Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Shemale, Fiction, Science Fiction, Aliens, Incest, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Body Modification, Public Sex, Teacher/Student, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 03: Scientists bring back a plant sample from a far off world. It is studied by a team of Earth's best scientists. But the plant isn't ordinary, it is sentient. Now it is on the loose and the local high school is it's next target.

“Delta-7, we have contact with Space Explorer Titus.”

“Copy that control. What is the course projection?”

Titus is inbound on its programmed course and should set down in just under fifteen minutes.”

“Roger that control. Keep us updated and deploy Bravo Team Niner.”

“Affirmative Delta-7.”

Doctor Alexis Adams, or Lexi as she prefers to be called, spins around in her chair, pulling the headset off and tossing it to the desk. “Well Shawn, it looks like we finally get to see what samples have been collected from GP097.”

Shawn unfolds his arms from across his chest and pushes off the stack of boxes he is leaning against. “Too bad Abigail isn’t here to see it.”

“Yeah she is the one that built this company from the ground up and got this project together,” Lexi agrees solemnly. “It would be better if she was here to see this.”

Shawn’s frown slowly turns into a smile. “Well, she may not be here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. With all the pictures Titus sent back and once the samples are studied, we’ll know for sure, whether we can start a colony on GP097 or not.”

Lexi chuckles. “Yeah, but we’re going to have to come up with a way to get there, especially since it’s the biggest Gaia planet anyone has found yet. Just think how many resources are there might be and just the size alone could sustain human life for a very long time.”

“Oh, come on,” Shawn says grinning as he grabs Lexi’s hips, pulling her in close until their faces are mere inches apart. “You don’t think that we’ll never get there?”

Lexi grins, her hand slipping down to Shawn’s crotch. “Us? No, Certainly not in this lifetime. We’ll never get to be part of such an experience, except for the samples Titus brings back.”

“You’re right,” he says, pushing his groin forward to press hard against her hand. “But we also have to hope that something managed to survive to whole trip back here.”

“Now don’t go jinxing anything,” Lexi says with a slight squeeze of her hand.

“Me? No way! You’ve got to become famous somehow.”

“No personal gain for you? No Nobel Prize?” she teases.

Shawn smiles down at her. “I’ve only wanted the best for you since we were kids.”

Lexi’s smile widens and pulls her hand away from Shawn’s groin and places it behind his head, pulling him down toward her mouth for a deep, passionate kiss. The kiss lasts until the radio interrupts the two.

“Delta-7, Space Explorer Titus has landed and Bravo Team Niner has confirmed contact with it.”
“Damn interruptions,” Lexi groans.

“Well at the rate this was going, I don’t know whether any actual work done would have been done,” Shawn grins. “You better get that before control thinks we’re doing something naughty.”

Lexi giggles, trying to stifle it as she picks up the headset. “Control, this is Delta-7. We acknowledge. As soon as Bravo Team Niner confirms everything is in the clear, have them proceed with moving Titus to Hanger Bay Three.”

“Copy that Delta-7.”

“Well I guess we need to get going over to the hanger,” Shawn says, stepping away from the desk.
Lexi’s hand quickly shoots out; grabbing his and pulling him back with a slight tug. “I think we can continue with what we started.”

Grinning, Shawn grabs Lexi by the hips and lifts her up onto the desk, shooing away the keyboard, mouse and anything else impending the space needed for Lexi. Lexi pulls her shirt up and over her beautiful breasts, arches her back and says, “We don’t have much time, but we can still have a little fun.”

“And just how can I refuse?” Shawn says grinning.

Lexi moans that moment his hands touch the warm flesh of her breasts and slowly begin to knead them like fresh dough. Her pink nipples are erect and as Shawn begins to tease them with his lips, she moans louder.

Shawn then promptly bites into her nipple, causing a gurgling cry from Lexi. He hefts the breasts with both hands and slowly licks up her breasts; making sure his tongue hits the bottom, sides and cleavage. He finishes by biting on the same nipple again, making it even more erect than it already is.

Having finished one side, Shawn begins to do the same to the other. Lexi senses the next move and he pulls off her pants as well as his own. She spreads her legs and waits for Shawn’s tongue to bring her to the peak.

Between Shawn’s nimble fingers and his tongue darting in and out of her pussy, she reaches her climax swiftly, collapsing for a brief moment further onto the narrow desk. She knocks pencils and papers off it knocking pencils, as well as nearly the computer’s monitor.

