walking around to the driver’s side with his dick dangling from his pants after ushering his mother into her seat – still with her blouse open and her skirt pulled up to her waist – but it was also a bit of a thrill to know that they were exposed so nonchalantly like that.

On the 40-minute ride home, Beth kept her right hand occupied between her legs, softly stroking her super-hot pussy, just enough to keep her arousal high without going over the top. She was trembling in lust, though, the wonderful sensations clouding her mind.

Her other hand was in Mark’s lap, slowly jacking off his cock, which had quickly risen to full roar under her manipulation.

“Ah, the wonders of a teenage lover,” she said. “I just sucked you off to a huge climax, with what felt like a gallon of cum, and here you are up and ready to go again.”

“The vigor of youth,” Mark replied. “And besides, who wouldn’t be hard with a beauty like you stroking his cock.”

Fortunately, their route home kept them mostly off the busier streets of their city, and it was a dark night, with a late-rising moon, so there was little danger of them being seen by passing motorists, especially those with colored lights on the roof of their vehicles.

The excitement level in the car began to spike as they turned into the driveway at their house in anticipation of what was to come.

Mark turned off the ignition, got out – still with his cock hanging out of his slacks – walked around to where Beth was climbing out of the car, swept her off her feet and carried her toward their side door.

Beth fumbled with the house key for just a moment then the door swung open and he carried his mother into the house.

Once inside, he walked straight into the front room and deposited Beth on the sofa then hurriedly stripped off his clothes, depositing them all over the room.

Beth stared up at Mark and shivered in lust at the sight: His well-defined chest, the flat stomach, the slender legs, his handsome face, but especially the hard rod that was sticking straight out of his groin.

Beth’s stomach lurched at the knowledge that she was finally going to get her son’s big cock in her pussy.

But Mark had other ideas. He too was mesmerized momentarily by the sight of Beth’s body: Her perfect breasts, still standing proud, the slender build – and, most of all, her pretty pussy. Beth’s outer labia were a coral color and she was very wet.

And that sight jolted Mark from his momentary reverie. Abruptly, he dropped to his knees, spread Beth’s legs as wide as possible and brought his face right up to her cunt.

He inhaled her fragrance as he nuzzled his mother’s pussy. He had overheard guys at school talking about the fishy smell of pussy, but Beth’s aroma was almost pleasant, a little funky, but he liked it. She smelled of arousal, and that’s what he wanted.

Without further ado, he slashed his tongue up Beth’s furrow, getting a good taste of his mother, ending with a few brisk licks over her clit, which had blossomed out of its hood with Beth’s acute arousal. He followed his tongue with his lips, capturing her labia in his mouth and sucking them like a small cock, then licked up her slit again and did the same to her clit, working it vigorously between his lips.

“Ah, ah, ah, fuuuuuuuck,” Beth gasped as she threw her head back and reveled in the sensations of her son eating her boiling pussy.

Her blouse had fallen off her shoulders and acted almost like a binding, but it didn’t stop her from taking both hands and squeezing her tits, and that just sent her arousal soaring even higher.

“Shiiiiiit,” she exclaimed as she wrapped her legs around Mark’s neck, effectively pinning him to her cunt. “Ga-ga-God ... dayum! Eat me, baby, lick Mama’s pussy, make ... me ... come!”

Beth was writhing on the sofa, her head thrown back again as she felt something like a freight train run through her body, and with a gasp and a squeal, her body exploded in the queen of all orgasms. She shimmied and shook as the climax washed over her like a tsunami.

As she finally started to calm down, just a bit, she thought, “Now he’s going to fuck me.”

But, no, Mark kept his mouth on her pussy and continued softly licking her flooded cunt. He sensed Beth’s arousal reigniting, so he picked up the pace, and this time he took his right hand and began to slowly, softly stroke his cock, getting it up to maximum hardness.

“You bastard,” Beth growled. “Unnnnnh! God, you are sooooooo goooood! Cuuuummmmm. Sweet fucking Jesus, lick my pussy, lick it good!”

Mark’s lips and tongue were like a dervish in Beth’s superheated pussy, then with a wicked thought, he slashed his tongue down over his mother’s little pink starfish and was gratified when Beth lurched and squealed with delight, her climb to climax reaching its peak.

Now Mark was feeling the frenzy, as he licked, sucked, even gnawed on Beth’s cunt, willing her to another orgasm.

And Beth wasn’t long in accommodating him. Babbling incoherently, Beth shook as her second climax swept through her body. Her hair was wild as she tossed her head about.

Now she was desperate.

“Marrrrrk!” she wailed. “Please don’t tease me. I’m begging you; please fuck me with that beautiful cock. I neeeeeed it.”

And Mark needed to be inside his mother as well. It was time.

Mark crouched down slightly, so his cock was in line with his mother’s pussy. He didn’t hesitate, but sluiced the head of his dick between the juicy lips of her pussy then pressed it to her opening – the one he’d come out of 17 years earlier – and slid in smoothly, all the way to the hilt in one steady screaming thrust.

“Oh. My. Gawwwwwd!” Beth wailed at the feeling of her son’s dick invading her needy depths. If it wasn’t quite as big as her favorite dildo, it had the advantage of being live and attached to the one man she’d wanted for seemingly forever.

Mark gasped at the unreal feeling of his mom’s pussy as it enveloped his cock. When he was balls-deep, he had to stop for a few seconds and let the rush pass, lest he come too soon.

Here the wisdom of Beth sucking him to completion in the parking garage, and his bringing his mom off twice just a few minutes earlier, paid dividends. They weren’t quite as in need to come as they had been and they could, possibly, make it last a little longer.

Once Mark felt he was back in control, he pulled his cock back, then pushed it in deep again, and quickly they were in the time-honored motion of lovers. Mark quickly got a slow, but steady rhythm going as his spirit soared to the ceiling. He was really doing it, he was fucking his mother and it was the best feeling he’d ever experienced.

Beth couldn’t believe how full her pussy was. There was no doubt now; Mark had the biggest cock she’d ever had in her body. It fit her perfectly.

Quickly, though, Mark’s legs began to ache from the position he was in, so he reluctantly pulled his dripping cock free of his mom’s suctioning cunt and maneuvered Beth so she was lying all the way back on the sofa, which would give him plenty of room to operate comfortably.

