Orders Are Orders
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Military,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sweden starts conscription again to fill their depleted military ranks. Only this time, they are taking women as well.

Heidi Swenson read the letter a third time.

The first time she had laughed thinking it was a practical joke being played on her by one of her conniving friends from the auto dealer shop. The second time, she had carefully focused on each word and double-checked the return address looking for some weakness to reveal its bogus nature because she was still convinced it was either a trick or some silly game. This final time, she absorbed each word and understood it could easily be confirmed by merely calling the contact number and acknowledging the receipt.

She remembered it was only about six months ago that she had seen the tweets on her pretty little cell phone that made fun of the fact that her country had re-instituted the draft for military conscription, only this time it would be non-gender specific and would apply to both males and females. It had seemed so funny and ridiculous at the time and she had almost fallen out of the bed laughing right in front of her two-timing boyfriend Oscar with his silly pretense of constant eagerness to make love no matter what time of day or night.

She hardly talked to her grandfather any more despite the fact he was the one that completely underwrote her carefree and hedonistic lifestyle with no interference or complaint about her lack of responsibility for her own actions. Still, she was concerned enough about the disturbing letter from the military induction center to call his emergency number and ask for a few minutes of his time.

Heidi’s parents were both killed in an unfortunate airplane crash that was said to be “pilot error” in local television stations, but many news organizations from other countries labeled the incident as “terrorist-related”. The whole terrorism thing was something she preferred not to think about at all because it was so depressing that she usually needed a massage just to get her mind off the grisly details. Her grandfather was fairly pragmatic about such things and rarely spoke his mind in public. She liked that about him because he was always more of a “listener” and not a “talker” like her doting father. She had cried profusely when her parents were lost forever, but he had just told her,

“Get a grip on it and keep a stiff upper lip, dear.”

It had sounded totally generational and led to her pretending to have a fit of coughing just to hide her giggles that would most certainly annoy her elderly grandfather at a time when she only wanted his sympathy.

She was not all that familiar with the term but she was certain his intentions were good even if talking to him was like talking to a history teacher with little interest in things she found less boring. He was the kind of person that always looked on the bright side and kept his opinions to himself.

She heard his deep voice at the other end of the line and immediately started to disclose her worries about the letter erasing the polite chatter of usual telephone conversation from her preoccupied mind.

“Oh, grandfather, this letter is from the central headquarters of the military induction program and it has my birthdate and my identification number right up on the top. How could they possibly want me to pick up a rifle and go out into the woods and do those nasty war things? It all seems so dirty and not my style at all.”

Heidi was on the verge of crying. She felt so sorry for herself that she had to get her grandfather’s opinion. Hopefully, he would have some sort of plan to get her out of this silly mess because she was not at all certain it was the sort of thing that she would find even remotely exciting or adventurous.

“Listen, my little dumpling, you shouldn’t get all worked up over this. We are not at war except for the Russians making trouble. But that is not at all unusual. They are always making trouble and that will never change. There is always the “terrorist” problem, but the government seems to think we are not truly involved in that. After all, we were quite generous in allowing so many of their people to come into the country and let them set up their own little enclaves with their brand of law. I am certain it will only be a ceremonial thing and you will have an interesting story to tell your girlfriends about when it is all over and finished.”

He managed to cheer her up and she started to think that the next twelve months would not be so bad even if it did mean she would not be attending parties and finding partners with new fetishes to expand her sexual horizons. She was still young and had plenty of time to taste all that life had to offer. It was just her bad luck that they had randomly selected her. It angered her that they were picking females in equal shares with the males, but that is what they told her was best for all females. She was all for “equal rights” but the concept of “equal responsibilities” seemed a bit too much to a young girl of only eighteen. Besides, there must be hordes of trouble-making boys that wanted to shoot things and brag about how brave they were at this or that battle.

Her best girlfriend Natasha told her in the strictest confidence,

“Dear little Heidi, there will be oodles of young men in tip-top shape all primed to look for the nearest pretty little thing when the sun goes down. Just play your cards right and you will be getting more propositions than you can shake a stick at because it is still almost two men for every woman in the service.”

Her words brightened Heidi’s thoughts immensely and she wondered if it might be possible to alter the terribly designed military clothing to enhance her well-endowed chest development and accentuate her generously curved backside. It would give her some added leverage in dealing with the drooling males and keeping them on short leashes when the opportunity for nocturnal exercises arose unexpectedly.

