Welcum to the Neighborhood!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gary hated moving, and here he was, moving again for the second time in just ten months. He would never guess what awaited him in his new neighborhood!

Gary hated moving, and here he was, moving again for the second time in just ten months. The first time, was when he moved into an apartment right after he graduated from the University of Washington last May. He didn’t really like apartment living, but at least it wasn’t in a dorm, like the last four years. He wished that he could have afforded to get a place while he was still in school, but his scholarship that included housing, would only pay for a dorm room, and his class load precluded him having a job while he was in school. He did do some work for cash under the table here and there, mostly fixing other students’ computers when they got a virus or three from trying to download porn, and that let him at least take a date to see a movie now and then, as well as go out to eat food that didn’t come from a cafeteria.

The apartment that he had moved into was an older four story building closer to downtown Seattle, and right on the bus lines to get to his new job at a small company where he was the “IT Guy.” In some ways it’s better to be on a lower floor, and in other ways, an upper floor is better. He hated having someone living over the top of him in his third floor room, in this case, a young couple with two children, five and three. The noise that those kids could make running around was astounding. The other big problem with the apartment, other than the three stories of stairs, was the heat. It was hot in the summer, and in the winter, the hot water radiators that heated the whole building were always on, because the elderly manager lived on the ground floor, the coldest.

It was a good thing that he took his father’s advice and got renter’s insurance, because the roof leaked one stormy March morning, and all of the apartments on his side of the building were basically destroyed. Of course the family above him had the most damage, but his apartment was second worst. With some of the money that the insurance company got for him, he was able to find a small two bedroom house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, also right off the bus lines to work. The owners of the house lived right next door, a nice couple in their middle forties.

The house was on just a little bit of a hill, and the basement opened up to a small back yard that also contained a single car garage. The garage was accessed via the alley that ran behind the house. There was a nice little deck off the main floor, with stairs that went down to the back yard patio. Looking into the neighbor’s yards, he could see a similar setup in their yards as well. The houses were rather close together, with barely enough room for a walkway and a couple of garbage cans. They were mostly built back in the 1940’s for people in the military, or people that built boats and planes and all that for the war.

Needless to say, Gary didn’t have a lot of stuff to move in with, but he did have a bed and dresser that he picked up at a thrift store, and a sofa that a coworker donated to him. He even delivered it and the bedroom stuff in his pickup. Scott was a nice guy, and had even invited Gary join them for dinner with him and his wife and their kids a few times, even though he had never been able to go. He was looking forward to inviting them over to his new house someday.

The first night in the new house, Gary was so pooped out from the moving, cleaning and everything, that he basically just fell asleep as soon as he lay down on the bed. Even though the next day was Friday, he still had the day off from work for the move, and that gave him the chance to unpack his meager possessions. After he was done with that chore, he hopped on a bus, and did some grocery shopping. He had to keep reminding himself that he could only carry so much on the bus.

As he was walking up the street from the bus to his house, he realized that he was following what appeared to be a mother and her daughter. It was a fairly rare warm spring afternoon, and they were both wearing shorts and t-shirts, and running shoes. Their long blond hair was bobbing and swishing in matching pony tails. They were both in pretty good shape, and the tight shorts showed off a couple of pretty tight butts. They reminded him of a bumper sticker that he saw once that said, “Tight Butts Drive Me NUTS!”

They stopped at the house just before his, and were still talking together as he passed them. He nodded his head to the mother, whom he guessed to be about thirty-two or thirty-three or so. Her daughter looked to be in her early teens, but had already matured quite well. He noticed that neither one of them were all that well endowed on top, but their tight t-shirts showed that they were just the perfect firm handful.

“Hey! Are you our new neighbor?” the girl asked.

“Well, I suppose that I am. I’m Gary Wentworth,” he said. He set down the sacks in his right hand, and held his hand out to the girl.

She took his hand, and gave it a nice handshake. “It’s nice to meet you, Gary, I’m Brenda Comfort. This is my mother, Celia Comfort.” He shook her hand too, before he picked up his bags again.

“Well, it was nice to meet you. I need to get these groceries into the fridge, so, if you’ll excuse me...”

“Of course!” Celia said with a smile. “We’ll see you around, Gary.”

“Have a good evening, Ladies!” he said, smiling back, and went off to his house, right next door.

After his dinner, he sat on his couch and read for a while, before going to sleep, since he didn’t have a TV or stereo yet. He went to the bedroom, and was just about to turn on the light, when he noticed that there was some sort of light shining into his room from outside. He went to the window, and through the mini-blinds, he saw that the light was coming from next door, at Celia and Brenda’s house. The two houses were pretty much identical, but the reverse of the other, so he was looking into the main bedroom in their house. He could see into it quite well, because the blinds were open, and the lights were on. That was the light that he had seen through his half opened blinds.

He was just about to make sure that his blinds were closed all the way and go to bed, when Celia walked into the room, with a towel around her head, holding her wet hair, and nothing else. Gary could plainly see her rounded tits with their light brown nipples poking out hard. Her pussy was plainly visible, due to the fact that her quim was perfectly hairless. When she turned around, and gave him a view of her ass, he saw a firm pair of cheeks that were just begging to be caressed. She sat down on the edge of the bed facing a dresser with a mirror on it, and began brushing that beautiful long blond hair.

The view was starting to affect him, and he was getting cramped in his jeans, so he quickly stripped off his clothes so that he was naked, like she was. He did miss a little bit of the show while he was getting undressed, because when he looked again, Brenda had walked into the room. She was dressed in a short robe that did nothing to hide her firm young legs, but seemed to not take notice of her mother’s state of undress. They were talking quietly, but Gary could still hear them talking, just not what they said. After a few minutes, Celia stood up, and walked to where Brenda was standing, and pulled her into a hug. The hug lasted a little longer than Gary thought would be normal, but then things took a turn.

