Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Orgy, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Causal friends take it to the next level.

Ashley was a person who I’d met through a friend and we always seemed at odds with each other. We never argued or fought but our speak to each other was always confrontational. She was not run way beautiful but the wholesome girl next door beauty. She would never have been a fashion model, but she never lacked for attention. It wasn’t intentional in the way she dressed or acted but she did exude a sexual energy. I was ten years older than her twenty eight years but we seemed to share many things in common. If we could just get past the sarcasm and maybe even more.

One day Ashley was at the local VFW and after a half hour of wanna be studs unsuccessfully trying out pick up lines she wandered over to my table. Ashley asked if I minded her sitting with me. I said I minded but sit anyway, in our typical banter, as I pushed a chair out with my foot. This time though she didn’t take the bait and let my comment slip. Ashley was not the type to sleep around but on occasion had been loose to wild. This was usually when she had a little help from the most holiest of herbs.

After a drinking a couple beers over an hour Ashley was getting annoyed with the bar flies that kept watching her like a piece of meat. That wasn’t unusual for the VFW where females were rare. Single females were practically extinct making them even more like prey. So when she asked if I had any smoke, I said sure enough, follow me home or ride with me. She asked nicely to ride with me and stumbled slightly as she stood. From my new vantage point I could see down the front of her crop top that she didn’t have a bra on. Her nipples were clearly visible and now I could see the bare underside of her breasts. I couldn’t remember ever seeing much skin on her. Tonight though she was showing her breasts off. Something about her was different tonight. I was looking forward to seeing where this would lead.

I opened the passenger door to my truck for her and made sure she got in safely. She wasn’t drunk, but she was tipsy. As I drove home she slid across the bench seat and snuggled up to me. It was the first time we’d ever made contact short of passing a joint. She smelled nice and the grit that usually peppered our conversation was gone. I pulled in my driveway and up to my house. We walked in the house and Ashley sat on a couch. I went to get some smoke and the bong. Upon returning I placed them on the table and asked her to load a bowl. I went to the kitchen and got a couple bottles of Labbats beer from refrigerator. As I returned to the living room I could hear the bong bubbling and Ashley offered it to me. I sat beside Ashley smoking some and passed a bottle of beer to her.

Ashley commented on the premium beer and top notch smoke. As she smoked more, her skin got warmer. She snuggled up to me putting her hand on my thigh. It wasn’t long before she was stroking my cock through my jeans. I told her I was working on Chinese fire cupping and needed a model / test subject and asked if she was interested. She said now, her words dripping of disappointment. I told her that she would enjoy it. She said oh yea, and I said sure, if I did it right, which she laughed at. She said ok, she was game, do with me what you will. I said ok, and I set up my massage table. She said oh a massage sounds good. I helped her up off the couch and led her to the table. I said well, now I need you to take your clothes off.

She started undressing without a word as I set up my cups and my 35mm camera. I setup a remote video camera and turned it on. Ashley didn’t seem to notice or care the cameras were there. She pulled her crop top off turning a little circle partly dancing. As she pulled her shorts and panties down I put my hand out to stabilize her and lead her up on the table. I had her lay face down and began massaging her shoulders and she mewed as I worked. I said ok now that you are relaxed, I will begin and I took the batons and lit the fire side. She turned her head to watch but was thoroughly relaxed and unconcerned as I picked up a large cup. I primed the cup lit it and placed it on her back, the skin drew up into the cup and I slid it around making a good seal.

I repeated this procedure placing 10 large cups along her spinal cord to her lower back. I moved to her feet and massaged her leg up to the point which she adjusted herself spreading her legs. I moved to the other leg and as I rubbed her leg to the top I swiped her pussy slightly. I picked up the next size down of cups and began to place them one by one alternating from one leg to the other. As I got to the crescent of her butt cheek I put three smaller ones around the curve on either cheek.

I picked up my camera and took a bunch of pictures from all different angles trying to get the best light. Ashley said so you weren’t joking about the model thing then? I said no I wasn’t, and that she was perfect for the photo shoot and that she looked amazing. She seemed to relax back into her comfort zone with a sigh. I finished taking the pictures and began removing the cups. As I removed the cups from her butt cheeks I massaged them some, enjoying the free access and the view of her pussy as I pulled her cheeks apart while massaging. Ashley arched her back slightly raising her butt making me aware she appreciated my attention.

