The Love Scouts
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Mystery, Group Sex,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Darrien returns from a business trip, he hears the song "Barbie Girl" playing. His house should be empty. What is going on? What happens next will change his life, in ways he never could have imagined or dreamed or hallucinated. This is a sex romp wrapped in the bones of a mystery. Or maybe the other way around. You decide.

[ Never underestimate the power of a well chosen compliment. ]

I had no idea that the song “Barbie Girl” was about to change my life. Completely. Utterly.

That song was going to change my life by hurling it in strange, unexpected trajectories, like a defective bottle rocket spiraling off bass ackwards and scattering people in every direction.

“Barbie Girl” was going to bring me highs and lows that I had never experienced or expected.

It was the summer of 2012, and it marked the end of life as I knew it, and the beginning of life as I could never have imagined or dreamed or hallucinated.

Early June, 2012 was a lot like the six years before, a life that was both vacant and busy, filled with the everyday bustle of tech work but devoid of much appeal. It was a life with job demands requiring weeks of travel with little down time. A life missing the touch and feel of someone cozy and snug, chummy and familiar, or even aloof and distant. A life just missing.

I unlocked the front door of my house and stepped inside, dead tired from almost ten days of travel. My concentration was not at its best. I took off my jacket and was preparing to hang it in the hallway closet when I noticed loud music playing in the house.

“What the hell?” I muttered softly to myself.

I could only imagine a couple of tweakers carting the high-end audio speakers off for a cheap fence. Not to mention the computers, the television, and hell knows what else. This is not the way I wanted to end a long day of flying and driving.

I didn’t have to ponder long to know the best course of action. I’m not an action hero. It’s time to call the professionals.

I pressed 9 and 1 on my smartphone and started to step back outside.

But something about the music made me stop and reconsider.

The song playing was “Barbie Girl.”

By a group named Aqua.

Bubble gum pop and social commentary at it’s best, or worst, depending on your taste. It wasn’t what I would pick for relaxing, but a fun sendup of Mattel’s Barbie and Ken scene.

Definitely not what I envisioned as music for burgling. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to keep their “criminal street cred” playing that music while in the midst of a job.

I stepped quietly down the hall and peered into the living room of the house.

What I saw made my jaw drop and my eyes open as wide as Guy Fieri’s jaw chomping on some delectable dish on Triple D.

My thumb twitched. The phone started dialing.

“What is the nature of the emergency?” asked the 911 dispatcher.

“Uhhh... ,” rasped out of my mouth.

“Sir, what is the nature of your emergency?”, this time sounding a little more urgent. The loud music probably didn’t help, either.

“Uhhh, sorry, no emergency.” Unless my heart gave out, which seemed like a real possibility since it was beating as fast as a Dennis Miller monologue.

I quickly disconnected, not wanting to offer more explanation. I was not sure I could offer any more explanation, at least not right away.

I was looking at a wet dream. The most wondrous, fantastical-fucking wet dream in my life. And I wasn’t even sleeping.

Two girls were dancing, one I knew, one I didn’t, and both were completely naked. Although to describe it as completely naked is slightly misleading -- they both had what looked like whipped cream smeared all over their bodies. And when I say bodies, I mean their willowy slim, fourteen-year-old bodies. Fourteen-year-old bodies with small breasts not much past the budding stage, slim but curvy asses, and nothing else artificial except a generous coating of Cool Whip, makeup, and one set of braces.

At least I assumed it was Cool Whip. It could have been shaving cream, but I hoped not.

I wondered what it would be like to lick it off.

My mouth watered.

I watched the two dance some more and realized they were prancing in front of the webcam on my office computer, part of a study area in the living room.

I considered my next step for a few seconds.

I considered some more.

I stepped closer and loudly said, “Hey Emmy, I’m home!”

“Huh? Oh my God!! Fuck! Shit!!”

Emmy and her friend ran out the room, down the hall and into the bathroom, slammed the door, and started making sounds of extreme teen girl mortification. I followed at a slower pace and heard muffled sounds coming through the door.

“Shit, shit, shit! We are in such trouble! Fuck, oh fuck, fuck!”

I hadn’t realized Emmy could curse like a sailor. A sailor after three days of shore leave in too many seedy bars, drinking cheap swill. Or maybe more like two girls considering months of parental grounding in their near future.

“Please, we’re sorry, we didn’t mean for you to see us here.” Emmy was talking through the bathroom door, and I could hear her friend hyperventilating and making strange squeaking sounds. I realized she was probably trying to keep from crying.

“Look, you can stop being so scared. You’re not going to get in trouble. I’m not going to tell on you.”

