Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, BiSexual, TransGender, Fairy Tale, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Food, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Riley wishes he could enjoy masturbation as much as the girls in porn he loves. Wishes sometimes come true, but not quite as you expect. He greatly enjoys having a female form, but then needs some help changing back.

I waved a farewell to Charles (never Chuck or Charlie) as we got to the intersection and kept riding my bike towards home. He lived just a few houses up along the main road, so we’ve been riding home together after school for years.

I knew the house would be empty when I got home, and I looked forward to it. I was the youngest of four brothers and for years the house was a flurry of activity. My two oldest brothers, Dale and Terry, were in college, and Hank, two years older than me and a high school senior, wouldn’t be home for hours from football practice. Mom worked at the library, and Dad a few towns over for a design firm.

I used to be frustrated to be left to myself alone, but then I discovered masturbation. For three glorious hours during football season, I could wank, rub one out, and jerk off as much as I wanted. Sometimes I would take my time, savoring the build up, and other times I would try to wrest a record number out of me.

Lately, I had been experimenting with techniques, trying to improvise. I had read of a few solutions online in some forums. Bananas peels, some melons carefully prepped. I took out the trash anyway, so it was easy to dispose of evidence. My current favorite was a well lubed plastic bag inserted in the center of a rolled up towel. A large bath towel gave it plenty of size so I could ride it, and the plastic bag, besides being slippery, also made cleanup easy. I had experimented with anal insertion, but it was awkward, and didn’t seem to do much for me.

I would watch porn all the time of women masturbating. I was so jealous of how easy it seemed for them to hide their activities in public, and the variety of sex toys that they could use. Some of my favorite videos were girls who would use improvised sex toys, or giant toys, or best yet, would use sex toys secretly in public. There was no way I could ever get away with getting off outside the house.

This Thursday afternoon wasn’t different. I watched all sorts of smut of my laptop and went for the lengthy build-ups, coming a few times. The usual cleaning up work before people got home went quickly.

Mom and Hand got home and she busily started prepping food for Dad to grill. He got home shortly after them, and our family went through all the usual chatter over dinner. Mom guessed correctly that Charles wanted to crash on Friday night, a frequent occurrence, since we had spare bedrooms and he shared one with his brother in their smaller home. I was asked to pick up some groceries on the way home, which was fine.

Friday felt like a usual day too, for most of it. On my way to the small grocery store between school and home, I noticed something unusual. It was a strange looking small shop next to the grocery. I don’t even remember there being a building there, so I stopped to stare at it. A carefully hand-made large wooden sign declared it to be “The Wish Shop”. It was an oddly antique looking building, made of rounded stone, with no windows, and a large central door made of wooden planks and bound with some black metal in wide beams.

“This feels like a badly written story,” I thought, amused. I went past it and picked up the few things we needed before the big weekend grocery run. But all through my winding way through the aisles, and even while the cashier, Mary, told me to relay a ‘hello’ to my mom, I couldn’t stop wondering what was inside. As I left the market, I wanted to turn left towards home, so I was surprised when I found myself a few steps to the right, toward the strange shop. I parked my bike at the rack in front of the store, not at all sure I remembered there being a bike rack here before.

When I eased the old wooden door open, the gloom inside was thick and my eyes took a moment to adjust. The door thunked closed behind me as I looked around. It seemed like any number of the little antique stores I would get dragged through for hours, just most everything looked like it was old wood, with a little glass here and there. Through an arch in the back stone wall, an old man shuffled through to the front of the shop. He had all of his hair, quite long, and white as cotton, though it all hung from his head like a thick, straight curtain. Despite his small, slow steps, he looked as solid as the building. His voice was gravelly, sounding like a river bed. “Welcome, welcome. What sort of wish were you looking to have?”

“I ... I wasn’t looking for any sort of wish. My feet seemed to just carry me in,” I answered nervously.

“AH!” he exclaimed. “The best kind of wish. The wish of a heart. Those the mind reject, but the heart will act to take without the mind’s help. Come!”

