Plugged In

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 22: Ex Machina Duology 2: Virtual reality may not have been the way to go, but how did they get there? What went wrong? Why? There is a story behind every story. Think you know the story? Read after Ghost in the Machine. Serves as a prequel to Ghost in the Machine.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Science Fiction   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Violent  

Alec hears the water shut off in the shower and moves quietly to the bathroom door. He can hear Lucy drying off. She opens the door slowly and jumps when she sees him standing just outside the doorway.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she all but shouts. “You scared the shit out of me.”

Alec looks her over, his eyes trailing along the short, black silk robe she is wearing with the sash tied loosely in a bow. His eyes fall to the floor and loor and he shrugs. He looks back up at her and a smile slowly spreads out across his face, “I don’t see a


Lucy grins and gives him a half-hearted punch to the shoulder. “You dick, you know what I mean.”

He grins at her wolfishly and pushes her over to the wall, which she bangs into with a thump. Then Alec is mashing his mouth to hers. He kisses her deeply and Lucy responds every bit as eagerly.

“Is that the best you got?” she taunts the moment they separate.

a step backward. With that same wolfish grin, Alec pulls her away from the wall and spins her around. He pushes her against the wall again, face first. He then unties the sash and pulls it completely out of the robe.

“Oh, I can do better,” he growls.

He quickly grabs her wrists and pulls her arms behind her back. Lucy smiles but doesn’t show it to him. This is one of their regular games. Alec carefully ties her wrists together with the silk sash, being careful not to hurt her.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispers as she transitions into the role. She is breathing hard with anticipation of what will happen next.

Alec growls as he grabs the collar of her robe and pulls the silk over her shoulders and down to her bound wrists. He presses his body against her, taking in the smell of her freshly washed hair. The fragrance of strawberries assaults his senses and drives his own excitement upward. Between them he feels her hands groping at his crotch through his pants, fingers rubbing against his cock.

He reaches up and gently pulls her hair to the side, exposing her neck. “Weren’t you ever taught to keep your hands to yourself?”

In reply, Lucy only moans. She feels his hot breath on her neck. That plus the authority in his voice makes her pussy wet and her body tremble. Then his lips are on her neck and shoulders. His free hand slides down her side, over her hip and then slowly over her belly. Her breathing quickens. Alec moves his hand down to her thigh and along the top of her leg. Lucy groans impatiently. She wants him to touch her, not tease her.

Sensing this, Alec smiles. He moves down her backside, taking a moment to kiss the small of her back.

“Stop teasing me dammit,” she hisses.

Alec pushes her bound wrists gently upward, which in turn lifts the silky fabric up to reveal Lucy’s taut ass. He leans in and lightly bites her cheek. She jumps and tries to turn around, but Alec pushes against her back, effectively pinning her against the wall.

“No cheating,” he murmurs.

“Then no more teasing,” she quips back.

Alec chuckles and slides a hand between her legs. He traces his fingers along her lips and lightly over her clit. Her body tenses and she exhales audibly. When he slides his fingers over her clit again, she gasps.

“Don’t tease me,” she nearly begs. “Please, no more teasing.”

He slowly slides his fingers back to her lips, teasing her just a bit more. Lucy is already wet, making his fingers slippery with her juices. Gently, he slips a finger inside her, causing her to let out a long, satisfying moan. She is finally getting what she wants. He slides his finger slowly in and out, feeling her body respond to the simple touch. Moments later he is sliding in the second.

“Oh fuck,” she coos. “That’s it...”

Alec lets go of her hands and grabs her ass cheek. He pulls it roughly apart from the other and leans his face in. When his tongue lashes out against her tightly puckered hole she instantly rises to the tips of her toes. When she comes back down, her tiny opening smashes into his tongue.

Her body begins to writhe and he holds her against the wall as best as he can and continues to push his tongue between her supple cheeks.

“Mmm,” she half growls. “Lick my ass baby.”

Alec moves his fingers in and out of her faster. She responds by trying to arch her hips backward to grind her cheeks against his face. She grabs at his hair, pulling his head in tighter.

Then she lets out a long, low moan as her body shakes and convulses against his face. Alec struggles to keep contact with his tongue. Her pussy clenches around his fingers so tightly that he finds it hard to even move them. He is able to flick her backdoor a few more times before her body bucks violently, pulling away and bouncing back hard into his face.

