Island Paradise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex, Nudism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A "return to Eden" with a twist or two. Mainly involving two large families. Some young un's get included

We belonged to one of those fundamentalist churches but when the pastor was caught with his cock in the ten year old daughter of one of our neighbours, my daddy said that was enough. He spouted on about Sodom and Gomorrah and how we needed to get away from the corruption. Another neighbour, Thomas Laidlaw, agreed and the two of them got together and did some thinking.

A month later we packed the two households into a big truck and a bus and headed for the Pacific coast. Daddy said we were going to look for somewhere far away from everyone and they felt an island in the middle of the Pacific should be suitable. I wondered how we would take the truck to an island but daddy said “The Lord will provide”. As we travelled across country we stayed in camping grounds using four big tents to accommodate all of us. My family: there’s daddy Jeremiah Samson, mom Evelyn, I’m the eldest child, Richard, my twin sister Bessie, we’re 15. Next is Daisy and Pauline aged 13, Michael and Susan aged 10, and Maureen and Fiona aged 7. Yep, four sets of twins. The Laidlaws were Thomas and Eliose, their eldest is Gwen who’s 14, Peter and Miriam are 10, Jackie and Tammy aged 8, and Paul and Carol aged 5. Another four sets of twins except Gwens twin Adam died when he was three.

Our first destination was San Diego and we had come through Las Vegas and just crossed into California when we saw a car stopped by the road with a family standing around looking upset. We stopped and daddy asked what the problem was. The man answered that the engine had started clunking and then seized solid. Daddy asked where they were headed and he said they were headed home to Los Angeles. Daddy offered to tow the car to the next service station which they gratefully accepted. The family got in our bus while daddy tied the car behind the truck.

It was a lot slower but we towed them to the outskirts of Los Angeles and stopped at a Service Station. The man arranged for the car to be repaired and then we took them the rest of the way to their home on a small farm. They were very grateful and said we were true Christians, we just tried to look humble as we tried to leave. They insisted we stay for supper and said we could put our tents in their field for the night. So we stayed the night with the Williamson family and headed on after having breakfast with them as well. We had shared a little of our story and when we left they pressed a lottery ticket on us as a thank you and told us that they hoped the Lord would provide. Daddy doesn’t usually hold with gambling so that sort of flummoxed him. He accepted the ticket and we drove southward. We stopped at a camping ground just before San Diego and set up to stay for a while. Daddy planned to look around San Diego and see what our next step was.

The camping ground had a recreation room with a television for the campers so us kids were watching when the lottery draw came on. We carefully wrote down the numbers and went back to our tents. Our parents were sitting around talking so Bessie gave daddy the piece of paper with the numbers on it. He looked at it for a moment and then realized what it was so got out the ticket and gave it to Bessie to check. She checked all the numbers and then looked at me. She handed the ticket and the paper to me and I checked the numbers.

I stood up and stepped forward, waiting for the adults. Daddy looked at me and asked what I wanted. I answered, “Daddy, the Lord has provided, the numbers check out and the television said the prize is two hundred and thirty million.”

There was absolute silence for a few minutes then daddy gulped “We’ll check in the morning and move forward a lot quicker. For now I feel prayers of thanks would be appropriate.”

He led us in a prayer service and then we went to bed. The next day was kind of crazy as we found out where to go and went and collected the money.

Daddy and Thomas went to the port and started enquiries into finding a small ship. It took four weeks before they found one and another two weeks to complete the purchase. They were asked on the first day if they had a captain and navigator and we realised that we needed these skills so Gwen, Bessie and I were sent to study full time. Michael, Peter and our fathers started learning about the engines.

The ship was 170 feet long and 38 feet wide with twin diesel engines. It had cabins for 25 crew and passengers so there was plenty of room for all of us. It was a bit rough so everyone pitched in to clean and paint the cabins before we moved in. It had been a supply/cargo vessel so had a good sized hold with proper cranes and all the necessary equipment, there was a large deck space with a loading ramp at the stern. Once it was cleaned up and painted we all moved on board, moved all our belongings on and sold the bus. We kept the truck and started buying all the materials we thought we would need on an island.

It took us three months to complete our preparations, building materials, stocks of seeds, clothing etc. We had planned the loading carefully and realised that the stern ramp would need to drop onto a wharf so the last thing on was a floating wharf. We filled up the diesel tanks, 40,000 gallons took a while to pump in. My father took the remaining money and put half in the bank but took the rest of it up to the Williamson family who gave us the ticket. They were amazed and, when daddy told them we were ready to leave, they wanted to come too. Daddy told them where we headed and told them if they were ever down our way to drop in. At this stage we didn’t know which island we would be on so they would have to do some searching.