He started to shuffle towards an ornate box on a table. It was carved and about the width of my arm. I could feel my heart pounding, but felt driven forward to stand at the table next to him. He lifted the lid with a strange symbol carved into the polished top, revealing a rather plain looking scroll. He lifted the scroll and turned to me, grabbing my hand and putting the scroll into it.

“There. This will give you your heart’s wish.”

I started to unroll it and he stopped me. “No, I mustn’t know what it says. It is your wish.”

“What will this cost?” I asked, waiting for the huge number.

“It is my task in this realm to bring wishes, Riley. By you accepting it, you remove from me a small measure of an obligation, an atonement. If your wish has a cost, it is not paid to me, but it will reveal itself. Now, you must go.” He grabbed my shoulder with a surprisingly strong hand and steered me to the door, pushing me out of it before I could even think to ask anything else, like how he knew my name.

My bike was lying on the ground, the bike rack gone. I went to pick it up, and as I did, I heard a loud clank as the door closed behind me. As I stood, levering my bike back up, I stopped abruptly in bafflement - the whole building was gone. It was back to being an empty lot. The only proof anything had happened was the scroll still in my hand.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked the world in disbelief. No one answered, of course. I rode slowly home, the scroll now tucked into my backpack.

The house was empty as usual. Today was an away game the next town over, so it was a microwave dinner kind of night, my parents there with Hank until almost midnight. Charles wasn’t going to arrive until after dinner at his house, so I had several hours. This was the sort of stretch that led to the marathons of orgasms, but today, I was preoccupied by the old looking scroll on the kitchen counter. I stared at it for a while, then finally gave in to temptation. Reading it couldn’t hurt, right?

To gain the pleasures that your heart wishes to seek
Will only take but one minor tweak
To unwrap this gift you have but to say
“Flargmth grembella frway”

There didn’t appear to be anything else on the scroll.

“What the hell?” I muttered. “What kind of garbage is “flar-gemth grem-bella fr-way’?”

Nothing happened, even as I realized I said it out loud. No flash. No poof. I looked down at myself and nothing was different. I even looked in my pants to confirm my cock was the same.

“What a load of bullshit,” I grumped and threw the scroll into the trash.

Trying to put the whole thing off as a really stupid hoax, I went on with my afternoon’s plan. I wanted a nice slow slippery round first, so I brought a plastic bag into my room, along with a towel. I had a few bookshelves; a desk in one corner opposite the door, on which my laptop rested; and my bed next to the door. There were windows on one wall, but I kept those curtains closed, and a closet on the wall opposite my bed.

I popped open my laptop and browsed to my porn stash. I opened a nice strip tease video to watch while I undressed, and put the machine on the bed. I could feel my cock pulse beginning to swell as the woman on my screen, a cute punk-y brunette, started to play with her shirt in a well lit bathroom. I removed my clothes, and sat down on the edge of the bed. As my hand closed around my hardening shaft and I started to give the first tug, I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I sat up quickly, feeling a little dizzy. I couldn’t have been out that long because the video was still playing, and Punky had just removed her bra. I glanced at the playback controls and it had just been about 5 seconds. I relaxed a little and looked down to see if I had damaged myself.

I screamed.

My scream sounded wrong, so I stopped.

I closed my eyes, willing myself not to panic.

I peeked again at my crotch between slitted eyelids. There was no penis there at all. I closed my eyes hard.

“This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.”

My voice sounded wrong.

I breathed deeply and opened my eyes, looking down at my body. I realized one of the many things wrong was that my chest was sticking out. And while I wasn’t very hairy below the neck to begin with, what I had was gone.

I cautiously raised my hands to touch my chest, and even my hands looked somehow wrong. I pressed my palms against my chest and ... it felt different. I was clearly sticking out, even my nipples were protruding further out than before.

I nervously stood, mildly dizzy, and turned to close my bedroom door, which had a mirror mounted on the back.

