Ghost in the Machine

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Workplace, Science Fiction, Robot, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 21: Ex Machina Duology 1: Sex has always driven the industry, and to compete with other companies as well as out do them, one company has gone the extra step. Virtual reality is the next step, but is it necessarily the correct way to market it? First of two part series.

Lucy is going crazy as Kate plays her fingers all across the skin of her back. Her pussy has already started to drip from the sensation as well as the thoughts running through her mind. Over the last few weeks Lucy has found herself thinking and fantasizing about Kate and her hot body. The next thing she knows, Kate is straddling her and sitting on her ass.

Kate’s hands rub all over her back and sides. It feels so good and Lucy can’t help but sigh loudly with delight. Kate’s hands work upward, lightly grazing the sides of Lucy’s breasts and eliciting a moan from the sigh. Kate knows the girl is horny. Every time she has given Lucy a massage she has made sure to observe all her favorite spots and commit them to memory. Though this whole routine had started out as a means to throw Lucy off balance, she never expected to start having feelings for the girl. The thoughts increase as Kate feels Lucy’s nipples start to harden beneath her tight shirt.

She smiles and drops between Lucy’s thighs. Slowly, she runs her fingers up along the girl’s thighs. Her thumbs graze beneath Lucy’s blue cotton panties, sliding along the outside of Lucy’s pussy lips. “Mmm,” both Lucy and Kate moan at the exact same time. Kate continues upward and starts massaging her lover’s tight ass.

“Have you given any thought to what we discussed about my name being attached to creatorship?” Kate asks subtly.

In the next moment, Lucy is jumping up from the couch. Kate gives it a few seconds before following the girl. She finds Lucy standing in the kitchen, breathing hard. Did I push too hard? It’s a possibility, but the girl was on the verge of creaming all over her fingers. The question couldn’t have been the breaking point. They’ve been discussing it for the last few weeks already.

But for Lucy it is a combination of both. She is scared shitless of both the feelings she has and the woman’s true intentions. Kate is almost six years her senior and a bank account filled to the brim with money. And Kate didn’t get all that money by not being crafty and maybe even conniving. She heard the door open and close. As Kate starts waking up toward her, the younger woman holds her breath.

“Lucy,” Kate whispers.

She feels Kate’s hands on her arms and she slowly turns around, letting her breath slowly slip out. She wants to tell the woman that this has to stay professional but when she sees the tears rolling down Kate’s cheeks, all her resolve slips quietly away. She puts her hand on the back of Kate’s head and pulls her mouth to hers. As soon as she feels Kate’s lips touch hers, she knows is setting herself on a path that she will not be able to come back from.

Kate is shocked, sort of. She has had much practice in the ways of manipulation but she honestly didn’t expect the tears to work. She had thought of using words at first, now she is glad she didn’t. She pulls back and says, “I didn’t mean to push Lucy. I just think I love you and I want to be part of it all with you.”

Hearing this, Lucy’s emotions run rampant. “I feel the same way. I don’t want to leave you out of anything,” she replies breathlessly. “Plus you make me so fucking horny all the time.”

Kate smiles and pulls Lucy closer. Their tongues are immediately in each other’s mouths. They both moan loudly as Kate slides her hands down to the other’s tight ass to squeeze it under her panties. She pulls her other hand up and starts to rub Lucy’s bare nipple with her thumb. Lucy groans into the other woman’s mouth. Kate moves her lips to her ear and whispers, “How does this feel?”

“Oh fuck Kate,” Lucy breathes heavily. “It’s amazing.”

Kate licks her ear in response and within seconds Lucy is moaning uncontrollably. She brings her lips back and kisses Lucy again, running her tongue along Lucy’s lips while she pinches her nipple. The girl cries out and Kate can’t help but smile. Her partner is right where she wants her.