As she lay back, Beth finally shed her blouse and tossed it aside. The skirt she kept pulled up to her waist. Keeping that garment on made her feel a little sluttier than normal, and added power to her arousal.

As he prepared to remount his lover, however, Mark took a moment to gaze on a sight that would be forever burned on his memory: The sight of his beloved mother, lying on the sofa nearly naked, her legs spread wide and high, still with the stockings and heels on, an inscrutable look of desire, need and lust on her face.

But what really seared itself on his memory was the sight of her splayed-open pussy, with the labia an angry-looking dark coral and the hot pink flesh of her inner walls just visible, thanks to Beth’s fingers that were pulling herself open for him.

Mark took that as the invitation that it was, so he again fit the head of his cock to Beth’s hole and plunged in with renewed vigor. His cock was stone-hard as he quickly got up to speed in his mother’s pulsating pussy.

Beth was already close to another orgasm, and as Mark fucked her into oblivion, she felt a microburst of sensation from a nice little mini-climax, followed closely by another one and then another one, each one a little stronger than the one before it. She was delirious with lust as Mark fucked her with controlled abandon, her mind a whirl of thoughts, feelings and sensations.

And then she found her voice. As she came yet again, she turned almost aggressive.

“Oh, yeah, you are a motherfucker, aren’t you,” she almost snarled as her sweat-covered body shook and shimmied this way and that. “Fuuuuuuuuck me, fuuuuuuuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme, fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah, baby, be a goddamn motherfucker.”

After a minute or two of that, and yet another even more powerful climax, her voice degenerated into animalistic grunts, moans, gasps and squeals.

Mark could feel the sap now starting to rise again in his scrotum and he was ready for the big finish.

He too was having trouble forming understandable sounds as he grooved on the feeling of his mother’s cunt, at the way her sugary walls gripped him, as if they were reluctant to let him take any part of his pleasure pole from her body.

He leaned down, took his mother in his arms and they kissed wildly as they both abandoned any pretense at restraint and simply went wild. Mark’s cock was working like an old-time butter churn, in and out, back and forth, around and around.

Beth clutched her son tightly, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her legs around his waist as she humped up to meet Mark’s inward thrusts. She was on the brink of something cosmic, an orgasm to dwarf anything she’d ever felt, and her son was right there with her.

“I’m ... almost ... there,” Mark gasped. “Where...”

“IN ME, DAMN IT,” she yelled. “DON’T YOU DARE TAKE THAT THING OUT OF MY CUNT! Cu-cu-commmmmming!”

Mark couldn’t hold back. He buried his face in his mother’s hair and cut loose with a rusty series of cumshots that, believe it or not, was more intense than his earlier explosion. He fired at least a half-dozen hot jets of semen deep in his mother’s womb, gasping as he came.

Beth was just a split-second behind him with one of those all-body orgasms that women often talk about but rarely experience. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her sweat-covered body went into convulsions from the power of her climax, then with a sharp squeal, she passed out.

Mark just lay across his mother’s body, his chest heaving from the work he’d just completed, his hips still pumping and his cock still expelling little bursts of cum, when he noticed Beth was out cold.

“Mom, Mom, are you all right?” he asked as he shook her lightly. “Did I do something to you?’

Beth’s eyes finally fluttered open and a languid smile creased her face.

“I’m better than all right,” she said weakly, her arms still around her son’s neck. “I have never felt better in my entire life. And you did something to me, all right, you fucked the shit out of me, just like I’ve dreamed of. I love you so much, my big man.”

As much as Mark would have liked to have stayed there with his cock still firmly seated deep in his mother’s pussy, nature was calling. He reluctantly pulled his cock free of Beth’s pussy, and it popped out of her cunt, followed by a silver river of hot, wet cum.

After Mark completed his business in the bathroom and brought out two bottles of water from the refrigerator, he walked into his mom’s bedroom and turned out the overhead light so that the room was bathed in the soft light of the bedside lamp.

Satisfied with the ambiance in the room, he pulled the bedcovers down on his mom’s bed and flopped down, his young cock already starting to stir in anticipation of more lovemaking with his beautiful, sexy mom.

Beth got a jolt of lust when she wiped herself after peeing and saw a big dollop of Mark’s cum on the paper. She pulled off her shoes, her stockings and her skirt, left them in a pile on the bathroom floor and walked to her bedroom completely naked.

She stopped in the doorway and just gazed at the sight before her eyes. Mark was lying in her bed idly stroking his cock, which was already half-hard.

“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you.” Beth teased as she lay on the bed next to her beautiful son. “You do know you’ll have to keep up your own bedroom, just to make it look good, but I want you in my bed from now on, as much as possible.”

“Not a problem,” Mark replied as he gathered his mother’s nude body into his arms and kissed her deeply, while still slowly stroking his cock back to full roar.

Beth was lost once again as her son’s deep-tongue kisses reignited her arousal. She couldn’t believe what this man could do to her. She’d just climaxed at least a dozen times, including a full-body orgasm that had literally knocked her out, yet here she was again, ready for more.

She took over stroking Mark’s cock while he slid a hand between her legs and began massaging her bubbling cunt. They were on their sides facing each other, working their hands on the other’s sex, getting ready for another round as they continued to kiss with increased urgency.

Mark was ready quickly, his cock again an iron-hard shaft. He rolled Beth onto her back, lifted her left leg and slid his cock smoothly and effortlessly into his mother’s dripping pussy.

They each groaned in abject lust as Mark slowly, but steadily, worked his dick back and forth in Beth’s clutching cunt.

This was a position, what he would refer to as the spoon position, they had each seen many times in porn images and they found it to be a comfortable, leisurely way to fuck.

It was also a way for Mark’s cock to brush up against his mom’s clit with each inward stroke, and that got Beth’s motor running even higher.

Soon the pace quickened, with coos and sighs filling the bedroom as the couple made love.

As he did, though, Mark found the position wasn’t doing what he needed, so he pulled his cock out of Beth’s pussy, climbed up on his knees then positioned Beth on all fours, with her head down and her ass in the air.

