Niki's New Life
Chapter 1: Strange Day At School

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, School, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Humiliation, Spanking, Group Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strange Day At School - After the adventures in Niki's Descent, Niki has to deal with the fallout at school, as well as at home, her parents will be home in a few days... She assumed Max would still be in control, and the pack of dogs still requiring attention.

Niki woke up, her eyes slowly coming into focus, and she looked around, realizing, again, she was in Max’s room. The days of sleeping on her own, at least when her parents were away, seemed a thing of the past. As she stretched, slowly, she felt the collar move against her neck, and if she needed any reminder, the scratches along her sides awoke again as she moved. It was still real, all of it.

Rolling over, she murmured to the semi-sleeping form that she had to get ready for school, and her brother, step brother actually, muttered something about, ‘leave me alone ... you know what you have to do...”. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and feeling the insistence of her bladder, quickly rolled out of bed, getting on the floor and crawling until she was out of his sight. In a hurry, and wanting to save some time, hopefully without getting caught, she practically ran down stairs and into the backyard, letting the boys out as she went to what she was starting to consider ‘her’ corner, and squatted like a female bitch and used the outdoors as her bathroom. A bit better at it after a couple of days of this, she was glad that it was not going to be a messy morning, though as Milo came over, licking her clean, she stopped herself from standing all the way back up, merely moving over to the edge of the paver lined path, and sat back, spreading herself to give him what he wanted.

The long tongue woke her up as little else could, and she could see the other members of the pack circling around, though fairly satiated from the previous few days of renewed activity. They had not found such a willing canine bitch in quite some time, and they had enjoyed knotting her up more than once or twice each. Still, Milo seemed to like the taste of her way more than the others, and he was always stopping her for a taste.

After a moment, satisfied, Milo walked away, chain chingling, as Niki returned to the house, crawling as her brother ordered, just in case he dragged his butt out of bed. Seeing him standing in the kitchen, she was glad she had followed orders, and she came over, rubbing her head on his knee, before asking if he’d laid out her clothes yet.

Yesterday there had been quite a to-do at school, and she had been sent home early, and told to return the next day sporting a more proper set of clothing, matching the school uniform code. Niki was curious how Max was going to deal with that, considering how much he had turned her life upside down whilst she was at home. Her backside was still stinging from his spanking the day before. He had explained that she had embarrassed him, and as such, she needed to feel embarrassed as well. The fact that her squeals and screams of pain could be heard by the neighbors, since he insisted on spanking her, naked, on the back porch, had only inflamed her submissive passions, and when he finished, and dumped her on the grass in a fit of pique, her juices having stained his pants, she had spent the rest of the evening under one or the other of the dogs.

“Yes, they are laid out ... and no, you don’t get panties. In fact, if the school pisses me off anymore, I will send you in even less. Give this note to the principal when you get called in, if he’s the man I expect, everything will be fine, if not, he will likely call me to come get you again.

Nodding her agreement, not really having much choice, Niki crawled off upstairs, and rose when she got to her room. Dressing, and showering, were a couple of the exceptions he had already made,.cooking and serving as well, of course. She saw a new blouse, replacing her torn one from the day before, and a similar short skirt, again with no panties, and her favorite small bra with the lavender flower accents.

Swiftly dressing, with only three items it really was only a matter of moments before she stood in front of her vanity and tried to make her long hair behave. After some concerted effort with the brush, and a couple of quick passes with her comb, she decided she was as good as could be expected. Slipping into her sandals, she returned to the front entryway, ready to go to school. It felt odd, a bit, to be dressed for the first time since arriving home just after lunch yesterday. It was if there were two Niki’s. The one dressed and going to school, and the other Niki, naked, crawling around, and often in the company of multiple dogs.

Max, looked her over, and then nodded, making sure she had his note in her purse, before opening the door and headed out front to his car. As he closed the front door of the house behind him, he nodded to her, smiling, “Oh, drop the skirt, I don’t want you putting that on until we get to the school drop off. Consider that a new rule, along with all the others you seem to enjoy so much”.

