The Knight and the Acolyte Book 9: Blossoming Danger
Prologue: Pleasure's Domination

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: Pleasure's Domination - Angela's quest takes her into the dark woods of the Haunted Forest to reclaim the final piece of her ancestor's weapon. But seductive danger lurks in the forest's heart.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Were animal   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Group Sex   Orgy   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Fisting   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Transformation   Violent  

Bebhinn the Twinborn Witch – The Haunted Forest

The dark, foggy canopy of the Haunted Forest stretched out before me, an endless sea of foreboding that stretched to the horizon in all directions. Even above it, soaring in the form of a mighty eagle, the sun’s light was wan and pale, like it couldn’t shine as strong over this cursed land. The very presence of Drakin Castle, the ruined lair of the Biomancer Vebrin, had poisoned these woods and populated them with his abominations.

And here, Angela would come. Once I realized her true goal, claiming the High King’s sword, I knew where her path would lead her next. In the dark forest, I would have my chance to subdue her and her companions, bind them with the spirits, and return them to Raratha for the rewards.

But I had to be careful. Crafty. Angela and her companions left a trail of bodies where they went. Of the bounty hunters original dispatched by the Doge, I was the only left. Fredagest, one of the most accomplished bounty hunters in the world, vanished with the elf Adeliatholaria in the caldera of Mount Peritito. Farson, the Shizhuthian warlord and shadowmancer, was lost into the sands of the Halani Desert. And just last night, I watched in the form of a songbird as Angela and her companions easily defeated the Ifrit Hakeem and a group of knight and priestesses sent to capture them outside the Labyrinth of Grahata.

I almost had my chance to strike, but the halfling’s damiana bomb filled the air with spicy lust. And in my small form, my tiny body only needed a whiff to be lost to the passion. I had lost my transformation and spent hours masturbating in the brush, my poor pussy rubbed raw. By the time I recovered, they had left.

So here was where they would come next.

Here was where I would make ready my ambush.

The red conjuration spirit, bobbing before me and guiding me to my goal, suddenly dived down into the trees. I let out a caw, my wing feathers rustling as I folded them in and dived after, the wind rushing past, my talons flexing and clenching. I burst through a gap in the branches, entering the dark gloom. The fog swallowed me, my keen vision almost reduced to nothing.

I flared my wings and landed on the ground beneath the trees. There were hardly any brush, the tall trees canopy’s strangling the life from smaller plants. This was a place of death. A chill settled through me as the yellow transformation spirits swirled around me, restoring me to my natural form. My feathered wings sprouted into thin, pale arms. The brown feathers at the crown of my head became my bright-red hair. My breasts swelled, my legs grew long and sleek. I rose as I stretched, my beak fading into plump lips. I blinked my green eyes, my clothing appearing about my skin, a dark, loose dress cinched tight about my body with colorful scarfs, proclaiming my Tuathan heritage.

The yellow spirits danced around me when they finished, happy to serve me. I was a twinborn witch. A century or more ago, I would have been condemned to a Triad, wandering the Lesh-Ke with my twin sister and a paladin of Gewin, married to them both, having to fight monsters and save the world. But the knightly orders and the guardians—those freakish leotaurs and octogirls—had ended that need, freeing me to do what I want. My twin was happy marrying a dumb farmer and staying in our mountain valley.

But I wanted to see the world. To travel and have adventures. And being a bounty hunter let me do both.

My mother had lamented when I left. “You’re descended of Fiona, the greatest witch, and her mighty husband Seamus. You bring shame on us by leaving.”

I had only laughed at her. What did I care about legends who lived hundreds of years ago? “Seamus fucked every woman he came across. Half the people in the Lesh-Ke Mountains are his spawn. Let them defend it.”

A red spirit snapped me out of my reverie. It flashed towards me from my right and danced in vigorous warning. Then a second and third appeared. They were protection spirits warning me of danger. I took a deep breath, my heart fluttering.

“Thank you,” I whispered to the spirits. Only I or another witch could see them. But they were everywhere.

My heart raced as I turned slowly, scanning the foggy woods, trying to see the werewolves creeping upon me. They were silent. I didn’t see anything except for the fog rippling. But it didn’t ripple from a breeze—the air was still.

And then the first werewolf launched out at me out of the mist, a vaguely humanoid shape of gray and white fur, detritus thrown up by sharp claws as she bounded in at me, teeth bare, snarling. I took a deep breath, slipping into a fight stance and—

Red light flared behind me. A werewolf snarled in pain, crashing into the protection spirits that rose about my body, my spells triggering into effect. Then the first werewolf charging at my front slammed into the spirits’ wards, the red balls driving her back and knocking her to the ground.

