Big Blue Eyes
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Humor, Incest, Brother, Sister, Rough, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Cream Pie, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Safe Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about me, Randall, and my much younger sister, Carol. I'm also a full foot taller than her. We have a story to tell you, that you may not believe, but it's the honest truth. .

SETTING: Santa Fe, New Mexico

My Carol has the most Beautiful Blue Eyes.

She’s nineteen, with warm red hair that goes to below her knees and she has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. I’ve absolutely no idea what her body measurements are or how much she weighs – I don’t really care. She is gorgeous with a Capital G.

My name is Randall Knight, known as Rann to my Carol. I call her C a lot of the time, sometimes ‘Blue Eyes.’ There are three problems as I see things:

First, I’m 27 and she’s 19.
Second, I’ve fallen in love with her.
Third, We’re brother and sister?

We have two other siblings, Nancy, 21 and John, 23. They are both off at college together, and not really part of this situation between Carol and me. Maybe, sometime in the future? Theirs is just as good a story, from what I can glean?

Back when I was twenty-one and Blue Eyes was just about to turn thirteen, I realized that Carol was going to be ... an absolute babe when she got older. At fourteen, she was already over five feet tall and all legs and hair. She hasn’t cut her hair since she was probably seven, maybe eight years old.

Now, I was something of a puzzlement growing up. By the time I was a freshman in High School, while all my friends were jocks and were into girls ... I liked to sing and dance.

And I wasn’t gay!

I was always watching movie musicals on TV, the movie theatre, or the local community theatre. I’d even pretend I was starring in them. I was always singing out loud around the house, usually something written by Rodgers and Hammerstein or Stephen Sondheim, maybe Andrew Lloyd Weber.

I was a true tenor as a young teenager, although I’ve developed into what would now be called a ‘bari-tenor’, meaning ‘a baritone singing voice with virtually a tenor range’. I get a special kick singing anything from OKLAHOMA, CAROUSEL, or JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

My dream of singing, acting, and dancing, came true by way of attending Santa Fe University of Art and Design about 20 miles north of where we all lived in La Cienega, New Mexico ... which is only 90 miles south of the New Mexico, Colorado borders.

I was something of a natural I was told, and got double Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Theatre Design as well as Theatre Performance. After getting these degrees, I stayed on and got myself a paid job working in and around the University Theatre System, allowing me to occasionally be in shows as I wished.

I got leads in several musicals along the way, including the role of Jesus in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and I got to play the role of ‘Billy Bigelow’ in CAROUSEL.

My all-time favorite song is ‘The Soliloquy’ from CAROUSEL, a beautiful, but rather lengthy song. In the world of theatre music, love songs tend to be 2.5 to 4 minutes long. At the time, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein were the Kings of Broadway and could write anything they wanted and it was loved immediately by the masses. ‘Soliloquy’ was seven minutes and fifty-one seconds long.

Besides everything else, time seems to pass along faster while I’m singing it.

It’s also my sister’s favorite song ... because I sang it to her.

There’s a section of the song that goes,

“My little girl, pink and white,
as peaches and cream is she
My little girl, is half again as bright,
as girls are meant to be.”

Whenever I got to that portion of the song, Carol’s ears would perk up and she would hum along with me, until the end of the song.

As she grew up, besides becoming the strikingly beautiful girl I had expected of her, she also started singing. Sometimes along with me, and sometimes she would start singing all by herself.

Her favorite song is ‘I Feel Pretty’ from WEST SIDE STORY because she sang it all the time or hums it, when doing things around the house.

Carol ended up finally getting into theatre at her high school as a sophomore. She was quite good, usually playing featured performers. she rarely got any ‘good’ parts because of the ‘class system’ of high school theatre.

That is where upper classmen get all the best roles, simply because they’re the Junior and Seniors, while the Sophomores are left waiting to get to the top of the proverbial ‘food chain’.

As a senior, she performed many juicy roles, including Anne Egerman in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, Louise in GYPSY and Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ. She was an untapped talent. I was certainly hoping I could talk her into coming to SFU. I also dreamed of tapping her!

Fate takes a hand sometimes.

Santa Fe University Theatre was putting on its production of WEST SIDE STORY and Carol auditioned amongst forty or so college actresses, including seniors, and got the plum part of Maria, while I was the Assistant Stage Manager of the show.

A very lucky young man, nineteen-year-old freshman Mark Wilson, got the role of Tony and everything was moving along quite well, until the unexpected happened ... His parents, while on vacation in Rome, Italy, were involved in a boat accident that put them both into the hospital.

This happened only seven days before the opening of the show. Director Marcus Diamond was going crazy, due to Mark’s family tragedy. Mark wanted to go to Rome to see his parents, and Marcus insisted he stay, because “The Show Must Go On.”

I came up with what I thought was a ‘creative’ solution. I had suggested to Marcus that I take over the role of Tony for the opening weekend of the show, and Mark would pick it back up, in a week, when he got back.

Marcus looked at me kind of funny, and reminded me that Maria and Tony were lovers. How ... would I deal with that?

Marcus told Mark to go and get back as soon as he could.

I told Marcus I would talk to Carol, and see if she’d be OK with me taking over the part, for the first weekend of performances.