Niki was taken aback, not at the rule, nor his casual announcement of it, but that he would do so, risking discovery in their front yard. “If you don’t want to get caught, I’d be quick, and pull that shirt down over your hips until you get in the car, maybe no one will notice” he smirked, seeing her hesitation. When she did not comply, Max stopped, turning, “If I have to repeat your punishment, the neighbors will likely more than ‘hear’ your correction, they will witness it. I’ll do it right here, on the hood of my car”.

Gulping, and looking around desperately, Niki complied, loosening her skirt easily, her slim hips allowing it to fall to the ground easily. Picking it up, trying to keep her backside pointed to the house, she quickly tugged down her not nearly long enough shirt, and scooted as quick as she could into the car, closing the door behind her gratefully.

Her breath was caught in her throat, and she could feel her pulse racing. And her desire perking it’s head up. What was it about exposure, or being ordered to do something that seemed to awaken the naughtiest thoughts, the darkest desires that were normally locked up tight, buried deep where no one would find out.

As Max got in, adjusted his seat and started the car, he looked over. “I’m not that horny, so no snack for you,.just keep your motor running while we go to school. I want to hear the squelch of your fingers, and if I don’t smell your dog loving cunt by the time we get to school, I’ll make you ride my cock while the whole parking lot watches.”

Turning to face him as he liked, she lifted her leg, and slowly rocking her leg back and forth, and began to touch herself, the recent attentions of Milo having already warmed her up somewhat. As they drove, she tried to imagine what the new day at school was going to be like. Would she be exposed. Would she be made to ‘do’ anything? As her mind worked, she felt herself beginning to dampen, and soon the soft squelching sounds of her fingers could be heard.

Watching her older step-brother watching her, simply watching her as she played with herself on his command, made her submissive desires percolate within her. She was such a dirty girl now, playing with her wet wet cunt for her sibling’s enjoyment. “Ungggghhh” she moaned low and long as she squeezed her thighs around her probing fingers, squeezing herself, feeling her body becoming more and more aroused. He was warming her up, all the way to school, and she was loving it. She would have to walk into school., on edge, with her hand wet with her own juices. It was so bad. She stopped, suddenly, almost cumming in the car as her mind worked overtime.

“Good little slut, you are learning so well, just give in to your basest desires and you will be happy” Max said, smirking a bit as he pulled into the school drop off zone. Rather than stopping in the back of the student lot, he was using the crowded drop off area, similar to yesterday when some boys thought they saw her masturbating. He pulled right into line with the rest of the cars, moving slowly as each double set of cars pulled forward, unloaded their students, and moved out of the way for the next set.

Niki started to sit up, and reach to put her skirt on, realizing they were at school, but stopped when Max glared at her “I did not tell you to stop Niki, keep going until I say so ... come now, I want to hear your fingers moving in that soupy slut cunt of yours...”

Niki could feel the slow stop and go of the cars, and knew that kids darted amongst them sometimes, so rather than looking around nervously and getting scared, she simply lowered her eyes, watching her fingers, as she worked her sex in a firm, quick, circulate motion, the tell tale slick slick sound of her wet lips opening and closing filling the quiet car. The idea that she could be caught again began to heat up her fantasies, and it did not require any faking whatsoever to totally get into her action, biting down on her lip as she moaned in pleasure.

Circling her clit, Niki’s fingers made a nice accent to the wet sounds of her cunt, and Max was pleased as he inched the car forward into the next spot. Glancing around, noticing there seemed to be a few extra kids simply loitering, he wondered if they knew which car it was yet -- the car with the girl. Based on how they seemed to be trying to scan each car surreptitiously, he thought not. Deciding that perhaps he would help them out, he picked up her skirt, and hung it from the rear view mirror, similar to a teenage display of removed panties.

