Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Niece, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He's setup and his sister runs from her abusive husband. And brings her daughters,,, her pretty daughters. Follow along as they all discover boundaries (none) and explore the range of emotions.

I’d come back alive, a long stint with the SEALs including a tour in Iraq, and I decided I’d had enough. Back on civvie street in northern California and wondering what to do. Some of my comrades had opened various businesses like a bike shop and another a tattoo parlour but neither of those interested me. While I was looking around I happened to buy a lottery ticket that managed to win 120 million after Uncle Sam took his bite.

Man, my sister was pissed. She was hitched to a real loser who claimed to be ex marine but something seemed bullshit about him. He’d hurt her a few times until the time I was visiting before we deployed and I saw his hand-print on her arm and a bruise on her cheek. He found himself with a few bruises of his own as well as two broken fingers. As well as a warning that if he EVER hurt my sister again he’d find himself sucking his own dick. But my sister stayed with him, she had three lovely girls and they were doing really good at school. But if I gave her any money then her loser husband would surely get his hands on it. I made sure she knew where I was heading if she needed a place to run to.

I had headed up into the mountains and found a quiet little lake up a crap road, 620 acres of trees and about twenty clear acres with a simple cabin on it. Spent a bit on enhancements and basically laid back and wound down. Spent all my time clothes-free unless I went into town. Ran a few sheep and beef and developed a good garden, enough to keep me fed and active.

Three years and then my phone rang. It was my sister.

“We’re stuck halfway up this crap road where the road is washed out. Do you have a four wheel drive or a bloody tractor to get us through?”

She described where she was so I took my truck the mile down the road and hitched a rope on and towed her car up. Wondered why Maggie and her girls were a little wide-eyed.

“Um, bro, did we get you out of a bath or something, we appreciate the way you ran to our rescue but you could have put some pants on.”

“Oh, shit. I’ve spent the last three years nude except for shopping trips and didn’t even think about it. I’ll go and put some pants on.”

“Oh no you don’t, Mike. We have invaded your space so your rules apply. Girls, I know you trust your uncle.”

She peeled her clothes off and her girls quickly followed suit. Man, the scenery just improved dramatically!

“Mike, we’re here because that loser husband of mine crossed a line too many. After you ‘talked’ to him he was too terrified to hit me again but he told me last week that he was planning a deflowering ceremony for Julie’s 16th birthday next month with him as the deflowerer. He planned to have a few friends over as well so she got the full experience. So we grabbed some stuff and ran. I really hope we can stay with you, I never told him where you are so I hope we can be safe here.”

“The shit. You can stay here as long as you want, forever is fine with me. I’ll make some contacts and get your loser dealt to. I guess the girls need to finish school, do you want to enrol them locally, which is an hour and a half drive each way, or they could do home school, correspondence and distance learning. I’ve got satellite with internet so it’s not a problem,” Now Maggies girls had peeled off willingly, but were standing there looking rather frightened. My calm acceptance of them coming here seemed to put them at ease somewhat. Julie is the eldest, nearly sixteen, pretty little miss, then Samantha just fifteen, and fourteen year old Wendy, in fact they are all pretty little misses. They all take after their mother, slender but reasonable heights, with a definite bustline but no huge floppy ones. Hell, the scenery was mighty fine.

“Well it’s school hols for another two weeks so we don’t have to decide that immediately. I’m just glad we can stay somewhere safe. How about giving us a tour?”

I turned around from where we were parked and pointed out my boundaries. I owned the whole valley with the lake and reminded them of the fence line they’d come through just before the wash out.

“Anywhere in there is mine, no, ours now. You can run free, the lake is stocked with fish that are good to eat, no piranhas so it’s safe to swim. The animals won’t hurt you, although be careful around the cows as they can get pushy. If you feel like more pork and bacon in your diet we can get a few pigs, if you want to try kayaking, we can get some easily. This is the lifestyle you have moved into. Girls, I don’t know if your mum told you but I had a good lottery win a while back and I need your help to spend the interest on the investments so I don’t pay as much tax.”

Their mouths were all hanging open. Julie was the first to laugh.

“But if we’re running around naked we won’t need to buy fancy clothes, and even if we did I don’t think the sheep need a fashion show.”

That got them all laughing and relaxing even more. These kids seemed to have their heads screwed on straight.

“Ok lets have a look at the cabin, as that’s where we will have a few problems, only short term, but nevertheless...”

I took them on the cabin tour, didn’t take long as there are only three rooms, with no doors. The living area is very large with a large comfortable sofa and enormous TV, the kitchen was a legacy of the previous owner who was a master chef and I saw Maggie’s eyes go wide.

“Wow, bro, with that kitchen you must eat well.”

“Well actually, I don’t use half the equipment as I’ve only been cooking for one. There’s things there that I hope you might know how to use because I don’t.”

The bathroom has a spa-bath that is big enough for six and a shower that four can fit easily. I’ve used the bath once as it takes a lot of water, showers are good enough for me. Washer and dryer are tucked in the corner and the toilet allows you to watch TV. Remember, no door!. Samantha worked it out first.

“No privacy or modesty allowed here. I like being able to watch TV from the toilet but I’m nervous about being on show while I pee.”

“I’ll find the door and put it back.”

