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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 08: When Narcisa loses her husband her life spirals in change. Years later, she is restless, fighting in the pit fights. Her current boyfriend is using her, but to what end? And what is that killer symbiote creature running around?

The sunlight gleams through a slit in her window as the sun rises. She groans and she stretches in her bed. It is to be another beautiful day here on Solaris Seven. Of course they didn’t name the planet Solaris Seven because of its constant rain, so bright sunny weather is to be expected. Just not quite so much would be nice for Narcisa Quinn. She snuggles down more under the covers not wanting the day to even be here. Narcisa turns her head to the stare at the crumpled mess of pillows and covers. The apartment is silent just as it has been every single day for the past year. Today is different though, it marks the day Steffen left.

Being a marine for the Galactic Alliance of Free Worlds is hell. The thing is, being the wife of one is even worse. The leaves that he was granted was the only time she got to see him. Being stationed on the fringes of the alliance’s territory, no soldier can have their family there—too much risk. Narcisa had begged Steffen many times to just quit and become a simple cargo hauler or anything else, really. She just wanted him home, safe and in her arms.

But he couldn’t.

She pulls back the covers and gets up slowly, making for the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and sees plenty of evidence that she has been crying. It reminds her of what it was like this every time he had to go back. It became a routine that had played out again and throughout the five years of their marriage. She stares at herself for a few minutes before bending down to splash some cold water on her face and trying to rub the puffiness out of her eyes. Narcisa turns to run the water in the shower and then steps in. She lets the hot stream of water relax her a little bit. It runs over her body, flowing down until it ends up in the drain.

She leans her forehead against the wall of the shower letting it stream over her head and down her back. She closes her eyes, imaging him here right now with her, his arms wrapped around her belly, telling her that he is staying, not going. Then he is pressing himself against her, his hands running with the water down her body touching her breasts, her belly and then reaching down to her pussy, opening her lips and teasing what is beyond. She lets her hand slide down her body, imaging it is him touching and loving her. Her hand touches herself and she finds her clitoris. She slowly circles her way around it and keeps her eyes shut.

The sound of the water rushing out overhead muffles her soft moan as her fingers continue to send pins and prickles of pleasure through her. She can almost feel Steffen pressing into her, touching her where she is touching herself now. She imagines their fingers intertwined, his lips on the back of her neck, his tongue hot against her wet skin. Her body starts to move, when she imagines their hands moving over her pussy lips and rubbing across her bud. The tension builds up inside her and she climaxes, her face up against the wall of the shower with her eyes closed and gasping for breath. She stands like this for a few moments. Finally, she realizes where she is and she opens her eyes.

Narcisa looks around her and grim reality closes in and she turns the shower off and starts to dry herself off while walking back into her bedroom. It looks different. There is a glow that just makes everything look softer. She is alarmed as she sees Steffen sitting on the edge of the bed, looking handsome as ever.

“Narcisa,” is all he says. His voice is the same, still warming her from her core.

Narcisa thinks she is dreaming. She probably is but she doesn’t want this dream to end. He seems so real, standing here, looking at her. Her breath is taken away by the mere sight of him.

“Steffen,” she whispers. She walks to where he is. Her eyes start to well up with tears once she comes to stand before him. She is afraid to touch him. Oh how she would be devastated if she reaches out and feels nothing. “Steffen, I can’t believe this. What are you doing here?”

By now, tears are running down her face. She has missed him so much and now he is standing right in front of her, gazing at her with so much love in his eyes. She has to see if he is real, she has to take that chance. Her arm slowly stretches toward him, bringing her hand up to his face. She hesitates before reaching all the way to his cheek. Her hand meets flesh.

“I am here because you want me to be,” he says as he brings his hand comes up and gently wipes away the tears from her eyes.

“Steffen, please don’t leave me again,” Narcisa cries as she looks through her tear-filled eyes at him.

She has kept her hand on his cheek and now moves closer until her whole body is up against his. She wraps her arms around his neck and holds him as tight as she can. His arms come up and wrap around her waist so that they are so close she feels like they are one person.

“I’m sorry love, but I cannot stay forever.”

She sobs against his neck. She feels the warmth radiate off of his skin and she holds him, while she cries, the tears streaming down her cheeks. His hand comes back up and he runs his fingers through her soft, auburn hair, pushing back the hair out of her eyes and then coming to rest on her face. He wipes her tears away again with his thumb and she feels a warmth going through her every time he touches her.

“Steffen, please make love to me, she says urgently.

He brings his head down and plants soft kisses on her wet face and cups her face with his hands. His lips come to rest on hers and stay here for a moment. He tastes the salt of her tears on her lips as he continues to softly kiss her. He lifts his head up, looks deeply into her eyes before meeting her lips again. With just a teasing amount of pressure her lips open up to him, welcoming his tongue into her mouth, searching and meeting with her own. She moans into his mouth as their tongues swirl and play with each other.

“Oh fuck, Steffen, I need you so much please make love to me,” she moans out once they break their kiss.

