Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Reluctant, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Robot, First, Masturbation,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman discovers her sexuality with a Robot

My sexual adventure begins….

The robotics industry had made great advances in the middle of the 21st century. By 2071, advancements in medical research, primarily stem cell usage for repairing damaged and even completely missing limbs were as common place as going to the dentist for a cleaning had been 50 years earlier. Robots had for the most part real skin and felt as real to the touch as any human being.

Once the military had released its research into neuro-stimulation, used primarily to keep injured soldiers functioning until they could reach proper medical care, the robotics manufacturers quickly found a way to combine the neuro-stimulators with their newest models of companions. This allowed the robot (Companion) to connect to its host; to monitor and/or directly stimulate its owner’s nervous system, greatly enhancing the possibilities of interactions between the two.

The Companions were for the most part human looking, and except for a few quirks, acted like a human, depending on its programming of course. Body odor, bad breath, temperament could all be created to make a Companion to the owners exact specifications. If a portion of the programming needed to be modified, it was as simple as speaking a series of commands and adding or removing a feature.

The back story I’m Wendy, am 26 now, and a professional in the AI industry. This is the story of how I became a “woman”…well, kinda.

On my 13th birthday, my friends and I were sitting and chatting when the subject turned to my mom’s Companion. One of my friends, Sara, whispered to us that her parents both had Comp’s as sex toys. She said, they did things around the house during the day, but their true purpose came to light after the lights went out so-to-speak.

Sara being a few years older than the rest of us had everyone’s attention, especially when she told us that she had had sex with her moms robot, after swapping its BIO chip with one that she had gotten from the manufacturer. In her words, “she was a woman now”. And the best part was she said, they don’t tell, their safe, no diseases, and they do whatever you want…whatever you want!

Sara’s parent’s Companions didn’t have the nuero-stimulation, being older models, so, for her it was just like a person she said. And she could go as long as she wanted without it ever getting tired or loosing his hard on. She said the nuero-stimulation is supposed to be amazing though, even better that what she has.

Swapping the BIO chip allowed her to completely hide the fact that she was fucking her mom’s robotic lover. By removing her mother’s BIO chip and inserted hers, the Companion only had instructions and memories of her. Replacing the BIO chip with her moms, returned him back to his original state. Nice and clean.

The more I thought about Sara, and how she was using her mom’s robot for sex the more I wanted to do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my fingers in my little 13 year old pussy, but rubbing one out was getting old, and I was ready to move on to bigger and better things, if you get my meaning. So I put a plan into action.

I told my brother, that I needed to go back home and grab some girl things that I had forgotten the day before. I was staying with him for the next two weeks while our parents were on a second honeymoon, somewhere I had never heard of, some tropical islands somewhere.

I told him that I would take a cab and be back in time for dinner. But truthfully, I hadn’t forgotten anything, I was planning on hijacking my mom’s companion, and if everything went as planned, and I didn’t loose my nerve and back out, I was going to have sex for the first time.

I found a new BIO chip online, really cheap, and instructions on the Internet that told how to hijack a companion and then return it to normal when you were done…doing whatever…you were going to do with it.

My mom had the latest model, fully integrated neu-stim compatible. My dad has a disability and apparently can’t “do it” anymore, so they bought “John” as a play toy for mom. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time.

A few times I was woken up, hearing what I though was mom struggling, it almost sounded like she was in trouble. The last time, after listening to this for like an hour, I tip toed outta my room to see what was going on. I was met by mom in the hallway looking very flushed and unstable, she was very surprised to see me and said that she had been exercising…yeah!

I nervously pressed my palm against the security plate as the retinal scanner scanned my face, the magnetic lock disengaging made me jump a little as the front door swung open. I kept thinking that if I were careful, my mom wouldn’t find out, and I just might get away with this, and well, if not, I’d lived 13 good years.

The butterflies in my stomach were terrible. Hijacking mom’s sex bot was scary enough, but I was terrified of the fact, that I was going to try and have sex for the first time with this thing. What if it had a huge thing? What if, for some reason, I couldn’t do it, what if, It, wouldn’t fit!?

