Games 1: Niki and Friends
Chapter 1: Niki Goes to a Party

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism,

Desc: Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 1: Niki Goes to a Party - Niki was enjoying her sophomore year of college. Having grown up more than a bit sheltered, her freshman year had left her with few friends, so when Cheyenne invited her to a party, she left her roommate Amber at home, and decided to try and meet some new people.

It was Friday night, 1 am, late for a party to start but they had wanted to make sure that no one was going to be awake when it started. Chuck made his way down the hall to his friends dorm room. He and his 2 neighbors were the ones throwing the party. By having the 3 rooms side by side and the party in the middle room it gave plenty of noise resistance so no one would rat them out. When he arrived he knocked softly and the door opened. Glancing around, it looked like he was the last one to arrive -- everyone wasl sitting around and drinking coke from red cups so it was probably mixed with something. There was no music just people talking and joking around ... surprisingly there were just as many girls there as there were guys.

Niki was sipping a coke, at least she thought it was a coke, but the way everyone was laughing and being silly, she was pretty sure there was something in it. She and Cyndi and come, reluctantly, only after Cheyenne insisted ... Cheyenne had a crush on of the guys here (she still can’t get them all straight ... One was Ben, the other Jeremy. In any event, the three of them snuck out of their floor, down the back hall, and, with the aid of Ben, snuck into Jeremy’s room. The lame school did not really give them many options for casual clothes, so, rather than use up her weekend field trip clothes, she just put on her uniform from earlier today. Cyndi had ditched the uniform completely, dressed in jeans and a pink t-shirt, but Cheyenne was similarly dressed to Niki, her plaid skirt, and white button down top.

Feeling herself warming a bit, and starting to relax, she tried to engage herself a bit more with the others. All too often she was the quiet, in the corner type, content to watch and observe. Laughing at one of Ben’s jokes, she was just leaning forward to try telling one of her own, when the door opened, and the last of their party arrived.

Chuck was wearing a blue v-neck and khaki shorts, no shoes or anything, which he had thought helped when sneaking down the hall. He knew Cheyenne from class, she had eyes for Jeremy, but the other 2 girls he hadn’t met before. Pouring himself a drink, a bit stronger than normal so he could catch up, and sat beside Niki and Jeremy. Looking her way he introduced himself “Hi I’m Chuck, um, nice to meet you”. Knocking himself for sounding a bit lame, he took a long sip, settling himself.

Nodding, a bit nervous, but determined to be friendly, Niki smiled back at the new guy, and took another drink. Soon the conversation starting dying down a bit and the discussion began on what they should do tonight ... what sort of games should they play. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, Niki blushed a bit at some of the suggestions, but kept mostly in the background, unsure if she was going to stay or go ... but ... was very curious as to what might go on at these secret parties.

Ben, ever the one to push things, especially with Cyndi nearby, had blurted out ‘Truth or Dare’, which was instantly picked up by Jerome, with Chuck agreeing readily. The girls immediately protested, though not with a lot of intensity - Cheyenne looked at Cyndi, sensing that Niki would probably just go along, and pulled her off to the side, nodding at Niki to join them.

After considerable discussion amongst themselves, the girls collectively agreed, but swore everyone to complete secrecy. Cyndi piped up, “Now - if you are asked a truth, and the groups thinks you are lying, you have to do the dare, unless you prove them wrong, in which case they ALL have to do a dare ... some people tried to cheat the last time I played...” she looked around the group, then blushing when she realized that she had just admitted to playing before.

“Also, no asking for Truth twice in a row ... that’s what little kids do...” Ben added, attempting to stake out a claim for some of the rules for the boys.

The girls looked at each other “ok sounds good”.

Ben immediately jumped in “I’ll start. Cyndi, truth or dare?”

“Um ... truth of course ... who starts with a dare??” Cyndi giggled, taking another drink.

Ben doesn’t start with a softball question “are you a virgin?”

Cyndi shook her head, blushing a bit, “Um, no...” she said, looking down as she waiting for them to take that bit of knowledge under advisement.

“Now ... my turn...”.

Cyndi thinks a moment, then, chosing, says, “Jeremy ... Truth or Dare

Jeremy, as expected, wanted things to get going, and picked ‘Dare”.