Once her orgasm slowly fades he slides his fingers out of her, causing Lucy to gasp as he slides slick fingers over her clit. He rises up and pushes his body against hers, pinning her to the wall again.

“Oh shit,” she whispers, her breaths still coming in short rasps. “Why did you stop?”

Alec grins even though she can’t see it. “So you want more of this?” he asks and slides his fingers over her clit.

“Yes,” she hisses as her body involuntarily twitches.

“What about this?” he continues to move his fingers down through her lips slowly.

“Yes,” she hisses again.

He continues to run his fingers up and down her wet lips, feeling her body beginning to tremble again.

“Please,” she whispers.

He moves his fingers faster. She gasps and trembles even harder.

“Do you want to cum again?” he asks softly in her ear.

“Yes,” she gasps. “Please make me cum again!”

He feels her trying to grab his cock, but the pants make it impossible. Instead she can only rub her fingers against him. It does have the effect she is looking for. Alec’s cock is straining to be freed from the pants.

After a few seconds, her breathes becomes shorter and shorter. Her body starts convulsing again. Alec keeps his fingers on her, but stops moving them as her second orgasm slams into her.

She recovers from her orgasm rather fast this time. Lucy looks over her shoulder and straight at him. “I want that fucking cock inside me,” she demands, squeezing his cock through the pants for emphasis.

He lets her go and steps back. Quickly, Alec undoes his pants. As he fumbles for the zipper, Lucy quickly turns around and pushes her body against his.

“Cheating again,” he quickly says as he swiftly pushes her back against the wall with one hand.

“Can’t blame a girl for trying,” she answers with a coy smile.

Alec holds her in place as he awkwardly finishes getting his pants open with only one free hand. He pushes them down slightly, finally freeing his cock. He moves against her and leans down to kiss her mouth. She kisses him back, hard, as he wraps his arms around her, pressing his cock against the warm skin of her belly.

He slides his hands down her back, cups her ass with them and then lifts her body upward. She wraps her legs around him and leans her upper body against his. Her hands are pulled from behind her back and wrapped around his neck, letting her robe fall to the floor.

“Looks like you should have tied that a tad tighter,” she teases.

“It looks that way,” he says smiling into another kiss.

He pins her once again to the wall. She grabs ahold of his cock and guides it to her wet entrance. He slides his cock up and down her lips a few times, lubricating it with her juices.

“You’re teasing me again,” she moans. “Put that fucking cock in me. Now!”

Alec slowly moves himself between her lips. Her mouth opens as she holds her breath. The head of his cock slides inside her. Slowly, he works his way deeper inside her. She attempts to time her breathes with his gentle thrusts and soon he has his entire length buried in her.

He begins moving his cock in and out before gradually increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. Lucy closes her eyes. They keep a steady rhythm for several minutes when suddenly there is a loud knock. Her eyes spring open as he stops thrusting into her.

“Why the fuck did you stop?” she asks. “I didn’t cum yet.”

“Someone is at the door,” he whispers.

“So what,” she answers breathlessly. “Just fuck me.”

Alec doesn’t move.

“Lucy? Are you in there?” the voice calls out from the other side of the door.

Lucy ignores the voice and starts moving against him, using her legs and arms to move herself up and down on his rock hard cock.

“What are you doing?” he hisses.

She looks at him with a serious grin. “I’m trying to cum and you’re not making it easy.”

“But your boss is asking for you,” he reasons.

“If you don’t make me cum right fucking now, then you will never get a hold of this pussy again!”

Alec shrugs and resumes thrusting up into the woman. Soon she is gasping for air. Her pussy grips his cock like a vise. She closes her eyes, tilts her head back and lets out a long sigh.

“Make me cum baby,” she coos. “Fucking make me cum.” She thrusts her hips back into his. Her body starts to tremble and shake. Then she gasps and settles all the way down onto Alec’s cock.

Abruptly her vision is filled with a bright, white light. Her eyes adjust to the bright, white room and she finds herself staring up at her boss. “For real?” she asks.

Kate looks the young woman over. “I guess the VR system is fully functioning.”

Lucy sighs. “It even adjusts for interruptions from the outside world.

“So you heard me come in then,” Kate says with a frown.

“In a way, yes,” Lucy says smiling.

“How real is it?”

“I was just so close...” Lucy’s voice trails off as they both looks down to the very large wet spot between her legs.

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