My mind was racing. I was so horny though, all the time, and it had been getting worse since I turned 13. I was masturbating every day, I was starting to think I had a problem.

Mom’s companion was on its base, where it always was when not in use. I have to admit, he’s beautiful. He’s, “athletically muscular”, 6’2” and weighted, 180 pounds according to my mom, and proportioned perfectly. He looked like a real man, other than the fact that he was absolutely still.

I read where you can buy different sized things, if his original is too big or too small. I’m not sure how big his thing is and that worries me a lot.

I pressed on the flap of skin at the base of its neck, where the BIO chips are inserted. Once it opened, I removed my mom’s and replaced it with mine, then started following the instructions on how to setup it up, creating my very on sex toy. I was scared to death and excited to the point my panties were sticking to me at the same time.

Wendy: Companion, “Setup Mode”!

Companion: Hello, I’m your personal companion, what name would you prefer I have?

Wendy: John - (I felt that keeping the same name was simpler, less chance of me screwing up later on)

John: Thank you, John is a nice name, I like it.

Wendy: John…follow me.

I started walking toward my bedroom, even though no one was home, I needed the security my bedroom provided. I could hear his footsteps behind me and this made the butterflies even worse. Once we were both in, I closed and locked the door behind us. I was shaking with anticipation, fear, lust, I was a mess…

Wendy: (with a shaky voice) John I’m Wendy, load program “Intimate”!

John: Hello Wendy, I have no memory of us having ever been intimate, is this our first experience?

Wendy: (with a shaky voice) yes

John: And Wendy, have you had sexual experiences with a companion before?

Wendy: (with a shaky voice) no

John: and Wendy, are you sexually active?

I thought long and hard about this question. If I lied and said yes, he might expect me to be experienced, “and be able to do things”, and I was very much a virgin. I lost my nerve for a second and almost called it off, the conversation felt dangerous, and I was feeling way over my head. But, I gathered my courage and told the truth, it wasn’t like he was going to tell anyone.

Wendy: (with a shaky voice) no

John: Wendy, may I ask your age?

Wendy: (with a shaky voice) 13

John: Wendy, my protocols don’t allow me to engage sexually with any person under the legal age of 18.

Speaking directly from my instruction sheet, I stammered…

Wendy: John, execute override, age restriction, disengage!

John: Wendy, you’ve elected to turn off my age restriction protection, is this your intent?

Wendy: yes

The butterflies quickly turned to a sick feeling. I knew about the age restriction, and took some comfort in it, but now that was gone, there were no safeties anymore to protect me from this robot having sex with me. And here was a grown man/robot standing in front of me, towering over my small frame that I was going to have sex with…today! I almost couldn’t breathe.

John: Thank you, Wendy, let’s proceed.

According to my instructions, the next step in the Intimate setup dealt with the companion doing, “measurements”, some kinda scan! The instructions stated this was a very important step and not to skip it.

Wendy: (with a shaking voice) John, execute, “measurements”

John: of course Wendy. The following measurements allow me to understand and gauge what your body is safely capable of withstanding, during intercourse. Exact external and internal measurements allow me to create the perfect experience for you. Please remove all of your clothes and stand in front of the full length mirror there, so that I may scan you.

Wendy: What? Take my clothes off…stand in front of the mirror?

I wasn’t prepared for this, I had never been naked in front of anyone, least of all a grown man. My butterflies / nervousness turned to embarrassed fear. But, again, I was determined to do this, and if I was going to have sex, I guess I’d have to take my clothes off anyway.

John: Yes, this gives me an exact description of your body type, height, estimated weight, outer and inner dimensions. The mirror reflects back the unused light giving me an absolute exact measurement of your body. Please remove your clothes and stand in front of the mirror, turn slowly when I tell you to.

Wendy: Well…ok, do I really have to do this part?

John: No, this part of setup is optional, but sexual activity is greatly enhanced if I have this information. For the optimal experience, I encourage you to complete the process.

