The Bane of Family

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Aliens, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 25: Two families at war for centuries. Like Romeo and Juliet the two lovers couldn't be kept apart. But family ties are strong and can get in the way. But what happens when the two forbidden lovers have a child and that child goes missing? What happens centuries later?

Vincent grins and leans over again to whisper, “Is your cunt wet right now?”

With her mouth right on his ear, Alyssa murmurs, “Yes. It is very, very wet.” She looks around to see whether anyone is watching them, and the places her hand seductively on his thigh. “How about we make it a little wetter?”

Gently but firmly, he removes her hand. “Not yet,” he whispers.

Alyssa looks disappointed, but understands that it’s hardly the time or place. They have only been married for four days, but it feels like a lifetime, especially with them having to keep it a secret from their families.

Vincent looks over their food and the empty drinks at their table and smiles. “It looks like it’s time to go.”

Alyssa nods.

They pay the bill and walk out into the warmth of the afternoon. Neither of them speaks as they make their way through the thick cloud of people. Until they are safely away from their respective families, they wish to not draw any unwanted attention to themselves. Vincent pulls his wife along by the hand toward their hotel.

As they enter the lobby, the constriction of the crowd fades and they find relief. Vincent scans one side of the lobby while Alyssa does the other. Once both are comfortable that there isn’t anyone suspicious—or worse familiar—lurking about, they head for the elevator up to the third floor. Unlike outside, the hallways are devoid of people and quiet.

Alyssa unlocks the door to their suite. Vincent takes one last glance down both sides of the hall before following her in and closing the door. He stands in front of his wife and the two of them gaze at each other for just a moment. Their smiles are tense with anticipation.

“We only have two more cities to go through and we’ll finally be off-planet,” he whispers.

“We do we leave here?” she asks, feeling the excitement of finally being free welling up within her.

“Tomorrow,” he answers, feeling his own eagerness to be away from it all.

“A drink to celebrate then?” she asks.

“I’d rather wait until we’re safe,” Vincent answers as he softly strokes her cheek.

“I know,” she sighs, “but that’s days away from now. We’ve been on the run since we got married. W didn’t even have our wedding night.”

“Well, we can’t let that stand, can we?,” he says with a wicked grin the quickly spreads across his face. “Strip for me?”

She blushes deeply, but does not demur. “I can do that, but how about a drink first?”

Vincent nods. And as she slips away from him, his hand drags down her arm to her hand. He grips it quickly and pulls. Alyssa spins back and straight into a kiss. It lingers for an endless moment before he breaks it and lets her go. She casts him a quick smile and turns. Vincent can’t resist throwing a light slap across her ass as she goes.

The woman giggles and glides over to the small refrigerator by the bed. She extracts a bottle of alcohol and both of them a glass. They clink them together and each put the fiery drink in a single gulp. Then Vincent pulls up a chair, facing the bed and looks at his wife expectantly.

“So you want me to strip,” she says playfully.

Vincent nods.

Alyssa takes a deep breath and says, “Alright.”

Facing her husband, she runs her hands over her black cropped lace, hooded jacket to her breasts and squeezes them a little. They are very large, stretching the jacket to its limits. She smiles and Vincent becomes aware of her heavy breathing. Her chest is rising and falling visibly. She gives her breasts another squeeze before reaching for the zipper in front. As her hand comes down so does the zipper. The clothing peels back and over her shoulders and off her arms, disappearing, and letting her big breasts spill out.

Vincent tries unsuccessfully to suppress an appreciative sigh when he sees them. They are ample, with thick insistent nipples that are standing up, demanding attention. Alyssa holds her breasts in her hands, offering them to him before using her thumbs to rub back and forth across her nipples. Her husband wants nothing more than to go to her and assist her, but he resists the temptation.

She catches his eye and smiles. “Do you like what you see?”

It’s Vincent’s turn to smile and he does so, very largely. “Oh yes, so very much.”

“Good,” she coos. Then she steps forward and lifts her leg into the air. “Are you hard yet, I wonder.” As her stiletto covered foot descends toward his crotch, the shoe liquefies. It peels away and seemingly disappears just before her bare foot connects. She wiggles her toes along the bulge in his pants and grins. “I do believe you are.”

Her foot slides off, dragging her toes roughly across him. She stands before Vincent again and slowly unties the sash around her waist, elegantly matching her black lace pants. The sash quickly shortens and slips from her hands, disappearing the same way the rest of her clothing has. The material of her pants does the same, splitting down the front to shrivel away.

