A Rose
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Historical, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In Nick's final Tale, literally, he sends Joe and the other listeners back to Renaissance Spain and South America in the time of the conquistadors, and to Japan to complete the circle of the narrative. As usual, much sex and many adventures ensue. As usual, reading from the beginning of the series is highly recommended.

Over three months had passed since we listened and our minds became transported, making us feel as if we were there in the places Nick described and Naomi drew, and I realized how much I missed it awaiting its return in Nick’s SOHO theater. The storytelling and its visceral effect, but also a remarkable sense of well-being after, as if given a drug that made one feel better than ever which lingered in its positivity instead of having a debilitating after-effect.

It was strange having my wives surround me with their large bellies pressing out nighties while we sat awaiting the beginning of Nick’s final Tale. And difficult, because fucking had become a more careful thing. My wives decided on a prop rather than real flesh. Dildos, because the sound of vibrators might distract from his words, or more importantly, keep those words and Naomi’s images from taking us to those places they described. Both Lindy and I thought about her occupying my lap. Aside from me being with my wives, Lindy and I had been nearly exclusive, missing each other more than we both thought. It had been a silent communication when we agreed she might be a bit too heavy. Instead she sat beside Angelique, the other sort of exclusive partner over the past couple days. Each mortal wife sat at the end of the row of my wives, with Salomé sitting beside Shira. Those two favorites, a tier of love just below fellow wives and me, would assist in their pleasure.

Instead on my lap sat Dominique, or Nicky, the artist in residence for Nick’s gallery which occupied the space beyond the wall behind us. Nick’s origin tale had been her first experience of the magical projection into history. It thrilled and inspired the nearly sixty year old gray haired beauty. The world of ancient Mesopotamia would enter her art. Her ubiquitous and proprietary beads embedded in her work would take on the look of the jewels and shaped metals and symbolic medallions often worn by the royalty of that time. Though taller than Lindy by a couple inches, her slenderness and less abundant muscle mass made her feel surprisingly light on my lap. Perhaps big boned describing Lindy made Nicky the opposite. She had skinny bones. Though she couldn’t be described as fragile, what with her strong personality, and her occasional preference for hard fucking.

She became the receptacle of my desire, inspired by Nick’s Tale, and I sated hers, though we did assist Helena and Eva, surrounding me, reaching out to rub clits. Sometimes, the way a tentative boyfriend might, my arms circled my wives’ shoulders, letting fingers find nipples to caress.

Once more Nick sat alone on the thrust stage. I imagined Rosa would join him eventually, whenever she became conceived in the narrative.

“As hinted before,” Nick began, “my new skin, when I sloughed the Slavic one gave me a Blackamoor look. Not as dark as my East African skin. Even a shade lighter than my Indian one. But a mix of black Africa could be seen, this time, with the shape of my head and my features, though without thicker lips and not quite flattened nose, of the western portion of that continent. My paler skin and the differences in my features from black African suggested the origin of my presumed religion, that of Arabia where Islam thrived.

“My angels protected me during my vulnerable transformation, in a small flat place within the Pyrenees beside a pool created by a waterfall. And my current companion took care of my ultra-sensitive state and my desperate need, receiving three orgasms inside her as she rode me, and joining me in my third.

“Even more reason for me to stay behind,” Nick’s companion murmurs, still astride her longtime lover, the intense orgasm fading. Her hand rests gently on his chest, which has remained impressively muscled and masculine, if a little less so, as his body seems to have stretched out its thickness, making him look taller in the elongation, but she thinks it’s probably an illusion. Though his new cock seems to have reached deeper inside her, while not pressing her wider quite as much. She studies her hand and the contrast of the paleness of her mix of Northern and Southern European, freckled skin despite her raven hair, and his darkness.

“I suppose it does,” Nick agrees, his sadness matching hers. He watches tears exit her lovely hazel/green eyes and feels them drop onto his sensitive skin. “Our racial difference would cause quite a stir.”

“Worse than a stir,” Salomé frowns. “I should go with you alone, Nick.”

“We’ll accompany her home,” Maddy suggests. Both her twin sister and Betty nod.

“Despite your similar coloring,” Chanda argues, “and your presumed sharing of a continent for your births, you still will look exotic compared to any blackamoors, my sister, making us a pair of exotic beauties sharing Nick’s company.”

“More tales of mysterious places,” Salomé agrees. “With our Moor as ringleader and fee collector.”

“Nothing changes, except the skin,” Nick sighs.

“You know you love it,” says his companion.

“I know I love you,” Nick replies. “And will miss you.”

“Like you have missed so many?”

“It never gets easy.”

She sniffles. “I know. That’s what makes you even more remarkable and so lovable and...”

