Police Woman Goes Missing
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Police officer Abbigail Johnson goes missing. The twenty-one-year-old blonde is held captive by her brother and his drug dealer friends. They drug and rape her, then force her into prostitution. CAUTION: This story is dark and sinister.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   Humiliation   Rough   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Needles   Size   Caution   Prostitution   Violent  

It was Abbigail Johnson’s twenty first birthday and she was extremely happy that morning. She had finished her training at the police academy a week earlier. Out of thirty-four cadets, Abby graduated at the top of her class. Ever since she was fifteen, all she wanted to be was a cop. Her thirteen-year-old brother Samuel had been hooked on drugs, and almost died from an overdose.

At Abby’s graduation ceremony, her parents were there. She wished her brother Sammy would have been there also, but deep down she knew he wouldn’t be. He couldn’t have cared less about her being a cop. In fact, Samuel Johnson hated his sister. His self-righteous bitch sister, in his opinion, was always downing him about his friends and drug use. Abby knew he was probably off somewhere getting stoned. That seemed to be the only thing her brother did anymore. The reason Abby wanted to be a cop so bad, was to catch the gang that got her Sammy hooked on drugs.

Abby put on her police uniform, and stood in front of her full-length mirror; she had her long blonde hair tucked under her cap. Looking in the mirror, she must admit she looked hot, even in her uniform. It did little to conceal her 34C-22-34 measurements. Her breasts pushed out her police shirt and the trousers did little to hide the fact that she had a well-formed and shapely ass. Abby was proud of her body, she had worked hard to keep in shape.

She took her cap off and shook her beautiful blonde hair loose. It flowed down well past her shoulders. Her sparkling blue eyes gazed in the mirror. Abby knew she was a beautiful girl and had been told that throughout high school and college. Boys, and men, were always telling her how beautiful she was. Abby’s breasts developed early; at thirteen, boys were trying to kiss and feel her up, even at that young age. She spent a lot of time fighting off hands. Abby dated a lot in high school after she turned sixteen, but managed to stay a virgin.

That however, didn’t last long in college. About midway through her freshman year, she met a boy she really liked. They had been dating for several weeks, when they went to a friend’s party. Abby was having such a good time that she’d lost track of how many drinks she had consumed. As the night went on, she got a little tipsy and carefree. Her date had to help her back to her dorm room.

Abby lived in a coed dorm. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend, so when the boy got Abby to her dorm room, he started making out with her. Abby loved cuddling and kissing, and even let boys play with her breasts. If she really liked them, she’d let them suck on her nipples, but no further. If the boy was extremely hard and she felt sorry for him, she’d bring him off with her hands.

She never used her mouth on a boy, that was just too slutty for her. Several boys had tried unsuccessfully to convince her to give them a blowjob. They told her all the girls were doing it, but she always refused and told them she wasn’t that way.

That night though, Abby was a little drunk and her body was responding to the boy’s hands. She didn’t resist when he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her. She even let him unhook her bra and remove it, which gave him full access to her magnificent nude breasts. The boy laid Abby on the bed and started sucking on her nipples. She was lying there moaning with her eyes closed letting the boy have his way with her.

Before she could get her brain focused to stop the boy, he had her on her back, passionately kissing her as she kissed him back. He eased his hand under the beautiful blonde’s short skirt and slipped her panties off her pretty legs, and dropped them on the floor. With her little skirt bunched up around her waist, he crawled on top of Abby’s sexy body.

Abby was moaning as the boy lined up his hard cock with her little blonde pussy. She was wet and ready to be fucked for the first time. However, he knew Abby was a virgin, so he pushed gently into her pussy, until he felt the head of his cock push against her hymen. The boy pulled back a little, and then moved his hips forward, with more force than before. This time, Abby’s hymen gave way, allowing him to drive deep into her; Abby felt a sudden pain, as he was fully imbedded in her previously unused pussy.

The boy started fucking Abby with long easy strokes until he realized her pain had subsided and he wasn’t hurting the pretty blonde anymore. He then started fucking her with longer and harder strokes. Feeling the boy’s cock sliding in-and-out of her tight pussy was sending tremors through her body. Without realizing it, Abby was instinctively moving her hips and fucking the boy. She spread her legs wider, giving him better access to her pussy.

Now the pain was completely gone and replaced by a new feeling, one that caused Abby to wrap her legs around the boy’s ass and trying to pull his hard cock deeper in her now very wet pussy. The boy kissed her open mouth passionately as he started fucking her harder and harder. Abby was groaning and moaning, as she moved her tight pussy up to meet his driving cock.

Abby was so beautiful and hot, the boy couldn’t last long before he was shooting a massive load of cum deep in her pussy. She was lucky she didn’t get pregnant and started taking birth control pills after that night. Abby continued to date and fuck the boy for a few more months before she broke up with him.

By then, all he wanted to do on dates was to take her somewhere and fuck her or have her give him a blowjob. The young blonde had let him talk her into sucking his cock, but she had started feeling used. He didn’t care about her; she was just a hot sexy girl for him to shove his hard cock into her pussy or mouth when he got horny.

