Magical Fallout

Fallout World: World War 2 ended differently, the fifty states became thirteen Commonwealth States, and technology, politics, and culture followed a different course to the one that we know of today. Not only that, but an underground group known as the Enclave appeared, and working within the shadows, they altered things to fit their needs.

The Enclave would slowly become a shadow government, where they would use alien tech, (from Mass Effect) and magic to create a new world order. They would do whatever it takes to succeed, and have their goals come true, and anyone who stands in their way be damned.

By the year 2077, with the help of the Soviet Union, in which the United States had developed a relatively warm diplomatic relations, had a colony on the moon. The moon colony was created to mine Helium 3 for Fusion Cores and Cells, which the United States creates for different reasons. But the resources was also at an all time low, the United States were be at war with China. But near the end of October of 2077, it was said that China launched the first nuke that started what would be known as the Great War. Read and see what happens after the Great War and onwards.

Harry Potter: In this story, we’ll see a smarter and determined Harry Potter, where after his first year at Hogwarts after hearing that Voldemort would one day come after him, takes a more active role to get ready. Over the years he trains and gets stronger, but along the way he’ll be betrayed, hurt and lose those he cares about.

But once he defeats the Dark Lord, Harry would be invited to see his Uncle for one last time, where Vernon wanted talk to him one last time and then never seeing each other again. But doing so Harry will have his last, and biggest betrayal of all time, where his life well forever changed and will be thrown into a time different to the one he once knew: He would be experimented on over and over again for next few years before being put into a magical stasis, where hundreds of year later awaken in a new world: an Apocalyptic World.

What well Harry be like where there are no law to the land, will he be the survivor of this new time and world, or will he be part of the problem? Become a new tyrant who’ll try and rule the lands he now found himself in. Read and find out.

Pre-War Summary: Have you ever wondered what happened before the Great War? Why the Enclave was created? With this Saga I’ll trying to explain this, and along the way I’ll be building a new Fallout Universe with magic and better tech. No pairings.

Warnings: This story is mainly about the Apocalyptic World, where there’s no rules or laws governing the world, so anything and everything you can think of can be suspected to be seen in this story. So be warned, if you got a faint heart or high morals, this story isn’t for you. This is going to be a realistic version of Fallout.

Because the first off of this story is about the world around Fallout, the story of the games, and see if I can add more detail as I add magic into the world of Fallout. So suspect dark things to happen.

Disclaimer: I do not in any shape or form own Harry Potter or Fallout or Mass Effect, be it characters, spells, items, or anything else that’s connected to the Harry Potter books/movies; they all belong to J. K. Rowling & the Warner Bros Pictures. And any characters, places and items from Fallout are owned by Bethesda Softworks. Mass Effect tech and alien races belonged to BioWare. I don’t even earn any money from this ... Damn shame...

The only characters that I do own are the ones that you haven’t read about in the books, or seen in the games.


(Pre-War Saga - Part 1!)

Great War Begins!

16th of October 2077:

War, War Never Changes, ‘ Were the words going through Nathan ‘Nate’ Archer’s head as he sat at his desk, thinking about the speech that he was writing for the Veteran’s Hall, Fraternal Post 115, in Cambridge. It had been about three years since he left the Sino-American War, when his two years of service ended. He could have renlisted, and many wanted him to as he was the best Combat Engineer that the 2nd Battalion of the 108th Infantry Regiment had, but Nate wanted to start a family. It was at this time that he meet Nora Walker, a twenty year old law student at Suffolk County School of Law, who was in her last year at law school. They married in the year 2076 and in 2077 had their first son, Shaun.

For his speech for Veteran’s Hall, he was going to start about his great-great-grandfather who was serving in the army in the year 1945, and was wondering if he was going to make it back to his wife and son that he’d never seen because he entered the war before he was born.

He would go on to explain that his great-great-grandfather got his wish when the US ended World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From there the World awaited Armageddon, as they feared that the other countries would retaliate in some way because of the nuclear attack, but nothing happened; instead, something miraculous occurred. The world began to use atomic energy not as a weapon, but a nearly limitless source of power. People enjoyed luxuries once thought the realm of science fiction: domestic robots, fusion-powered cars, portable computers to name a few.

Then, in the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream. Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource; the entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. Nate would then explain that it is now 2077, and they stand on the brink of total world war, and he was afraid. Not only for himself, but for his wife and infant son, because if his time in the army taught him one thing: it’s that war, war never changes.

Now here he was, wondering where to go from there, how would he explain his thoughts? His speech was meant to be made in about two weeks time, and yet Nate was having problems writing the rest of it, not knowing where to go. With a sigh, Nathan decided to take a break.

As he went to the bathroom to get a wash, he looked in the sink mirror at himself, and saw the scars from his time in the war. Although his face had mostly healed, he knew where they were, and knew that the one across his right eye and on his upper lip would never fully be healed. He’s a decorated war veteran, served his country since he was eighteen, now twenty-nine watching as age and the stress of the war took its toll.

He was six foot two, and his once tan skin, was now paler with a few scars across his body. As he took a closer look at his face, he noticed the wrinkles and crow’s feet. His hair, which was once once jet black, was starting to grey along the sides, which upset him a bit seeing he was too young to go grey so soon. His eyes are dark brown, and had a sleepy look about them since the war, because of his nightmares; nightmares of the deaths of his friends, of those he killed and the innocent he couldn’t help. In the last year, he was seeing a counsellor because of them, which was slowly helping. He was glad he kept his body in top from, he wouldn’t say he had a body of a weightlifter, but it wasn’t one to scoff at, it was better than most people’s bodies.