He pulls her into a kiss. It intensifies. He hardens inside her. “Fuck me,” she murmurs.

Turning over, he fucks her slowly, missionary style. They gaze into each other’s eyes between deep kisses. The slowness and the emotions keep her from cumming for a while. When she finally does, she murmurs, “Fuck me hard, Nick. Make me cum a hundred times until I no longer can, then cum in me. Then stay inside me until I sleep. Make it the last thing I remember, you above me, inside me, loving me.”

He nods and complies, slipping out of her only when he won’t disturb her sleep. Nick embraces his white angels. Angels embrace angels. He and his Asian and African angels slip away into the dark shadows of the mountains. The fading fire that had burned his old skin into white ash no longer casting any light for them. Nearing night’s end, before the sun’s light bends over the horizon, only eternal eyes can negotiate the treacherous path in the near black shadows of the gibbous moon.

Finding minions amongst the fiercely independent tribe living at the southern foothills of the mountains gains the odd trio welcome. Neither the Spanish, for whom they begrudgingly trade wool and lambs, and though their territory is owned by Spain, they never consider themselves people of their supposed country, nor, especially, the Moors whom Nick resembles, would have such a warm welcome. Only a few have a strong influence from Nick, but luckily they happen to be much trusted and respected among their people. It allows him to fuck widows and even some wives, either when both her and her husband are minions, or the husband convinces the wife of Nick’s beneficial seed.

Unfortunately his being welcomed has a cost. One of the five elders who essentially rule the tribe—they have no central chief, though his old minion tends to have the last word in disputes—seeks greater support for his side of things, which often contend with the minion’s side, and he makes use of the controversy of Nick’s presence.

“I can’t let him take control of things,” Nick’s old new friend tells Nick. “It’s not just a matter of me not trusting him or disagreeing with him. I think he’s completely evil.”

This peaks Nick’s interest and his stomach. He could use a corrupt man to consume. His angels hide their amusement at his hunger, though they would enjoy such a feast as well.

“What makes you say that?” Nick asks.

“I grew up with the asshole,” the elder grumbles. Nick loves the earthiness of this tribe, and the lack of pretension of its leaders. “He’s always been a bully to the weak and a coward to his equals or betters. After a couple comeuppances because of abuse of those younger than him, or females, he got slier at it.”

“Were you part of his comeuppances?” Nick asks.

“I didn’t want to kill the motherfucker. I’ve always been stronger than anyone my age, and quite a few older until I got older and could match anyone in battle. I had to control a terrible temper and hold back my power because it nearly got a friend of mine killed. That took a while. So others did the punishing. Friends. Until he went too far.”

“What did he do?” asks Salomé.

“When he became a man, when he first learned what his cock was capable of, sex became part of his bullying.”

“He raped women?” Salomé growls.

“Him and his band of miscreants. And not women.”

“Girls?” Salomé roars.

The elder nods. “He kept it within his grandfather’s sphere of influence. I don’t think that elder was quite as evil as him, but not only didn’t he punish the boy, I think he actually approved of it. Showing his manhood or some such bullshit. But asshole went too far. He ... tried to rape my future wife.”

“Why would he do something so stupid?” Nick asked.

“She wasn’t mine then, but I sure wished she was. Every boy and man did. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen and as clever as they come. Amazing to look at, she’d be a challenge to keep,” he chuckled sadly. “And she was. We had words over the years to say the least, but I can’t imagine a better mate. I can’t imagine being the man I am without her. I couldn’t imagine living without her. But she ... almost her last words ... she told me the tribe needed me. I can’t help thinking she had asshole in mind.

“Speaking of which, it had been her cleverness as much as her beauty that inspired the attack. She had taunted him about his assaults, about his rapes, calling him less than a man preying on the defenseless. Of course I can’t possibly match her rich taunts. But she made them loud and clear to as many as possible.

“And so he attempted his revenge, catching her with her younger brother. The kid managed to escape. One of the asshole’s gang chased him, but that boy could run. He ran to me, luckily, and just before he reached me, the shithead caught him. But he didn’t last long in the shithead’s arms. I made sure, and while I beat the shit out of the shithead, her brother told me what was going on. It probably kept shithead alive. I told the kid to get my friends and took off to save his sister.

“By the time I reached them, I could tell my future wife had done all she could to protect herself. The gang had her down though, and her clothing open. Asshole just started to remove the last cloth revealing his pathetic penis just as I knocked him over. His startled gang released their hold on my beauty, and she got up, not even attempting to hide her exposed body, and proceeded to aim kicks between legs, claiming two sets of balls. But she remained vulnerable, so I kicked asshole in the head to at least slow his help, and damaged the face of the one gang member she hadn’t attacked. When I showed the two others my angry face, they decided to hobble away. But I knew who commanded them.