I shly pulled my Tee shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. My jeans came off much slower, but shortly, they too, were on the floor next to my shirt. I realized that I was just wearing tidy whitey panties, instead if something sexy. Why hadn’t I thought this out better…

My nipples quickly hardened as the cool air of the room washed over them once the warmth of my bra was removed. I started to reach up and rub my breast, which was my habit once their free of the bra. I love that feeling and wanted to grab and rub them kinda roughly, but was too embarrassed with him standing there.

I had been horny all day, and I knew I had a big wet spot in my panties. I was really hesitant to pull them down, but again, my determination kicked in and I forced my thumbs into the waist band of my white little panties and started to push them down over my hips and butt.

My panties slid down with no issues, but as I feared, they stuck to my very wet lips, and I had to tug at them a little to remove them. I was so embarrassed, but within a few seconds, they too were on the floor with the rest of my clothes.

I stood there totally naked, goose bumps, nipples hard and sticking out further than I could ever remember, my almost hairless pussy and lips, red and feeling swollen was on display, with John watching with a warm and loving smile. John’s voice startled me back to reality…

John: Wendy, stand facing me, with your arms raised…now turn slowly in a full circle. Now stand with your feet should width apart, hands on your hips, and twist as far right as you can and then as far left as far as you can. Thank you, the external scan is complete. Now, please stretch out on your bed for the internal assessment.

Height – 4 feet 9 inches Approximate Weight – 84 pounds Breasts – b cup, extended nipples Body mass – petite, muscular Buttocks / Thighs – petite, muscular Frame – Aligned and appears sturdy, no anomalies detected Thrust / stroke length - TBD Maximum Width - TBD

Wendy: What…???

John: Please lie on the bed and relax, the next assessment, gauges your physical limits for length and girth, so that during sex you won’t be injured and your pleasure maximized. If we’re to be intimate, a complete understanding of your physical structure needs to be known, to ensure maximum pleasure is achieved. This may seem strange, but I assure you, this is completely normal and necessary to complete the measurements setup.

The shock of John’s request turned to fear when he quickly undressed. I took a few steps back feeling again that I had lost control. I had never seen a man naked before, well, I had seen my little brother in the bath tub. But this was different, John was a grown man, over 6 feet tall, athletic, muscular, and to my young eyes, his cock looked long and big.

I didn’t know what to do or what to expect. I was aware of how wet my lips and vagina were, I could feel them sliding against each other when I moved, which only happens when I’m really wet.

But he was beautiful, his penis was beautiful, it looked long and thick, well, at least to me it did. I had seen a few men in a Play Girl once, but he was real and here in the same room, within arm’s length. He could grab me and I couldn’t have done anything about it.

I once wrapped a Tampon in toilet paper to make it softer and wider, then I put it in a balloon that I had washed. I had used that to experiment with the first time I tried to put anything up my tiny opening, but this hanging in front of me was way different, and 10 times the size of that tampon.

John was just standing in front of me totally naked, which was making me pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t know if I was expected to do anything, the instructions didn’t show any commands that needed to be given.

John: Would you like to touch or inspect me?

The sudden sound of his voice made me jump, I was so focused on him, well…part of him, that I was startled by the sudden sound of his voice. I managed a look at his face and he was looking at me with the most love and concern and a caring smile.

I slowly reached out with my trembling hand, and just as I was about to touch his thing, it jumped up and hit my hand. Scared the hell out of me…quick as a flash, I jerked my hand back and John let out a big laugh. He apologized, saying, “Relax, this is supposed to be fun, we’re both learning here, this is an adventure that we’re both going to enjoy”

Wendy: no, let’s continue, I don’t have that much time, I have to leave soon.

John: I’m going to remove my penis which I’ll be using to obtain your internal measurements

Wendy: wha…what? Remove ur…...

John: My penis has a micro-chip in it that stores data, such as in this case, length and width. It can tell whether you’re wet enough or are dry during sex which could be painful for you. It can change size in length and width and even lubricate if needed. Together, we learn what best works for you. With this data, when we’re together, it’s great every time. The internal measurements are used to create a profile that we’ll use to begin building on, creating the best experience for you. Are you sure you’re ready for this? You’re very young, your body is small but strong. Physically, you’ll have no problems, but are you sure you want to proceed?

