Games 2: Niki and Amber Host a Party
Chapter 1: The Friends Gather

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Friends Gather - A few weeks have passed, and school is out for the summer. Niki has been obsessing over what she discovered about herself, but has been unable to really talk about it. What could happen if they hosted another party...someone is sure to suggest that they play their games...again.

It was another Friday night, 1 month and 2 weeks since the party turned near orgy, that had left Niki’s friends knowing way more about her than anyone ever had. School had ended for the year, and she had found a place with her best friend Amber, still near the school, and very reasonable. They had spent a couple days unpacking and getting everything fairly organized, and decided it was time for a house-warming party.

In the weeks since the party, Niki had felt at times embarrassed and incredibly turned on, and the aftermath had left her secretly yearning for more, though she could not just come out and tell anyone that.

She had told her roommate, Amber, only a brief synopsis of what had happened at the party, skipping most of the details, only admitting that they had played truth or dare, and there had been a bit of nudity.

Amber’s questions had centered a lot on the boys ... and what they had looked like ... naked. Niki blushed as she described them, briefly, not wanting to admit just how close of a look, or feel, she had gotten.

Over the past couple of weeks Amber had kept bugging Niki for more and more details, until she finally suggested that they host their own party, and see what happened.

Niki had battled a bit with herself, imaging another game, another party that escalated like that, secretly wanting even more, but not wanting to sound too eager. Finally coming to an agreement as to timing, they made their plans, hoping that everyone could come again. They added the two girls from next door, Rachel and May, as well as Amber, trying to not make it look like simply Niki trying to get the 6 back together again.

Having a good connection for alcohol, they laid up plenty of beer and some vodka with mixers for the night of the party, as well as preparing some rollups to chill and ensuring they had plenty of mixed nuts and popcorn.

As people started arriving, and the initial drinks were handed out, Niki noticed that Amber seemed to be paying Chuck a bit more attention than the others, but as she went about duties as one of the hosts(hostesses is so 1970’s), she was not really sure. Soon, though, everyone was there, and having a pretty good time, the music was soft, yet entertaining, allowing folks to talk without yelling. Jeremy had blushed as he had entered, seeing Niki for the first time since the party, while Ben simply smirked, coming in the door at the same time Chuck had. Rachel and May had gotten their early, and had helped get everything ready, and were now ensconced on the couch, chatting away gaily with Cheyenne and Cyndi, who seemed determined to interject sexual innuendos into every other sentence ... it was as if she was a guy!

Chuck was the last to arrive at the party and when he first saw Niki his body’s natural response was to start getting hard but he tried thinking of boring things to keep things under control, it was not as if he was some sex starved geek who had never seen a pretty girl before.

He made his way over to talk to Niki who was with her roommate Amber “Hey Niki ... how have you been” he didn’t get her cell phone number after their last encounter so he hadn’t spoken to her since that night.

“Hey ... um ... good ... wasn’t sure you’d come, you never stopped by ... or called ... or ... you know...” she said, a bit uncertain, but glad that he had come over. He knew WAY too much about her, but somehow that made it more ... exciting ... more ... dangerous. Besides ... he had made some ... threats ... or suggestions the last time, and she was not sure whether she was glad, or sad, that he had not called. “Amber and I wanted to have some people over, she was bummed that she had missed the last party...” she nodded, pointing out her roommate, who immediately abandoned her conversation with Rachel and popped over, grabbing onto Chuck’s arm. “So ... you are Chuck hmm ... I’ve heard so much about you... !” she gushed at him, laying it on a bit thick.

Ben sauntered by, drink in hand, giving Niki a quick hug, after the closeness of the party, a hug felt ... odd, but nice...”Hey, thanks for having another party ... the last one was so fun ... learned so much about ... you...” he teased as stepped back, give a knuckle bump to Chuck, who still had Amber hanging on his arm. “Oh??? “ Amber said ... looking at Niki...”She didn’t tell me all that much ... just that ... well, it did get a bit ... crazy...”. Giggling a bit under her breath, she took another long drink, eager to get the last of the nerves out of her system.

“Oh, let’s just say we go to know Niki very well ... Chuck most of all, but everyone ‘communicated’ on a deeper level that night...” he said, his voice full of innuendo, glancing at the blushing face of Niki.