As I massaged I ran my thumbs inside her thighs and dug inside to her pussy lips and then over her butt. Ashley purred as I rubbed closer into her pussy and was making small rhythmic circles. After the rest of the cups were removed I took another series of pictures of the dark circles the cupping had made. I took a few good close ups of her ass and pussy peaking out. I asked her to turn over and if she wanted to continue, and she said sure. I helped her to turn over and she noticed the cupping marks on her legs and asked how long they would last. I told her that most likely three or four days, just like a bruise. She put her hands at her side awkwardly and I took her hands and placed her hands over her head.

Ashley’s breasts were not overly large but stood up well and I massaged her from head to toe. I began cupping and she was very interested, watching every placement and this time as I came back up her body with smaller cups I placed four in an arc over her pubic mound. Then I placed five of the smallest cups around each of her breasts. I picked up my 35 mm camera and started taking pictures, and Ashley really seemed to be enjoying having her picture taken. I did a few close ups of her pubic mound, and each breast as well as them together. When I finished I removed all the cups and helped her to sit on the edge of the table. She was dizzy and I stepped into the edge of the table to keep her from falling.

It is common when people are laying for an extended time to get dizzy upon sitting and the step in was just something I do to keep clients from falling. In this case Ashley spread her legs and I stepped between them as she reached around me pulling me into hug her. She asked me if that was all, and I said all of the cupping photo session yes, but that I was hoping to take advantage of her and treat her like a slutty little whore and fucker her brains out. She said yeah right in a slightly friendly sarcastic tone, and I said ok then, and picked her up in my arms. She said OH are you going to carry me across the threshold now? Laughing.

I did in deed carry her across the threshold to my play room. She said wow, I have never seen this room before, kinky. I placed her on a spanking bench and secured her hands and ankles. Ashley said you don’t need to tie my down I won’t run away. I picked up a paddle and she said you are not. Her words were interrupted by the sound of the paddle smacking her ass cheeks. After administering a mild paddling Ashley was panting and started to struggle a little and I took the opportunity to take my clothes off. She said that it? Now you fuck me? I stepped to her head and as she began to protest, I stuffed my cock in her mouth. I grabbed a hold of her head and face fucked her throat until she was crying. Tears running down her face and I stepped back and picked up a flogger as she caught her breath. I whipped her slowly at first as I listened to her rant but never saying stop or anything to that effect. She wasn’t drunk or high anymore, she was alert and enjoying the flogging I was administering. I finished and she said sarcastically so that’s it?

I said nothing but turned her over and around and secured her ankles so she was effectively on her back, her legs pulled up and apart. I could clearly see her pussy and asshole and I took a squirt bottle of lubricant and sprayed some on her pussy and asshole. I knelt between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. I used one hand on top, my palm on her mound, my thumb rubbing her clit. The other hand I started fingering her, one finger then two. I recognized that she was enjoying the treatment as she shook thought several small orgasms, and then I turned my finger into a cone shape and her eyes got wide as she watched me insert my hand into her pussy. Pulling it in and out slowly at first and then like a machine hell bent on creating an epic orgasm like she’d never had before.

Ashly was loudly swearing and praising Jesus when she got silent and it happened, she shook, and collapsed, and then squirted. She shook some more and squirted some more, and when I pulled my hand from her she squirted some more. She collapsed like she thought I was done, and then I slipped two well lubricated fingers into her asshole. She squirted not as much as before and I kept rubbing her clit with my thumb until I could feel her sphincter muscles contract and release. I stood up and slid my cock up to her pussy lips.

I flicked my cock up and down her slit taking lubrication with each pass as I could and then plunged forward into her asshole until my cock bent, deep inside her. If Jesus is real he must have heard her calling him, as I pulled out and slammed back into her. She got a very determined look like she wasn’t going to come anymore, that she was done enjoying this, and I slapped her across the face and then each tit. As I hit her tits she screamed and squirted, and shook and trembled and squirted some more as I continued to plunge in her asshole. I slapped her tits again and she jerked to avoid my slap but was properly restrained and she squirted some more.