As he looked at his body, he thought about the last few years, and what he had been up to. Since he left the war, he had been working for the Commonwealth Council, as part of one of their Offices, the Commonwealth Security Services, better known as C-Sec. A police service answering only to the Commonwealth Council, who answered to the President of the USA.

There were six divisions at C-Sec, the first was Enforcement, uniformed officers who patrol the Commonwealth and respond to emergencies. Investigation, detectives who puzzle out the truth behind crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. Customs, screening the thousands of passengers and cargo containers that pass through the Commonwealth’s ports every day. Network, dealing with what the Commonwealth Council calls ‘cybercrimes, ‘ like identity and copyright theft, hacking, viral attacks, and illegal artificial intelligence within the Council itself, or any of the businesses that have networks connecting it together. Nate was shocked a bit about the network that was being used, it would seem that only the Council use it fully, and the businesses only have a limited use. Special Response, deals with things like hostage situations, bombs, and heavily armed criminals. In the unlikely event that attackers enter the Council Building, they are the first line of defense, armed with military grade equipment. Finally Patrol, which has bases stationed throughout the Commonwealth. Unlike the other divisions, they are rarely seen at the Council, nor do they stay in one place long. As they go around, keeping an eye out for threats.

Because of his training in the US Army as a Combat Engineer, he was able to get a job in the office of Special Response. Well, that was the cover story anyway;, you see, whilst he did work for C-Sec, he was working for the Commonwealth Council in another way too, as a Spectre.

Spectres were from a different office of the Commonwealth Council, the Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, and they have no real command structure, other than answering to the Commonwealth Council and the President of the USA. Even then, in most cases the Council and the President prefers not to know the exact details of how a Spectre accomplishes their mission. This was so they could deny everything should something go wrong.

The public don’t know much about the Spectres, as all records are sealed and only granted access with permission of the Council, which is rarely done. A Spectre could be anyone, until they are called upon, they work just like anyone else, in any job. They could be a friend, a neighbor, even a family member. It is not even clear how many there are: but from C-Secs intelligence, the estimates were fewer than a hundred. Each Spectre is hand-picked by the Council after proving that they are an individual of exceptional ability and self-reliance.

The public knew that, should they see a Spectre, then something big was going on. They are only called upon as the very last option, when all other options are used up, the Spectres were often the last call of action before going to war. Although they are at times called upon in a state of emergency, when C-Sec, even the military, are unable to deal with the threat alone.

In most cases Spectres are elite military operatives, granted the authority to deal with threats to the peace and stability of the nation, in whatever way they deem necessary. Either with careful diplomacy or ruthless force, being officially above any law.

Spectres operate independently or in groups of two or three. Some are empathetic peacekeepers, resolving disputes through diplomacy, using force as a last resort. Others are cold-blooded assassins, ruthlessly dispatching problem individuals. All get the job done, one way or another, often operating outside of the bounds of the law. Because of this, there are some that sees the Spectres as a potential risk, because they are not constrained by the law like everyone else are, whilst others are in awe of them.

Candidates for the Spectres typically have years of military, law enforcement or rescue experience before even being considered. The screening process involves background checks, psychological evaluations, and a long period of field training under an experienced mentor. Because of the rigorous selection process, Spectres might sometimes use unorthodox methods but they rarely go rogue. When it does happen, the only solution is to revoke their status then send another Spectre after them. No one else would be up to the job.

Spectres are stripped of their status once they are declared legally deceased. They can only be reinstated once proof of living (e.g. appearing in person and passing a D.N.A check) is presented.

Nate was was glad that Spectres wear armour to hide their identity, as he might have problems with C-Sec, with them and the Spectres often at odds. Many C-Sec members, believe that allowing Spectres to be ‘above the law’ is a dangerous practice, as there is nothing to control them, and make them accountable for their actions. In turn, most Spectres are aggravated when C-Sec’s dedication to procedure and due process hampers their investigations.

His thoughts were interrupted when a voice coming from the bathroom door said, “Are you alright dear?”

As he looked round, Nathan saw his twenty-two year old wife. He had to smile, as he wondered how lucky he was to be married to her. Nora was as stunning when they first met, her shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes that shine even in the dark, fair skin, and a soft smile to compliment it all.

“I’m fine love,” Nate said with a warm smile, “I was thinking about the past, and how things changed for me in the last three years since I left the Army. I’m still amazed how I found and married you, and we had Shaun.”

Nora smiled at her husband, whilst it has been rough for them for one reason or another, she did love Nate. Thanks to him, she had her son, and it was all because of that fateful meeting about two years ago, “I know what you mean Nate, and I sometimes wonder what our life would be like if we didn’t meet that day. Do you remember dear?”

“How could I forget,” Nate smiled, “It was the day that we both became Spectres.”

It was true, it was a day he could not forget, he learnt that most of the Spectres, like him, we’re an L’Cie, someone who had supernatural powers.

L’Cies appeared around the 2020’s and no one knew why or how they gained these powers. They were easy to recognize, as they had a birthmark somewhere on their body; each one was different to the child, but one thing was for sure, in the middle of the birthmark was a closed eye. The eye would only open when the person was using their power. Nate’s mark was on his left shoulder, and it took the form of a cog.

No one knew the true potential of an L’Cie, as every so often, an L’Cie would be born with an unknown power. What they knew is that not only does an L’Cie have supernatural like powers, but they also have super human bodies, making it so they were stronger, faster, and more agile.

Some of the basic supernatural abilities that each L’Cie had are the following: summon, banish, levitate, and creating a barrier. They might not sound impressive, but in a fight, they were the most useful skills that an L’Cie would have. These weren’t the only skills they had, there were some who had other abilities that other L’Cies don’t have. Some had elemental powers, or some other unique power that only a rare few might have, like being able to buff up them and their allies skills and physical abilities, or like Nate have a better understanding of machines and able to improve or control them. Nora on the other hand, was only a basic L’Cie.