“I saw asshole slowly rising to his feet, his cowardly eyes darting around, looking for escape. I hit him hard in the belly, and another to his face when the first one lowered it. It stood him up, and I wanted one more punch to finish him off. ‘Don’t, ‘ my future mate said, grabbing my arm. ‘His grandfather will punish you. I won’t lose my husband because of this piece of shit.’ Of course I couldn’t believe my ears. I reminded her of my ugly mug. ‘Just a second, ‘ she said, and kicked asshole in the nuts, hard. We watched him hobble off. ‘You’re the best man I know, ‘ she explained. ‘I knew you’d come, and be the only one to save me. Do you want me?’ I laughed and shook my head and told her of course I wanted her. ‘Thought so, ‘ she said. ‘Let’s go tell your grandfather.’ She starts pulling me towards home. By then, my friends arrived. I reminded her she should cover up. ‘Let them see what that asshole did. What he intended to do before you stopped him.’ Proudly exposed to my friends and, later, my family, until my mother finally covered her, I glared at all those who gawked until I realized how proud I should be. This would be my woman. Let them see what only I would ever see again.”

“She sounds amazing,” Chanda says.

“Yes she was,” the elder sniffles.

“You’ve established he’s an evil fucker,” Nick asks. “What does he want with his power? Revenge?”

“Nothing so benign,” the elder replies.

“I figured. It would be a longtime coming.”

“Two things connected. Neither can be certain, but both I think are true. We need trade with the Spaniards. It’s an uneasy trade. We have to keep our independence while they covet our land. Our skills as shepherds, as raisers of the best wool and the best lambs have protected us for generations. They take us, they take our skills. It also helps we have very defensible land and skilled warriors, even if a small army, to say the least. In recent years, our trade has dwindled. Except for asshole. He buys from others. His stock always dwindles more than ours before he buys. He never buys from me, even if I have the best stock, and because of that, I manage to gain some trade, but nothing like before.”

“Those your family have traded with?” Nick asks.

“Always less of them. He connives them away from us. I think asshole wants to own us. And he wants to sell us to the Spaniards. I believe he’s in league with them, something my people would never do unless they’re ruthless and evil and willing to condemn us.

“It gets worse. We’ve lost women. Girls actually. They disappear. No bodies. I think he’s stealing them and selling them to the Spaniards. None from my family, which makes me even more suspicious. He still fears my retribution. And I’ve heard rumors from those who still trade with me. Either they’re not the type to buy stolen girls, or they’re lying, but they claim to have never witnessed such evil. But they have heard the girls from my tribe make for the best sex.”

“And do these disappearances coincide with the arrival of traders?”

“Not necessarily.”

“And have there been any recent disappearances?”

“Yes. A couple days before you arrived. Twins. Very pretty and sweet.”

“And any reasons given for these disappearances?”

“Stolen in the night and smuggled through the pass?” the elder shrugs.

“How likely is that?”

“Not very, unless our guards have been paid, and we switch them up pretty regularly.”

“Any other?”

“Asshole had one excuse. That they want to escape this isolated place and find better prospects. It’s actually easier to believe, because one lone girl might slip past guards. Except most have been awfully young to attain that level of frustration, leaving the protection of their families for a scary, unknown world because they need to fuck a stranger?”

“And have you pursued your suspicions?”

“Quietly. I know him to be too sly to accuse him in public.”

“And how did he respond?”

“He let me see his home. I found nothing. No girls. No hoard. Just a lot more fancy Spanish things than any of the rest of us would have or want to have.”

“And how big is his home?”

“The largest here. His family have always been the most ostentatious, and if anything, he’s the worst of them. And he keeps building.”

Nick, Salomé, and Chanda exchange nods.

“Tonight we’ll investigate,” Nick tells the elder. “Bring the elders to his home if we find what I think we’ll find.”

“And how will I know?” the elder asks. Nick projects into his minion’s mind. “Of course,” the elder chuckles.

It doesn’t take long for the three to find the hidden door at the back of the large house. Low and small, it’s almost a crawlspace. Once torn open by Nick’s great strength, they find the twins in the pitch black room awakened by the sound. Chandra, the least intimidating, goes to them to assure them of the purpose. Luckily, with their virginity prized, they have not been molested. Unfortunately, another girl, a year or so older, having achieved her menses, a young woman, lies cowering on dirty sheepskin, weak, with difficulty breathing. It would be cruelty to give her a curative from its source, so Salomé has her drink Nick’s essence from a wineskin.