Abby continued to date all though college, but was not promiscuous; she could count the number of boys she sucked and fucked on one hand, never swallowing any of their cum. She always dated the boy several months before she had sex with him and usually fucked him first before she sucked him.

It was always the same. After she finally would give in, letting the boys shove their hard cocks in her tight pussy, that was all they wanted to do anymore. She knew they were just using her for sex and to brag to their friends that they got between her legs.

The graduation ceremony had gone well, and, as Abby suspected, her brother was nowhere to be seen. She wished her brother had come to see her receive the award for the most outstanding cadet in her class. After graduation, she went out to celebrate with her parents, they were so proud of her. She had always been the good child, never getting into trouble, a straight “A” student, not like her delinquent dropout brother.

Abby had only been on patrol a few weeks, it was late at night. She was driving through the almost deserted streets, when what looked like a homeless black man flagged her patrol car down. She pulled her car over to the curb and got out, leaving her driver’s door open. Sliding her nightstick in her belt, Abby walked up to the man; but before she could even say anything another large black man slipped up behind her and quickly put a chloroform rag over her nose and mouth.

The pretty blonde police officer tried to struggle, tried to claw at the man’s hands that were holding the chloroform rag over her nose and mouth, but the man held her tight until she passed out. The two men quickly put Abby in their van and drove off; leaving her patrol car parked there at the curb with the motor still running.

The newspapers read “Missing police officer, Abbigail Johnson, no clue to her disappearance.” Another officer had found Officer Johnson’s empty police car, with the door open and the motor still running, after she didn’t respond to a call from dispatch. The detectives didn’t have a clue; there were no signs of a struggle, no blood. It looked like the young female officer got out of her car and just disappeared.

Unbeknownst to Abby, it had been two weeks since her abduction. The whole time she was drugged and virtually unconscious. When the pretty young blonde police officer woke up, she was very groggy, but realized she was lying in bed and had absolutely no idea where she was at or how she got there.

Abby managed to sit up as her head cleared a little. She looked around, she was in a room with no windows, and the only thing in the room was the full-size bed that she was sitting in. In addition, she could see a bathroom through a door that was open.

The young female officer had a tremendous aching feeling in her body. What Abby didn’t know was, she had been there two weeks, and each day, they had given her an injection of extremely addicting drugs. As Abby came more aware, she realized her uniform and her underwear had been taken, she was totally nude. Her immediate thought was she’d been drugged and raped. However, when she slid a finger in her tight pussy there was no indication a hard cock had been forced in her and no male cum. Abby breathed a sigh of relief.

She tried to remember what happened, how she got there, but her mind was blank. The last thing she remembered was walking up to the homeless black man. Could he have done this? Abby’s mind was racing for answers when she heard the door being unlocked. A man walked in, carrying a tray of food; he was wearing a hooded robe that reached the floor. She couldn’t even see his face. By then Abby had managed to sit on the side of the bed, she pulled the blanket around her, to cover her nakedness.

“You’re probably hungry, you need to eat to get your strength back,” the man said, and then told her she could take a shower after she ate. It would make her feel better.

For an instant Abby thought she recognized the voice, then she wasn’t sure, her mind was so cloudy. All kinds of questions were running though Abby’s mind, but before she could get her mind focused to ask them, the man had sat the tray down on the bed and left. She was hungry so she ate a little. Her mind kept running through all kinds of questions. How did she get there? Where was she? What did they want with her? Why did they take her clothes? Was anyone looking for her? Who was the strange man wearing the hooded robe?

Abby felt the aching in her body intensifying; she managed to get off the bed and go to the bathroom and wash her face and hands. There were some clean towels lying on the dressing counter so she took a long hot shower, but the aching in her body continued. When she got out of the shower and dried off, she realized someone had left a short thin silk robe on the dressing table while she was in the shower. Abby put it on and tied the sash around her waist.

Looking in the mirror, Abby could plainly see her hard nipples pushing out against the thin material. The length of the robe barely covered her pussy. She then went back and sat on the side of the bed. The front end of the robe rode up so high that anyone in front of her could plainly see her blonde pussy hair. She tried to pull the robe down further, but it was no use. Abby was sitting there trying to make sense of her situation, her brain was still cloudy, and she continued to feel that terrible aching in her body. About that time, a man came in carrying a syringe in his hand.

“It’s time for your medicine; it will make you feel better, it’s what the doctor prescribed for you,” the man said, as he walked over to her.

Abby’s pain was getting worse, all she could think about was getting rid of the pain, and she’d do anything to make it go away. In her confused state, Abby didn’t fight the man when he took her arm and administered the drug. Abby’s eyes glossed over, and she fell back on the bed, as the drug took over.

When she fell back, the robe was pulled up, completely exposing the pretty patch of soft blonde hair on her pussy mound, her legs were slightly open, so the man could see all the way to her little slit. His cock was getting hard looking at the pretty blonde bitch. He was very tempted to go ahead and fuck her then, but he had promised her brother that they’d make the pretty young blonde cop give herself to them.

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