We cruised south and west, our plans had us heading towards Tahiti and the islands in that area. We cruised around French Polynesia and then the Tuamotu atolls and, after looking at more than 50 atolls, we stopped at one that was small enough and isolated enough, that no one seemed to live there. We anchored and took the small boat ashore and, after four trips, all of us were able to stand on the island and start looking around.

We found fresh water, which was the most important requirement. There was no-one there even though there were lots of coconut trees and plenty of space for us to build our return to Eden. We reversed our ship towards the end of the reef where it joined into the shore line and anchored in ten feet of water. We used the crane to lift the floating dock off the stern and got it much closer to shore. Next were the wharf sections that reached from the floating dock to the shore. Success! We lowered the stern ramp onto the floating wharf and were able to walk to shore. It was a bit rocky so we got busy and moved some of the larger rocks so we had a clear walkway.

We weren’t in a hurry to build as we had got quite used to living onboard but we put up our tents to live in while we made a start on planting. We had a lot of fruit trees and other plants suitable for the islands that we had obtained in Tahiti along with some island pigs and chickens. Our garden plot got fully fenced to keep the pigs out and then we released them. Daddy and Mr Laidlaw started planning two houses. I listened to their ideas and mentioned that it was hot here but their houses were for cold weather. I got told to keep my mouth shut and not to insult my betters.

We finished unloading the ship and started building. We took four weeks to get both houses to the stage where our parents could have some privacy. They moved into their rooms and shut the doors. All of us younguns were still in the tents with our ship just riding at anchor.

The next morning they came out and behaved very strangely. Daddy talked to Mr Laidlaw and then they announced that it was time to make sure we stayed on the island. They went out onto the ship, raised the anchor and motored out to sea. We saw them stop about a mile off-shore and tie the boat alongside. Then they disappeared below. Our mothers stood with us watching what was happening and when we asked what they were doing my mom said they were going to sink the ship so we couldn’t leave. There was a sudden explosion on the ship and it started to sink. We couldn’t see our fathers and the boat was pulled down with the ship. My mother was the first to whimper and then Mrs Laidlaw started to cry. Most of us kids were too stunned by the sudden turn of events but eventually the girls started to cry also. I swallowed a few times but manged to keep my tears to myself. I had respected my father as my father but often felt that he was unfeeling and pedantic – HE was always right.

The tears dried up apart from a few hiccups. My mother looked at me strangely and said “You’re the man of the island now Richard.”

I walked back to our tents and thought about being the man of the island. I knew we had to move on as our fathers had destroyed the only way we could leave. I looked up to see my mom sitting there waiting for me. She had her head down as if she was subservient, it reminded me of how she sat with dad.

“Lets go and look at the house, I don’t think the design is right for the island.”

Moms head jerked up and she followed me. I looked in the bedroom and it was still stifling hot with the small window closed and no real ventilation through the door.

“We will take this house apart and build something that is cooler. I think you almost got heat stroke last night.”

Mom spoke “It was very hot but your father said it was a purification that we needed.”

We went back outside and I looked at everyone gathered around, we were all there. “I think we should go back to the shore to say some prayers to farewell our fathers. Then we will start to take these houses apart and build a house that is more suited to this hot climate. I think one big house would be better and we need to have running water around the house to keep it cooler.”

Bessie looked at me “That’s a clever idea Richard, I like it. Talking about being cooler, could the girls wear less clothing so we can be cooler?” Our father had been adamant that girls should always wear at least three layers to be modest. Time for a change.

“Of course. Take off whatever is necessary to be cool. Dress for the climate. I think I’ll cut my trousers down to shorts.”

All the girls breathed a sigh of relief then we walked back to the shore and I led them in a prayer for the dead.

We had lunch and then Michael and Peter helped me to start pulling apart the houses, careful with the materials that we could reuse.

Later in the afternoon Bessie and Gwen came to where we were working. I was shocked when I saw how they had dressed for the heat. They had removed their outer dresses, their petticoats and were both just wearing light cotton panties. They both stood facing me, breasts pointing at me, the first breasts I’d ever seen, then my twin spoke.

“You told us we should dress for the climate, at last we are cool.” She giggled “the others are working completely naked.”

I found my voice “Oh, OK, so why aren’t you naked also.”

“We were, but we thought we better not shock you too much. As you haven’t had a heart attack.” And they both reached down and removed their panties.

My eyes were drawn to the bushy triangle at the base of their torsos. It looked thick and luxuriant like an elders beard. Our fathers had instructed us boys that we had to shave every day until we married and had started me shaving when I turned thirteen. I shook my head,

“Aren’t you girls supposed to shave until you get married?”