That made me angry, he was starting to sound like my parents, I thought about stopping this whole thing and leaving, but then I remembered, I was in control, and that he had to do whatever I wanted…

Wendy: I’m 13 years old and more than ready! John continue

My legs felt weak as I walked to the bed and nervously stretched out on one side. I scooted my trembling body into a comfortable position with enough room to my side for John to sit.

My mouth hung open in amazement as John grabbed his thing, and in one swift motion, pulled it right off! He was standing there with it in his hand. He ... it, looked so real, but he just pulled his dick off. I then, started to realize, that he was my play thing, not a real person. I could do anything with or to him that I wanted. I no longer saw him as something to fear but kinda as a toy, I started to smile.

Holding his cock out so that Wendy could get a good look at it, he said.

John: This is self-lubricating and heated, I can control the size, length, and temperature, making the internal measurements process as pleasant as possible. I’ll start with the smallest size first and then we’ll work up from there.

John looked at me with a warm smile and asked if it was ok to take the internal measurements now. He held up his cock where I could see it, it was small like the tampon, but looked like real skin, my brother in the bath tub flashed in my mind. As I was staring at it, it started to look wet about an inch or two from the end.

John: I will be measuring how deep your vagina can comfortably accommodate a penis, and for the girth that provides you the most pleasure.

This frightened me! Penis Girth!…Vagina Depth!…I started to tremble a little worse, even though it wasn’t cold.

John sat on the edge of the bed facing me. He put his hand under my knee and lifted, bending my leg into an angle that allowed it to easily fall to the side, exposing my leaking wet privates, I raised my other leg to match. Without Saying a word, he spun around with his back to me, gently grabbed my vagina, all of it, and lightly pressed down. His hand was large and I’m pretty small, so his hand covered my mound, lips and beyond…

Within a second or two, a tingling, pulsing warmth, started to run through my vulva, down along my wet little lips and onto my buttocks. The shock of having my vagina grabbed, was fading from my thoughts, as the warm pulsing slowly grew more intense.

I had to contract my muscles, I couldn’t help it, as if, I were trying to stop peeing. The pulsing slowly became stronger which caused me to wink my muscles more, I thought, I felt a swirling sensation at my opening, I was starting to not think straight.

This was wonderful and steadily becoming stronger, the warmth, the pulsing, I had to smile. The longer he continued to lightly press on my vulva the more intense the feeling became. I forgot about the butterflies, of being caught, of losing my virginity. I was clinching by buttocks in time with the pulses, and tilting my mound up to try and press harder onto his hand.

His fingers easily slid between my glistening lips opening me. There was definitely a swirling feeling at my opening and it was becoming more intense and covering a larger area. There was a powerful little whirlpool spinning between my virgin legs, leading right into my wet little sex.

Something was lightly pressing at my entrance, trying to enterme, and I heard myself groan, wanting it to happen. As the pressure increased, the swirling too, was following whatever it was into me. John, slowly and deliberately, pressed into my vagina with a finger, not enough to fully go in, but just enough to stretch my opening, allowing the swirling to enter and then leave again.

This wonderful feeling on my mound and at the very opening of my virgin sex, moving around my hole like water swirling around a drain, I was dying for it to go in. To stretch me wide, and dive in deep.

My vagina, I know was leaking girly juice, I could feel it. I was squirming, little spasms, jerking up and down, I couldn’t help it. All the fear of what was happening was gone. All I could concentrate on in my 13 year old mind was the swirling, tingling sensation at the entrance to my dripping sex, I had to get it inside my body, it just made sense, it was what was supposed to happen, it was nature.

I felt the warm blunt tip of his cock push my tiny lips apart and then the steady pressure at the entrance to my pussy. It was what I had always wanted, this was a drug and my pussy needed a lot of it. John, never breaking his touch, moved his palm so that it was at the top of my mound with a finger on either side of my pussy lips pushing them apart.