There she now stands, naked and glowing in radiance of the room’s low lights. Vincent gasps when he first sees her pussy:

Smooth, swollen and tremendously wet.

Her thighs are slick with her juices. She is without a doubt wetter than she was in the restaurant. She blushes slightly, but then grins when her eyes lock his.

Her hand travels down to her pelvis to stroke her pussy sensually. The sight causes the more blood to rush to Vincent’s already throbbing member. “Suck your nipples for me, Alyssa,” he says in a low, intimate tone. “I want to see that.”

She nods and then holds one breast up to her mouth. She does the same with the other, sucking wantonly. Vincent’s cock strains against his pants, screaming for release. He resists the temptation and involuntarily licks his lips.

“Lie down, Alyssa, please,” Vincent requests.

She steps back to the bed and does as he asks. She rests her head on a pillow with her feet pointing toward her husband. She trembles with anticipation.

“Spread your legs for me.”

Again, she fulfilled his request.

“A little wider.”

She spreads them further apart. Her pussy looks so inviting: the lips are plump, glistening and slightly parted and the clit is distended. Vincent wants to so badly pounce on the bed and devour it. But once again he resists the temptation.

“Play with yourself.”

Alyssa’s fingers snake down and begin to explore around and between her folds. Vincent is squirming helplessly in his chair. He feels like his erection will tears its way out any second now. He tries to conceal his arousal by concentrating on giving his wife his undivided attention.

“Do you like me watching you?” he asks.

“Yes,” she croaks and slips two fingers inside herself. Then breathlessly, she asks, “Do you like to watch me?”

“I love it,” Vincent says with a nod.

Alyssa’s other hand joins the fray to begin teasing her clit, as the fingers of her first hand slowly pumps in and out of her cunt.

“Put another in,” Vincent demands.

His wife adds another, moaning as it easily stretches her. Her hips are rising and falling as she lifts her pussy up to meet her busy fingers. Vincent gazes in desperate longing as those fingers, shiny with her viscous juices, traveling in and out of her oozing honey pot.


“Yes,” she replies in a hiss.

“Are you ready for my hard cock?” he asks.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moans.

“You’ll get it if you cum for me,” he says with a coy smile.

Alyssa moans again and begins to increase the intensity of her activity. “I will,” she cries softly. Her hips are moving relentlessly now, in synchronization with her fingers. She begins to moan in rhythm with her bucking hips right until the moan becomes continuous and she cries out, “I’m going to ... I’m going to cum ... soon ... I’m cumming!”

Vincent watches in lustful fascination as her body convulses in pleasure. At this point he can’t contain the anticipation any longer. His clothing, like Alyssa’s, turns liquid-like, changes into a deep crimson color and peels away. Tendrils flutter outward for a brief moment before abruptly shrinking and disappearing behind him. He crawls onto the bed and straddles his wife in the next instant. His rigid member bounces against her belly.

“Let me taste it,” Alyssa gasps.

How can he refuse?

He can’t. Not her.

He nods slightly. Vincent rubs the head of his cock against her nipples, while watching her face attentively. It is a brazen mask of desire. He then moves up her body, far enough to offer it to her mouth. Alyssa greedily seizes it with her lips and takes as much of it into her mouth as the angle will allow. The feeling is wonderful. Then she stops.

His wife pushes off of him and says, “Let me sit up to make this better.”

After a moment Alyssa is sitting at a more comfortable angle and returning her mouth to his raging hard-on. The pleasure is beyond measure. This time, the angle permits her to take every inch of him down her throat, which she does with genuine hunger. Her tongue swirls around and around his shaft. She begins to slowly and exquisitely fuck him with her mouth.

Vincent is moaning loudly now, each time she swallows him to the base. She sucks him passionately.

“Alyssa,” he groans. “I need to taste your pussy right now!”

She makes a little whimpering sounds, and quickly lies down on her side. It allows him to turn around, facing each other’s crotch. They fiercely embrace and start devouring each other.

Alyssa’s sweet, buttery cunt tastes and smells strong. He feels completely in its thrall. His wife, meanwhile, sucks his cock with complete abandon, thoroughly enjoying his tongue plunging her depths. They clasp each other tightly, their slick bodies writhing on the sheets as they fuck each other’s faces. Vincent feels his cum boiling up, soon ready to unleash in her mouth when suddenly she breaks free from their embrace.