The hyperventilating slowed down a little.

“Ummm, ok.” Emmy sounded tentative, not sure whether to believe me yet or not.

There was a pregnant pause. I hoped like hell the upcoming birth was going to be smooth.

“Um, can you bring our clothes? They’re out there by the computer.”

Emmy opened the bathroom door and peered out. She and her friend had grabbed towels to cover their naughty parts, but being hand towels not every inch was covered. I could see some lettering on Emmy’s side, and some lettering on her friend’s belly, although I couldn’t quite make out the words.

“Will do. So who’s your friend, Emmy?”

“This is Lin. She’s a friend from school.”

Lin stood an inch or two above five feet, straight black hair in a medium-length style, and a body a bit more boyish than Emmy’s. She looked like she was of Asian ancestry, but not 100% -- maybe half-Asian, half-Caucasian. Whatever her ancestry, her looks were considerable. On a cuteness versus classic beauty scale, she tilted towards the classic beauty, with high cheekbones, an oval face, and hair that accentuated the natural structure of her face.

Emmy also had what I would call classic looks -- but defined as classic California teen cute. She had a face rounder than Lin’s, blonde, highlighted hair longer than Lin’s, lips a bit puffier than the average teen, and braces. The effect tilted the scale way towards the cuteness side, but she would have rated pretty high on classic beauty as well. She was a couple of inches taller than Lin with a bit more curviness to her hips and ass.

Neither had an extra ounce of fat that I could see, and both had smooth, clear “flush of youth” complexions. I couldn’t tell from my earlier glimpses if the girls had hardwood floors, or were just lightly carpeted with natural young growth. The towels were covering their pubic areas, and even though I wanted nothing more than to snatch the towels away and chase them through the house snapping at their cute, firm butts, I took a deep breath and restrained myself. Damn, it was hard. And getting harder.

“Hold on, I’ll go round up your clothes.”

“K, we’re going to take a shower and wash off the Cool Whip.” I had the answer to one question, although not quite the method of removal I was hoping for.

I walked back in to the living room and stepped up to the computer. Five webcam windows were open, two showing boys appearing to be in their mid to late teens, one showing a guy looking to be at least in his twenties, and one with a girl somewhere in her mid-teens. A startled “Eep!” came through the speakers and the webcam windows started popping out of existence like a stream of soap bubbles on a hot day.

One cam window was still open with nobody in sight, but as I watched a teen boy walked back into view and sat down in a chair, wearing only boxer shorts and carrying a small tube in his hand. Chuckling inside, I put a stern glare on my face and stared directly into the webcam. He looked up and blanched, his eyes going wide, mouth opening, and a small “uhh” leaking from his throat. I made a light “grrr” in my throat and he fumbled around the keyboard, finally closing his cam window. I looked at the chat window and saw a couple of “Lin, Emmy, where are you?” lines scrolling off the top, along with the signoffs. Laughing to myself, I closed the webcam session and shut down the computer.

Lin and Emmy’s clothes were scattered in the general vicinity of the computer and I took a moment to admire the lacy, narrow, “boy short” panties and the matching bras. The outer clothing was nondescript, two pairs of plain shorts and t-shirts. It seemed that some planning had gone into this house visit by the two.

The sun was close to setting, and I stepped over and stood in front of the large picture window, soaking in the warm, golden yellow rays and watching waves break on the shore about half a mile away. It was warm and sunny, unusual for early June on the Oregon coast, but welcome.

I realized I was in a “now” moment of consciousness, precious to me in their rareness. Like most people, almost all of my waking moments are spent thinking about the future or the past, or interacting with someone, or solving a problem, or being transported elsewhere while reading or watching something. When that pauses and all I have is the immediate “now”, the real-time tick of every thought focused on the senses enveloping my awareness, I treasure the experience, specially since it usually happens at times of deep insight or change.

I thought about my “now” moment and realized it had been a long time since I had one.

Too long.

I had been in a fog, was still in a fog, a mental fog, a fuzzy, dead-eye, do-everything-by-the-numbers fog. And now a distant lighthouse beam was weakly washing over me. A headache should accompany this, I thought, the kind of ache when you wake up after not enough sleep or maybe too much drinking, but my head didn’t hurt. Nothing hurt at the moment, which was odd.

I hadn’t “not hurt” in years. Many years.

I was at a decision point, a critical vertex between possibilities, large risks versus large rewards. And when I say large, I do mean large. Social and workplace ostracism, even significant felonies on the risk side. But the rewards, oh, the potential rewards. I glanced down at the clothes in my hand and then in the general direction of the bathroom.


Adrenalin and endorphins waking up from a long slumber.