“I said I was nervous, not that I wouldn’t do it.”

And promptly sat down and peed with us all standing there. Red faced when she wiped, mother standing there with her mouth opening and closing.

“I did it!, come on sisters, do it once and get the embarrassment over with, I feel sort of free now.”

Wendy was next, she was rather brazen and held her knees quite wide apart and looked me right in the eyes, Julie followed, although her knees were shaking a bit. Maggie...

“Shit, if my daughters can have their uncle watch them pee...”

She sat down and with us all standing around, peed and stayed there and then the unmistakeable sound of ‘further action’ informed us she was one up on her daughters. She laughed.

“You’re right Sam, it is liberating. What’s next?”

She wiped off and we moved into the bedroom, the only bedroom, with only one bed. A king size, but still only one bed. Wendy smiled and sang.

“There were five in the bed and the little one said ‘roll over, roll over’, so they all rolled over and one fell out, there were four in the bed and the little one said ‘roll over, roll over’.”

She, the ‘littlest one’ dissolved into giggles and her sisters joined her. I thought for a minute.

“I don’t even have a blow-up mattress, so I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight while you all share the bed, then tomorrow we’ll go into town and get some more beds and building materials so I can build a sleep-out. I think I can find enough bedding for tonight.”

Maggie looked at her girls.

“Better idea might be if we all share the bed with two of the girls topped at the other end, you know, top and tail.”

Samantha smiled seductively, well, what a fifteen year old thought was seductive.

“Yeah, we can put Uncle Mike in the middle of us all.”

“HOT DAMN, I better change the sheets AND wash my feet. Seriously, you girls top and tail but I’ll use the sofa. Otherwise your fathers suggested ceremony might happen early by accident.”

Maggie cringed but Julie looked at me and spoke seriously.

“I like the idea of a ceremony, sort of coming-of-age, but with dad and his ‘friends’, no thanks. However Uncle Mike isn’t a creep even if his flagpole is rising to the occasion.”

They all looked at my penis which had been at half mast since they had all stripped off but was now standing at attention after the talk about sleeping arrangements. Maggie whimpered.

“Me first.”

And hung her head as her daughters looked at her. Julie looked at her mother and smiled.

“YES, about time you admitted it mom. From the time you tossed us in the car and told us what dad planned and that we were going to run to your brother to be safe I knew you wanted to be in his bed as well as his arms. You two in the bed and us girls will make do on the sofa. We did stop to grab a couple of sleeping bags so we could sleep in the car while we travelled. Actually two in the car and one on the sofa would work ok.”

Well that announcement left me flabbergasted. I’d watched over my kid sister, but always with a view to looking after her, not looking up her skirts.

Maggie took a deep breath as she looked me in the eyes.

“You never knew I had the hots for my big brother, did you? Well I do, and I’m not going to run away with another loser instead of admitting my feelings. Mike, I’ve loved you forever and wanted you inside me since I found out what sex was. There, I’ve said it.”

She held her head high as she looked at me, that lifted her breasts up so they pointed straight at me, nipples prominent and reaching further towards me. I looked at her, her proud, firm body and thought about the feelings I’d harboured for my sister.

“What name is on your drivers license.?”

“Chapman, my soon to be ex, why?’

“I assume you’re going to divorce him, but once that becomes final your ID will still say Chapman. We could front up to the judge and make our names the same.”

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes got wide. The girls tensed and quivered with excitement, very distracting with six nipples vibrating, going up and down like seismic recorders at the end of the world. They looked back and forth waiting with eager anticipation. Their mother took pity on them.

“Yes. I’d like that very much.”

The girls screamed and started jumping, more bouncing breasts, Samantha jumped up on me and wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. She slipped down a little and her eyes got wide as she encountered my flagpole poking at her entrance.

“Th ... that ... that’s mums ... First anyway, then Julies, then me. You will do the ceremony won’t you?”

No sex for over three years, now four lining up! from a drought to a flood.

“We’ll work our way through that question Sam. I’m not saying no, just wait until my heart starts beating again.”

She smiled happily.

“I understand, thank you ... dad”

Maggie came closer and wrapped her arms around me and lifted her face for our first real kiss. Lucky I wasn’t wearing socks because they would have got blown off. I think Maggie checked the state of my tonsils and probably checked what I’d had for dinner a week ago, that tongue was busy. We came up for air with the three girls looking goofily at us. Maggie got her breath back.

“Ok, that gives us something VERY positive to move forward with. We’ll sort out lawyers etc tomorrow, for now do you have any food in this wonderful kitchen, we’ve survived on take-aways for three days travelling and I’m sick of fries with everything.”

I showed them where everything was in the kitchen and let them go for it. There were some complaints about spices etc missing that they would have liked to use but a lot of positives about the fresh vegetables I had picked earlier. It wasn’t long before we were sitting down to a meal of lamb chops with all the trimmings and I hadn’t cooked it.

“I had a thought while you were cooking and found the original plans for this place. The design called for the cabin to be 16 feet longer with two extra bedrooms. I remember them telling me they decided not to bother as they found out they couldn’t have children so didn’t need the extra rooms. It will probably be easiest if we just do the extension as planned. The ground is still clear and we just need to pour the concrete for the foundations to get started. Having the plans will make sorting out the materials a lot easier. Sound OK?”