Laughing, Cyndi knew that was coming, but, since you were not allowed to pick truth twice in a row anyhow, it was not going to be that much of a difference.

Thinking a moment, she says, “I dare you to stand by the front door and moon us.” Looking around at the group for approval, since all dares could be challenged as too hard, she saw no real concerns by anyone, other than Niki giggling a bit nervously.

Jeremy, shrugging nonchalantly, stood up, stood by the front door, turned around, and quick a wink, dropped his pants and bent over, his underwear being pulled down along with them. Waggling his back side a bit, he stood back up and slowly, very slowly pulled his pants and shorts back up.

The group was a bit impressed, and Cheyenne especially, she took an extra long drink and mimed fanning her face.

Jeremy smiled eagerly, since now it was his turn. “Cheyenne truth or dare?” He had thought Cheyenne might ‘like’ like him, so after her mimed fanning of her face, he decided to keep things going in that direction.

Cheyenne for her part, wanting to keep up with her secret crush chose dare. Jeremy smiled and pondered. “I dare you to take your bra off, how you do so is up to you” the guys smiled a little not wanting to act too rowdy and push the girls away.

Cheyenne, with a little smile, stood up and slipped her arms inside of her shirt, wriggled them around behind her and started to undo the clasp. Then bringing her arms back to their sleeves, pulling one side of the bra loop down her right arm, then her left and out the left sleeve she presented her black with pink lace frill bra, tossing it to Jeremy. Her rather large breasts resting naturally in her shirt now, nipples poking at the fabric

Cheyenne smiled, flushed with her success, and, taking another healthy drink, suggested Niki pour them some more, while she did the next round.

Niki, smiling, warming a bit to the fun and games, quickly grabbed three cups, and taking them to the small table, remixed the drinks ... perhaps a tad stronger than before

“Ok, um, Chuck ... Truth or Dare?” Cheyenne asked the latest addition to the party, warmed up now and a bit ... frisky.

Chuck, like Jeremy before him, quickly picked ‘Truth’.

Cheyenne thinks a bit, wondering just how far to push him, there was something about this boy. “Ok” she says finally, looking to the group for confirmation, “I dare you to play the rest of the game. In your underwear!”

Chuck, only a bit surprised, grits his teeth and smiles “Of course ... well then...” he stands up and starts undressing, first his shirt tossing it to the girls then he undoes his shorts and kicks them over to their side as well, he is standing there in his blue striped boxer briefs directly in front of them “satisfied ... you insatiable women?”

Embarrassed giggles are accompanied by more than a couple appraising looks as the group watches, well, at least the girls watch, Chuck undress, and strut his obviously unshy body in front of them. Clapping, Cheyenne sits down, bouncing into Niki, as they both take a long drink, eyes dancing, and mirth evident on the faces.

“Ok miss shy one” he looks at Niki “Kiki, is it? You never said earlier ... truth or dare?” He sat back down on the guys side, his boxer briefs were snug so he had a bit of a bulge and anyone who looked easily noticed he was genetically blessed which fit along with his athletic body that he hardly had to try for, having one of those metabolisms that was patently unfair to the rest of the world.

Niki blushed, but knew it was going to be her turn eventually. Wanting to say truth, and keep it safe, she toyed with being brave like Cheyenne. “Go ahead ... pick dare ... I DARE you ... Cyndi teased Niki, always wanting to break her out of her shell.

Getting ready to answer, she was hit with a sudden wave of arousal, that she hoped no one could see. Just from thinking about saying dare?? She thought to herself. “Um ... it’s Niki ... and ... Dare ... I guess...” She said, looking down and blushing a bit more

He notices a slight change in her but not sure what exactly ... taking a moment to think up something extra good -- “I ... dare you ... tooooo ... hmmm ... play with your nipples ‘til they are hard enough for us to see through your shirt, so you’ll need to probably take your bra off too...” he looks around. Not sure if he went too far.

Everyone seemed to nod their head, looking at Niki encouragingly, eagerly, waiting for her to comply.

Niki was a bit stunned, but, between the drinks, and her strangely aroused state, she shook her head bravely and said, “Psssh ... easy!” She lied. Reaching up, undoing the bottom 3 buttons of her blouse, she reached up and unhooked her front clasp bra. Wriggling in the ways that only girls seem to understand, she got each strap off of her shoulders, back through the armholes, and smiled as her bra dropped to the floor below her.