This was not something I was used to.

“Emmy, Lin, here are your clothes. Nice underwear, by the way.” I grinned as I handed the clothes through the door to Emmy. She still had a wary look on her face, despite my friendly demeanor.

“When you get dressed, come out and let’s go talk in the living room.”

I needed a drink. Scotch would be good.

On the way to the kitchen, I paused and looked at myself in the foyer mirror, trying to imagine how two young teen girls would see me, not that it made that much difference. I might be considered “ancient” to many teens, but was only five years past thirty. I kept myself relatively slim and in shape with regular exercise classes, a bit of volleyball, and lots of competitive tennis. I still had most of my hair, and the few lines in my face made it seem more angular and defined rather than old. I might have been mistaken for a very distant younger cousin of John Cusack.

Or not. Sometimes my wishful thinking doesn’t match reality.

Which was odd. Wishful thinking was not something I did much recently.

Regardless, the worst response to what I was contemplating would be “Ewww, you creep!” Which would be ok. My ego was strong enough to shrug it off.

In years past I had read some erotic stories. The usual storyline would already have played differently, something like:

As the girls notice me standing there, they slow down their dancing and say “Oh, Mr. Lee! We’ve been waiting for you. We want you to lick this whipped cream off every inch of our adorable young bodies and fuck our cute little tight pussies until we scream out in orgasm. We’ve just been waiting for an older guy like you with a big cock that we can suck and fuck all night long!”. I take them into the bedroom and fuck each of them at least three times, bringing them to screaming orgasms and pounding their pussies until they can’t take it any more.

Yeah, right.

Emmy spoke first, still sounding hesitant.

“Mr. Lee, God, this is embarrassing. I didn’t think you’d be home today. I’ve been over to check up on your house a couple of times like you asked my mom.” Both girls were sitting on the couch, arms tucked in tight to their bodies, neither looking me in the eyes, but instead looking out the window at what was now full dusk. I was sprawled on the loveseat with drink in hand and a slight smile on my face, watching their faces closely, enjoying the expressions and absolute allure of their youth.

Emmy’s cheeks were still bright pink.

“Look, there’s no need to be embarrassed. The two of you dancing is the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s not an exaggeration, not a single damned bit.” I didn’t have to pretend to be serious, because it was abso-fucking-lutely completely true.

Emmy smiled wide. Lin looked up at me, not really smiling, but with an intense expression.

“So why are you home early?” Emmy asked.

“I came back early to help with some problems for a different work customer. A customer I detest, so it’s probably shit work. But it’s high priority.”

Emmy’s smile melted away and she started looking a little like my neighbor’s dog when he’s begging for a bite of something being grilled in the back yard.

“Do we need to go home now? My mom’s not expecting me for a couple of hours. Same for Lin.”

“Nah. Like I said, I’m not mad, just glad you weren’t thieves. Let’s talk for a little while. Do you want me to get you two something to drink?”

I started walking into the kitchen, then noticed a grocery bag stuck in a corner of the room.

Emmy started to speak up. “Uhh, we...”

“Let me guess -- you have something to drink in that bag over there, along with the whipped cream.”

Two sheepish nods.

I chuckled, walked over and looked in the bag to see a partial six-pack of cheap hard cider.

“You snuck this out of your house?”

Emmy nodded.

“You like this stuff?”

“Well, it’s all we could get.”

“Have you ever tried a good Scotch?”

“Uh, no.” Both shook their heads.

I fetched my bottle of Glenfiddich and poured each of us a glass, putting ice in the girls drinks, but keeping mine neat.

Emmy took a sip and puckered up her face. “I’ll take a cider.”

Lin looked surprised. “Hmm, that’s not bad.” She took another another sip and I matched her, taking a healthy swig, enjoying the aroma of the well aged whisky and the pleasant warmth it made going down my throat.

I looked at the two of them sitting across from me. I stared for a moment, then a smile crept up my face.

The smile grew. My lips opened up.

My smile grew bigger.

Then I couldn’t hold it any longer and I laughed, a deep laugh, not one of the typical polite laughs people make, but an authentic, all muscles working hard laugh.

“Shit, the look on your faces when I walked in!”

I kept laughing. By now, I was almost crying from laughing so hard. Emmy was starting to look indignant.

“Oh, shut the fuck up. I thought we were just, like, fucking dead!”

Lin was laughing, Emmy looked like she wanted to keep her indignancy going, but she finally starting laughing, too.

“Shut the fuck up, Mr. Lee!!” Emmy was now laughing so hard she really was crying.

It took another minute or two, but we all finally quit laughing.

