Friggin Dog
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Farming, High Fantasy, Humor, Military, School, BDSM, Humiliation, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kit seems to end up naked very often, not in the most private of places. She finds that it can be very embarrassing. Finds it may be beneficial financially. Her neighbor may prove to be a bitch. The best friend becomes more friendly with nice benefits. Her sister-in-law may be more experienced than she ever thought.

Until the middle of May of my freshman year, I attended classes at the University of North Texas (UNT). Partying consumed more time than studying, and my grades weren’t good. As a result, the Dean put me on probation the next semester. When classes ended, I hitch-hiked to Oklahoma City, it wasn’t one of the most intelligent things I ever did.

I was 25 years old and had spent the past six years with Uncle Sam in the Navy. I was using my benefits to go to school, for what I don’t know. Now that I had poor grades, my chance to graduate was in jeopardy.

I only had sex once before I got out of high school, but it was horrible. I made it through most of my term in the Navy not experiencing it again. I got hit on a lot, though. I am five feet eight tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes. For you guys who want the complete picture, I have olive skin and usually a nice tan with 34B headlights. I know, not the biggest ones, but they’re mine, and they’re extremely sensitive.

In high school, I ran the 1600 and 3200 meters. With Uncle Sam you just run, they don’t keep track of how far. I was still in good shape, but all the beer I had consumed in the last year wasn’t helping.

Towards the end of my Navy career I met a Navy navigator and fell in love. We were going to get married and see the world, except a freak accident on his plane took him from me. He had been really gentle with me and taught me to enjoy sex. He never rushed me; he worked at making it fun for the both of us.

When my enlistment was up I wanted to just leave. I was devastated. I decided to go to school and got into UNT, staying in the dorms. My roommate, Gina, was a true freshman and had been a cheerleader in high school. She knew a lot of people in the school and the city, since she was from Denton. She talked me into going to this one bar she knew—it was one that let her in because she was over eighteen years old, but under twenty one years old. I decided to go and keep an eye on her. She hooked up with a guy and let me know I was on my own. I got to talking to the bartender and found out he also owned the place. He offered me a job and I agreed to work part-time. I got to know the regulars, and of course I got hit on a lot.

I had gotten used to having sex and the urges started coming back. I started hanging out there even when I wasn’t working. On Saturday nights they had a local band that played there. I managed to let the bass guitar player talk me out of my panties on a regular basis and then we went to some wild parties.

Somewhere along the way, I had wild sex with like six or seven guys, maybe more. I remember it was horrible—well it should have been. I kind of remember it, but it is like I was watching it happen, not actually having it happen to me. I think maybe I had too much to drink.

The next morning I woke up in a strange house on the dining room table without a stitch of clothing to my name. I slipped in the bathroom and found a terrycloth swimsuit cover-up hanging in the closet. I put it on and snuck back out. I looked around for my clothes, but couldn’t find them.

Everything hurt. I found a cell phone on the kitchen counter, then crept out the front door and walked to a nearby shopping center. I called Gina and asked if she could come and get me. It was midday and I was hanging out behind the dumpsters. I was just wearing a cover-up—no shoes—nothing else. The cover-up might have been four inches below my pussy. I felt my pussy; it really hurt. Shit, my pubes were gone. I lifted the front and looked, my landing strip was AWOL. My asshole burned, and fuck, my throat was sore.

I kind of remember being stuffed now as I felt my aches. I must have had a cock in all three holes at one time or another. Gina drove up and I slipped into her car. I saw her looking at my outfit. “Don’t fucking ask, I fucked up. Can we go get me some clothes?”

We got back to the dorm and I had to walk by a few of the other girls. I think they call it, “the walk of shame.” Gina wanted me to go to the cops—I wanted a shower. The shower won, and then I crawled in my bed naked.

A little later, Gina woke me up. She had gone to the drugstore and got a morning after and made me use it. She noticed all the scrapes and scratches on my naked body when I set up.

“What happened to your landing strip?” she asked, as she noticed my pussy was out from under the cover.

“Oh my God, let me look. You didn’t shave it off, did you?”

I shook my head, no. She pulled the covers from my body. She motioned for me to spread my legs and she looked at my pussy.

“Who did this?”

I shrugged my shoulders, I really didn’t know.

“I think they used a laser hair removal tool or something on you. If they did, you know it will never grow back.”


“It looks like they used sandpaper on it as red as it is, but I bet it’s from the tool.”

“It might be from the sex. I think there were like six or seven, maybe more guys doing me. Fuck I don’t know.”

“At once?”

“I don’t know. I know my pussy is raw outside and inside, my asshole feels like there is a log sticking in it, and my throat feels like it’s been stretched, and it’s sore. Oh, and my ears feel like I have been hung by them. Was it fun? NO. Will I ever do it again? I hope not, but if I do, I hope I can remember what it was like.”

