The Babysitter's Boyfriend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Babysitter,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charlotte was a bit old for the babysitting game but she needed the money for college in the fall and sometimes the daddies were real generous with their tips when she was friendly in a special way.

When Mrs. McNally hired young Charlotte to be her primary Saturday night babysitter, it was with the strict admonition that she was to bring no one into the house in their absence no matter how tempting it might be to have company to make the time go faster.

Charlotte was in complete accord with that particular clause of her employment because all she wanted to do was to make enough money to have funds to spend when she went away to the somewhat distant community college in the fall. The McNally’s home was well-appointed and the paintings on the wall appeared old enough to be of some value in the event of an auction to convert them into a liquid asset.

Mary McNally was a bit old to have her twins but she was well satisfied with the outcome because life had almost passed her by due to her late marriage just before the thirty-five year mark. Now, she was pushing the God-awful crisis point of forty and her little imps were only five years old and a handful that often pushed her to the cliff of a blossoming nervous breakdown. She had hired the pretty, but immature, Charlotte to ease her weekend stress levels and allow her to be with her slightly younger and distressingly virile spouse Ronald in his travels to sell his company’s products to sometimes desperately sex-starved middle-aged housewives in need of horizontal exercises to close the deal. The presence of a near-by wife might reduce his sales production but it would surely be a safety valve in saving their faltering marriage with a pair of youngsters underfoot all the time.

Charlotte at the age of eighteen was a bit old for a babysitter but she didn’t charge any more per hour and her steadier common sense reassured the flustered housewife that her Fanny and Judy were good hands during her absence. Besides, her petite figure and dainty Dresden doll features appeared in perpetual happy spirits and she was softly spoken to the point of desirably demure shyness around strangers. That was certainly a point in her favor with Mrs. McNally when she made her final selection for a proper watcher of her children.

She had also noticed her husband Ronald was disgustingly attracted to buxom females with top-heavy development that was a focal point of his oral inspections. Unfortunately, she was a bit lacking in that area and she was not in the least bit interested in the slurping of any male at her scanty nipples for liquids that would rightly belong to one’s offspring and certainly not some fetish-minded male with carnal desires.

The fact that young Miss Charlotte Sample was equally as lacking in minimally adequate frontal artillery was the clincher as far as she was concerned because it almost certainly insured her weak-willed spouse would not be bending the babysitter over in the pantry when he paid her the evening’s fee for her labors.

The good wife McNally had deceptively secured the collusion of her widowed cousin Bessie to produce her oversized breasts for her husband’s evening entertainment supposedly without her knowledge aforethought.

Bessie was middle-aged and plain, but her breasts were quite first-rate and had gotten rave reviews by several neighborly husbands attending to the widow’s post funeral loneliness.

She was a bit reluctant in the coupling game due to her inability to lift her legs very long without fatigue that prevented her admirer from achieving success. In lieu of the use of the familiar “missionary” position favored by ladylike wives due to her lack of agile flexibility, she became proficient in the “doggie” style used by common folk and women of fragile reputation.

Mrs. McNally was amused at the sight of her cousin down on all fours with her sweating spouse laboring away behind her like some railroad engineer taking his locomotive for a long haul up a steep slope with dangerous twists and turns. She secretly harbored the forlorn hope that her husband would expire in that position and received the derision of his peers for lack of stamina. It would be a fitting end for a man that focused with obsession on a part of the female anatomy that seemed to her totally inadequate to fulfill one’s need for a proper “tingle”.

In actuality, the horny Ronald had considered bending the young and beautiful Charlotte over the ironing board the very first moment he saw her bright and shining face in his wife’s sitting room. His sheltered equipment came to instant attention like some dirty old hound dog scenting its prey in close proximity. The dreadfully immature but more sly than shy Charlotte was aware of a prospective closer in the game of carnal carnival, but she pretended complete ignorance and even let her shoe dangle off her now bare foot in a way that suggested she might be ready to strip at a moment’s warning.

It was indeed fortunate for both Charlotte and Ronald that Mary relied on her cousin Bessie’s over-sized breasts to distract her husband from pussy-hunting outside the home and that she vastly underrated the power of the young girl to attract male attention just with her delectable facial features that inspired erections even in elderly males not used to such stirrings at that late time in life.

Charlotte was not in the least bit outraged at the way Mister McNally studied the geography of her buttocks with his rambunctious ungloved hands in the alcove of her study lined with books collected by several generations of McNally’s with a pretentious need to appear intelligent. They both stood frozen in posed boredom as he made little side trips to her heated slot and she looked off into the distance as if considering a matter of needed concern. Eventually, she surrendered her postponed release and he reveled in the fact that he had placed her in such a shameful and compromising position with such bravado and speedy success in complete secrecy.

Poor Mrs. McNally had not a clue at her husband’s dalliance and she merely noted that her prospective babysitter was a bit cool to her husband in a way that satisfied her malfunctioning radar completely.

The first weekend of babysitting was without benefit of boyfriend and found Mrs. McNally deep in her cups on the return from the party and in need of safe bundling in the upstairs bedroom to insure she didn’t fall to the hard wooden floor.

It was at that point just before paying the young girl for her services that Ronald introduced her to the skin to skin contact with his married with children equipment that had already stiffened its resolve to make her acquaintance as deeply as possible.