They both looked shocked then looked down at themselves and started giggling.

“That’s not a beard!”

Michael and Peter came out to see what the noise was and their mouths dropped open when they saw the girls completely naked. The girls looked at them and smiled.

“We are dressing for the climate, you should also.”

Now the boys looked stunned. Bessie turned back to me.

“We found a site that might be better for building a house like you said, can you take a break and come and see if our idea meets your thoughts?”

“Oh great, lets go, after you.”

We all walked halfway around the island and came to a clearing near the fresh water supply. It was very interesting following the girls, all of us boys just watched those cute little butts wiggle as they walked. We got to where the small stream came out of the hill and flowed down to a small pond before flowing out to the sea.

Gwen pointed out a large flat area where the stream flowed.

“If we built well above the ground we would have the air flow underneath as well as the stream cooling us. Then we could dig over there and have a bathtub with a view, only cold water but that’s probably all we want.”

They had placed sticks into the ground marking out a rough house plan and Bessie went over to a small depression and pretended it was deeper and lazed in her bathtub. Their location had potential and was actually closer to our tents on the shore. I could see what they had in mind although their house plan was a traditional square house. I had an idea.

“How about we do the house differently. Make an open square with a big central area that the stream flows through. That could be where the cooking fire is so the kitchen has running water. In fact we could put the bathtub there as well and have hot water if we wanted. If we are going to run around naked then the idea of closed bathrooms seems a little silly.”

Gwen blushed “It does seem a little silly although I don’t know how our mothers will feel about it.”

Our mothers had retreated into their tent after lunch and we had decided to give them some time to grieve. Now we walked back to the tents and gathered up the others. Daisy and Pauline had the chore of fishing as they seemed to have the best luck, this time they had six good sized fish along with a basket of shellfish. Susan and Miriam had been refilling the water barrels and the others had been collecting firewood and looking after the gardens.

As we arrived at the tents my mother came out ready to start cooking. When she saw how everyone was dressed her hand flew over her mouth and she gasped. Mrs Laidlaw heard her and looked out, she also gasped

“Oh my, girls you ... you ... oh no”

“It’s alright Mrs Laidlaw, the girls are dressing for the climate. Three layers might be suitable for a Michigan winter but it’s simply too hot for here. You said I’m the man of the island so I’m saying it is the new rule. You ladies don’t have to go naked yet but I would prefer that you get more comfortable. We have decided on a better house site round by the stream where we can have cooler air and outdoor cooking.”

My mother was looking at Bessie, staring at that hairy patch, then she shook her head and looked at the other girls, always looking at the top of their legs. I decided on another change.

“Rather than trying to have private baths I think the pond can fit us all. Get the soap and let’s have a family bath-time.”

The younger kids all screamed with delight and ran for the pond. Pauline ran and got the soap and she was off also. Daisy got the towels and followed. Bessie, Gwen and I looked at our mothers then the girls reached out to their mother and took them by the hand. A gentle tug and we followed the others. We got to the pond to see twelve children playing joyfully with Daisy and Pauline making sure the soap was being used properly. I stopped and pulled off my boots, trousers and underwear, breathing a sigh of relief as I walked into the water. Bessie and Gwen had been helping their mothers undress and had even insisted on pulling their panties down so they were as naked as the rest of us. They held their hands over their patches of hair and scuttled into the pond. Bessie and Gwen stood proudly on the edge of the pond before diving in together.

Bath-time lasted well over an hour and by the end of it our mothers had relaxed and started playing with their children. Pauline was the first one out and she looked back with a naughty look and picked up our mothers clothing and ran back to the tents. When the rest of us got out and dried off we carried the towels back. Our mothers looked for their clothes before realising they had no choice. They walked back with us with occasional whimpers and an attempt to hold their hands over their crotches. Bessie and I caught hold of moms hands and looked her in the eyes.

“Isn’t this the most comfortable you have been since we arrived?”

“Ye ... yes, but I’m naked.”

“We shall call you Eve now, and this place is the garden of Eden. So you are dressed correctly.”

Mrs Laidlaw heard us and hesitantly laughed. “Her name’s Evelyn so Eve is appropriate but I’m Eloise, how do I fit in the garden of Eden?”

“I think you fit in very well, you make delicious bread and you sing wonderfully.”

We got back to the tents and prepared the fish and had a delicious dinner. After dinner I told Peter and Gwen to take special care of their mother while Bessie and I looked after ours. We sat beside her while she talked about our father and remembered the good times they had had together. Eventually it was time for bed and she got up and started towards her tent before turning back.