Niki still remembered everything, and the way she had ended the night, not only well and truly fucked, but her secrets fully exposed ... her willingness to push the envelope, to want to be pushed, to even willingly go along with things just to push her own limits. She’d even admitted that her ‘truth’ was wanting to do ALL the dares ... not just hers...

Clearing her head and blushing, she said “Well, um ... I gotta get the girls a refill and the chip bowl is empty ... be right back ... don’t ... um ... leave or nothing ... kk?” she said to Chuck as she sauntered off.

He waved as she walked off “Later Niki” admiring her assets as she walked off, then turned to the cute girl latching very eagerly onto his arm “So ... Amber ... just how much did Niki say about that last party ... just curious if she over embellished any of it?” Amber’s arms were so soft and silky smooth, just like Niki was when her arms were around his neck as they enjoyed one another last time.

Niki’s mind was a bit distracted as she went to get more chips, her new pair of dress jeans, extra stitching across the pockets, were still a tad tight, and she tried to adjust them a bit as she crossed the room. Seeing Chuck again, for the first time since the party, his final words to her had come back with a vengeance.

‘ [i]”I hope you had fun Kiki ... because I’m gonna use you like this for as long as I can. Kiki is going to get addicted to this cock, and maybe I’ll even share you with my friends”[/i]

Glancing in the mirror, she shook her mind, clearing it, and smiled, seeing her hair shining down across her back, the pale blue pullover top a nice contrast to her jet black hair. Refilling the bowl of chips from the bags placed on the counter, she headed back to her friends, remembering to bring a couple hard lemonades for Rachel and Cyndi.

Jeremy had settled down near Cheyenne and the other three girls, obviously still a bit besotted, but trying to not make it too obvious. Listening to their chatter, while taking a long drink and nodding at Ben, he could see Rachel blushing every time Cyndi made another double entendre. He knew nothing about the newcomers, other than picking up their names as they chatted with Cyndi and Cheyenne, but he sensed that both May and Rachel were feeling no pain, they probably are a drink ahead of everyone else, since they had come by to help set up early.

Amber was animatedly explaining to Chuck that NIki had not said all that much, only that it was a real fun group, she was glad to meet some new friends finally. “OH ... um ... she did say you guys ... well ... played some grownup game later in the evening ... something about ... her seeing the boys in toto ... she was very discreet though ... don’t worry!” she said, wondering if she said too much ... She ran her eyes over the sturdy frame of Chuck, noting the strong looking legs beneath his shorts. Her shirt gaped open slightly as she leaned into him, the pale yellow flower print seemed see-through, but actually had about three layers of thin fabric, giving the illusion of transparency. She was a bit more fuller across the chest than Niki, and just a bit more lush in general, more rounded, rather than angular and lean. Not that Niki was not feminine, but Amber was just a bit more so. And the way she fit into those shorts ... oof!

“So ... tell me ... was it as exciting as she sorta hinted ... I got the feeling she was keeping secrets...” patting his arm... ‘No ... you don’t have to tell me, I mean, you can if you want ... I just am too curious for my own good some times! You know ... curiosity killed the cat and all”.

Chuck considered his words carefully, “Uhh yeah we did some grown up game kinda stuff ... I bet it’s dirtier in your mind right now than what really happened haha”. This Amber girl was certainly different than Niki. She was very forward compared to her roommates reserved facade. He just wondered how she was deep down, kinky like Niki or just a strong front. He liked Amber for sure, her body was damn near perfection but Niki was ... well Niki. So hard to say which was better. “So just tell me what was the craziest thing she told you about that night. I was there so you don’t have to play shy about it.”

Amber looked up at his smiling face, looking down, batting her eyelashes briefly, before saying “Oh ... well ... she said that it was mostly the usual sort of kids games, but she sorta got warmed up through the night, and started asking crazier dares and truths ... I think she said one of the guys even had to ... you know...”she said glancing down at his crotch, before looking back up and making a circle of her thumb and forefinger, and shaking her hand back and forth in the universal sign of male masturbation. Her cheeks were flushed, and her mind was going a million miles an hour, wondering why she was saying such things. The fact that Niki had only told some of the tamer things, and never mentioned how out of control she had really gotten, was not obvious to Amber, so, based on what she knew, what she’d just shared was rather risque and daring.

