Playground of Gods

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Aliens, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 34: Business can be tricky especially when working with a lover. When tensions get high, is there another reason for it? Can the alien symbiote the company is working with have anything to do with it?

The cold air whips around the team, threatening to knock them off their feet. They are tethered to one another as to not lose anyone to the dangerous hazards surrounding them. The team of five is led by Jonas Marks, explorer, scientist and vice president of New Eden Enterprises. The only reason they are is this vast emptiness of ice and snow in the middle of Antarctica is because satellite imaging showed something crashing here four days ago.

His lover, boss and owner of New Eden Enterprises, Beatrix Eden didn’t think it was of any value to investigate. She was even further convinced of her opinion when chatter from all the intelligence and space agencies showed no interest. But Jonas disagreed. He poured over satellite images and other planetary data. In the end she had given him the go ahead, most likely because his adventurous nature and overactive curiosity would just eat away at him until he went anyway or got on some other expedition.

So far they have spent two whole days trying to reach the landing site. The first day went fairly smooth until their equipment started to fail one by one. Soon it became a trek on foot because they were so close to their destination to just give up and go back. Radio communication to the outside world fell a few hours ago, but luckily the GPS is still working. And according to it, the team is practically on top of it.

Jonas holds up his hand in a fist. “Hold up guys,” he says into his headset. “I’m going to take a quick look.”

“Jonas,” one of his teammates says quickly. “Shouldn’t someone go with you?”

The vice president unclips his line. “I’ll be fine,” he says cheerily. “You know that I’ve done this stuff a million times before.”

Through the haze of billowing snow, Jonas can see the dark scorch marks from the impact. It is amazing that after four days there is even any evidence of the impact site.

“Stay back,” Jonas says into the headset. He steals a look behind him. “I want to make sure it is safe to walk along.”

He turns back around and the moment he does, the ice gives way beneath his weight. Jonas’ arms fly into the air and he falls before any of the team has the chance to react. The man goes sliding rapidly down the side with such speed that everything is a blur. The ride down is over quickly. He slides along the sloping floor of ice for several meters, until he naturally slows down to crawl to a full stop.

Dizziness and a wave of nausea roll through him. “Fuck, that was crazy,” he says aloud. His voice echoes off the surrounding ice, surprising him.

“Jon ... ar ... ou ... gh... ?” a garbled voice scratches through the headset. “We ... ng ... t ... et ... mp ... t ... n ... co ... of ... yo...”

“Damn it,” he whispers, pulling off the headset and tossing it. “May as well look around.” He reaches into a pocket in the side of his pants and pulls out a flare and ignites it. Instantly the cavern is lit up in red light. The flare sizzles and pops but otherwise everything around him is quiet.

Jonas climbs to his feet and looks up, but he must have dropped fairy deep because it is too dark to see the entrance. With a shake of his head, he decides to search the cavern. It will be hours before his team get down here. So he presses forward, pulling out a glow rod, activating it as the flare dies out.

After about ten minutes of walking, Jonas is sure that whatever crashed into the ice created this cavern. In fact, the cavern isn’t a cavern at all. It is one long tunnel, carved out and smooth by extreme heat. At the end of the tunnel is what can best be described as an interplanetary ship. No wings for atmospheric flight and disproportionally large turbines, though they look different from any Jonas has ever seen. It isn’t anything oversized, but rather like a one person vessel. Unless this is some type of prototype craft, it has to be extraterrestrial origin. Jonas in betting on the latter because there hasn’t been anything on the radio of about anyone scrambling to find their wayward prototype.

As he gets closer, he notices something leaking out, some kind of black substance. Rubber is the first thing to pop in his head. He kneels down, shining the light further onto it. It isn’t rubber, it is too smooth and more like latex. Jonas’ mind whirls with thought, especially at that last thought, especially with the latter discovery.

“I must have hit my head or something,” he murmurs.

Standing up, he decides it is better to look at the craft some more. Being of possible alien origin, the latex-looking material could be some kind of fluid like a fuel or equivalent to rubber. He takes a step past the oozing puddle. But before he can take the next step, something wraps around his ankle and yanks, causing him to slip and fall face first onto the ice. Jonas glances behind him, his heart beating quickly as she sees what looks like a tentacle, like something from a Japanese hentai, wrapped around his leg.