“Thank you Richard and Bessie. You are right, this is a lot more comfortable, I forgot I was still naked. I think I look forward to seeing what else the man of the island has in store.

I sent the others off to their beds and then stretched and looked around. The fire was safe and the stars looked so close in the clear sky. I felt at peace even though I was conscious of the duty that had been thrust upon me.

I woke up and stretched, got up, realised I was still naked, and decided I was going to stay comfortable. I walked out to the toilet pit and relieved myself then went to the table where my shaving things were. Bessie came over to me and stood there and watched as I scraped away the few hairs I had. I ran my hand over my face then she stepped forward and ran her hand over my face.

“Yes, I’d like to feel like that please. Could you shave off my beard please?”

“What? You don’t have ... oh” as she framed her triangle. “OK, Can you sit up on the table?”

She got up on the table and leaned back. She had a pair of scissors and suggested I cut down the forest before shaving the undergrowth.

I had never seen a girls crotch before and, as I cut the forest back, I was enthralled at the vision exposed to my view. When I reached for the shaving soap Bessie caught my hand,

“I know that you will need to touch me everywhere when you shave me. I want you to touch me. I want you to shave me every morning when you shave. Even after we get married I still want you to shave off my ‘beard’”

I started to soap up her hair then slowed to a stop.

“What do you mean ‘after we get married’?”

“Look around, who else can I marry?”

I thought as I spread the soap. She was right. I looked at her crotch. There was the triangle of hair above a slit. The slit opened as she spread her legs wider and I realised the slit was like two lips pressed together and inside at the front was a ‘tongue’ and near the back was a small hole. I could see hairs all the way along the sides of her lips and even some further back where I thought her poop hole would be. I took a deep breath and started at the top. I had got quite good with a cut-throat razor but was being extra careful around my sisters crotch. This is her sex bits! I mustn’t damage them! I shaved all the way along her lips and got her to pull her legs back so I could get the ones further back, yep, there were some around her poop hole and I got them also. My sister lay there with a big smile on her face as I shaved her. I finished and took a risk and kissed her on those lips I had just shaved. Bessie moaned and sat up slowly. Her legs stayed wide open as she reached out and caught me by the shoulders. She pulled me closer and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on my lips. I felt her tongue slip out and just touch my lips before she leaned back a little.

“Thank you Richard, I love you, as a brother yes, but also as a partner. I will be here every morning for a shave. Know that you don’t have to choose between us all, we know we will have to share.”

I stood in thought as she went back to the girls tent. I wondered what she meant. Suddenly Gwen came running from the tent. She stopped in front of me. “Don’t go anywhere, I have to pee first then I’ll be back for my shave.”

She ran on to the toilet pit then came running back. One thing about a naked girl running toward you, there are some very interesting movements on her chest. She stopped in front of me and hopped straight onto the table.

“I want exactly the same as you gave Bessie. After me will be Daisy then Pauline and you must do exactly the same to all of us. None of the other girls have any hair yet so until our mothers decide to shave, you will only have four wives on the table.”

“What do you mean ‘four wives’?”

“We worked it out last night. It is subject to your approval but we thought you could look after Bessie, Daisy, Pauline and me. Peter and Michael could share Susan, Miriam, Jackie, Tammy and Maureen while Paul could have Carol and Fiona. When our mothers accept the need then you will have a different woman each night with Sunday being a day of rest. You are the man of the island so you get first choice.”

I thought about what she had said as I spread the soap around her crotch. Her legs were wide apart and I realised there was a tempting aroma, I’d noticed it with my sister but just thought it was girl smell. I sniffed, trying to work out where it came from. Gwen smiled and caught her bottom lip between her teeth. She reached down and opened her crotch lips and pointed to her hole.

“When I think about being your wife, rather, being one of your wives, I get wet in my vagina. That means I’m getting ready for your penis to enter me and make a baby.”

My mouth dropped open, “But, but, but, we can’t do that, we can’t do that unless we’re married.”

Gwen smiled “Our bodies can do that any time, any time my vagina gets wet and your penis gets hard. Rules of that fundamentalist church said we SHOULD be married. What does the rule of the man of the island say.”

I stood there and thought. My hand kept rubbing the shaving soap over Gwens crotch and I realised she was twitching when I rubbed over her lips. I started to think about where I was rubbing and hooked my finger to spread her lips. Rubbing over the little tongue at the top of the lips got a bigger reaction so I gave it more attention. She started bouncing her bottom on the table and making odd noises, her eyes were closed and her vagina smell was much stronger. Her hands reached up to her breasts and started squeezing them and stretching her nipples. With a gasp her eyes flew open and she looked me in my eyes as she made mewing sounds, her back arched, and then she slumped on the table. Her hands came down and held mine still. She got her breath back and looked at me.

