District 2

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slavery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 04: In the future the world is no longer the one we know. Small districts are spread across the planet's surface with many having to find their own sources of power. One such district has a method but it need volunteers for the program and they get those volunteers any way they need.

Catherine Ross steps out of the elevator and into a clinically white room with no other door visible. Before her, sits a lone silver chair. The elevator’s door closes shut behind her and she is left isolated in a silent room.

She walks around the room, running her hand along the blanks walls, hoping to find a seam, indicating that there may be a door hidden somewhere. By the time she comes full circle back to the elevator, not even which can be detected.

She sighs, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

“Only what you signed up for Miss Ross,” a disembodied voice answers.

She nearly jumps out of her skin at the sudden answer to her rhetorical question.

“Please have a seat Miss Ross,” the voice instructs her.

“Please, call me Cat,” she says as she walks around to the front of the chair and sits down.

“Thank you Miss Ross,” the voice says, ignoring her request. “You have signed all the confidential paperwork and waived all right to sue should something happen to your persons.”

Cat winces at the thought, but keeps in mind that she can’t actually waive all her rights “You’ve assured me nothing would happen.”

“All our research indicates that nothing dangerous should happen, but there is always that small chance that something unexpected might occur. The prospect is equal to the danger of any experiment. Let me assure you that we will take every measure to prevent any and all bodily harm to you.”

“Alright,” Cat answers meekly. She can’t keep her voice from shaking at the sudden realization of why she is here in the first place. “And my father will be taken care off?”

“As we agreed, Miss Ross. You will not only be providing a service to District 2, but your father will receive the treatment he requires.”

“I won’t remember anything right?”

“You will not have any conscious thought Miss Ross. Once the procedure is complete, you will have fallen asleep, never to awaken and all the will remain is your body, an empty vessel to carry on with the project.”


“Now, if you please Miss Ross, we need you to strip all of your clothing off.”

Cat nods and slowly begins to undress. Her mind is reeling with what the future holds, not for here but her father and those of District 2. For years, ever since the Fallout, after the districts were built, everyone knew energy would one day become a concern. Without energy, there was no way to run their technology and without technology there was no food production or any ease to their lifestyles.

When that day had finally came and the Inner Sanctum, the government that ran District 2, came up with a solution. They suddenly had a way to generate unlimited power, though they did not divulge how they got it. It was only known that volunteers would be needed to help out in the process.

Of course many rose to volunteer. The Inner Sanctum promised something great in return. But many, who realized what volunteering meant, quickly changed their minds. Cat was one of those, but when they promised treatment for her ailing father, she just had to reconsider.

Life outside the Upper Circle wasn’t pleasant. Those like Cat, the Lower Circle, weren’t living in squalor, but needful things like the treatment her father needed, were far out of their reach. The Upper Circle only treats the Lower Circle like people because it is the Lower Circle that keeps the cogs moving in District 2. But like any society, as the one before the Fallout, there is always a upper class.

With her clothing piled on the floor, Cat stands with her arms at her sides, her long black hair trailing down her back. Before the Fallout people would have been very shy at being naked, after though, there was no need for shyness. Many of the jobs in District 2 required a person stripping down to ensure commodities were not taken from the job.

“Excellent Miss Ross,” the voice says. “Would you please be so kind as to proceed through the door?”

Cat is about to say something about there not being a door when one suddenly slides open right in front of her. Instead she just simply nods and proceeds through the portal.

Once on the other side, she finds herself in yet another stark white room. This one, however, has a large glass wall and beyond it is a slew of machinery and medical equipment. To her left is a handsome man dressed in a lab coat and clipboard in hand.

“Miss Ross, I am Johann. I will get you settled in before your transformation,” he says offer his hand.

Cat takes it and receives a gentle squeezed before he pulls it away and looks at the clipboard.

“We have a few things to go over. Please, have a seat. I can answer all your questions while the computer gathers the information it needs.”

“Alright,” she says as she takes yet another seat, this one diagonal to the man. “Is this the point when I’ll go to sleep?”

“Yes, well no,” Johann answers with a smile. “You will be asleep for the procedure, but you’ll wake up again. Afterward we need to make sure that the procedure took hold without incident before moving to the next and final phase.”

“What is the procedure?”

“It is a simple genetic procedure,” he begins. “We will alter your DNA, changing your physiology to match the required needs of the end result.”

“That doesn’t explain much,” Cat says a little irritated. “What exactly will you be doing?”

Johann sighs slightly under his breath. Cat catches the sound but doesn’t say anything, instead waiting for the man to give her an answer. After a few moments he does.

“We have found that giving the subject all the details leads to anxiety and ultimately fouls up the procedure. It is best for your state of mind to wait until after, when the testing has to be done to find out what took place.”

Cat huffs, having to calm herself with the thought of her father getting his treatment, provided that she corporates. “Very well,” she finally says. “How long will it be before everything is complete? My father needs the treatment.”

“Don’t worry Miss Ross,” Johann answers. “Your father’s treatment began the moment you stepped into this facility. However, we don’t want you to get the notion that you can decide to not go through with this.”

The treat is clear enough for Cat not to ask about what would happen and certainly not to change her mind.

“What will the test be afterward?” she asks.

Johann just smiles and says, “Another one of the team will be conducting it, but right now that is all I can tell you.”

“A lot of secrecy,” she grumbles.

“Like I said Miss Ross, it all has to do with keeping your anxiety and stress levels ow.”

“I feel pretty anxious right now,” she protests.

The man looks up from his clipboard and it is only then that Cat realizes it is not a clipboard at all.

“Your readings are in the normal, safe range that we like to have. If there are no more questions then we can proceed.”

Cat took that last statement as a closing to this little session, but she was filled with many more questions and wanted many more answers.