The last experiment with her Uncle’s best friend had turned out to be a complete disaster despite her staunch efforts to stiffen the older man’s equipment when push came to shove. It was quite disappointing to be left frustrated after midnight even with his willingness to compensate for his shortcomings by using other means. The entire affair convinced her that she would concentrate on pleasing younger men and avoid the May-December romances that constantly fell short of the mark in that area where passion was of the essence. Her fling with “Mark” was doomed to disaster from the very beginning because he was so addicted to the pain killing pills that were all the rage these days. Her doctor had informed her that the ingredients that made the brain their prisoner were the same culprits that made the male equipment useless at times when stiff resolve was needed to cement a relationship in the only way humans were able to achieve complete satisfaction.

The news flashes on her cell phone gleefully advertised that several thousand “new recruits” had been conscripted that week to bolster the dwindling ranks of their depleted military. They appeared to be making fun of the fact that more than one out of three of the raw recruits would be female in keeping with the stated policy of “equal rights means equal responsibility”. She had loved that phrase when she first heard it but had never surmised it would be used to make her personal life submissive to the whims of the boring government.

The induction center was cold and wet and the sight of young people like her shivering on the wooden benches was enough to make her sorry she had forgotten to eat something before leaving the house while the sun was not quite raised. Then, the morning mist had thickened into something resembling more of a steady drizzle that made her nice outfit drenched and clinging to her in a way that showed one and all that she was definitely a “hot number’.

She estimated there were almost sixty new recruits and almost as many processors ranging from uniformed “minders” to medical personnel to screen them and classify them into proper sections. It was amusing to see them more interested in the fact that a person was a bit overweight or a bit skinny than the simple fact of being either a boy or a girl.

Heidi was one of the shortest recruits but she was still taller than a few of the males and that pleased her for some strange reason that was difficult to decipher in the chaos of selections. The coldness of the day did not dissuade them from having all the new recruits strip down to their underwear. She had not expected that and her black undies from France certainly made a hit with most of the men and even some of the females causing her some worries about not blending in the way her grandfather suggested was her best approach in a difficult situation. Almost all of the men had on plain white cotton things and even the females were wearing the most boring of underwear imaginable. She suspected they had been advised by others that knew something of the process and helped keep them from embarrassment. They were all instructed to don the fresh pairs of shower clogs as they walked from station to station in the jam-packed center. Heidi imagined it was a way to keep the new recruits from injuring their feet when there was an awful lot of marching and running on the agenda for the next eight weeks in basic training. The tall girl in front of her told her,

“They don’t want us to get the fungus. That stuff is all over this floor because of so many people processing through every day. There will be at least three more shifts of jerks like us getting on the buses out to the training base today. They do this crap almost every day because the units are so depleted now it will take a couple of years just to get them back up to where we should already be to fill the ranks.”

Heidi was happy to talk to the tall girl with the curly blonde hair on top of her strong-featured face. It turned out that she was from the country and not from Stockholm like Heidi and most of the new recruits. Her speech was a bit rough and she slurred her verb endings like the tough factory workers that didn’t have the advantage of tutors like the city students with their pompous airs and attitudes. It was obvious to Heidi that Gretchen liked her from the way she kept looking at her black French knickers whilst pretending to be doing something else entirely.

She even frowned with distain at the overweight boy behind Heidi that kept bumping into her flanks like he was some sort of bumper car at the annual fun weekend down at the fairgrounds. Heidi didn’t mind because she was used to it from the brash boys at school and the perverts on the municipal bus system that always seemed to be hovering right behind her whenever she boarded the bus for the central market. She ignored them as well because in her mind they were only like a bunch of fluttering butterflies going from backside to backside looking for a “good fit” and unable to express their innermost feelings. In a way, she pitied them because they were probably lost in a world of fantasy and not connected to the real world except when they could take advantage of crowded conditions and girls with submissive attitudes. She didn’t think she was particularly submissive except when she was “head over heels” with someone that struck her fancy and she was unable to resist the feeling.

They rushed them to the final station and she rubbed her arms where they had pricked them with needles filled with potions designed to keep her healthy even in the most disease ridden environment. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to go to Africa on some silly “peacekeeping” event but the chances were she might be in a place that fostered a lot of viruses and bugs one didn’t normally encounter in a big city like Stockholm.

They told her to go into a closed room to exchange her French undies for good solid cotton undies and they were all instructed to don the camouflage uniforms and the black boots of the lowest ranked soldiers in the military service.

Heidi marveled on how well she “blended” in her new clothing.

They all looked so much the same that the only thing that made her look like a female was the longer hair they allowed the women recruits to keep as a sort of token of their femininity. For that very same reason, they completely removed the sometimes longer hair of the males to make their gender easily identifiable for purposes of training and unit morale. Of course, a certain number of the new recruits were not all that certain of their gender identification, so they simply used the one on their birth certificates and told them that they could always sort it out afterwards when time was not of the essence. None of the impacted recruits thought to question this common sense approach because it was not the time or place to be questioning orders.

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