Blushing flame red now, she reached up, and pinching each nipple slowly, she kept it up until they were rock hard, and pushing out against her shirt even after taking her fingers away. Looking around at the group, red faced, she shook her breasts from side to side slowly, proving that her nipples were hard.

Halfway through Chuck realized how this could and most likely would backfire on him. As he watched her playing and getting hard ... so was he, but not in the same location. The group nodded approval of a job well done to Niki. The guys were getting a little heated, from the booze and the show in front of them

Niki, flushed with victory, and feeling a nice sense of acceptance, as well as a secret arousal, sat there, nipples aching and considered. “Cyndi ... truth or dare...” She said, breaking the chain of boy girl boy girl.

Cyndi’s eyes were wide, having seen Chuck growing in his briefs, she wanted only to keep the game going. “Um ... Truth”

A few boos were heard, but Niki shushed them “It’s ok ... its all part of the game ... So ... Cyndi ... what color are your panties?”

Cyndi was blushing, oddly, it was not that hard of a question. “Um ... none, I am not wearing any...” she said, flaming cheeks, and looking around at the group.

Niki grinned, then, considering ... she could be lying ... well, not really, but even if she ‘proved it’ they would all get a nice look ... Again, her naughty inner voice egged her on. So what if they all had to do a dare...

“I think you are lying, they are probably boring and white, and you did not want to be laughed at...”

“Yeah ... she’s lying!” Cheyenne chimed in, starting to be a bit tipsy, and basically going along with anything.

Soon there was a chant. “Prove it Prove it Prove it” over and over, until Cyndi finally stands up, indignant and says, “Fine! Ill prove it, but you guys are going to be so sorry when I do...”

Slowly, steadily, she unzipped her jeans, opened the flap, and slid them off her hips, proving, completely, that she was not wearing any panties. Her light red curls matched the hair on her head, if in a bit lighter of a shade. Staring everyone down, she paused, then asked...”Satisfied???”

Niki nodded, blushing. The others all nodded and agreed quickly. The game was getting ... interesting. After the choruses of ‘Yes!’, Cyndi pulled up her jeans, and sat back down. “Now ... you all get a dare ... right???”

Having just been forced to expose herself to the group, Cyndi considered many options for getting even. Since it was a forfeit, she knew they were going to have little to no chance to argue, yet, she did not want them all to just get mad and quit. Looking around the circle, seeing the hardness inside Chuck’s underwear, the jumpy way the boys were sitting, and Niki still sitting there red faced, poking out of her shirt. She had an idea.

“Ok since you all seemed to enjoy having me show myself off so much ... it is your turn. Everyone, pick one item of clothing. Just one now.”

She looks around the group, “Got it? Ok ... that’s the only item you get to wear...” she says giggling, knowing that they would all probably change what they had in mind, but watching them look nervous and scramble was hilarious.

“Hmm ... I think the boys should go first ... then the girls ... if they think about it ... they probably can figure out why...”

Chuck just smiled and looked down at his underwear, “I pick underwear ... so I’m done!”

The other two boys follow suit and strip down except Ben who picked his shorts since he also had no underwear. The guys are now all shirtless and down to their skivvies/shorts. Jeremy had a bulge too, though not quite as large as what Chuck had going on right now, even though he was trying to hide it slightly.

Cyndi nods a Ben. “Sorry, but, you are going to have to prove you are following the dare ... this is not a challenge, you just have to prove you are only wearing one item...” Looking around, the girls especially nodding eagerly, she turned back to Ben. “Hurry up ... unless you don’t want to see what Niki and Cheyenne are going to do?”

Ben, stuck, realized that there was nothing he could do. His bulge only grew as he stood up, nervous in front of everyone, and opened his shorts ... As his boner popped out, long, skinny, and red, the girls giggled and clapped, allowing him to quickly stuff it back in.

Cyndi turns to Cheyenne, “Ok ... your turn ... you were probably the loudest ... so what’s your choice...”

Cheyenne had been dreading her turn, but quickly chose “Skirt”. Starting to take off her standard issue white blouse, she stopped as Cyndi pointed to the middle. “Stand and show everyone ... and don’t forget ... prove you are only wearing a skirt ... when you are done...”