He stopped for just a second, and shivered in lust as Beth reached underneath her body with a hand, used two fingers to open her labia as wide as they could, lifted her head and begged her son to, “put it back in! Please, fuck me, son.”

Mark did just that, but not before marveling at the sight of a little streak of cum that still clung to her inner walls as his mother held herself open.

He put a hand on Beth’s butt while fitting the head of his cock to her steaming hole then grabbed her hips and rammed it home,

Beth howled this time as her son’s big cock invaded her cunt even deeper than before.

“Jeeeeeee-zzzzzzzzzussssss!” she wailed. “Y-y-your cock ... is soooooo goooood!”

Beth buried her face in her pillow as a sudden burst of lust flashed through her body. She wasn’t sure if it was a true full orgasm, but it felt damn good, and she knew more was coming.

As she worked herself in rhythm to Mark’s incoming thrusts, she rubbed her super-sensitive little nipples on the cotton sheets of the bed, and as she did, she felt more spasms of lust sizzle through her body.

Mark was starting to strain now, sweat coving his chest. He had to will himself to back off the pace slightly as the rhythmic slap-slap-slap of his thighs on his mother’s butt and thighs gave him a thrill.

This was the best night of his life, and he wanted to prolong the ecstasy as long as possible. But it was tough with his cock churning in his mother’s sweet, hot, velvety pussy.

Beth lifted her head now and was babbling through another series of ever-mounting climaxes, and Mark took advantage of it by gripping her hair in both fists, forcing her head back even further.

“Oh, God!” Beth exclaimed. “Take me, baby! Take me, use me! I want to be ... your ... sluuuuuuut! Make me your whore! Make me you own special mommy-whore! Fuck me, fuck me. Oh, aieeee!”

Mark let go of Beth’s hair and gripped her hips as his pace became frenzied. Beth was tossing her head, her damp hair clinging to her face and shoulders in wild tangles as she writhed under her son’s expert fucking.

As he felt the tingle in his groin that told him he was nearing his climax, Mark looked down and saw his mother’s little pink starfish winking at him wetly. He didn’t hesitate, but licked his middle finger and pushed it into Beth’s ass up to the second knuckle.

That did it for Beth. Her orgasm exploded in white-hot lust and her body shook from head to toe, and as she did her pussy made a series of palpitations, almost like a fist squeezing Mark’s cock.

Mark didn’t even have time to react or put on a finishing flourish. He gasped as his mom’s cunt squeezed out a hot wet load of semen deep in her womb. He slumped onto Beth’s back as his cock fired a dozen rapid-fire bursts of semen as deep as he could get.

His body was still spasming as his cock finally drained itself of everything he had to give. Beth, too, was still shivering with the last dregs of another spectacular orgasm.

Finally, they were completely spent and they cuddled wearily, their sweat-covered bodies clinging together in the afterglow.

“Are you sure you haven’t fucked a woman before?” Beth asked in a quiet, tired voice. “Because let me tell you, THAT was the best fucking I’ve EVER gotten.”

“Better than Michael whats-his-name?” Mark said as he felt sleep beginning to overtake them both, even with his softening cock still wedged in his mother’s cunt.

“Who?” Beth replied sleepily.

“God, I love you, Mom,” Mark said.

“I love you too, son,” Beth said softly as she fell into a contented sleep. “My son, my man.”

As tired as he was, Mark had a little trouble falling asleep. He was still on a high from fucking his mom for the first time, and from the fact that it had been far better than his wildest dreams.

He also got a thrill at his mother’s soft snoring and the look on her face as she slept. He was proud of the fact that he’d made his mom happy, really happy, and that he had made her come more than she’d ever come during sex before in her life.

Finally, he snuggled in next to Beth, with his face inches away from her hair, which was still damp and tangled from their exertions. In her sleep, Beth felt her son cuddle up to her and she spooned back with a soft purr.

Beth awoke to the clap of thunder in the distance and the sound of a steady, moderately-heavy rain falling outside.

She smiled as she thought to herself, “What perfect weather to stay indoors and fuck all day.”

This time, it was Beth who gazed lovingly at her son, who still slept soundly in the bed next to her. She could count on the fingers of one hand the times she had spent the night with a man in her bed, and she found she liked it, especially when the man was her handsome, virile son.

She peeked under the sheet and got a little spike of arousal at the sight of his cock standing tall in its morning wood. Her body was still a little sore, and she felt grungy from the dried sweat and cum on her body and the sticky remnants of their mutual lust between her legs.

Unable to go back to sleep, she finally slipped out of bed. Out of habit, she reached for the robe that hung on the closet door, then grinned when she realized she could walk around the house naked if she wanted, now that she and Mark were lovers.

As she worked in the kitchen making coffee, she realized that one of her fears about pursuing this relationship was, so far, unfounded.

She – and Mark – had worried that they would feel guilty and ashamed the morning after, but that wasn’t the case. What she had experienced the night before had been the most beautiful night of her life, and she knew she’d be Mark’s woman for as long as he’d have her.

Just about the time the coffee finished brewing, she turned to see a glorious sight. Mark was standing in the doorway leading to the front room watching her. His hair was sticking up in several different directions, and his body too carried the funk of the previous night’s activity.

They took their coffee to the front room and sat, first in silence, then they began to discuss where their relationship was headed.

“So how did you learn how to fuck like that,” Beth asked, amazed that she had become so comfortable with the word fuck in such a short time.

“The internet is a wonderful thing, Mom,” Mark replied. “I’ve been researching sex. I wanted this to be special for you. And I knew you wanted me to take control. You’re not submissive, I don’t think, but you like to be led into sex, to have a man be forceful, but not dominant.”

“Wow, quite the sexual philosopher, aren’t you,” Beth said in a tone that let Mark know she was impressed.

And she was. Her son – her man – had taken the time to study up on what he was supposed to do, like an adult. He had made her needs, her desires, paramount and had figured out how to give her what she needed.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Mark said. “I peeked at your laptop and took note of what you liked, from what you described about ... that time in your life. I know I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy like that, but I was going nuts trying to figure out if you really wanted to do this or not.”

