Blue Ribbon
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Redsliver

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Leo Cazzo arrives at school for another day of sleeping through English class and discovers he's in charge. In charge of everything.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Cheating   Cuckold   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Black Female   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

Two cheerleaders were stopping everyone at the east door. I sighed and ruffled my hair; there had been three at the office entrance. I had just wanted to get to class and skip any school spirit horseshit. I fell in line behind a pair of sophomores and checked out their asses. The line inched forward with minimal bitching.

“Hi, I’m Mandy and this is Jessica!” The cheerleaders greeted myself and the sophomores as if we were together. The younger girls looked back at me but I just waited. Mandy was a friend, I suppose, we said hi to each other. Maybe she was just nice? She had frizzy red hair, green eyes and big tits. She was short and slender. She was wearing long blue leggings to match the blue and silver uniform and keep out the October cold. Jessica I didn’t know. She was a senior I think, with straight brown hair and ice princess eyes. She was taller, by at least eight inches, than her partner. She had a nice figure.

“Um,” The sophomores looked at each other and then the blonde spoke, “I’m Holly and this Anna.”

Holly looked over her shoulder at me with clear blue eyes. She frowned. She was kind of tomboyish, with a canvas jacket and baggy jeans. Anna had brown eyes and was wearing a windbreaker over a white t-shirt that didn’t hide her green bra. Holly raised her eyebrow.

“Oh, hey Mandy,” I grumbled.

“Hi Leo,” She smiled. Jessica held a soft covered binder and flipped it to a new page. Ribbons, were pinned to it. Seven red strips unevenly bracketing an eighth green one. Jessica looked past me at the guy behind me, but Mandy stopped her from turning the page.

“Red for Holly, Red for Anna, and Green for Leo,” The sophomores took theirs but Mandy waved my hand away. She lifted the lapel of my coat and pinned my ribbon to my t-shirt over my heart. The cheerleaders were also wearing ribbons: Mandy had a white one tied around her wrist, Jessica had a red pinned to her top. The sophomores tried to step forward but Jessica stopped them.

“Not until you tie on your strips,” She shook her head. There was something off about her.

“What’s this about?” I asked. Jessica clearly wasn’t about to answer.

“It’s a game,” Mandy told me, “The colors tell you what position you’re playing.”

“Oh, fun,” I shrugged. I walked past the sophomores and smiled at Mandy. She waved and introduced herself to the next people. Holly and Anna hurried on through. They jogged ahead of me. In the door and up the steps to the main floor, there were bristol board posters directing us. Reds to the gymnasium, yellows to the cafeteria, and greens to the computer room. Where did the whites go? Maybe the library.

“What the hell is this?” Complained Anna as she and Holly veered away. I took a final look at them from behind and walked to the computer room, hoping to get out of math first thing in the morning. Normally, the halls were alive at this point, but no one was at their locker. I walked into the computer room to find five people milling around.

“Leo!” Kimberley, another cheerleader in uniform, was wearing a green ribbon around her wrist, “I’m surprised. You usually come in by the office.” She flashed her eyes over to the other girl in the room, a cute freshman I didn’t recognize.

“Uh, yeah, saw the line and went to the east doors,” I shrugged. “Didn’t help.” The guys in the room: Stewart, Gregg and Miles, were all crowding around Kimberley and were unhappy with my calling away her attention. I decided not to bother with them and dropped down by the freshman, “Hi.”

“Uh, hi,” She murmured.

“Well then that’s all five doors then. We’re all there is,” Kimberley waved the boys to sit down. Miles hung around to finish whatever sentence he was gumming about.

“My name’s Leo,” I smiled at the freshman.

“Darcy,” She murmured and blushed. Great ... I sighed and Kimberley picked up a tablet.

“Alright, so it’s five juniors and Darcy,” Kimberley said including herself, “Uh, how to explain this. The ribbons were a sort of lottery.”

“Mandy said it was a game and the colors determined what position we’re playing,” She was talking slowly and I wanted this game over with.

“That’s not a bad metaphor,” Kimberley shivered, “Anyway, the rules are simple. Reds are at the bottom, then yellows, and greens are at the top.”

