My Step-sister's Banana Smoothie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Humiliation, Light Bond, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Safe Sex, Tit-Fucking, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Boyfriend and girlfriend until divorced parents remarry, Mark and Sue find the ideal solution to their sibling challenge.

I guess my first mistake was in getting too close to my pretty and provocative step-sister who never failed to get me aroused just by bending over or “accidently” brushing up against me when I was so horny it must have radiated from my crotch. My mom’s recent marriage to her latest live-in boyfriend had taken me by surprise and I found myself on the living room sofa whilst my new step-sister took my bed and my bedroom by right of “girls go first” or something like that.

I had taught her a good lesson in the kitchen late one night with the use of a recently purchased bunch of bananas and now she teased me by eating the tantalizing yellow skinned fruits across the kitchen table at dinner or even at breakfast. She gave me many an erection on the way to school just with the way she slowly peeled the things, and then tentatively touched them with her sensitive and slightly pointed tongue as if she were testing them for the proper denseness and taste to her satisfaction. I remembered her winking at me as she slid the big fat tube into her waiting lips like she was kissing some guy’s cock and I wanted to be the one to fill her mouth and her throat with my meat just to teach her a lesson in sibling courtesy.

She knew how badly I wanted to stuff her mouth with my business and never failed to let her hand or arm fall into my lap just when I was fully extended and ready to “get some” no matter how difficult or how costly my satisfaction would turn out to be.

A few days later, on a day when mom was working overtime and my new “daddy” was on some stupid fishing trip upstate in the lake country, my step sister Sue tempted me once too often with the banana routine and I simply replaced the silly banana with my pre-cum dripping cock with a good grip on her pony tail and my weight holding her immobile over the edge of the sofa. At first, she was surprisingly reluctant to even open her mouth for me, but after several attempts, she opened her jaws and I was able to lay my business right on top of her tongue still inside her saliva filled mouth. The sense of wetness and the tight fit of her lips almost made me shoot my load prematurely like some jerk that had never been laid before. I managed to retain my cool and started to pound her face real good and watched her nose get flattened by my groin and felt my balls slam mercilessly into her pointed chin like they were kissing her with solemn respect for her efforts to swallow me entirely inside her pretty mouth. I had never actually shot my stuff inside a girl’s mouth before being satisfied with just spraying it on their face or on top of their boobs with comic results. This time was different because I held the back of her head steady as I released spurt after spurt of cream inside her pretty lips and she swallowed so fast that none of it back-flowed out of her mouth to dribble down onto the fluffy white carpet.

I have to admit it was all a bit confusing to me because she generally didn’t allow such liberties to be taken unless there was some reason like a birthday or a special occasion to celebrate. I knew she had a couple of boyfriends that she held in high regard even though they probably weren’t getting nearly as many female favors from her, as me, if the truth be known to one and all.

We had a bit of difficulty in looking each other in the eye after that little episode, but in my heart I had no regrets about what we did and I knew my step sister was definitely thinking about carrying it a bit further if time allowed. I certainly would have no objection to that knowing the opportunity was too good to overlook just because of some concerns over what other people would think about a step brother and step sister copulating behind a closed bedroom door. In all honesty, I sensed we had a special connection from the way she seemed to reach the pinnacle of orgasm each time I dispensed my soothing juices in the way I knew she liked it best.

I didn’t think that her “boyfriends” made any effort to get her all fired up before slipping her the old salami the way that I did and I knew for a fact that her latest boyfriend was severely lacking in the size department and would never give my Sue the tingle she needed to get a satisfactory release. It irked me to think of the time wasted as she went through the motions of “taking care” of a boyfriend’s needs because both of those jerks didn’t have a clue what actually turned Sue on.

Even now, with mom sitting out in the living room with her tired feet up on the sofa, Sue was leaning forward over the sink pretending to scrub a dirty pot whilst I worked hard to stretch her sphincter in a way that would allow me entry deep inside that rear door territory that most girls were afraid to admit made them hot as a two dollar pistol and twice as dangerous. Sue was giving it all up to me and keeping her eye open for any movement from our mom in the other room. It wouldn’t be wise to let our dirty linen out of the bag, so to speak, and exposed for others to judge us as perverts and even worse just because our parents decided at the last moment to marry.