“You think that was an accident?” Beth said, giving Mark a deep, soul-rocking kiss. “I left it there for you to find. I want you to know just what kind of person I really am. I’m a slut inside. I love to fuck ... too much.

“Somehow, Michael figured out how to push every single one of my buttons, but he didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do. After I had you, though, I had to grow up, and being a slut who wanted to fuck half the town wasn’t going to cut it.”

“Speaking of which, why don’t we get a shower and clean some of this funk off,” Mark said with a gleam in his eye.

Minutes later, they were under the warm cascading water, soaping each other’s body and getting seriously aroused.

Mark had never really lost his morning hard-on, and he was quickly stiff as a board as his mom slowly stroked him with her soapy hands.

They kissed in mounting lust as Mark worked his soap-filled hands all over Beth’s tight body, squeezing her breasts, fondling her ass, sliding his fingers between legs and, finally, slipping a finger past her sphincter.

“You know I’m going to fuck your ass, Mom,” Mark panted as he pressed his body against Beth’s, his hard cock now sawing between her legs, searching for an opening.

Beth was back against the wall, her body humming from her son’s slippery hands roaming over her body and the warm flow of the shower.

She grasped the towel rod on the wall opposite the spigot, lifted her left leg up, wrapped it around Mark’s hips and allowed her son to guide his cock right on into her slippery hole.

“Aaaaaaaaah, unnnnnnnhhh,” she panted as Mark’s cock quickly invaded her depths to the hilt.

Their kisses were deep and passionate as Mark fucked Beth under the massaging tingles of the water. Beth’s hair was a wet dark mop hanging to her shoulders until she pulled it back off her forehead.

“Oh, you horny motherfucker,” Beth hissed as a climax built up steam from the feeling of Mark’s wet, soapy body slithering together with her equally wet, soapy body, and from the feeling of her son’s cock pumping relentlessly back and forth in her twitching pussy.

Mark could feel his cum boiling to the point of critical mass as he began to pound his mother’s cunt with jackhammer strokes.

“Come on, Mom, come for me,” Mark said through gritted teeth. “Come with me.”

“I’m ... almost ... therrrrrrrrrrrre,” Beth replied, and she felt her body clench as her orgasm shuddered its way through her body.

Mark smiled as he fucked his mom for a half-dozen hard thrusts, then surrendered an explosive cum load deep in Beth’s womb. They clutched at each other as their passion spent itself.

But Mark had one more thing he wanted to do while he was still in the shower. He abruptly pulled his deflating, but still semi-hard cock from Beth’s hole, dropped to his knees on the bathtub floor, pressed his mouth to his mom’s pussy and sucked deeply.

He sucked and licked up their commingled juices as they flowed out Beth’s body, then he finished by sucking on her clit for a few seconds.

Beth felt a shudder pass through her body, but she couldn’t will herself to come again.

“How’d you like that?” Mark asked cheerfully.

“Gawd, you are your mother’s child,” Beth said. “Not many men feel masculine enough to do that. They think that if a man develops a taste for his own semen, that he’s got some latent homosexual tendencies.”

“But it’s not just the man’s semen,” Mark said as they shut the water off and began to towel off. “It’s the combination of semen and female arousal that makes it such a turn-on.”

They still didn’t bother with clothes after their shower. The rain had set in for pretty much all day, and nobody was going to be coming around to see them.

They spent an hour or so putting together a chef salad and talking candidly.

“You know, baby, I think you better start calling me Beth,” she said. “I’m not your mom any more. We’re lovers now and that means more to me anyway.”

“And we probably need to start thinking about what happens when I graduate next year,” Mark said. “I still wouldn’t mind staying here to go to college.

“On the other hand, if I went off somewhere, preferably far away, you could go with me and we could live a little more openly. Nobody there would have to know the true nature of our relationship. It’s something to think about.”

Mark and Beth were playful as they ate their lunch, occasionally serving each other bites to get a taste of the different dressings.

They touched each other playfully, as well, as they cleaned up lunch then they sat in the recliner with a baseball game going on the TV, although it was mostly just on for background noise.

With his sexy mom sitting in his lap naked, it didn’t take long for his cock to start swelling, especially when Beth’s hand began to lightly stroke it.

They kissed deeply, with mounting passion, from the sensations of naked skin sliding against naked skin, and Mark’s fingers quickly found his mother’s wet flesh. He pried open her labia and slid his fingers through the soupy pie he found welling from her depths.

Mark was ready to pull Beth on top of him and fuck her silly right there in the recliner, but his mom had other ideas. She wanted her son’s cock in her mouth this time around, and there was something in particular she wanted.

Quickly, she slid off his lap onto her knees between Mark’s spread legs. Beth grasped his cock at the base and slipped her lips over the crown and into her mouth.

She sucked her son’s beautiful dick deeply and loudly, humming with lust at the sloppy sucking sounds coming from her well-filled mouth.

Beth could feel Mark starting to tense up as his cock swelled even larger than ever, so she squeezed the base to stem the tide of cum that was boiling in his scrotum.

Satisfied that he wasn’t going to come too soon, she resumed sucking his cock, at a slightly slower pace this time.

Mark leaned back in the chair as he subtly thrust his hips upward to make sure there was plenty of his cock in Beth’s mouth for her to enjoy.

He looked down and was thrilled when his eyes locked with his mother’s in a look that spoke volumes. He was captivated by her lips wrapped around his cock taking him deep into her throat as they stared at each other in wordless lust.

Beth pulled her mouth off Mark’s cock to catch her breath, and to lick the shaft and suck his balls, which were hanging low and fat.

Then she did something she’d never done before, not even with Michael Murray. She lifted her son’s legs, spread his ass cheeks and rimmed his ass with her tongue while she lightly stroked his cock.

Mark nearly came as Beth’s tongue and lips spent a minute or two licking and kissing his asshole, then she went back to work sucking her son’s intoxicating dick.

Beth’s pussy was gushing, and she wanted, needed, to take care of her mounting arousal. It was as if Mark could read her mind.

“Time for you to get a little action ... Beth,” he said as he stood up momentarily.

He lay on his back with his cock aimed at the ceiling, and Beth got the hint. She straddled his head with her legs and Mark did the rest. He reached up and pulled her down on his face, while she bent down and engulfed his cock with her mouth.