“And whites?” Remembering Mandy.

“They’re taking notes. They’re not ... playing,” She shook her head. The six of us weren’t normally on top. Kimberley may be a cheerleader, but she didn’t really stand out. She was small breasted, with short black hair, braces, and freckles. She was just a face in the crowd mostly. Miles was a football player, but a second stringer at best and kind of dumb. I heard he had a girlfriend but I also heard that everyone else was still having his girl. Gregg was just a guy, had his circle of friends, kept to themselves. Stewart was a bully but it wasn’t junior high anymore and he was just grasping for that fear and power he wielded back then. I didn’t expect much out of Darcy.

I wouldn’t call myself a loner. I got on with most people but I left them at the last bell. I didn’t have friends after school really. Just people I talked to online or played Xbox live with.

“So what are the rules?” Gregg asked.

“Read them yourself,” She walked over to the table Darcy and I were at. The guys circled around to read the tablet. Stewart leaned over Darcy’s chair and was too close to me.

“All reds must obey all yellows and greens. All yellows must obey all greens. Do not lose your ribbon.”

“What?” Stewart begged. Gregg snatched up the tablet, unable to read the large font upside down or something.

“But--” Darcy looked to me and to Kimberley. Then the bell rang. I could see the clock in the corner of the tablet. Looks like we weren’t going to miss class.

“OK, hope that means everyone else is done,” Kimberley sighed, “I guess we get started.”

The six of us walked out into the hallway. Now there were people, with ribbons on their shirts or their wrists, running to their lockers or carrying their books to class. We stood dumbfounded in the doorway. Stewart grabbed some girl by the elbow. She was a tall and pretty senior.

“Let go of my arm,” She growled.

“Stop,” He said and she quieted down. His grin widened considerably, “Take off your top.”

“Stewart!” Growled Gregg but the girl looking impatient more than anything else slid out of her backpack and reached for the hem of her sweater. She ripped it off over her head. We were all momentarily mesmerized by her jiggling tits in their beige bra.

“Are we done?”

“Yeah, I’m not wasting any more time with a six,” Sneered Stewart as he headed off down the hallway.

“Fuck you!” She growled and hurried into her shirt, backpack and run. I just watched until Darcy bolted before the senior had picked her bag back up. Gregg shoved his hands in his pockets and left. Miles tipped me and Kimberley an imaginary hat and trundled off. She was about to go too. I grabbed Kimberley’s hand. She flinched but laced her fingers into mine after I stared her down for a moment.

“Why did this happen?”

“I don’t know,” She shook her head, “We got ours on the bus after losing the state championship yesterday.”

“Shit! You don’t have to be so rough about it!” We turned our heads and saw Stewart fucking a girl at the end of the hallway. The rest of the traffic just veered around them.

“C’mon,” I pulled Kimberley’s hand but she shook her head.

“I don’t have to listen to you,” She broke our grip, “I’ll see you around Leo. I’ve got history.”

“Yeah,” I let her go and started off myself. It seemed there were only two yellows for every ten reds. Mostly, it was just a school day with more than the usual number of teenagers keeping their heads down. I saw a chubby ugly chick using her yellow ribbon to hold the quarterback’s hand. His girlfriend, another red, followed miserably ten paces behind them. Mrs Lauper wore a yellow a ribbon and watched the crowd from her Vice Principal’s office. A yellow pinned freshman boy had three red ribboned freshman girls carrying his bags. I smirked at that. I arrived at math but I didn’t see another white. The library had been empty. The bell to start class rang. Shit. I hadn’t gone to my locker to switch my books.

Mr Harrison was our math teacher. 495 years old if he was a day. He had an impatient frown and a yellow ribbon on his leather patched blazer. He was an anachronism. The class, thirty of us, had myself and three yellows, though the reds were all trickling in late.

“Take your seats ladies and gentlemen,” Mr Harrison droned. I looked back and sighed. Whatever. I took my seat. We were assigned our seats in first name alphabetical order, so I was at table four between Karen and Lisa. They looked at my green ribbon with fear. I smiled hello.

