She's Blossoming Into a Sexy Young Lady
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, Father, Daughter, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Big Breasts,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A father is having naughty thoughts about his daughter.

Puberty had come and gone in our house. My daughter was really coming into her figure. All at once, her small pert breasts blossomed into a much bigger cup size. Her buttocks became round and defined and her stomach became flatter.

Lexie was eighteen and aware of the effects she had on men. She was finished with school and now worked while going to a community college. Lexi and her brother still lived at home.

Lexie was thrilled with her new figure. She blossomed later than most young girls. She liked when she was walking around in the neighborhood when cars honked and paid her attention. She liked when she was near a construction site where the men would whistle and call her cute names.

She liked when the garbage men blew their horns at her. Lexie was loving the attention she was gaining with her newly developed body. She was getting asked out on more dates and was happier than a clam.

She loved to wear the smallest clothes around the house. She’d flirt with me when we were both at home. Some days at breakfast, she’d put her foot in my lap and would move her foot all over the front of my trousers.

This, of course, got me horny and in just a few moments, I had an erection right at the table. My wife would be sitting right next to me unaware of what was happening under the table. Lexie would just twirl her hair and talk to her mother while she’d be massaging my cock with her foot.

It was not right, however, I loved when she did it. I often wondered if she teased my son too. He was always looking at her in the same kind of a way that I looked at her. I wondered if he was under Lexie’s spell also.

I wondered if my daughter was having sex with my son. He’d never say anything to me. I knew that Lexie was probably fucking with the both of us.

Lexie was very pretty and she loved to flirt. When she came home from her job, she’d take off all her clothes and put on her tank top and would throw on a pair of shorts from her pajama set.

She was practically sitting there naked. Her breasts weren’t small, so she really filled out her tank top. From what I could see, she had very long nipples. I tried not to look at her too much. Most of the time, I felt embarrassed that she was making me want her. She was my daughter after all.

Earlier in the evening, Lexie and her boyfriend went to the movies. My wife had rented a movie and we watched it. My wife had bought a few bottles of wine that we both drank. She was feeling frisky and played with my cock. She gave me a hand job while we watched the movie.

Sadly, she became tired and went to bed. She didn’t even give me head or fuck around like she had promised. I was left horny and hot and wanting to fuck.

Eventually, I fell asleep. I sadly was dreaming of my daughter, Lexie. I often had dreams about her. I dreamt she and her boyfriend had come home early. She undressed and gave her boyfriend a slow blow-job.

I remember her boyfriend telling her how good she sucked his cock. He held her hair while she stuffed her mouth with his large dick. I was surprised how big his cock was.

My daughter was very experienced and could deep throat him in one try. Her boyfriend was impressed that she didn’t gag. He was telling her slutty things which made her suck harder and faster. This pleased her boyfriend very much. She seemed to enjoy what she was doing to him.

He ordered her to get onto his lap. She climbed on top of him easing herself slowly onto his cock. She fucked him and he was saying stuff to her. He grabbed onto her buttocks while she moved her cunt up and down over his hard dick.

She moaned and told him how big his cock was. He told her several times to say how much she loved it. She did whatever he told her to do. He was loving what she was doing to him.

In my dream, her pussy was wet and made farting noises. I was loving this dream and didn’t want to wake up. Her boyfriend told her to turn around and fuck his cock good. She had her hands on her knees, while she slapped down hard on his big dick.

My daughter was getting fucked good. He was drilling into her hot pussy. Her enormous breasts were bouncing up and down. In my dream, her nipples were long and hard. They just ached to be sucked. He was pulling at them while bucking up hard into her tight cunt.

I was so horny and remembered taking my cock out of my shorts and masturbating to this hot and horny dream I was having. Except, when I opened my eyes, Lexie was really fucking her boyfriend.

She was holding onto her breasts and screaming she was coming. She was fucking her boyfriend on the couch right next to where I was sleeping. I was embarrassed because I had a raging hard-on. I pulled down a crocheted blanket to cover my hard-on up.