Anyway, back to when Nate meet Nora, Nathan was shocked to learn that not only was she a L’Cie like him, but she was a law student. He had to wonder why a lawyer would be here. It was explained the Commonwealth Council wanted more diplomacy, and so they wanted Spectres who could become diplomats, thus the reason for Nora and two more lawyers being there. It didn’t mean that Nora and the other lawyers weren’t trained to fight should diplomacy fail, they were fully capable of defending themselves.

As for training to become a Spectre, he was shocked to find out how they do it. Sure Nate suspected it would take years to train, and it did, but whilst it was two years of training for him and the other candidates, to the outside world, it was a day. You see Spectres were trained in a time dilation warehouse, where two years passed for them, but only one day passed outside, and whilst they were in the warehouse they only aged a day. While useful, it just proved more to Nate that the Commonwealth Council has been holding things out on the public. He often wondered why they kept so much secret, the only thought was that the Council don’t think they are ready for it; seeing how humanity misuses things, he could understand their fears.

Either way, during his time in the time dilation warehouse, he and Nora slowly on a show for their friends and family, seeing that it would be strange if they knew each other when they were strangers only yesterday.

And so time, passed and life become good for the couple, Nora finished Law School and Nate was doing well at C-Sec. Over the next two years, Nate and Nora had only been on a handful of Spectre’s missions for the Commonwealth Council, mainly to stop a few threats who got their hands on technology they shouldn’t have, technology that the public shouldn’t learn about.

A year after leaving the warehouse they got married and moved to the friendly town of Concord, about a mile away from the suburb Sanctuary Hills which was located on a small island, only accessible by two ways; a small footbridge behind where Nate and his wife lived, and a larger bridge which crosses the nearby river and leads, via road, to Concord. It was built in 2070, made up of thirty-five cottages and bungalows, branded as Homes of Tomorrow. There was a small cave on the island where kids go to play. The population of this suburb was about one hundred and fifty.

Nora smiled at her husband, knowing he was right. “How goes the speech for the Veteran’s Hall?”

“Got the start of it, but the next part won’t come to me.” Nathan admitted with a sigh, “I’m taking a break, and going back to it later.”

“Whatever you write I know you’re gonna knock ‘em dead at the Veteran’s Hall, hon.” Nora tried to reassure her husband, “So do you want to eat?”

“I wouldn’t mind one of your omelets,” Nate told his wife, “and if you could, can you ask Codsworth to make me a coffee? I’ll be out in a moment.”

“Sure hon.” Nora replied before she left, allowing her husband to finish cleaning himself up.

A few minutes later, Nathan left the bathroom and strolled from the hallway, into the kitchen trying to pop his neck.

He and Nora lived in a neighborhood with the Homes of Tomorrow. Each home in the neighborhood was different, theirs was a gorgeous small cottage, two bedroom one bathroom home with walls shifting from baby blues, to tans, to whites in an inviting way. The kitchen is part of the living room only divided by a small island counter. The dining room is directly next to the refrigerator with no walls allowing the family to hold a conversation from anywhere in these three areas. The soft rubbery black tiles on the floor would massage his feet with each step were he not wearing loafers. Carpets were fitted neatly in the living room and dining room beneath the furniture. Like all the homes in the neighborhood, the home was controlled by a hub in the hallway, it controlled the lighting, heating and the secretary of the house.

As Nate entered the kitchen, he was greeted by a floating chrome plated robot in the shape of a sphere, speaking in a generic British butler voice. It has three retractable eyes and three retractable arms with prongs at the end to match. Nate had named this Mister Handy robot Codsworth, who was holding his morning coffee as usual, and as it handed the drink to its Master, Codsworth said, “Ah! Good afternoon sir! Your Coffee!”

“You brew it right this time?” Nate joked.

“173.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewed to perfection!” Codsworth remarked overjoyed.

“Perfect as always.” Nate graciously blows on the brew “Thanks Codsworth.”

“Of course, Sir! Today’s newspaper.” Codsworth picks up the paper near the fridge presenting it to his Master.

“I’ll take that.” Nora says as she sneaks her way in the kitchen from the laundry room.

Nate began sipping his coffee as he picked up a copy of Grognak the Barbarian from the island counter. “Grognak The Barbarian: Jungle of the Bat Babies, huh?” Nora commented as she noticed what her husband was reading.

“Hey, it’s still my favorite.” Nate said with a smile.

“Our favorite, you mean,” Nora corrected him, “I told you it was good.”

Before he could open it, their son Shaun starts crying letting everybody know he’s awake. “Ah, sounds like someone made a stinky! I shall attend to young Shaun.” Codsworth joked while he flew to Shaun’s room.

Nora began laughing, “I was nervous at first, but Codsworth’s really good with Shaun.”

Nate smiled as he walked over to the living room and lounges on the couch, turning his focus to the TV which is playing the weather channel. Remarks about the odd recent high late October temperatures, as well as comments on Halloween happening in eight days.

Than as he turned over the channel to see what was on, he saw the trailer for the new movie, ‘Grognak The Barbarian: The Movie, ‘ was coming out within the next few weeks. Then there was an advert for implants, the adverts stated that they were being used for years in the Resource Wars to help in the fight against China and their allies. But now, the public was now allowed to use some of the same implants that the Army uses, to help them in their daily life.

