Chapter 1: What Am I?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Hypnosis, Magic, Mind Control, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Shemale, TransGender, Crime, Military, War, Science Fiction, Aliens, Extra Sensory Perception, Far Past, Space, Paranormal, Sharing, Spanking, Polygamy/Polyamory, Body Modification, Public Sex, Small Breasts, Teacher/Student, Nudism, Politics, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: What Am I? - Set in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle Universe; even with the pending Sa'arm invasion, Earth's elite are bent on achieving their own agenda--reducing the number of humans to a manageable level of 250 million. T. E. Lawrence is tasked with disruption of their depopulation program.

It was a normal summons: Conference Room Four, naked except for Starbright. She is an albino cobra and she was wrapped around my torso and draped over my shoulder, her head beside my left ear. The conference room had already been set up when I arrived. Marc—the concubine assigned as an equipment tech to Ensign Williams’ Corsairs—dismissed two other concubines.

Conference Room Four is adjustable. What I mean is that the room can be different sizes and different shapes. No, I don’t know how that’s possible. Right now the room was dome shaped. I estimated that the room was about 30 meters in diameter—or 100 feet if you will. The ceiling’s apex was about 15 meters or 50 feet. Yes, there was that “wasted space” around the walls where I’d bump my head, but subtle cues helped me avoid that. The entryway was a transportation pad set in the wall and the silvery half-disk was at an odd, curved angle—but I didn’t let that bother me.

Tess entered next, followed by Georgia and Mary. And then Governor Lilith arrived. When Colonel Johnny Dorman arrived, that made seven of us and Starbright—and the AI, of course. Dorman made for the coffee replicator and drew his Number 9 brew in a steaming half-liter mug. Black, no sugar. Strong. Comfort.

“Take your places,” Lilith directed. The conference table was round and there were seven well-stuffed captain’s chairs surrounding it. Lilith took one. She pointed to the chair on her left and then to me—I perched myself on the edge of the chair so that I didn’t squash Starbright. Mary was to Lilith’s right, and Georgia was to Mary’s right. Marc sat on my left and to his left was Tess. Between Tess and Georgia was Johnny Dorman. He was in uniform—the only one wearing clothes if you didn’t count my wearing Starbright. Dorman was also the only one with refreshments despite the laden Kraft table a few steps from the round table. “The first meeting of the Qua will commence.”

“Qua?” Dorman asked.

“This is an action and planning committee,” Georgia said. “As you know, we aren’t all that we appear to be here on Arc Dios. Lilith is a goddess. It gets more complicated after that.”

“I suppose that the damned snake is a deity, too!” Dorman huffed.

“Were you aware of Tom’s autism?” Lilith asked.

Autism? Me?

“I knew there was something wrong with him,” Dorman snorted. “Wait a minute—what’s the conk doing here?”

“Marc is no longer a concubine,” Mary announced. “Sergeant Shepard is the Fleet Auxiliary representative. You, Johnny, are the Central Command representative. Tess is the Civil Service Representative. Georgia is our DECO representative. I’m the captain of the Arc Dios. Lilith is our colonial governor and of course she IS a goddess. Poor Tom here is our battle captain.”

“Battle captain?” Dorman sneered. “What sort of shit is that?”

“When Arc Dios enters space combat,” Mary explained, “Tom will join with Arc Dios and control the ship as if it were his body. He’s been training to do that. When Tom becomes Arc Dios, he becomes the most powerful combat ship in the fleet.”

“Only an autistic human could do that,” Lilith continued the lecture. “Autism is the normal human state. Autistic people are hyper-aware. That’s a good thing in the wild but a bad thing when autistic humans have to live in cities. Most humans—you would call yourselves ‘normal, ‘ Johnny—ignore most of the environmental cues bombarding your senses. You can’t even remember these cues. You might as well be asleep, and that is what it takes to survive in a civilized world—you have to be numb or you’d go crazy. Most humans are autistic but learn to ignore. The acute cases cannot ignore sensory saturation. Some even remember their dreams. That’s the bad. What you find boring is overstimulating to an autistic.

“The good,” Lilith beamed at me, “is that autistic people are aware. They see things you cannot. They are always aware of their environment. Tom-cat can focus his attention and that is why he can function in human society—that and he’s also far more intelligent than the rest of humanity. It’s also why he can interact with animals. All animals send signals, but civilized humans don’t receive those signals and therefore fail to respond when other species send inquiry and friendship messages. You haven’t met any non-human Confederacy citizens so you don’t know that the human domination behavior scares them on a deep level. We won’t let Tom meet any non-human Confederacy citizens directly for a while, but his interaction with other non-human species will serve well when Tom gets to meet the other Confederacy races face-to-face. You thought Tom was psychic?”

“Psycho!” Dorman growled.

Starbright growled, too. Yes, some cobra species vocalize. I stroked the snake’s coils around my chest and she rubbed her head against my cheek as we comforted each other.

“The Qua meets to discuss upcoming projects,” Lilith said. “You have two important functions, Johnny. You are the designated pessimist. Your job is to ensure negative input.”

“Ma’am,” I interrupted, “won’t Colonel Dorman’s role as the wet blanket cause us to ignore him?”

Lilith laughed.

“You can focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else, Tom-cat,” Lilith lilted, “but you can’t ignore. Johnny will be good for us—good for you. Johnny doesn’t know it, but with Starbright wrapped around you, you’re not going to cause trouble. Starbright feeds off your emotional state. You are deliberately calming yourself and that keeps Starbright calm. Every meeting you’ll have one of the other species with you so that you focus on remaining calm, nonjudgmental and receptive.”