The noise of the door and the brief scream of one of the twins has alarmed the sleeping house, which not only does Nick not worry about, but he intends it. He waits for the defenses just outside the small door. After dealing with a couple guards and a couple of the younger generation of the corrupt elder, knocking them senseless and flinging away their weapons, he grabs the old man before he can retreat, holding him until the asshole’s fellow elders arrive.

Once they do, bearing lanterns, Nick guides them inside the room. The light reveals treasure, like a pirate’s hoard.

“What should we do with him?” asks one of the elders.

“We should execute him in front of the tribe,” another suggests.

“He’s mine,” Nick insists. “You should put his offspring on trial for their involvement, but leave him to me.”

“What should we tell the people?” Nick’s friend asks.

“Tell them he escaped like any coward would, and that my angels and I pursued him. When we return, we can claim he fell to his death in a ravine.”

“And what will actually happen?” asks another elder.

“He will be tortured for information,” Nick lies. “To find out who buys your girls.”

The elders nod. They take the rescued twins, and pull the captured guards and the corrupt elder’s son and grandson away with them.

Nick carries the bound and gagged elder over his shoulder while Salomé carefully carries the delicate, abused woman in her arms. They walk together to a stream outside the village. “What do we do with her?” Salomé asks. “She cannot watch.”

“I do want to watch if you plan torturing the monster,” the young woman murmurs. “I would very much enjoy seeing him suffer. I just wish his horrid son and grandson were here as well.”

“We don’t plan on torturing him,” Salomé admits.

“Then what do you plan to do to him in this place?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“But I do.”

Nick sighs. “We are going to consume him.”

“You mean ... eat him?”

“Yes. We are not exactly human. We ... are immortal. Part of the cost of it is the consumption of corrupt flesh. And not flesh that has gotten old.”

“The flesh of a corrupt man.”


“He fits.”


“I want to help. I want to cut off his cock and balls. And I want him alive to see it and feel it.”

Nick and his angels eventually nod. “You should walk away after,” Nick suggests.

“If ... it gets to be too much.”

Nick sighs and nods. Salomé hands the girl her blade after setting her down gingerly. She seems to have gained some strength, though out of desire for revenge or Nick’s curative cannot be said. The large blade does seem to weigh heavy in her hand.

“Do you wish me to hold it?” Chanda offers.

“No. Could you remove his gag?” the girl asks Nick.

“I don’t think we’re far enough from the village not to have them hear his scream.”

“I will watch his eyes then,” the girl accepts, grabbing the genitals of the older man and sawing through the flesh. She sees the terrible pain she creates until the man passes out from it. Lifting the ghoulish result, after handing the blade to Salomé, she mutters, “He fucked my mouth with this. Luckily he had too weak a flesh to choke me with it.”

As the others eviscerate the body, they watch, amazed, when she bites the glans off the cock and spits it out. Then it becomes her turn to watch shocking things: the consumption of organs and of muscle. She never turns away, instead finds it somehow fascinating, especially when Nick holds a larger organ, the liver, as if it has been an offering for a god, and appears to savor every bite. Even the cracking open of the skull, like a huge nut, and consuming brain, which the girl notices seems to be Salomé’s favorite organ, doesn’t bother her, even though she thinks it should.

Afterwards, after hiding the carcass in thick bushes, all four bathe in the cold stream. Though the three immortals have been naked during their consuming, the girl finds it especially sensuous seeing the gore wash away to reveal perfect bodies, especially Nick’s. Becoming naked herself brings a reemergence of her libido, which has been burning quietly inside her, even if it lessens over the length of the consuming. Her eyes catch Nick’s traversing her young body, already beginning to show the curves of womanhood. Such interest has only caused her pain. And yet she feels no need to hide from it. Instead she moves to him and embraces him and kisses him. All kisses have been horrible before that, forced on her. She initiates this one, and her body contacting his, and it makes all the difference she needs.

He surprises his angels when he carries the young woman out of the stream, and places her on the softest earth he can find, and begins making love to her. She mewls disappointment when their kiss ends, but the pleasure of his lips on other places changes her attitude. She thrives on the gentle pleasure he brings her. Just his lips, and his tongue when he reaches her tit flesh, proving them to be a mouthful. Only then, when he nibbles at her erect nipples and moves on, does he bring his big hands into the lovemaking, leaving them there as his mouth moves down her body.

She can’t believe it when his lips meet her pussy, a place where piss and the occasional gouts of blood emerges, though her menstruation has not happened recently. But she soon finds his purpose, that of giving her incredible pleasure. It builds to an uncomfortable level, and then seems to explode throughout her body.

Feeling her body moved, she finds herself over him. “I’m going to enter you,” he explains. “I promise it will be good. But you will be on top to control it.”

