Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Aliens, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 19: The company is throwing a Halloween party, but some are working late and harder than ever. It is a strange night and strange things happen especially when plants and symbiotes mix.

He pulls her into him and wraps his arms around her waist. She feels his hands up and down her back and his cock growing hard against her belly. Then his fingers ease down the zipper of her dress. He looks into her eyes and she is hypnotized, oblivious to everything except him and what he is doing to her.

Her dress falls to the ground and he steps back so he can takes her all in. His eyes widen as he looks at her standing there under the room’s bright lights in just her panties and bra which she knows she won’t be wearing for much longer, but that doesn’t matter. She is there with Ethan and even though she wants to someplace more special than the company’s conference room. Yet she knows that there is going to be fireworks tonight.

“Holy shit, Mia,” he says with a heavy breath. “You are so fucking sexy. Come here.”

Mia smiles at him as she seductively walks up to him and tucks her hair behind her ear, a small habit that she picked up in the five months they have been dating. Every time he compliments her, she does it. She gazes into his eyes and the whole world stops right there. His lips close in on hers and they are kissing, a firm and hungry kiss that grows more passionate by the second. They can’t keep their hands off one another, exploring each other’s bodies for the first time.

It is on this night that she decided to do it. Mia knew he wanted her months ago and sure they have kissed and played their hands against each other since their first date, but she wasn’t ready to take that last step. But this Halloween party and the whole night itself has felt like something extraordinary. So it was her idea to finally give herself over to him, just not her idea as to where.

She sweeps her fingers up and down his back, feeling the firmness of his every muscle. He shakes with desire as his strong arms hold her steady, pressing her tightly against his chest. She can’t take it any longer and rips his shirt off over his head. His chest and body is magnificent and she can feel herself already getting wet at the sight. She is so turned on and craves nothing more at this very moment than the incredible sex that she knows will follow.

She plants wet kisses down his neck and along his collar bone, working her way down his chest. She kisses his chest all the way down and then licks her way back up. Ethan moans lightly. She licks her way back up to his mouth and kisses him hard. She kisses him energetically. For months he has been fueling her fire and now it burns out of control.

He responds to Mia instantly and she feels his tongue dart into her mouth, seeking out her tongue. Once found, the two wind themselves around each other. His hands rub and stroke Mia’s back and then her bra is falling to the ground much like her dress did. Their tongues still entwine in each other’s mouths. His hand sneaks around and he grabs her breast vigorously, causing a slight pain to shoot down her spine. He is a bit rough, but it’s something Mia thinks she can get used to.

Ethan keeps his firm grip on her breast and rubs her nipple with his thumb, making it harder than it already is. Mia’s panties are getting wetter and he pulls her mouth into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. Mia’s breast never leaves his hot, wet mouth until he moves to the other breast, giving it equal attention without any hurry for this to be over. Her nipples are almost aching with the pleasure and attention his is giving her. He sinks to his knees and his hands graze her hips, his fingers tucking into her panties as he eases them down her silky smooth legs. She graciously lifts her feet to let him remove them completely.

Ethan’s warm breath cascades onto her wet pussy and the sensations are intoxicating. His tongue glides along her inner thighs and her legs begin to tremble as Mia eagerly anticipates his next move. He trails hot kisses up and down her thighs, burning her skin, knowing what she wants, yet making her wait for it, making her ache for it.

She had to control herself not to just jump him each time they made out, whether it was her apartment or his, his car or someplace else. Ethan has a way of making her want to do what she is doing now, and even though she wanted to each and every single time, she also wanted to push his limitations of waiting for her to their limits. After five months of patiently playing the game, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Finally, she feels his tongue on her wet folds and a low moan escapes from her mouth. She knows what to expect and she can hardly wait. Ethan slides his tongue around the outline of her lips and sucks them into his mouth in turn. She feels him getting closer to her entrance and she longs for his tongue to enter her.

It does and Mia moans again. He knows exactly how to work a woman’s body works and uses it to his advantage. Still ignoring her clit, which he knows is aching for attention, his tongue slips inside her and he devours her with it, stroking Mia’s inner walls and driving her insane with pleasure. Soon, she cannot take much more and Ethan knows this, but still he does not stop, he probes inside her pussy harder and she orgasms, her juices filling his mouth

Mia’s slit becomes his chalice and he drinks from her, quenching his own thirst and intensifying her already amazing orgasm. But he is not finished. He moves to her clit finally and wraps his mouth around it, almost sending her over the edge again, but he knows how she is feelings and gently gives it the attention it craves. Sucking and nibbling and making her moan beyond belief.

As Ethan’s tongue keeps up its work on her clit, she feels his finger at her entrance and groans loudly as he plunges two fingers deep inside her. Mia nearly loses her balance at the feeling goes straight to her head. She is drunk on passion. His fingers work her pussy and she knows she can’t take much more. Mia’s belly flutters and her pussy tightens and once again she orgasms for Ethan still reeling from her first.

Satisfied with his work, Ethan stands before Mia. Her eyes drop down to see his hard cock bulging in his jeans and with shaky hands she reaches out and undoes them. She pushes them down, and to her delight, as always, Ethan is wearing no underwear. His cock stands proud in front of her and she can’t hide her satisfaction. Mia smiles wickedly before sinking to her knees.

His cock is amazing and by far the best she has ever had or tasted. She knows what awaits her as she leans in and licks him from his balls to the tip and back down again. Teasing him, tasting him and torturing him as Ethan did her. She goes back to his balls and sucks them into her mouth, rolling her tongue around them and nibbling at his sack. Just because they haven’t fucked in the five months they have been together doesn’t mean she hasn’t pleasured him.