“Uh, Give me a pen,” I told Lisa and she nodded. She opened her bag and handed one over. I took out my chemistry notebook, math was still in my locker. I turned to Karen. I wondered. “Hey, take my notes for me.”

“Yes, Leo,” She breathed a little relief. I laughed, getting a look from Mr Harrison I was sheepish about but he said nothing. I grew bored in class. Almost falling asleep as Karen studiously took two sets of notes. Lisa kept her eyes zeroed on the chalkboard, trying not to remind me she was there. She did keep flicking her eyes at me when she dared though. I was curious if she was actually as scared. Mr Harrison turned around and growled.

“Olivia, put Norman’s penis away and focus on the lesson!” Everyone turned. Norman was leaning back, showing off his yellow ribbon, while Olivia was leaning against him giving him a handjob. Mike had shuffled his seat practically into the aisle. Norman held her shoulders tightly but scowled when she eagerly dropped him and picked up her pen.

“Olivia--” He said strongly but Mr Harrison growled again.

“Norman, put your penis away and go to Mrs Lauper’s office. This is a school, not a brothel.”

“Oh, except you’re only a yellow too and--”

“Norman, shut up and go to the office,” I demanded and his jaw closed tightly. He left his backpack but zipped himself up as he left the classroom.

“Thank you, Mr Cazzo,” Mr Harrison nodded at me. He took the time to glare at Shirley and Owen, our other two yellows. The rest of the class went off without a hitch. I offered Lisa her pen back when the bell rang, but she whispered “It’s yours.” and ran.

Out in the hallway, whatever nervousness I had felt at the start of this game was boiling off and it seemed others were starting to feel the same way. There were still many eyes down, walk faster, make it to the end of the day, yellow ribboners out there. Yet, it was PDA central. A girl with a yellow ribbon seemed way more likely to be making out with a red guy than some of the stiff walking yellow boys were with red girls. I started thinking I should loosen up too. I saw Mandy, still in uniform, walking regally down the hallway and I ran after her.

“Hey,” I said with a smile at her.

“Hey,” She grinned back, “What trouble are you getting up to?”

“I--” Thought for a moment, “I got this new pen.”

She laughed a sweet laugh. She took my arm and walked with me.

“You’re a God today,” She whispered as we walked.

“Just today?”

“Probably not but you’re not supposed to know all the answers,” She teased. The bing bong of the PA echoed in the hallway. I ignored it as usual until I heard Miles’s voice.

“Attention Josham High Students. I am Miles Shepherd, green ribbon, I have been seeing some of the worst shit in my life today. If you are a yellow, do not use your power to rape reds. If you are a yellow, do not use your authority to extort money from reds. My younger sister Anna is off limits.” The PA bing bonged off.

Mandy and I turned a corner to see a frustrated yellow ribboned girl was climbing off the red boy’s lap she had mounted next to the water fountain. “Get out of my face Chris!” She snarled. He pulled up his pants and she found her panties further down the bench.

“Miles had to be a spoilsport,” Mandy grinned.

“You smell really nice today,” I blurted out but smiled.

“Thanks but I smell good everyday,” She stopped, we were at her locker, “You know all the teachers are yellows.”

“All of them?”

“All of them, but some of the support staffers are reds,” She said changing her books. She turned to me and slung her bag over her shoulder. It split her tits very nicely, “Have fun. Stop worrying and just do something.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. She was much shorter than me. Kissing her was quick, but I had to bend awkwardly.

“Not me, I’ve got a white ribbon,” She laughed.

“I wanted my first kiss to be with a girl who liked me back,” I scratched my hair nervously.

“Well, that was sweet,” She walked away with a multi-finger wave, “I’ll see you at the end of the day.”

“Yeah?” I wondered what about. I moved on to my locker. Put away my books and was considering grabbing my next class’s but changed my mind. I felt better not to be lugging a sack full of textbooks around. I ducked my head into Mr Beaton’s English class.

“Mr Beaton, mark me as present please,” I smiled and stepped back as Karen was entering the class, “Karen, take notes for me again?”