Nathan and Nora were no strangers to implants, in fact both of them got some within them, Nate got some of his during the war, Nora during her training to become a Spectre. Nate got his as to use one of the Power Armour’s, each soldier needed to have a dataport implant in the back of their heads, which was located at the base of their neck. The dataport implant not only allow them control the Power Armour that the user was using, but they could input info into their brains.

But that’s the only implant he got from the Army, the rest he got when he and Nora become Spectres, and learned about the threats that were hidden to the world. Whilst Nora got her dataport implant when she became a Spectre, they also gained a few other implants that contained tiny machine known as Nanites, that go through a person’s body to help a person to become stronger, move faster and heal faster, among many other things.

The main implant that all Spectres would have was the Cellular Memory Recall Implant, which they would be installed into the brain, and then they would have the Nanites alter the person’s eyes. They altered them so that whatever they saw would be recorded, and would be stored on the implant for a week before it is recorded over. To keep the recordings, they have to either download the recording onto their own secure computers, or write reports to the Council.

The implant and the Nanites would allow the person to have their own personal Heads-Up Display. The HUD would keep track of the person’s life readings, and among other things, it could scan the area and scan for a person, it could also detect biorhythms, heat, and lastly, it had telescopic vision so it could see afar. Nathan had to admit that Cellular Memory Recall Implants were one of Big MT’s best inventions.

But as Nate watched the advert, he began to wonder something, why was the Commonwealth Council allowing this new technology out into the public. If his suspicions about the Council was right, for as long as the Council had existed, they were keeping things out of the public that they thought the public wasn’t ready for. However, over the last few years, more and more technology was coming out, like better computers, TVs and such, so why now? It was like they were trying to keep the public busy, and not have them questioning stuff that they shouldn’t be. The question was, what?

Nate sighed, not knowing what to think, he could be going crazy, making things up where there wasn’t anything going on. It could be that with the war going on, the Commonwealth Council could be just trying to help the people, so that their lives were better. He did like the Omni-tool that he got from the Army, which was now available to the public. An omni-tool can be used to analyze and adjust the functionality of most standard equipment, including weapons and armor, from a distance.

The Omni-tool breaks down common everyday items into what they call Omni-gel, where it can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This allowed him do field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment.

Nate’s thoughts were interrupted as he looked outside his window and saw a light blue Vault-Tec van, parked in front of their home. The man in the driving seat wore a blue suit, whilst the person who came out the passenger seat, was a man in a bright yellow trench coat and matching fedora, underneath the trench coat he had a white shirt and a red tie.

Nate sighed at this, and mumbles to himself about the man coming back “That salesman again?” Nora asked in concern.

The doorbell rings, Nate crosses his arms and continues to watch the TV. Nora gracefully walks over and opens the door. “Good morning! Vault-Tec calling!” The Salesman says, tipping his hat to Nora with a voice that’s obviously false kindness.

“Vault-Tec? What’s that now?” Nora questions pretending to be intrigued.

“Why, we’re about you ma’am! And about helping you to secure your future! You see, Vault-Tec is the foremost builder of state-of-the-art underground fallout shelters. Vaults, if you will. Luxury accommodations, where you can wait out the horrors of nuclear devastation.”

“No offense ... but no soliciting” Nora cocks her head to the side with a straight face.

The Vault-Tech Rep gives a big smile back before continuing. “Oh, no worries ma’am. No worries at all! I’m not selling anything, not today. You can’t begin to know how happy I am to finally speak with you. I’ve been trying for days. It’s a matter of utmost urgency I assure you.”

“What’s so important?” Nora asks in a monotone voice.

While frantically moving his arms the Salesman replies “Why nothing less than your entire future! If you haven’t noticed ma’am this country has gone to heck in a handbasket!” The Vault-Tech Rep regains his composure and grabs his clip board tightly “If you’ll excuse my language, the big kaboom is ... It’s inevitable, I’m afraid. And coming sooner than you may think. If you catch my meaning.”

Nate gets aggravated at this, wanting to put an end to it, he gets up and walks up to the door startling the Rep. The salesman reaches his left hand out in defense and nervously says “I know you’re a busy man, so I won’t take up much of your time. Time being um, precious commodity. I’m here today to tell you that because of your family’s service to our country, you have been preselected for entrance into the local Vault. Vault 111.” He says waving his hands around while saying the vault’s number.

Nate and Nora both knew about Vault 111, how could they not, they had deals for those who were already pre-selected for entrance into the Vault. It was behind their homes, up a hill.

“I have a family, there’s room for my entire family right?” Nate asked annoyed, hoping he would say no so that he could get rid of the man with ease.

“Of course of course! Minus your robot naturally. It has all the amenities of the modern home, I assure you.” The Vault-Tec Rep told Nathan, turning Nate’s plan against him, “Not to mention total protection from nuclear radiation and hostile mutants. A better future, underground. It’s not only our mission, it’s our passion. In fact you’re already cleared for entrance. It’s just a matter of verifying some information. Don’t want there to be any hold up in the Uh...” The rep squeamishly laughs and clears his throat “ ... total atomic annihilation. Won’t take but a moment.”

“And there’s the catch! Come back some other time.” Nate says as he begins to close the door.

“Come on hon, it’s just a little paperwork,” Nora said suddenly, “let him fill it out and it’s done.”

“I said no!” Nate rebutted, not wanting to give the Rep the time of day.

“And I’m saying yes,” Nora told her husband, “as seeing that if you did, he won’t have to return.”

Nate sighed, knowing his wife was right about this, and so with another sigh he said defeatedly, “Fine, fine, I’ll do it.”

“Splendid, splendid let’s get to it.” The Vault-Tec Rep says with great relief, then with a smile, he said, “Now it says in our records, you are an L’Cie, is this right?”