“Yes Richard, I will marry you. NOW. I can see your penis is hard and my vagina is VERY wet. I am willing to have sexual intercourse at your command. Please don’t keep me waiting.”

I thought, so this is what sexual intercourse is all about. I was aware my penis was pointing upwards and was hard. I stepped forward and aimed it at Gwen’s vagina. Something told me to rub it around the outside which had Gwen shuddering. She reached down and held my penis and aimed it into her hole.

“There is a small barrier at the entrance called a hymen that you have to break. It will hurt me but only for a moment. Once you are in, wait for the pain to go then you can continue.”

My father hadn’t told me anything about sex but obviously the females communicated better. I followed Gwen’s instructions and slid into her vagina entrance, I felt the hymen resisting my entrance. I reached out and held Gwen’s hips and thrust past the hymen and then froze. Gwen had gasped as I entered and I saw a tear in her eye. She took a deep breath, then another, then looked at me and smiled with a nod.

I pushed further in and wondered how deep she went. I discovered she was as deep as my penis was long, I could feel the tip of my penis making contact right at the deepest part. The feeling of Gwen’s vagina on my penis was exquisite and I started to move in and out. The feeling got better and better until I felt my penis explode. I had no idea what came out of it but Gwen looked happy.

“That’s your sperm, it joins with my egg to make a baby inside me. You just had an orgasm. If you keep going I can have one also.”

Orgasm! That felt fantastic, she wants one also. I kept thrusting in and out as Gwen started gasping and mewing. She suddenly stiffened and her mouth gaped open with a silent scream. She reached up and pulled me down to hold me close. We got our breath and I stood back up pulling my penis out of her.

I looked down and laughed. Gwen looked also and saw the shaving soap had been shared, she giggled.

“Maybe we should both shave.”

I leaned forward and gave her a big hug then stood back. I picked up the razor and shaved her triangle off. Her legs spread easily and I held her lips while I shaved the edges before tipping her legs right back to do round her poop hole. I picked up the towel and wiped the remaining soap off her. I leaned forward and kissed her bottom lips.

“I think your thoughts about wives might be a suitable solution. I see what you are doing with the age grouping. I want to talk to each of you before I confirm anything though. Now get in there and send the next one out.”

“Don’t you want me to use that shaving soap on you?”

“Ah no, not now. That’s something else I have to think about.”

Gwen stood up and preened, she thrust her breasts out, her nipples standing proud. Her breasts weren’t big but suited her frame. She leaned forward and kissed me before strutting back to the tent. A moment later there were squeals then Bessie, Daisy and Pauline came running out. Bessie was first to wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me, then she stepped back to allow Daisy to hug me. She leaned back and kissed me before she stepped aside to allow Pauline in. Gwen came back out and joined the other three. They joined their arms and stood before me. Bessie looked at me with a huge smile.

“Well brother, Gwen tells us you are willing to marry all four of us. We know you want to think further but we just want to say a big YES. We are all willing as soon as you are ready. However we are willing to make love now. Anytime, anywhere, we are willing. We don’t mind if others are watching, in fact we would love the younger ones to see what they have in their future.”

They stood there, Bessie and Gwen with their legs apart showing their bare lips. They seemed to have their hips tilted to put their crotch on display. Daisy and Pauline pushing their small breasts out for me to see. I made up my mind.

“In two days time we will have a ceremony of marriage. I would like you four to plan a simple ceremony and then discuss it with me. Sometime today I want you to talk to our mothers and get their ideas. You will need to explain very gently about the need for me to marry my twin, and my two younger sisters as well as Gwen. For now we need to start planning our house. With your ideas for partnerships we should have five sleeping rooms plus a general room and a store room. The kitchen outside with a roof over and a bathing area. We could probably have a toilet as well if we have a bucket system that is emptied every day. You know the area, so go and mark it out. Michael, Peter and I will spend the morning working on pulling dads house apart then this afternoon we will start moving materials to the new house site. For now, I want to shave these two hairy girls then have breakfast.”

Daisy and Pauline looked at each other with glee, then hopped up on the table side by side. Bessie and Gwen laughed and then they got the soap and started rubbing it over the hairy patches. I pushed Gwen aside and quickly shaved Daisy. Then I bent over and kissed her lower lips and ran my tongue between them. I could feel that tongue like piece of skin that seemed to give Gwen so much pleasure so I licked around that and then sucked it into my mouth. Daisy yelped.

“Yes, YES, do that again, oh my, that feels so nice.”

I stood up and looked at Gwen.

“I think you should carry on with Daisy while I shave Pauline.”

Gwen sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and took a deep breath.

