Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, School, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, First, Masturbation, Size, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The start of a series about a youngster's sexual development - this is NOT a nice story

Tommy was thirteen when his sister caught him whacking away in the bathroom, both hands on his slim cock and his eyes closed.

“Ew,” his sister squealed, putting her hand to her mouth and staring at her brother’s remarkably heavy penis, its head dripping sperm. “How big is that thing?”

Tommy, who was bare and still wet from the shower, dropped his cock and smiled at her. “About six inches.” He had come twice already and the fat thing drooped over his wrinkled scrotum. He had often imagined his sister’s body when he beat his meat and there she was, licking her lips.

“Come,” his sexy sixteen-year-old sister said, holding out her hand. “Let’s go to my room and have some fun.” She was wearing just the t-shirt she slept in and her long legs almost skipped as she hurried them down the hall.

Monica had known three boys since her fat uncle popped her cherry at the 4th of July picnic when she was 15 and had enjoyed them all, but none were as well endowed as her brother. She masturbated almost daily and dreamed of well-hung man taking advantage of her when she pushed things into herself. Now she had one of her very own. Her vagina buzzed and her clit hardened.

She had not enjoyed a male’s attention for nearly six weeks and she was tired of her fingers, cumcumbers, squashes and the old plastic vibrator she had found in her mother’s closet.

“Dad’s golfing and Mom’s shopping so we’ve got at least an hour, probably two,” the girl said as she sat her puzzled brother down on the side of her frilly bed and then knelt between his knees. She lapped his limp cock into her warm mouth and turned her head sideways to let its fat head slide down her throat.

Tommy moaned and shivered. No girl had ever touched his cock and now his sister was sucking it, no, she was deep-throating it and snorting through her nose. He trembled and closed his eyes, feeling himself harden.

Monica’s hand came up between his legs and fingered his firm balls while her other hand stroked the young boy’s thigh and butt. Her tongue circled his trapped cock’s bulging head and her teeth raked it as she slid her lips up and down the warm shaft and moved the prick in and out of her swallowing throat.

She looked up at him and tried to smile as it grew longer and harder. She had read about the remarkable recovery of young men and now she would see if those stories were true. She was not aware that her brother had jetted out several streams of jism in the shower and then two more in the sink.

“I can feel it coming,” Tommy said, burying his hands in his sister’s curls and trying to keep breathing. It felt like lava moving along inside him, hurtling down his iron-hars cock.

She sucked even harder and swallowed his cum as he jerked and ejaculated three times in quick succession. Then she milked his ram with her lips and tongue and kissed the tip after she let it slip from her mouth. His knees trembled and his sister gasped for breath.

“Wow,” Tommy said. “That was wonderful, sis. How ‘bout some more?”

The girl rose and sat on her brother’s skinny knees. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossed back her curls and cupped a small, round breast, offering her brother’s mouth his first tit since he was a baby. The nipple was very pink in an areole of lighter pink. It was beautiful, thought the boy as he bent and licked it.

Tommy knew what to do from his Internet reading, and he fingered his sister’s left nipple while he sucked and nibbled at the right breast until the girl leaned back and moaned, pulling her long, hard tit from his sucking mouth. Then he did the other side, feeling his eager cock hardening as he did so, his right hand full of his sister’s warm boob, the hard nipple jutting our between his fingers while he lapped at her other dug with his rough tongue.

His sister felt it too and inched forward, rising on her knees to trap the blunt head between her trembling lips. She took a deep breath and kissed her brother’s mouth. Their bodies joined as if milled to fit together, and Tommy sank his whole thin prick in his sister’s wet and quivering vagina.

He was no longer a virgin. Monica had never had a real six-incher before and climaxed quickly, on the fifth or sixth stroke. They hardly noticed.

A half-hour later after the boy had peaked again in her clasping slot, his sister had him flat on his back and was riding his upright cock and slapping his buttocks both left and right.

“Aren’t you worried,” he gasped up at her, “about getting pregnant?”

“Un uh,” she said happily as she bounced up and down, getting four of five inches of man meat rammed into her each time, “not now.”

After the boy ejaculated for the third time that hour, the siblings decided to stop although Monica was able to suck Tommy hard in almost no time. She let him go with an open-mouthed kiss.

They dressed, breakfasted and went about their Saturday chores. Tommy was mowing the lawn when his mother got home.