“Yes it is.” Nate replied to the Salesman, as the Rep wrote a few things down on his note board.

“Are your wife and son L’Cies?” asked the Rep.

“They are.” Nathan replied, as the Salesman wrote more things on his note board, before going on to ask Nate a few more questions, some personal, some about his job history and some about his family.

Than as they finished, the Rep passed Nate a pen and the clipboard, and said, “Please check this and sign and date it if everything is correct.”

Nate checks the information before signing and dating it, before giving the clipboard back to the Rep. He begins checking it over. “Ah, wonderful that ... is ... everything ... I just gonna walk this over to the Vault. Congratulations on being prepared for the fu-” Nate slams the door before he can finish.

“Hey it’s peace of mind, that’s worth a little paperwork right?” Nora comments trying to relax Nate.

He sighs and cracks a smile, knowing what to say, “For you and Shaun no price is too high.”

Nora laughs, “Good answer.”

“I have my moments.” Nate laughed back at his wife.

“Well seeing that Codsworth is looking after Shaun, how about you show me those moments.” Nora said slyly, as she walked to their bedroom.

Nate just smiled and followed his wife and showed her the moments she wanted.


23rd of October 2077:

It has been a week since the Vault-Tec Rep visited the Archer’s, and Nate and Nora were acting as normal. So far nothing interesting happened over the week; it was a slow week, Nate was working on his speech for the Veteran’s Hall, and Nora was working on their Halloween costumes for that year. She was somewhat exeted at the idea, as it would be Shaun’s first Halloween. She knew that Shaun wouldn’t remember it, but as a mother she couldn’t help herself.

The only point of interest was that the neighborhood got a letter from Vault-Tec, saying that they’ll be running a training exercise in the morning. The letter said that there would be a few of these exercises running all over the country, and that a few people who were selected for the Vaults, would be selected so that the Vault-Tec people could be ready for the real thing.

At the moment Nathan and Nora was sitting down watching the TV, whilst Codsworth was looking in on Shaun who not long after started to cry. For a few moments Shaun stopped crying, but then the young baby started to cry again, and so Codsworth slowly comes out of the bedroom. Looking sad as a robot can, he says sadly, “Mister Nate, Shaun has been changed, but he absolutely refuses to calm down. I think he needs some of that ‘paternal affection’ you seem to be so good at.”

Nora chuckles at Codsworth while saying to her husband, “Go ahead, hon. I’ll be there in a second to help, okay?”

Nate walks to Shaun’s room to end the baby’s seemingly endless crying. He leans over the crib and starts to rub Shaun’s belly “What’s wrong baby? Is Codsworth not good enough for you? You just want your dad don’t you?”

“My boy isn’t giving his father any trouble is he?” Nora asks whilst leaning in the doorway. “Hey I just fixed that mobile in his crib the other day. Why don’t you give it a spin?” Nate smiles at Nora and spins the rockets over Shaun’s crib. His cries turns to laughter as he is enchanted by the mobile.

“That’s my boy on his best behavior, just like his dad. Well, most of the time, anyway...” Nora says to Shaun walking toward the crib.

“How’s my little guy? Much better now, huh?” Nate asks before kissing Shaun’s forehead.

“Listen after breakfast, I was thinking we could head to the park for a bit. Weather should hold up.” Nora suggests.

“Will it be anything like the night in the park we had a year ago?” Nate recommends with a smirk, last time their actions resulted in Shaun being born, and he wouldn’t mind another child.

Before Nora could make a remark on this, Codsworth’s begins yelling from the living room. “Sir? Mum? You should come and see this!”

“Codsworth? What’s wrong?” Nora asks worried as she and Nate hurried to the living room. As they scampered into the living room, a live broadcast was playing on the TV. “Followed by ... yes, followed by flashes. Blinding flashes. Sounds of explosions ... we’re ... we’re trying to get confirmation...”

“What, what is he saying?” Nora asked in worry as she enters the room with Shaun in her arms, as she heard this.

“But we seem to have lost contact with our affiliate stations ... We do have ... coming in ... confirmed reports. I repeat, confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania. My God.” Just then the TV shuts down and the TV went onto please-stand-by mode.

“Oh my god!” Nora says covering her mouth as tears cloud her eyes.

“Mum ... the news...” Codsworth chokes out as if he were going to cry.

“We need to get to the Vault, now! Let’s go!” Nate shouts rushing Nora as he’s running out the door.

When they get outside sirens were blaring, Vertibirds flying overhead, and military vehicles were lining up against the bridge and around the cul-de-sac. Soldiers are in the streets directing people to the trail in the woods leading to a large elevation overseeing Sanctuary Hills. Over the commotion of the yelling, screaming, and crying neighbors, a soldier on the loudspeaker inside a Vertibird is shouting for the residents of Sanctuary Hills to evacuate to Vault 111 if they are registered. A couple talks about driving away, while another is yelling at her husband to leave their bags, a few were yelling about going to hide at the cave that was near by them. Nate pulls at Nora’s hand so she stays close by while he’s trying to keep Shaun relaxed through talking to him gently. A soldier is directing people when they get over the small bridge telling everybody that if they’re in the program they’ll get inside after checking in at the gate.

When they get to the gate in the middle of the hill a billboard is displayed to the right with a Vault Boy overseeing a large crowd of people eagerly waiting to get through the Vault Doors with the words ‘Prepare for the future!’ in bold letters. The sign eerily mimics all the neighbors trying to get to the officer that is checking names on a list to let people in the vault.

As they got to the gates, they saw two huge Power Armours, but not standard ones, they were the anti-tank and air Power Armours. They were standing twelve feet tall, they had two high-caliber three-barreled rotary guns mounted on its forearms, and two rocket launchers mounted in the unit’s shoulders. Behind the gates, were four standard Power Armours, keeping an eye out for threats.