“Holy shit, you really had a cock it every hole, at once?”

“I’m pretty sure I probably did.”

That was two weeks before finals, which I did horrible on and now I was sitting in a truck stop in Oklahoma City wondering what I should do with my life. I did go to the student health services and got tested. My period showed up the following week and was over.

Mom and Dad were in Kansas and my brother lived in Chandler, Oklahoma. Maybe I would go see him. His wife, Jill, was a flight attendant and she was gone a lot. He had a farm and worked on an oilrig. He wasn’t home much either—maybe he would let me hang out at his place.

I called his cell and talked to him. He was going to be home for a day. I told him I was in Oklahoma City, at a truck stop. He knew the place and told me to wait there. He was in Union City and would pick me up within the hour. My brother, Ty, is four years older than me, but he still is protective of his little sis. He picked me up in his pickup truck. I was glad to see him. He wasn’t happy with me when he found out I had hitch-hiked to Oklahoma City.

He drove us to his farm north of Chandler. It was a nice place. He had a four bedroom house with a large deck and hot tub on the back. He didn’t have any fence on the back yard, but then his closest neighbor was like half-a-mile away or so.

He showed me to my room and then asked what I wanted for dinner. I told him, “Whatever is fine.”

“I don’t know how to cook ‘whatever.’ Do you have a recipe?”

“You ... you know what I mean!”

“Okay, how about I barbeque a couple steaks and throw on some ears of corn and we can relax out on the deck?”

“Sounds good to me.”

It was relaxing to just be with my brother and chat. He talked about the folks and asked if I was going to go see them. I told him I would, but later, I told him about my not doing well in school and that I wasn’t going back. He told me I could stay there as long as I wanted. He said it would be nice to have someone watching after the place.

The next day he showed me around the farm. He showed me what chores I needed to do each day. Mainly I needed to feed the cats that were in the barn, the two horses and the donkey in the corral, and the two cows with their new-born calves. I would also have to feed the Labrador that slept in the kitchen, but ran loose during the day.

He told me he was leaving about 6AM the next morning and wouldn’t be back for four days. He said Jill should be back about then also. He told me the keys were in the Jeep Wrangler in the garage, and I could use it all I wanted to. The garage was attached to the house and had places for three vehicles. His pickup was in one, the Jeep was in another, and he told me Jill would park her VW bug in the other one.

Within a short time, I was getting the hang of the place and was enjoying the time to myself. I became good friends with Jill and looked forward to when she and Ty were there. I became good friends with Rex, the black Labrador. I got into a routine and even checked into maybe finding some work nearby. I had some savings and was doing okay, but Ty told me he was going to pay me to take care of the place. He said it was worth it to have someone there when he and Jill were gone.

I got to wondering what they would be doing if I wasn’t there, though. I heard the distinct sounds of sex sometimes coming from the bedroom. I know Jill tried to keep it quiet, but I still could hear when Ty was pumping it to her. I would lie in my room and listen and then touch myself. My pubic hair had never come back, just the places I used to trim and shave around my bikini line. I still kept shaving it off so I was sporting a very bald pussy. It didn’t bother me too much. I did like having the landing strip, but I didn’t mind being bald there either. I just felt so much more naked when I looked at myself in the mirror.

When Ty and Jill were gone, I slept in the nude and liked to wander the house and eat breakfast that way. I guess nudity turned me on to being sneaky and uninhibited. I’d put Rex out in the morning and get me a cup of coffee, then sit and watch out the window as the day grew warmer. I’d sometimes get a towel and go sit in the hot tub naked and enjoy the quiet. One morning I got up and decided to go take the cover off the hot tub and check to see if it was warm enough.

I walked out to the tub in my birthday suit—didn’t even take a towel. I don’t know what happened, but Rex went back in the house through the door that I came out leaving it open. He may have bumped it, or the wind caught it, because it closed and locked me out. Rex was in the house looking out at me—I was outside looking in. I was naked as a jay bird and didn’t have a single item anywhere I could find to wear. The house was locked up tight; I walked to the garage doors and tried them—just as locked. I walked out to the barn and it was locked tight also. I probably walked around the barn and the house four or five times looking for anything that I might use.

I finally found a piece of a blanket in Rex’s dog house, it stunk and it was the size of a small hand towel. I tried to cover myself with it, not very well. I walked out in the barn yard and looked out across the meadow. There was a house about a half mile away, and I decided to walk to it. About halfway there, I was beginning to think this was a bad idea. I was going to turn back, but what good would that do?

At about the three-quarter point I come to a creek and had to cross it. I somehow stumbled and lost my balance and went under the water which was about five feet deep, I lost the tiny piece of blanket and was now totally naked again. I managed to get out of the creek on the other side and headed for the house I had seen. As I got closer to the house I wondered what I would do.