“Sounds much better than putting us in a sleep-out a mile away. Unless you two are going to scream and yell in the throes of passion and keep us awake all night.”

Maggie nearly spat out her dinner at Julies quick response but still ended up coughing. The other two cracked up laughing.

“Just make it one big room, we’re used to sharing. How will it join on?”

“Lets have a look here, oh, there needs to be a doorway cut through in the main bedroom. That shouldn’t be a problem, just get my trusty chainsaw out.”

“So if we want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, we’ll have to walk through your bedroom.? Would it be possible to put a second door into the bathroom?”

“Um ... yeah, there’s a clear section of wall so that should be easily done. Good idea.”

They cleared up from dinner while I put together a spreadsheet of the materials and tools we would need. After a bit more discussion about materials and trimmings, etc that would be needed we had a plan of action. Then Maggie stood up.

“Come on girls, you have to help your mum look her best for her first night with her new man. Bathroom. Oh, Mike, can I borrow your shaving gear?”

I showed her where everything was and they all disappeared into the bathroom. I disappeared outside and moved her car up close to the cabin deck and moved their luggage, such as it was, into the house. I dug out all the bedding I could find and made up the sofa and then changed the sheets on my bed. I could hear the girls in the bathroom although I tried not to look.

“Wow mum, is shaving your pussy dangerous?”

“Not necessarily, it’s much easier if someone else does it, so Julie, get in the bath-tub so you have the best angle.”

“Gosh mum, you can still do the splits, Oh I see, the wider the better to stretch the skin.”

“Wow, that looks real easy, ... Ooops mum, I’ve got you, don’t fall over backwards while she does all the way round your butt hole.” “That’s so neat mum, it looks really cool. Julie, don’t get out, I’m next.”

“Oh Sam, You’ve only just grown some hair, now you want it off.”

“Damn right mum, if I’m running around naked here, I’m doing it properly and anyway, your pussy looks so neat shaved.”

“I’m after Sam, then Sam and I can shave Julie, right.”

I told them that evening is the best time for showers as the solar panels have it the hottest then and no boosting is needed so they all jumped in together to wash the travel dust off.

“Come on Uncle Mike, there’s room for one more, especially if he’s handsome like you.”

I decided why fight it and strolled in to join them in the shower. Maggie was the centre of attention for me as I walked straight into her arms but suddenly there were hands everywhere washing both of us while we just looked at each other and hugged. I jumped when two small hands started washing my penis and jumped even more when another hand made very sure my butt-hole was carefully washed. I saw Maggie jump a few times but decided I could get used to this treatment. We were all clean and were carefully dried by the three girls. They then moved us into the bedroom and laid their mother in the middle of the bed.

“Isn’t she beautiful Uncle Mike? And she’s all yours. We’ll sort ourselves out.”

“Thanks girls, although I didn’t need the sales pitch, I’ve known she’s beautiful since the day she was born. Sort yourselves out BUT if there’s any problem come and ask. We’ve got the rest of our lives so a small interuption won’t kill us.”

They all gave us big kisses and left us. I looked at the beautiful woman who had been my sister but was going to be my wife. I remembered growing up together and us playing together, always I had kept in mind that I had to care for, protect, and love her. I was now moving on to the mature stage of those instructions, a step I hadn’t realised was the logical next step.

I looked at her from top to toe, she laid nearly flat with one knee lifted to spread her pussy and expose herself that little bit more. Her shaven lips parted slightly to give a hint of the treasure within. First step was to check the shaving job had been done properly. My tongue gently licked her from butt hole to clit, slipping inside her lips and flicking her clit hood at the top. Her clit decided it wanted to join the party and peeked out from inside the hood and gave me the one eyed stare. My one eyed flag pole decided it wanted to join the mutual admiration society but had to wait. Maggie, my sister, quivered as my tongue went back to her butt and slowly, but more firmly, licked along her lips again. Maggie, my sister and soon to be wife, quivered and whimpered. My tongue went back to her butt as I held her cheeks open and circled her puckered hole with my tongue and stiffened it up to test the entry. Maggie, my soon to be wife, grunted, stiffened, then deliberately relaxed to allow my tongue to penetrate.

Morning was a delightful experience. Waking up to a smiling face, even though she was still asleep, made me wonder what she was dreaming about. I got up to deal with the morning essentials, a pee that wasn’t restricted by a woody. Probably wore the woody out last night and recovery time was needed. The lovely smell of coffee drew me into the kitchen where Julie had been busy getting us off to a good start.

“Good morning Julie, sleep well?”

“Sort of. The sofa is really comfortable but a honeymoon couple in the next room kept me awake half the night. My fingers were so busy,, ... I, I ... I think I came more often than mum. If you think your room smells of sex, just sniff my sleeping bag, it definitely needs airing.”

I laughed and gave her a big hug which she returned with interest, pressing her B cup breasts firmly and deliberately into my chest. She lifted her face and added a kiss to the mix.

“What’s this Julie, trying to steal my man already.” laughed her mother as she tottered out of the bedroom.

“I wouldn’t do that, but the way you are walking, maybe I need to volunteer as a backup pussy. You look totally fucked.”

“Cheeky minx, I’m just out of practice, give me a week or two, or maybe three or four, and I’ll be right for an all-nighter.”