Their hug turned into kisses that were most UN-motherly and UN-daughterly. In no time it all, it turned from hugs and kisses to a full on makeout session. Brenda’s robe was soon on the floor, revealing that she was now just as nude as her mother. Her ass was just as firm as her mother’s just a little bit smaller, and her tits were cones that were just starting to get a little roundness to them, topped with dusky pink areola and slightly darker nipples that were currently being toyed with by her mother.

They moved to the bed, and stretched out, side by side, to resume their play. There were hands roaming all over both bodies as they continued to kiss for a few more moments, before Celia broke the kiss, and bent down to take one of her daughter’s nipples into her mouth. The moan that Brenda let out was clearly audible through both windows and the short distance between them, as she held her mother’s head to her breasts. After a short time, Brenda twisted around a little, and was soon on top of her mother, headed in opposite directions. This was to allow Brenda to suck on her Mom’s boobs at the same time that Celia was working over her daughter’s slightly smaller mounds. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Brenda started to move again, her head ending up between her mother’s thighs, which lined up her own pussy in Celia’s face.

They were really getting into the 69, moaning and groaning as they licked and sucked, when Gary heard a car door slam, twice. “Oh no!” Gary thought. “They’re going to get caught by Celia’s husband!”

Sure enough, a couple minutes later, a tall blond man with a mustache walked into the room where the mother and daughter pair we still busily slurping on each other’s cunts. Gary was sure that there was going to be hell to pay, his wife cheating on him with their daughter, but instead, the man bent over the pair, and kissed Brenda right on her exposed bare ass. Brenda said something that Gary couldn’t quite make out, and the man started to strip off his clothes. Once he was as naked as they were, he climbed up on the bed behind Brenda. Celia bent her head back, and took the tip of the guy’s big hard cock between her lips, sucking on it gently for a moment before pulling back and lining up what looked to Gary to be about a seven or eight inch long cock with his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh Yeah! Fuck me, Daddy!” Brenda said loud enough for Gary to hear as he slowly shoved the whole length of his fairly substantial pole into her tight teenage tunnel. He was slowly sawing in and out of her hole while her mother continued to work on her pussy with her mouth, and licking his rod at the same time. For the first dozen or so strokes, Brenda had her head up, her eyes closed, and her mouth open while her dad’s cock got fully lubricated and her pussy got stretched just enough to accommodate his girth. As soon as he had a good rhythm going, she put her head down, and resumed eating her mom’s juicy pussy.

They were going at it for quite a few minutes when a teenage boy, maybe a year or two older than Brenda walked into the room. When he saw what was going on, it wasn’t difficult at all for Gary to hear what he was saying.

“Oh man! Dang it! You guys always start without me!” the boy said, stripping his clothes off in a hurry.

“Well, it was your idea to go make a snack,” his dad said, not stopping his strokes at all.

Once the boy was naked, his six inch cock bobbing in front of him, he moved to the head of the bed, and stuck his prick down to where his sister’s mouth was glued to their mother’s cunt. Brenda lifted her head a little, and took his pole between her lips, and sucked him all the way to the root. He moaned loudly as she bobbed her head repeatedly while she sucked.

She only sucked her brother’s cock for a few minutes when her dad started to increase the speed and force of his thrusts, which quickly led to them both cumming loudly. As soon as they calmed down a little, Brenda rolled off of her mom, but her dad moved with her, and he continued to slowly fuck her from behind. The boy took no time sticking his pole into his mother’s cunt, and he started to fuck her, just as his dad was still fucking his sister next to them. The boy was kissing his mother deeply as he moved his rod in and out of her hole, his fingers twisting her nipples and fondling her tits.

“More, Kevin,” Celia moaned out, loudly. “Give me more! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me your sperm! Fuck me!”

Mere seconds later, the boy, Kevin, shoved his pole hard and deep into her tunnel, and bellowed out, “I’M CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMING!” as both his body, and the body under his, shuddered and shook as the mother and son team were cumming together. Once they stopped moving, Celia got her son to roll over, and get his weight off of her body.

They all laid there, panting heavily for a few moments before the dad pulled out of Brenda’s gooey pussy, and practically shouted, “Clean-up Time!” They got in a circle, or a square, or something, and started to lick up the juices from each other’s genitals. Dad stuck his face in his wife’s pussy, sucking Kevin’s cum out of her twat, Celia started to suck on Brenda’s cunt, looking for whatever of the girl’s father’s cum she could find. Brenda grabbed onto Kevin’s still hard teenage cock, and was licking all the juices from its length, while Kevin pulled his dad’s meat to his teen mouth, and started to suck all of his dad’s and sister’s essence from his flesh.

Gary had never even thought of having sex with another male before, but after watching Kevin sucking enthusiastically of his father’s cock, he thought that it was really hot, and Gary was soon cumming all over the wall just below the window.

When he caught his breath, and looked up to see what was going on next door, he saw that the four of them were just snuggled together, kissing and caressing each other. They did that for a minute before Brenda got up, and out of the king size bed, and walked over to the light switch. Just before she flipped the switch off, she looked out the window, and surprising Gary, right into his eyes. She waved to him with a smile, and turned off the light, leaving the room in complete darkness.

Gary nearly had a heart attack when Brenda waved to him, but it only made his cock hard once again. He laid down on his bed, and with the images of the foursome next door still burned into his memory, he stroked his cock about seven or eight strokes before he erupted all over his chest and belly. Thinking of Kevin and his father, he scooped up some of his cum from his chest, and tasted his own splooge. “Not bad,” he said out loud, and proceeded to gather as much as he could, and suck his fingers clean.

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