Lexi’s hand fumbles for a desk drawer a few brief moments later and he helps, already knowing what she is trying to get to. The drawer slides open with ease under Shawn’s steady hand and he reaches in to pull out a small bottle of edible oil, innocuous enough in case someone at the lab come across it, but very applicable for what the two normally use it for.

Lexi grabs the bottle from Shawn’s hand, opens it and looks at it and then slides off the desk to grip his cock and swallow it, taking it all the way down to the base. Now it is Shawn’s turn to groan in delight as she slowly moves her mouth back and forth along his shaft. He is in heaven. Lexi stops, however, and squirts a small amount of the oil on her breasts before returning to his cock to rub a generous amount of it into the smooth flesh.

“Play with my tits and rub them up good Shawn,” she pants, “before I give you the best titty-fucking you’ve ever had in your life.”

Shawn’s kneading is slow and thorough and both breasts and cock glisten with oil. The smell is an unmistakable aroma from the oil along with the musky scent of her satisfied pussy. Her breasts practically touch each other, giving her a nice tight cleavage. He really appreciates the sight.

Lexi takes Shawn’s cock in one hand and slowly put it in her cleavage from the bottom, holding it and pushing it up between the slippery flesh. They are close enough together and so firm, that she doesn’t have to hold the side at all. Shawn just stands here while she holds the bottom of his cock and rubs it between her wonderful breasts.

Shawn’s cock is completely engulfed in her flesh and he is loves every single minute of this. She is almost doing it in slow motion so that the pleasure is prolonged even more and she knows the effect it is having on him. This isn’t their first time, particularly at the lab, and it probably will not be the last. Then with a large grin on her face, she says, “Taking it slow would be fun, but I did promise that best titty fuck ever. Besides, we’re short on time.”

With this, she moves her hands to the sides of her breasts and immediately begins sliding Shawn’s cock further and further into her tight passage where his cockhead appears at the top and her tongue out to immediately greet it. Occasionally, Lexi stops and not only licks with her tongue, but she actually suck on it and after a few seconds, she pulls back and slowly slides her cleavage back over his shaft until the cockhead is covered in her flesh. She does it again and again, prolonging the inevitable for as long as she can.

Looking up at Shawn, Lexi guides Shawn’s hand to the sides of her breasts to squeeze her breasts together even tighter until her nipples touch and says, “I want you to fuck my nipples.” She then holds a hand above Shawn’s cock, down just hard enough so that it will slide over the nipples as Shawn takes over the thrusting. The sensation is instantly doubled for Lexi as her moans intensify, as if she is going to climax again. Her nipples feel harder and harder with each thrust just as Shawn’s cock does, which at this point is ready to explode.

“Do my titties feel good? Are you ready to cum?”

“The fucking best,” Shawn replies, breathing hard.

“Hold it for me,” Lexi groans. “Keep that cum in just a little longer.”

Lexi takes over now and gives Shawn a slow hand job, rubbing her hand back and forth on the bottom of his shaft, while guiding his cockhead slowly in and out of the bottom of her breasts.
“Give it to me now!” she suddenly cries, releasing her grip on Shawn’s cock.

Shawn pushes her breasts together even tighter and quickens his movement, savoring each thrust into her breasts. Lexi opens her mouth and starts licking his cockhead again and this is the end for Shawn. He can’t hold back anymore and he lets loose straight into her mouth and on her tongue. What spurts miss, nicely fill the cleavage of Lexi’s breasts.

As Shawn pulls out and carefully rubs her nipples, the phone line rings. Lexi looks up at Shawn with a smile and says, “Just in time.”


“What do we have?” Shawn asks stepping into Hanger Bay Three with Lexi close behind. Lexi doesn’t look at all like she and Shawn have just been doing anything they weren’t supposed to, and in fact, she looks as professional as she does every morning when coming to work. Malcolm, their top research assistant, looks up with a smile. The smile almost doesn’t look right on his six foot tall, muscular frame.

“Shawn, Alexis,” he says with enthusiasm, “You are not going to believe what Titus brought back.”

“If it is anything like the pictures it sent back, then I can only imagine what it could be,” Lexi says with excitement.

“Better,” Malcolm says grinning.

“How so?” Shawn interjects.

Malcolm’s grin only gets larger. “Well, you know how we expected that any plant life that Titus brought back would be dead and most likely decomposed, regardless of our preparations? That has not proven to be the case.”

“You’re fucking kidding!” Lexi exclaims. “Something survived?”