Mark pried open Beth’s slippery lips with his fingers then licked and fucked his mom’s cunt with his tongue, while using his lips on her swollen clit. Beth moaned over the hard flesh in her mouth as she felt a climax starting to build.

They seemed to be trading licks, so to speak. Beth would suck Mark’s cock deep in her mouth, igniting sparks of sensation throughout his body, and he would reciprocate, tongue-fucking her cunt, or nipping at her clit and vacuuming her pussy into his mouth.

Beth was getting close to another big climax; she had lost count of how many her son had given her since they had returned home from their date the previous night. She knew exactly what she wanted this time.

Abruptly, she pulled her mouth off Mark’s cock, rolled over onto her back, spread her legs as wide as she could and beckoned him to reassume the position, only this time with him on top.

Specifically, she wanted Mark’s cock to fuck her mouth, while he ate her to oblivion. He quickly got the hint and straddled his mother’s head, with his hard, throbbing cock dangling juicily over Beth’s mouth.

“I want you to skull-fuck me like some cheap-ass whore, and when you’re ready to come, I want you to shoot it all over my face,” Beth said, panting in unrequited lust.

Beth squealed as she reached up, grabbed the delicious dong, slid the head into her mouth and Mark did the rest, slowly but surely feeding his cock into his mom’s throat until his balls were perched on her nose.

Then he pulled back about a third of the way out and slammed it back in. As he began to pick up steam, he leaned over, picked up Beth by her butt and buried his face in his mother’s sweet juicy pie.

He slashed his way through her pussy with his lips and tongue, while the fingers of his right hand snaked between her butt and penetrated her anus.

Beth hummed in lust, even as thick strings of drool were seeping from her mouth from the cock that was drilling fast and furiously into her throat.

Just about the time it started to hurt, about the time that she felt a strong orgasm suddenly explode through her body, Mark felt his scrotum clench as a massive cum load boiled over.

With a gasp and a grunt, Mark wrenched his cock from Beth’s mouth and hosed her upturned face with three long strings of cum, then he fed the head of his cock back into his mom’s mouth as she sucked him dry of whatever was left.

“Oh, you nasty boy,” she teased as Mark knelt on the carpeted floor, his chest heaving from the exertions. Beth sat up then and Mark felt his cock give another lurch at the sight.

Beth had cum spread from her forehead to her neck, over one eye, covering a nostril and it was starting to drip from her chin onto her chest.

“I could say the same for you,” Mark said. “I think you’ve got a bit of a nasty streak yourself.”

“Only with the man I love,” she said. “Only with you.”

With that, Beth carefully scooped up all the still-wet, still-warm cum with her fingers and licked them clean, making a show of savoring the taste.

A short nap was in order, then Beth arose to begin preparing for what she had planned for that evening.

The very first thing she did was sit on the pot and evacuate her bowels. The salad she’d had for lunch earlier was indispensable in helping get her ass cleaned out, thanks to the roughage in the salad greens.

Beth was trembling in renewed lust as she pulled the disposable enema from its box. She squeezed a little bit of lubricant on the tip of the nozzle then eased it past her sphincter.

She groaned lustfully as the tube entered her ass, and again when she squeezed the bottle and felt the water spray up her rectum.

When the bottle was empty, she pulled the nozzle from her ass and tossed it in the trash. She held her ass shut tight as long as she could stand it, then released the flow into the bowl.

The water was still a little murky, so she repeated the process, and this time she slowly ran her fingers through her now-gushing pussy, feeling a nice little climax beginning to build as she filled her ass once again with the cleansing water.

The water this time had just a tinge of brown, so she shakily used the last of the bottles, and as she held the water in this time, she rubbed her middle finger over her clit several times, and was rewarded with a good, solid orgasm as she released the now-clear water.

Satisfied that she was clean inside and out, she went back in and laid down for another hour or so, getting her body rested and ready for something she’d been wanting for a long time: a big hard cock – the big hard cock of her son – pounding her ass.

As she lay back on the bed, she thought about what she had become in such a short period of time. She had become an insatiable slut for her boy – no, her man – and she knew she’d do anything he wanted. Anything. But only with him.

Beth knew that eventually she might have to give Mark his wings and let him sample other women, if for no other reason than to provide cover for their relationship.

But as long as Mark fucked her like he had over the previous hours, and continued to love her like he obviously did, she’d never let another dick in her body again.

Beth was too nervous to eat after she got back up, plus she didn’t want to put anything in her stomach that would jeopardize the meticulous cleaning she’d just performed in her backside.

Mark, however, devoured a pizza he’d had delivered as they sat on the sofa watching a baseball game on TV. As they did, they each had a hand between the other’s legs slowly, sensually stroking their lover’s sex, igniting a slow build-up of lust.

Finally, as the late dusk began to deepen, Beth couldn’t stand any more waiting. They walked hand-in-hand to her bedroom, where she lit several votive candles then turned out the light.

The soft, subtle light in the room gave an extra dimension to the lust that was mounting in the bedroom. Mark noted the bottle of oil that sat on the bedside table and grinned. He was looking forward to getting his oily hands all over – and into – Beth’s hot little body.

However, it was Beth who had Mark lie down first, on his stomach. She drizzled a little of the oil down his back, from his shoulders to his butt, then began working the oil into his skin with her soft hands.

Beth felt her pussy begin to drool as she kneaded her son’s butt cheeks then worked more oil down the backs of his thighs before working her hands back to his butt. She lightly pressed both thumbs around the outside of Mark’s asshole, just rimming the pink hole, but chose not to completely penetrate him with her fingers. There would be a time for that in the future, she decided.

Beth then had Mark roll over onto his back, and she was delighted as his stiff cock bounced up freely, glad to be out from the confines of his body where it had been pinned.

But she ignored the hard stalk of flesh, although it wasn’t easy. She was already feeling that nervous feeling in her stomach that was connected to the tingling in her pussy, all from anticipation of what was coming.

She poured another liberal amount of oil onto Mark’s chest and massaged his front side down to his abdomen, then added a bit more and worked her way down his thighs.

