Bec4: The Wrong Wardrobe

Editor’s Note: The journal that was published under the title of Bec3 breaks off abruptly on the evening of Sunday November 28th (the end of the Thanksgiving weekend). There are no further entries in that journal. A cardboard filing folder filled with loose pages was shelved next to it. The pages consist of a variety of different types of documents. They appear to have been arranged in a specific order, so we decided to publish them in that order.

As per instructions from the Freeman family, an effort has been made to disguise both the address of their house as well as the city in which they live. While they acknowledge that a determined researcher could locate them, they do not wish to hand out that information on a plate. They have allowed the publication of these journals due to public interest but ask that their current privacy be respected.

Editor’s Note: The first document is a copy of a standard hospital casualty admissions form dated Monday, November 29th.

The following is an excerpt.

Patient brought in by ambulance under police custody.

Patient is a minor white female. Physical appearance suggests age 11 – 13 years. Small build, athletic, mid-to-long brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. No visible deformities, scars, tattoos or identifying marks.

Height: 4 feet 10 inches. Weight: 90 lb

Patient appears physically fit.

Medical ID bracelet confirms identity of patient as Rebecca Louise Freeman, age 13.

Patient admitted in a catatonic state – conscious but completely non-responsive.

Vital signs steady.

Blood sugar levels normal.

Neckline of shirt torn (photo supplied to police).

Two parallel scratches approx. two inches in length and a half inch apart, begin at the left clavicle at the place of the tear in the shirt and descend towards (but not reaching) left nipple. (photo supplied to police) Scratches are consistent with fingernail scratches occurring when the shirt was torn. Angle of scratches plus absence of skin under patient’s fingernails suggests scratches and shirt torn by another party.

Clothing saturated with significant quantity of blood.

Underwear intact and in place.

Clothing removed, bagged and passed to police.

Shoelace tied around wrist also removed and bagged.

Medical bracelet and necklace with locket removed, bagged and passed to police. No other personal items.

Absence of significant injury suggests the blood on clothing is not hers. Samples of blood taken and sent for analysis.

Abrasions to back of right elbow consistent with falling back onto concrete or asphalt. Bruising and grazing on both knuckles consistent with a series of punches, possibly a fist-fight. (photo supplied to police) Scratches above left breast previously mentioned. Irregular area of bruising in center of chest approx. 3 inches in diameter. (photo supplied to police)

No other observable injuries.

Rape kit returned negative.

CT scans reveal no observable trauma to the brain. Recent CT scans on file as subject is a patient of the hospital. No significant differences between scans.

Blood tests returned negative for drugs, alcohol.

Patient remained conscious but non-responsive throughout entire examination.

Absent any physical explanation for the catatonia, patient transferred to Level 5 East: Psych ward (children).

Due to police insistence, patient to be placed in a secure room.

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