“Not just something Dr. Adams, but a whole lot of something,” Malcolm explains. “Titus has managed to bring back all the samples it took, including the soil and water samples.”

“You’ve really got to be kidding,” Lexi says still stunned by the revelation. “How could they possibly have survived the trip?”

“I don’t know,” Malcolm answers with a frown.

“Maybe it was the properties of space or the plants themselves,” Shawn suggests. “It’s not like they resemble Earth’s plants any. We called them plants because that’s the closest analogue we have.”

Lexi furrows her brows at the thought and says, “Let’s say that is the fact. Titus didn’t have even near enough water or nutrients to keep all these plants alive for the entire trip.”

“Well we won’t know for sure, until we get these back into the lab,” Shawn says. “Speaking of which we’re going to have to get some more room made, I didn’t expect us to have so many samples for study.”

“Why don’t you get back then and clear up some space,” Lexi suggests, patting Shawn’s arm. “I’ll stay and get a couple of workers to help Malcolm bring everything over.”

“That sounds good,” Shawn says eagerly. “I’ll take this little guy with me and get started.” He quickly scoops up one of the small plants sealed in an airtight container and slips to the door like an eager child.

“Shawn seems like a boy on his first day to school,” Malcolm murmurs as soon as the doctor leaves.

“Well ain’t you like that too?” Lexi asks, pushing on his shoulder a little.

Malcolm laughs. “This is something exciting and I can’t believe I’m going to be part of it.”

“You’re a hard worker and if your family wasn’t proud of you already, they will be now.”

“My mamma was happy I got out of the neighborhood and away from all the gangs. Graduating from college was just a bonus.”

“If we can prove GP097 to be a habitable planet or if these plants can somehow benefit mankind, then we’ll get all the funding we will need for many years to come and even travel to it.”

Malcolm reaches under her chin to lift it up. “It will be great,” he says almost in a whisper. “The idea is almost as beautiful as you.”

The comment only makes her blush. She is used to the attention the males around the lab give her, even more so by Shawn’s, but here is Malcolm getting closer than any of the others, besides Shawn, has ever gotten.

Lexi pulls away despite the damp feeling between her legs that has suddenly started up. “We shouldn’t,” she says meekly, her voice on the verge of betraying her real feelings.

“I’m sorry,” Malcolm quickly says, pulling away. “I didn’t know that you had anything serious with anyone.”

Lexi really doesn’t, even if you count Shawn. They have always made sure as to not let anyone believe they were fucking each other, and as far as either was concerned, they are not strictly tied to each other, just friends with benefits. They are free to fuck whoever else they wanted. Sex is just sex.

Quickly, Lexi shakes her head and says, “No, nothing like that. I was just thinking that Shawn may wonder where we were with these plants and well...” she pauses to continue making some excuse not to take thing further. Fucking a co-worker isn’t the problem, it’s what happens afterward.

“You and I both know that Shawn is going to be fairly distracted with just that little plant he took,” Shawn says as he pulls Lexi in a little closer. Beneath his white shirt she can feel his tight and hard muscles press against her soft and warm body. “He won’t even notice when we do finally bring them in.”

Lexi smiles inwardly as she suddenly decides to snake her hand down and under Malcolm’s pants to brush against his semi-hard cock. She smiles and exclaims, “It looks like we have a more immediate problem to deal with.”

Lexi reaches with her other hand and pushes Malcolm’s pants forcibly down to drop to his ankles. Beneath his boxers his cock is already hardening even more.

“What’s this Malcolm?” She begins instantly massaging his cock through the thin cotton material and promptly the massive plum-shaped head appears through the leg of the boxers. “I’ve heard black men have big cocks, but my God...”

As she continues to tease him, she slips the neck of her shirt off, exposing her large white breasts and some incredibly aroused pink nipples. Lexi then slowly slides Malcolm’s boxers down, too, and nearly gasps out at the sight of the enormous cock that springs out.

All she can say as moisture starts to form between her legs is, “Oh my...” His cock is at least the length of her forearm, as thick as her wrist and uncircumcised. It is the first uncircumcised cock she has even seen up close and personal. She backs up and marvels at the sight. As she does, his cock throbs and bobs. It is like it is a being with a mind of its own. Lexi looks into Malcolm’s eyes and says, “Will it even fit?”

Malcolm nods. “You won’t believe how much a woman can take in.”