“Yes Leo,” They both answered. I set off, just wandering the hallways as whatever classes sponged up their students. It was eerie being in control and walking dead halls at 10 in the morning. I found Gregg sitting in the cafeteria, playing on his phone. With a quick look at his legs to be certain he wasn’t getting head, that’s the kind of day it was, I walked in to talk to him.

“Hey,” I sat down across the table.

“Hey, good on Miles, eh?” He blacked out his phone and laid it face down.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “Stewart still on his rampage?”

“Nah, he grabbed two seniors with cars and as many of their hot friends as he could fit in the seats and ditched.”

“Shit,” I growled, “I kissed Mandy.”

“Matheson? Good work man, she’s always liked you,” He sighed, “I, uh, made out with Paul.”



“Oh, I don’t know him,” I admitted. I felt like an idiot mentally thanking myself for having a green ribbon. Just cause there’s a gay guy, didn’t mean he wanted me. I hadn’t a hint that Gregg was gay before.

“Yeah,” He sighed, “Do you know what scares me?”


“Yes, I’m the Goddamned Batman,” Gregg laughed, “But not just bats, I’m afraid I’m going to do something worse.”

“I know I am,” I nodded, “It bugged me when Miles said Anna was off limits.”

“Yeah, he’s lucky Stewart had left campus by then,” Gregg nodded.

“Here you boys are,” We looked up, over Gregg’s shoulder to see Kimberley coming in from the library. Jessica followed behind her carrying Kimberley’s and her own book bags, “I got curious when you missed roll call, Gregg.”

“Sit down,” I gestured. She sat down next to Gregg. Jessica knelt on the tiles behind Kimberley, “I thought you didn’t have to do what I said?”

“I don’t,” She rolled her eyes, “But why stand?”

“What’ve you done?” Gregg asked, looking at Jessica. The pretty senior blushed.

“I’ve been having people do things for me,” Kimberley shrugged, “Most of the cheerleaders have orders from yesterday. I’m still just feeling things out.”

“Leo kissed Mandy,” He pointed at me, “Matheson.”

Kimberley looked at me sourly. She turned to Gregg, “And you ... Beth Peters?”

I was going to say Paul Carde’s name but I wasn’t comfortable outing Gregg if he wasn’t out. He just shrugged. “I like Beth.”

“OK,” Kimberly shook her head. She stood up, “Don’t stop yourselves. It’s easier once you get started. C’mon skank.”

“Yes mistress,” Jessica was frighteningly demure as she stood and followed Kimberley out of the cafeteria. Gregg stared at me until I was uncomfortable.

“I want to tell you to keep your hands off Beth,” He told me, “But I don’t want to Miles and Anna it up.”

“Ha,” I smirked, “No, it’s OK. Look after your friends.”

“You going to tell me to keep away from Mandy?” He prodded.

“Are you even interested?” I deflected.

“No, not Mandy,” He laughed, “Well, I’m going to do something.”

“Me too,” We both got up and went our separate ways out of the cafeteria. I headed south, towards the offices. Lisa stepped out of the bathroom as I was passing by. Lisa flashed me a sour look and returned a smile. She had on dark eye makeup and lip gloss. She was wearing a tight, tiny sleeved, low cut, frilly black shirt and white jeans in brown leather boots. I waved. She waved. She looked to bolt.

“Come with me,” I said. She overacted, throwing up her hands, hanging her head and slogging into step beside me.

“What’s it like?” She asked flicking my green ribbon with her purple painted fingernail.

“I don’t know,” I touched her red ribbon, “What’s that like?”

“Feels better since Miles, y’know,” She laughed, “I was getting felt up by some Freshman. He apologized so hard. I could’ve thought his curiosity was cute if he hadn’t just been mauling my tits.”

“I don’t have to listen to Miles,” I warned her and myself.

“I know,” she said gravely, but smiled, “But I mean, you’re not the worst guy who could have a green ribbon.”

“That’d be Stewart.”

“Oh my God, Stewart?” Her whole face twisted. We were turning the corner to the principal’s office, “He’s not around is he?”

“Gregg said he grabbed a couple carloads of seniors and fucked off for the day,” I appeased her.

“Gregg?” She looked at me and laughed, “Can I trade you for him?”