My heart felt like it stopped. I had seen countless thousands of naked people online, but I had never seen a naked girl in real life. The closest was our neighbor’s granddaughter, Cassie, a girl a only a year older than Hank. She was living there while attending a local college, and one time, at a party down the street, had flashed her lovely breasts at me once on a dare.

The sandy blonde girl in the mirror looked to be about my height, slender, and with a modest pair of breasts. She didn’t have much hair between her legs, so I could make out her outer lips protruding just a little. I looked up at her face and we locked eyes. Her face looked almost like mine. She looked as shocked to see me as I was shocked to see her.

I raised my hand to feel my face, and she did the same.

It finally clicked.

I screamed again as I realized I was looking at me. NOT ME. I screamed until I ran out of air.

I felt silly then, screaming alone in an empty house.

The scroll!

I ran naked through the house, grabbed the scroll from the trash and ran back to my room.

It had rolled up again in the trash, so I slammed it on my desk, unrolling it. The text now read:

Have no fear, it’s time to have fun,
With pleasant work, the spell’s easily undone.
When all woman’s chambers have tasted life’s seed,
The man deep inside will again be freed.

I sat down hard on my desk chair, causing it to roll slightly away from my desk, the scroll falling onto the floor and rolling towards the bed. “Okay,” I reassured myself, as the chair slowly spun. “This is temporary. It’s ‘easily undone’.”

I had spun enough to see the mirror again in the corner of my eye, so I turned the rest of the way to look at not-me.

I was pretty cute, even slumped in my chair. I sat up straight and watched as I reached my hands up to cup my chest. I slid my hands all over them, squeezing them gently. I felt an odd twinge between my legs, so I spread my knees apart. I couldn’t really see from across the room, so I got up and tossed the pillow from my bed on the floor in front of the door. I sat on the pillow and leaned back, opening my legs wide. Doing this slightly parted the outer lips to reveal pink flesh. I was getting aroused at the sight and instead of feeling a urgent hardness respond, I could feel myself growing wet. The inner lips were getting just a little bigger, which was fascinating.

I put my fingers against one to feel it and it felt a little rough. Remembering from many amateur porn videos, I licked my fingers and tried again. As my fingers slid over the tender parts, it felt like little sparks of pleasure climbed my spine. I repeated the caress down the other side, marveling at the sensation. It felt almost like when I would play with just the head of my cock, but somehow different.

As I slid my fingers down between my inner lips, I could feel the hot, wet warmth of my opening. Curious, I started to circle the rim, and felt my fingers get wetter. I watched myself in the mirror nervously push two fingers inside. Between the incredibly erotic sight, and the amazing feeling from between my legs, I let out a moan.

I realized that the spell said it would come undone, and I wanted to never forget this moment. I moved the laptop on my bed to the center and started up a webcam recorder. I moved my pillow back against the headboard and settled against it, the laptop between my spread legs.

I resumed what I was doing, gently running my wet fingers around my pussy lips, then plunging them inside. It felt incredible. As I explored deep inside myself, my palm pressed against what must be my clitoris and I groaned as I felt the pleasure wash up my body. With my male body, I would feel intense pleasure in my cock from all sorts of activity. But, it always was pleasure from my cock. This, this was a whole body experience. I could feel everything coming alive and the urgency I usually felt as a male started to creep in.

I started rubbing myself faster with one hand, pressing two fingers into myself frequently, and with my other hand began to explore what stimulation my clitoris liked. I had seen a wide array of techniques, so I breathed heavily as I tried a few. It seemed like quick and light rubbing across it, with occasional harder presses was what was working. I could feel this amazing tension rising inside my body. I wondered what it would feel like to use a toy and the dirty thought apparently pushed me over the edge.

I felt my breath catch as streaks like lightning crackled along my spine and my muscles tensed up, my body quivering. Then this glorious, hot feeling washed outwards from my pussy, and I could not help but let out a guttural laugh and I felt the release.