It seemed almost ridiculous that Sue and I could screw our brains out with little criticism one day and then just because our parents decided to make it legal, we were supposed to be all brother and sister instead of a happily humping couple. Well, we did make an effort to conform to expectations on the surface at least and kept our happy endings to ourselves behind a locked door or inside the station wagon with straight bench seats. We seemed to fit together like peanut butter and jelly or whipped cream on top of Irish coffee for a picture that would make anybody’s mouth water with excitement.

I duck-walked Sue out to the pantry and finished her off right in front of the canned tomatoes with her whimpering non-stop about her needing to catch her breath and make repairs between her legs because she was all nervous about getting caught in an indiscreet position. I knew she was all hyper with the duck-walking with me still inside but I calmed her down and massaged her back door looking for secrets of her anal passage sensitivity. It was one of those scenarios that had her unsure about protesting or encouraging me to greater exploratory efforts.

“Sue, honey, relax and I will make you feel real good.”

She looked up at me with those “Bambi” eyes and I felt real close to her and not like a brother and sister close.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this anymore, Mark. I love what you do to me, but now we have the same last name, it just doesn’t seem right.”

I was close to panic now because I saw my perfect little set-up with Sue flying the coop and I had no plausible excuse to counter her concerns.

We agreed to keep it on the down low and do our best to turn the page on carnal pleasures for a while to see if we could find happiness with somebody else to play our fiddles of tingle-making nocturnal activities.

I suggested we “double date” with Margie and Mike from the other side of the cemetery run by the city. Margie was a cute little thing and my only objection was that she was excessively loud when she was getting it all the way. I knew that my Sue liked Mike because she let him kiss her in the movie even when I was sitting on the other side and could see her open her mouth and let him push his nasty tongue deep inside her pretty lips. I thought at the time that she might just be trying to make me jealous but now I was fairly certain she liked it so much she was willing to give him a lot more than kisses if she knew I was slipping it to Margie on a regular basis.

Margie and Mike were twins and looked a lot alike despite the gender difference. I wondered if they had ever fooled around together since they were real close and were like two peas in a pod only with different length hair and different clothing.

Somehow, we got all sweaty and heated up inside the family car that Saturday night and Margie was yelling up a storm in the back seat with me on top of her squirming body. My Sue was sitting right on top of Mike’s sturdy pole up in the front seat like some slutty girl down at the nudie bar riding hard and tight for extra cash in these hard economic times. I was looking right into her eyes just as poor Margie started to announce her soon arriving release and I saw that flicker of pleasure that informed me she just had a nice orgasm with Mike’s huge business inside her. I knew she would keep it to herself because she didn’t like making a fuss about such matters and I thought it was romantic that she could enjoy herself even with me only a few feet away as she came down the final stretch at blinding speed. I could see the explosion building inside her and I could hear the giggling Margie heading in the same direction with my business buried to the hilt in her flooded vagina. I hoped her loudness would not put either of the others off the mark and it looked like I was right about her compatibility with the football playing Mike.

All of a sudden, I had Margie whispering in my ear that she needed it again, only this time she wanted it from behind and she told me,

“You can put it in anywhere you want, Mark, baby, I don’t mind if you want to get it up inside my tight little butt.”

When she rolled on her tummy, I could see her sphincter blinking at me with Morse signals and it certainly was not a SOS and that was a fact. It was far too good an opportunity to miss and I managed to get all the way up inside her before we even knew my sheer weight and gravity would solve the problem of her distressing tightness in the seldom used entryway. It was so good that I immediately tried to figure out some devious way to stay inside as long as possible.

I could tell Margie had no objection to my long-term tactics from the way she rolled and humped her hips up into the air telling me she was inspired to be the best that she could be in car hopping on a double date.

The next time, we all went to an upscale hotel and got all hot and heavy in the king-sized circular California bed. It was so different with four naked bodies all jumbled together and I was certain sometimes that my Sue had her hands all over me and I returned the favor when Margie was otherwise preoccupied. I noticed that her real bother Mike didn’t mind when she “accidently” grabbed hold of his long rod and started milking it under the pretext that she thought she was giving me a thrill I would remember for a long time.

The next morning when I came back to consciousness, I found that I was still inside of Margie spooning her backside but that my Sue’s pretty boob was on my nose and Mike was stretched out across her body with his hardness still resting on Margie’s flushed face spotted with lots of cream and I was certain it wasn’t mine. It sure did look like we were in a four by four party and that all the fun started as soon as the lights went out.

After that, we had a lot more fun on our double dates and none of us ever questioned who did what to whom because in the dark it really didn’t matter at all.

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