Say Again All After Zombie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Zombies, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Small Breasts, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Everything changed so quickly. Normal was no longer normal. Their isolation saved them and now all that mattered was survival.

My self-centered sister Sandra had foisted herself, her live-in female lover and a pair of foster care teenagers on me right at a time when I was trying to finish my life-defining novel about War and Peace.

Let me clue you in right up front that I never had sex with my sister.

Well, at least, not real sex in the true meaning of the word.

Her girlfriend soul-mate was about the ugliest female I had seen in quite some time and that was from my open-minded perspective as a recently pardoned and completely horny lifetime inmate of the federal prison system.

Now, with a hefty settlement pension and a deed to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, I was ready to remove myself from my fellow man and the other gender which I shall not call by name since I am trying my best to remain unaroused. In a way, it was a convenient circumstance that my sister’s BFF was a hatchet faced sour-puss with a pear-shaped caboose that made me nervous at the thought that some male had probably taken liberties with her on a moonless night filled with countless empty bottles of beer and a body that was functioning strictly on instinct and not on any sort of selective law of nature. My sister was still reasonably attractive, but I was not going to get caught in that spider web of incestuous relations that had ruined more than one family member with undying shame and deep regret. I didn’t think she was up for anything with me anyway because she shook my hand after a decade of absence that certainly didn’t make her heart any fonder.

The remainder of our so-called “family” was a pair of female black widow spiders called Tessie and Tammy. They were identical twin girls abandoned by their meth-addicted parents shortly before their row-house was demolished by an explosion rumored to be the result of an illegal laboratory for the production of chemical substances prohibited by Federal Law. I had to admit they were decent-looking girls just barely sixteen and were in excellent physical condition due to their obsession with playing soccer every waking moment of their life. I was fortunate to have enough level space in the back of my cabin for them to play and practice wearing only their skimpy gym shorts and training bras like whirling dervishes punishing the black and white ball with their leather clad feet that made the silly little ball do astonishing tricks that defied gravity. I noticed that neither my befuddled sister nor her doting girlfriend took any interest in them at all and I could not help but speculate on their dubious reasons for their “foster-care” efforts in raising the little troublemakers.

At that point in my life, I was basically a masturbating single man with little interest in up close and personal relations with any female no matter how attractive or alluring her personality. I seemed reasonable safe with regard to my sister and her slow-witted friend, but the twins posed a bit of a problem because they never failed to arouse my libido each time they bent over or squatted in their skimpy outfits. Of course, neither of them had any upper body development to speak of, but in all honesty, I was not a top-heavy admirer, but an aficionado of posterior excellence and perfect heart-shaped cheeks with an obedient attitude to go with. The two girls were prime examples of youth gone bad and they boasted about their many perverted relationships with drug dealers and pimps of different ethnic groups. I came to later find out their stories were mostly made up on the spur of the moment just to tempt me into sins against good moral character and general common sense.

I was on the verge of asking them all to vacate the premises and leave me to my writing and my masturbatory explorations when the radio crackled with news reports of multiple explosions in most major cities across the lower forty-eight. For some strange reason, neither Alaska nor Hawaii was involved in the “unattributed” biological attack on the Homeland. The news reports were peppering the radio waves with one bad news story after the other when suddenly most of the stations just went to a terminal signal and the others just ceased to broadcast any signal at all.

My sister broke open a bottle of my best “black” wine and got so drunk she fell off my south facing balcony and straight down the cliff to the rocks some two hundred feet below. There was no point in attempting to recover her body because by the time we would get there the animals would have stripped her bones of all flesh and we would only have a skeleton to carry back up the winding path to our cabin.

Sandra’s ill-tempered soul-mate was so upset that her partner had preceded her out of this plane of existence that she used my beloved .22 LR target pistol to aerate her brain housing group with extreme prejudice and the twins and I had to drag her remains from the bathroom to the balcony to send her on her way to join her BFF in rocky exile far below. I returned the deadly little pistol to a spot high enough to keep it out of the hands of the twins hoping they would not have an inclination to become latter day lesbians like their two mommies.

Now, it was Tammy and Tessie and I to act as an “end of the world” outpost of humanity and I felt generationally challenged and not quite up to the task. Fortunately, the two girls considered me an asset to their nocturnal entertainment agenda and they made great efforts to make my uninspired love-making equipment the source of their pleasure from that moment on.

At first, I was a bit perturbed that they considered me their “stud muffin” but after a short period of adjustment, I was performing beyond my expectations and it seemed like they were most appreciative of my middle-aged talents in furnishing them with vaginal exercises that left them both panting in joy and happiness constantly filled with my precious bodily fluids each and every night. I would like to say that it was physically demanding on my over the hill mass of muscle and bone, but in all honesty it was good work if you could get it and I was not ready to ask for overtime when my services were required past quitting time.