I felt a little sensitive then, so I stopped moving my hands.

I sat up, stopping the recording on my laptop. It churned for a second, then opened the folder with the new video. I popped it open and watched in fascination. I was beautiful! And fucking sexy!

The heat that I had been feeling radiating hadn’t died down, and while I was watching my own orgasm, I felt it building again. I had to know - what did it feel like to be penetrated?

I considered my options. I had seen all sorts of things, but this would be my first, and I didn’t own anything appropriate for the task. I thought about it for a moment, then threw on my robe and went to the kitchen. I fetched one of the cucumbers I bought earlier today and brought it back to my room.

I set my laptop up to record this again, and I wished I had more cameras for more angles. I knelt on the bed, my knees spread open a bit. I was still very wet from before, so I slid the bumpy skin gently over myself, getting the end of it very slick. I held it upright, aligning it by feel more than sight. With it placed against my opening, I eased myself down, letting my weight help push. It felt so strange opening me up. I pause with just the tip inside me and shuddered. I stroked my skin all over, caressing my breasts, my belly, my ass, my legs. It felt like my whole body was wanting to be a part of this moment. I lowered myself further, and further, just inching the monster inside me. I lifted up a little, and I could feel my lips gripping it, so it came up with me. I reached down to pull it further out, then eased back down onto it, further than I had before.

I felt so full! I wanted more. I wanted to feel the thing sliding in and out, pounding into me. I turned around, and bent at the waist, letting my torso rest on the bed, my ass high in the air aimed at the camera. I started pulling and pushing with it, thinking about what it must feel like to have this be a hot cock, with another person controlling the tempo. With a suddenness, I came again, this time my insides fluttering around the cucumber. I jammed it almost painfully deep and my muscles seized up, then relaxed as wave after wave of pleasure rocked every nerve.

I eased the cucumber out of me and fell onto my side. That was ... amazing. Just amazing. I had never felt an orgasm that strong before. It was everything I imagined, wanted it to be.

I sat up and stopped the recording, this time ignoring the machine as it whirred to show me the new capture. As my high started to calm down, I realized that I didn’t know how this would come to an end. I re-read the scroll, trying to make sense of it.

My computer dinged as someone send me a message. It was Charles - his folks made dinner very early and he was just packing up and would be over in about 15 minutes. “Shit!” I yelled.

I frantically looked around my room, and threw on some clothes while I thought.

“hey, umm ... something happened to me,” I typed and sent.

“What?” came the reply.

“I’m not sure I can explain, but I have to figure out how to fix it before you come over.”

“Whatever, I’m leaving, be there soon”

“No! wait!” I typed as fast as I could. It didn’t even show that he had ‘seen’ this message.

“Now what?” I asked my empty room. No one answered.

I spent the few minutes Charles took to get to my house bouncing between trying to decipher the scroll and how to explain my situation to him. I sure didn’t want to admit this was a wish!

I heard the front door open, then shut. I stood in front of my door, having it open a crack.

“Riley?” Charles called out downstairs.

“I’m, uh ... up here,” I answered, trying to lower my voice.


“Up here!”

“Why does your voice sound weird?” Charles asked as he walked up the stairs.

“So, um, you know how I said something happened?”

“Oh god, are you naked in there with your dick caught in something?” he groaned. “You have something happen one time,” I mentally groused.

“No, it’s definitely not that. This is going to sound weird, but ... I got changed by a magic spell of some kind.”

“Oh good, it’s worse than naked. You’re high as a kite. Is that why you’re holding the door shut?” he asked, trying to push it open.

“No, it’s ... ok, don’t freak out.” I opened the door. He jumped backwards, his back slapping against the hallway wall.

“Holy shit, you have a girl in your room?”

“No, Charles,” I answered. “I’m me. I’m Riley.”

He looked at me skeptically, then pushed past me into my room, looking around. When he saw it was empty, he carefully looked at my face.

