Sexy Milk

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Shemale, TransGender, Fiction, Workplace, Science Fiction, Aliens, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Body Modification,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 23: Ashe has given everything to the company she works for and now she is given a chance to excel in a company ran by the alien Grell. There is only one test for her to prove herself, Rin, the daughter of the company's CEO. Rin proves to be a little difficult, but Ashe can overcome it, right?

Ashe sits up on the examination table. Her hand wraps around the upper part of her opposite arm where she was just stuck with a needle. She scowls at the green alien Grell doctor and grins. “That hurt like a bitch. I thought you said it wouldn’t.”

The doctor frowns back, “I said it would hurt a little.”

Ashe screws her face up into a sneer. “A little? It felt like...”

Then, right as she is about to spit out the next obscenity, the lithe human woman starts to feels a horrible burning sensation in her clit. It is more painful than anything she has ever felt before. She doubles over in pain, nearly falling off the table. It’s a good thing the Grell is there to catch her and set her upright. Despite the human’s sudden unexpected pain, the alien doctor doesn’t seem at all too concerned.

Ashe feels a strange, painful pulling sensation as it feels like her clit is going to tear itself from her body. In a way, it does. In the span of just under thirty seconds, her clit blossoms into a massive cock. Compared to men she has been with it is formidable, but that is probably because she has never had one attached to her own body. To add to her surprise is the fact that right afterward, a large pair of hairless balls drop out underneath.

Her fingers slither down her body slowly. She gulps as they brush along the soft flesh and over the large mounds. Then her eyes go wide when she doesn’t feel her pussy.

“Yes, it is gone, replaced with a male appendage,” the Grell doctor says, smiling.

My pussy!

Ashe can’t find any words. She has had a lifetime with her treasure box and now it’s just gone. Of course she knew this would happen, but it is only now that it really hits her. And it hits her like a ton of bricks.

“You can get dressed and go home,” the alien says with his clinical tone. “It will take some time to get used to but not much. By the time you report in after the weekend it will feel like it has always been there.”

She nods and stares at the doctor as he leaves the room. She sits for a few minutes just staring at the new appendage before finally motivating herself to get dressed.

Ashe is freaked out still as she drives home. Her new cock throbs and aches for the entire trip. She has it held taut to her belly by the waistband of her pants, half-erect. The more the thing sits there, sticking out of her crotch, the less it hurts. It is almost as if it is becoming a part of her, which she supposes that it is now. The procedure is permanent. Now she only hopes that it is worth the pay to come. The pain begins to bleed away into a strange, yet familiar feeling. Can it be ... arousal?

Once home, Ashe rushes to her bathroom to stare at her new appendage. It is the one room in her tiny apartment with the best, as well as the most light. She is horny, but it is a different kind of horniness than she has ever experienced before.

Holding her breath, she tentatively reaches a hand out and grasps the cock. Pleasure emanates from a place that hadn’t existed on her body a few hours before. She gasps, her eyes widening as the cock begins to grow and harden in her hand. It is a strange feeling, like radiant warmth is coming out of her. It is definitely and totally unlike anything she has ever felt before.

It all becomes a haze of pleasure next. Ashe starts stroking her new cock, the action just coming naturally to her. She moans and fondles her bare breasts, while running her hand up and down the throbbing member. Sweat beads on her forehead as her whole body heats up. And then she has her first orgasm.

It is incredible, explosive and more blissful than anything she has ever experienced before. She blinks as she finds herself staring up at the ceiling, her body trembling as her cock spits out powerful jets of cum across the tiny room, more times than she can count.

As her cock settles down, she looks at it. She sees the trails of cum on the floor and before she can even think, she is back at it, stroking herself to orgasm after orgasm. She continues doing so for the next hour before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

Ashe barely wakes in time to meet with her girlfriend for their weekly date. She has to force herself not to play with her new member, instead focusing on Molly, her girlfriend. It does the trick, if just barely.