During the last month of that school year, Tommy and his randy sister copulated a score of times. Monica had a book called “99 Positions” and they worked their way through it, page by page. With practice, Tommy was able to sustain their first fucking for nearly ten minutes and often went twenty before he came for the second time. Thirds were not uncommon because of his sister’s cocksucking abilities.

In mid-June when his sister measured him one Saturday morning he was a shade over six inches long and nearly five inches in circumference. His sister said he was surely the best-hung boy in the 9th grade and probably among the sophomores too.

The next Wednesday when Tommy got home from school and galloped up the stairs, shedding clothes and rapidly hardening, he found two girls in his sister’s room, one of them almost naked, the pretty one he had seen before in the school halls but never met.

Tommy stopped and blinked, his shirt in his hand. He and his sister were now about the same size, five-nine or so and about 140 pounds although she was three years older and a junior. Tommy licked his lips and stared; this girl was bigger than his sister and prettier too.

In fact, he quickly decided the tall blonde was absolutely beautiful; and all she had on was a tiny pair of cotton underpants. Her small breasts were topped by tiny cherries, and she was smiling. She was almost six feet high in her clunky shoes and weighed only 110 with an eighteen-inch waist and 32-inch hips.

“This is Jona,” his sister said, “I told her all about you and she doesn’t believe me. She’s a cheerleader too.”

“Hi,” Tommy said, shaking the offered hand and watching the young breasts bobble up and down. They were, he noted, shaped differently than his sister’s, more like pears with the nipples turned slightly outward. He longed to suck them.

“I promised her you’d do her, so be nice.”

“OK,” Tommy said, sitting and pulling off his sneakers, “but it has to be a secret.”

“She’s my best friend,” Monica said as she pulled her top over her curly head. “I just had to tell her because you’re so good. She knows you’re just a ninth grader.”

Tommy blushed as Jona climbed up on the bed behind him and wiggled out of her underpants. She was clean shaved and smooth as an egg, and her cleft looked small and tight-lipped. His cock leapt up, steel hard, leaking pre-cum, and his sister bent and licked it.

Tommy, once he was bare, climbed up and straddled the girl’s thin body; he slid his hard cock up between her young breasts and brought it to her lips. “Get it wet,” he said, despite the fact that it already was.

Jona nodded, her eyes very wide for although Tommy’s cock was only five inches in circumference, the purplish head was somewhat bigger, especially around the hard ridge. She licked it and managed to get the glans between her teeth while Tommy fingered her and found her hot and slippery, ready to enter.

He slid his arched rod back down her feverish body, spread her legs on his forearms, pushing one to the side and smiled at her. “Put it in,” he said confidently. Two weeks of hard sex had taught him a lot.

Jona grasped his jutting tool between thumb and forefinger, surprised it was so hot, and brought it to her narrow opening. She set its head firmly between her quivering lips, let go and said, “Be gentle.” She arched and gritted her teeth.

Tommy pushed and the girl screeched and jumped when he broke through her ring and entered her channel. “You’re not a virgin, are you?” he asked quickly.

She shook her head and kept right on shaking it from side to side as he penetrated her deeply, easing a full half-foot of hard gristle into her grasping, teen-age cunt. She could feel things tearing within her and her flesh being pushed aside, torn open and then his bony pubis was rubbing her clit and she lost it completely, screaming with pleasure.

Tommy arched up on every thrust, ignoring her moans and trying to make sure he rubbed her clit as he fucked her, just as his sister had taught him.

“Isn’t it cool?” Monica asked, raking back her friend’s hair and kissing her forehead after the girl stopped gasping for breath.

“Ugh,” the blonde girl replied as Tommy drew out almost fully and then slowly rammed back in, turning her lips inward and rubbing her clitoris firmly. “Ugh,” she said again. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” she gasped as he continued in her, lifting her pelvis from the bed with his thrusts, his hands now grasping her buttocks.

“Oh,” she groaned as he began to gather speed, his balls smacking her butt, “don’t, don’t come in me. Get a rubber, please, please.”

Monica handed Tommy a Trojan, and he tore open the pack and gave Jona the limp condom. Then, with some effort, he withdrew and reared up so that his dripping phallus rose above her belly. The tall girl rolled it down his prick and pulled it tight with the tiny safety head bobbling, concentrating hard on what she was doing, the tip of her tongue in the corner of her mouth.

“Thanks,” Tommy said and he gently reimpaled her and then grabbed her buttocks and got down to some serious fucking, bouncing the bed off the wall before he came with his jaws clamped and eyes closed. He gave the sobbing girl another ten or so and then slid out of her, slimy but satisfied.