She nods and watches, with him, his cock placed where no cock has ever provided pleasure, only pain and humiliation. He gently pulls her down until her small opening expands and slips over his glans. And he proves right. It does feel good. And it only gets better as she pushes him deeper. His hands guide her to lift and fall, eventually sending him all the way in. After positioning her in a certain way, and having her rub against him, the pleasure that had risen to a weird peak rises towards that place again, only more intensely. His hands suggest lengthy lifting and slow descent until she begins to take over, wanting it swifter and stronger. More and more, the pleasure of flesh against flesh, of the ever shortening rub of clit against pubic bone, becomes expanded to the interior of her cunny, where the more rapid friction creates its own building pleasure, bringing her a need for greater and greater speed until she bounces atop him. It also brings an energy she hasn’t felt in months, enabling the physical relentlessness of her bounces. Until she reaches that crescendo again. Her entire body overcome by waves of bliss. So strong she can barely stand it. But she wants it. She wants the ecstasy to overwhelm the pain and suffering she has had to endure for far too long. She wishes it could last forever. And the flood she feels inside her, where cum had been a burning curse, somehow sends her even higher, though, at its end, she begins the slow descent back to normal feeling, at least normal compared to where she has just gone. A normal she has never actually felt. A profound contentment.

“Nick?” the two lovers hear. “What the fuck?”

“The assholes made her pregnant,” Nick explains. Nothing else needs saying.

The young woman becomes his companion. Her pregnancy and what took place to make it happen would have made her ostracized by her people, despite her having no choice about it. Though cruel and unfair, she has no problem with it. She would much rather be with Nick than anyone else. And, though young, Nick finds her extremely suitable as a companion. Her beauty may have put her in her terrible position, but her feistiness probably helped make her a target, its defeat by the monster and his offspring making it that much sweeter a subjugation.

Though she wants to testify against her rapists, it becomes unnecessary. The twins have seen it.

After executing her rapists, the elders decide to divide the considerable property, though Nick’s friend ends up with more, since Nick has been given a share and retains only some of the wealth, his friend thus getting most of his percentage as well.

One guard survives because of his testimony. He describes the trader who buys the girls. A new elder, younger by nearly a decade than the youngest of them, has been chosen to trap the evil Spaniard. In fact, it will be a revenge, since it would have been his oldest grandchildren who would have been taken. That he has been given the land of the villain, moving from his much smaller and less thriving home to the bigger one, though diminished by the dividing of property, still better than he had, and also acquiring the women of the house, who, except for a harridan wife of the dead man who ends up exiled because of her selfishness and nagging, much prefer the new owner and his family, makes for an even more effective, realistic trap. Though reluctant to have his granddaughters be the bait, they insist, and they do make quite seductive lures. Having the guard there helps as well, since he will be the only familiar face for the trader, helping convince the man that the elder has been killed, and the new elder, doing the killing, has taken his prize. The trader, being an overly proud Spaniard, would not know these people do not do things that way. That the man would be prosecuted for murder if it had been unjustified.

Once the trap has been tripped, and the trader’s entourage killed, they keep the trader alive, this time to be actually tortured. Nick and his angels, along with Arisa, Nick’s new, young companion eager to continue her revenge, bring the man to the stream and show him the carcass of his former partner. Though the immortals no longer hunger for corrupt flesh, he doesn’t need to know that. What makes him confess, though, has to do with the genitals, chopped off and bitten into, lying beside the carcass. Kneeling between his legs with Salomé’s blade in hand, Arisa threatens a similar fate.

The man tells them everything. The man he works for in Madrid. Most importantly at the moment, he tells them of a paid off guard at the pass, whose presence effects the timing of the kidnappings to assure less scrutiny since these disappearances have called for inspections. Because only the four have heard the confession, Nick has to use his telepathy to inform his elder friend.

Being a clever man, the elder forms a plan for the arrest of the guard. Though the specific timing of each kidnapping cannot be established, that the corrupt guard has been the only one not changed since the disappearances began, becoming leader of the guards, makes him the most suspicious. Even so, the elder needs more. He knows a young soldier who has just completed his stint as a guard of the pass. He knows him because he has been a suitor for his prettiest granddaughter. Though not nearly as strong a warrior, and despite humble origins, he sees himself in the man, in his innate intelligence and ambition. Just having the balls to consider himself a viable suitor for his granddaughter shows remarkable confidence. And his charm has given him some success. But the bribe to reveal a bribe makes him uncertain.

So he confronts his granddaughter about her interest in the young man. He can see the gleam in her eyes.

“But I thought his birth status makes him unacceptable,” the granddaughter points out.

“It makes his interest in you suspicious.”

His granddaughter laughs. “Would making him hard just being with me make him less so? Or does ambition in itself make a man hard?”

The elder laughs. His granddaughter has inherited his earthiness. “And do you react similarly?”