“But...” she starts to protest, yet is quickly cut off by the man.

“Now when you wake,” he starts insistently, as he jabs a needle into her arm. “You are going to feel an insatiable need deep in your stomach. We want you to go with it to the end.”

“What are you...” is all the Cat can say before voice fails and darkness overcomes her.


Slowly, Cat opens her eyes to let the stinging light filter in. She blinks a few times to allow her to adjust to it. The first thing she sees is a white ceiling. She then feels that she is lying on a fairly soft bed and covered with a sheet. Then an insatiable feeling in the pit of her stomach hits her. Her mind reels with the feeling, the feeling to fuck and release a load of cum.

What the hell? How can I possibly release a load of cum?

Cat feels a stirring in the bed at the same time she feels a stirring beneath the sheet. She looks to her left then right and finds a very attractive woman lying in the bed with her. The sight of the woman startles her, but she feels the aching in her stomach grow more intense.

Cat rolls a few questions around in her head to ask the woman when she leans in to lightly kiss Cat’s cheek, nuzzling herself into Cat’s neck right after. Cat’s eyes speak volumes at the woman who just smiles and slides a hand beneath the sheet to slowly wrap her hand around...

My cock? Cat’s mind nearly grinds to a halt at the thought. Where the hell did my vagina go?

But the thoughts don’t linger for too long as the woman’s smooth, affectionate hand begins to slowly stroke Cat’s cock. Within moments Cat is feeling juices spill out onto the bed as her cock throbs and grows warmer in response. The woman smirks and gives Cat a light kiss and turns her attention back to the task in hand.

Cat’s cock begins to throb a bit quicker. The woman’s stroking goes at a steady pace, almost matching the throbs. As it throbs more and more, the woman starts stroking it faster, feeling warm precum slide down onto her hand.

The woman slowly slips her other hand under the sheet to urge Cat’s legs to spread. She slips her hand in between Cat’s legs and starts to rub her new balls at quick, gentle pace. The woman smiles, stroking Cat’s cock much faster. Her hand gropes and squeezes Cat’s cock like a pussy would tighten around it in pleasure.

The woman leans closer Cat’s ear, taking one hand to quickly toss the sheet out of the way. As her stroking quickens, she points Cat’s cock at the sheets, giggling softly before she whispers with a seductively lustful “Come on give us lots of cum. I can feel how wet you have gotten from this. Not to mention how much your cock is throbbing and begging to get some release.”

Cat blushes a bright red from the woman’s words. Before Cat can speak a word in response, she feels her cock throb even stronger. It is too late. Cat’s hips thrust upward as she gasps out loudly. She closes her eyes and cum shoots out from her cock, covering them both in thick milky fluid.

“Yes!” the woman cries out.

With both of their mouths open wide, they each get a taste of Cat’s cum. As the orgasm ends, the woman notices how Cat’s cock doesn’t soften as all. Her proud pole is still throbbing as if it wasn’t the least bit satisfied.

Cat notices it too, and when she opens her mouth to speak, the woman tilts her head and gives Cat a deep kiss. She slowly forces the cum into Cat’s mouth, then grins a bit as Cat responds with slowly massaging her tongue, pushing the cum right back into the woman’s mouth.

They continue to swap cum for a bit longer before the woman pushes the load into Cat’s mouth, ends the kiss and moves down to her well rounded breasts. The woman opens her mouth as wide as she can and clamps down on one of Cat’s breasts.

The woman switches between each of Cat’s breasts at a very rough and quick pace. Then with a final, hard suck, the woman stops nursing them with a loud pop sound. The woman giggles and coaxes Cat’ legs further apart. Her cock throbs in anticipation. The woman’s hand slips to the pulsing erection and tightens around the shaft. She resumes stroking it gently and slowly rubs her thumb over the cock’s slit, eliciting another round of precum from it.

With a smile, the woman turns her full attention to Cat’s cock and takes it into her mouth. Cat lets out a soft, slow moan as the woman sucks the entire length of her newly acquired manhood. Her sucking gets rough and harder. The woman forces Cat’s prick further into her mouth, feeling much of it going into her throat. She starts to quickly deep throat the cock, sometimes swallowing against the part of the shaft that is in her throat. She gags often, but retains her composure. The woman definitely knows what she is doing.

Cat precum pours constantly down the woman’s throat, her cock throbbing even faster from her roughness. As if knowing just when Cat is getting close to cumming, the woman gets suddenly up quickly and turns around, firmly pressing her pussy against Cat’s member. Her pussy swallows the cock, stretching to accommodate the entire thickness with trained ease.

She rides up and down the cock as fast as possible. Cat claws at the bed right as her cock explodes, sending a gush of her seed into the woman. She doesn’t stop, however. The woman continues bouncing up and down, milking as much cum as possible from the cock and into her womb. When she can’t get any more and Cat’s member loses a little of its girth, she finally slides off Cat and the bed.

She looks at Cat and gives her a wink before turning to the glass wall, that Cat only now notices now for the first time and says, “She’s ready.”

“Thank you Doctor Reading,” a disembodied voice calls from beyond the window.

Cat sits up to say something, now that reality has set in. But before any words can escape her open mouth, a loud and deep groan erupts throughout the room. Cat looks around frantically. Doctor Reading is already on the opposite side of the glass. Cat is all alone.

The bed shudders and she quickly grabs the sides for support. The groan resounds through the room again, but this time when the bed shakes, something slips out from beneath it.

Cat shrieks instinctively and it isn’t until she sees the pink bottomed, tentacle with multiple cock like appendages coming from the foot of the bed does she scream. They shoot out and surround her from all sides, wrapping around her. Strangely, her cock suddenly gets hard to the point of throbbing once more.

Somewhere in the deep recess of her mind does she thinks, this may not be so bad after all.

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