She lowers her mouth down to Lucy’s tiny brown nipple and takes it in. Lucy cries out loudly. Kate slowly begins licking the nipple while massaging her other breast. Lucy’s pussy is dripping wet now. Kate is making her feel things she has never felt before. None of the guys she has been with before made her feel this aroused, let alone brought her this kind of pleasure. She watches as Kate’s lips kiss her nipple and her soft pink tongue rubs it, leaving it wet and aching.

Kate then starts to lightly suck on her nipple and Lucy’s sight is filled with stars. Her head tilts back and she has to use her hands on the counter behind her to help hold herself up. Kate makes her way over to Lucy’s other nipple and licks and sucks on it. She feels Lucy’s hand in her hair pulling her closer, so she sucks just a little harder.

She moves her other hand down Lucy’s flat belly and slowly starts to rub her pussy through her panties. She can feel the girl’s arousal on the cotton fabric idly wondering what she might taste like. As she rubs Lucy’s pussy while sucking her very hard nipple, she looks up at the girl’s face. Her lips are parted and she is panting. Her eyes are clouded with lust as she stares hazily at Kate’s lips on her nipple.

Kate suddenly stands up, but her hand doesn’t leave the girl’s pussy as she leans in for a kiss. Lucy moans just when their lips touch and their tongues start to slowly invade each other’s mouths.

Kate sucks Lucy’s bottom lip and nibbles on it lightly. When she pulls back and stops rubbing Lucy’s pussy, the girl groans in disappointment.

Lucy leans against the counter a Kate back away to lean on the opposite counter. Lucy is unsure about everything as her body and mind are in a confusing torrent of feelings and thoughts. Her nipples are tingling and her pussy is throbbing. She tries to catch her breath as her mind tries to compute all of it. Kate leans back on the counter with her nipples poking proudly out from beneath her tight white shirt. Lucy’s eyes play along the other woman’s lithe body before settling on the wet spot on her khaki pants between her legs.

“Do you want to take this all the way?” Kate asks the girl.

Lucy can only nod.

“Why don’t you show me just how much you want it,” she requests. “Play with yourself. Make me want you even more.”

Lucy smiles and starts rubbing her breasts. “Mmm, look how haw my nipples are. They’re fucking aching for your touch.” As she starts rolling her nipples between her fingers, Kate’s pussy starts throbbing with need. The Lucy slides her hand down her own body and starts rubbing her pussy over her blue panties. “Oh fuck,” she whimpers. “You’ve made my pussy so wet.”

Kate has seen enough. She has the girl where she wants her. She could just stop here and keep the girl wanting and needing, but Kate cannot ignore her own feelings any more than Lucy can. There is something special about this girl and though she needs what Lucy can create, she wants more. She takes a few steps forward to cover the distance between them and places both hands on Lucy’s hips. She leans in and ever so lightly kisses the girl’s lips. Just as Lucy reacts and tries to push her tongue into Kate’s mouth, the woman drops to her knees and slowly kisses Lucy’s belly just above her blue panties. She slowly slides off the panties and groans as soon as Lucy’s smooth pussy comes into view she groans. Her wet nether lips are glistening and inviting.

Instead of giving in and slipping out her tongue and begin licking, Kate stands up, spins the girl around and slips her arms around her. Immediately her hands land on Lucy’s breasts. She massages them and pinches her nipples. And once Lucy begins moaning, Kate’s lips lock onto her neck peppering it with kisses.

Kate’s hand drifts down to Lucy’s pussy. It is so wet and hot. It is like she is running her fingers through hot liquid silk. She starts stroking Lucy’s slit up and down from her soaking wet entrance to her concrete hard clit. Lucy’s head falls back onto Kate’s shoulder. Kate quickly leans down and nibbles lightly at her neck.

“You do like your pussy rubbed like this, do you?”

Lucy nods, accompanying it with a very audible groan. Kate smiles and inserts a finger into Lucy’s pussy. It is every bit as incredibly tight and hot inside as outside. This girl is as tight as a virgin. She pumps her finger in and out slowly while still rubbing and massaging her lover’s breasts.