She blushes. “Maybe.”


“He has a strength to him. Not just his body, which has its own appeal. But his confidence and his charm. Things others of equal class with us I suppose either lack, or it becomes swagger and arrogance. There’s a sweetness to his boldness that I find especially appealing. He makes me laugh all the more because of it. And he is kind of handsome. What is it Grandfather?”

“You remind me of your grandmother. The most beautiful and most sought after girl in the tribe finding handsomeness in this ugly mug.”

She sniffles and bows her head. “Thank you. I don’t think I’ve heard a greater compliment.” Looking up, she adds, “And I see what she saw in you.”

“And ... if I accepted him as your mate?”

“I would be most pleased. But why?”

The elder sighs and explains the situation, making her the object of a bribe and expecting anger.

Instead she nods. “I think he already suspects. I know he neither likes nor trusts the man.”

“Let’s find out if he’s willing to lie a bit for us.”

“For the tribe you mean.”

“I suppose I do.”

After explaining the situation to the young man, he shows his true colors, looking at the granddaughter and asking, “Are you sure?”

She answers by embracing him and kissing him. They get lost in it. Breaking, they both look suspicious. “You’ve done that before,” says the young woman.

“You have, too.”

“My ... older sister,” she admits. “I was curious, and I think she liked it.”

“Me too.”

“You ... kissed your brother?”

“No,” he laughs. “But a relative. An aunt actually. Probably my best friend growing up, weird as that sounds. She married badly. An abusive husband whom she avoided. A childless marriage which he blamed on her. He managed to get killed fucking some other man’s wife. I suppose I could be a surrogate son, but it was different than that. She never treated me like a mother treating her son.”

“Obviously,” the young woman chuckles. “Did you fuck her?”

“Yes, but believe it or not, I had you in mind.”



“For her?”

“The point was for her to enjoy it.”

“And did she?”


“Show me what you learned.”

They embrace and kiss again.

“Uhm,” the elder interrupts, “You have a lie to tell first.”

“Sorry,” the young man says, smirking. “What should I say?”

“My granddaughter said you were suspicious.”

“He liked to show off his fancy Spanish knife. None of us could afford it.”

“That’s a good start. Maybe you got drunk and he told you how he got it.”

“Except he wouldn’t brag about being bribed unless the cost had its own attraction for us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Were there women with the Spanish devil?”


“If it’s who I think it is, because I could see the nod between the guard and him when the devil passed into the village, he always had a couple women with him. The guard even commented about how fuckable they were.”

“But not offering them.”

“No. Again it would admit bribery to a fellow guard.”

“Sounds like we should visit this ... man, before he discovers he’s been found out.”

“And if he doesn’t admit they’re part of the bribe, I will testify his offer to me to fuck them, and the devil provided them and other things for him to turn a blind eye to the kidnapping.”

“Or we could just kill the motherfucker,” the young woman suggests.

Her grandfather chuckles. Her fiancé shakes his head fondly at the earthy language of the beautiful young woman.

They walk to the corrupt guard’s hut, larger than most, especially a single man’s. Inside they find his guilt on full display. Two men lie spooning two Spanish women on expensive looking fur. The guard himself lies on his bed, his flaccid penis near the head of one of the whores. Everyone is naked. A clutter of trade items creates a substantial pile. An ornate chest in front of the pile hints of further treasure within it.

“It appears no lie is needed, young man,” the elder whispers.

The young man draws his blade and places it near the guard’s throat. The young woman has a much smaller blade pressed against his groin. Her cut awakens the guard.

“Don’t move or you will lose your puny manhood,” the young woman growls.

“You men, get dressed and leave us,” the elder orders the two awakened johns.

“What do you want?” The guard attempts bravery.

“A confession would be nice,” says his female threat, poking him and causing another cut and him voicing his pain.

“Confess what?”

“How you accumulated this wealth and these whores, for example.”

“So what? I’m a good gambler. I won the whores, and they also enriched me.”

One of the whores snorts. “Won us? I believe my owner would take exception to such stealing.” She stands and helps her fellow whore stand. They begin to dress. Though both have voluptuous bodies, the firmness along with their faces reveal a surprising youth.

The elder suspects they appear too young to be seasoned whores, but his age makes such evaluations less sure. However his granddaughter shares their youth and can determine it better.

“How old are you?” she asks.

“What’s it to you?” the talkative one asks bitterly. “Come, Maria, we must return to the trader.”

“That may prove difficult,” the elder tells them. “Since the evil man no longer lives.” He sees both relief and concern in the young whores’ eyes.

“Then what will become of us,” the one called Maria murmurs.

The braver of the two offers, “I will explain how and why we ended up here in this asshole’s hut if you can promise our protection.”