“I think we’re way past Mr. Lee. My first name is Darrien. Some people call me DL.” Two nods were made in reply.

Emmy took a big swig of her cider, then let out a loud belch. Lin looked at me, laughed, then back at Emmy.

“Smooth, girl.”

Emmy didn’t appear the least bit contrite. “Well, at least it wasn’t the other end.”

The faint orange glow leaking over the ocean horizon matched the glow in my stomach. I didn’t know whether the warmth inside me was more from the whisky or from being close to two vibrant, delicious teens.

I really didn’t care.

A question from earlier popped back into my mind.

“So tell me, what was the writing on your tummies and sides? This enquiring mind wants to know.”

Lin looked at Emmy and then back at me.

“Uh, mine said ‘<3 Scouts’, ‘Bewbies ^’, and ‘Pussy v’. Emmy’s said ‘insert cock ->’.” Lin was using her hand to draw some of the characters in the air, even though she was still looking faintly embarrassed.

“Are you two the Love Scouts, or is that a set of appreciative fans?”, I asked.

“Both. It’s a group we started on the chat site. And it’s nothing to do with Girl Scouts.”

I chuckled again. “Well, I’d assume not -- I doubt that ‘Naked Web Camming’ is one of their recommended activities.”

Lin looked at me more closely. “I’m a little surprised you know that ‘<3’ means love,” she said, using her hands in the air again for the characters.

I smiled. “Well, I read blogs. I know emoticons.”

I sighed and enjoyed another sip of the single malt.

“Most of the people in the group are teen boys?”

“Yeah, a few guys that I think are older, and a couple of girls,” answered Emmy.

I started grinning again, then starting laughing again. If I kept this up, my ribs would start hurting.

“Well, fuck, what is it this time?”, asked Emmy, not sure whether to smile or work up another round of indignancy.

“I guess...”

I was trying to talk between the laughter.

“ ... most of them...”

Much more of this and I would need CPR. I didn’t know if Lin or Emmy were trained, but any attempt would be appreciated.

“ ... if they’re typical teen boys...”

Lin caught on first, and started laughing with me.

“ ... they need written instructions!”

“Shit! I never thought of it that way,” said Emmy and started laughing along with me and Lin.

After a minute she slowed down. “Well, it’s not like we got a lot of experience, but we know how the basic parts work.”

I sighed and caught my breath.

“So both of you are virgins?”

“Yeah, I’ve done some pretty heavy making out, gave a bj once, that’s about it,” answered Emmy.

Lin looked a little sheepish. “Uh, Emmy, I’m actually not a virgin.”

Emmy looked stunned.

“Fuck, Lin! You never told me. I thought we were best friends. Who was it, how did it happen? When?”

Lin’s cheeks were turning bright red and she looked away.

“Emmy, it was a few months ago on my family’s spring break trip to Disneyland. I met a couple of guys there.”

“Damn, I tell you everything. I told you about Rick and how he asked me to suck him off, even though you two were kind of together last year. I thought you would tell me about a boyfriend, or even a guy you just wanted to fuck.”

By now Lin’s eyes were glistening and she was biting her lips.

“Emmy, it kind of just happened. I mean, well, I wanted something to happen, so it’s not like I was raped or I was high or anything. But I met a couple of guys, and my parents let me spend the day with them, and we went to their hotel room, and well, things happened.”

“Lin, why didn’t you tell me anything? Shit, it’s hard enough you being the smart one, the ‘Advanced Placement’ girl, the dance team girl, the piano player. I’m the stupid one ... yeah I’m a cheerleader, you hear those guys sometimes on the cams making fun of me, they talk sometimes like I’m retarded. Why couldn’t you tell me you have a boyfriend, or got to try your first fuck? Why do you get to do everything first?”

Emmy stood up and paced around the couch, looking at Lin, who was not returning her gaze.

“Well, are you going to say anything, or am I really just not much of a fucking friend to you?”

A tear threatened to roll down Lin’s face, and she finally looked up, shivered a little and started talking.

“Emmy, you’re my bestest. Always. I don’t care about who’s smarter or not. And I’m not the first at everything. This Love Scouts group was your idea, and it’s been fun. A lot of fun. You’ve always been the one to make friends quick, you’re always popular with everyone, jocks, geeks, stoners, goths and emos, whatever.”

“I didn’t tell you about what happened on my trip because I ... well, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. You know how I’ve been ever since we started the Love Scouts, being more open and flirting a lot more in real life. These two guys were with a music group, a big school choir group, I think, and both sixteen. And Emmy, they were so fun, and pretty hot. We all went to their room, and well, started making out. I took turns kissing them, and we played a little bit of Truth or Dare.”

