It Wasn't My Idea
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Reluctant, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Male, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, BBW,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Audrey went out clubbing on her own -- and bad things happened. But good things happened, too -- where do you draw the line?

It all started with the argument between Audrey and her roommate Diane over where they were going to Ladies’ Night...

“But I LIKE the Roundup!” Audrey insisted.

“It’s scummy! I want to hit the Hip Hop Shop!” Diane argued.

“We’re too old for that place!” Audrey shot back.

“I’M not! YOU might be!” Diane snapped.

They went back and forth, Audrey insisting and Diane steadfastly refusing, until, angry, Audrey tossed her dirty-blonde locks and announced, “Fine! I’ll go on my own!” She put on her nice black underthings and then a translucent black shell under a light jacket that helped mask her size and a skirt that showed off her thick but nicely formed legs, stepped into some high-heeled sandals and headed on out to the Roundup.

Things started out pretty much as usual – which is to say not good. Audrey was a little short and a little round and a little thick and therefore she wasn’t going to be at the top of the pecking order. It was after ten-thirty and she was thinking of packing things in – it WAS only Thursday night, after all – when a rakish Hispanic dude with a pencil-thin beard along his jawline asked her to dance.

Things moved along quickly. Fast dances led to slow dances – ALL dances, in fact – until Audrey was tired, hot and thirsty, if excited. Diego went off to the bar and brought her back a drink, which she downed rapidly. Then he said, “Let’s go outside and get some air – it’s too hot in here. I can show you my ride...”

“Okay!” Audrey was happy to oblige – she was sweating and didn’t want to expose him to that. They went outside and Diego led Audrey to a van.

“Are you still thirsty?” he asked.


“I’ve got some beer and soda in a cooler – which do you want?” Audrey settled on a soda, and Diego handed her a can; they sat in the back of the van and made small-talk until Audrey suddenly began to feel woozy.

“My! I feel ... dizzy...”

Diego appeared concerned. “You sucked down that drink pretty fast before we came out. Have you had much?”

“I don’t think so...”

“Well, it’s probably a rush. Why don’t you climb up inside and lie down for a moment until it passes...”

“Okay.” By then, Audrey didn’t really have any other options; she could barely crawl up into the van. Moments later, the world went away...

Diego’s real name was Ramon. Grinning to himself, he watched the porky gringa close her eyes and fade to unconsciousness in the back of his van. After a moment, he reached in and grabbed her ankle and shook it, “Hey!” Nothing happened -- the cunt was out like a light; the roofies he’d dropped in her drink in the bar had taken full effect. Chuckling, he headed back inside.

“Ramon! Where you been?” Ignacio asked, as Ramon approached the table where his little gang were hanging out.

“I was picking up something for us to fuck!” Ramon replied, grinning. “Come on, let’s go.” The others got up and followed him out.

When Ramon opened the van door to display his catch, Levi, the black member of the group, growled, “Jeezus! A porker! You couldn’t do no better?”

“Hey, it was what I could get!” Ramon retorted. “If you don’t want any...”

“Yeah, yeah, okay,” Levi waved it off.

“What’s with her?” Jesse was the ‘token white guy’ in the group. He was more or less adopted for his talents – talents that the other three lacked – but he was a bit of an innocent...

“Roofies, Man! She’s toast!” Ramon explained. “We’re gonna take her to a place I know and turn her every which way but loose and tomorrow she’s gonna wake up and not remember a fucking thing! Get in, Jesse – you’re driving! We’re going to your place first to pick up a few things!” He turned to Ignacio, handing him a pair of rubber gloves. “Put these on.” Ignacio donned the gloves. “Take her purse and snag her keys. That’s her car over there – she pointed it out to me. Get in and follow us. Don’t fucking sneeze or blow your nose or spit or do any fucking thing that will leave something a cop might find and identify you with, okay? If something fucked-up happens, you don’t want to go down – and WE don’t want you taking US with you – so don’t fuck up!” Ignacio nodded, fished Audrey’s keys out of her purse, and started her car. Ramon and Levi climbed into the van, Ramon waved, and the convoy moved out.

They drove to Jesse’s and collected some of the electronics that were Jesse’s reason for being in the group, then on to a house Ramon knew of – a foreclosed and boarded up place in a run-down neighborhood nearby. They parked the van in the back yard and Audrey’s car in the driveway, then Ramon slid through an unlocked basement window and went upstairs an opened the back door. “Bring her in...”