With a sly grin, she ever so slowly eases her head forward and tongue out. She licks the head and then licks it again as a large drop of precum glistens on the tip. She takes the bulbous head into her mouth, but this is all. She licks around it, under it, down the entire length and finally, while holding his massive balls in her hands, kisses them both. She places each one on her tongue individually. As she continues to soak his cock with her plentiful saliva, it glistens like a polished spear.

Malcolm begins to moan and rub Lexi’s wonderful breasts. She keeps licking and sucking and spitting her saliva on his huge cock until finally, she starts stroking the entire length, sliding the taunt foreskin back and forth over the massive head. Then she slides up and down over the mixture of saliva and precum, bringing Malcolm to the point of moaning louder and begging her to let him cum on her breasts.

Lexi stands up, removes her pants, revealing a freshly-shaved pussy. She finds an exposed portion of one of the hanger’s tables laid out for the plants and guides Malcolm over with her and then lays atop it. As she beckons him to spill his cum on her, he takes over, stroking the entire length of his massive cock. With a final grunt, Malcolm begins spewing his white hot cum out into the air where it falls heavily onto Lexi’s breasts, stomach, neck, face and pussy.

It is unbelievable and for a moment, Lexi doesn’t think it will ever stop pumping. It is unreal and despite herself she cries over and over, “Oh baby! Fuck yes!”

As Malcolm milks his cock dry, Lexi begins spreading the cum all over her body. She pays careful attention to her breasts and pussy lips, suddenly feeling an urge to immerse herself with his cum. As she fingers her clit with his cum, Lexi explodes in a shattering climax. When her body finally begins to settle down, she smiles up at him and then begins laughing in a beautiful, playful way.

“And here I had reservations,” she says almost absentmindedly. “Now get up here and shove that big dick in me.”


Shawn quickly bursts through the doors to the lab and sets the plant down on the closest table. Frantically, he spins around searching for a watering pitcher. “Where the fuck did I put it?” he asks out loud. “Ah. There it is.” He grabs up the pitcher and fills it at the sink before quickly returning to the plant to pour water into its basin and over its leaves. “There. That should help you out,” he says to the plant. “Now to get the recording equipment started.”

Once again Shawn turns from the plant, this time toward the recording equipment. Since he and Lexi like to perform acts in the lab, amongst other places in the building, video cameras were never installed and instead, anything they wanted to record has to be manually set up. The next thing he knows, his feet are being pulled from beneath him and he lands hard on his stomach, stunned. Something has grabbed him by the ankle, he realizes. He tries to stand up when suddenly and violently, he is spun around and turned onto his back.

Frightened beyond belief, he lifts his upper-body and looks down at his ankles. Shocked, he sees what appear to be tentacles coming down from the plant that he placed on the table only moments ago.

Before he can figure out what is happening, more tentacles fly out from the plant’s basin and attack at his pants. They hook themselves around the waist band of his pants and swiftly pull them down over his feet. He watches with complete dismay as his pants are pulled away and his shirt ripped apart. Part of him wants to stop what is happening, but the scientist part is curious how this plays out.

Now lying here naked, fear engulfs him as he lets out a yell of terror. Other tentacles are quick upon him and each wrist is suddenly wrapped by the slimy appendages as they pull him down flat on to his back. Prone on the floor still stunned by it all, he suddenly feels the tentacles pull his arms outward to the floor, spread away from his shoulders. He fights to get loose from the massive tentacle that has his hands in a grip, but it feels like a weight has been dropped on them.

He tries vigorously to free his arms, but the tentacles are too thick and powerful. While Shawn struggles to free his arms, he starts to feel the pull of the tentacles that have wrapped around his ankles, spreading his legs apart. He fights to keep them closed, but again his attempts are in vain. His arms and legs are now spread open, leaving his nude body stretched across the floor as if stuck in the open position of gross attempt at making a snow angel. Shawn can feel the tentacles now tugging even tighter on his arms and legs. He can feel his muscles stretching like rubber bands. The appendages keep opening him up wider, just to the point of his bones being pulled from their sockets. He lies here motionless and completely vulnerable in the inability to even be able to twitch a muscle.

“What the fuck is going on!” he shouts with a frightened look on his face. He lifts his head and peers down at his widely spread naked body.

The air is so silent. The only sound, other than the basic computer equipment humming softly in the room, is Shawn’s breath, racing in and out of his mouth as he tries to make sense of his situation.