Alyssa motions for her husband to lie on his back. She then straddles him and slowly, tantalizingly impales herself upon his cock. She leans forward to embrace him, rubbing her slippery breasts all over his chest as she does so.

It is divine. Vincent is already close to orgasm as he feels her cunt contracting around his cock. It squeezes him, enticing him.

They are so wrapped up in the pleasure and emotion with each other that Alyssa’s black liquid-like material reappears in the form of long tendrils. The same happens with Vincent as the red liquid-like material spreads from him. The tendrils of the two second skins dance around and between one another. The dance carries on for a long moment before the appendages rear back, as if to retreat, and then suddenly coming together. It covers them like a net draped over their bodies.

They hold each other tight within the confines of the net. They alternate between kissing and murmuring to each other as their hips dance in an inexorable rhythm. He gasps to her that he is about to cum, very soon. Alyssa gives him a breathless promise that she will cum with him.

They begin to fuck faster, harder. He plunges his cock into her depths time and again and suddenly he feels himself pass beyond the point of no return. He cries out and then they are both climaxing, loudly. Their orgasms last for a few seconds only, making them all the more precious.

Then Alyssa gives out a little cry. She rises up, breaking apart the net that contains them and quickly moves up her husband’s body to place her pussy squarely on his mouth. It is overwhelming. Her cunt is so swollen form their fucking and her orgasm. Their combined juices are spilling straight out into his mouth, and he drinks them greedily. She squirms on his face as the tendrils reconnect, tying themselves around the other like a rope.

Alyssa quickly reaches another orgasm, grinding her pussy along his eager mouth. A few moments later, the black tendrils separate from the red and she climbs off Vincent. She bends down to kiss him before lapping up their fluids which are now coating his face.

She whispers to him, “I have waited too long to do this with you. All of it.”

For some minutes they lie together in silence, holding each other close. Their second skins mingle together, wrapping around them like a cocoon. The alien skins haven’t fought each other since bonding to these two humans. For generations they have warred with one another just as their families have. But with these two bearers, it is different.

Their minds wander, though each with different thoughts than the other. His thoughts are about their safety and escape; hers about their future together and possibly a ... child?

Vincent savors the feeling of contact, her breasts against his chest, their faces touching, their arms and legs entwined. And the feeling is arousing him once more. Alyssa feels his cock stiffening, and swiftly her hands are back on it, exploring it with a touch that is both gentle and compelling.

“How about we change positions?” she asks.

Vincent nods. As they pull apart, so do the tendrils. Hey whip through the air as if trying to reconnect with one another like two lovers being pulled away. Alyssa rolls onto her hands and knees, her beautifully round ass aimed right at Vincent’s erection. She looks back over her shoulder lustfully.

Vincent can take the hint.

And as he moves to position himself behind her, the tendrils reunite, swirling, twisting and twirling together in their dance. Continuing seamlessly like they were never parted. As Vincent slide closer, the head of his cock slips along her pussy lips to tease her clit. Alyssa quakes in pleasure.

“Put it in me, Vincent,” she whines. “Hurry!”

He seizes her hips and slowly, but purposefully rams his rigid member into her waiting cunt.

“Oh sweet heavens,” she whispers audibly.

Then they resume their intercourse, slow but hard. Her ass trembles as she moves in and out of her. He can feel her squeezing him powerfully every time he shoves his cock inside her, all the way to her cervix. Then he feels her begin to shove her cunt back to meet his thrusts with growing urgency. Vincent loses all self-control. He starts to slam into her, lost in their shared fervor, and suddenly they are both erupting.

Alyssa arches her back and her muscles lock in place for an instant. She soon relaxes into a series of shivers and emits a deep groan of satisfaction. The tendrils break from each other and disappear into their bearers, like they were never there.

Alyssa rolls over to face her husband, plunging her fingers into that glorious place where his cock had been only moments ago. She brings them out, slimy with their combined juices. Her eyes close as she puts them I her mouth, savoring the taste. Then she dips them into her cunt again to offer a taste to him, which he gratefully accepts.

A few minutes of silence follows between them. Both bask in their afterglow as they look into each other’s eyes, seeking out answers to their own questions. It is finally Alyssa that breaks the silence that seems never ending.

“It’s strange,” she murmurs.

“What’s that?” he asks.

“I’ve heard about women that wish they knew the moment of conception...”

Vincent scrunches his face up into a look of puzzlement that matches his thoughts. “And?”

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