Someone was slapping Audrey’s face – relatively gently. “Hey, Sleeping Beauty, wake up! Your princes have arrived!”

Audrey opened her eyes, one at a time, unable to hold both open simultaneously. “Wha... ?”

“Up!” Someone was hauling on her arms – was he wearing a mask? Where was the guy who ... What HAD they been doing? Where had she been? There were two guys supporting her as they went somewhere – she couldn’t even see ... The trip inside the house exhausted her and when they lowered her onto an old mattress, she collapsed forward and closed her eyes.

“She’s still fucked up,” Ignacio related.

“That’s okay – we’ve got a ways to go,” Ramon replied. “Let’s get her out of her clothes. Everybody got your masks?” Ramon had turned up some masks made out of black fabric and handed them out to everyone out in the van before he broke into the house – but Jesse wasn’t wearing his. “Put it on,” Ramon waved a finger at Jesse. Jesse rolled his eyes, but complied. Ramon handed out instructions and the others gathered some other items, some from the van and some from various rooms in the house.

Someone was cursing; Audrey was being undressed. She couldn’t decide whether that was a good idea or not. There seemed to be other things to worry about, like where she was ... She couldn’t focus, though, and she couldn’t interfere adequately, either, so her jacket went away, then her skirt, her pantyhose and her panties, her top, and finally, her bra. Hands touched her, here and there, rubbing, caressing, tweaking her nipples. Someone opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy. It felt good...

“Wha... ?”

“Shhh, Baby, relax!” The voice had an accent, one that indicated that he probably spoke Spanish. “It’s gonna be good!”

“Wh-what’s gonna be good?”

“When we fuck, Baby! That’s gonna be good!”


“Yeah,” the voice replied reasonably, “We were ALWAYS gonna fuck – don’t you remember?”


“Don’t worry about it, Baby – just enjoy yourself, okay?” Ramon grinned, rubbing her clitoris. “You getting this?” he asked Jesse, who was manning the video camera.

“Yeah...” Jesse nodded.

“No faces...”

“I know.”

Ignacio was bent over the woman, sucking a nipple and twiddling the other one. The woman, whatever her name was, lay there on her back, gasping, her feet moving, kicking a bit, her toes clenching and spreading – nothing controlled; she was clearly merely enjoying what was being done to her. Ramon continued to talk to her softly while pumping a finger in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her pussy got wet – Jesse could hear the sounds, and they made him as horny as Hell – but this was wrong, wasn’t it? ‘I’m gonna go to jail for this, ‘ he thought, ‘but I’m stuck – I can’t leave... ‘ He made a vow to himself not to actively participate in the woman’s molestation.

Audrey was disoriented and lethargic; she lay listening to the soft words of the man masturbating her while he sucked her right nipple and tweaked her left. There was something strange about that – but she was unable to get her head around it and it didn’t matter. What DID matter was that she was being pleasured – and that got more and more intense and despite her lethargy she rose slowly, then more and more rapidly to a peak that came out of nowhere and left her surging and wailing and gasping under the man’s hands and lips. When he made the announcement, “Okay, Baby, we’re gonna fuck now!” she was all for it! He brought her knees up and spread them, then filled her and began pumping his cock into her depths, and she didn’t even wonder how she got where she was – what she was doing was enough. Her mind was a blank, anyway; she was a vessel of pleasure, nothing more. After a relatively short time, his pounding cock brought her another orgasm, at which point he stopped sucking her nipple and grabbed her head, turning it...

“You got this?” Ramon asked Jesse right after announcing to the woman that they were going to fuck.

“Yeah.” Jesse positioned himself and videoed the presentation and the woman’s reaction; the good thing about this was that she clearly wasn’t hurting any. She was fucked up, for sure, but she was enjoying what she was getting. Ramon pounded away in her, not brutally, but not gently – he was getting his. The woman got hers, too, after a couple of minutes, moaning and thrashing and rubbing Ignacio’s head. Ignacio waited until she was done surging and thrashing and rose up, collecting her head and turning it, then rubbing his cock on her lips.