Finally, after moving her hands up his thighs, she allowed herself to touch the fount of her desires, her son’s magnificent cock. She used both hands to pull his entire cock and balls from the base then slowly let her hands slide over his balls and up his shaft.

Mark groaned in mounting lust as Beth slowly jacked him up to full hardness. After a minute or two of that, Mark had to beg his mom to quit, lest she bring him off too soon. Besides, it was his turn to play.

He had his mother lie on her stomach and he repeated the process she’d used on him. He worked her back, her buttocks and the backs of her thighs before sliding his hands between her legs, marveling at the wetness of Beth’s pussy.

Beth almost came right then as Mark’s fingers lightly penetrated both her cunt and her ass, just enough to get the anal ring decently oiled.

Turning his mom over onto her back, Mark rubbed the oil on her shoulders then spent several minutes working his hands over her breasts, paying special attention to the pink tips that were achingly hard.

Despite Beth’s moans of lust and whimpers of need, Mark took his time working his hands over her flat stomach and abdomen then down her legs. He even massaged each one of her toes, a sensual treat that had Beth writhing on the bed in mounting ecstasy.

Although he appeared to be in command, Mark was having trouble being patient. His still-hard cock was almost painful in its need for release, preferably somewhere in his mother’s body.

At last, he once again reached the junction of Beth’s legs. He slid his right hand through the gushing lips of her pussy and down between her butt cheeks. Up and down, he worked his hand, until Beth was practically crying for him to fuck her. Abruptly, Mark pushed two fingers smoothly into Beth’s boiling pussy, and as he did, he rolled her clit with his thumb.

Beth arched her back as her climax began to quicken, but Mark didn’t let her get there. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and pushed them past her sphincter, easily entering his mother’s ass.

He playfully swatted Beth’s hands away from her crotch, as she was almost desperate to make herself come.

Suddenly, Mark pulled his fingers out of Beth’s ass and plunged them back into her pussy then quickly inserted the other two fingers back into her ass. And now he was ready to make his mom come hard.

He double-fucked Beth’s holes slowly, but relentlessly with his four fingers, working the lube from her pussy into her ass.

“Come on, Mom,” Mark said softly. “Come on my hand. I want to feel you when you come.”

That was Beth’s trigger. She arched her back again and felt the waves of orgasm crash over her body, shuddering as the climax burst out of her hard core.

And now she didn’t wait for her arousal to dissipate. She was ready, had been for a while. She got up off her back and had Mark lie on his back, his angry-looking, purple boner aimed for the ceiling.

Beth turned her back to Mark, squatted over her son’s hips and held his cock upright as she got herself into position, until the tip of his cock was pressed at her anal opening. She hissed in lust as the head of his cock slowly opened her anus until it suddenly popped into her ass.

“OH SHIT!” she cried out as she felt the plum-like head of Mark’s cock penetrate her anus. “Oh God, that feels soooooo gooood!”

Beth threw her head back and groaned, long and loud, as she slowly let gravity do its work, until she was fully impaled on Mark’s cock.

“Oh, sweet fucking Jesus,” Beth said breathlessly as she sat fully seated with Mark’s cock in her rectum to the hilt. “I had forgotten ... just how good it feels ... to have my ass filled ... with a big hard cock ... like yours.”

Mark thought he must have died and gone to heaven at the tightness of his mother’s ass around his dick. But it didn’t stay tight for long. Slowly, Beth began to work her ass up and down on Mark’s hot hard cock.

As they began to get into rhythm, the lubricant flowing out of Mark’s cock began to make his passage even easier, and the size of his dick began to core Beth’s rectum open.

Even as Beth thought about how amazing it felt to have Mark’s cock in her ass, she felt another climax suddenly burst in a kaleidoscope of sensations. She corkscrewed her ass around Mark’s up-thrusting cock, up and down, around and around.

Beth glanced up at the mirror that faced her bed and saw her reflection, and it was someone she hadn’t seen in a long, long time.

Her body wore a light sheen from the oil and sweat, her dark hair was being tossed about wildly as she thrashed her head around from the sensations coursing through her body, and her face had a rictus of lust as she rode her son’s hard cock to oblivion.

Yes, she thought dazedly, she knew this person. It was the slut she had shut out for so many years coming to the surface, threatening to take over her life again. She actually shuddered at the thought.

No, I can’t let myself go like I did before, she finally decided. And Mark is not Michael; he loves me and he won’t betray me like that. And with that, she again threw her head back and surrendered to the feelings.

Mark could feel his scrotum start to tingle, so he slowed his pace some. He wanted to make this last. As sweet and as tight as his mother’s pussy had been, it was nothing compared to her ass, and he wallowed in the lustful feelings exploding through his own body.

Soon, Beth’s legs started to hurt from squatting like that, and Mark was ready to assume more control.

“Lean back, Mom,” Mark said. “I’m going to roll you over onto your stomach, then I want you to get up on your knees, so I can properly fuck this ass. And whose ass is it?”

“Oh, God, it’s yours; it will always be yours,” Beth panted as Mark did as he said he was going to do. “Any time you want to be a Mommy ass fucker, you just come on, baby. Now, be a good boy and fuck Mama, fuck her good.”

That was all Mark needed to hear. He successfully kept his cock firmly seated deep in Beth’s ass as he got her rolled around and up on her knees. Once in position, he quickly gripped Beth’s hips and set up a strong, steady rhythm back and forth in her creamy ass.

He fucked her deep, so that his balls were slapping onto her open, dripping cunt, then pulled his cock out until just the head was inside, then slammed it home, eliciting a squeal of delight from his mother.

Over and over he did this, as Beth felt a series of ever-mounting climaxes building up to one supreme blowout.

Incoherent sounds filled the room – moans, gasps, cries, squeals – Beth went through the whole repertoire from the expert ass fucking she was receiving. She gripped the sheets as a climax burst forth in her pussy, but it wasn’t the big one.

However, it was getting close and Mark was ready to finish with a flourish. He pulled his cock completely out of Beth’s ass, and almost came right there from the sight of his mother’s cored-open asshole.

It was like something right out of a porno, and he had to squeeze the base of his cock to stem the tide of white gold that was threatening to spew from his dick.

Mark rolled Beth onto her back, and she got the hint, once she got over her frustration at suddenly being empty of the cock that was giving her so much pleasure.