At the gates the Vault-Tec Rep from the week before was protesting beside the crowd who are in despair over their names not being on the list.

“That’s absurd. I am Vault-Tec!” He complains.

“If you’re not on the list, you don’t get in!” The officer angrily replies in a gruff voice.

“I’m going in. You can’t stop me.” The Vault-Tec Rep told them, and a few people agreed with them, but a soldier in power armor begins to wind up their mini gun, this stopped most of them.

“Whooooa! Okay!” The Vault-Tec Rep runs away while shouting about reporting the officer, as a few others followed them. Nate is the first to run up to the officer while everybody panics about not being in the program.

“We need to get in. We’re on the list.” He calmly says.

“Names?” The officer replies quickly

“The Archers, Nathan, Nora, and Shaun.”

“Hmm, let me see,” the officer hummed at he checked his check board, before seeing the names, “ah yes the Archers, one infant ... an adult male and an adult Female ... oK, quickly go ahead.”

The soldier backs up and allowed the family to enter, and the Archers thanking the officer with relief. A Vault-Tec Security man shouts to them “You two follow me! Come on!”

Nora stops and mournfully questions “What’s going to happen to all those people outside the gate?”

“We’re doing everything we can, now keep moving!” The three start moving further up the hill. Another Security member that is directing them yells about getting onto the platform which will send them down into the vault. They do as he says and wait with the small group of six neighbors, made up of two to four people, who got through the program. “All right, that’s it send it down!” An officer shouts.

“Almost there, is Shaun okay?” Nate yells to Nora.

Nora wraps his arm around him bringing Shaun closer to her face. “He’s fine. We’re gonna be okay. I love you, both of you.” She says reassuring her husband.

“We love you too.” Nate replies. And just then a loud and blinding bang goes off in the distance. Everybody screams in overwhelming fear as people drop to their knees or fall backwards. A mushroom cloud forms from the explosion and an enormous gust of brown smoke hurdles at them. The citizens try to stand and see the cloud.

“NOW! NOW! SEND IT DOWN NOW!” The officer shouts horrified as a security member smashes the button.

“Hold on!” Nate shouts holding Nora tighter.

“Can’t this thing move faster!?” A man named Mr. Whitfield yells.

The forces from the nuclear detonation ride fast on the wind to them. Just as the platform is out of the reach for the wave, it hits in an ear splitting noise with heavy force shaking some people off their feet as the platform is hastily lowered. The cloud of smoke that was coming after them is all that is seen when looking up, until eventually everything goes dark.


After a quick while, Nate opens his eyes to see the lights emitting from the Vault glow brighter. “Honey! We did it. We made it. We’re okay...” Nate reassures Nora as he helps her up.

“Everyone please step off the elevator and proceed up the stairs in an orderly fashion.” Vault-Tec Security member told them.

“No need to worry folks, we’ll get everyone situated in your new home. Vault 111! A better future. Underground!” From the looks of him, he was one of the Overseer’s seen on the TV and was there to calm the people down the best they could. He went on speaking, while the crowd is in awe at the thought of surviving the nuke, commenting on it as they walk in. The Overseer reassures everybody that they no longer need to think about the outside world, saying they’re safe now. “Everyone just head up the stairs and through the door there, everything will be explained shortly.”

A computer is playing a message on repeat telling the new residents to enter in an orderly fashion as they proceed through the opened Vault door. A man who is Vault-Tec staff wearing a 111 Vault Suit is saying everybody’s gender and writing it down as they walk past. Most likely for headcount later.

“Take a suit from over there.” A male Vault-Tec Staff Member told them as he directed them to another woman in a vault suit.

“You’ll need your suit before we take you any further.” She explained with a warming smile.

“Thanks. What now?” Nora questions as she took the Vault Suit, followed by Nate.

“Just follow the doctor, here,” The Vault-Tec Member told her as she points to a man in a lab coat with a Pip-Boy on his arm. “He’ll show you where to go.”

“Alright everyone, follow me.” The doctor says beckoning the group to him.

“See buddy this is our new home” Nate says talking to Shaun.

“Oh you’re gonna love it here. This is one of our most advanced facilities. Not that the others aren’t great mind you...” The doctor says giving the people a run down. He walks down the corridor leading everybody. The Corridor has a window to the right showing what looks to be a reactor of some sort, and saw some medical pods that he recognized from during his time in the war. As they passed them, Nate stopped and asked, “Are there people in the pods?”

“Hmm, yes, they are from earlier,” the doctor replied nervously, “they are being checked out like you are going to. You would stay in there for an hour or so, whilst we do our scans to make sure you are fine before you go into the lower floors.”

“Understandable,” Nate admitted, as he thought about it, then suddenly he thought of something, “there’s something we didn’t put in your records, that you’ll find in the medical scans.”

“Oh what is that and why didn’t you put them in your records?” The Vault-Tec Doctor asked.

“It was confidential, and until now we couldn’t tell anyone, but seeing that things change, and you’re going to find out through the scans anyway, I can tell you.” Nate explained to the Doctor, “You see my wife and I are Spectres, and we have a few implants.”

“You’re-you’re Spectres?” The doctor asked, his voice trembling.

“Yes we are, so if there’s anything you need whilst we’re down here, please let us know.” Nora told the Vault-Tec Member, fully understanding his fear about them being Spectres.

And with that, they started to go down the corridor again, on the left hand side they saw a bathroom sign, opposite that was a set of stairs going down, what they suspect was where they were going to stay from now on. At the very end of the corridor are even more pods.