“Do you like to suck cock, Baby?” Ramon asked. “Suck the cock...” The woman opened her mouth – to speak, maybe – and Ignacio slid his cock in it. She paused for a moment, as if she didn’t understand what was happening, then began to suck; Ignacio groaned and began slowly pumping her face, holding her head. “Easy,” Ramon admonished, “You can go like Hell later, if you want to. I don’t want her freaked.”

Audrey felt something soft touch her lips, heard the question, and spent a moment formulating an answer. That answer was ‘yes, ‘ but she had to think about it. When she opened her mouth, though, the cock entered her mouth and she never got out anything intelligible. She stopped again, taking a moment to come to grips with this development, but sucking was more or less the default response, so she began to suck. The man held her head and slid his cock in and out of her mouth; she licked and sucked, half on automatic and half attentive as she drifted in and out and the cock cycling in her pussy collected her attention and lost it. It took a couple of minutes for her to realize that two cocks meant two men – and it was an interesting datum, but in her state it wasn’t cause for any great excitement – she was sucking and fucking and that was all that she had bandwidth for.

The guy who wanted the suck wasn’t rough, but he wanted to go deep; the good news was that he wasn’t so huge that it caused her to do anything but gag occasionally. Even that was just something that happened to her – there wasn’t any emotional component, she just gagged occasionally. The drug had her disconnected enough that it wasn’t abuse – it was just something that happened. She didn’t whine or complain – she just gagged a little and kept sucking. After a bit, she attained another climax, and sometime after that, the man fucking her attained his, pumping his seed into her. Somewhere in her mind, she was pleased...

Ramon backed out of the porky bitch, grinning. Levi leaned up and whacked Ignacio on the shoulder, “Get you some – I want some face!”

“I won’t last – she sucks good!” Ignacio couldn’t seem to decide whether he wanted to change up or not.

“Give me a minute to have her clean my cock, then you can make up your mind what you want,” Ramon directed.

“Very well...” Ignacio surrendered the woman’s mouth to his fearless leader and watched the woman take him in. She seemed to enjoy the taste of cum...

Audrey heard all this; she was more alert, more into things. The dawn was slowly breaking, but she still hadn’t been presented with anything that brought an imperative to initiate anything. She continued to react passively, taking direction and doing what was asked of her. She sucked her juices and cum off the cock that had fucked her, barely making the connection – and not caring about it, one way or the other. It never occurred to her to wonder whether it was demeaning or not to suck a cock that had just cum in her cunt; she just did it – and got some pleasure from it, one way or another.

“Come on, Slut – let’s do doggie.” Audrey was still trying to process this when hands started tugging on her. She did what she could to give the hands what they wanted and discovered, belatedly, as a new cock probed her depths, that she was on her hands and knees. A pair of knees slid under her shoulders and a cock pressed against her lips – a familiar one, she discovered, as she opened her mouth to accept it.

“Suck me,” a voice murmured, “Take my load!” Audrey began to suck, her efforts complicated by the impacts of the owner of the new cock as he battered her pussy. But that was welcome; he was doing a good job, bringing her pleasure. Audrey worked with it as best she could, cooperating fully, because she didn’t know how to resist in her current state.

It was Levi who wanted to fuck doggy-style; Ignacio decided that he wanted the fat gringa to suck his first load from him. They manhandled her into position and Levi stuck his cock in her without fanfare, but she didn’t complain – even when Ignacio went back around in front and draped her over his knees so he could pump her face up and down over his cock.

“Why isn’t she having a fit?” Jesse asked.

“She’s still pretty much out of it,” Ramon opined. “Roofies are a hypnotic – she’s doing what she’s told. If we don’t make waves, all she’ll get out of it is pleasure. You know she’s getting off regularly, right?”

“Yeah...” ‘It STILL doesn’t make it RIGHT!’ Jesse added to himself.

Levi won’t be able to leave it alone, though, I bet,” Ramon mused.

“Hey, Slut – how do you like black dick?” Levi taunted, then swatted Audrey on the ass. “Hey, wakey-wakey! Say something, Slut!”

“Shut up!” Ignacio hissed, “She’s sucking! You can have your fun when she is finished!” Ignacio had been interrupted once and was in no mood to have it happen again!

“All right – don’t get pissy!”

