Time Scope 2

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Fiction Sex Story: Introduction - Jeb and Alicia met in Chicago. It was a whirlwind romance that started one morning and ended the same day with them deciding to get married. Two days later, they and the Time Scope Jeb had inherited returned to Seattle. They very quickly came to realize that the Time Scope was far more than what Granddad had explained in his letter. They quickly became the center of an intergalactic drama, which reshaped their lives and gave them an unexpected future.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Rags To Riches   Polygamy/Polyamory   Politics   Slow  

I find the backstory of Time Scope interesting, and thought I would share it with you my readers. So, this is how the original post of Time Scope and this sequel came to be written.

I did not write and post my first story until March of 2014. Prior to that, I spent many years as a Technical Writer, Training Instructor, and Logistic Support Analyst for a couple of R&D Defense Contractors, and eventually retired.

During a brief break, while sitting at my desk back in the 80’s, I decided that since I was a capable Technical Writer, I should try my hand at writing a fictional story. If I recall, the thought of the added income for selling the story was a motivating factor. I immediately ran into a problem that is common to most new writers: What to write about? Perhaps, I did things backward in that often the idea of what to write about comes first.

Realizing that I needed inspiration, I slid open my desk drawer and poked around in it. I recall thinking, “I can write about almost anything. Surely, there is something in here that if it were modified could be the basis for a story.”

My attention was drawn to a small, white, thin-walled plastic cylinder. It was about an inch long and five-eighths of an inch in diameter. I picked it up and looked through it, as if it were a telescope. I recall thinking, “What if this cylinder was like a telescope, but it let me view what happen back in the past.” I later added looking into the future to its abilities.

Now that I had a story idea, this little cylinder wouldn’t support my story. I started envisioning it as something different; a cylinder that was around a foot long and maybe two inches in diameter. Since the view through the cylinder would have to be adjustable for distance and time, I imagined a series of knurled rings along the outside of the cylinder that could be rotated to make adjustments. That was how I created the concept of the device Jeb inherited in Time Scope.

Over the next few days, during my lunch breaks, I started to write the story Time Scope on my work computer; back then privately owned computers (PCs) were not common. The words just wouldn’t come to me. When I looked at the few scenes that I had struggled to write, I saw they were awkward and a total mess. Disgusted with my inability to craft a story, I set it aside until I was in a better mood and had sufficient time to work out the difficulties I was experiencing as an Author.

Several years later, I moved on to a new company. I had forgotten about my initial effort at writing, so my original Time Scope files were left behind. I don’t know who inherited that computer or what they did with my story files, but I suspect they were deleted. The virtual trashcan is a good place for those files, and I hope the person who put them there emptied the trashcan.

During the 1990’s, I came up with the idea for a story that I called The PM Chronicles; it is still on my backburner and I may get around to writing it one of these days. I was far more successful during that attempt when it came to creating a story’s scenes. Unfortunately, life intervened and I stopped my efforts at writing fiction.

In 2013, after I retired, I decided to try writing fiction for something to do in my spare time. I had a story idea that eventually evolved into Chocolateen, and that story morphed into far more than the single standalone story that I had intended.

I won’t go into the problems I went through finding my Voice as an Author. The one thing I will say to any of you who think you might want to write is: Don’t try writing a story about people interacting with each other using solely narrative content; dialog is essential for a good story. My problem back then was, I did not know how to write good dialog. In fact, I’m still learning.

I think it was while I was working on Ancient Abilities - Part 1, that I remembered my attempt at writing The PM Chronicles. I had written my first cut at that story at home, so I went into my archived files and found what I had written. I don’t recall who I was talking with, but I identified that as the first story that I had ever tried to write. Then after several months later, my earlier aborted effort at writing Time Scope popped into my head; that effort predated The PM Chronicles by over five years. Since I no longer had the files of my prior attempt at Time Scope, I made a brief start to a new story, so I would not forget to write it. When I finished Chocolateen - Part 2, I focused my writing efforts on Time Scope, which was to be just a short standalone story, and I posted it in May of 2015. However, my reader feedback emails requested that I do a sequel. I decided to do so, and this story, Time Scope Part 2, is the result.

If you follow my Blog posts, you will know that I recently offered my readers the choice of what story sequel I should work on next. So far, The Ark seems to be what my readers want. Therefore, I will finish up the two stories I have in progress and I will probably go to work on The Ark Part 2. Actually, my typical work method is to focus on one story, but bounce back and forth between stories according to my mood of the day (i.e., if I need a break from the primary story, I switch to another for the day).

Time Scope Part 2 consists of this Introduction and 19 chapters. Time Scope Part 3 is on my back burner; but, I will not start writing it until sometime after I complete the next part of one of my serialized stories.

I hope you will enjoy this sequel to Time Scope; so now, it is time for you to move on to Chapter 1.

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