“Uncle Mike, if she’s going to do an all-nighter maybe we better do the sleep out a mile away.”

“Not a chance daughter, you need to learn from the best. I can assure you that your uncle is the best so you can watch and learn.”

I was some-what taken aback by the implications but decided to shrug it off. My coffee was starting to penetrate and I remembered we had a busy day lined up. It was still only 7.00am so we had plenty of time but still none to waste.

“Right Maggie, we need to get active, much as I’d love to spend all day in bed with you, I feel we need to get proper beds sorted out for these lovely ladies, plus a lot of other things. We’ll have the rest of our lives together so the sooner they are sorted the sooner we can fuck the day away.”

“Oh Yes, Fuck the day away, mmmmm. Much as I would like to go straight back to bed with you, you always were the practical one. What shall we do first, shower then breakfast?”

“I’m not that much of stuck-in-the-mud.” I gave her a wink. “First I think these girls need to have THEIR shaving jobs quality checked.”

“Ohh ... Yes ... Come on Julie, lay back on the table and spread so Mike can inspect. I’ll go and get the other two.”

Julie hesitantly laid back on the table and opened her legs. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked nervously at me. I sat down and pulled her towards me, opening her legs on either side of my head. She trembled, I bent my head and my tongue circled her anus. She moaned and my tongue licked slowly but firmly along her lips, checking for any stubble or hairs missed in her shave. Yeah right. There were no hairs growing on her clit hood and her clit came out to see what woke it up. She moaned and lifted her butt towards my face.

“Again, ... please.” I slowly licked her again, this time circling her clit and welcoming it to the party.

“Ahhhhh ... a ... ag ... again ... please.” One more lick and her juices started flowing, her arousal aroma assailed my senses.

“Ye ... yes ... mo ... more ... please.” Always one to oblige a ladies request I repeated my tongues path. Her sisters quietly came in and sat on either side of me with their eyes glued to their sisters arousal. Three more licks and she lifted her butt, arched her back and came.

“I think I’ll have to check your shaving job every morning, would you like that Julie?”

“No Mike, I wouldn’t “like” that, I would “LOVE” that. Before or after your first coffee. Maybe I should return the favour and I might get some extra cream in my coffee.”

“Ohh ... you are naughty. Now you, get off to shower then help your mum get breakfast. Sam, you’re next for a check.”

She jumped eagerly where her sister had just vacated. Her shaving check was virtually identical to Julies although her arousal aroma wasn’t as strong. Perhaps she hadn’t been as busy overnight as Julie had been. The other difference was her clit didn’t peep out from the hood, it stood tall and proud, a good half inch tall. Eventually I sent her off to join the others in the shower and looked at Wendy. She smiled and curled her lip between her teeth as she laid herself in front of me. Her body arched as I licked her. Wendy had these beautiful puffy nipples with quite erect nipples that were growing as I watched.

“Uncle Mike, can ... can I ask a favour.”

“Sure sweetheart, what is your request?”

“Last night when Julie shaved me, she had to touch me all over. And ... and ... when she touched my butt I ... I liked it. Could you please explore my butt. Please.” She lifted her head and looked straight at me. “Outside AND inside please.”

Well that shocked me a little. She was only fourteen but was showing an interest in anal! I licked around her pucker and along her lips to get her clit involved. Some stimulation there while my fingers spread her cheeks wide and circled her little hole. She rolled her knees back further and wrapped her arms around her knees, holding herself very wide and available. I caressed and licked using tongue and fingers. I stiffened my tongue and opened her sphincter and slid in. She looked at me.

“YES ... YESS ... more please.” Her nipples were now over half an inch and still growing.

Her mother came out and sat down, her mouth open as she watched and listened to her daughter.

“Wendy ... why.”

“Mum, do you trust your brother?”

“Of course I do.”

“So do I, TOTALLY. I figure my pussy is off-limits until I have my deflowering ceremony but I want to gift my ass to my Uncle Mike to use as he likes. I trust him to prepare me as he’s quite big and I don’t know how he will fit.”

Samantha sat down “Butt plugs.”

“What?” their mother looked puzzled.

“Butt Plugs. They come in small, medium and large that I know off. It’s alright mum, remember when I had that sleepover at Rachaels last month, she had ‘borrowed’ her mothers plugs to show us. I got the small in no problem but the medium was too big. If we get a set and spent a day or so getting used to it I’m sure Wendy would be ready for the large in a week. Actually, I agree with Wendy, I think I’m too young for my pussy to join the party yet and I would love to show my love for Mike by gifting my ass to him also.”

My GOD! No sex for three years, now I have four of them lining up, two pussys and four asses? I need a calendar. Let’s call their bluff.

“I think there’s an adult store in town that could have that sort of thing. But first we need to get there. Wendy, shower with me while the others get breakfast then we can get moving.”


She raced into the shower and had it ready for me. I walked in and she was washing me straight away, paying particular attention to my penis. I returned the favour and she opened her legs so far she could have been riding an elephant. Both of us got clean and out to bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Isn’t it easy when you don’t have to get dressed all the time. I told Maggie and the girls to clean out their car as it wasn’t suitable for living up here. I phoned another retired SEAL buddy, Dave, who owned a dealership in town and got him to prep an Audi Q7 for me to pick up later. We all got clothes on and they got in their car and I led them through the wash-out. You can get a car through IF you know the line to take. An hour and a half drive into Camden and they followed me to the adult store. Red faces, but determined.