My daughter and I made eye contact. She looked at me with a wicked grin. She continued to put on her wild show. Now I was embarrassed. I couldn’t get up and didn’t want to cause a scene. She knew I’d never say anything to the two of them. I couldn’t and she knew it.

She knew that I had a raging hard-on. Her boyfriend would think I was sick and demented because I was watching them fuck. I couldn’t say a damn thing. She had me right where she wanted me.

Luckily, after they both came she told him he had to go. I didn’t have to wait much longer after she knew I saw them. She kissed him and told him to go. After she shut the door, she knelt right down next to me and starting talking to me.

“Daddy, you’ve been a naughty boy.”

“Not that naughty dear heart. This isn’t as bad as it looks.”

“I’m sure mommy wouldn’t want to know that you watched me get fucked!”

“I’m pretty sure your mother wouldn’t be happy you were fucking in the living room.”

“I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to know that my father had a hard-on and wanted his daughter to fuck him.”

“I’m pretty sure your mother wouldn’t want to know all the sexy outfits you wear around the house trying to entice your brother and father.”

“She’d be more upset that you wanted to fuck me. We’re related Daddy. It would be very strange. People wouldn’t understand. It’s illegal to have sex with your daughter.”

“You’re eighteen and it wouldn’t be that bad. It’s not that outrageous.”

“Mommy would be livid. She wouldn’t let you live here anymore.”

“She’d probably say that you’re a slut and made me do it. She’d be so hurt, she’d throw you out of the house and probably would disown you.”

“Mommy would probably be so jealous that you liked fucking your daughter better than fucking her. She’d probably throw you out of the house and divorce your ass. She’s upstairs sleeping and I see that you’re covering up that big hard-on you’ve had since I was fucking my boyfriend. You know daddy, I could help you with that!”

“That wouldn’t be helping anything. That would only make this situation worse. You’re my daughter for God’s sake. It would be considered incest.”

“I really could help with that. I think you might like it! Why don’t you let me help you with that big hard-on between your legs? My boyfriend says I suck cock really good. I think you might enjoy it, Daddy.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d fucking love it. That’s not the point. It wouldn’t be right if I had sex with my own daughter.”

That’s when it all changed. Lexie climbed on top of the sofa. She put her pussy right up against my face and opened her mouth and sucked at my cock.

I was in heaven and licked her pussy that was dripping with her boyfriend’s come. I didn’t care and just drank his junk down my throat. I teased her clitoris with my tongue. She moaned and groaned and continued pleasing my hard dick with her hot and slutty mouth.

I pushed my tongue high up into her pussy and tongue fucked her good. She loved what I was doing to her and exploded onto my face. Her sweet pussy juices flooded my mouth. I wanted to fuck her more than anything. She got off my face and looked me right into my eyes.

“It’s time to fuck, daddy. I know you want to.”

I didn’t say a thing. She climbed onto my lap and eased her pussy down onto my cock. She rode me like I was a machine. Her pussy was so hot and wet. I was in heaven that this sexy girl was riding me.

Her breasts were bouncing up and down. Her nipples were long and I moved them closer to my mouth. I sucked on each one of them, which made her moan more. I knew my wife was too drunk to hear her.

“Daddy dear, you make me so hot. I’m going to come. Fucking hell!”

“Stop calling me Daddy. That’s so naughty. Fuck! Are you on the pill?”

“Come down my throat, Daddy! I want to taste your delicious cum.”

She got off me and went on her knees. She opened her mouth while I tugged on my cock. I blasted my cream down her throat.

She swallowed it down like a good girl. I was in shock that we had made love. I kind of felt ashamed and didn’t need my wife finding out how weak I was.

I think Lexie was pleased that she finally had her way with me. She looked like a proud peacock. She took her clothes off the floor and walked up into her bedroom. She didn’t say another word to me.

I was annoyed that I was so weak and let her do this to me. I was hoping she wasn’t going to tell my wife what we had done. I wondered if she’d now blackmail me to keep my secrecy. I was worried what might happen. I too went to bed. Only time would tell.

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