Domain Warz

Hello dear readers. So, I’m starting a new book. This one is going to be slightly different from my first book ‘Techno Cultivator’ but is still based in the techno cultivator’s universe. You’ll know why if you read the first book.

In saying that, it’s unnecessary to read the first book in the Techno Universe, because this book will be completely ... mostly ... slightly different. Although it has some links to my first story it won’t reduce your ability to understand what’s going on

In fact, it will probably be slightly more enjoyable if you didn’t read my first book because then you won’t suspect all the surprises later on!

The theme of this book is closely linked to a few themes often seen in computer games. You don’t need to worry if you’re unfamiliar with computer game lingo because I’ll try and make a comment on any game terms I throw out.

Unlike James in my first book, our MC isn’t going to be entirely evil ... entirely? I mean he’s definitely a hero this time! His conscience is as clean and pure as the Virgin Mary’s and his heart is as pure as gold.

I’d like to add, I’m trying to do this novel with changing perspectives. If you find it too confusing or difficult to follow, then let me know and I will change it back to 3rd person narrative similar to my first book.

To help readers adjust more easily, I’ll try to structure my writing with some helpful demarcations for these confusing changes.

>< Will indicate the beginning of a section of First Person inner monologue.


<> Will indicate the change to a Second Person Narrative.

The sun was so bright it burnt my eyes!

-- Will indicate the change to a Third Person narrative.

The sun was so bright that it stung his eyes. In his opinion it was burning them, but that’s because he’s a massive pussy.

Similar to my first book, I will probably upload a few horrible maps and other reference material as the book develops, so everybody can look forward to that.

Dear Readers, please enjoy my new butchery of literature, Domain Warz.

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