Charlotte was overjoyed at the added perk of a husband’s attentions in addition to her generous wages for practically no work whatsoever. In compensation for her lack of effort, she diligently allowed her youthful body to be mounted and ridden harshly by the party-aroused gentleman in need of a repository for his evening’s store of creamy emissions without further delay. He had rubbed up against many a tightly corseted fine lady with lust-starved eyes and soft padded bottoms to comfort his searching palms in complete disregard for his sinful lust and their loss of personal dignity in tandem. Now, he delivered his frustration straight up Charlotte’s tightly clenched sphincter without a single word of seduction and in full confidence that she was in full accord with his need for passion. They moved together like a single human person joined at the loins. They were in perfect harmony with the moment. It was a moment that made time stand still. The magic moment ended when she was flooded beyond belief with his happily married residue of sticky spunk spurting endlessly between her immature cheeks. It was so overpowering that it caused her similar teenaged girl searching for love release and immediate shameful remorse at her dreadful behavior.

After that frenzied coupling exercise, the generally dispassionate husband treated Charlotte like some visiting niece there for a sleepover and not merely an employee hired by his wife to give her some respite from her motherly duties. Charlotte, in her turn, was somewhat confused because most of her randy boyfriends were already plotting how to expand their knowledge of her carnal geography at that point of their date or unexpected meeting. She instinctively deduced that McNally was on tenterhooks wanting to act in the same irresponsible way but restrained by the expectations of a repressive society that demanded he cease his exploitive nocturnal transgressions on her fresh, young body and to act more like a host and a responsible adult.

She had seen the same sort of reaction from both of her uncles after they had made their almost identical displays of quasi-mentoring and desperately seeking need to taste the bloom of newly budded teen-aged pussy. In Charlotte’s experience, the best way to handle such passion was to simply pretend to be helpless and allow her partner access in a manner that preserved her virtue and still resulted in the “tingle” that was her desired reward.

They sat drinking tea and eating the left-over scones that were purchased for dinner but never eaten in the press for making it to the party on time. Fortunately, the young charges were fast asleep in their beds dreaming of different versions of Beauty and the Beast, one in which Beauty was completely in charge of every aspect of the story and the other with the Beast being much more aggressive and demanding of poor Beauty’s every motion and physically using her for carnal delights. Both of the girls were smiling angelically in their gentle sleep and had identical tempos of breathing that gave no indication of their opposite interpretations of the same tale of love that knew no bounds. It gave Charlotte time to really look at Mister McNally and she had to admit that she liked his “Devil-may-care” attitude and the fact that he never hesitated to allow her to insert her inquisitive finger in his back-door pucker letting her know he was not one of those “macho” types that only wanted a one-way route to the final “tingle”. He definitely had possibilities and she regretted the fact he was already spoken for and had children to look out for as well. She had no doubt in her mind that Mrs. McNally was not the “sharing” kind and she would look askance at Charlotte spreading her knees for her husband’s silly exploits.

She decided it would be better to bring Johnny with her the next time she came to the McNally household for babysitting duties. Johnny was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he seldom got into conversations about current affairs, but he had the biggest cock on the Lacrosse team and girls fell into his lap and stayed long enough to get a sample of his DNA with very little effort. Charlotte had given him her best “on her knees” performance after a couple of games and he seemed willing to explore her limits of endurance and stamina when it came to consummating their teenaged need for togetherness in a horizontal position.

Charlotte told Johnny,

“If we get together over at the McNally’s, you have to be super careful and not muss anything up on the sofa or the carpet. You know what I mean and I am serious about it because they are a nice couple and I like working there. Be sure to bring some condoms because I know for a fact you got Wilma Johnson pregnant just standing up against the locker between classes.”

Young Johnny looked sheepishly downcast because there was a lot of truth in what Charlotte had said and he felt guilty about giving the pretty Wilma an early addition to her parent’s household at a time when they were making plans for their only daughter to go to college in the fall.

Charlotte was determined to stay out of that sort of trouble not because of a desire to go on to higher education but her plan was to find a job where she could meet lots of eligible males like doctors and lawyers and such to keep her in the lifestyle that she wanted for the rest of her life. That was why she preferred older males with lots of disposable income to transfer to her use without a second thought providing she gave back plenty of “Honey” in return.

In the meantime, she found that the husbands of her clients were more than willing fund her plans with cold, hard cash whenever she delivered special services above and beyond the call of regular “babysitting duties” after the wives had gone to sleep behind a closed bedroom door. She knew that her accommodating attitude would insure she had plenty of customers and she was discreet enough that the wives never suspected a single thing.

All she spoke about was her “Boyfriend Johnny” and the wives figured she was a safe young teenager for their husbands to drive home from a late night’s labors.

In fact, Mrs. McNally was quite interested in meeting Johnny for the first time and they bent the rule to allow Charlotte to bring Johnny over the next time to study algebra and make the time go faster. Algebra was the last thing on Johnny’s mind when the McNally’s got home because he hadn’t reached that point that allowed him the “tingle” he needed to call it a “good night” in the way that he considered it to be a “mission accomplished”.

(Chapter 2 will be “4 in a bed are better than 2”)

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