She spread her legs and lifted them high in the air to give her son as wide a target as possible. She even reached down with both hands and pulled her butt cheeks open.

“Put ... it baaaaaaack,” she cried. “God, Mark, fuck me and ... make me come like ... I’ve never ... come before.”

And he did just that. He grabbed his mother’s oily, sweaty legs behind her knees, bent her until her ankles were on either side of her ears.

“C’mon, my precious slut,” Mark growled. “Put it in for me.”

Beth frantically complied, using her right hand to guide the head of Mark’s cock to her steaming hole, and he did the rest, sliding his cock in easily, all the way to the hilt in one screaming thrust.

They both howled in lust as Mark quickly got up to ramming speed in Beth’s spastic ass. Beth dazedly found her hands working her pussy, one hand strumming her clit like a speed-metal guitarist, the other trying to get as many of her fingers in her trembling pussy as possible.

Despite having Beth’s body bent practically in half, Mark leaned his head down, took his mother in his arms and kissed her wildly, their tongues furiously dancing in each other’s mouth as an orgasm of epic proportions built to a white-hot climax.

It was too much.

Mark gasped as he felt the crackle of an explosive cum load ignite in his scrotum.

“I’m ... gonna ... shoot,” was all he managed to get out before the super-hot cum shot out of his cock like a rocket, basting Beth’s bowels with thick wet cum.

At that exact moment, Beth’s entire body went into convulsions from a climax that topped even the one from the previous night.

They clutched at each other for long minutes, panting as the extreme mutual climax held them in its grip, until finally Mark had given everything he had to give.

They barely took notice as Mark’s cock finally slithered out of Beth’s ass, followed by a river of mostly-clear semen.

Beth weakly used a hand to brush the hair back from her face and as she did she gazed into the admiring eyes of her son, her beautiful son who was now her lover, for better or worse.

“You really are a nasty little whore, aren’t you,” he exclaimed in a soft, weary voice. “But only for me. Your mine now, Beth Chastain, and I don’t think I’m ever giving you up.”

“Well, never say never,” Beth said softly. “You’re still only 17. We’ll see if you still feel this way when you’re 27.”

“That’s a long way off, and a lot will happen between now and then,” Mark said finally. “But I will always be there for you. I love you, Beth, and I will forever, no matter what happens.”

“I love you too, Mark,” Beth said as her sore body began to relax and sleep began to overtake her.

It was the beginning of something beautiful, and there would be many more wondrous experiences to come.


Allison Burks was back in her small town where she had grown up to attend the retirement banquet for her high school drama teacher, the one educator who had meant the most to her growing up.

She had married her college boyfriend, and for a time had worked in theatre before turning to teaching drama in a large suburban high school in another state. She also acted in a local theatre group in the city where she lived.

She was staying with her younger brother, Charlie, who had moved back to the town several years earlier to become the baseball coach at their old high school.

While walking downtown the day before the event, Allison met up with a fellow former drama student and classmate, Lisa Palmer, who was also back for the dinner. The two had been close in high school, then taken divergent paths and, except for class reunions, had largely drifted apart.

Over a foamy latte and coffee cake, they caught up with each other’s lives, and inevitably their respective families came up in conversation.

“Well, Daddy died of cancer about 10 years ago, and Mother was killed in a car crash about 18 months after that,” Allison said after Lisa asked about Allison’s family. “It was pretty rough for a while, but we got through it, at least Charlie and I did.”

“I hear Charlie is doing well as the baseball coach here,” Lisa said.

“Yeah, he always wanted to come back as the conquering hero,” Allison said with a laugh. “Seriously, though, it suits him. He’s always liked being the big fish in a small pond. He’s got two boys and they’re chips off the old block.”

“So, what about Beth? What’s she doing?” Lisa said.

“Beth,” Allison said guardedly. “Beth is living out West, with her son Mark. She owns a bookstore out there and is doing pretty well with it, from what little I hear.”

“What do you mean?” Lisa said.

“We don’t hear too much from her,” Allison said. “Mark got a scholarship to the school of mines out there then went to work for the state. Something to do with minerals, but I’m not sure exactly what.”

“You’ve piqued my curiosity,” Lisa said. “Why don’t y’all hear from her very often?”

“Beth ... Beth is a strange bird, always has been,” Allison said. “We’ve never been very close. She never had much ambition, always wanted to get lost in books. And her taste in literature could be a little ... um, different.”

“Well, yeah, I knew y’all were about as different as two sisters could be,” Lisa said. “What kind of books did she like?”

“Oh, she devoured everything Kurt Vonnegut wrote,” Allison said. “Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Vladimir Nabokov. I remember she read Lolita in about three days; thought it was the greatest piece of fiction ever.

“And, you know, she never married. Hardly ever dated. It’s possible she’s a lesbian, although she’d never admit that to us, and I personally don’t think she is.”

“Really,” Lisa said. “So, what was the deal with Mark, then? I do remember my folks telling at the time that she’d had a child, which surprised the hell out of me, as quiet and shy as she was. But they really didn’t say a whole lot about it.”

“Well, Beth may be shy and all that, but she’s apparently got a vivid sexual imagination,” Allison said. “She’s hinted at it, and I’ve picked up on some things over the years that suggest that Beth’s not quite the demure wallflower everyone saw her as in high school.”

“What happened?” Lisa asked.

“Right after she graduated from high school – she wasn’t even 18 yet – she went through a brief period where she just went wild,” Allison said. “She fell in with Vivian Patterson, an old friend of hers from the neighborhood.

“I don’t know if you remember her, but she was one of the biggest sluts in town, and was a doper to boot. She introduced Beth to Michael Murray, who seems to have pushed all the right buttons, and Mark was the result.”

“Michael Murray? Ewwww,” Lisa said. “I remember him as a little grease ball in middle school, then he moved out and attended County. God, what could Beth have possibly seen in him?”

“Well, apparently, he cleaned up OK and could be charming when he wanted to be,” Allison said. “I had no clue at the time; I stayed at college and went to summer school that year, so I wasn’t around a lot.