“Good on you Uncle Mike, We can’t go in as it’s R18, but we’ve been talking and, ... could you get four sets please.”

They called my bluff! I went in and got the four sets along with some anal beads and a few other ‘accessories’ also plenty of KY lube.

From there we drove around to the dealership and traded their car in. There were four open mouths when they saw the Audi that I wrote the check out for, but they very quickly became full body hugs which had Dave a bit jealous. Our next stop was the bank where I got bank cards for each of them and set up a college fund for each of the girls. I explained the cards didn’t have limits and I trusted them to be sensible. We split up then with Maggie and the girls driving off in their Audi to stock up big time on groceries while I went round to the building supplies with my spreadsheet and the plans. I arranged for them to deliver the first truck load that afternoon then met up with the others at a furniture store. We fitted a king mattress on the back of my truck and got plenty of sheets and quilts. Another big sofa squeezed on also and got tarped over. Maggie and the girls had arrived with the clothes they stood up in and not much else so we went to the mall and gave them an hour to get the essentials with the promise of another shopping trip early next week. Fifty five minutes and they were back, loaded with bags, although not as bad as I expected. Lunch in the food court then we headed back to the hills.

We got back and were just manouvering the sofa in when the building supplies arrived. The driver gave us a hand with the heavy sofa then hoisted the timber, etc off the truck. I tipped him a fifty and he promised the rest of the loads would be ready on my phone call. Great dealing with family businesses. The truck disappeared and I found the girls struggling to get the mattress inside. I helped them move it into the bedroom where I found they had moved the bed over enough to fit the extra mattress beside it. “I guess sex-ed classes will be running until I get your room built. Could be off-putting making love with three smiling faces peering over the edge of our bed, watching our every move.”

“Don’t worry Uncle Mike, we’ll be polite with our suggestions.”

They realised the truck had gone and quickly stripped. Wendy was first to present her butt to me with the packet of butt plugs and the KY.

“Please Uncle Mike, would you start preparing me so you can take my ass.”

I got some lube on my finger and eased it into her ass hole. Some more lube on the plug and then back to her hole. I got my finger well inside and rotated it to spread the lube, then eased the plug into her hole. She was well relaxed and smiled back at me as she felt the shoulder of the plug seat into her sphincter. She stood up with a big grin and shook her butt.

“That feels weird, I like it. Must remember to always go to the toilet BEFORE putting this in.”

Her sisters and mother had been watching closely and Samantha was quickly bent over for the same treatment. I got hers in and she shook her butt as she stood up.

“Yep, definitely weird. Going to take a bit to get used to this. Then the next size. I think two weeks and Mike can have my ass too.”

Julie and her mother quickly followed, then they all bent over in front of me. Yep, the view around here had dramatically improved. Four butts with plugs in them with three tight pussy lips and Maggies older pussy, more open with longer inner lips proudly exposed with no concealing hair.

“I think I might need heart medicine before too long, oh, you girls are going to make life exciting and much more pleasant than any war zone.”

They laughed and went out to their car and started bringing in all the groceries while I brought in the bedding stuff from my truck. I sorted out my tools and started measuring up the foundations. Wendy came out and started helping. She moved a little ... awkwardly when she had to bend over but did it all with a grin on her face. We brought over some of the timber to box up for the foundations and got it all set up before dinner was ready. A delicious lasagne greeted us, something I liked but had never learnt how to cook.

“This is the life. I really hope you are all comfortable with the way you are settling in. If there is anything that is needed to make things better PLEASE talk about it. You’ve only been here a day and I feel ... so happy.”

Maggie came over and sat on my knee, wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Mike, I, no we, have never felt so loved. It’s not the things you’ve bought, but the way you have embraced us, we just feel so loved. I’m here for life. Anything you want, is yours, pussy, mouth, ass, up in a tree, anything, anywhere, no holes barred. I guess the only question is, should I stop taking the pill?”

I stopped.

“I never thought of that possibility. Children. What do you girls think? Like a little sibling?”

“YES, what would you prefer a boy or another girl?”

“Healthy, and not a spaniel.”

“WHAT? ... What do you mean, not a spaniel?”

“I’ve never liked spaniels with those big floppy ears.”

“Hey Mike, we’re talking about babies here not dogs.”

“I don’t mind whether its a boy or a girl, just as long as it’s ours.”

Samantha had a pensive look. “You and mum are siblings so, technically it’s incest, is there any risk of genetic problems?”

“Interesting question. Think about this. Nearly every racehorse is descended from one of three stallions, breeding programs haven’t picked up any negatives from that level of inbreeding, so I think the stories about two headed babies are just put out by religious fundamentalists with their own agendas.”

“Ahh, ... so ... if WE had your child also, you wouldn’t expect any problems.”

Maggie looked a bit shocked.

“I think we need to get you three girls onto contraception sooner rather than later. So the question of children can wait a few years while we get settled.”