Narcisa takes his hand, never losing eye contact with him. She leans up and kisses him again. It’s clear to her that he doesn’t have long and she wants to make every moment last. She raises her hands to his shirt and unbuttons it showing a little bit more of his chest with each button undone. Narcisa’s eyes peer down to his chest as she slides his shirt off of him. Her hands come up and rest on his heart. She knows this is a dream and that he isn’t alive but his heart is beating right there in his chest.

She presses her lips to his chest and she darts her tongue out to taste him. He tastes every bit like she remembers. She rests her mouth to rest on one of his nipples, sucking on it and rolling her tongue over it. He lets out a small groan and brings his hands up into her hair and holds her there. Her hands go down to the waist of his pants and she undoes the button and the zipper. His hands bring up to her face, so he brings it up so that she is looking at him.

“Narcisa, do you realize this is our last time together?”

“Yes”, she says in a small voice. “Steffen, I want this so much I hurt. I want nothing more right now but to be one with you. Please, I have to feel you inside me one last time.”

Steffen brings his arms around her naked body and brings her up against him. She can feel the bulge down below pressing against her belly. Narcisa feels nothing but desire for her husband with her body tingling everywhere he touches her. Their lips meet once again and the kiss is more passionate as their tongues swirl around one another’s. Her hands push his pants down and he throws them aside with his foot. They stand there in one another’s arms, both unclothed staring at each other.

Steffen pushes her onto the bed and Narcisa lies down on her back as his eyes move down her body. She doesn’t know how but she feels like his hands are on her body wherever he is looking. Squirming on the bed, she has a need to feel him on top of her. Steffen must know what she is thinking and kneels above her, his knee falling between her legs. His lips shift to Narcisa’s neck and his tongue circles along her racing pulse. Next, he moves down to her chest and takes both of her breasts in his hands while he takes in the beauty of them. Awe of his wife can be read on his face and Steffen runs his hands over her bosom, rubbing her nipples with his fingers, pinching them every so often.

Narcisa wiggles under him, moaning as he plays with her breasts. She has to have his mouth on them and so she takes a hold of his head and brings it down. He covers her breast with his hot mouth and gently starts to suck on it. A cry escapes her as his mouth devours her. She doesn’t know if she can take much more of this when she is already in so much ecstasy. She feels his tongue swirl around her nipple and can feel it harden even more. She starts to rub her folds against his knee and the sensation of it causes lights to flash before her eyes. Steffen can feel the wetness of her against his knee and he starts to grind it against her and she moans louder.

He lets go of her nipple and goes lower, grazing his lips along her belly. Gently, Steffen parts her legs more and he gazes lovingly at her bare pussy. “Narcisa, you are so beautiful,” he whispers before lowering his head and flicking his tongue across her clit.

Narcisa raises her hips off of the bed eagerly at the touch of his mouth on her. Through her half closed eyes she sees him move his lips over her. Steffen’s tongue slips out and starts to caress her clit. Slowly, he brings his hand to rest there, too.

“Steffen, please,” she pleads. “I need to feel you inside me.”

The way he is making her feel brings her heart close to bursting as well as her body. Steffen continues to use his mouth and hand over her, working together as Narcisa moves her hips in small circles with moan after moan escaping from her. Steffen finally moves his mouth away from her to kiss her skin as he comes up her body. Without a word, he moves his member between her legs and enters her, sliding slowly inside her. Narcisa throws her head back as he fills her, feeling like she is in heaven. Tears come to her eyes and she glances at her lover as he pushes all the way into her. She wraps her legs and arms around him and they stay like this for a few moments, doing nothing but relishing in the moment and appreciating the time they have together.

Steffen starts with small thrusts and soon she moves with him, in one motion, in one rhythm. He groans into her neck as desire surges through him. He continues to move in and out of her, never moving any farther away from her then he has to. She buries her head in his neck once he gets faster. She begins to contract her muscle around his shaft, making it tighter for him and all the love that she feels for him wells up inside her. He brings his lips down to her nipple once more and nibbles it, hearing her moan. Narcisa is overwhelmed, all of the frustration and the sorrow that she has been holding back for the past year floods through her. She lets the emotions flow through her. They are absorbed into her desire and love that she has in her heart and body.

Steffen and Narcisa’s mouths come together while their bodies move closer to the edge. She keeps her legs and arms wrapped around him as their mouths mesh together and all at once it all comes crashing down upon them. It feels like a tornado is moving through her and she screams out her release. Steffen climaxes right alongside her. She has him held so tightly to her she doesn’t know where she ends and he begins. She feels his cum warm her core and she contracts hard around him. She doesn’t notice the tears escaping from her eyes. She hugs him close to her and Steffen glitches in her arms.

Narcisa wakes with a starts. All around her alarms are blaring. Red lights are flashing. The deck beneath her pod is shaking violently. She quickly finds the release to her pod and hits it. The clear cover slides off the pod and she is hit by stale air. She pulls herself into a sitting position, blinking through the blinking red lights. When she turns her head to look around, something slams into the side of her head and darkness quickly takes her back.

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