“But he came around one weekend while I was there, and the look he gave Beth when he thought no one was looking scared me. It was like a wolf sizing up raw meat. And he had this little smirk that told me all I needed to know about what he was up to.”

“I trust you warned her?” Lisa said.

“Yeah, but it was too late,” Allison said. “Beth got pissy and told me to fuck off and mind my own business, quote-unquote. I was so shocked at her language and her attitude, that I did just that, backed off. I wish I’d pushed it. Lisa, that is always going to be my biggest regret in this life, that I didn’t do more for her. We all failed her. We just took her for granted.

“She was so quiet and didn’t make waves at home, well, except when she and Daddy got into it, which happened a lot. So we didn’t know she was in trouble until she ended up pregnant. I wasn’t there for my sister when she needed me most. I was too self-absorbed to care about my own sister.”

“God, I’ll bet your dad was furious,” Lisa said. “I remember he was big in the Catholic church.”

“It wasn’t just him, although he was the worst.” Allison said. “I’ll never forget it. He called her a whore. Charlie and I both were just disgusted. Charlie called her a stupid bitch and I just didn’t want anything to do with her.

“I was convinced she’d deliberately shamed our family – shamed me. Mom was the only one who took pity on her. She was angry at our response, and let us know it, in no uncertain terms. It really drove a wedge between our family that we never got over.”

“Wow, I didn’t know,” Lisa said.

“Well, the truth is, getting pregnant probably saved her life,” Allison said. “She was spiraling downhill fast. She admitted that she’d been drinking a lot and smoking pot, and I think Michael had started offering her other, harder drugs.

“Mark was her wake-up call. She knew she’d fucked up and she had to grow up for her son. It took her some time, but she got control of her life back and did OK.”

“Of course, I’m sure Michael Murray was a real pillar of strength,” Lisa said.

“Oh, he wanted her to get an abortion, and, failing that, did a runner,” Allison said. “Thank God for that. And Mark has turned into a fine young man, although I’m not real sure about their relationship.”

“What do you mean?” Lisa said.

“I have no proof, just a lot of little things I’ve observed the past few years,” Allison said. “Over the years, she’s built this wall around her life and she keeps people at arm’s length. Mark is the only person she’s ever let get behind that wall, and they are still awfully, awfully close.

“You think she’s sleeping with her own son?” Lisa said, unable to keep the shock out of her voice. “Is that what you think?”

Allison took a minute to organize her thoughts. She’d never really articulated her suspicions about her sister and nephew until that very moment.

“Let me put it this way,” Allison began. “It would shock me, but it wouldn’t surprise me. A person, even a person as introverted and self-contained as Beth, can only be alone and lonely so long before something cracks.

“And considering what little I know of her sexual fantasies, she might just fixate on a good-looking man who is right there at home, that she doesn’t have to impress or get to know, and give in to temptation.”

“So, you think Mark feels the same way?” Lisa said.

“Well, he’s still living there with his mother,” Allison said. “She has always – always – doted on Mark. She’s lived her whole life for him. And he’s just like her; shy, introverted, a bookworm. I mean, working with rocks like he does is fitting for him. Rocks can’t betray you or break your heart. They just are.”

“Well, have you seen anything that might lend credence to your suspicions?” Lisa said.

“Not really,” Allison said. “Of course, we haven’t seen either one of them in two and a half years. Christmas two years ago. I practically had to browbeat her to agree to come down, then she insisted on getting a motel room, even though Charlie had plenty of room.

“And, like I said, it’s little things. I noticed little intimacies that seemed a little inappropriate for a mother and son, and they acted more like husband and wife. Maybe that’s why they moved so far away and why they stay away. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t know.”

“OK, Allison, look at it this way,” Lisa said, now using her professional skills as a clinical psychologist. “I’m sure there are probably a lot of psychological issues going on in their lives.

“But, really, are they hurting anyone? Unless they plan on having children, and it doesn’t sound like they are, and they are happy together, then who is it hurting? Beth is apparently doing well professionally, and so is Mark, so, really, is it any of our business what they do behind closed doors? If they aren’t flaunting that kind of relationship, then maybe you just need to accept them for who and what they are.”

“Well, Lisa, I do wish I hadn’t been so selfish growing up,” Allison said. “I never tried to include her in any of my activities. I don’t know if she would have accepted, but I never offered, and that’s something I’ll have to live with the rest of my life.

“Charlie too, I think, deep down regrets how he treated Beth, especially when she got pregnant. She needed us, and we turned our backs on her. We always thought we were better than she was. We were more popular, more successful, more ambitious, and she wasn’t.

“Mother was the only one who really took an interest in Beth, and, really, that wasn’t until Mark came along. After she died, I think they just decided there was nothing here for them and wanted to get as far away as possible.”

“They didn’t live here, I take it,” Lisa said, now looking at her watch.

“No, they lived over in the city,” Allison said. “She moved over there when Mark was just a baby. Went to secretarial school and worked as a secretary or personal assistant until Mark left to go to college.

“I have to give her credit; she took control of her life, but I still wonder about all of the psychological scars in her life. I imagine they were pretty deep. And, please, don’t tell a soul what I’ve told you. I may be way off base here, and I don’t want my sister’s name tarnished any more. She’s not the same person she was growing up, and maybe that’s for the best.”

“As far as I’m concerned, you have doctor/patient confidentiality,” Lisa said with a chuckle. “Well, look, Allison, I’ll keep them in my prayers. And I appreciate you trusting me enough to unburden yourself like that. The bill will be in the mail shortly. Just kidding. You’re a friend and I’m glad I could help. Call me anytime you want.”

“Thanks, I will,” Allison said, as they picked up their things and walked out of the shop. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Lisa said as the two women went their separate ways.

Allison walked toward her car deep in thought, and eventually reached a conclusion. If her sister was happy in whatever lifestyle she had chosen, and there was no denying that she was, then she would take a live and let live approach to that lifestyle.

For too long, she had judged Beth based on her own life and her own experiences, and it had cost her a close relationship with the only sister she would ever have.

She decided her best approach to a possible incestuous relationship between Beth and Mark was don’t ask, don’t tell, and let them live their lives as they chose.

And with that, Allison felt a big burden lifted from her shoulders as she returned to her brother’s home to enjoy her visit.

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