He tries to kick the black thing off. When it doesn’t work, he reaches down to pull it off when it doesn’t work. The material feels slimy and clingy, disgusting him even with his gloves on. It is slippery, too, and he cannot manage to get a good hold of it. Then another tentacle wraps around his other wrist, pulling it aside.

“What the fuck is this?” Jonas shrieks. He tugs at the black tentacle, trying to get it to break. What the fuck have I gotten myself into? Yet another tentacle rises from the mass and grabs his free leg. His legs are then wrenched to be straight. With one hand still free, he tries to grip the ice to pull him free, but it is useless. His hand can find purchase against the smooth surface. There is nothing to grab or hold onto, nothing to digs his fingers into.

Then he feels more of the smooth, strangely mudlike tentacles against his body. His clothing starts to be ripped from his body like a present at a birthday party. He opens his mouth for one more groan of exertion, only for a tentacle wraps around it. It doesn’t remain solid, instead it seems to melt and spread over the bottom half of his face like a mask. It blocks everything from leaving his mouth, but does not force it shut. He pants against the latex mask as more and more of the slimy black tentacles slither across his thick coat, seeking, searching. A few thinner tendrils find the edge around his neck, slithering in and ripping down, ripping the coat right off his body.

Oh please no ... The tentacles slither across his skin, brushing off what fabric remains. As they move it feels like there are tiny little mouths with tiny little teeth, nipping at him. I’m going to die because I insisted on coming here.

Jonas screams against the mask and it changes again. It grows into another tentacle inside his mouth and shoves down his throat. The explorer gags, feeling a fluid bubbling across his tongue, thick and disgusting, like globs of mucus. Despite himself he wonders what the point is. Could it be some kind of lubricant to allow it to move easier into him?

Nausea and dizziness wash over him again just as the tentacles slither up his legs. When one curls around his cock, Jonas chokes. His reaches down, his one hand still free, blindly. No! Another tentacle strokes between his legs, as the two on his ankles pull them apart, seemingly teasing his balls. It is seeking, searching, prodding.

It prods up between his ass cheeks, covering him with the same slime as it slides across his puckered hole. Jonas’ eyes go wide as he feels the slickness and the tentacle prodding at him, dipping in and out slightly. He tries to reach behind only for the intruder in his mouth to shove deeper, almost punishing him. The one around his prick throbs, squeezes and it nearly feels good. His skin feels incredibly sensitive, and with the little nips, that the touch is magnified.

Then the one between his legs starts sliding into him, penetrating him. Jonas screams into the gag, his back arching as he feels the tentacle digging in deeper. It feels like it is licking his ass and it feels so good! Everything about it feels good! Why does it feel so good? His cock throbs in the tentacle’s grasp, demanding more.

And then he feels something entering him from his backdoor. It burns as it races through his body. Jonas’ free hand paws at the ice, trying in vain once again to grab onto something, to hold on to something, anything. It hurts. He can feel it touching every part of him. He can feel the tentacles inside him changing, growing smaller as the pain rushes through his veins.

He whimpers, feeling the tentacles prodding at him again, both inside and out. Something feels squishy as they move against him. Jonas sobs, his fingers scrapping along the ice as he can’t focus. It hurts and feels good and he just doesn’t know what to do and now there are more tendrils inside him and it feels good as they keep licking. He doesn’t know how they have inside of him.

And then it is over. The tentacles are gone. His face and throat are clear. He can breathe in the cold, fresh air again! The black latex-looking puddle is gone too.

Jonas starts to shift, trying to get up, but it hurts inside and out. Something between his legs throbs. His skin burns. But he has to move, has to get back to the entrance so that his team can find him. He knows it has only been minutes and it will take hours for them to descend safely, but he has to try. Slowly, he drags himself across the freezing ice. He has to move no matter how much it hurts, no matter how tired he is.

He is nearly there. Keep going!

He collapses next to his headset. He has done it. He made it back. But he feels so cold and so tired. And it still hurts and now he can move another inch.

“Jonas?” a voice comes over the headset. “We see you, Jonas. We’re almost there. Hang on.”

Jonas closes his eyes.

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