He pulled off the condom, and Jona took it from his fingers and squeezed his gob of sperm into her mouth, swallowed and licked her lips. Meanwhile Tommy’s sister had pushed him down and taken his slimy cock into her sucking mouth, and in a few minutes she was able to mount his jutting pole and please herself on his tired body.

The next day, it was another of Monica’s cheerleader friends, a curly headed girl called Reena who stood at the foot of the bed and had him pull down her cotton panties and take her right there. Tommy obliged, lifting the girl’s toes off the floor repeatedly until he came after nearly ten minutes of hard work.

By then Reena was gurgling and moaning as she fell to her knees and put her forehead on the floor once the boy pulled his rod from her with a slurping pop. Tommy and Monica ignored her as they happily coupled in position number 43 on the side of the bed, the girl’s legs doubled under her and a breast in her brother’s mouth.

On Friday, Beth Mitchell, the captain of the high school cheerleading squad was there with Tommy’s sister. Beth was one of the school’s super stars, a girl who had her pick of boys. She invited Tommy to a slumber party that evening and urged him to get his rest because she hoped he would be able to serve all the girls that night.

“How many?” Tommy asked as he stripped off his shirt and admired the blonde girl’s ripe body, her high and hard 36 C’s.

“Twelve if everybody comes and I think they will. You ought to hear the stories Jona is telling about you.” She smiled. “Some girls have steadies and they won’t be there.”

Tommy pried off his shoes and slipped out of his jeans and underpants so he could stand in front of the luscious blonde girl naked and let her watch his proud cock fill and rise. “Don’t you want a sample?” the boy asked, scratching his immense balls and smiling confidently.

Beth blinked as the Tommy’s thin cock got thicker and higher until it was pointed right at her nose. She sat back on the side of the bed. Tommy stepped between her legs, flipped up her short skirt, pushed her thong aside and eased his cockhead into her pink and dripping hole as she rolled her pelvis up to make it easier, her hands on his shoulders.

“Oh my god,” Beth cried as Tommy drove inch after inch of his blood hot prong up into her, actually lifting her from the bed with just his cock and well developed thigh muscles.

“Don’t hurt her,” Monica said quietly as she watched her brother perform, a smile on his lips, his hands clasped behind him. Once he had his whole member in the girl’s tight quim, she fell back with her arms spread and Tommy quickly slipped his hands under her top and mauled her lush breasts while he accelerated to a quick and gushing orgasm. He gave her four ropes of his jism and then withdrew and tucked his weapon out of sight while she gasped and rolled about.

“I look forward to tonight,” he said as he left with his shirt in his hand. “Hope you enjoyed the sample.”

“Show off,” his sister said as Beth just moaned some more, feeling eviscerated, her cunt turned inside out. She had been fornicating off and on for over two years and had gone through two dozen boyish lovers and one teacher without being fucked as she just had been by a 9th grader. Her cunt was still clasping like a fish out of water as she raked through her blonde curls and looked at Monica.

“Is he always like that,” she asked, “I mean so hard and fast?”

“Nope, he’s usually very considerate. You’ll see.” The girls embraced and kissed warmly and then fell back on the bed with their heads between each other legs, giving comfort.

Tommy lay back on his bed with his satisfied cock lying on his belly. He petted it and closed his eyes thinking about a dozen cheerleaders. He felt his cock hardening in his hand and smacked it down. It’s getting bigger, he thought. I’m sure it is. He decided it was time that he decided what to do and when to stop.

Tommy’s performance that night at the year-end cheerleader slumber party is one of those stories that get handed down and embroidered in generation after generation. The girls provided him with beer, Benzedrine, Viagra and a desensitizing cream, and he brought four of them to screeching orgasms in the first hour of his energetic labor in the downstairs playroom, three more in both the second and third hours and then he went outside for a walk and a piss in the moonlight and came back a half hour later to do his sister quickly and then mount Beth and give her a full thirty minutes of sex she would remember when she was a grandmother. Counts varied but the consensus was Beth came ten times and Tommy filled her twice in almost forty minutes of nearly non-stop action in several different positions which ended with the boy standing behind her and having at her doggy style while she begged him to stop, her head solidly against the back of the sofa. When he came again, they were jarred apart and ended up kneeling facing each other, gripping each other’s buttocks and leaning back as they both howled with pleasure.

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