They go to a local club frequented by both humans and Grell. It is full of singles, couples and of course the ever so sparse human and Grell couple. The aliens look down on those that enter relationships with humans. That isn’t a problem for Ashe or her girlfriend, as both are human. Ashe has never really thought much about it and thus, has never entertained any ideas of such a union. It’s much like her thoughts on the opposite sex.

The evening plays out much like many other evenings that they have shared. But tonight is a little different. Ashe has spent the majority of the time trying to figure out just how she is going to break the big news to Molly.

Then halfway through a dance, Ashe can’t take it anymore. Her cock is throbbing and barely contained in the dress she wears. She grabs Molly’s wrist and leads the woman’s hand to the front of the dress, pressing her palm against the giant bulge. The initial look of confusion on Molly’s face quickly fades. Her eyes go wide as she realizes just what she is touching.

“Is that a...” she says in a near whisper.

Ashe smiles then nods.

“Did you seriously go through with it?”

Again, Ashe nods.

A smile grows across Molly’s face. “It’s so...”

“Big,” Ashe says.

Molly moves in close, their mouths only inches apart. “Big,” she echoes.

Ashe then lets go of her girlfriend’s wrist. Molly hand stays there, touching the distinct bulge. Ashe sighs as she begins to run her hand up and down her belly, caressing her cock through the dress.

“Oh fuck...” Ashe moans. “You have got to stop that.”

Molly pulls away and laughs. “Bathroom?”

Ashe nods her head and Molly takes her hand, leading the way. Ashe makes sure to stick very close to her girlfriend, lest anyone see her pronounced bulge. This in turn leads her cock to rub up against Molly’s back and getting her even more riled up. She is already ready to blow ... again!

In the bathroom, Molly drops to her knees and flips up Ashe’s dress.

“Oh!” she shrieks as Ashe’s cock finally breaks free from its restraints, slapping her in the face. Ashe lets out a sharp gasp as it does so, while her girlfriend nearly falls on her ass in shock. “It’s fucking huge!”

“They said it would be,” Ashe says with a blush.

“Ashe, this new cock of yours, it’s amazing!” Molly exclaims, running a hand up and down her throbbing shaft.

“Oh sit!” Ashe moans. “I’m cumming!”

She is already at her breaking point, and her girlfriend’s soft hand running up and down her cock seals the deal. She thrusts her forward as she orgasms, cum rocketing out of her cock, flying over Molly’s head and painting the stall door white.

“Already?” Molly asks, frowning. “I hope that not all you got.”

Ashe grins. “Oh don’t worry, it’s not.” Her cock is still rock-hard, and she is only getting started. “This thing can last for a long time.”

Molly nods and licks her lips and begins stroking her girlfriend’s cock again, this time with both hands. “Your cock is so thick,” she says a moment later. “I wonder if I can even fit it in my mouth.”

Molly, unlike Ashe, wasn’t always a lesbian.

Without waiting for a reply, Molly does just that. She slips her mouth around the head of the large member.

“Ah!” Ashe gasps. “That is just incredible!”

Molly responds in the affirmative though it’s not very clear with the cock in her mouth. She continues to stroke Ashe’s cock as she works more and more of the thick shaft into her mouth. And Molly; mouth is so tight and wet and hot, it feels like her cock is going to melt.

So far it has been Ashe’s own hands, but this blowjob is mind blowing!

“Molly, if you keep this up, I’m going to cum again,” she moans.

The entire head and a good bit of her shaft is inside Molly’s mouth. She doesn’t know what the back of a throat feels like, but she is pretty sure at least some of her cock is there. Ashe puts her hands on her girlfriend’s head, moaning as she sucks the member. Ashe slowly pumps her hips, helping the woman to take more and more of the cock into her mouth and throat. Soon, she can feel her balls start to tighten as her orgasm nears.

“Molly,” she gasps. “I’m about to cum!”

Molly looks up at her girlfriend, her mouth halfway down the shaft, and moans. Lewd slurping sounds follow as she takes even more of the cock inside her.