Audrey heard all this – the slap on her ass brought her up through a layer toward full consciousness. Her mind was starting to work – starting to connect things. It didn’t mean she was going to initiate anything, but she managed to absorb the fact that the cock currently plowing her pussy was black and therefore one of her sex partners was black. They still weren’t rapists and they weren’t lovers – she was fucking, that was all. It was an animal thing. She was female and they were male and they were using her pussy and her mouth for sex. There was still no emotional component, but it WAS pleasurable. She put together bits and pieces of the conversation and for some reason it drove her to suck more actively on the cock in her mouth; she couldn’t have told anyone WHY – she just reacted to the imperative.

As a result, Ignacio got his long-awaited orgasm. “Yes! Yes! Suck! Drink my cum!” he hissed, erupting in Audrey’s mouth. Audrey sucked and swallowed, an odd sense of accomplishment suffusing her.

Ignacio backed off and Ramon nudged Jesse. “Get you some.”

“I’m making the video,” Jesse objected.

“Don’t bullshit around,” Ramon growled, “You’re as deep in this as the rest of us. Now go stick your dick in the slut – you don’t want me wondering where your head is at!”

“Okay.” Jesse got out of his clothing and moved around in front of the woman while Ramon wielded the video camera. The woman had her head on her crossed arms, grunting, her ass raised to take Levi’s stroke; she’d thrown an orgasm while Jesse undressed. ‘She isn’t hurting, ‘ he thought. That was the one good thing about all this – the woman wasn’t kicking and screaming. Jesse tugged up on her shoulders and she struggled up onto her hands, then slumped over his cock when he fed it to her, adjusting her position such that it was largely neutral, but Jesse could raise and lower her face over his embarrassingly erect cock. Once she was settled, Jesse didn’t have to manhandle her; she started sucking on her own.

Audrey was more and more alert – not that she was anywhere near being in a normal state of mind. Everything was happening in the moment; Levi was taunting her again and she was discovering for the fourth or fifth time that the cock she was fucking was black. That realization would last mere seconds, then disappear into the abyss; she wasn’t recording memories of this encounter at all, due to the drug. She heard the man she was sucking whisper, “Sorry!” but that came and went, too; she was there to fuck and suck and that was ALL she was doing – not thinking, not feeling, just satisfying their craving for sex – and her own. She shrieked around Jesse’s cock as an orgasm rolled over her, then started vacuuming Jesse’s cock while she waited for Levi to work up another charge of animal pleasure for her to release.

Levi picked up on the fact that Audrey seemed to be more active. “Hey, I think the slut is waking up!”

“Yeah, well, she’ll still be fucked up – just cooperative. Fuck her – you don’t have to be an asshole about it...” Ramon admonished.

“Speaking of assholes...” Levi slid his hand down Audrey’s ass and wedged his thumb in her anus. Taken by surprise and totally into the fuck, she let him – it went right in. “I’m gonna make her pull booty duty!” Levi announced.

“Well, finish fucking her first, will you? Other people are waiting!” Ramon rasped.

“Yeah, yeah...” Levi shifted his stroke, some. “Work that pussy, Bitch, so I get off! You’ve got other customers!”

Audrey heard him and actually did as he asked; the abusive content rolled off her and she just followed instructions. She was there to fuck ... The thumb in her asshole didn’t bother her, either – it had gotten there without her fighting it and once it was in, it felt good. Audrey humped and clenched and worked with Levi to give pleasure – and get it.

Jesse was more of a distraction than Ignacio had been, though – he had a longer cock. Jesse wasn’t TRYING to bury it – but Audrey was, and Levi’s hammering was its own component. Audrey wanted to take Jesse all the way – something she’d never done with any man. The imperative came from some animal level inside her; she still wasn’t reacting at any OTHER level. But it impelled her to take him as deep as she could – and work to take him even deeper.

Jesse thought about telling her that she didn’t have to do that – but she wasn’t asking and Ramon was watching him, so he couldn’t come off as a pussy. For Ramon’s consumption, he palmed the back of Audrey’s head – but he wasn’t forcing her, just making it look like it. Audrey was driving – and as far as Jesse was concerned, she was kicking ass!