When I got to the edge of the field there was a short area that was weeds I had to walk through. I got part way across it and I got two goat heads, little round balls the size of peas with short needles sticking out of them in all directions, in my foot, I instantly raised my foot and tried to remove them when I got another one in my other foot. I was dancing on one leg then the other until I reached the lawn of the house. I started walking across the lawn with my left arm across my breast and my right hand covering my pussy.

As I walked near the house, a guy came walking out towards me. He was about twenty or so, nice looking, and staring right at me. I was busted. I had thought I might find something to wear and then sneak back, before anyone knew how stupid I had been. He walked right out by me. “Where did you come from?”

“I’ve been staying over at my brother’s farm. I locked myself out. Can I borrow something to wear? I was checking the hot tub and the friggin’ dog locked me out of the house. I had a small blanket I got out of the dog house, but I lost it in the creek when I stumbled.”

“I’ll think about the clothes, but first put your hands behind your head and let me see your body.”


“Suit yourself, I got all day, or you can leave, but the next place is five miles away. You might be able to catch a ride when you get to the highway that is four miles away.”

I was fucked, I either let this asshole look at my naked body or I’d go for a long walk. I put my hands up behind my head and let him look.

“Wow, you got a nice body—I never saw a pussy as naked as that though.”

“Shit,” I dropped my hands and covered my pussy.

“No, get them hands back up. That’s going to cost you.”

I put my hands back real quick, but he was motioning me over closer to him. “You don’t seem to want to keep them hands out of the way. If you want my help, you need to let me tie them behind you, and then I’ll see about helping you.”

“Please, I didn’t mean to.” My excuse fell on deaf ears.

“Be right back, you stand right there and wait for me.”

What the fuck? I was screwed no matter what I did. Maybe he would get tired of me and then help me. I mean, what could I do? I stood right where he left me with my hands behind my head. He came back with a roll of duct tape. He had me turn around and he taped my left hand to my right elbow and then my right hand to my left elbow. No more problems with my hands trying to cover myself.

He led me to the table on the deck and had me sit on it. “Your nipples always stick out from your titties like that?” he asked.

“No, the creek was cold when I fell in.”

“Well, I can’t ignore stiff nipples like yours,” he said, flipping his hot tongue on my left one.

The unintended moan I made let him know he’d hit my weak spot, so he did it again. With my arms duct-taped behind me, I was unable to fend him off.

He then moved to my right nipple, flipping it with his tongue as he’d done with my left. Every time his tongue touched my nipple, my clit throbbed, as if there was a direct electrical connection between them. Oh God, he was making me horny, and I could smell the musky odor of my aroused pussy. I’m sure he smelled it too.

“Spread those gorgeous legs and let me see that naked pussy,” he ordered.

I spread my legs and he was enjoying looking at my bald pussy. I was getting turned on and wet with him looking, as I used to always fantasize about being tied up naked by someone. I watched as he sat in the chair and moved his face to just inches from my naked pussy. I felt his hot breath on it, then his tongue touched it, and I shivered. My hips seemed to involuntarily move forward. Fuck, I was shocked to be so damned turned on.

Oh fuck, his tongue slipped between my lips, licking my slit all the way from the bottom to the top. Eventually his tongue reached my clit. An electric tingle ran up my spine and goose bumps covered my skin.

I had to admit he had a talented tongue. Now he was sucking on my clit. Oh fuck, he hit my most sensitive spot—he was going to make me cum—big time. But it was like when I had to sneeze, and couldn’t—the sensations just built up to a higher and higher level. So close, but yet so far—I was a balloon that was about to burst. I begged him to finger me and eat my pussy to put me out of my lustful misery. When his finger hit my G-spot, I threw my head back and shuddered through orgasm after orgasm. I didn’t even hear the car pull up out in front of the house.

“Hurry, hide behind the garage, that’s Tina. She will kill us if she catches us doing this.”

I ran behind the garage—the wrong way. I ran right into Tina. She caught me and grabbed my wet hair to stop me. “What are you doing here at my house without any clothes on?”

She grabbed my nipples and twisted them. “Follow me,” she ordered, as she pulled me by my tits back to the patio. “Mark, what is the meaning of this? Where are her clothes?”

“She don’t have any, she showed up this way.”

“Who taped her hands behind her like that?”

Mark looked at me and then at Tina.

“MARK,” she yelled, “you have to explain this.”

“Well, she wouldn’t quit hiding the goodies.”

“So, where are her clothes?”

“At her house, she’s staying at Ty’s place.”

She turned to me and looked at my body. “You make a habit out of visiting your neighbors naked?”

“NO, I got locked out of the house, and couldn’t find a thing to wear, so I thought I might find something here.”

“Oh, you were going to rob us then? I heard of cat burglars, but I guess we have to call you a pussy burglar, or was you the one that had your pussy burglarized? So what happened to your pussy hair? What is this with your pussy being bare? Did Mark shave your pussy?”