I was getting close to coming and I released all the force I could muster slamming in and out of her asshole. I reached the point of no return and pulled my cock from her and stepped to the side and slid my cock up to her face. She refused to open her mouth but it didn’t matter to me as my cock spasmed and my thick hot come landed on her face. She opened her mouth to protest and I shoved my cock in, and shook my cock in her mouth, coming my last drops in her mouth. I pulled her head back by the hair as she used her teeth to scrape my cock as it went in and out of her mouth, and then wiped my cock all over her face.

She struggled twisting her head from side to side but all she did was make wiping my come on her face easier. I stepped back and said well you look like a properly used fucking whore, and in a moment of truth she smiled, this wicked grin. I knew it, she was a cock whore, she loved being treated like a piece of fuck meat. I released her from the bindings, and held out my hand to help her up. She took my hand and when she stood I pulled her to me and we kissed. We showered together and then I led her back to the living room and she lit the bong and took a long deep hit and passed it to me.

I passed her a cold beer and took a hit from the pipe, and picked up the remote to the TV. I hit a few buttons and there she appeared on the big screen getting Chinese fire cupped. She commented on how good the video was and how interesting the bruise circles looked on her as she rubbed a few of them on her legs. When the video was over I hit another button and the video feed from my play room came on and she said oh my god. We watched as she went through orgasm after orgasm. She commented that she’d never been so much as spanked before let alone squirted before, that she’d gotten wet and had wet orgasms, but never like that. As she spoke, on the screen she had another squirt as I pushed her for more.

Ashley asked about the video and what I intended to do with it. I told her the cupping video was for teaching and that parts would be edited with pictures to produce a working video of what I do. She said no the other one, and I said that is just for me and with her permission anyone who I invite into my play room, that there would be no copies to distribute. She said that she had one request, and I braced mentally for her request that I delete it, when she surprised me by asking for a copy for herself, what a cock whore. I asked her how she wanted it and she giggled and said just like that. We laughed and I asked DVD or thumb drive, she said she wanted it all, and we laughed some more.

We went to bed and slept until noon, I took her to breakfast and then back to the VFW for her car. She asked if she could come over later. I said sure but Janis a friend would be over and she was expecting to play, Ashley said ok, then see you later. When I got home I cleaned up, and set up the play room for the evening and was working on the fire cupping video when Janis pulled in. Janis came up behind me and asked what I was doing and then she changed her words to who was I doing. I reminded her of Ashley and then she recognized her. She said so that stuck up bitch needed the money enough to do the photo shoot?

I said no, as it turns out she’s a cock whore pain slut and likes it rough. Janis said really? Rough? How rough? I said well she took my fist first time out, slapping, name calling, oh and huge squirting orgasms. She said her, really? I said sure enough, deep hard and fast and fully enjoyed watching herself too. I said and if you are not too good you might just get a chance to fuck her too. Janis started bouncing up and down and asked if I had her strap on cock, I said it’s in the play room. I told her I expected Ashley in a couple hours.Janis was a couple years younger than me and we’d been friends with benefits for years. She was thinner than I physically enjoy and had no tits at all, just nipples. She was lot of fun, and always there when I called. Her ass was out of this world, and she loved showing off.

We had diner and watched the video from the play room and Janis was enthralled at how rough I was on a first timer. I told her Ashley was just Ashley and I really didn’t expect anything at all from her so if she bolted and ran off it was no loss. I told her I always had a feeling that Ashley was a kinky slut, and it turned out to be true. Janis took her clothes off and put her strap on cock on, and walked around stroking it. I laughed and joked with her and then we heard Ashley’s car pull in. Janis went into the play room and I put a movie on in there of Janis getting fucked by this bull dyke she met at an after party, party. The bull dyke named Mary had this huge strap on cock that looked real but was unrealistically huge. Even if that thing was soft it would be too much to carry around. Janis was stroking her strap on that rubbed her clit as she watched the movie when I brought Ashley in the play room.