“Let’s get our roles straight,” Georgia stated. “This is a round table and here there is no rank. We’re all equal here. Assignments will be handed to us through the chain of command and this committee will interpret and carry out our orders. Normal staffs have G-3 for operations—that’s Mary’s job. G-2 Intel is my job. Johnny is our G-2 security guy. G-4 is Marc, and you’re staying just an E-5 sergeant outside of this committee until you’ve trained your replacement concubines. Tess is G-1 personnel.”

“If you’ve run out of fingers, that leaves Tomcat and myself,” Lilith added. “I want Tom to be the mission. That means he can’t take sides. Tom, you look into the orders and determine what must be done—you put the mission first. And I’ll run the meetings. Call me the secretary.

Secretary. That meant ‘subordinate’ in American business circles—but the United Nation’s top guy was their Secretary General. Starbright was buzzing. Did cobras purr? I had to step back from myself to gain objectivity, to calm myself—and the snake. It worked.

“Have you tried the laudanum-laced coffee, Johnny?” Lilith inquired. “I’ve authorized you to imbibe the restricted brews.”

“Isn’t that a mix of heroine and whiskey?” Johnny asked. “That’s against regulations!”

“I can authorize it for people on this colony,” Lilith said, “and the mix contains opium and codeine, among other things. Yes, it’s addicting. Your internal nanites will have to be programmed for the drug, but you can get high when you want and then instantly sober up. You won’t become physically dependent—your enhancements won’t permit that.”

“You’re trying to make me an addict!” Dorman shouted.

“Only you can do that, Johnny,” Lilith said. “Tomcat won’t permit me that sort of fun.”

I let the words wash over me as I remained centered, remained detached. Starbright helped by reacting to me. I was calm and so the cobra remained calm. Lilith is a genius. I was too busy gathering facts and keeping my cool to be drawn into the fray.

“There are other staff functions,” my own voice surprised me. “The US Army has nine general staff positions.”

“The AI handle most of those,” Georgia said. “Communications, for one. Finance. Tess actually has many functions. Lilith is chief of staff even though the members of this Qua are all equal.”

“That’s impossible,” Dorman snarked, performing his role as designated troublemaker to perfection. “We’re human—except for Tom and his snake. We’re going to have to have a leader.”

“And you want to be that leader,” Mary calmly observed. “Three of us are Confederacy colonels, Johnny. Lilith’s title of governor is equal to flag rank, so she’s actually senior. Tess and Marc really should be colonels too—sorry, but we want you junior in rank to Tom and we can’t give him high rank because that would keep him from field work.”

“Yes, the young king needs to earn his spurs,” Lilith chimed in. “There’s still much to do before we promote Tom to godhood. He needs the experience.”

“Do the AI talk at these meetings?” I asked.

<Only when necessary, young man, > Ramses, the station AI spoke. I missed if that was a general announcement to the Qua or if it were directly to me and private. <The Qua is an executive staff, is a decision-making body, and Our role is merely to provide support to the decision makers.>

‘Our’ meant the artificial intelligences, though I’m again uncertain if it were just a small part of the Confederacy AI or if it were all of them. Ambiguity. We humans are supposed to be able to handle ambiguity. Now I could see how I might be autistic. Good thing I was of an older generation. Today Americans drug deviants. Then the deviants are classified as mentally defective and stripped of their human rights. Being born before the mental health profession got control over education was dodging a bullet.

One of the questions on the Minnesota Multi Phasic Personality Inventory is ‘do animals talk to you?’ Of course they do! We humans just aren’t fluent in inter-species communications. We’re arrogant, too—being made in God’s image and all that rot.

“As this is our initial meeting, there isn’t any old business,” Lilith said. “But we do have a current operation. Georgia, brief us on Project 250 million.”

“It’s a conspiracy of a few high-ranking humans to reduce the human population to a controllable level,” Georgia described them. I had killed a few. That conspiracy had triggered a nuclear war and Israel was no more—millions had died. Starbright used to be owned by one of them. “There are five generational sub-light speed star ships being built on Planet Earth right now—one by the Islamic Caliphate, one in China, one in Russia, one in South America and one in India. Another dozen or so jump-capable star ships are being built by humans. The ships with FTL drives are small, less than a hundred crew and passengers. The generational sub-light star ships are able to take as many as ten thousand people. At the moment no known members of that 250 million plot are involved—though Tom suspects that the Indian and South American star ship may be. The Confederacy attitude is officially wait and see.

“This doesn’t leave the room, people!” Georgia hissed. “Unofficially, the Confederacy is helping out these projects. We may be involved if one or more of them are to be quietly shut down. Until that time, we’re officially not concerned.”

“Tom will be leaving on a mission in a few minutes,” Lilith told the Qua. “Tom is going to Giza to collect the Sphinx and the pyramids.”

“What!” Dorman blurted. “The fuck?”

“There has been some rioting in Egypt,” Lilith said.

“There are always riots in Egypt,” Georgia butted in.

“The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has been looted and destroyed,” Lilith continued. “There is something beneath the Giza plateau that cannot be allowed to fall into hostile human hands. Tom and Kimba and Starbright will go down and collect it. Tom, tell us how you feel about Usama bin Laden as a Confederacy Navy officer.”

“I have no opinion in that capacity,” I replied.

“You’re American!” Dorman exploded. “What he did!”

“There’s a reason for my question, Johnny,” Lilith said. “The bin Laden group has a contract to remove those relics from the Age of Ignorance, as the current regime calls them, and to build a New Mecca there to replace the radioactive ruins in Saudi Arabia. Tomcat will remove the item and build that city in 100 hours or less. It will be the world’s biggest interdiction field and it will be filled with recyclers. The item will be moved to the moon for safekeeping and build the city according to the bin Laden Group’s blueprints and then Tomcat will hand the city over to the bin Laden Group.”

With that, the first meeting of the Qua broke up and I left for Earth with a lion and a cobra as my companions.

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