Standing in the middle, Cheyenne returned to removing her blouse, sliding it off her shoudlers, moving her arms behind her back as the garment fell to the ground. CLosing her eyes with embarrassment, she unhooked her bra, letting the restraining garment loosen. Slowly, her hands covering her breasts for a moment, she let her bra cups fall away, soon standing here, nervous, yet proud, showing off her full breasts.

Realizing she was not done, she slipped off her shoes, wiggling her bare toes, then, reaching up under her skirt, she hooked her panties, and slid them down her legs, bending a bit as she did so, until they too, fell to the ground, pooling around her feet.

Blushing, she quickly raised her skirt, flashing her shorn naked pussy to everyone, slowly turning in a circle, before swiftly dropping her skirt, and, in a rush, sitting back down.

Niki knew, as the instigator of the attack, that Cyndi would make her do as much or worse, somehow. Gazing over at Cheyenne, she was, at first, going to pick the same ... but, even if Cheyenne did not realize it, sometimes as she sat, or moved, she was flashing herself ... the skirts were rather short.

Furtther complicating her decision, Niki was not sure she measured up, her small breasts were no match for Cheyennes, and Cyndi’s full pink shirt indicated she too had plenty on tap. Wracking her brain, trying to decide between shirt, and panties, Niki quailed.

Cyndi looked at her, seeing her hesitation, and decided to up the ante. “Should we pick for her? After all it was her that started this ... or should we treat her the same...” Looking at the boys, she waited to see if they were going to chime in, before making the decision herself.

Chuck spoke up first “let Kiki decide ... shows us what she values in a way ... it’s another way she is exposing her true self to us” he wanted to see what she was made of.

Niki bit her lip as they discussed her fate, and as Chuck spoke, she felt another rush of pleasure shoot through her body, raising her heart rate, and causing her nipples to harden even further. Intoxicated with the heady feeling of near orgasm, she finally spoke. “Socks...”

The group gasped ... totally unexpected. Niki herself looked stunned ... she had been toying between skirt and shirt ... not socks.

“Wait ... i meant ... shirt ... yes”

“Oh no ... no no no” Cyndi cried...”No chickening out ... unless you want an additional double dare?? No? Then ... let’s see it...”

Flushed, aroused, embarrassed, and scared, Niki stood up, unsure, but, victim of peer pressure, as well as the loosening power of alcohol, she slowly began to undress. Undoing the other two buttons of her shirt, she matter of factly tossed it to the ground, sure noone was going to care much about her small breasts. Her pink nipples were like diamond points, though, showing everyone just how cold it was in the room, or just how turned on Niki was. Turning slowly, not wanting anyone to stare at her too long, she began to work on the clasp of her skirt.

Pausing to kick of her flats, and really regretting she had worn her white stockings, she gathered her courage and unclasped her skirt, holding onto it briefly, before letting it fall.

Hands clasped shyly for a moment, she stood there, her pale blue panties, and her stockings the only thing preventing her from being completely nude.

“Go on ... finish Niki...” she hear Cheyenne whisper. Turning to look at her, she realized she was not the only one with hard nipples. Grabbing the hem of her panties, mortified that the dampness was going to be quite apparent, she slowly slid them down. Blushing, she tried to hurry as she realized the gusset was sticking to her damp sex a bit. Some unknown force, caused her to pause there though, as if scared and uncertain.

“Must I??” She asked, half bent over, damp skin stuck to her panties, as she waited for a reprieve she did not expect.

Cyndi nodded, waiting along with the rest of them, her eyes glued to the dampness in Niki’s panties.

Pulling her underwear the rest of the way down, Niki soon stood there, naked save for her stockings, looking around at her group of friends, pretty sure they would all be talking about her now...

Sitting down quickly, she tried to find some way to sit demurely, but, in the tight spaces of the room, she had to settle for something only moderately not obscene.

“Um ... whew ... who should go next ... Maybe a normal one for Cyndi...” Cheyenne asked, “or did that one count for her getting to ‘ask’ and we should just let one of the boys go?”

The game was getting interesting, far quicker than the boys could have imagined. Cyndi, was loving it, having done this before, though not quite as risque as this game was turning out to be...

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