Ashe stares at the woman, their eyes meeting, and a few moments later, she explodes. Cum surges up her cock as she moans hard, Ashe’s cock erupting directly into Molly’s mouth, much to her surprise. The woman struggles beneath Ashe as load after load of cum is shot into her throat.

After Ashe has finished climaxing, she slowly extracts her cock from her lover’s throat. “Are you alright?” she asks.

“Fuck, Ashe...” she sputters. “That was just ... incredible!”

The woman then goes to quickly pulling off her dress, tossing it to a corner.

“Ashe, I want you inside me,” she says as she lies on her back, spreading her legs and letting Ashe get a look at her pussy.

It is already nice and dripping wet.

“I’m this wet just from blowing you,” Molly moans, playing with her clit. “I need that big thing inside me, Ashe.”

There is no way Ashe can turn down such an offer. After all, she needs to get used to using her new cock before returning to work.

Hovering over her girlfriend, she kisses Molly on the lips. She opens her mouth and Molly opens hers, and their tongues dance. Her cock rubs against Molly’s belly, precum leaking profusely from the tip. And at long last, Ashe breaks from the kiss and positions the tip of her cock with the entrance of her lover’s weeping pussy.

“This is my first time,” Ashe says, suddenly embarrassed. She knows her lover has been with several men before her, and now she is worried about performance.

“I know and I can take it,” Molly reassures her. “Just stick it in me already!”

Ashe grunts as she pushes forward, her cock meeting with heavy resistance as it stretches Molly to her limit.

“Oh, fuck,” Molly moans. “It’s so fucking big! You’re gonna make me cum already!”

Ashe smiles at the thought of making her girlfriend orgasm in this new way. It excites her as does the fact that she is in her with something other than a tongue or fingers. She pauses, taking the moment to feel the inside of Molly’s pussy with her cock. It is warm and tight and she can feel it trying to suck her in.

“Why are you stopping?” Molly groans.

“Just getting a feel for everything,” Ashe replies with a grin. “Ready for more?”


As she presses more of her cock into Molly’s unbelievably tight cunt, the woman moans and writhes. It is an incredible feeling as her pussy just sucks the cock in, Ashe’s rock-hard shaft grinding pleasurably against her pussy walls.

After Ashe has gotten half of her cock into Molly, she begins thrusting. And this is when Molly kicks into overdrive.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cries out again and again, thrashing about wildly as Ashe pumps her cock in and out of her.

Each thrust brings Ashe ever closer to burying herself fully into her lover’s hot depths. “Molly, your pussy feels so good,” she moans.

Molly’s response comes in the form of a surprise orgasm as her pussy tightens up even more, constricting Ashe’s cock. Ashe grits her teeth and pushes forward. Lewd moans escape her lips as Molly’s pussy brings her to new heights.

As she pounds her lover’s cunt, she picks her hands up off the bare floor and gropes Molly’s bare breasts. They are just the right size to grab on to, unlike her own breasts which apparently have grown double in size since the injection.

Molly moans as her girlfriend massages her breasts while being fucked with the huge cock. Before too long, Ashe has fully buried herself inside the woman.

She can feel something resisting her cockhead every time she thrust her cock in Molly. She has a feeling she knows what it is, and her suspicions are pleasantly confirmed the next time the woman opens her mouth.

“Oh shit, Ashe...” Moly moans. “You’re hitting my cervix...”

And it only serves to turn Ashe on more. Pumping her hips, she rams the head of her cock against Molly’s cervix. Molly in turn screams and moans beneath her as Ashe assaults the deepest parts of her cunt. Each thrust sends a jolt of intense pleasure down her thick member.

At that moment, Ashe never wants to pull out, never wants to stop. She feels her balls start to tighten as a load wells up deep inside her.

“Molly...” she monas. “I’m going to cum.”

“Oh good,” Molly moans in return. “Cum in me!”

“I’m going to cum in you, Molly,” Ashe moans, madly humping her best friend, her girlfriend, her lover.