“Careful,” I smiled back, “Besides, I think he’d rather--”

“Rather what?” She looked hurt. I stopped her and looked around the hall. There was the on duty cop resting at a table by the front door. Officer Branson, he had a yellow ribbon pinned next to his badge. Shit. I leaned in and whispered to Lisa.

“You don’t tell anyone else this,” and she nodded, “Look, Gregg admitted he made out with Paul Carde.”

“Oh yum!” She giggled behind her hand.

I rolled my eyes, “I meant he might prefer someone not you. I wasn’t disparaging you.”

“OK, I’m feeling better,” She smiled, “What’re you up to?”

“I was going to do something perverse,” I said looking at the office, “But I was also going to chicken out.”

“Can I help?” She smiled, “With the perversion, not the chickening out.”

“You sure?”

“No.” She smiled brighter.

“OK, then no turning back.”

“No turning back it is,” She skipped a little as we entered the office. Ms Isley was twice as old as dirt and she sat at the front desk with a thoughtless smile. She was wearing a red ribbon.

“Hi, can you tell me what class someone’s in?” I asked.

“Oh, no,” She said, “Maybe I can page someone for you?”

“No,” I shook my head and raised my hands to wave her off as she reached for the PA microphone.

“Listen, old woman,” Lisa leaned forward, “He’s just being polite. Do you see this?” She pointed to my ribbon, “Now he’s going to tell you a name and you’re going to bring up her schedule on the computer. Or were you saying you don’t know how to use the computer?”

“Yes, yes, of course, I’m sorry Mr Castro.”

“Cazzo,” I rebuked, “Alright. Anna ... Shit. Do you know Miles and Anna’s last name?”

“Dude he just announced it over the PA!” Lisa beamed, “Also, Anna? You’re a dick! Sorry about the language Ms Isley. He’s looking for Anna Bayley Shepherd.”

“Oh, OK,” Apparently there was a form you could just type any name or student ID in and get everything right away, “She’s in B302. Alice MacMillan’s Science 10.”

“OK, I nodded, with a slow smile. I felt butterflies, “That’ll do.”

“Show us her whole schedule,” Lisa talked over me and Ms Isley double clicked something she need to single click. Two duplicate windows opened and Lisa laughed.

“She’s got P.E. next period,” Lisa pointed out, “Wouldn’t that be more fun than the last twenty minutes of a science class?”

“You’re evil,” I grinned.

“Thank you Ms Isley,” Lisa smiled and I followed her out.

“You were really great in there,” I admitted.

“Thanks,” She stroked back her purple streaked hair over her many pierced ear, “I do my best.”

“Be my assistant for the day,” I told her and she grinned.

“Awesome!” She leapt and hugged me. I squeezed her little waist, “So what’s next?”

“We should go to your class and get your things,” I thought. I took her hand and she dragged me around the corner to Miss Lopez’s art class.

“Lisa, we were afraid you’d fallen in...” Miss Lopez stopped slowly when she watched me follow Lisa into her classroom. I hadn’t taken art, my cheesy elective was drama. Miss Lopez was gorgeous, maybe 27. Probably the hottest teacher at the school. She was wearing a paint spattered smock and had her lush black hair tied up in a bun. She had striking brown eyes and big juicy ass. I was a leg man; she rang that bell hard. She nervously tugged the yellow ribbon on her wrist.

“I’m just grabbing my things,” Lisa promised, “I’m going to be Leo’s assistant today.”

“That’s...” Miss Lopez didn’t offer an adjective.

“No need to hurry,” I told Lisa as she started moving her supplies into her violet bookbag, “Our next appointment isn’t until next period. What are we working on today, Miss Lopez?”

“We were discussing perspective and vanishing points,” She pointed to the few examples magnetted to her whiteboard. They were very obvious examples of a street or a grocery store aisle. I looked at the clock, 12 minutes, I decided to be a bit cheeky. I worried I couldn’t handle it.

“Do we understand the concept?” I asked the class to unenthused yeses, “Miss Lopez, what is your favorite art subject?”

“Sculpting,” She answered with a smile, “It’s our second to last module, and--”

“Mine,” I interrupted her rudely, “Is nudes.”