“What. The. Fuck.” He sat on my desk chair.

“I said it’s weird. But, some kind of magic shop guy gave me this spell, and only now I don’t know how to fix it!” I explained rapid fire, not wanting him to interrupt me. I picked up the scroll and handed it to him.

He took it from me without looking away. “But --” he paused, taking a deep breath “-- a spell? What was the spell?”

“I, I don’t know. He just said he had to give it to me and that he couldn’t know what it said,” I explained, not wanting to admit what had happened.

“Well,” he started, unrolling the scroll, “Let’s see what it says.”

“That’s just it, it changed after I read it. I think it’s explaining how I can change back, but I don’t follow.”

“It’s clearly a riddle, but...” he started, mouthing the words on the scroll without reading them aloud.

“I don’t understand, what does it mean ‘all woman’s chambers’?” I complained, plopping down on the bed. I realized that I had left the big cucumber on the bed and tried to discretely slide it under my pillow, just hoping he hadn’t noticed it was there already.

“Well, it talks about the ‘man deep inside’. What chambers might be...” he trailed off as we both started to have an idea of what it might mean.

“Um, what do you think it means by life’s seed then? You don’t think?” I asked, not wanting it to be that.

Charles was blushing furiously. It showed on his pale skin so easily. He nodded.

I felt like the floor fell out from under me. Then another realization crept in. “I can’t still be like this when my parents get home! How can I explain this? Especially, that!” I gestured to the scroll.

We sat for a moment in the midst of panic.

“Charles?” I asked nervously.

“What? No! No way! I’m not gay!” he yelled at me, standing up.

“I know that!” I shouted back, standing up too. “But, I need your help to fix this. I don’t know any other way.” Silence was my only answer. “Please?”

“I, I don’t know if I can do this, Riley,” he said, looking own at the floor.

I noticed something then - despite his protestations, he was getting erect! I realized I needed to work this body to entice him. “That shouldn’t be so hard”, I thought. I took off my t-shirt and grabbed his hands, placing them on my breasts. It was strange, feeling someone else hold them. His hands were just a little rougher. He was cupping them like he was afraid to move, or even breathe. I reached out, letting go of one of his hands, and cupped his package. He didn’t resist, so I let go of his other hand and started to work at his pants button. I had never taken someone else’s clothes off, so it took me a moment.

I pulled his pants down, his underwear coming with, revealing his narrow erection growing from a bed of short hairs. I gently pushed him backwards into the desk chair and knelt before him, between his legs. Wrapping my hand around his cock, he was watching me wordlessly, torn between the bizarreness of the situation and the sight of a pretty teen about to suck him off. I lifted the head towards my mouth, and then trying to emulate some of my favorite blowjob videos, I captured as much of him as I could right away, then eased my lips back up towards the head. He didn’t taste bad, but this was so strange, having this throbbing, hot piece of another person in my mouth.

I started experimenting, working my tongue over his head, underneath his cock. I kept gently stroking his shaft with one hand while I explored all over. Little tastes of precum were starting to seep from the tip, and I would make a show of licking them off. I could feel his body responding, a strong desire to start thrusting. I started working his cock with my hand faster, now wet with saliva mixing with slipper precum. I would, every so often, take as much of him as I could, and I noticed it was getting easier each time, my hand having to go further back. After a few more long suctions, I pushed myself and felt the head of his cock slide back along my tongue into the back of my mouth and keep going.

“Oh god!” I heard him breathe, then his body shuddered and his cock started pulsing in my mouth, the first couple of volleys shooting straight into me. I admit, I was curious, so I pulled back a bit to feel him shooting in my mouth. His cum didn’t taste that bad, and wanting to give a little bit of a show, I opened my mouth and jerked the last few shots directly into my mouth, swallowing.

“Jesus,” wheezed, shuddering from his quick release. I know from my own experience that if I wanted him to stay hard, I had to seriously up the action, and fast. I stood, and dropped the shorts I had thrown on, revealing my naked form. I put one leg on one side of the chair, and awkwardly climbed onto his lap, grasping his cock between my legs.