Mia is as impatient as Ethan is and she takes his full length into her mouth, sucking him into her throat and running her tongue along his shaft. He groans and she takes pleasure in the fact that she knows just what to do to him. Mia deep throats him for a while and he grabs the back of her head, keeping his cock firmly in her mouth as he moans and groans at the sensations she grants him seemingly without effort.

She slides back to his balls and she feels them tighten in her mouth. Mia knows he wants to cum in her mouth, but she is not ready for that yet. So she makes him wait. She knows he likes this game and so she slowly continues up and down his cock, teasing him and frustrating him, enjoying the feeling of control she has over him.

Mia goes back to sucking him deep into her throat. Ethan’s cock gets even harder and she knows he is ready. She secretly smiles as her mouth fills with his cum. She swallows everything he has, not stopping her sucking action. She sucks until he has finished. He is still erect. Of course Ethan seems to always have remarkable staying power. Mia smiles at this.

Ethan lifts her up and she wraps both arms and her long legs around him. He kisses her again as he walk her toward the large oval table a few feet away. Mia can’t get enough of him and kisses him back, knowing that soon she will be back in his arms with him plunging into her. He lowers her down onto the wooden table, her legs still around him and she lies back, letting him crawl up to her. She feels his cock resting against her leg and it causes her to moan and beg, “Please fuck me.” Her pussy burns with lust for him.

“I will,” he pants.

And then Mia feels his cock at her entrance. He is teasing her.

“Please, please fuck me,” she breathlessly pleads with him.

His cock plunges into Mia and she screams a cry of relief. He is inside her and thus he gives her what she has been denying herself for the last few months. He is on top of her and once again her hands explore his back, reaching down to grab his ass, making sure she has every inch inside of her. He draws out slowly and then slips back in, taunting her. But Mia knows him too well. She knows he wants to fuck her thoroughly. He has expressed this multiple times over the past few month. And truthfully, that is the way she wants him to do it, while she holds him deep inside, not letting him go anywhere. He groans and Mia knows she has him where she wants him. She keeps him pressed against her and wiggles her hips.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he pants at her.

And with that he begins thrusting himself inside her, long deep thrusts which drive Mia wild. They are rolling around on the hard wooden table, hands all over one another, panting and moaning. She rolls on top of him and gasps loudly as she brings herself down on his member. She works his cock up and down, riding it and moaning uncontrollably as he penetrates her further, harder, reaching deeper.

Again Mia feels that overwhelming feeling of pleasure stirring in her belly, making its way down, taking over her body. She climaxes intensely, her screams fill the air and her juices flood his cock. And Ethan still continues to fuck her, not stopping his upward thrusts, prolonging her pleasure and fucking her through multiple orgasms.

Still, Ethan has not yet finished with her. With his strong arms, he lifts Mia of his cock and positions himself behind her. She grips her fingers onto the edges of the table, tight with both hands, and waits for him to fill her with his cock once again. She pleads with him to resume fucking her. Mia wants it, needs it so badly.

Then she feels the head of his cock at her entrance and an animalistic cry escapes from her throat as he plunges himself in her aching pussy once more. He is pounding her from behind and she can’t contain her excitement. She is screaming and moaning at the top of her voice, but she doesn’t care. As long as he keeps fucking her, everything else is meaningless to her.

The harder he pumps in and out of Mia, the louder she screams. She knows she is going to go over the edge soon and give way to another orgasm. He pumps faster and she knows he is close too. Ethan is grunting and his breathing is all over the place. Mia’s knuckles are turning white as she tightens her grip on the table. Ethan is fucking the hell out of her, his hands on her hips, slamming her rear onto his cock. Faster and harder, he pumps himself into her wildly out of control.

He reaches his climax. He drives his cock into her as far as he can and holds himself here. Mia can feel him depositing his huge load into her already soaked pussy and they cry out in unison as he continues to unload his hot cum inside her. The feeling tips her over the edge and she experiences her final and most powerful orgasm of the night.

Spent, they both collapse to the hard wooden table with their arms and legs entwined together. She feels his cock slip from inside her and his cum runs down her thighs. They lie there for a few moments, basking in their bliss with one another and getting their breath back when a sound is heard from the conference room’s closet. It is small and barely unnoticeable.

“Did you here that?” Mia asks.

Ethan is quickly on his feet, looking toward the closet with its door slightly ajar. “Whoever you are, u you better come out or I’m going to put you through a world of hurt!” he shouts.

There is silence for a few moments and then a small giggle.

“Ethan, I don’t like this.” Mia says as she tries to cover herself up.

“I ain’t kidding asshole!” he shouts again. “Get out her or I’ll come in there and drag you out!”

A short silence, followed again by the same damnable giggle, but this time there is a rustle.

Ethan looks down at Mia and says, “Get dressed. I’m going to see who it is.”

“Ethan don’t...” she begins.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” he says with a reassuring tone.

Ethan stomps off toward the closet and then into it. Mia quickly gets up and dressed and then waits a moment. The minutes seem to tick off and last forever and just when she starts to decide to join him or leave the room, she hears a groan. She inches closer to the door and tries to peer into the darkness. Suddenly, green vines whip out toward her. Before she can scream, she is pulled into the darkness.

As silence settles over the conference room, once again the sound of giggling erupts from the closet.

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