I filled the spa-bath while the girls did the dishes. We all got in and relaxed, Maggie on my right and she carefully pulled my arm around her and placed my hand on her breast. The girls kept changing around and each one caused me to jump when a small hand checked out my penis, not stimulating it but just a check. Samantha stood up and turned her back to me, she bent over and asked me to remove her plug. I eased it out and she got out and placed it in the basin for washing. She then sat on the toilet and relieved herself. After wiping herself she got the shaving kit and climbed back in.

“Come on Julie, do you want to do a touch up shave.”

“I think we should get the expert to shave us. Come on Mike, I think this should be your regular job.”

“Mmmm, Ok, sit up on the edge and present pussy.”

Samantha was first this time. The others removed each others butt plugs and washed them all while I quickly ran the razor over Sams mound. She twitched when I slid my finger between her lips to stretch them for shaving. Her voice deepened as she asked.

“Quality check please.”

I smiled and lowered my mouth to her pussy. My tongue had to stretch to reach her anus but I was still able to do the full stroke. She leaned back as far as she could to allow better access as I licked her from end to end. I paid special attention to her clit which was standing around an inch tall, pointing forward like a little penis. She moaned but came quietly, clenching her legs around my head. After she settled she released my head and leaned forward to kiss me. She nearly sucked my tonsils out, her arms wrapped around me, young breasts pressed firmly into my chest. She came up for air and laid herself into my arms sitting on my lap, her back to my front. She reached down and placed my penis carefully along her slit, spreading her lips to place it deliberately with the tip against her clit. She moved her hips carefully, stimulating both of us.

“No Sam, don’t make him come. Save it all for mum this week. Next week we will all get a taste.”

Huh, when did they plan this disposition of my seed. Makes sense I guess. Sam agreed but kept going until she came again, then lifted herself off. Another tonsil kiss and she got out of the bath to dry herself. She looked a bit wobbly but managed to dry herself off and stumbled off to bed.

Julie sat up next and it was a repeat of Sams shave. All the way through to the kiss and wobbly dry-off.

I looked at Wendy and her nipples were nearly a full inch out from her areola, she was highly aroused also. I reached and caught her nipples and used that grip to pull her over to the bath edge, twisting the nips slightly as she positioned herself. She moaned as she moved but spread herself. I ran the razor over her mound and moved to do the quality check. Her breathing shortened and she moaned. I ran my tongue up her slit and flicked her clit. She convulsed and screamed. Maggie sat up beside her and held her as she came while I tongued her again. Wendy looked at me and her eyes were wide.

“My ass is yours.”

I tipped her back and my tongue circled her anus, stiffened, then penetrated. She moaned and tried to spread herself wider. I removed my tongue and licked up to her clit while my index finger slid into her and penetrated her ass fully. Wendy’s eyes opened even wider as my finger moved in and out. I slid my middle finger alongside the index and tried her with two fingers. It was tight but she kept herself open and accepted both fingers inside her. A smile of success as I looked up at her. I slid them both in and out but only a few strokes.

“It seems the butt plug is helping, but the main thing is your willingness.”

“I told you, my ass is yours. I will never resist your entry.”

“I accept that but would like you to keep stretching for a week. The better you are stretched then the less painful it will be. Maybe we can have a ceremony for first entry.”

“That makes sense. This week is all mums, so next weekend I’ll park my butt on the table as the sacrificial butt virgin.”

Maggie laughed with her youngest daughter then helped her out of the bath and wrapped a towel round her and sent her off to bed. Maggie looked at me.

“My turn.”

She sat up and spread wide, inviting me into her folds. I ran the razor over her mound and quality checked her. I kept it brief as I wanted her in bed to complete the job. We got out of the bath, dried off and tidied up. We moved into the bedroom to find the girls had made it quite romantic with some candles and the bed turned down ready for us. The girls were all curled up on their mattress and appeared to be asleep already.

Maggie crawled onto the bed, looking back over her shoulder to make sure I saw her display. Yep, her ass and pussy lips were in clear view. I climbed on behind her and licked her from behind. Caught her unprepared, she stiffened, whimpered, then spread her knees wider to ease my access. I licked her again and rimmed her anus, then stiffened my tongue and entered. She gasped but reached back with her hands and opened her cheeks wider. My tongue penetrated her ass until my mouth ached. I withdrew and turned her over. Her face was flushed as her arms reached out for me. Our arms wrapped around each other and we just held each other. Her head rested on my chest and our closeness grew independent of sexual contact. Gentle caresses of faces and bodies raised our arousal levels.

Waking the next morning was similar to yesterday although Wendys smiling face looking over the edge of the bed was a difference. Stretching languidly and getting up suddenly turned into a race into the bathroom. Wendy sat down first then laughed at me and spread her knees.

“How good is your aim, Mike.” Our streams crossed as I took her challenge. She wiped and quickly stood to allow me to shake dry. She turned and bent over, holding the butt plug out for me. I lubed it and her and slid it in.

“I think you could try the medium tomorrow, it really helps that you are so relaxed.”

She squealed with excitement, hugged me, then we went out to start breakfast. The others straggled out, Maggie with a rather contented look on her face. Julie was the first with a smart comment.

“I didn’t realise that Mike was into gags.”

“He’s not, why?” Maggie looked puzzled.

“You didn’t keep us awake with your screaming last night, so I figured he must have gagged you.” Julie laughed.