Suddenly, Shawn looks past his legs and notices what seem to be smaller copies of the tentacles that are restraining him already, racing toward him from higher up the plant stalk. They drip with strange, viscous ooze that the plant seems to be producing as they make the way over his body and begin to wrap themselves around him. He can feel the warm, lubricated slime against him as if it helps to ease the tentacles around his helpless body.

One tentacle circles his waist line while another wraps around his chest several times and squeezes snug against him. Two more tentacles wrap around each of his knees and pull him even further apart. He can tell this plant really wants him wide open for whatever it has planned for him.

Other tentacles begin to hook around his thighs, leaving slimy trails over his legs. Even more encircle his arms and begin to intertwine with the dozens that are engulfing his now slimed and glistening body like vines around a post.

He lies there, helpless, for what seems to be forever when he feels the soft caress of another set of tentacles working their way up his legs. He lifts his head, as that is the only thing he can still move to some extent. He watches as they slowly make their way up to his groin. He sees one disappear beneath him. He can’t even give it a thought as to what this plant has in mind, when suddenly he feels the gentle prod of the slimed tentacle on his asshole.

“Oh, fuck no!” he yells.

But before Shawn can breathe another word, he feels it slide up into his ass as the slime lubricates the thin tentacle to ensure an easy entry.

Just as he is about to scream out, he notices that another tentacle begins to slowly open at its end. He can see inside with what looks like hundreds of little tongues. He can tell instantly just what this one has in mind as it seems to stare down directly as his limp, frightened cock.

“You can’t...” he groans.

He suddenly can feel the opening begin to wrap around the tip of his soft cock with the warmth of slimy lubricant dripping and covering his entire groin area. The tentacle begins to caress and pull on his cock as if provoking it to grow. Then suddenly a group of very small, finger-like tentacles emerge from the opening of the tentacle on his cock and work their way around his balls. They begin to gently caress and massage them while the other pulls and strokes on his shaft.

To his utter shock, Shawn can feel his cock slowly becoming engorged and grow while inside this dripping tentacle. How can this be? But somehow, this plant is beginning to take over his mind just like it has his body.

The tentacle begins to slide down his growing cock as it overflows itself with oozing, slimy lubricant. The slime runs down his shaft like a river and starts to pool in his navel and cover his stomach. Much of it runs down to his balls and lubricates the finger tentacles that are massaging his balls. The finger-like tentacles press against every nerve ending of his cock, causing it to become rock hard and swollen.

The tentacle slides down, all the way to the point of pressing at the base of his cock, extending it even deeper into the slimed appendage. It then slides all the way up to where his cock is barely inside the opening, stroking every last inch of his cock.

Weak, Shawn’s head falls back to the ground, and for some reason that he cannot fathom, he begins to feel pleasure more than fear. His arms and legs stretch out so far and firmly, becoming accustomed to their restraints. Even his muscles begin to relax and settle in, despite them being almost pulled from their bones.

Shawn finds himself slightly beginning to pant. He cannot believe he feels himself giving in to this slimy, alien plant. The tentacle on his cock continues to slowly ride up and down his shaft. The tiny finger-like tentacle massaging his cock and balls cause him to start moaning in pleasure. The tentacle in his ass starts to slide in and out at a more pronounced rate as it pours ever so much more slime into his asshole. It begins to move faster and with the main tentacle stroking feverishly at his cock, and the thin finger-like tentacles at his balls, he lets out a huge moan.

Shawn feels the need to begin squirming, but the tentacles have him restrained and spread to the point that it is impossible. Just as he feels the ecstasy escalating, the tentacles that wrap around his chest open a small slit along the side and out spring forth finger-like tentacles that make for his nipples and like fishing wire, begin to wrap around each one. He can feel the thin bands begin to tug up and out on his nipples in a gentle motion, which sends him into an uncontrolled frenzy.

As the minute pass by, each tentacle is caressing and stroking their respective parts, pushing him into a sexual blackout. Just as he thinks it can’t get any more intense, he looks above his head and sees a fat slimy tentacle coming for him. It runs under his head and begins to wrap itself numerous times around his neck with the end of the tentacle staring right at Shawn’s mouth.

With the main tentacle gulping and stroking at his cock, the new one quickly and swiftly forces itself into his mouth. The taste of the slime gushing out the end is sugary and hot and Shawn is shocked to find it enjoyable. However, the tentacle suddenly pushes into the back of his throat hard and down his neck. The slime in this tentacle, which contains a slight numbing agent, reduces and then eliminates his gag reflexes.

