The Asshole

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Military, War, Science Fiction, Space,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - What happens if everything is stacked in your favor. What would you do if you can buy anything in the galaxy with all the money you have. What if your Dad is the Fleet Admiral and your Mom is one of the most brilliant scientists in human history. What if your family has the capability to influence galactic policies. What if you're gifted with the most advanced Terran warship for your first command. What would you do? This is definitely not your typical Hero wannabe story.


“Commander, watchtower just gave us our docking clearance. ETA to New Eden is 5 mins.”

John was taken out of his reverie. Its been 5 years since he last saw his home world.

“Thank you Lieutenant. Please send word to my father. Let them know that we’ll be there shortly.”

“Watchtower confirmed that the Admiral is expecting you sir. I was ask to inform you that your mother is also here.”

“Very well.” He replied while stroking the hair of the blond girl while its bobbing on his lap.

He turned his attention back to the shuttle’s view port. He can see the huge space docks and the monstrous planetary defense stations arrayed above their territory.

It is home to Earth Federation’s 3rd Fleet. According to his nav console, there are currently 58 ships docked and another 25 ships on patrol around the planet. Ships ranging from capital ships like his father’s 3 mile long Super Dreadnought the “Hades” to the smallest patrol craft like a 200m Corvette.

Hellion Prime is in a perpetual night. Due to its unique orbit with its twin gas planet Titania. Its in geosynchronous orbit to its gaseous twin. Hellion Prime was originally colonized due to Titania’s abundance in hydrogen gas.

The shuttle entered the planets atmosphere and he can clearly see the permanent city lights. It seems to cover every inch of the planet from this high.

The planet is technically owned by his family. But due to its strategic location and its capability as a major refueling point, Earth Federation Government has agreed to pay Wulfe corporation a ridiculous amount of money every year for the use of its stations. The planet was given by his grandfather to his parents as a wedding gift. His great great great grandfather bought and developed the 2 planets when they realized Titania’s profit potential.

His family is one of the 3 richest families in the entire Earth Federation. His father’s older brother is currently the CEO of the Wulfe Corporate Empire. They owned 60% of all market and trades happening in the entire federation. They supply and produce 70% of all the goods and product that federation needs. They also own 50% the contracts and shipyards that produce Earth Federation’s warships. Not to mention the few hundred planets they owned for various purpose like food and equipment productions. They also own a few paradise planets purely for selfish reasons.

“Sir, touchdown in 30 seconds.”

He saw the lights on the private landing pad and felt the distinct effects of the landing thrusters kicking in.

“Get dressed Natasha, we don’t want to cause another incident by having those poor maintenance guys staring at you when we disembark.”

He watch his PA as she slips her black lace tong back on. Hard nipples pointing proudly at his direction. He’s still debating weather to get her one of those nipple rings.

He took his time savoring the air after the exit hatch opens. He’s been breathing processed air for the last year, he just finished his Naval Officer training aboard the Battle Cruiser Medusa. His next orders are to head home for his first command.

He is now fully qualified to command his own ship. His father assured him that a new warship is now ready and waiting for him. His mother being the head of Wulfe’s military research technology, promised him of all the latest and best technology that money can buy.

This is his story. Not some low life, rags to riches hero wanna be.

Alot of people hate him for being rich. Alot of people hate him for who his family is. Alot of people hate him for having all the right connection. Alot of people hate him for being an Asshole. Who the fuck cares.

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