“NO, he just licked it.” I knew I’d said too much, when Mark gasped.

“MARK, you licked her pussy?”

“NO, a ... a, look at it, isn’t it beautiful?” She was still twisting my nipples as she talked to Mark. She would pinch them very hard every time she yelled at Mark.

“Mark you go get John and Linda, I will take care of your little friend.”

She reached on the back of the chair and grabbed a jump rope. She tied it to my left elbow, and led me to the clothes line where she fastened the end of the rope to it.

“Don’t go anywhere now.”

“What ... what are you going to do?”

“Let’s just say, you won’t be entertaining my boyfriend for a while.”

I watched her walk to the house. I was really worried what this crazy bitch was going to do to me. I watched her walk back carrying a bag with stuff in it. First thing she removed from the bag was a red ball a little smaller than a tennis ball with a strap on it. She told me to open my mouth and she pushed the ball in my mouth. Tina pulled the strap behind my head and fastened it. She grabbed the end of the strap in back and then reached around, squeezing my nipple really hard. I tried to squeal and felt the ball go deep in my mouth as she pulled the strap tight.

Tina was still squeezing my nipples and teasing them. “You have nice nipples. Too bad they’re going to be a little sore for a while.” She reached in the bag and pulled out these wicked looking clamps with a short chain attached to them. I watched as she put the first one on my left nipple. Fuck those things hurt, she attached the other to my right nipple making it hurt just as bad. She pulled out two more clamps just like the ones on my nipples. Tina kneeled down and attached a clamp on my left pussy lip, and then she attached the second one on my right one. Fuck that hurt, but nothing like when the next items which were four ounce weights with a hook on them were put on each clamp.

Last but not least, she pulled this length of wicked looking rope from the bag. She walked behind me and fastened the two ends of the rope to my right arm above my butt. She moved around in front of me and reached between my legs and pulled the rope up. She made sure the rope was outside the clamps on my pussy. She then removed the jump rope from my elbow. She took the end of the rope between my legs and tied it to the clothes line pole. She pulled up on it making me get on my tip toes. She tied it off with me struggling to stand on my tip toes and not let the rope squeeze my pussy and my clit. Oh my fucking God, what did I do to piss this bitch off?

“Now that ought to keep you from running off while I go saddle my horse.” Horse? What was this crazy bitch talking about?

Fuck! My pussy was telling me I was in trouble; this was crazier than anything I could have ever dreamed of.

My legs were killing me trying to stand on my tip toes. I saw her leading her horse back. She walked over and untied the rope letting me relax my legs for a second. She grabbed the end of the rope and fastened it to her saddle. She climbed into the saddle and started walking her horse, dragging me by my pussy. I followed along behind her as she took me down the driveway and out to the road. I wondered where the fuck she was taking me. I wondered if I was going to live through this. Where the fuck were we going? She walked the horse down the lane to my brother’s house with those fucking weights swinging wild and torturing my most sensitive spots.

God my pussy hurt, that rope was killing me. We soon were at the back of the house where I started. She stepped off her horse and pulled my rope as she led me to the clothes line and tied the rope off again with me again on my tip toes. Fuck, I was sorry I ever went over there. She took the weights off my pussy, then the clamps. She put a clothes pin on my clit then.

She took the weights off my poor nipples and then the clamps. Oh fuck, that hurt worse than putting them on. I watched as I thought she was going to get some more clothes pins, but she put all the clamps back in her bag. Then she reached in the bag and produced a jar, which she brought to my face. Oh fuck, what was she going to do with that? I am sure my eyes got very big when I read label on the jar—’IcyHot.’ She opened the jar and stuck two fingers in it, grabbing a dollop of the stuff. I watched as she rubbed it on my poor bruised nipples. I only thought my nipples hurt before this, they were on fire now. Of course, then she put two clothes pins on each nipple.

Tina removed the gag from my mouth. “YOU CRAZY FUCKING BITCH,” I yelled.

I barely got that out of my mouth when she grabbed the rope and jerked. It was tied to my arm and the clothes line.

“OH SHIT, I TAKE IT BACK,” I cried out in pain.

She let loose of the rope, then moved near my ear. She calmly said. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t done that.”

Tina got the jar and dipped her fingers in it, getting all that was left in the jar I think. She then slapped the shit right on my poor pussy and worked it in. It felt like I had a volcano boiling inside me. I was dancing a jig with that fucking rope pulling on my pussy. I didn’t notice she had cut the tape on my arms before she stepped into her saddle and rode off.

I soon realized that my arms were free and the rope was only tied to one arm, my right. It was difficult, but I managed to use my left hand to untie the rope tied to the clothes line. The rope fell away from my poor mistreated pussy. I grabbed the pin on my clit and threw it as far as I could. I did likewise with the nipple pins. I thought my nipples were on fire, but it was nothing like that shit she packed in my pussy. I rushed to the hot tub and jumped in. What a fucking mistake that was.