Seeing the other survivors made Nora uneasy as her eyes dart around, and asked him in a frightened voice, “How long do you think we’ll be down here?”

“Unless we get the All-Clear Signal, or something happens, it is our hope not to be here no longer than a year or two, depending if it is safe to leave or not.” The doctor reassures her about the orientation, before directing them into the bathrooms telling everybody to change to their new clothes. He pressures people to take their time while he and the other doctor get everything ready for them.

Nate is given Shaun to look after for a short while and everybody walks into their respective gender’s bathrooms as the doctors dealt with the medical pods. Nate goes into a stall to change and places Shaun on a fold out changing station. He takes all of his clothes off as do the other survivors. He struggles to get the suit on from how skin tight it is. The suit’s elasticity seems nearly impossible to rip and after much struggle, Nate gets it fully on enough to zip it up. He picks up Shaun and heads out of the bathroom.

Nora is still staring in the mirror trying to compose herself from all that’s happened. Her husband, Nathan, had been through the U.S. Army since the American-Sino war began. Although maybe not prepared for a nuclear bomb, he was much more prepared than she was. Even being a Spectre, the only experience in the job field is as a Law School graduate after all. And with the Spectre missions, it wasn’t in the battle field and so didn’t prepare her for all this.

With the new life coming to her, all that they’ve done previously would not matter anymore and she knew this. Nora splashed water on her face, and took deep breaths before emerging from the bathroom. Some people had already gone toward the medical pods. Nate was waiting for Nora with Shaun cradled in his arms. The baby smiled as he saw his mother and Nora smiled back.

“Hey buddy you doing okay?” She asked leaning toward him. The baby giggled and touched her nose.

“I’m shocked he hasn’t been crying this whole time.” Nate said confused.

“You don’t think that bomb made him deaf do you?!” Nora cried out.

“No need to worry, we have the science for that as well here in the Vault.” The doctor said putting his hand on Nora’s shoulder smiling. “Now come. There’s much to do.” Nate and Nora walked with the Doctor to the back of the Vault.

“Just a few medical items we have to get through, and then you may enter the rest of the the Vault.” Said another Vault-Tec Doctor, who was again checking genders as people went in, which Nora found a bit odd. But put it down to protocol that Vault-Tec had.

People were already at the pods, and were talking about how their suits looked and felt, while the staff members told them how the suit was designed. One of the doctor’s walked Nora and Nate to the back. “Just take a seat in the Medical Pod and I’ll be back shortly to start the tests.” the Doctor told the man and wife.

Shaun finally starts crying. “Hey honey could you help me? Shaun’s acting up.” Nate pleads. Nora goes over to Shaun to comfort him and took him from her husband’s arms, as she give Nate a kiss. In doing so, Shaun stopped crying.

Nate laughed at this, and said with a smile, “Looks like the little guy wanted his mother.”

“True,” Nora said with a smile, “they do say children need their mothers in troubling times, and this is as troubling you can get.”

“Very true,” Nate said with a sigh, “why don’t you take Shaun with you.”

“Sure.” Said Nora as she give her husband another kiss as she entered her pod. But as she did, Shaun begun to cry again, and hold his arms out for his father.

“I’m not going far son, I’ll just be right over there.” Nate said with a sad smile, as he pointed to his pod.

“It’ll be okay. Mommy’s got you” Nora told her son as Nate entered his pod, and sat down as he give a wave to his son, as Nora sat down in her pod. It’s surprisingly comfortable and Nora feels completely relaxed, in fact the way the seats were formed, she could easily fall asleep in them thanks to enough room in the pod.

After a few minutes, the doctor returned to them, and as he begun to type on the medical pod keyboard, addressing everybody, “Just relax now, the pod will decontaminate and depressurize you, before it starts running a medical scan. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, in which time as long as nothing is found, we’ll head deeper in the vault.

Nate sighs as he mumbles to himself, “Time for a whole new life.”

From across the room he can see Nora looking at Shaun, whispering to comfort him. When she looks up she puts his hand on the glass and Nate does the same.

A female computer voice comes on again. Nate looks around the pod waiting for something to happen. “Resident secure” the voice announced, “Occupant vitals normal.”

Nate starts breathing heavily as he feels an overwhelming breeze surge through his body. His breathing slows down after a while and the computer begins a countdown from five. Nate could help but go to sleep as his heart rate slows progressively. The last thing that he saw before falling to sleep was the glass frosting.


Unknown Date:

After what feels like an instant, Nate awoke suddenly, after a few seconds, he began to move as he heard the computer’s voice announce, “Manual override initiated cryogenic status suspended.”

Cryogenic?’ Nate thought to himself, as he realized what happened, for some reason the Vault-Tec members put them in state of suspended animation. ‘Did something happened to us?’

He was still freezing cold, as his vision slowly returns to him, yet he was too weak to move fully. The first thing that he saw was a mysterious male figure, he was a battle worn man, late into his thirties but looking closer to his early fifties due to all the weariness and fatigue from so much battle and death. He was balding, but yet still had hair on the back and sides of his head connecting to his rugged beard. He had a long scar going down left eye.

He looked like he was some kind of mercenary, he wore a white shirt underneath a slightly modified leather jacket, he had a leather strap, which connected to his strange shoulder armour running down his left side. He also had fingerless gloves, and he had three pouches attached to the back of his belt. He was with two people in a medical hazmat suit with tinted goggles; from what Nate could tell, both were female.

As they came into Nate’s view, the one of the females in the hazmat suit looked at Nora’s Pod, and checked inside, and said, “Yes, this is the one we need.”

“Open it then,” said the mercenary, “I want to be out of here as soon as possible.”