It happened the next time Audrey rose to orgasm. She shrieked around Jesse’s cock and Levi slammed forward and there was something about the combination that worked; Jesse’s cock slid into her throat! Audrey, already in the throes of orgasm and suddenly having succeeded with the deep throat simultaneously, grabbed Jesse’s ass and remained impaled on his cock, actually obtaining additional pleasure from the realization of her success and wanting to extend it! Somehow, she didn’t gag; she was too busy milking Levi’s cock with her pussy and floor muscles for stomach cramps, apparently. She swallowed around Jesse’s cock several times, causing his eyes to nearly start from their sockets as her throat rippled around his glans, and backed off just in time to collect the eruption of seed she triggered by doing it. Moaning in pleasure, she sucked her clumpy reward down, taking it as part of the aftermath of a particularly satisfying orgasm. She sucked Jesse desultorily as Levi doubled up, looking for his peak, her attention on the black cock pounding her pussy. Levi brought her to climax again, quickly, with the increased intensity of his stroke – and was rewarded by the climax he got from her clutching cunt as she peaked.

Levi soaked his cock in Audrey’s pulsing pussy for a minute or so, then waved Jesse back so he could circle around to Audrey’s front. “Suck my cock, Slut. Suck that black meat – you know you love it!” Levi crooned.

Jesse, who had just recovered the camera from Ramon, nerved himself to say something, but Ramon chuckled. “She won’t remember, Man – you’re wasting your time telling her all about how she’s a slut for black cock!”

“Huh! Too bad!” Levi couldn’t complain about the fat white bitch’s effort, though – she was sucking to beat the band! “What is there about porkers, Man? They just suck it up...”

“They don’t get any,” Ramon replied, “So they’re grateful. Hot-looking bitches have to beat guys off all the time and as a result, we’re a pain in the ass. Porkers don’t get shit, so when they DO get it, they go all out, because who the fuck knows when the NEXT time will be?”

“I guess...” Levi palmed the back of Audrey’s head. “Come on, swallow it – I watched you swallow at least one...” Levi was pretty sure Ignacio hadn’t challenged the slut, but wasn’t going to say it outright.

Ten minutes earlier, Audrey couldn’t have done it, but the body still remembered, even if the mind didn’t. Levi’s cock was thicker than Jesse’s, but no longer – and Audrey managed to take it. This time, she gagged – and Levi held her deep and enjoyed watching her – but Ramon whacked him one and he let up.

Meanwhile, Ignacio, recharged, circled around and plugged into Audrey’s pussy and began to pump. Audrey took a few seconds to recover from Levi’s abuse, then forgot about it and concentrated on the cock cycling in her hungry pussy. Levi abused her again a couple of times, but she just took it – it was an off-and-on thing that only lasted a minute or so before he gave up and backed off and Ramon took his place.

Ramon’s cock was similar to Jesse’s; soon, Audrey was challenging herself with it. Ignacio brought Audrey to climax once but unloaded in her while she was recovering and not well on the way to her second. Levi eyed her, pumping his meat back to life and said, “Hey, let’s check her for airtight! I want to fuck that booty!”

“Fine.” Ramon backed out of Audrey’s mouth and pointed at Jesse. “You get the throat. I bet you can still video...” Jesse just nodded.

They didn’t provide Audrey with any instructions – they just dumped her over on her side while Ramon arranged himself on his back on the mattress and then dragged her back onto her hands and knees straddling him. “Put it in your pussy,” Ramon directed, and Audrey obeyed automatically. They let her ride Ramon for a bit – something she was finally capable of and had reason to do, as it brought her pleasure – before stopping her so Levi could attempt penetration.

It didn’t go well; Audrey screamed in pain. Ramon covered her mouth and said, “Get your fucking dick wet with something, asshole!” – irritated that they’d finally made the poor fat bitch unhappy. She’d been a real trouper ... Levi was a dick – next time, Ramon would pick up a BLACK bitch and put HER through her paces, he vowed! Ramon pulled Audrey forward off his cock. “Fuck her and use pussy juice. Do it however many times it takes to lube her up.” Levi nodded and plunged his cock into her pussy, giving her just long enough to forgive and forget before again pressing his cock against her anus. This time it went, but Audrey was still wildly unhappy for the moment it was in, so Levi repeated the procedure. This time he got in far enough with only minor complaints that they could back Audrey onto Ramon’s cock. Levi used spit for further lubrication and finally things began to work.