“Well, that was exciting,” I said, clutching a hand to my breasts. “As you can see, I am well—”

An entirely black-furred werewolf leaped at me, arms outstretched. She had jumped easily ten or twelve feet into the air, her body nimble, her eyes a hungry green. I flinched, raising a warding arm as she flashed down at me.

And crashed into my protective spirits. The red orbs drove her back. The swarmed around me in agitation. The werewolf fell back, landing on her hands and feet. Her muzzle opened in a low, dangerous growl that made my skin crawl.

“So, as you can see, I am well protected,” I told the three as they circled me. “You and your entire pack couldn’t defeat me.”

“How strong is your magic, witch?” growled the first werewolf. “How long can you hold us off?”

“I can hold you off in—”

I didn’t hear the fourth werewolf, only the sharp flare of crimson lights and the howl of pain. I whirled to see her drop to the ground, brown fur raised. She was the smallest of the four, lean and limber as she circled me.

“Oh, this is getting annoying,” I said. “Is every member of your pack going to try that?”

“You can’t keep the spell up forever,” the gray werewolf said, crouched while the other three circled me. Howls rose around the fog, the rest of her pack answer. I shivered as I lost count at five or six. The howls all blended together.

“I can smell your fear,” the black werewolf said.

“Mmm, yes,” snarled the brown-furred werewolf.

“Well, let’s change that,” I said, trying to keep my voice under control. “Spirits of transformation, return them to their human forms and rid me of their bestial sight.”

The words didn’t matter, I just had to direct the spirits with my will. The harder I concentrated, the more spirits obeyed me. And since I was a twinborn witch and not one of those hedge witches who had to learn the art, they obeyed me with glee. They loved me.

A wave of yellow spirits rose from the ground around me, each the size of my feet and glowing with a soft light. I smiled at them. The werewolves snarled at me, fur tensing, unable to see my spell in action. The yellow lights shot out, the transformation spirits swarming over the werewolves. The monsters jumped in shock as the spirits touched them.

Frightened howls and snarls issued from teeth-filled muzzles as the werewolves writhed. Fur retracted into skin. Limbs shortened. Claws retracted. Breasts appeared, the gray werewolf’s large and pillowy, the brown’s small handfuls. They were all lean women, strong and fiercely beautiful. The black werewolf had the ebony skin of a Halanian, her hair short and wiry, but her eyes the same haunting green as her beast form. The gray werewolf had pale skin and tawny hair, her father Thosian maybe, while the small, brown-furred werewolf was blonde like a Zeutchian.

“What did you do to us?” snarled the alpha, the tawny-haired woman crouched low, her large tits dangling.

“I wanted to see your true forms. And aren’t they appealing,” I purred, a hot itch growing in my pussy. “You have such large tits. Is that your name? Big Tits?”

“Moon,” she said, and I saw the silver of her eyes as she glared at me. “Change us back.”

Beyond, my spirits flowed into the mist, finding the rest of the pack. Their howls turned into feminine hisses. I grinned, striding towards Moon. Then the red-eyed werewolf rose, her skin swarthy brown, and lunged at me.

A red spirit smacked her in the face, throwing her to the ground.

I stopped before Moon. “I’ll change you back when I’m ready. But first, you need to understand your place.”

Moon rose. Her body was tall, her breasts bouncing as they thrust at me. I looked up at her. She was taller than many men, her body perfectly proportioned, curvy like a goddess. A wild goddess who would rip my throat out.

“And what’s that, prey?”

“That you’re my bitch. And bitches belong on their knees,” I hissed.

A snarl escaped Moon’s lips as she stared down at me. “Drop your spirits, witch, and I will rip out your throat and devour your heart.”

“Oh, I have a better place for you to devour,” I purred. “Spirits of abjuration, bind my lover and bring her to her knees.”

Moon yelped as the blue spirits spun about her, spinning lines of azure energy about her body like a cocoon, following the pattern in my mind. Intricate cords of magical energy wrapped about her body. Her legs were yanked tightly closed and she gasped as she fell to her knees. Her arms were pulled behind her back, bound to her ankles. This thrust her large breasts forward. Energy wrapped about those tits, lifting them into lush mounds, squeezing them. They turned red as the blood pooled in her swollen mounds.

“You bitch,” snarled Moon. “Release me.”

“I think you’re the bitch,” I purred, my pussy so hot. My hands went to the broad, purple scarf about my waist. I untied it and my dark skirt fell to the ground, leaving me in only my blouse. My bright-red bush was right before her face. “Right, bitch?” I seized Moon’s tawny hair in my hands with a hard grip. “You’re going to eat my cunt, right, bitch?”