“This should be fun.” And dived between Daisy’s legs where I had just been. She found the right spot as Daisy started bouncing on the table. I laughed and moved over to where Bessie was gently rubbing the soap over Paulines crotch. She was carefully watching what was happening to Daisy as Pauline was starting to writhe on the table. I stopped her hands and moved her aside. Then I shaved Pauline and while she was still tipped back so I could shave around her poophole, I washed the soap off and started kissing her crotch. Bessie wrapped her arm over my shoulder and got very close to see what I was doing. I opened Paulines lips and Bessie and I explored between them. I found that tongue like piece and started stroking it. Bessies eyes opened very wide when Pauline started moaning and bouncing her hips on the table. Daisy gave a series of screams and then Gwen reached out for my penis.

“She’s wet and you’re hard so in you go. Remember, be gentle. I’ll help get Pauline ready for you next.”

I hadn’t realised that I had got hard again but I guess all these naked females are going to have some sort of effect on me. I moved over to Daisy and rubbed my penis between her lips and teased around her vagina. She looked at me with a mixture of desire and trepidation.

“It will hurt when I break through your hymen, I will wait while you get used to me before continuing.”

She nodded so I quickly pushed through and froze when I felt it break open. Daisy gasped and whimpered. She gulped a few times and then her eyes opened wider.

“That’s starting to feel better, in fact it feels kind of nice.”

I smiled, all girls must be the same about this sex stuff. I pushed further in until I felt my penis reach the bottom of Daisy’s vagina. Her eyes had got wider as I pushed in and as I eased back out they closed slightly, as I repeated the strokes her eyes opened and closed. She started to whimper and moan,

“Oh yes, all the way in, keep going, soo nice, don’t stop, more, Yes, yes, yes.”

Until with a scream she slumped on the table. I could feel my penis getting close so I kept thrusting in and out. Daisy looked up at me with wide eyes, and a big grin.

“Yes, I love this, Gwen said you shoot some stuff, so shoot it, shoot it in me, fill me up.”

I shot, I felt it all the way down my penis and into Daisy’s warm and tight vagina. I slumped forward onto her and she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight onto her. I could feel her small breasts against my chest, firm and upright, with hard points. I sat back and looked at them, then leaned forward and kissed the points, Daisy moaned and pushed them up for me. I licked the points then sucked the points into my mouth and licked them. Daisy pushed them further to me.

“Yes, that’s nice, suck them, that’s where your baby will drink, see if you can get any milk.”

I sucked hard but no milk came out. Got a lot of encouraging sounds out of Daisy. Gwen was watching closely,

“You didn’t do that to my breasts. I’m looking forward to feeling what that’s like.”

Bessie looked at her, “He didn’t do ANY of that with me, I want to feel him inside my vagina, I want my brother to take my virginity, NOW.”

Pauline was still lying on the table with Gwen and Bessie still running their hands over her, teasing between her lips and even pulling on her nipples. She was moaning and bouncing on the table.

“Me first, I’m ready, I’m all ready, I need him now, please.”

Bessie and Gwen looked down at Pauline, then looked at me. Bessie smiled,

“I guess you better satisfy this wife first then you have to do me.”

Gwen pulled me over to Pauline, then looked down at my penis which wasn’t as hard as it had been before I shot in Daisy. She frowned, then her eyes widened and she smiled. She knelt down and licked my penis. I felt that all the way through me. She opened her mouth and sucked my penis into her mouth and I could feel her tongue exploring. I could feel my penis stiffening, she pulled off and licked her lips. A final lick and she aimed me at Pauline and I pushed into Paulines welcoming vagina. Again the resistance at the entrance that I pushed though and froze. A moment and Pauline wrapped her legs around me and smiled.

“YES, I’m OK,

I pushed firmly to embed myself deeply in her. I started to thrust in and out of her depths, she was writhing and bouncing on the table. Gwen hesitantly reached out and tweaked her left nipple making Pauline gasp with delight. Emboldened Gwen kept playing with Paulines left breast and Bessie reached out and did the same to the right. Pauline got more vigorous and started thrashing around on the table, I had to hold tight to her hips to stay in her. She froze, then screamed loudly, arched her back and then slumped back on the table, gasping for breath. I could feel myself getting close so kept going, varying the pace to find what suited me best. Pauline just lay there whimpering and looking wild eyed up at me. I could feel it boiling up inside me and gave a few final thrusts to fill Pauline. She gave a high pitched whine and some dog type yips as she orgasmed again.

We both slumped on the table, I felt I could barely move. Gwen looked exhausted also while Bessie had crammed her fist into her mouth.