I felt the pressure of his cock push against my opening, and then, he slowly slid it up through my lips coming to rest over my clit, all I could do was groan and thrust up against the pressure of his little dick sliding between my very wet lips. He kept sliding his little cock up and down through my lips and crack, coming to rest on my clit each time, I didn’t realize your pussy could give anyone this much pleasure. I now understand why my mother looked the way she did when I met her in the hallway that night.

The warm-tingling radiating from his palm just above my clit was causing me to become confused. All I could think about was getting this inside me and cumming. I had forgotten what I was doing. The warm pressure I felt pressing into my sex brought me back to reality for a moment, but that was short lived as that now hot swirling pleasure entered into my body, the pressure was gone and was replaced by this wonderful feeling of fullness. I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed with the pleasure.

He pushed his probe slowly into me, sliding it into and out of my pussy, I had no cares other than to keep this wonderful feeling coursing through my young vagina. I must have stopped breathing a few times as I could hear John say, “breath, Wendy, breath…”, almost there.

I’m not sure how long this went on, but I started feeling pressure deep in my belly, at the bottom of John’s wonderful long strokes, almost uncomfortable but not quite. The force of the strokes were pushing me toward the head of my bed and then back. John, sensing my discomfort, pressed harder onto my pubic bone, and as if grabbing my groin with his hand, a jolt of pleasure shot through my Vulva, down the length of his cock into the bottom of my pussy. I cried out with my first really powerful orgasm.

John: Thrust / stroke length – 6.5”

The rhythm of his thrusts had slowed, and I had begun to recover a little. I had arched my butt up off the bed, all the while he kept slowly thrusting his slick rock hard cock between my trembling legs.

I started feeling stretched. The sensation was much different, he was increasing the girth to check how much I could comfortably handle. I could feel my pussy being pulled outward as his very wide cock left my small body and was then forced back into my depths.

I enjoy the feeling of a wide cock more than a deep one, the deep was very good too but wide is my favorite. My moans must have signaled to him my pleasure because he settled into a slow deep thrust that had me trembling and bucking against his thrusts.

Eventually the pressure got the better of me and I yelled that I couldn’t take it anymore, once again John’s grip on my mound and lips increased and I struggled against another powerful orgasm leaving me speechless and quaking

John: Maximum Width – 4.5”

I felt the pressure lessen which brought back the great swirling feeling. John pressed harder onto my mound and quickened his pace with this cock, which wasn’t small anymore. The assault scared me at first and I started to protest, but before I could think to say anything, the pleasure increased until I felt the orgasm explode between my legs.

My small hips bucked up into the air, trying to get more cock into my little hole. I felt liquid splashing into the back of my vagina and being forced out with each thrust. It had cum in me, I loved that feeling. The whole experience overwhelmed me and I came again, I became rigid and couldn’t move, then my hips started bucking up and down, all the while John’s arm was busy thrusting between my sweaty trembling legs.

I was lost in the pleasure, I had gripped the bed covers so long and hard my hands hurt, my mouth hung open and I was humping the air, stuffed with this wonderful dick, I think I pee’d…the pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful. Then John’s hand was no longer on my mound, but there were little shocks that had me twitching still. I felt so empty when he slipped his cock out of my very wet little pussy.

Finally, I started to calm down. My stomach and back were sore, my pussy was definitely sore. There was a big wet spot where my butt was and a small blood stain and what looked like a stream of water off to one side.

I was a woman! Well….kinda, wasn’t official yet, but I was going to make sure that happened soon….after my very happy sore pussy had time to recover.

As clinically as John had started, he was finished with the measurements, and thanked me for participating fully with him. I lay there on the bed sweating and trembling, I rubbed my pussy gently through the excessive wetness that I found there. It was sore but felt very good still.

I looked over and John has put his dick back on, it’s amazing how real it looked, it was wet and shiny, I think from my girlie juices, I know I was dripping wet. He smiled and said that we were going to have a lot of good times in the future.

I was thinking that if that was the measurements, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have real sex, I wasn’t sure that I could stand it.

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