“Never,” snarled the wolf.

The other werewolves gave nervous growls, crouching apart, watching as their alpha knelt before me. Werewolves were so much like wolves. You just had to dominate the alpha, and the rest of the pack would fall in line.

“Oh, I am so glad you’re resistant. Mmm, now the fun begins.” I gripped the scarf in my other hand. I gave it a flick and purple energy rippled across it. It was enchanted to hold my supplies. In a flash, the scarf was a large pouch. I reached inside and found some of my favorite toys. “Well, look at this,” I said, pulling out a nipple clamp. “Do you know what this is?”

Moon shook her head, and I smiled broader, my pussy clenching. Oh, yes, this would be so much fun.

I squeezed the nipple clamp’s, opening its jaws, and brought it to her fat, pink nipple. I held the alligator-like teeth around her nipple, the spring wanting to slam the jaws shut. “Do you see where this goes, my little bitch?”

She grit her teeth, defiance in her silver eyes.

I clamped her nipple.

Her howls were so sweet. A trickle of juices ran down my thigh. Her pink nub pinched between the jaws. She shuddered, snarling through her clenched teeth as she glared at me. I just smiled, still holding her tawny hair in a tight grip, and grabbed the second clamp.

“Mmm, I bet you can’t wait to feel this one,” I purred, opening and closing the jaws.

“Clamp me, bitch,” she snarled. “I can take the pain.”

“Oh, goodie.” I reached out and clamped her other nipple, savoring the pain. My hips shifted. “Ooh, I am getting so juicy. I bet you can smell me, huh? I bet you’re just hungry for snatch. All you have to play with, right? No men in the Haunted Woods for you to enjoy.”

She growled, low, dangerous, but I could hear the pain in her voice.

“Lick my pussy, and I take them off,” I purred.

“Pain is nothing,” she snarled.

“You’re right. Pain is nothing.” I pulled out the next object, a polished dildo made of ebony. It was smooth, the tip sculpted to perfectly resemble a dick. There were even a pair of thick balls at the base. Lovely craftsmanship. I licked it, feeling the enchantment spirits inside. “But pleasure, that is so much harder to resist.”

Her eyes narrowed as I let go of the dildo. It floated in the air and then darted at her, leaving a trail of purple light. It pressed between her thighs bound tight, sliding straight for her pussy. Moon’s face contorted as the tip reached her cunt and pressed into her depths. Her back arched, her lovely, bound breasts jiggling, the nipple clamps wagging. Pain crossed her face, her nipples throbbing hard while she let out a purring gasp.

“Pain and pleasure mixing,” I smiled as the dildo settled into her. And then it came alive. I could hear the humming through her body. Confusion crossed her face. Her body shuddered as I controlled the dildo’s vibrations, the spirit inside so eager to please me.

And her.

“What are you doing to me?” Moon demanded as her body squirmed. “Stop this.”

“Stop the wonderful humming buzzing in your pussy?” I purred, stroking her cheek. She tried to twist her head and bite my finger. “Stop the wonderful pleasure I’m giving you? But maybe what you need is more pleasure.”

The humming grew louder. She gasped, her eyes widening. A shiver ran through her body. Her pack watched. More and more slinked out of the foggy trees, silent, waiting to see if their alpha could escape or would she become my bitch and submit to me.

“Stop this,” Moon said, her voice thick, throaty.

I reached down and brushed both nipple clamps, activating the enchantment upon them. Her back arched. Her breasts bounced more as the pain in her throbbing nubs became ecstasy, flipping the sensations in her mind. She had been warring against the pain, fighting it.

And now it was gone and instead ecstasy charged through her.

I smiled, loving the way her cheeks blossomed with crimson color. I increased the dildo’s humming. I could hear it churning her pussy as her bound body struggled. Her pupils dilated as the pleasure washed across the werewolf’s mind.

“Please,” she moaned, her hips swaying. “Oh, please.”

“What?” I asked, stroking her cheek. “Make it hum more?”

I did.

She howled, her head thrown back. Her breasts jiggling. I squirmed, my pussy so hot, so eager to feel her submissive tongue lapping at my folds. I whispered, “Spirits of enhancement, let me feel her pleasure, let me know her passion.”

The green spirits sank into her flesh. My pussy burst with sensations. Pleasure rippled out of my nipples. I let out an aching moan, feeling the dildo humming in her pussy, the rapture slipping into her mind, driving her closer and closer to the edge of cumming. Feeling it, I could control the stimulation so precisely.