“What are you?” he started to say, but then I sunk myself entirely onto him, letting my wet pussy engulf his still twitching erection. “holy shit!” he said much too loudly for me sitting on him.

“Shh,” I chided him. I flexed my legs to lift myself up, then eased back down, slowly fucking my best friend. He had this adorable stunned expression as he felt what it was like to fuck a girl for the first time. It was sweet, and without thinking, I leaned forward and kissed him. He kissed back, and then we were all tongues and arms. He was groping my breasts roughly, and I could feel his hips squirming as he tried to help our coupling. My legs were burning with the effort, though, unused to this.

I climbed off of him, and he looked so sad. I leaned down and kissed him. “Come fuck me properly,” I suggested, and lay down on my back on the bed. He wasted no time and sprang from the chair, jumping between my legs, and tried to push back inside of me. He couldn’t quite get the angle right, so I guided him in. “Yessss” I hissed.

He started fucking like he was trying to win a race. At first it was too much, but I felt my body being to respond, something deep inside being hit over and over by the angle. “Oh my god, yessss!” I was surprised by how quickly I came, but this time it was a whole different experience - the pleasure wasn’t the same gentle but powerful waves. This time, I was being battered, both by my enthusiastic teen lover, but also the peaks of my orgasm. I could feel my body clenching around Charles, and apparently so could he.

Suddenly, he pushed as deep as he could go, then I felt the strangest feeling yet as I could feel him throbbing inside of me, with this glorious heat filling me up. He was coming for me! We both let out moans from the intensity of the moment. He was shaking with how hard he had just released, and I knew how he felt. Thankfully, he eased himself out of me and flopped onto the bed. I shuddered at the feeling of his withdrawal, the tremors starting to subside.

“Wow,” he said, out of breath.

“Yeah. I know what you mean.”

We both just caught our breath for a few minutes, letting the twitching subside.


“Yeah, Riley?”

“Thank you.”

“Oh. Yeah. Thank you too.” A long pause. “You know there’s one more chamber, right?”

“Oh no,” I said, almost having forgotten why we were doing this.


“I’m not sure I can do this.”

“We have to try.”

“No, I mean, this.” He was gesturing to his now flaccid member.

“Ohhh. OK. I, uh, might also need something.” I got up and collected the lube I was planning to use earlier from the lowest drawer of my desk. I looked at him, lying on the bed next to my laptop, his penis not interested in cooperating.

I climbed onto the bed next to him, and reached across his prone form to open up the file I had ignored before. While that started to play, I leaned down and began to suck on his penis again. This time, I could taste myself on him, as well as his cum. I felt him jerk as he felt my mouth wrap around his tender cock, but he was transfixed watching the laptop, on which he was watching me begin to ride the cucumber. I felt the pulses of the returning to hardness begin and hummed in appreciation.

“Did you really?” he began to ask.

“Mmhmm,” I hummed around his cock.

“Wow.” He was almost fully hard now. “ ... can, can I see?” he asked sheepishly.

I’d always wanted to try something, and this was possibly the only chance I would have. So I took it. “Yeah, sure, Charles. But first,” I said as I began to apply lube to his cock.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you inside my ass first.”

“OK, but ... how?”

“Just like you were before, between my legs, only you’ll be a little lower.” I said, getting on my back, and spread my legs.

“OK,” he said, sounding uncertain, but climbing between my legs again.

I reached down to guide him in as I had before, but this time, aimed him a little lower. When I felt him pressing against my tiny anus, I tugged him a little. He misunderstood and pushed, hard. Before my body could even react, he was buried halfway inside me. “Woah! Don’t move!” I said. This was a little similar to my early experiments with self penetration, but still, it was a live person. I could feel him throbbing and trying not to move. It was like that tiny junction was eclipsing my whole world.