Niki watched him hang her skirt, the fabric blocking a good portion of the middle of the windshield. She realized that it would act like a red flag to the boys trying to find her again, and the thought that they would see her sending her over the edge. Clamping down on her sex, her hand clutching and pulling at her as hard as she could, she squeezed her legs together, curling up a bit, and cumming hard ... trying to keep her voice down, but unable to keep all her cries silent. “Oh ... god ... shit ... you’re making me Cum ... mmmmmnnnggghh...”

Max pulled into the spot by the curb, and, watching the crowd of boys nearby, and told Niki “Very good. You continue to impress me. Maybe we won’t need any more spankings, hmmm?” He smiled as she lay there, flushed, oblivious to the boys coming near to the car.

“T-t-thanks...” she said finally, still holding her throbbing clit, before realizing they had stopped. Sitting up quickly, she looked around, realised that there were people very nearby, and grabbed for her skirt.

“I assume I can get dressed now, omygod Max!!” she exclaimed, seeing the people outside, before bending down, and slipping her feet into the opening of the skirt. As she pulled it up her legs, she realized she would have to raise her hips, exposing herself to her audience. Blushing, embarrassed now, her face flushed as she realized the show she would put on, she looked to her brother for a reprieve.

“Hurry up, I need to run an errand, get some more dog food. Your boyfriends are very hungry beasts!” was all he said as he sat there, watching her dilemma, his fingers tapping on the steering wheel.

Closing her eyes briefly, as if that would prevent her from realizing her exposure, Niki lifted her bare hips off of the bucket seat, her thighs sticking briefly to the faux leather as both she and the seat had begun to dry off, her juices having subsided their flow. Pulling up her skirt quickly, she sat back down, hooking her skirt closed, and turned, blushing to her brother, nodding goodbye.

“See you at three, right here my little slut” he said to her, not worrying if his voice could be heard as she opened the door, exiting the car, the slightly stunned faces on the nearby boys giving her the chance to swiftly walk past.

Niki clutched her purse and bag to her chest, heedless of the looks as she pushed through the milling tableau. Feeling flushed as well as embarrassed, she just wanted to get to class. Headed into the halls, she made it to her locker, the whispers never quite stopping around her. As she put her purse away, and took out her morning books, and locking her locker behind her, she turned, surprised, and glad to see Cyndi coming by. When Cyndi did not seem to be slowing down, she got a bit of a hurt look on her face, until she heard Cyndi whisper loudly - “Lunch - same tree. Same time” as she passed, moving on down the hall, greeting Steph who glared back at Niki, turning away with a huff, and pulling Cyndi along with her.

Heading to her first class, Algebra, Niki moved to her seat, everyone getting very quiet as she entered, only to be called to the front of the class as soon as the bell rang.

“It seems they’ve changed your schedule Ms Constantini, please see Miss Harper in the front office.” her teacher explained, handing her a hall pass. The class erupted in speculative whispers, some of which reached her ears.

‘Bet she’s in trouble again ... did you hear about this morning?’

‘Do you think she’s getting kicked out? That’s what my Mom said should happen... ‘

Taking her books, and the note, out into the hall, and down to the office, Niki walked slowly, a bit scared, but not sure what was going on. She remembered the note her step-brother had given her, and backtracking a bit, she got it out of her locker, just in case she needed it.

Ms Harper, head clerk in the office, noticed the daringly dressed girl walk into the office, and pursed her lips disapprovingly. “Hmm. Ms. Constantini, it seems your schedule has been changed” Picking up some papers, she handed over a new schedule, and began to shoo the girl away, before taking a closer look at her skirt, and remembering the big todo from yesterday. “Miss, are you properly dressed today? Don’t you dare lie to me, if I even think you are lying we will march down to the Nurse’s office and have you show the Nurse.”

Niki, scared to lie, and scared to tell the truth, clutched her books and her new schedule in her hand, and did not answer.


“No ma’am...” she said in a very low voice.

“Go, wait in the student line in the hall, we shall see what the principal has to say about this, I know for a fact he sent you home with specific instructions to return, PROPERLY, attired”.

Niki, turned, exiting the busy office, and cheeks flaming, went to stand at the head of the student line - no one else had been called down yet. Left to stand there only a couple of minutes, no one was in the halls to notice her thankfully, she was quickly called in, and escorted to the principal’s office for the second time in two days.