I smiled. “Mmm, that’s it. You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she moaned, eyes fluttering. She was on the verge of ecstasy. “Yes, yes, more.”

“Then lick my pussy,” I told her, stepping closer. “Just lean forward and lick, and then you’ll cum. Be my bitch.”

“No,” she hissed, shaking her head.

I lowered the humming. She gasped, her body convulsing. She snarled in anger. “Don’t stop it! Make it hum louder.”

“And let you cum?” I laughed. “You don’t get to cum until you’re my bitch. It’s your reward.”

She glared at me, her face flushed. I turned up the humming just a notch. My body quivered, feeling the pleasure grow in her. She rocked on her knees, her arms stretching behind her as she struggled to break free. The pleasure swelled, carrying her closer to her release.

So I brought down the humming. I teased her. I kept her on the edge, almost getting to her cum, driving her more and more mad for the bliss. Pain could be resisted for hours, even days, but pleasure ... No one could resist pleasure for long.

“Please,” she whimpered.

I stroked my hands up my thighs, reaching my red muff. I stroked my pussy lips. “Mmm, can you smell my spicy excitement?”

The werewolf’s nose flared. She licked her lips. She ached. She was so close to cumming. I turned down the humming for just a few heartbeats, just enough to yank her orgasm away. “You know what to do.”

“No,” she moaned. “I can’t. They’re watching.”

“Yes,” I moaned, feeling the hungry werewolves staring at me. Some already rubbed their dripping pussies. Others pressed together, rubbing hot cunts on each other’s thighs, naked breasts pressed together. Their feminine lust filled the air. “They are watching.”

Moon shuddered again. She let out a whimper, her body squirming She took deep breaths, inhaling my pussy’s scent as I stroked myself. She couldn’t look away from my snatch. Her eyes were so hungry for me. She was so desperate for her orgasm.

I slowly increased the humming, feeling her orgasm swelling through her body, her nipples throbbing with ecstasy. Juices flooded out of my pussy as I stroked my clit. I rubbed it in slow circles, groaning.

And then she broke. She submitted. She became my bitch.

“Yes,” I moaned as her face buried between my thighs. Her tongue licked and lapped furiously at my pussy. I seized her tawny hair, holding her in place. Silver eyes stared up at me as her tongue swirled through my pussy’s hole, stroking my silky walls, making me shudder in delight. “Yes, that’s it, you little slut. My bitch.”

“Bitch,” the rest of the pack moaned. And then they fell on each other in a wave of lesbian, orgiastic lust. They were all women. Werewolves were born of Las’s indiscriminate masturbation. They had to find males of other races to mate with. They would ravish them, the entire pack fucking the man to death. They would raid out of the Haunted Forest, attacking the villages of the Queendom of Naith or the farmlands around Thaville.

I shuddered, watching werewolves scissor their pussies together, breasts bouncing as they humped. Others licked each others cunts, some in pairs, others forming daisy chains of licking, lapping delight. The Zeutchians, petite werewolf rode the Halanian’s face, grinding her snatch on pliant tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, the pack becoming my tools as I savored Moon’s licking tongue.

I sent the dildo to its full vibration. She howled into my cunt as her orgasm exploded in her depths. I felt it rippling through her body, her cunt spasming on my toy. I shuddered, her moans vibrating my pussy, teasing my clit.

As she came, she devoured me. She ate me with a primal ferocity no man or woman, not even that deliciously skilled Chaun, had ever done. I snapped my head back, grinding on Moon’s tongue and lips, my pussy churned to a froth.

“That’s it, you little bitch,” I hissed. “Oh, yes. Oh, fuck, yes. You’re going to make me cum. Oh, fuck. I’m going to cream your hot, hungry mouth. Mmm, yes.”

My pussy tingled. She growled and snarled, her orgasms rippling one after the other through her body as she devoured me. She drank my spicy musk, worshiped me. She had broken. She was my bitch, which made me the alpha of the pack now.

And they would be so useful. The distraction I needed to subdue Angela and her group.

My pussy clenched on Moon’s probing tongue. She brushed that delicious spot in my depths. Pleasure sparked through me. I threw back my head, and added my voice to the howls of the pack around me. My orgasm boiled through my mind. I heaved and thrashed as the ecstasy washed over me.

It was glorious.

I would earn the Doge’s bounty. It was such a shame about Chaun. I liked him. He was a wonderful lover. But he trespassed against the Doge of Raratha, and I couldn’t pass on 5000 gold dupondius. I ground my hot, cumming cunt on Moon’s mouth as thoughts of all that wealth burned inside me.

I would be rich.

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