Maggie smiled back “No gag, just a big sausage to keep me quiet. A really tasty sausage. I bet you’d like a taste.”

A familiar aroma strengthened as Julie hunched and held her legs together. She whined.

“Oh mum,,,, Yes ... please. Only 20 days till my birthday and ... and ... oh Mike. You will pop my virginity won’t you.”

“For your first time I WILL be gentle, but only just, and only for the very first time.” Obviously I had decided to do the deflowering ceremony but my subconscious took a while to tell my brain.

Sam came out of the bathroom with her butt plug and bent over ready. I lubed them up and eased it in. Not as easily as Wendy but she was relaxing. Sam then sat on my lap with her back to my front, and reached down to stroke my penis. As it hardened she positioned it along her slit and parted her lips so it could get inside. She started to slide back and forward, stimulating herself. Julie and Maggie came back from the bathroom with their plugs but just stood there watching. Julie was fascinated by her sisters clit.

“Mum, look at her clit on Mikes penis, it looks so hot.”

Maggie was staring, obviously Sam’s clit was standing at attention again. I looked around her and her clit on my penis was like the space shuttle on the back of the carrier plane, but sliding back and forth. Maggie gave a whimper and knelt in front, her gaze fixed on the pairing. Then she moaned and her mouth dived forward and sucked both in together. I could feel her sucking and licking Sams clit together with my penis. Sam froze in position, then tipped her head back.

“Ahhh ... mum ... Mike ... Oh my GOD ... Yaaaahhhhhhh ... nnnnggggghhhh ... Holy ... shittt...”

I came with her, not as vocal, but I filled Maggies mouth with a load of cream

“OH SHIT.” Wendy turned and dived back to the stove. “I think we need a rule that no sex in front of the cook, I nearly burnt everything watching that hot show. Mum, do want coffee with the cream you’ve already had?” She sniggered.

Maggie stood up with a look like the cat that got the cream and walked over to Wendy, held her face and gave her a big kiss. We could see her mouth working and obviously tongue was involved. Maggie had held my load in her mouth, now Wendy looked shocked.

“MUM, that was Mikes cream wasn’t it. Give the others a taste too. Ohhhh ... now I want more. Oh Mike, come here, I want some cream on my breakfast.”

“Breakfast first, might give me time to reload. Actually Maggie, seriously, are you OK with these minx’s getting oral and anal with only pussys off-limits. I love them all totally, but don’t want to screw up any relationship.”

“Mike, with the love that’s flowing around here, it’s only natural that it gets expressed in physical ways. They have to learn somewhere and I’d rather it was in a loving situation than the back seat of a car with a loser who doesn’t know how to get them off. They are being sensible about their pussys, oral I don’t have a problem with, anal surprised me, but having that plug in yesterday made me feel so hot that I’m looking forward to it. We’ll have to go into town again and get prescriptions for them so that accidents, which will probably happen, won’t result in rugrats until we are ready for them. Am I the worst mother, or am I being a realist. Oh, mustn’t forget the lawyer”

“I think you are being very sensible. We do need to make a trip into town to get some work gear and some other building equipment. So lets eat and get going.” The girls hugged their mother and promised not to have too many accidents. Maggie and Julie bent over for me to get their plugs in then we ate, cleaned up, and spent half an hour sorting out exactly what else we needed on a shopping trip. Again we took both vehicles, and I laughed when all the girls got in the Audi before realising that they needed to get dressed first. Lots of laughter made me feel a depth of happiness that was filling the emptiness that I hadn’t realised had been there.

We got into Camden and got workboots and suitable work clothing for each of them. They realised that bareskin and heavy timber was not an ideal mix. Over to the clinic and prescriptions for the pill then to the drugstore. Also stocking up on sunscreen, getting the largest pump pots made the assistant ask if we were going to a nudist resort. Sam laughed and answered.

“No, we have our own resort up in the hills. We’ve got lots of trees, a lake, privacy, and a loving family.”

The assistant was about the same age as Julie so asked if they were going to school in Camden. Julie explained that we were quite a ways out of town so we were looking at distance learning options. The assistant told us she had two cousins that were doing that through the local high school, coming in to town one day a week. Maggie looked very pleased, both that questions about schooling were getting answers and that the girls were starting to make friends.

We called round to the high school and were able to meet the principal and get some definite plans in place. The girls would all need to be at school for the first day of next semester to get all the materials, books etc sorted out. Progress was being made.

Next stop was a computer store where I got four top speced Toshiba Qosmio laptops. Macs always seemed like toys and I wanted the girls to have tools for working as well as play capable. Upgraded my printer as well which should have them ready for school. Whiteware shop to get another freezer, five in the house need a lot more space than one. Cell phones for each of them got me more hugs.

Took Maggie around to my lawyer and she got the process started for a divorce.

I’d promised the girls they could have another shopping opportunity so they went off while I went back to the building supplies outfit. Had to purchase a big trailer to take what I needed but it was something I could see future uses for.

Got home and the girls weren’t far behind. Their shopping was sensible stuff, they hadn’t gone crazy with the bank cards. I was even more impressed with them. After lunch we all got building, mixed up the concrete and poured the foundations. The next five days we were busy building, loving, shaving, inspecting, building, loving, eating, and getting sorted out together. By the end of the week we had the extension complete except for the painting and decorating. Sam was a regular with her morning clit to penis double-up and the other three took turns getting a load of cream direct from the source.