“Though we know the story already,” the elder explains, “further testimony would help. As far as protection, I will not be able to provide it.”

Fighting through fear and disappointment, the whore attempts pride, “Then we have nothing to say.”

“You didn’t let me finish. Although I’m not sure how much choice you have, I do know someone who can protect you. He should be here soon, along with my fellow elders who should hear your testimony anyway.”

“And I can trust this man?”

“Yes, but again I fail to see your choice.”

A few minutes later, the hut fills to capacity with the other elders and Nick. Nick sighs. “I will protect you,” he tells the whore. “Your name?”

She gazes at him, likes what she sees and smiles. “Isabella. My owner has given me to men such as you to gain favor. They have been substantial lovers,” she boldly caresses his groin. “Some even giving me time to adjust. I think you would be even more careful.”

A small chuckle does not change the look of concern in his eyes. “My friend asked your age. You have yet to answer. You were one of them. Both of you. Kidnapped and raped at too young an age.”

Suddenly she sobs, as does Maria. “Yes. Two years ago. And Maria not long after. I helped comfort her, taught her to accept our horrible fate in order to make it bearable. To resist meant worse pain than we already had. But I wasn’t actually kidnapped like Maria. My father traded me away to escape his debt, like a prized bull stud.”

“She’s the bravest person I have ever known,” Maria finally speaks. “She lost so much more than I ever had. Educated. Coddled. Trained for companionship for a noble. Mistress or even wife. All taken away. She’s even tried giving this stupid girl some of it.”

“Stupid girl?” her friend snorts. “At least you know when to keep quiet.”

“I wish I was as brave as you.”

They embrace and kiss heatedly. Everyone waits patiently for them to finish, most enjoying the intimacy and obvious love.

“Sorry,” the brave one finally says, blushing. She turns her focus to the corrupt guard, still threatened by blades. “We were lent to asshole there as trade, along with other things to keep him mum when the trader brought girls like us through the pass.”

“Lent?” Nick asks.

“Just for the time the trader stayed here.”

“You have been here before?”

“This is our third time. For some reason asshole preferred us. He likes forcing himself on us. Hurting us. Fucking our mouths and our asses.”

“And pimping you?”

The woman shrugs. “We’re whores. Any others were a relief. Most actually appreciated us.”

“You’re worthy of it,” the granddaughter comments. “Pretty and sexy.”

Isabella shrugs. The granddaughter understands. Attractiveness makes things worse for a whore who gains nothing from whoring.

Nick and his entourage finally leave the Basques, heading to Madrid and some justice. He has acquired young companions, one particularly young, but her pregnancy allows him to feel little guilt about that. His elder friend’s granddaughter and her lover also joins him, both wanting the adventure. Their addition provides two more warriors, the granddaughter proving particularly quick and cunning with her knife. Every mortal trains with Chanda to become better fighters.

The two Spanish whores enjoy the amazing angels, whom they have welcomed into their bed at separate times. And Arisa, Nick’s young companion has joined them as well, discovering, aside from Nick, her own preference for females.

Nick pretends to own the angels, his slaves, making use of their exotic presence for storytelling, which Nick also creates, luring a crowd and fascinating them and finding wealthy johns amongst them for the angels and women for Nick to fuck as well.

In order for the entourage to avoid controversy or worse, the Spanish whores, Arisa and the couple appear to be separate from Nick when in town, staying at one of Nick’s minions’ houses. Arisa hates this, only feeling safe and loved in his arms, but realizes Nick tends to be busy impregnating women anyway. Even so, at their third town, his companion decides to do something about her need.

Surprisingly, the two Spanish whores decide to join her. Even more surprising, the oldest daughter of the wealthy minion who has given them his home to sleep wants to meet him as well. A lovely, energetic and mischievous young woman, eighteen years old, having found nothing of interest among her suitors, especially those her father encouraged her to accept, and everything interesting about the whores and the Basque girl who enflame her libido when she sneaks into their chamber and watches them make love, and discovered masturbating to the sight, reveals her purpose being there, to find out more about Nick, and that only adds to the enflaming. She becomes their eager guide to where Nick encamps with his angels. The young ladies sneak out of the wealthy one’s large house before sunrise to avoid detection.

As soon as they arrive at Nick’s camp, Arisa loses her clothing and jumps on top of Nick, rubbing her bare pussy against his covered cock. With a chuckle, Nick removes the covering, and implants his erection into the needy pussy. She pulls off his shirt to make him naked as well before slamming her lips against his, sealing mouths until her orgasm pulls hers off to allow air into her gasping lungs. He lets loose his seed inside her simultaneously. After a soft kiss, he smiles at the new presence.