“Fuck! Do it!” Molly begs. “Fill me up with your cum, Ashe! Pump my cunt full of your cum!”

The words tip the scales for Ashe and she screams as she rams her cock home one final time. Her cockhead finally breaks down Molly’s cervix as her cock pumps shot after shot of cum directly into the woman’s womb.

Molly screams from beneath Ashe as she orgasms. Her belly begins to expand slightly as Ashe fills her womb with thick cum.

Ashe then pulls her still-cumming cock out of her lover’s overfilled pussy and jacks the rest of her load all over Molly’s belly and chest.

“Son of a...” Ashe mutters.

“What is it?” Molly asks.

“I’m still hard,” she answers with a frown.

“I don’t think my pussy can take anymore, Ashe,” the woman says with a sigh.

A devious grin spreads across Ashe’s face. “Okay then, I’ll just have to use your ass.”

“My ass?” Molly asks incredulously, snapping out of her afterglow. “I like things back there, but that fucking thing ain’t gonna fit!”

“Oh, come on, Molly,” Ashe coos, slowly stroking her cock. “Just look at how lubed and ready my cock is for you. At least let me try. I’ve got to get this erection gone somehow.”

Molly lets out a low groan as Ashe moves closer to her and begins to kiss her. Molly quickly kisses back. Their deep, passionate kiss resounds all the way to Ashe’s throbbing cock.

After a long moment Molly breaks the kiss. “Do it, Ashe,” she grins. “Fuck my ass with that big, fucking cock.”

She then bites her bottom lip before getting on her hands and knees. Ashe stands up behind her and lays her fat cock against her backdoor and starts grinding.

“Ooh, the feels good,” Molly moans. “I love the way you cock feels against my ass.”

“Good,” Ashe says. “Are you ready for me to put it in?”

Ashe moves her cock back, pressing the tip against the woman’s tight sphincter. Her cock is instantly met with some serious resistance, but it only turns Ashe on even more.

“Fuck!” Moly cries out. “Put that fucking thing inside me! Fuck my ass, Ashe!”

“Oh fuck,” Ashe moans as she begins to push her erection into Molly’s ass. “Damn, you’re super tight!”

Tears roll down Molly’s face, but she manages to still put on a smile. “You’re gonna split me in half. Fuck! It feels so good!”

Pushing her cock in even deeper into Molly’s ass, Ashe can already feel the tide stat to turn. Her lover’s ass is just too tight, too hot and it is too much to handle for much longer.

“Fuck,” Ashe moans. “I’m about to cum already.”

“Again!?” Molly asks.

Ashe nods her head vigorously.

Molly grins wickedly. “Well, so am I. Your big cock is stretching me so fucking wide, I just can’t help it.”

Undaunted, Ashe presses on, grinding her his as she shoves more and more of her erection into Molly’s tight hole.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Molly screams. “I’m cumming!”

Molly climaxes, and she climaxes hard. Her juices squirt from her pussy as she collapse face-first onto the floor, unable to support herself any longer. She makes use of her hands as both move to her clit, while she rides out her orgasms beautifully bucking on Ashe’s cock. Her asshole tightens up, and immediately it becomes too much to take.

“Oh fuck!” Ashe yells. “I’m cumming too!”

Before the words even fully escape past her lips, Ashe is filling her girlfriend up, slamming the full length of her member in. The action elicits a whole new round of high-pitched, orgasmic screams. Molly is climaxing harder than ever before.

Ashe’s hot, thick cum floods her lover’s insides, spurting out of her tight asshole and onto Ashe’s cock and floor. Even if she wanted to pull out, she can’t. The eruption of cum from her cock creates a tight seal, preventing her from pulling out until she is finished.

“Holy fuck,” Ashe moans, dropping to her knees behind Molly. “I needed that.”

Molly peer over her shoulder to look back at her girlfriend’s now softening cock. “I hope that isn’t all you have left,” she says with a wicked grin. “I’m gonna need to clean that thing off.”

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