“So ... um ... was it you ... or one of the others ... I wish I had been there though ... if it was you...” she said under her breath, acting a total tart for some reason ... maybe it was the booze.

Across the room, they could see Niki refilling snacks, and getting people drinks, her cheeks aflame for some reason, and Cyndi laughing a bit louder than normal.

He laughed as she shyly told him what she had heard...”well let me just say that yes that did happen, but I won’t say if it was me ... but I DID have it out and IF you had been there you would of seen it.” She seemed very excited my the thought of cocks. “Have you ... never seen one in person before?” He leaned up against the wall away from most of the party.

Amber nodded, “Oh ... of course ... lots ... what do you think I am ... a shy little waif from the country?” she said, lying through her teeth. In reality she had seen her brother’s a couple times when they were growing up, and her last boyfriend had liked to wave it around when he was drunk, even though he never bothered to get her interested, so she never treated him to more than a clap of approval. Why boys could never learn to determine what made her happy first, before trying to get past first base, she never knew ... talking with other girls, she’d heard about the wonderful things their boyfriends had done, and she could only sigh, more than a bit jealous.

She glanced around the room, seeing Jeremy and Ben sitting near the other girls, and wondering which one of them had actually done it ... and what that might have been like to watch. Seeing Cyndi and Cheyenne, she knew they had seen it as well ... it was if the group of them had a secret that they all shared, and she desperately wanted in on it.

As they talked a bit, Niki made her way back over, seeking to talk to Chuck some more. She had to mingle and take care of everyone, well, Amber was supposed to help too, but Nikialso still desperately needed approval from Chuck ... he had not said much to her since the party ... and she wondered if he was ... disappointed or something.

Her cheeks still flaming, she brought both of them a fresh wine cooler and a beer, while she took a sip of her own, standing there looking around the room.

“Why so ... red in the face Niki...” Amber asked, somewhat innocently, but still pretty sure she was missing out on a secret that everyone else was in on.

“Oh ... just Cyndi ... making some crack about the last party ... and asking if I was going to be dancing again...” Niki said, thinking quickly, as in reality, Cyndi had been a bit more explicit, leaning over and telling her “I can’t wait to make you do all the dare’s ... you are such a naughty girl ... that’s why you got us all here isn’t it? You want it again ... I can smell it on you...”. Niki could not tell Chuck, much less Amber what Cyndi had said, so she came up with something that sounded appropriate.

“Um ... so, you guys good? I wanted to talk with Chuck some too ... someone’s making me do all the work here!” she said, looking at Amber, but not really glaring ... she was way too nice ... she just really wanted to see what he was thinking.

Chuck’s hand had slipped to the small of Amber’s back. He looked to her “Hey Amber if you wanna hear some more about the party I’m sure Cheyenne can tell you a little” he was trying to get her to go for a moment so he could talk to Niki in private. Once they were alone he walked with Niki out to the balcony away from all the noise of the party. On the balcony there were a few chairs, Chuck sat in one but instead of Niki sitting across from him he pulled her into his lap “what did you wanna talk about?”

“Oh ... nothing much ... um ... was not sure if you were going to come ... you’ve never said much since the last, well, party ... thought maybe I embarrassed you or something...” she said, trying to not just come out and ask if he was still interested. “Sometimes, I wonder, maybe I was too honest ... or something...”

She looked around at the party, checking to make sure they were all doing fine, noting in passing that Amber in fact did go over to the other girls, and by the looks they were sharing, was probably getting an earful ... hopefully ... not TOOO much ... she thought with a bit of a blush ... she did have to live with her after all.

“I’m sorry I haven’t said much ... I didn’t get your number last time and I’m a bit more shy usually when I don’t have a little alcohol in my system haha ... you are awesome and did nothing wrong” with her in his lap she would be able to feel the bulge rising against her ass

Giggling just slightly as he pulled her onto his lap abruptly, forcefully, but not mean-like, “Oh ... nothing much ... um ... was not sure if you were going to come ... you’ve never said much since the last, well, party ... thought maybe I embarrassed you or something...” she said, trying to not just come out and ask if he was still interested. “Sometimes, I wonder, maybe I was too honest ... or something...”

Hearing his words, and him actually saying that HE was shy, she shook her head, not putting the memory of the party together with that description of him, but, perhaps, alcohol is the great lubricator ... for some reason, she had also, acted in a way that would not be called her ‘normal’ manner. It all had seemed to make sense at the time, and her memories, though embarassing, have kept her company on more than a few nights.