IcyHot doesn’t wash off. If anything, water makes it hotter. I was bawling like a baby as I climbed out of the hot tub. Fuck, I was still locked out of the house. I walked around by the garage walk door; it had a small window in it. I saw a shovel sitting by the door, I took the shovel and broke the glass out, and then I reached through the opening and unlocked the door. I pushed the door open and reached the broom on the inside. I swept the glass on the floor out of the way so I could enter the garage. I walked in the house and Rex jumped up on me. I knew he must have needed to go out, so I opened the door and let him out.

Fuck, I went to the medicine cabinet. What the hell do you use to make that shit quit burning? I ran to the refrigerator and got the gallon of milk and dumped it on my pussy. I don’t know if it helped or not. I ran to the bathroom and found a full bottle of Vaseline lotion with aloe in it. I forced it in my pussy. Then I grabbed a hand full of Vaseline and worked it into my poor pussy.

Fuck, I rushed to Ty and Jill’s room. I looked in the night tables and found what I was looking for. Jill had a nice rubber cock almost life like. I lay on the bed and worked it into my pussy and really went to town on my poor pussy. I was soon cumming as I worked my pussy. I knew it couldn’t be any worse than trying to get the heat out. I soon passed out from this crazy world. I slept for a few hours or so. My pussy was still very sore when I woke up, but it was no longer burning like it was. Now it was like a very bad sunburn. I never even thought about putting clothes on for the next three days, because my nipples were still tender, and my pussy lips felt like they’d been run through a meat grinder.

On the fourth morning, I decided to get dressed. I’d cleaned the house the previous day and put Jill’s fake cock back. I tried to put my underwear on—wasn’t going to happen. Jill’s closet had a skirt I decided to borrow. I then put my sweat shirt on without a bra and decided that was the best I could do. In town, I bought a couple skirts and bulky tops. While in town, I did the grocery shopping and picked up some feed and dog food. I let the helper load it for me this time. Previously, I’d been loading it all by myself. However, I was feeling very fragile and decided to be a girly girl instead of fucking, gung ho, GI Jane.

I drove out by the truck stop; there was an adult book store there. I went in and bought a fake cock like Jill’s. When I got back in the Jeep, I slid my skirt up and put the cock in my pussy for the ride home. I stopped twice and cum before I got home. I was learning to enjoy wearing a skirt without panties. I finally got back home and washed Jill’s skirt and put one of mine on. I had the window replaced in the garage door and everything else fixed or hidden. Only two people who knew anything were that bitch down the road and her boyfriend. I hoped she didn’t say anything, because maybe someday I could return the favor.

I called my ex-roommate, Gina, why I don’t know—I think I just needed to talk to someone who was sane. I told her where I was and gave her my address. I told her to stop by if she ever got this way. She got real quiet; I asked her what was a matter. She told me about another girl in the dorms she found out who had gone through what I had. Only thing was that there were a couple undercover cops there and busted the party. The only thing was that they didn’t get it done before she was gang banged. They caught them as they were using a laser on her pussy like they did mine. She asked if any of my hair had come back, I told her no, but I was getting to like it.

She asked me what I had been doing. I told her I hadn’t been doing anything, I was just being a hermit. She teased me about being Hermit the Frog—she wanted to know if I was turning green. I told her no, just nice golden brown. I knew that would piss her off because she’d told me one of her favorite things to do was sun bathe in the skimpiest of suits. She told me she would love to sun bathe naked sometime. I didn’t tell her I was doing just that right at the minute.

“So what does your day consist of?” She asked.

“Well I am usually by myself at least four days a week. I get up whenever I feel like it and let the dog out. Later I feed the animals and then I lie out on the deck and get some sun, or soak in the hot tub.”

“I bet your neighbors like that.”

I realized she had no concept of what it was like to live in the country. “You know my closest neighbor is a half mile away, Thank God...” Then I whispered, “ ... the bitch,” away from the phone, but I guess I said it louder than I meant to.

“Did you just call me a bitch?”

Now I had to explain, raising my voice as I answered her. “GOD NO, I was talking about my neighbor.

“Why is she a bitch?”

“I just don’t like her.”

“Tell me about her, what did she do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I wasn’t about to tell her what happened to me. I was still embarrassed that I went over there naked. Why the hell did I not just break the window and get in the garage in the first place? It’s a good thing my pubes were gone, they must have been blonde.

“Oh this I got to hear. She must be something to get your panties in a knot. Is she an old gal?”

“NO, the bitch is younger than me—I think she’s nineteen or so.”

“WOW, she really pissed you off—did she steal your guy or something?”

“LOOK, she has her own guy. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I got to meet her—I can’t believe she could get under your skin so bad.”