“And it went farther than I expected, although it wasn’t like I was saying no or anything. And they kept telling me how pretty I am, and how hot, and then... , well, I said yes to Mark, the taller guy. But it hurt when he put it in, and he didn’t slow down, and he kept poking me, and he came almost right away. All of the hot and sexy feelings I was having just left. So I was laying there a bit dazed, and Brian, the other guy, came over and wanted to have sex, too. I got mad and said something mean, then he got mad, and said mean things, like I’m a bitch and a cunt for teasing him and leaving him with blue balls.”

“I got out of the room and went back to my own, cleaned up, and cried for a little while. When my parents came back to the room, they knew something was wrong, but I had mostly got myself together by then, and made up some story.”

The anger had left Emmy’s face, replaced with a stricken look.

“Wow, Lin, I didn’t know.”

Emmy sat back down next to Lin and hugged her.

“Lin, I’m sorry I got mad at you.”

“Don’t feel sorry for me or anything like that. It’s not like I’m permanently damaged. I was just disappointed and hurt. And I didn’t know what to say to you. I mean, we’ve talked about how great it would be, the first time. And it wasn’t great for me.”

“Those assholes. Fuckheads!” Emmy was not mincing words.

I decided to pitch in.

“Uh, not trying to defend those two, but they sound more like typical insensitive teenage boys than anything. They didn’t force anything, and Brian, the second guy, didn’t keep on trying to fuck you when you said no. They just weren’t thinking about you much at all, and probably don’t know much about sex. Brian was mad when he didn’t get his chance, and said things that he might not have normally said. I bet it was the first time for both of them, even if they said otherwise. And did they even know you were a virgin?”

“I don’t remember if I ever told them. Probably didn’t,” said Lin.

“That said, they could have handled it much, much better, in my opinion.”

We were all quiet for a few minutes.

“So why did you need to use my house for this latest Scouts session? Don’t you have webcams at your own house?” I asked.

Emmy answered first.

“I don’t have a separate webcam, just the shitty video on my phone. My school iPad is locked down and I’m pretty sure the school said they can monitor the camera on it. Besides, even if my mom was fine with me getting naked on cam, it’s kind of embarrassing if she’s around.”

I looked at Lin.

“My parents won’t buy me a laptop or cam for my computer. I know some of the phones have video but my parents will only buy me a cheap basic phone, calls and texting, that’s about it. They’re pretty trusting of me, so it’s not that, but they just don’t see the purpose. A computer is fine, it will help me in my studies, according to them.”

Emmy spoke up again.

“We’ve had a few Scouts sessions using my mom’s laptop when Lin slept over, but it was late at night and we had to be quiet. So it was mostly just quick flashing and boob tweaking, stuff like that. And we had to keep the light down so we didn’t wake up my mom.”

“Yes, a couple of times we were dared to kiss each other and squeeze each others boobs. Pretty fun, but no bating, like we’ve seen some others do,” said Lin.

“I mean, one of the girls in the group that was on today, one time she stripped completely down, sat back, spread her legs, and went at it. She even used her hairbrush for a couple of minutes.”

“Wow,” I said in short and pithy appreciation. Quick thinking and erudition are not always my strength.

“I’m pretty sure she’s bi,” said Lin.

Emmy laughed and looked at Lin.

“Yeah, I’m sure she is, getting off on your cute young boobies and vuh-jay-jay!”

The conversation drifted off into other areas, with the Scotch and cider keeping the words flowing free and uninhibited. Two hours rolled by quicker than a gecko’s blink.

Not wanting the girls to walk too far after dark, I dropped off Emmy at her house, then drove a couple of blocks to Lin’s house. Lin started to open the car door, then paused.

“Mr. Lee, did you mean what you said about us being the sexiest things you’ve ever seen?”

“Yeah, I do. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, it was that exciting.”

“Were you hard?”

I quickly glanced at Lin and she fixed me with a focused stare.

“Yes, I was hard. Very. So hard it almost hurt.”

She accepted the statement with a smile and a small nod, then opened the door and stepped out. Before closing it, she leaned down and handed me a piece of paper.

“Here’s my cell num, and you already have Emmy’s -- text us.”

I watched her walk up to her house, then sat for a few minutes thinking to myself. A smile slowly crept upwards on my face, and the remnants of the alcohol still lightly buzzing through my bloodstream left me with a contented mental glow. Or maybe it was the endorphins and other natural chemicals flowing through me that left me feeling so good. I felt on top of the world.

A world that within twenty four hours would shake, rumble, reach up and kick my ass.

Figuratively speaking. I didn’t need a real earthquake, figurative quakes were enough.

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