I would have to say that Tammy was the most skillful of the twins when it came to milking my shaft with her tight channel of love. She never hesitated to work my rear door with her happy little fingers making me pump more juice whenever she needed something wet to lubricate her teenaged tunnel. I kind of liked Tammy a bit more than Tessie because Tammy was the sister that constantly fell to her knees and sucked me up into readiness with very little encouragement. Sometimes, she would even do it for her sister’s benefit to get me into position for a quickie at a time of frenzied need.

Tammy was also the one that would keep her sister Tessie pumping hard in almost any position with the pressure of her lips on her anatomy at the same time I was almost ready to let my spunk fly off into the happy void of Tessie’s vaginal center. When Tessie was not being overly cooperative, it was Tammy that put her over her knee and gave her a hard spanking to convince her submission was the best way to keep things on an even keel and make all three of us happy to take care of each other’s needs the old fashioned way.

The very first Zombie we saw was a rough looking former farm worker that must have wandered up the rocky path to our cabin completely by accident and he came into the bedroom just as I was finishing Tessie off with a hard “from behind” hump with Tammy’s pretty fingers buried to the hilt in my rump showing me the way she liked to get it anally when the time was right for alternate love-making styles. The already dead life-form stumbled over to our little threesome and was doing his best to get a “bite” of the action. It was Tammy that gave the guy a quick send-off with her mom’s sand iron slicing off a chunk of head that left brains scattered all over the white fluffy carpet.

I was a bit shocked at her quick reaction but rewarded her with a round of kissing that stretched all the way from her pretty lips to her heated center of passion between her legs. She was the kind of girl that appreciated a good licking and her moaning made Tessie so jealous that she let me do her in her tight little backside just to show me she was inclined to be obedient to my every demand. I knew she was just grandstanding for Tammy’s benefit to make her believe she had something going on with me that would be difficult for her to duplicate. The truth of the matter was that I loved them both equally and was afraid to pick and choose between them for fear of losing the other. I think she understood this and that her manipulations were only to prove the point that she was ready, willing and able to do anything Tammy could do and that I should keep my love-making fair and equal at all times. It certainly seemed like a fair proposition and I vowed to do them both with fairness my utmost criteria for keeping them happy with the outcome.

When a whole cluster-fuck of zombies came up the trail to the cabin from the chaos below, we firebombed them into the rock ravine with gas from the spare can in the garage and I made a trail detour that would send any zombie visitors off the side of the cliff without the need of spending a lot of time taking care of every little incursion into our private hideaway in the hills.

There was a steady flow of the critters and I could not help but wonder what they had done in their previous life of being normal citizens in the world below. I guess it was a scenario that was playing out all over the country and perhaps even in other parts of the world. We had pretty much given up any hope that other folks just like us were still out there because the odds were far too steep.

That supposition was proven false on a day that started dismally with heavy fog and visible rain moving into the long deep valley like an intrusion from another planet. I had noticed that after a heavy rain, the incidence of zombie activity all but ceased and I speculated that they were not comfortable with getting wet in their decaying physical state. Their mentally-challenged slowness of movement was a huge advantage to us remaining “normals” and I thanked the Gods for their consideration in that regard.

It was a morning that was hugely memorable because not only one but two perfectly normal survivors walked at a natural non-stumbling pace up the mountain trail and easily bypassed the little trap to send them to their doom down the side of the cliff.

The girls were all flustered and wanted to run down and greet our visitors but I cautioned them to show some restraint until we had “vetted” them for adequate compatibility before granting them access to our humble abode in the sky.

“Hold it up right there, please. State your names and your reason for being here.”

The attractive thirty-something female took off her dark glasses and I could see right away she was as normal as Tammie, Tessie and I with the bluest eyes and sharply pointed chin that sent shivers up my tail-bone of the thought of her looking up at me with filled mouth and love-laden eyes of submissive adoration. It was without a doubt the filthiest thought I had experienced ever since the unfortunate ending of our society and I welcomed it with mixed feelings of sinful anticipation.

Her companion was a definitely older gentleman but still in shape enough to climb the mountain trail. He was slightly out of breath but I expect I would be in the same condition after the long dusty climb up that winding road.

He was the one that responded to my statement.

“I am Professor Higgins from the Institute of Health in Denver and this is my assistant Doctor Glynis Stewart from the Colorado Research Hospital. We are merely looking for a quiet place to do our work and your level of isolation is perfect for our purpose. Things down below are getting a bit tight ever since some of those infected survivors started getting a whole lot faster and cleverer by far.”

The girls ran past me and helped the dusty pair up the stairs and thru the front door to our little parlor that had not seen a visitor since their moms had taken the easy way out. I was a bit miffed because they were usually obedient and it was rare for them to disobey me in a matter of security.

I kept mum about the changing situation because it might be to our collective advantage to expand our numbers at a time when everything seemed so uncertain. Besides, I was hungry for news of the outside world despite my conviction it would be all bad and no amount of “spin” could change the fact we were totally fucked in our fast failing civilization.

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