“You seem to enjoy watching,” he remarks noticing the blush increase on her lovely face.

“Don’t tease her Nick,” his young lover objects. “She’s horny and has a big crush on you.”

“You don’t mind?” Nick asks.

“I like her,” she shrugs.

“We offered to relieve her need,” Isabella explains. “But I think it was a bit too new for her.”

“Do you think she’s ready now?” Nick winks.

Instead of answering, the whore begins kissing the young woman. A moment later, the woman kisses back. The two whores help strip her, the quiet one kissing and caressing each exposed part. Once naked, kissing becomes tonguing, Maria kneeling in front of the young woman, and it brings her a quiet, shivering orgasm.

Guided to Nick, they have her lie so that she faces Nick’s damp, soft penis, just released from his companion’s sodden pussy. Arisa watches on the other side of it as the pretty Spaniard reaches a tentative hand to touch it. “Taste it,” Arisa insists. When the woman obeys, the lick causing the cock to harden, his companion asks, “Do you like my juice?”

“Yes,” the woman smiles at her.

“Put it in your mouth,” Isabella orders from behind her. A quick glance, and she realizes the whores have stripped naked. “Don’t let your teeth scrape it.” The whores begin caressing her again.

Watching the tentative blow job, Arisa suggests, “Let me show you what he likes.”

They take turns, Arisa giving instructions. Both moan at times, getting distracted by fingers and tongue, Nick doing the distracting of his companion.

“Stay on me and swallow my cum,” Nick orders his newest lover, sending his magic seed into her mouth, which she swallows obediently.

“Keep sucking him,” Arisa tells her. “We need him hard again for you.”

The woman happily agrees, enjoying the last swallow of his sweet, thick liquid.

Once hard again, Nick tells her, “Straddle me the way my companion did. Let her guide me in.”

“Ooh,” the woman moans when his glans push through her narrow opening.

“Good?” asks Arisa.

“It’s stretching me, but yes.”

“Rub her clit,” Nick instructs the girls surrounding her. “Suck her nipples.” And he tells the young woman, “You’ll feel a sharp pain soon. Hopefully not too painful.”

Feeling the sheathe of skin against his cockhead, and hearing her, “Oh,” and seeing her eyes widen, he decides to push through, pulling her down until it breaks.

“Okay?” he asks her moments later. Her tight face softens. She smiles and nods. “Then fuck me.”

Her slow movements send him deeper inside her until he grazes her cervix at full depth. She pauses, amazed at seeing him fully inside her. He grabs her hips and rubs her pubic bone against his. “Ooh, “she approves. But she wants the friction of his big cock inside her, and begins a slow posting.

“Find what feels best,” he instructs her, and she shifts angles while gradually increasing the speed. She finds an angle, close to his body. In fact close enough for their lips to meet. Tongue greets tongue and dance against each other. The extra thrill slows her movement until he takes control of her hips again and propels her even faster than before.

Lips separate to let her groan out her climax. Nick continues fucking her through it. As it abates, she moves higher, once more exploring, until she ends up leaning back a little, her hands bracing against his strong thighs. In this position, humping him faster, she finds the biggest orgasm of the morning fully envelop her, this one coming from inside her pussy. She feels a peculiar release there while feeling him throb and currents of hot liquid shoot deep into her womb.

“Is she pissing?” asks Arisa.

She hears the rich voice of Salomé explain, “It’s female ejaculate. Sometimes women cum in a way sort of similar to a man.”

The woman can no longer hold her position supported by her hands, so Nick gently brings her down into his arms. “Mmm,” she murmurs, enjoying the contact with his strong chest muscles.

Nick smiles at the two whores. “I understand my companion needing a good fuck. I also understand our horny new friend. But what brings you two here?”

The talkative one replies, “We wish to do our job for you.”

“Your job?”

“We’re whores.”

“Not by choice.”

“We’re good at it. We take pride in it. Especially as a tandem. Men like that.”

“True,” Nick chuckles.

“There are men available. Men who might not take to the exotic. Or just left over after those taken by your angels. We could add to your coffers.”

“I have no need for such addition.”

“We could keep what we make,” the quiet one suggests. “Make our own money.”

“I could stake you if you ever decide to leave me.”

“You give us choices Nick,” the braver one continues. “Choose who we wish to fuck. Someone who would pay much for us. Or someone we might even like.”

“Perhaps even stay with?” Nick grins.

The quiet one answers, “We have trained to become mistresses, her by her family and me by her.”

“It would be a lucky man who found you and kept you.”

“And one who could afford us both,” the braver one adds, causing laughter in the little camp. “But we find no one,” she adds seriously, “until we have gained our revenge against the man who bought me and stole my lover.”

“Of course,” Nick agrees grimly.

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