“NO, THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD YOU ARE GOING TO MEET THAT BITCH.” I was getting pissed off thinking about it.

“Oh my God, what did she do to you?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Kit, I really do. I can tell you’re distressed. You want me to come and visit you? Remember, I’m the one that saved your ass out there by the dumpster. That would have been a lot more embarrassing if you had to walk home wearing as little as you had on.”

“You’re right, you are my best friend. I don’t want to tell you though, it is just embarrassing. You really want to come see me?”

“Yes, you knucklehead, I can be there in two hours, I got all next week off before I have to get ready to go back to school.”

“Okay, call me when you are about 15 minutes from Chandler and I’ll meet you in town at the Dairy Queen. It’s hard to give directions on how to get to the farm, so I’ll meet you there and you can follow me to the farm.”

It would be a couple days before Ty or Jill would be back. I would have to put my pants on. It had been two weeks since the bitch destroyed my body and this would be the first time I tried to wear my normal clothes.

Shit, what was I going to tell Gina? I couldn’t tell her about that bitch Tina—she’d want me to tell the cops about it. I mean, hell it was two weeks ago or so.

Why the fuck did I have to invite her to come? She knows me like a book. I always tell her more than I want to.

I waited for her call on pins and needles. I did a lot of debating, I thought of everything I should tell her, then changed it and started over. Then I started worrying about what she would think about me if she knew the truth. I was wondering if I really knew the truth, maybe I dreamed some of it.

My cell phone rang. I wasn’t too excited—I answered on the first ring. I told her I would leave and meet her at Dairy Queen. I got there in five minutes or so, before she did. Her folks had bought her a yellow VW bug when she graduated from high school last year. I went to her car as she pulled in and parked.

“You need anything, or you want to go to the farm?” I asked.

“I think I’m good. I’ll follow you, and what are you driving?”

“The green Jeep Wrangler over there,” I said, pointing my finger.

She stayed right on my bumper all the way to the farm. When we got to the farm, I showed her which room she would be sleeping in. We then went out on the back deck and talked.

“Kit, this is really nice. This is all you’ve been doing for the last two months or so?


“It’s so private out here. You ever tan out here topless?”


“Can we tan out here topless today?”

“There is just the two us here for the next three days.”

“Have you done it naked?”


“You have, haven’t you?” she said, with an impish grin. “Don’t you worry about someone driving in the driveway to deliver something?”

“We could walk out to the end of the lane and close and lock the gate if you’re worried.”

“I suppose you’ve walked out there naked before also?”

I knew then she was teasing, but I answered too quickly, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Kit what happened, you told me you would tell me.”

“NO, I told you I would think about telling you. It’s too embarrassing, you have no idea.”

“It can’t be any more embarrassing than getting gang banged and having to call me from behind the mall wearing that tiny cover-up and nothing else. Finding out someone stole your pubic hair. Not only stole it, but they did it so you can never grow it back. Speaking of which, let me tell about Judy calling me as I was driving over here.”

“Okay, you might have a point. What about Judy?”

“You remember Ada who lived down the hall?”

“The really good looking redhead, wasn’t she a distance runner and high jumper on the track team?”

“That’s her. You remember I said the cops had a sting and caught the guys and gal doing those parties, but not before her pubes were history. Actually she got her nipples and clit hood pierced also I guess. I wonder if someone chased them off before they did that to you?”

“Wow they caught them. How many guys were there? I don’t remember a girl being there.”

“Judy said that Kim from up on third floor was treated just like you and Ada. She never reported like you, but they found pictures. The cops were able to identify her in the pictures and they got in touch with her. I wonder how many more they will find?”

“Oh shit, really? You suppose they have my pictures? How many guys were there, you know any of them?”

“I understand there are four guys involved. Judy said she didn’t think any of them were students at UNT. She did tell me that Nelly is the one girl they arrested, she was not sure if there are more or not.”

“That bitch, she was supposed to be my friend. She’s the one that I went to the party with. You know her too, don’t you?”

“Yes I know her, she always seemed really nice. She is always doing everyone’s hair and nails in the dorms. I guess she don’t like hair some other places though.”

“I wonder what they will do to her? God they ought to let that bitch Tina at her.”

“Who’s Tina?”

“That bitch the next farm over.”

“Now you got to tell me what happened.”

“Didn’t you want to sun bathe? Weren’t we going to lock the gate?”

“Nice try. Let’s get naked, and then you are going to tell me why Tina is such a bitch.”

I watched as Gina removed her t-shirt. I knew she was a 34C cup. When she reached for the hooks on the back of her bra, she stopped and motioned me to remove my sweater. I did so as she unfastened her bra. I wasn’t wearing one.