Lucy is already close to climaxing. Between the eroticism of it all, the rubbing and massaging of her breasts, the kissing and nibbling of her neck and the steady pumping finger in her pussy, she is tingling all over in an euphoria of pleasure. Right in the moment Kate slips in a second finger and whispers sultry, “Cum for me Lucy. Soak my fucking fingers.”

Lucy sobs. She can’t moan, groan or coo. It is all too much for her. She has never felt this good. If it is because it is a woman doing it or just because it is Kate, it is too good. All she can do is sob. And soon even the sobs turn into soft cries. Kate starts pumping faster into her pussy and finally starts to rub the girl’s clit with her thumb.

Lucy starts to completely lose it and her knees buckle.

Kate keeps pumping her fingers and holds Lucy up as she starts crying out. “Please ... no ... more ... please.” Then she is bursting like a dam finally giving way to the flood. She cries and sobs, with tears rolling down her lovely face. Her breaths come in ragged and sharp. What an orgasm!

When her orgasm finally subsides, Kate kisses her neck. “Let’s take this to the bedroom and to a new level.” Lucy nods weakly and lets the woman lead her by the hand to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Kate quickly peels of her shirt and khakis. As she goes to begin pulling down her panties, Lucy stays her hand with hers and tells her, “Wait, I want to take care of that myself.”

Kate shrugs and pulls the younger girl over to the bed. They lay down facing each other, neither one of them able to keep their hands off one another. Lucy is the one to provoke a kiss and they begin lightly. Their make-out session, though, quickly turns passionate and deep.

Lucy relaxes as they break apart. Kate runs her hand along the other’s side, down her hip and back up. “Together we are going to achieve great things,” she says soothingly. “We are going to create the first of its kind and give the world something it could only dream of.”

“And we are going to be together,” Lucy adds with hope in her voice.

Kate smiles sincerely. “Of course we are.” She means it. Part of her only wants credit for what the girl has planned to created, but the other part really, truly believes in their being together, in enjoying their growing passion for each other. Maybe, just maybe, she can have her cake and eat it too.

Lucy smiles back and leans back in to nibble on Kate’s ear. Kate moans and Lucy pulls back just enough to catch the woman’s lips with hers once again. As her tongue enters Kate’s mouth, she brings her fingers up to Kate’s big breasts and pinches her nipple.

Kate cries out into Lucy’s mouth and the girl continues to rub her breast. After another moment of fondling the woman’s large, taut breasts, she can’t wait any longer. These two bouncy, fluffy breasts have been the center of one of Lucy’s constant fantasies. Each time she has had her lips wrapped around the woman’s nipples, sucking on them feverishly. And that is exactly what Lucy plans to do. She bends her head and takes a nipple gently into her mouth and simply ravishes it.

Kate is thrown instantly into a sea of pleasure. Feeling the younger girl ravish her nipple is heavenly. “Oh fuck girl,” she groans. “You know exactly what you’re doing.”

Encouraged by the words, Lucy sucks harder and uses her tongue on the ramrod straight nipple. She honestly has no idea what she is doing, but she must be doing something right. She pushes her hand down to Kate’s pussy, knowing just how good it felt when Kate had done it moments ago. She starts rubbing her pussy hard through the silky material of her panties.

“Oh fuck,” Kate cries. “Ugh, more ... want more!” Lucy moves her fingers faster on Kate’s clit. “Oh shit!” she screams. “I’m going to cum!”

Kate screams as an amazing orgasm rushes through her. Her eyes close tight and she sees stars. Pleasure spreads out like a blanket through her entire body. She takes several long moments to recover from it and when she finally opens her eyes to Lucy she sees the girl with a very big smile spread across her face.

“Holy fuck, that was incredible,” Kate gasps.

“I know right?” Lucy says. “Let’s get rid of those panties now. I want to experience all of you.”

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