The whole class laughed nervously. Lisa was grinning. Miss Lopez looked sad, “That’s nice...” She clearly didn’t know my name, “But not particularly appropriate for a high school setting.”

“These look like mature students to me. I think we can all handle it here,” I asked the room, “Am I right?”

My response wasn’t an overwhelming yes, but it was a yes, “Everyone, write down who you’d like to see as your nude model in this class. Lisa will collect the names and the three winners were be our voluntolds.”

Voluntold, everyone who had ever had Mr Beaton for English knew the term. Everyone wrote quickly, even Miss Lopez. Lisa brought back the papers to Miss Lopez’s desk.

There were only six names voted on. Miss Lopez with 4 votes, Lisa with 8, and Wendy with 6 paired with Marty with 1, Howie with 1, and Julian with 13. Ms Lopez and the sixteen girls in the class were on point it seemed.

“Miss Lopez, Wendy and Julian,” I had considered nominating Lisa over Julian but I was feeling feminist.

“Um, Leo,” Lisa leaned into my ear, “I won the girls.”

“You’re my assistant, you have a job to do,” I shook my head. Julian and Miss Lopez pushed her desk to the wall out of the way. Wendy looked like a deer in headlights.

“Calm down, Wendy,” Jesus christ! She did. Really calm, happy stupid calm. I shivered but Lisa ran her hand down my back to calm me down. Wendy reached for the buttons of her shirt and the boys cheered.

“Now, do not embarrass her,” Miss Lopez growled, “This is about art not about adolescent giggling.” Most of the class were red ribbons and followed the command, Julian was not. He was not happy. He started to disrobe and the girls started cheering.

Wendy was a black goddess. She was near 5’10’’ tall even after she kicked off her sneakers. She smiled, preening. She shrugged her blue shirt off and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her for her bra clasp. The boys cheered, the girls giggled, Miss Lopez restated her impatience, I saw my first pair of breasts. Wendy had big round double D’s capped with wide black circles under upward pointing nipples. They were amazing, she was reaching past her flat tummy to unbutton her jeans. She hooked her whole body, flashing her panty clad butt to me as she stepped out of her jeans. She pulled down her panties and blushed darkly to show off her bush. The class called her out on that.

“Shut up,” I twitched, Wendy was really cute. I pulled Lisa towards me, partly to hide my erection, partly to press it against a girl. She reached up with her left hand and stroked my cheek. I laid my hand on her jeans. The class had grown uncomfortably quiet. I replied, “You can look, comment and discuss. But try to be nice.”

“Are all dicks that small?” Asked a blonde and Julian nervously covered himself. He wasn’t aroused. He was just standing naked in front of a class of thirty-two. Some of the other girls commented on his eyes and chest. He was athletic. Miss Lopez was hovering still dressed. She walked over to Wendy, who had been calmed by me.

“If you’ll look closely class,” She lifted Wendy’s arms and posed her like a doll, “The difficulty and reward of drawing the human form is in its malleability. Particularly with nude. But thinking of today’s lesson, a vantage point in front and above a woman can suggest a sexual submissiveness whereas a shot forward and below can suggest a maternal caring.”

“That’s an excellent point, Amara,” Lisa growled. Miss Lopez was stung by her first name. I decided I wasn’t going to disrespect her like that, even though, I thought Amara was a lovely name, “But Leo told you to model too. And Julian, please move your hands so the class can see.”

I flicked my eyes to the clock, seven minutes to the bell. Lisa wiggled against me as I held her. Julian looked to me, trying to see if he could get out of Lisa’s orders but I nodded. He nervously put a hand on his hip and a good contingent of the girls cheered. He smiled, recovering from the “Are they all that small?” question.

Miss Lopez started by unzipping her jeans. They were paint and clay stained. She was wearing a pair of cleaner rotted sneakers for the lab. She kicked those off and bent awkwardly, holding tightly on the shelf of her whiteboard, to tug off each sock. When she put her bare feet and their white painted toenails back on the tiled floor, She stepped out of her jeans quickly. Her golden bronze skin was so gorgeous and delightfully smooth. She reached into the hem of her smock and pulled down her panties. We couldn’t witness her pussy yet. She laid her lace black panties on her jeans. Sighing, with a put upon look, she started unclasping her smock.