Mr Proussad looked at her over his steepled fingers, and shook his head. He was both surprised, and not surprised by the reappearance of the girl. He sensed something different about her,.and he planned to get to the bottom of it. “Well, Miss, it seems sending you home was not enough, perhaps a 3 day suspension will make you understand the rules for decent society.”

Niki shook her head, holding out the note her brother had sent with her, “No, um please, see this, Max told me to give this to you if I got into any trouble at school.” Niki had not read it, so she was not sure exactly the outcome, but she expected that somehow Max had a way for her to not spend her life in detention.

Picking up the note, glancing at the girl, he motioned her closer, wanting her to stand near his desk like she had been the day before, prior to them being interrupted.

The note read:

Mr. Proussad.

If you are the kind of man I think you are, and judging by the way you could not take your eyes off of my sister, I do think you are. I think you will agree to my suggestion.

Find some excuse for your staff to ignore Niki’s disregard for the uniform code, better still if they could ignore the rumors and such of any lunchtime activities that may or may not have occurred. If you can do that, then I can ensure that you have some quality private time with my sister, just let me know a convenient time for you. To show you that I am serious, as well as able to deliver on my promise, tell Niki the following - exactly “The note told me - Cooper would like you to lift your skirt for the principal’. Don’t worry about who Cooper is, Niki will understand, and I guarantee she will obey.”

Signed Max Constantini.

Reading the note, the principal looked over at the girl, licking his lips nervously, before going to his office door, and silently locking it for a moment. Moving back to his desk, he sat down and, after clearing his throat, repeated the words of the note: “The note told me - Cooper would like you to lift your skirt for the principal”. Unbelieving that he had actually dared say those words, but unable to help himself, he watched the girl for a moment, his heart pounding in anticipation.

Niki, hearing the name Cooper, blushed, shocked, now totally scared about what all was in the note. Realizing that this was Max’s way of ensuring that she knew the order really came from him, she put her books and schedule down on the edge of his desk, and moving away slightly, lifted up the front of her skirt, exposing her wet slit, the dampness in her tight black curls evident from her recent orgasm in the car, her thighs still a bit damp, and her lips swollen and extended. She stood there a long moment, letting him look, wondering what she was getting into now.

After a long moment, Mr Proussad coughed, and nodded at her, moving to the door and quickly unlocking it before someone tried the knob. He had not really believed she would do such a thing, in his office, much less reveal that she was obviously very aroused, though he was not clear on the exact cause -- but it was clear she had recently been sexually active. This was all a bit much for the older man, and he sat back down.

“Very well, miss, it seems that your brother can be quite, persuasive. No one should bother you about your dress code anymore, and if they do, you can be sure it will get to me, and I will take care of it, though you may have to come down to the office so as to not raise suspicion”. Looking her over again, picturing all the things he would do to her when he could, he nodded, waving at the door “Dismissed.”

Niki, dropping her skirt quickly, adjusting the lay of the fabric while he told her that she was free to go. She looked up, surprised, but glad, and quickly made her way out of the office, looking over her new schedule. Heading back to her locker, she exchanged her books for her new morning classes, the first two a least, as she could tell she would not have time to make it back to her locker in between.

After the girl left, Mr Proussad considered his options briefly, before calling in his secretary.

“Send this to all staff. ‘Everyone by now has probably heard about the troubled student, Niki Constantini. After consultation with her psychiatrist, who she has been seeing since her mother remarried, we have collectively decided that the best course of action is to ignore the simplest of her ways of acting out, uniform and matters of decorum mostly. If you are concerned by anything you see with this student, please contact me directly. We will utilize the full cross functional team at our disposal to provide the best help we can for this student. Signed ... blah blah blah, etc etc ... Got that?” He waited, watching for her nod, before turning back to his desk, and returning to his email perusal. He did not even notice the door closing behind his staff member, his thoughts far away, and definitely not on school issues.

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