Gina is the same height as me, with blonde hair and blue eyes. We were both soon topless and I noticed her tan lines and I’m sure she noticed my tanned tits. We both kicked off our sandals. I unbuttoned my pants next and slid them down as she stepped out of her white shorts. I had boxer briefs on and she had a thong. I watched her slide the thong down as I dropped my boxer briefs and stood before her naked. I’m sure she noticed my tanned butt and I noticed the tan lines on hers. Gina’s pussy had blonde pubes on it with a heart design. I was kind of letting my hands hide my naked pussy.

Gina reached her pubes and lightly pulled on them. “I thought about cutting this off. Maybe it would be fun to see what it was like to be so bare. Then I could be as naked as you are.”

“Yeah, but you might not like it. At least you’d still have the option of growing them back. I wished they had done my legs and underarms also, that’s what takes all the time in the shower.”

“You think I would look good with a baldy like you?”

“I don’t think it would make you ugly, if that’s what you’re asking me.”

“I may try it tomorrow—let me think about it. You know I think it’s wrong, but what happened to you, I’m jealous. I can’t help it—it turns me on to think about it. Am I a horrible person or what?”

“You want to know a secret? It turns me on and pisses me off both. It doesn’t piss me off so much because it happened to me. It pisses me off cause I didn’t get to enjoy it and know what it was like to be so royally stuffed full of cock. With Tina, I remember everything and kind of wished I didn’t.”

“Okay, spill, you now are going to tell me about Tina, there are no more secrets between us. I’m standing here as naked as you are—well almost as naked. But anyway, you’re going to tell me.”

We sat in the recliners and I proceeded to tell Gina everything. I wasn’t going to tell her about the IcyHot, but I did. It felt good to talk to somebody about it. I think she was more pissed off at Tina than I was. We talked about all kinds of kinky things, like what we would do to her. I knew it was just talk, I don’t think I could do any of it. I kept wondering how Tina could do it. I wondered why she had all the things she used on me.

I decided that Tina was a Dominatrix—I’d bet she had handcuffs and everything. Must have really made her day to see her boyfriend had my hands already secure with duct tape. I still would love to slap her pussy with a handful of that awful IcyHot and see her dance.

“Oh My God, you’re right, that would be so embarrassing to have anyone know about that other than your closest friend. You got to forgive me though, that was so hot. Well I mean I know it was hot there too, but I mean what happened was so exciting. OH shit, that didn’t come out like I meant it to. My biggest fantasy is to be tied up. I think if it was embarrassing it would make it even more exciting. You still got the rope? Will you show it to me?”

“How did you know I’d kept it?”

“I know I would have and I just figured you did. Where is it?”

“It’s in the side pocket of my suitcase.”

“Will you go get it? I really want to see it.”

I walked into the house to my bedroom and brought the rope back and showed it to her.

“Oh my God, you weren’t lying. That is one very wicked rope. I bet that really made your pussy itch with that coarse rope rubbing on it. Oh my, there is still some IcyHot on the rope too. I can still smell it. God what did that feel like having that shit in your pussy? It must have burned like a bitch.”

“It felt like someone built a raging campfire in my pussy. It was so fucking hot—I was surprised there was no smoke coming off my pussy. The worst is, you can’t wash it off though I did dump milk on it and then lotion and it helped some.”

“I wonder where she ever got the idea to do that to you. I bet she’s done it to another girl, maybe more than one. I wonder if she has had it done to her. I read somewhere that to be a good Dom, you had to have been a Sub to learn.”

“Really? God I would love to pack her pussy full of it, maybe even add some habanero peppers chipped up in it for good measures. I’m not sure which burns worse, your pussy or your asshole. It makes it very difficult to go to the bathroom for a week or so. Oh, and I would want to use that fucking, what did you call that thing? A laser hair remover, or something, so it was like it had been sunburned and bare of any fucking fuzz.”

“Oh Kit, tell me how you really feel,” Gina laughed at me, but I noticed she was pulling on her bush again as I tried to calm down from my outbreak.

Gina was still holding the rope in her other hand and looking at it. “God, Kit, this had to itch the shit out of your poor pussy. Only thing I could imagine being worse is if it had rubbed right on your clit.”

“Well those fucking weights kept the rope on the lips of my pussy. When she pulled on the rope or while the horse was leading me by the rope. It pinched and rubbed my clit, you can’t imagine how hard my poor clit got pinched and how many times.”

We drank a few beers and sat out in the sun until it went down and then we used the hot tub. I had gotten used to the sun and never thought about Gina not being used to it. Gina got sunburned on her tits and her butt and pussy. I teased her and asked if she wanted me to rub them with IcyHot. I found her some Solarcaine and watched her apply it to her untanned places.

We turned in, and I was asleep when my head hit the pillow. I woke up the next morning and let Rex out. I made some cinnamon rolls and took a shower while they baked. I noticed there was some stubble around the lower lips of my pussy and I shaved it off. My mound was still as silky smooth as it had been. I wondered if I could get that lasered off so I didn’t have to take care of it.