“Feed her face,” Ramon directed Jesse. Jesse didn’t argue – and Audrey sucked him in and seemed to use his cock as a pacifier while Ramon and Levi pumped their cocks in her and Ignacio made video clips. After a bit, she warmed up and began actively sucking – and a bit after that, she seemed to get off as Levi painted the inside of her colon with his seed. Levi withdrew, bitching about the mess, but no one had any sympathy; Audrey started hammering herself onto Ramon’s cock all by herself, and clearly got off at least once. Finally, Ramon got off, shooting a copious load into Audrey’s well-used cunt, and dumped her off. “Get you a piece,” he directed Jesse.

For Audrey, the fuck had gone from moment to moment. Initially, Levi’s cock in her ass hurt, but the pain backed off and she forgot about it. Pleasure replaced the pain, both from the cock in her ass and the one in her pussy, and she took an active part and enjoyed the double penetration. Levi’s eruption into her guts triggered an orgasm, and when he withdrew, it allowed her to concentrate on Ramon’s cock and forget there had ever been a large, black cock in her ass. Ramon’s staff was good for an orgasm; she was in between climaxes but climbing toward a peak when Ramon let go in her and then rolled her off him.

All this time, Jesse’s cock in her mouth was there, but largely ignored.

She lay on her back, panting, when someone began positioning her and another cock entered her cunt. She was a little sore, but sex is an animal thing – a little pain isn’t a problem. Her new sex partner was gentler than the others, but delivered a slow, hammering stroke that brought vastly more pleasure than pain. After a period of time that she was unable to measure in her current state, a bubble of pleasure developed, grew, surged, and exploded over her, and she reached up to clutch him to her as she rocked to its power. It was the first time since Ramon started with her and Ignacio demanded a suck that she had only one lover to entertain -- not that she remembered that – but she immersed herself in him and the act, clutching herself to him and cooing and caressing and moving with him to obtain her pleasure and his. She didn’t – couldn’t – count the peaks, but there were several, before he became agitated and sped up for a few strokes, then released a huge load of his seed in her in long squirts, grunting. She cuddled up, hugging him and kissing his neck, enjoying the feel of his body until he finally rose to pull away – but she grabbed his arm and struggled up and opened one eye to find his cock so she could suck his seed and her juices from it, hungrily. When he gently pushed her back, she dropped onto her back, sated, exhausted from the prolonged bout, and relaxed, falling asleep almost instantly.

Jesse felt like eight kinds of asshole; the woman had given herself to him, her rapist, without reservation. By the time Ramon told him to fuck her, he couldn’t stop himself; he was too aroused and he’d watched her accept the attentions of the others again and again and it was difficult to believe that she wasn’t cooperating actively – ESPECIALLY with a hard dick! But then she’d seemed to go the extra mile, giving of herself fully, even romantically, kissing and caressing and opening herself to him. She’d wrapped herself around him and urged him on and worked with him to make the act almost magical – and Jesse couldn’t forgive himself for taking advantage of her altered state. She’d thrown four orgasms before he had his and one during, then acted as if they were lovers afterward, rather than as if she was just a slut. It had been amazing, and if she’d been all there, he’d have asked her if they could date – but she wasn’t...

Ramon and the guys rode him about it, of course. All through the time when Ramon stepped out to prepare things for the next phase and Jesse prepared the video of their little escapade and saved it to a DVD, the others teased him about how the woman had the hots for him and how he ought to keep her in a basement, hopped up all the time, his personal piece.

“She’s in love with you, Man!” Levi jibed.

“She doesn’t even know which end is up!” Jesse rasped.

“Well, she knows good dick when she gets it! She was ALL OVER you, Man!”

“Yeah, yeah...”

They heaped it on until Ramon came back from his errand, which turned out to be the opening of another house, two doors down. The neighborhood was full of boarded up vacant triple-deckers that had been foreclosed upon and Ramon apparently knew someone who knew how to get into them.

It was four in the morning when they helped Audrey, who could barely walk, stagger naked up the street to the second house, where Ramon fed her a bottled water doctored with a second, lower dose of roofies and laid her out on an old mattress. They moved her car and her clothing to the new house and left her there in a site removed from the original crime scene in order to confuse things further. Since the crime wasn’t a murder, it was unlikely that any serious investigation would come of it, but Ramon was taking no chances. They quickly cleaned and closed up the first house, piled in the van and headed on home.

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