Wriggling around a bit, she could feel his hardness underneath her, and without the help of alcohol (she had really only had one so far), or the games, or whatever had driven her a bit bonkers, she was not exactly sure if she should mention it, though it did feel rather nice ... and promising. Back in the deepest part of her mind, down where the secrets lie, there was a compulsion, or a desire, or perhaps the beginning of an addiction, but to what she did not know, she only knew that sitting there, letting him hold her and tease her, felt ‘right’.

Amber had indeed found her way over the the girls, and as she sat down, and started pumping them for more information about the last party, the addition of a couple drinks inside of Cyndi and Cheyenne was all it took for them to mention a couple things more than one of the boys masturbating ... they said that everyone got to know ALL about Niki ... winking and laughing when pressed for details ... Cheyenne added, “Well, we got to know everyone better than we thought ... but, it’s true ... shy little Niki turned out to be the craziest ... you’ll have to ask her for more details ... not ours to share!!” May was all wide eyed, sitting with Rachel, holding onto her arm like a child with a stuffed animal, she felt a bit out of her depth, these people seemed so much more ‘grown up’ than the usual, bookish, game playing friends she hung out with.

As the boys overheard the girls discussion, Jeremy subtly adjusted himself, but not before Amber caught it out of the corner of her eye, and Cheyenne, who was sitting right there, obviously aware, since her hand was practically on it, resting there on his thigh possessive like.

Jeremy and Cheyenne had been talking and texting a lot since the party a few weeks back. Nothing physical but lots of dirty pics and setting the tone for their next meeting. While they were not yet an official couple, it was not a stretch to imagine them going that way.

Chuck laid his hand on her inner thigh just beside her soft mound and started rubbing her leg showing he was still very much attracted to her. His cock throbbing under her small but perfect ass

Leaning back against him for a moment, letting him rub high on her thigh as if it was the normal way to say hello, Niki could feel him stiffen beneath her, and she wiggled a bit, teasing. “Glad ... you missed me then...” she said ... sighing.

“NikiNiki BikiBiki RikiRiki Kikikii” she heard Cyndi singsonging from inside the party. Peels of laughter flew out the open door as they were obviously having a good time in there.

“I better go find out what they need ... before they find anymore rhymes...” she said, suddenly flushed, and more than a little aroused, but putting it off to being so near Chuck, and his ... pokey parts...

Just as she headed inside, Amber came to the door looking out, going “Oh ... hey there you are ... and Chuck too ... I think Cyndi needed a drink and said only you could make it!” She stood there, letting Niki pass inside, watching Chuck with a calculating look in her eye.

He smiled up at her, a different smile than he does with Niki “what’s with that look? Haha” he looks to the other chair and tilts his head signaling her to join him “wanna sit down?”

“Um ... nothing, just thought maybe I’d catch you too smooching!” she giggled a bit, coming over and pulling the chair an inch closer as she sat down. “You did not tell me everything, ... my gosh ... it got really wild! “ she said, beginning to fill him in just a bit with what Cyndi hinted at, and that somehow Niki had been one of the more willing or adventurous ones. “She said I had to ask Niki for more info ... but she’s not going to tell me ... won’t you ... hmmm????” she turned on all of her charms, coming up close and looking upwards into his face.

He bit his lip contemplating what to say “ok so you promise you won’t judge anyone involved or anything like that? We were looking drunk and hormone levels were off the charts”

Amber’s eyes got a bit wide, and she nodded her head agreeably “Oh ... I promise ... I’m just so ... curious ... Just give me a bit more of what happened, I promise I won’t tell ... especially if it’s about Niki ... maybe I can...” she trailed off, thinking something, but not clarifying her comment.

“Ok yes all the guys has their dick out at some point. And the girls might of played with them ... and vice versa ... and...” Chuck looked at her not sure if he should say “we may of done a bit of oral ... and I might of done more ... with Niki ... in front of them”. As he spoke, he realized he was getting hot and bothered recalling that night. “But it was just lust ... I mean I like her ... but I like someone else here more even though we just met”

Amber felt herself flush as she imagined the scene, though she could not ‘really’ imagine how it could get that carried away, she knew that ... well ... sometimes things happen. “Oh ... really? You mean ... oh ... sheesh ... really?” she said, turning on her flirt to full steam, placing a hand on his thigh as she leaned in talking secretively. “But ... um ... how did it happen ... was it like a stripping game or something?? I thought she said something about a party game...” she asked, still prying for details, even though Niki had said it was Truth or Dare, with a whole lot of Dare thrown in by the end ... only the end Niki shared was not the end she just found out about...