Gina came out as I took the rolls out of the oven, “Smells great. Thanks that lotion helped. I hope I don’t peel. I should have known better.”

Gina was wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. If she raised her arms her pussy and butt showed. I was wearing just a towel, well actually two towels, one around my boobs that barely covered my pussy, and another around my head covering my wet hair.

“God, I had nightmares last night. I dreamed your friend came over and took control of us. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I dreamed she made us do.”

“Really, tell me about them.”

“NO, if you tell about a nightmare before you eat breakfast it will come true. I’m not sure I want to chance it.”

“Okay, let’s eat and then you can tell me.”

I cooked breakfast and we chatted for a bit. “It’s such a nice day, we should take advantage of the hot tub,” I said.

“You’re absolutely right,” Gina replied. “I’ve been wanting to use the hot tub in the nude like you do.”

I removed my towels and Gina slipped her t-shirt over her head. We were both as naked as the day we were born. We carried the towels outside and began removing the cover from the hot tub.

“Your pussy still sore?” Gina asked.

“No, it’s pretty much back to normal now, but I’d sure like to do the same thing to that bitch, Tina.”

Just as we were about to get in the tub, a woman’s voice from the corner of the deck said, “Hellooo...”

Gina screamed and I turned my back to the woman’s voice. Rex just laid on the deck, wagging his tail. He didn’t growl or bark—like he was everyone’s best friend.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you,” the woman apologized. “I rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Then I heard voices back here.”

Both Gina and I grabbed our towels to cover ourselves. “What do you want?” I asked. Sandy’s eyes were looking right at my headlights. She glanced at my pussy her eyes stopped and stared at my shorn pussy.

“I’m Sandy Taylor, representing Poe, Quinn, and Taylor Law Offices. I’m looking for Kit Stangley. Would either of you be her?” She managed to say as she blushed.

“Yes, I’m Kit Stangley,” I replied.

I wondered what kind of trouble I might be in, and how did she know where to find me?

“Can you give us a couple minutes to put some clothes on?” I asked.

“Certainly,” Sandy replied. “Do you mind if I sit out here on the deck while you get dressed?”

“No, of course not,” I answered, as Gina and I wrapped ourselves in our towels. “We’ll be right back.”

When we returned to the deck clothed, I said. “Sorry about you catching us naked on the deck, but out here in the country, we don’t have many visitors.

Sandy winked and smiled, “I agree that it’s a beautiful day to share a hot tub in the nude with a friend.”

What do you want to talk to me about?” I inquired.

“Can I talk to you in private?”

“Gina, can you excuse us?” I asked.

I watched Gina walk to the kitchen door and into the house. “OK, we’re alone.”

“It’s a rather personal matter. I represent my father, Philip Taylor in this. I understand you’ve met my step-sister Tina?”

I was instantly horrified. I was sure she saw me flinch and I couldn’t help it.

“Yes, I met Tina awhile back. She wasn’t very nice to me. I hope you didn’t come here asking for a reference.”

“No, it’s not that at all. You see, Tina is my younger step-sister. She’s always lived her life on the wild side, much to the embarrassment of our father. Recently, my father had security cameras installed on the farm he gave her, because her home had been burglarized. When he reviewed the video, he saw Tina abusing a young woman, whom we’ve identified as you.”

“Oh my God! I was on the security camera video?” I wondered if her father also saw Mark licking my pussy.

“Yes, you were, but relax—it’s under lock and key, so no one other than my father will ever see it. I’ll let you in on a little secret that my father is sending Tina to ‘Camp Hell’ to pay for her despicable behavior. Third, my father asked me to make a generous offer to repay you for your suffering.”

“What do you mean by a ‘generous offer’?” I asked. “Do you have any idea what Tina did to me after she led me back here to the farm?”

“No I don’t,” Sandy replied.

I proceeded to tell her what happened to me. I was a little put off that they were paying me off and the thought because they were rich it would be okay.

Sandy’s eyes opened bigger and I could see the expression on her face change from her so much better than me to feeling sorry for me. “I had no idea she did all that. I will let my father know about it.”

“Well, if you sign an agreement I have with me, and you agree not to sue Tina or my father, I have been authorized to offer you $50,000—or more. After hearing what else she did to you, I will speak with my father and see if we can’t bump that up into the six-figures.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was having my poor pussy abused by IcyHot worth six figures? It took me only a couple seconds to respond, “Yes.”

“If you agree, you’ll have to come to our office in Chandler to sign some paperwork. Be sure to bring some identification so we can set up a checking account for you. I’m sure you understand we want to keep your abuse out of the news, as we highly value the dignity of our family name. I have set aside ten am tomorrow morning for a meeting if that works”

I agreed to be there and said good bye to her. I watched her walk away in her classy business suit thinking I might enjoy tormenting her just as much as I would that bitch of step-sister she was here to protect.

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