Down Shawn’s throat it pushes, then stops and stays here. At the same time, the tentacle wrapped around his neck begins to squeeze like a constrictor on its prey. He cannot breathe at all and the blood flow to his brain is now cut off as his face turns a sunburned red. The tentacle in his ass is digging in deeper with every stroke as it begins to swell, spreading open his asshole wider and wider. The tentacle sucking on his cock starts stroking at a faster pace and sucks harder, while the finger-like tentacles on his balls and nipples pull gently and caress. All the tentacles on his body, legs and arms begin sliding and pulsing to ensure every nerve ending of his slime covered body is simulated.
With his breath choked off, he begins to feel light headed but the stroking and sucking at his cock is so perfect, he feels the wave of orgasm begin to build. He needs to breathe. Take a breath so he can cum, but the tentacle continues to choke him.

He falls deeper into a state of unconsciousness as his orgasm begins to explode. Just her begins to pump massive amounts of cum into this intruding appendage, the tentacle pulls from his mouth and eases on his neck. A powerful ingestion of air, like a gust of wind, rushes into his lungs and brings him from the brink of death just as his cock is emptying into the tentacle. The blood flows back to his brain as he lets out a loud, almost deafening moan as he exhales his air.

His orgasm is completely and absolutely beyond intense. H feels a s if he will never stop cumming while filling this plant with his hot cum. Suddenly, the mouth tentacle forces its way back past his lips and into his throat, numbing and choking off his air once again. Again the tentacle around his neck constricts and the blood flow to Shawn’s brain is cut off. His cock is being drained dry by the sucking and stroking of the tentacle when he finally climaxes and his body goes limp. The tentacle around his neck relaxes again and the tentacle pulls out from his throat. Shawn lets out a huge cough and spews slime and what looks like tiny seeds all over his chest and the tentacle that is wrapped around his neck.

Although he is kept spread wide and hard, Shawn cannot move regardless of how much he struggles. He is in a frenzy as he cannot wrap his mind around what just happened to him and why it was so incredibly intense.

What is with those seeds? Is it trying to implant me with something?

He tries to move his wrists and arms and pull his legs closed, but as before they do not even budge. The plant is keeping him spread and captive. Shawn can feel his nipples continually being gently tugged on and his balls still getting their gentle caress. He barely summons enough strength to lift his head and look down at his cock. He notices it is still rock hard as the tentacle remains wrapped around it.

Why isn’t it letting me go? Why isn’t it releasing me?

Then Shawn realizes this ordeal isn’t over. Just like he would another species, this alien plant is studying him, obviously in the form of reproduction of some type. His head falls back down to the floor when he feels the tentacle take his hard cock back into its grasp.

Again, it starts to suck and stroke and ooze slime to keep Shawn’s cock lubricated. “Oh fuck! Not again!” he tries to shout but it only comes out as a loud moan.

The stroking instantly starts him moaning. Again, the tentacle in his ass starts to slide in and out and swell. Only this time, his asshole is stretched and almost welcomes its intruder. The tentacle that surrounds his neck begins to tighten when again the slimy vine pushes past his lips and into his throat. The stroking and sucking of his cock become faster. Much faster than the slower and deliberate speed from the previous times around. Shawn can actually begin to feel something being pumped into his cock rather than out of it.

Again he cannot breathe. Again he feels his mind slipping into unconsciousness. Again his blood to his brain is cut off, and again he feels the massive wave of orgasm begin to emerge. The sliding and pulsing of all the tentacles covering his body stimulate every nerve of his very being. Again as he cums, the tentacle loosens on his neck and pulls out from his throat. Again the air rushes into his lungs, but this time something different happens.

This time, as his cock burst forth a torrent of cum, Shawn feels the tentacle around his cock and the one in his ass pulsate. As the cum leaves his cock, he feels something being pumped into his ass. And at first it feels incredible, but then he starts to wonder about what was pumped into him. And before he can contemplate anymore, darkness overcomes him.

The first of the lab workers carrying the plant specimens opens the door to the main lab just ahead of Lexi and Malcolm. Before either can take another step, the young lab assistant screams and drops the plant she is carrying.

Lexi and Malcolm steal a glance from each other before rushing toward the door themselves. As they reach the young woman, they see Shawn’s naked body on the floor alongside the withered form of the alien plant. Before either can say a word, the young assistant is screaming again as a tentacle from the plant she was carrying comes at her.

Lexi and Malcolm, too caught up in the sight before them, never see the tentacles emerging from the plants that they each carry.

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