“Oh God, he is going to do that to me next, ahhh, aiiieiee, oH my, oh my, ohhhh myy God.”

I looked at Bessie and smiled, trying to look a little fiendish. She looked at me and squealed as she clasped her hands together hiding her slit. I frowned at her and crooked my finger, beckoning her closer. She whimpered but stepped towards me. I reached out for her arm and gently pulled her into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and held her head against my shoulder and stroked her hair. She looked up at me and hesitantly smiled.

“I,,, I’m not sure now. I’m very nervous.”

“Bessie, we have plenty of time, I’m sure when you’re ready, you will enjoy yourself. These three girls all have and I certainly do.”

I continued to stroke her hair and back. My hands strayed lower, stroking over the curve of her buttocks. Bessie turned into me, pressing her front against mine. She tilted her face up and offered her lips for a kiss.

“I’m only being silly, of course I want you to make love to me also. Then again and again all day, every day.”

We kissed, our tongues explored each other. Bessie twitched and yipped and I realised the other girls were kissing her body, sucking her nipples. Gwen was behind Bessie and when Bessie’s eyes went wide I looked over her shoulder and saw Gwen was caressing between Bessies butt cheeks. She smiled and resumed kissing and caressing Bessie. She was twitching constantly now so I eased her back onto the table. As she lay back and lifted her legs, parting them for me, Gwen slipped to the front and I could see that she had a finger or two actually in Bessies poop hole. Bessie seemed to be enjoying the contact so I knelt down and kissed her bottom lips. The little tongue got my attention and I licked around and sucked on it. Bessie started warbling,

“Yes, Yes, please, I’m ready ... now, please Richard, I want, ... I want it.”

I realised my penis wasn’t hard so I looked at Gwen, but Pauline was already reaching for me. Her eyes were wide open and eager as she opened her mouth and took me in. Just a little, then her tongue started exploring. Gwen smiled at her.

“That’s right, I licked and sucked it. I tried going up and down and he seemed to like that. I couldn’t take him all in my mouth, I felt like I was going to gag when he touched my throat so I wrapped my hand around him so it wouldn’t go too far in. Try different things because we all have to learn.”

Pauline followed Gwens advice and tried swirling her tongue around the head of my penis. I wasn’t surprised that I quickly got hard again. I was still sucking on Bessies little tongue and could feel a nub inside it swelling. I pulled back a little and looked closer. It looked like a little hood with a tiny penis inside so I gently eased the hood back and licked the inside. Bessie screamed and her hands grabbed my hair.

“Yes, Yes, do that again, oh my god, oh my god. I’m exploding.”

Another scream and she collapsed onto the table. I was hard so I stood and aimed for my twin sisters opening. Daisy was kneeling, looking closely, and reached out and guided me into my sister. I felt the hymen resisting me and looked at Bessie. She looked back at me, still breathing heavily, smiled and nodded. I pushed in, through the hymen, and paused as Bessie gasped. A moment or two, then she relaxed and nodded again. I pushed further in, she was as tight as the other girls, but was very wet. I bottomed out in her depths and felt a heat, the fire of her love. As with the others I started to pump in and out, the others taking up positions around us. Daisy and Pauline were caressing Bessies breasts while Gwen seemed to have her hand around Bessies poop hole again. After four or five minutes I could feel my penis swelling again. Bessie started to scream again and then I felt Gwen put a finger in my poop hole. Before I could object, my body reacted and I exploded for the fourth time that morning. I realised that Gwen had fingers in Bessie as well as I could feel them rubbing my penis from inside. Bessie reached up and caught her arms around my shoulders and pulled herself up to hug me close. My legs were feeling very wobbly and I started to fall backwards. Bessie hung on and fell with me, my penis still inside her.

I landed on my butt then fell onto my back. Bessie on top of me. She smiled and then kissed me deeply.

“Yes Richard, that was everything a girl could hope for. We can do that anytime, anywhere.”

I kissed her back. Then I heard gasps from above my head. I looked up at Gwen. She was looking past me with her bottom lip caught between her teeth. I tilted my head back and could see the rest of our families, upside down, but they were all looking at us. Bessie looked up and whimpered. Then she shrugged and sat up on me. She pulled her shoulders back and lifted a little way up my penis before sliding back down. I could feel her muscles inside her vagina rippling and my penis tried to respond. I smiled and pushed myself up so I was sitting. I kissed Bessie again then I swivelled half way around. Everyone was standing there watching us. All the girls had big smiles while the boys looked rather shocked. Our mothers were both whimpering and had their hands pressed between their legs.

I decided that what was done, was done.