“Right, now, stay still. I want to try something,” I instructed him. I reached underneath the pillow, and withdrew the cucumber I had been using earlier. His eyes grew wide as I lined it up with my spread open wide inner lips and positioned it into place. I eased it slowly inside of me, inch by slow inch. I could never have imagined how this would feel. I felt so full, and it was so intense. Every part involved was stretching to the maximum, and it was like the volume was turned up with it.

“Can, can I move a little?”

I nodded, saying “Go slow for now.”

As he pushed himself further into me, his body pushed the cucumber too. As he began to slide slowly back out, my tightness was causing the slender object to push out with him. I almost had tunnel vision of the mind, every neuron focused on the feeling of being filled and emptied like this. I groaned, “oh yesss...”

Charles took this as a sign he should go a little faster, and I didn’t want to stop him. He wasn’t jackhammered, but the medium pace he was setting was heavenly. He was so slick inside my ass from the lube, and when he pushed in, I was so full.

He reached down and held the cucumber, then began to slowly move that separately from his slow hip motions, leaning back so he could keep fucking my ass. The new angle was putting this crazy new feeling inside of me, and I could think of nothing else as he began moving his hand faster, starting to really work on me. I came, then, hard, and I could feel my ass gripping him tightly. He groaned, but was still recovering from his earlier ejaculations, so he didn’t come yet, just kept working his shaft in and out of me.

As I crested and started to come back down, I reached up, grabbing him and pulling him down towards me, preventing his hands from moving, but so I could kiss him again. As we kiss, I quietly said to him, “please, fuck my ass Charles, fuck it harder”. I could feel him shudder as he heard me talk dirty to him, and it felt so good as he sped up a little. “Oh god I feel so full right now. I can still taste your cum in my mouth. And the cucumber is sliding so easily inside of me because I’m full of your cum, Charles. You feel how wet I am right now Charles? You’ve made me cum so many times already. I want to feel you come in my ass.”

Charles leaned back to look at me and asked, “Can, can I fuck you from behind?”

“Oh god yes,” I said, reaching down to pull the cucumber out. It was fun, but wouldn’t work so well that way.

He pulled out of me, which felt pretty strange. I rolled over and presented my ass to him, on m hands and knees. He scooted forward, pressing his cockhead at the entrance, and then slid deep back into my ass. This new angle was yet another set of sensations deep inside, matching the new feeling of Charles now back to his “win the race” pace.

“Oh Charles, yes, fuck,” I breathed, rocking forward onto my shoulders, my arms unable to keep me upright as he pushed forward. He had his hands on my hips, gripping them, and I had no idea how erotic that would be. I could feel his balls slapping against my clitoris and it was a perfect addition. I could feel his rapid strokes getting erratic as he was building towards yet another orgasm. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart. “Yes, Charles, fuck my ass. I want to feel you come inside of me.”

That pushed him over, and I felt him push forward, trying to plant deep inside of me, and it shoved us both down, him pressing on top of me as I collapsed onto the bed, his weight adding extra thrust, reaching far inside of me. It was just enough to push me over again, and I felt rocked by the orgasm. I could feel him spurting, throbbing and filling me with liquid heat. I loved feeling him twitch as I clenched and released around him.

As Charles slowly got up, pulling himself out of me, I began to feel dizzy and blacked out again.

When I came to, Charles was a mix of horrified and worried. I looked down and saw my penis, my body. I was naked, freshly fucked, but returned to normal. I felt a little woozy, but otherwise, pretty energized.

“You, you just become you. There was a little light, and now, you’re ... you. And we just...”

Charles was freaking out.

“Charles. Charles,” I said, louder, gripping his shoulder. “Calm down. You had sex with a beautiful girl who needed your help, and you helped your friend. That’s all.”

“I’m not gay,” he said, which felt like a strange time to say that.

“Ok, Charles. You are not gay.”


“I’m going to go shower. Then you should too.”


I gathered up a clean towel and went to go take a shower and think.

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