“She’s fat!” Exclaimed some kid.

“No you idiot, she’s pregnant,” Slapped the girl behind him. He turned on her and rubbed his head.

“How far along, Miss Lopez?” I asked politely as she rubbed her slightly distended belly. That smock had hid it masterfully. That couldn’t last much long though.

“Nearly thirteen weeks,” She answered as she unhooked her bra and slid it forward. Her breasts were large and her nipples puffed out darkly before they stuck out. She raised her hands in kinks above her head and turned around. She, unlike Wendy, had a very neat and hairless pussy.

“But it’s still only Miss Lopez, right?” I asked smirkingly, “Was it a planned pregnancy?”

“No,” She blushed angrily. She had to answer it seemed. Some of the girls were aghast, the boys were just enthralled. I walked around Lisa who followed closely at my heels. I reached for Miss Lopez’s belly and stopped.

“May I?”

“May I say no?”

I thought for a moment, and nodded, “Yes you can.”

“Very well, you may,” She smiled as I felt along her belly. I had been handling Lisa’s flat tummy for the last few minutes it was a stark difference. I liked both. I smiled down at Miss Lopez.

“Congratulations,” I said sincerely, “Who’s the lucky daddy?”

“Either Jeffrey, my boyfriend, or Keith MacMillan.” Her eyes rocketed wide at the admission. She blushed like a forest fire.

“Mrs MacMillan’s husband?” Lisa gasped. Miss Lopez was hiding behind her fingers and starting to cry. I stroked her hair and tummy.

“Do not talk about Miss Lopez’s baby or relations with men,” I snarled at the class. Miss Lopez twisted and hugged me with both arms. I squeezed back tightly. I looked over her shoulder. Julian was still posing but gunshy. Wendy was walking across the front aisle of desks showing off. A few boys reached out and touched her but she laughingly swatted hands away. I gave Miss Lopez another squeeze as the bell rung.

“Right, everyone, an example of perspective drawings for tomorrow! Julian and Wendy, please get dressed,” She looked up at me. It took her effort to smile but she did brightly, “Have a good day, Leo.”

“You do know my name,” I smiled.

“No, I just said it a few times,” Lisa walked up and grabbed my elbow. I let her drag me along. I went to her next and my next classes right away and flagged down the teacher to mark us present and find someone to take our notes. We hurried to the gym. I crossed Miles a hallway turn away.

“Hey Leo,” He looked over at Lisa and soured, “Having fun?”

“A blast,” Lisa bounced giddily. Miles calmed down.

“It was really bad that first period,” Miles sighed, “I’m glad you or Stewart haven’t gone on the PA after me and rescinded my order.”

“No worries man,” I nodded, “Gregg said Stewart ditched.”

“Ditched?” He perked up.

“With two carloads of seniors or something,” I reiterated.

“Yeah, bastard,” He sighed and stroked his hair, “Can I ask you some advice?”

“Sure,” I grinned, impatiently. Lisa was fidgeting to get us to hurry.

“How can you do anything with this?” He flicked the ribbon on his chest.

“I haven’t figure it out yet,” I admitted, “I mean all I’ve done was talk to Lisa and cut classes.”

“That’s it?”

“OK, so I visited her art class,” I poked Lisa’s shoulder and she giggled, “It was more fun than Mr Beaton’s lecture on To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“Yeah, Beaton’s dry,” Miles sighed. Something was gnawing at him, “Do either of you know what class Olivia has right now?”

Olivia Hitchens was the girl coerced into giving half a handjob to Norman first period. I withheld that informaton. “Yeah, she’s in my third period chemistry. Mrs MacMillan’s class.”

“Oh my God!” Laughed Lisa meanly.

“What the--”

“She’s silly,” I shook my head, “Good luck man. Treat her well.”

“How can I?” He moaned and wandered off just as the bell hit. Lisa grabbed my wrist and ran me to the gym. I felt guilty as we walked through the doors.

