A Sexy Holiday for My Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - my wife and her lover come back from their holiday in Jamaica

It was almost dinner time before the plane arrived and then it took another half hour before she appeared at the barrier.

She looked gorgeous in a little pink vest top over a white mini skirt that showed off her deeply tanned legs, she saw me immediately and handed her case over to Errol as she ran towards me and jumped into my arms.

“Oh God I’ve missed you” she laughed and kissed me open mouthed without bothering what the onlookers thought about a young woman who’d travelled with her black lover all the way from Jamaica only to run into another mans’ arms on arrival back in London!

“You’re showing your bum” said Errol as he stood beside us, so I put her down where she stood holding my hand in hers.

“Come on let’s get out of here” I said and we went up in the lift to the car park.

“Drop Errol off first at his place darling” she said which confused me a bit and I said so.

“Hey, you need some time together David” he said, “She really did miss you man”

“That’s good to know” I replied, “But it seems like all is not well between you, am I right?”

“Hell no man” Errol laughed, “I’d take Wendy any time, but it ain’t me she wants, it’s you”

My wife reached over and squeezed my upper thigh.

“Listen to what he’s saying David” she said softly, “Errol’s right and if I wasn’t with you I’d be with him like a shot, we’re still friends and I still want us to continue as lovers, but just for today I want to be with you, is that all right?”

“That sounds perfect my darling” I said and I meant it too.

It took three hours to drive home after dropping Errol off at his place where I got a hard on watching as they kissed in his doorway.

As we approached our house I hit a button on my dash to open the garage doors so we could drive straight in,

“Leave the cases” she said, “I want you in bed now”

I followed her sexily swaying bum up the stairs and hurriedly shed my clothes, Wendy only wore a tiny thong under hers so we were both naked in seconds, she lay on top of the bed and held her arms out to me,

“Claim me back David” she said, “Make me yours again”

“You’ve always been mine” I said with a smile, “I just lend you out now and then”

“That’s why I love you so very much”

“I’m not going to last very long”

“Just put it in me, that’s all I want”

I moved forward and she smiled as my cock slid easily up into her sweet little pussy.

“Ooh yes baby, that’s what I’ve been missing”

“What you’ve missed my silly little five inch cock?”

“Don’t” she snapped. “I’ve missed my husband making love to me, I’ve missed looking into your eyes and seeing all the love in the world in those eyes, in other words you dope, I love you”

I lunged forward and she laughed as she held me.

“You’re fucking me David and you’ve not cum yet”

“I haven’t have I?”

She wrapped her long, brown legs around my back as I slipped both hands under her and cupped her buttocks.

“I’d almost forgotten how good your cunt feels around my cock”

“It feels good darling, it’s where it belongs”

We fucked in a slow, steady rhythm just looking at each other, breathing the same breaths, Wendy made those sexy little noises that I loved too hear, little squeals of pleasure with every one of my forward thrusts and she moaned with delight when I sucked at her large nipples.

“I got hard as soon as I saw you at the airport” I told her and she giggled.

“Could you see my nipples?”

“Everybody could see your nipples”

“I know, it kept me wet on the plane all the way home, the stewardess kept looking at them”

“She probably fancied you”

“I know she did” she laughed, “She gave me her number”

“I’d love to see you with another woman”

“There’s a film of me and Precious, Errol’s step sister in my case, I think you’ll like it”

“You had sex with her?”

“A nice long sixty nine” she giggled, “After a day spent drinking rum and lazing naked on the beach”


“Mmm, yes, all three of us were naked, you’ll love her darling, she’s got a gorgeous little cunt”

I felt my sap rising and thrust harder into my wife’s beautiful body, Wendy felt my increasing passion and raked her nails down over my naked back as I started to cum.

“She’s coming over next month”

My ejaculate made her squeal and I felt her shuddering to her own climax.

“I need sleep” she said drowsily, so I kissed her tenderly and covered her with a sheet before leaving her to rest.

Her case was full of her dirty clothes including a couple of suspender belts and the usual thongs, but I found the DVD at the bottom along with a whole stack of photographs, so I slipped it into my computer and sat back to watch.

It was a home made affair obviously and done with a hand held camera which I presumed was being used by Errol, Wendy was dancing with a lovely young black girl who I assumed was Precious, Errol’s step sister, they were both wearing mini skirts and bikini tops and looked drunk enough not to care about flashing their panties at the camera.

“Give us some action” I heard Errol shout and Wendy faced him to whip her top off.

Precious went behind Wendy and slid both arms round her waist before moving them up to cup her boobs, I heard Wendy moan with pleasure as Precious ran both thumbs over my wife’s nipples and kissed her neck lovingly.

She drew the black girl round so they could both be seen and held her tightly while they French kissed each other.

I felt my recently used cock begin to stir as Precious lifted my wife’s skirt up over her sexy little bottom, she wore a pink thong and the girl’s fingers disappeared under it into the valley between Wendy’s buttocks.

Wendy and I had often fantasized about another woman in our love making, but to my knowledge she’d never indulged before, but she certainly seemed to be enjoying this little session!

Precious lost her skirt then quickly followed by her white panties as my wife practiced her new found pleasure and my cock grew even more as both girls sank to the floor locked in each others arms.

“Pair of horny bitches” came from Errol as they turned into a sixty nine position and thankfully he zoomed in on Wendy’s tongue lapping at her friend’s soaking cunt.

“I can’t sleep” Wendy said as she came in behind me, “I think I’m too wired from the flight”

She looked at the computer screen and smiled,

“Does it make you horny?”

“I’m always horny where you’re concerned” I said and looked round at her, she was naked but for a tiny white thong and she smiled when I said I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

That old saying’s true then isn’t it?”

“Yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder, it certainly made mine grow fonder anyway” I smiled.

“Mine too darling” and she sat on my knee to watch the rest of the clip with me.

On screen, the girls were feasting on each other like seasoned porn stars, clutching at each others buttocks as they licked and nibbled.

Errol must have got up and held the camera in place to get a shot of his step sisters’ tongue buried in my wife’s dripping wet cunt.

“I didn’t know that side of me existed before that night” she said softly as I stroked her thighs.

“Well you certainly got into it” I smiled and she nodded in agreement.

“I loved every minute of it, you might like this bit coming up”

It was a close up of Errol’s huge cock, he was filming himself as the two girls appeared at his feet, Precious took it into her mouth while Wendy licked at the side and sucked each one of his heavy balls in turn, then they changed over after kissing each other until he came and the girls fought playfully over his copious sperm, but ended up sharing it in mind blowing sexy kisses.

“He’s a lucky bastard” I said and Wendy giggled, “Yes well just remember that when she’s over here, Errol might have to away on business, so she can stay here with us”

She leant over me then and pushed my face in between her luscious breasts.

“And we couldn’t let the poor innocent girl sleep alone could we, she might get frightened?”

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