The following Friday Maggie and I decided to go into town to get some special treats for Wendys special ceremony. She had got up to the large butt plug within three days and was constantly quivering with excitement. The girls all stayed home to paint the house extension, their new room. After getting the treats and some other shopping we called in to the dealership with Maggies Q7 to pick up the partition grills for the back. Dave came over to me.

“That car you traded in, we had a guy in here this morning asking about it. He seemed more interested in finding out where the previous owner lives than the car itself. I tried phoning you but the girls said you were in town. I told them about this guy, suggested they keep alert. They sound really sensible, said they would keep their eyes open.”

Maggie and I looked at each other. She had a hunt through her purse and brought out a photo.

“Is this the guy?”

“Yes, that’s him” “Shit, it’s Hank, that loser, soon-to-be-ex husband of mine.”

I pulled out my phone and started to phone home just as Maggies cell rang. I got the engaged signal as I realised that Maggie had started laughing.

“OK girls well done. We’ll be home shortly but make sure you tie him tightly.”

“Well Mike. Our girls are pretty pleased with themselves. They saw Hank sneaking up to the cabin, Julie put herself on display and got his total attention while Sam snuck up behind and hit him with the mallet. They took your words about doing a job properly the first time and she hit him as hard as she could. That was twenty minutes ago and he’s still unconscious. They have been busy tying him to the verandah posts.”

Dave heard all this and looked surprised so I explained the girls fathers plans for a deflowering ceremony. My buddy has two girls of his own.

“Right Mike, Arseholes like that don’t deserve a second chance. Maggie, do you want him to just disappear or what?”

Maggie thought.

“Disappearing causes all sorts of problems so I think a divorce is needed for me to move on, but I need to be sure he won’t come back.”

“OK, Leave it to me, I’ll get some help and we’ll arrange a little accident for Hank. The only thing is, it will take a couple of days to set up. Can you keep him up there until we collect him?”

“We’ll go home now and I’ll make sure he’s secure until you can get him. Thanks.”

Maggie and I jumped back in the Audi and headed home. The girls had Hank very securely tied to a post and were dancing around him like movie style wild indians. Looked kind of cute with three naked ‘warrioresses’ waving hammers, mallets and a hatchet. I checked the ropes and loosened a couple where the circulation was being cut off. Hank had regained consciousness but was very groggy.

“Mike, he was so focussed on watching Julie’s naked body that I could have been wearing heavy boots and he wouldn’t have heard me. I remembered about ‘if you’re going to do a thing then do it properly the first time’ so I hit him with everything I had. I could only find the wooden mallet otherwise I think I might have smashed his skull.”

“Honey, I’m glad he’s still alive. You don’t need a dead body at your age. But I’m really pleased that you didn’t pull back. Well done. I’ve got a buddy or three coming to sort him out in a day or two. We need to keep him till them.”

“OK Mike, I ... ah ... I gave him a drink before, made him wake up.” Sam seemed a little embarassed but Wendy cracked up.

“Gave him a drink!, Mike, she pissed on him, all over his face, yeah,. some got in his mouth but does that count as giving the prisoner a drink?”

“I think that’s an excellent way to give a prisoner a drink. I think that I don’t really want him tied up here spoiling the view so I’ll stake him out over under the trees.”

I got four lengths of rope and dragged Hank over to the trees and spread-eagled him, tying him to four trees. I cut his clothes off him and sorted through his pockets. I found a motel key as well as his car keys. I’d seen his car back at the washout where most people can’t get through so walked back down and drove it up. I phoned Dave who said he’d get Hanks stuff out of the motel.

The girls kept Hank well ‘watered’ after I put some stakes beside his head so he couldn’t turn away and a hook so he couldn’t close his mouth. They told me they’d known he was a pervert for a while as he kept trying to catch them naked but they had worked as a team to stymie that desire. I didn’t realise they had been ‘feeding’ him as well until Dave and two others drove up to collect Hank.

“Hang on guys, we need to feed and water him before you take him.” With us all standing there Julie marched over, straddled his face, and pissed in his mouth. Our mouths dropped open, then dropped even further when Wendy stepped up and told Hank it was his l-ass-t supper, squatted and shit in his mouth. She unhooked his mouth and made sure he swallowed it all before going around and hugging each of the guys. She looked each of them in the eyes and gave them a hug and a kiss. They looked uncomfortable having this naked teen hugging and kisssing them.

“You’re Mikes comrades. I trust Mike TOTALLY. Therefore I trust you totally.”

Dave got his mouth open first “Remind me never to upset these girls, Mike, they’re tough. I also hope I never prove unworthy of their trust.”

The others thought about that and visibly tried to straighten up and look more trustworthy. I knew they had been big womanisers not that long ago but would I trust them with my naked nieces, Hell yes. Pete had a thoughtful look on his face, he has the tattoo shop in town.

“I think they might be worthy of the SEAL of approval, what do you think, Mike?”

I told him I’d have to talk that over with them all first and I’d give him a call in a few days.

They got Hank untied and promised to keep him out of circulation for a couple of weeks so we could go up and collect Maggie and the girls stuff. They bundled him into their van and took off, picking up Hanks car on the way.

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