I introduced Ashley to Janis and said this is the cock whore I told you about. Ashley started to feign an objection but before the words left her mouth, Janis said get your fucking clothes off bitch. Ashley started to reject the order when Janis grabbed her and threw her to the floor. I was surprised it happened so fast, but before Ashley could even react, Janis had ripped her blouse open and was wrestling her pants off her. Ashley started to get into it and resisted but Janis had a plan and was soon on top of her back as Ashley covered her head, tucking her arms in and Janis screamed get up you fucking little whore. When she didn’t move Janis said ok cunt right to the main course and reached over and grabbed a couple fingers full of Vaseline out of the tub, and forced them into Ashley’s asshole. Ashley screamed and before she could react, Janis had her cock in Ashley’s asshole, laying on top of her holding her down.

Janis said I told you take your clothes off, you disobeyed now you get what you get, and pounced up and down on her slamming the fake cock in and out as fast as she could. I took my clothes off and stood back just stroking my cock watching. Janis was getting tired and yelled at Ashley you had enough cunt? You want up cunt? Ashley barked back, I want up. Janis said ask nicely looser, Ashley said I am not a looser. Janis slammed her fake cock in Ashley’s ass a few more times and said feels like I am winning and Ashley said ok, you win. Janis said and that makes you?

Ashley screamed the looser and Janis pulled her to her knees and then to a chair where Janis sat and pulled Ashley’s face into her pussy. She screamed at her eat my pussy you fucking pathetic looser. I knelt behind Ashley and could see her thighs were wet. Janis kept rubbing Ashley’s face into her pussy so I slid up behind Ashley and slid my cock into her pussy, which was literally dripping. I took hold of Ashley’s hair and pulled her head back, as Janis got up and turned around, and barked at Ashley to ream her asshole. It was a sight to behold Janis’s tight butt turned up and Ashley being forced to eat her ass. I was looking at one beautiful butt getting ate as I fucked the one eating her. Janis barked at her don’t you dare come yet you fucking slut.

I could tell Janis was really enjoying brutally topping Ashley, she was really into it, calling her names and doing her best to rule Ashley. Ashley resisted at the start but was becoming more compliant with every thrust, every word. Janis turned back over and was rubbing furiously at her clit and told Ashley to eat her ass and as Ashley got back to licking her, Janis came in her face. Janis had never been a squirter, but this situation, scene pushed her over the edge and she was squirting buckets right in Ashley’s face. Janis barked come you fucking cunt and Ashley bucked under me; I could feel her come splashing all over my cock and balls.

Janis continued barking at Ashley and and Ashley was moaning and crying. I was enjoying the show these two were putting on for me. I pulled Ashley by the hair to a kneeling position and shoved my cock to the back of her throat and unloaded my come into her throat. She pushed on my legs trying to get my cock out of her throat, but couldn’t. When I finished coming I pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her down to the floor. Janis who had been watching stood up hovering over Ashley. She rubbed her pussy until she squirted all over Ashley yelling lick it up you fucking looser. To my surprise Ashley still coughing and recovering from my cock choking her, leaned down and licked Janis’s come off the floor. Janis and I watched recovering, as Ashley cleaned Janis’s come off the floor.

Janis reached out to Ashley and took her hand and lifted her to the chair. Then she moved in front of her and hugged her, Ashley breaking the hug said thank you mam. I took a seat in another chair and watched as the two of them bonded in post scene tenderness. I was thoroughly surprised at the two of them, and the twist this specific evening had taken. Janis was holding Ashley tenderly stroking her and Ashley rubbing her head into Janis, like a dog being loved. It occurred to me that they may just be forming a bond beyond the play room. Janis and I helped Ashley up and as we showered we washed her. When we got out Janis and I toweled Ashley dry. Janis took her hand and led her to the living room couch.

We watched the video, smoking from the bong, drinking nice cold beers, and discussed the play session. Janis said she’s never topped before and Ashley said wow really because she was so natural at it. Janis asked Ashley if she wanted to try it and she quickly said no, she’d been mommy to too many “lovers” before. She went onto say she enjoyed playing safely like this with no expectations beyond the playrooms’ door. She went on to say she wanted to try it all, that she’s not had much sex out side of missionary or cowboy positions and never had a session last more than ten minutes before. Janis said oh you poor girl, well you found the right people now. Janis asked Ashley, so you’ve never been with a woman before, and Ash said no quickly.

The end of Chapter One

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