“You younger girls were all part of the discussion about matching up. I think your suggestions are the best way forward. What you just witnessed was my agreement. I need to talk to our mothers and then we will have a meeting to make sure everyone understands and agrees. Right now I would like mom and Eloise to sit up on the table so I can shave them. Everyone is welcome to watch.”

I knew I was putting a lot of pressure on our moms but I felt that they needed to keep moving forward rather than letting them go and think too much about what was happening.

Eloise stepped forward to the table and reached out to her daughter Gwen. Gwen hugged her and helped her to sit on the table. Bessie had jumped off me and reached out to our mother. Mom was looking between her legs where I could see a creamy trickle running down. Moms eyes were wide and she whimpered as she looked at me.

“Richard, that, that was, it was so loving. Richard...” She hung her head “Richard, me too.”

I had stood up and now I stepped to mom and Bessie and we took both her hands and pulled her into a big hug.

“Yes mom, you too.”

She gasped and relaxed. We led her to the table and sat her up beside Eloise. Gwen had already started rubbing soap over her mothers triangle. I think Gwen was a little naughty as her fingers were obviously straying as her mother was twitching. I smiled and gave Pauline some soap for her and her sisters to rub into their mom. I picked up my razor and moved to Eloise. She looked around at everyone watching, gulped but spread her legs.

In the audience the girls has pushed the boys to the front and I could hear them saying that the boys needed to learn how to shave the girls because they would be doing it as soon as the girls had some hair.

I shaved Eloises triangle then Gwen helped her lean back. I stretched her lips a little as I shaved them clean then we tipped her further back so I could shave round her poop hole. Gwen wiped the soap off then opened her moms lips wide to show everyone. She pointed to her moms little tongue and mouthed at me to suck it. Instead of immediately sucking it, I reached out and ran my fingers all around her lips and caressed the tongue. Eloise moaned loudly yet seemed to be holding her legs further open. I caressed that tongue and stroked it. I could feel the nub inside and kept stroking as I felt it grow. I leaned over and sucked it, as I licked it Eloise started gasping and twitching. I looked around as I fingered it. Everyone was watching closely and I decided we needed to start as we meant to carry on.

“I want each of you, boys and girls, to try doing this. Just be gentle.”

I looked up at Gwen. “Guide them”

Peter and Michael were first in line and I guided Peters fingers to explore his mothers sex. Gwen encouraged Michael to try sucking Eloises nipples as I moved over to my mother.

Mom had been watching and was twitching as the girls continued to rub the soap around her hair. I picked up my razor and stepped in front. Mom spread her legs very wide and was nodding frantically as she kept twitching.

“Calm down a little mom, I don’t want to trim off anything you will need.”

She giggled a little then got control of herself. As I shaved off her triangle she held Bessies hand.

“Do you think he can fill me like he filled you before”?

Bessie looked down at my penis, then at Daisy and Pauline and they all smiled. They turned to look at Gwen who had heard moms question and was nodding emphatically. Peter and Michael had been joined by two of the girls and they were all busy kissing, sucking and caressing. Eloise was writhing and moaning. Gwen looked down and grinned. She reached down and showed Miriam her mothers poop hole and ran her fingers around it before sliding a finger in. Miriam giggled and replaced Gwens finger with one of her own. Next Gwen took Michaels fingers and guided two of them into her moms vagina. Eloise screamed “Yes, more, more, yes, yes.”

Gwen smiled and got Michael and Miriam to use more fingers. The wetness was running from Eloises vagina and making her poop hole also very wet.

I focussed back on my mom and shaved the hair off her lips then tilted her back. She reached up and held her legs around her knees, holding herself right back and very wide. I shaved round her poop hole, wiped the soap off, then I kissed her poop hole. She whimpered and tried to hold herself wider. Her hole opened a little so I stiffened my tongue and pushed at the opening. My tongue slid inside and mom screamed.

“Yes, oh my god, that’s, that’s so nice.”

Daisy had her mouth wrapped around my penis, she had obviously listened closely when Pauline had her lesson. I was starting to respond but became very hard when she slipped a finger in my poop hole. Pauline had knelt down and was sucking on her mothers little tongue while Bessie was busy on her breasts and nipples. Mom was bouncing on the table now then gave a big scream, arched her back, and lots of juice flowed from her vagina.

As she laid still for a moment I stood up and guided my penis into her. There was no hymen of course, so I slid all the way in. She gasped and moaned then looked up at me.

“You’ve only just lost your virginity and you’re already a better lover than your father ever was. Whatever these girls have planned, if it includes me, then I agree. Now fill me, please.”

I stroked in and out and mom had screamed and moaned twice before I felt my penis start to swell. Mom looked at me,

“Yes I can feel you’re coming, fill me, fill my pussy.”

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