“They guys were dared to...”perform” on the girls ... but I ... this sounds bad ... I wanted more ... so I took her ... right there ... on the floor” his cock was raging hard telling Amber about the night and from her hand on his thigh which he was now looking at “looking for something?” He teased her

Niki made her way over to the gang of 6 seated around the couch, wondering why Cyndi had insisted that only she could make her drink, as it really was not that complicated.

“Hey NikiNiki ... um ... sorry” Cyndi giggled, obviously starting to feel no pain, hanging all over Ben a bit as she sat there...”We were just wondering if there was going to be any entertainment tonight ... you know ... music ... dancing ... games...” she said, with a bit of a gleam in her eye as she mentioned the word games.

“Oh ... yes ... games are fun ... aren’t they...” Cheyenne added, looking to Rachel for confirmation. Rachel, along with May, had not been to the previous party, so had no real idea what the heck they were talking about, but the garrulous nature of alcohol had her agreeing wholeheartedly.

Back outside, on the balcony, Amber pulled her hand back, blushing, shaking her head “Oh ... no ... um ... I think I found it...” she said coyly. Looking up at him, she parted her lips, wondering if he’d kiss her. As she waiting, she heard more laughter from inside. “Maybe we should join the others...” she said, slipping her hand directly into his crotch as she moved to stand up. “Anticipation is good ... now don’t think I’m a tease ... I never lie...”

He pulled her into his lap so she was straddling his cock, pressed to her crotch “think we can hang out for a few more minutes before going in...” his hands slipped to her ass.

“Oh ... see ... um ... sure!” she said, smiling, breathing heavily as she felt the nearness of him ... she was not normally this forward ... but ... something about this guy was rather intoxicating ... and knowing that he had done such things in a group setting ... well ... she liked creative, brave, daring people. Taking her hand and putting it on his arms, holding her on his lap, she waited, watching, curious. Not scared though, for some reason, even though they were on the balcony alone ... not scared.

He groped her ass a bit, pulling on it, pulling her close, causing her buttocks to rub on his cock some more. Leaning up he kissed her softly at first but quickly escalating it to a heated make out. “You are a really good kisser” he couldn’t believe he was so forward, maybe it was due to getting turned on with Niki then getting interrupted, not that he minded since it was her.

Niki, blushed, hearing them mention the game from the previous party, and nodded, “If people want too ... Um ... sure ... Just maybe not quite so crazy this time!” she laughed, trying to make light of things, though, with her internal fire already started, she was imagining all sorts of things happening to her all over again ... shaking her head, breaking free of her reverie, she looked at the knowing nod of Cyndi, and swallowed nervously.

May leaned over to Rachel, whispering, and Niki could see Rachel shrugging her shoulders. “Hey ... what game?” she asked to the group, and the other 4 all looked at each other, wondering exactly how much to share.

Not wanting to have to explain, nor hear all the details, Niki grabbed an empty bowl and went in search of some more mixed nuts. Fanning her red cheeked face as she walked away from the animated group, hearing only “Well ... you see, it all started when...” as Cheyenne started to fill in her two neighbors.

Amber felt Chuck pull her close, his lips all over hers as they began to kiss, deeper as time passed, until she could feel his tongue begin to taste her lips, and dart inside. Groaning, feeling herself respond quickly, almost too quickly, she let him hold her, and kiss her, and felt him shudder beneath her.

“Sorry if that’s a little forward ... I just like you ... a lot ... like an aura around you that I like and makes me smile” he grabbed at her ass “and excited haha”

Feeling his hands on her backside, she scooted her jean clad buttocks back and forth over his legs, feeling just a hint of the package he was keeping hidden. Moving into kiss him some more, she pulled one of his hands up, cupping her breast, letting him know that she was more than happy to be with him. Stopping, looking at him, she nods, ‘Yes ... something ... real about you ... but ... maybe we should ... continue this later ... unless you want to...” for some reason she was teasing him, seeing if he’d do anything out here, with a girl he just met ... Knowing they did not have long, in fact, someone could come looking for them at any moment, just like she had tried to catch Niki and Chuck a couple minutes ago...