The gym was large but there was a divider running through it. They sometimes separated the boys and girls classes. They were doing that today, Good. Coach Thomas nodded at my green ribbon.

“The girls are playing volleyball today,” He told me with the creepiest understanding I had ever encountered.

“Alright, keep your class from interrupting us.” I said hurrying to the door in the divider. The girls’ side had two nets set up. The girls were just trickling out of the locker room in their t-shirts and shorts or track pants. Lisa closed the door behind me.

“We’re doing segregated lessons today,” Coach Ewerson wasn’t as dikey as her stereotype. She was a late 30s mother of two tomboyish kind of woman. Her hair, dyed blonde, was cut short but pretty. She had a bit of an angular face and a hard body. Her breasts were medium sized in an unzipped track jacket and white tank top. She wore the matching pants down to her immaculate tennis shoes.

“Oh, wow!” I turned at the exclamation and saw Holly and Anna coming out of the locker room together. Holly was dressed in a baggy shorts and a tank top. Anna still had on that white t-shirt from earlier but underneath she wasn’t wearing that vivid green bra but a blue sports bra. She had on tiny pink shorts with sky blue stripes on each side.

“My ... Boss will be auditing your class today,” Lisa announced happily.

“Your boss?” Coach Ewerson asked sourly.

“Oh, did you want me to call your Master?” Lisa rolled the r in master as she batted her eyelashes at me. I laughed.

“Yes,” I grinned slipping my arm over her shoulders, “I’m her Master.”

The last of the girls came out of the locker room and I pouted, damning Miles for delaying most of the reason I had came to the gym: exploring the girl’s’ locker room. Still, I smiled at Coach Ewerson.

“What are we playing today?” I asked and she rolled her eyes gesturing to the two volleyball nets already set up. I did a quick count of the girls and came to seventeen.

“Odd number,” I grumbled.

“Darcy Whitmore skipped class,” Holly tattled. I wondered what Darcy was getting up to. I figured that was the same freshman with the green ribbon. Darcy wasn’t a super common name.

“Alright, I have a solution,” I clapped my hands, “Girls, lineup from shortest to tallest. You too Coach.”

Soon the eighteen women were shoulder to shoulder. I walked down the line and grabbed Anna’s hands.

“Oh wow...” She murmured looking at her feet as I pulled her forward. I moved further down to Holly, down to the shorter end. I had her step forward.

“Alright, here’s your team captains,” I announced, “Whoever picks first, the second captain picks two in a row and then we’ll swap off.”

“We don’t pick teams this way,” Coach Ewerson shook her head, “It’s bad for self esteem.”

“Then why do the boys have to do it this way?” I asked and she sighed. She put her hand on her hip, “Hand your whistle to Lisa. She’s our official this game.”

“Cool,” Lisa sauntered over and took the whistle. She slipped it over her head. I dug a coin out of my pocket.

“Heads or tails,” I asked Anna.

“Heads,” She murmured as I tossed the coin.

“I may hold you to that,” She burnt firetruck red as I teased her. Holly looked up from her feet, “It’s tails.”

“Good,” I rubbed her shoulder and turned her to the line of girls, “Get started.”

High School PE was totally elective, so the girls that took it tended to be the athletic or competitive ones by nature. There were some rough looking girls in the bunch: Marcia and Rowan. The rest were fairly fit. I scanned up and down the line, particularly liking Tomi’s fuzzy pigtails, Carlie’s perky breasts and Franny’s brown eyes. Slowly, the team’s filled up. Holly’s team was demonstrably hotter, but I wanted to harass Anna a little more. The girls started walking over to a canvas bin for red or blue vests. I nudged Lisa to blow her whistle. Everyone turned to me startled.

“Since we’ve already started this like the boys,” I chuckled as Coach Ewerson narrowed her eyes in recognition, “Let’s finish it like them.”

“What do you mean?” Dorothy asked as she wiggled into her red top, it stretched delightfully over her breasts.

“Instead of red vs blue,” my palms were sweating and my cock was hardening, “We’ll play shirts vs skins.”

“Oh my God!” Laughed Lisa, “You’re evil.”

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