Now, I had played many roles during my days in high school and SFU, while getting my various degrees. I’d played Tony three times before, including both as a freshman, and again as a senior in high school; the same school Carol had just graduated from.

Falling into this part would be a cinch. Carol knew I’d played him before, but she was a little taken aback by my coming home and telling her about Mark, and what Marcus and I had discussed.

I told her, “Marcus said it was your call, C. If you’re OK with me playing Tony until Mark gets back, great ... otherwise, we need to move back opening night at least one week, to accommodate Mark’s trip to Rome.”

She thought about it and offered, “Let’s practice a scene or two, and maybe a couple of songs, and see how things go. All right?”

“I’m OK with that,” I said with a rueful smile on my face.

“You are a much better singer than Mark,” she said, flashing her big beautiful Blue Eyes up at me.

“Aw shucks, ma’am,” I countered.

She said, “Let’s do the scene leading up to ‘Tonight?’”

Tonight’s the Night,” I sing-joked in my best Neil Young impersonation.

“You’re so silly, Rann,” she grinned.

“I’m just trying to break the tension sis, before you and I sing a song together and make-out on stage in front the entire community, including our own parents.”

“Oooohhhhhh, I hadn’t thought about that? Isn’t that gonna be a little bit creepy?”

“We’re just acting, Carol. Acting in love is much different than being in love,” I said, chuckling at my own cheesiness.

“Are you sure?” she slightly giggled.

“You are so much prettier than Natalie Wood was in the movie, and besides, you’re doing all of your own singing.”

“You’re quite the smooth talker, aren’t you, Rann?”

“It’s really easy around such a beautiful woman, C,” I said, gulping a little.

“You think that ... I’m beautiful?” Carol replied breathlessly, taking a step towards me.

“To me you are,” I responded as I looked directly in her eyes. I was being bold, but moved forward.

“You’ve never said anything like that to me before, Rann?” she was now running her hand over my chest.

I grabbed it and said, “I’ve just always been intimidated by your beauty.”

“Intimidated?” she blushed.

Taking her hand in mine, I said, “A brother shouldn’t tell his sister that...”

“Shouldn’t tell his sister what, Rann?” There was a twinkle in her eye as she asked this most challenging question.

I dropped her hand and took a small step closer to her. “A brother shouldn’t tell his sister how he feels about her, what she means to him. How he feels when she’s near him. How he feels ... right now!”

Taking my hand, she offered, “How do you feel about me, Rann? What do I mean to you? How do you feel when we’re near each other ... like right now?” She stepped up on my shoes, took my hand and placed it on her face. Ohh, she’s good!

“I feel ... I feel ... No, Carol. This isn’t fair to you. I shouldn’t tell you how you make me feel. You make me weak whenever you stand near me. I feel weak in my knees ... weak in my heart. I must fight the urges I feel every time you come near me. You just get more beautiful every day of every year.”

“What draws me to you the most, are your beautiful big, Blue Eyes -- the way the sun bounces off them during the day, and how they light up every room that you walk into. Your hair makes me feel like the prince in RAPUNZEL.”

“Ohhh, Rann,” she said. Carol turned her face into my hand, and flashed me that wonderful smile. “Tell me, Rann ... what do you have the urge to do right this very minute?”

She’s gotten quite good at being a tease.

“Carol, oh ... Carol.” I was trembling ... my knees started to feel like they were about to give out on me.

“Tell me, Rann. I can take it. I’m a big girl.” She licked her lips in anticipation of something.

Something was in the air.

She was looking straight up at me. I took my other hand and now had her beautiful face cradled by my palms. With all the courage, I could muster, I asked, “Can I please kiss you?”

Her eyes were moistening up slowly, as she looked straight at me and said, in almost a whisper, “Please Rann, kiss me?” She closed her eyes in anticipation.

Let me thoroughly describe my sister Carol, or as I often like to call her, ‘Blue Eyes.’ Physically, she might be only about 63 inches tall. She might be over 100 pounds, wet. Yeah ... I’d like to see her wet. She also responds to me calling her C! That might be her favorite, and she can call me anything she wants!

Anyway, she has this beautiful red hair, which is just shorter than she is tall. She keeps it in place by folding it up on itself into a ‘triple-thick’ ponytail. My favorite hairstyle of hers is when she takes a strand of her hair on each side, twists it and pins it to the back of her head. It draws her hair off her face and shows off her dimples, which are just as attractive as her eyes are.

It is quite beautiful. Hmmm—Have I told you about her Blue Eyes? Yeah, I did. Sorry, she’s on my mind all the time? It’s amazing I can get anything done at my office in the Theatre Arts complex.

Her face is also perfect. By that I mean, absolutely no blemishes or imperfections. She even has a cute nose. I would often bump her on the nose with my nose whenever we saw each other. It’s a brother-sister thing, I guess. If I had to guess, her breasts were maybe B-cups, I don’t know about such things, although, I saw her naked once, a little over a year ago.

I had gone over to my folk’s house to go swimming, and it was very early in the morning, and I had walked into the house, to fix myself some breakfast before I swam. Mom and Dad didn’t mind ... Dad liked my bacon better.

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