Working on the control panel, the first female opened Nora’s Pod. Nora at the time was confused at what was going on, why was she so cold, so weak, what was going on. Coughing, she asks, “Is it over? Are we okay?”

“Almost. Everything’s going to be fine.” the second female told Nora.

“Come here ... come here, baby...” said the first female, as she tried to remove Shaun from his mother’s arm. And as she did this, Nora fought against the person who was trying to take her baby who begun to cry.

“No, wait. No, I’ve got him.” Nora told them.

“Let the boy go.” the mercenary told Nora as he pulled what looked like a .44 magnum revolver from the side of his right leg, “I’m only gonna tell you once!”

“No, I’m not going to give you Shaun!” Nora said fearfully, and upon seeing this, Nate started to slam onto the pod’s glass, trying to break free. But he was too weak at the moment, and so he wasn’t at his full strength and so able to break open the pod.

The mercenary looked like he was going to shot Nora, but an invisible force pushed him away, and the first female hissed, “Kellogg, don’t be a fool. We were told that whilst we need the kid, we need to keep the Archers alive.” As she was saying this, the other female was injecting Nora with a sedative, that knocked her out.

At this she took Shaun from Nora, and with that they heard the glass cracking from another Pod, looking round they saw Nate’s was breaking the glass of his pod...

“Reactivate the pods!” The second female called out in fear.

At this Nate heard the computer’s voice announce. “Cryogenic sequence reinitialized.” Then all of a sudden the freezing sensation returned, forcing Nate to go back to sleep. Never knowing that the next time he awake, everything he knew would be different.

To be Continued

Authors Note - PLEASE READ TO THE END: Here ends the Prologue to my new story, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whilst this is going be a Fallout/Harry Potter story, until we get to Fallout 4 Saga, it’ll be mainly be about the Fallout Universe, but it’ll have elements from the Harry Potter world here and there.

Now I know that I might have added a lot of tech in this chapter, but it is going to be an Alternate Universe Fallout Universe. As I find it strange that with human nature and the people from Big MT, there wasn’t more technology, as it is human nature to seek out ways to make things better for themselves. So what if the transistor wasn’t created in the 1947 in the Fallout World, I would have thought someone would have tried to over the years to make their lives easier and better.

So this is why I created the Commonwealth Council: won’t say much about them, that’ll be in the next chapter or two, but after World War 2, when the fifty states of America were divided into thirteen commonwealths the Commonwealth Council was created so that the American Commonwealth could come together and talk about things. Not only that, but seeing how World War 2 ended, they feared that technology could be used badly if it went in the wrong hands. So the Commonwealth Council would vote what tech the world would be allowed, and the tech that was voted not to see the light of day and be hidden. Got a few ideas, but if you got more, please let me know.

So you know, as the title of this saga says, the following chapters will be all about what happened before the Great War. So seeing this is going to be Alternate Universe to the Fallout Universe, if there’s anything you want to see happen, what you would like the Commonwealth Council do or what you would to happen with Spectres, let me know. So you know, the L’Cie will be because of the Enclave learning about the Magical World, and experimenting on what they found. So if you got some ideas about the Enclave and the Magical World, please let me know.

So you know, the chapters well take some time to write, as I have to do something that I never done before, research. I have to look through the Fallout Wikia to see what happen during their timeline, and then add it to this story which well take some time.

I’m after some ideas for implants for Nate and Nora, for Nora I would like ones that focused more on helping her with diplomatically, but should shit hit the fans, she would be ready for anything. As for Nate, I want implants fit for a warrior, as he is a fighter, so would need things to show he is one too.

Because of this, I’m looking for a co-writer/beta reader to help me to write this story. I want someone who can help me with sentence structure, along with making sure that what I wrote fits, and is spelt right and such. And if possible, someone who can add, alter and delete what shouldn’t be there. I also want someone to help me with Fallout Lore, some to help me to keep most of the lore in the story.

I have a question for you all:

The next question is this: Why did the Institute wanted Shaun to start off with? Couldn’t they not have picked anyone else?

I looked it up, and I sort of found the answer it and it was this:

Father: ... You believed that ten years had passed. Is it really so hard to accept that it was not ten, buy sixty years? That is the reality. And here I am. Raised by the Institute, and now its leader.

Select “But Why?” dialogue choice

You: But why? Why take a child? Why take you?

Father: Ah, now that’s the question isn’t it? “Why me?”. At that time, the year 2227, the Institute had made great strides in synth production. But it was never enough. Scientific curiosity, and the goal of perfection, drove them ever onward. What they wanted was ... the perfect machine. So they followed the best example thus far - the human being. Walking, talking, fully articulate ... capable of anything.

Select “They needed specimens” dialogue choice

You: So the weird science experiments needed specimens. That’s why they took you.

Father: In a manner of speaking, yes. The Institute endeavored to create synthetic organics. The most logical starting point, of course, was human DNA. Plenty of that was available, of course, but it had all become corrupted ... in this ... wasteland ... radiation affected everyone. Even in their attempts to shield themselves from the world above, members of the Institute had been exposed. Another source was necessary. But then the Institute found me, after discovering records from Vault 111. An infant, frozen in time, protected from the radiation-induced mutations that had crept into every other human cell in the Commonwealth. I was exactly what they needed. And so it was my DNA that became the basis of the synthetic organics used to created every human-like synth you see today.

But my question still remains why Shaun, there were many, in ‘Father’ own words, ‘frozen in time, protected from the radiation-induced mutations that had crept into every other human cell in the Commonwealth.’ So why not one of them, or someone from another vault who wasn’t in the new Commonwealth? Would like your thoughts, so that I can explain it better in my Fallout story when I get to that point of the story.

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