He slid his finger up her right side short, rubbing her panties. Kissing down her neck to her breast. His hands sliding her shirt up as he caresses up her body

Amber moaned into his mouth, feeling his hands slide up over her bare skin, seeking her breasts, and gasping as he touched the bottom of her bra clad breasts. She ground herself a bit firmer into him, really getting into it, ignoring anything but the kiss and the feel of his hands.


Rachel had not taken much convincing, and May obviously did anything that Rachel did, so Cyndi, nodding at Cheyenne, got up from the couch, weaving just slightly. ‘Gonna go potty, then go find Chuck and Niki and Amber ... and see ... if we want to have some more fun!”

After heading to the bathroom, and fairly quickly taking care of business, though with all the drinking, it did take a moment, Cyndi headed to the kitchen, finding Niki getting another hard lemonade, and sidled up to her. “Ready for ... exposing your secrets... ?” she asked, running a hand down her arm, and leaning in to kiss just behind her ear. Ever since watching her the other night, she had wanted her, as bad as she wanted Jeremy, or Ben, or Cheyenne. A bit of a hedonist, and quite vocal about it, she had always enjoyed getting her way ... and she planned on enjoying tonight ... hopefully Ben would get the picture and let loose a bit more.

Leaving the blushing hostess to her drink, Cyndi wandered farther, not seeing Chuck or Amber, until spying the door to the balcony and peeking out. Spying what it looked like 2 kids making out in a darkened part of the balcony, she stepped through the door and coughed lightly. ‘Hate to ... break this up ... but ... you might want to come inside...” She could see that Chuck’s hands were well up inside Amber’s shirt, and her backside was stretched tight as she practically dry humped him as they were kissing. Wondering if this new dynamic would affect Niki, Cyndi could not help but be impressed ... Chuck seemed to have a certain way about him...

He looked down a bit embarrassed to be caught ... again. “sure we’ll be in in a sec” after she retreated back inside he looked up to Amber “guess we better go inside ... after I uhh calm down haha”

Cyndi made her way back to the couch area, thoughful, but smiling as she neared her friends. Sitting down, she grabbed her drink and took another sip. “Should not be long now...”

Amber hid her face in his chest until Cyndi left, then smiled, grinning embarrassed like, as she slowly slid back, disengaging. ‘Oh ... umm ... yeah ... I’ll just go back to my chair for a minute ... while you ... um ... recover...”

Niki walked back to the group, sipping as she walked, and looked at all the smiling faces. It seemed everyone was getting along, the background music was nice, and the party, such as it is, was a hit. Catching a significant look from Cheyenne, she blushed, knowing what everyone was waiting for. “Guess everyone wants to um ... play again ... huh... ?” she asked, receiving a chorus of positive reactions, even from Rachel and her roommate. ‘Um...” she said, realizing that Chuck was still outside, “I’ll be right back”.

Heading out to the balcony, she say Amber and Chuck still chatting, though Amber looked a tad guilty for some reason. “Um ... Chuck ... did anyone tell you ... they want to ... you know ... play again ... like last time...” she said, a bit uncertainly, looking at Amber and adding...”You um ... don’t have to of course ... you know what might happen!”

He pulled her closer “it’s ok if it happens again ... and don’t worry Amber will have fun too I’m sure...” looking to them both “and if for some reason we break off into teams or something I want y’all on my team haha” he stood up, still a little hard which they could both tell. Putting his hand in front of him like teammates do - the three of them formed a team of sorts as they joined together in their circle.

Amber placed her hands on his, and Niki’s joined right after, and they all giggled a bit, Niki noticing that Chuck was still aroused, and glancing at Amber, wondered just how much of that was because of her, or because of Amber. She had never been the jealous type, and she had no claim on Chuck, but if Amber was going to be around, it might be hard to get some quality time alone with him ... she could tell she was already besotted ... of course ... that might have it’s own benefits ... she intended to keep an eye on things

With a shrug, she led them back inside, everyone making themselves comfortable on one of the two couches, the 2 chairs pulled into a square, or the floor, where Niki sat down, propped against the side of one of the couches.

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