Cafe Latte
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, BDSM, Humiliation, Spanking, Petting,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - We listen in to a conversation between two women who chat about their sexual encounters. The two women decide to experiment and enjoy a new experience with each other.

‘Two more lattes please, ‘

‘So Jennifer, how are things now, since your split with Jack?’

‘Oh, so, so. I’m doing ok. But well, you know.’

Sue eyed her friend. They had known each other since school. They had kept in touch with each other and met regularly for coffee, but this was their first meeting since Jennifer and Jack had split up. Sue had been unsure how to broach the issue. The topic had been skirted around as they drank their first coffees chatting about all sorts of things, but now the conversation turned to the split-up.

‘Yes I’m fine, thank you. Life goes on. Of course I do miss certain aspects of life with Jack. You know, the, er, the physical side was very good. Jack was very good at, you know... ‘

‘The sex, ‘ offered Sue.

‘Well, yes, not just in bed, but we sort of played around. We, well you know... ‘

‘No Jennifer, I don’t know. Come on Jennifer, you’ve got me intrigued now. Come on, do tell.’

Jennifer gave a nervous giggle. ‘Well we used to enjoy role-play, if you know what I mean.’

‘Oh that’s lovely, ‘ said Sue. ‘We used to like that. Me and Paul, ‘til he went off it. We don’t do much in that direction now, ‘ she added wistfully. Anyway, come on Jennifer, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s be hearing the details.’

‘Okay then, ‘ said Jennifer. ‘Promise not to laugh and don’t you dare tell a soul.’

‘Jennifer, I am the epitome of discretion. You can trust me. I promise not to laugh. Now come on and tell Auntie Sue.’

The girls were good friends, but had never discussed their sex lives in detail. Jennifer had been a bit reluctant to start, but as she warmed to the idea she began. ‘

‘Jack’s favourite was when I played the role of a massage parlour girl. The game would start while Jack was still at work. He would ring me at home and ask if he could have an appointment for a massage that evening. I would pretend to consult my appointment book and I would agree to book him in.

Before he got home I put on a short white coat, like a saucy version of a doctor’s coat. Underneath I would wear stockings and suspenders, a nice pair of knickers and no bra.’

‘Oh, I like that, Paul used to like me to wear stockings and suspenders. Mind you that was a while ago now, ‘ said Sue thoughtfully. Anyway, do go on, you’ve got me in suspenders now. Ha, ha.’

‘I would but a pink light bulb in the bedside light, so the bedroom took on a pink glow, adding to the ambience. I would light scented candles to set the mood, then I would wait for Jack. I might tell you I was quite excited by the time he got home. When he did, I would greet him by saying, “Would sir like his massage now? Very well, a basic massage is £10. Please go up to the bedroom, take your things off and lay face down on the bed and I will be up shortly.” So Jack would give me the £10 and go upstairs.’

‘What, did you actually charge him real money?’

‘Oh yes, of course, we wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Anyway, I would give Jack time to get ready then I would go up and as Jack lay face down on the bed I would give him a sensuous massage using a drop or two of musk scented massage oil. He liked it especially when I got to his bottom and thighs.’

Jennifer paused and blushed, but her friend gave an encouraging smile.

‘Go on Jennifer, don’t stop now. It is just getting exciting.’

‘Well, okay. After a bit, I would say “Shall we turn over, sir?’ So Jack would lay on his back and I would carry on massaging him and as I did his inner thighs I would “accidentally” brush past his, er, you know... ‘

‘His willie?’

‘Yes, that’s it. His willie.’

‘Oh go on then.’

‘Well of course, he started to get excited. So, noticing his excitement I would ask “Would sir like any extras?” Jack would ask “What do you do?” then I would read him out my price list.’

‘Wow, Jennifer, that sounds exciting. So what was on your price list?’

Jennifer gave a nervous giggle. ‘It started off with a hand job for £10, or a full strip hand job for £20, a blowjob was £30 or full sex was £60.’ Suddenly Jennifer burst out in a peal of laughter.’

‘What is it?’ asked Sue. ‘What’s so funny.’

‘I’ve just remembered something. It was so funny. You see one day I went through the menu and Jack was so horny he said he wanted the full sex. So I said ‘Okay sir, and I started to strip. He eyed me standing there in my stockings, suspenders and knickers. That will be £60, payable in advance. Jack reached for his wallet and found he had only £5 left in it. He had forgotten to go to the cash machine. Anyway he handed me the £5 note. I held it up to the light and said “Oh, I’m sorry sir, I know the light is a bit dim in here, but this is only a £5 note. I’m afraid we can’t provide any extra services for £5”. So in desperation he took an old till receipt out of his wallet and said “Here you are, £60,” so I looked at this bit of paper and said “Really sir, I’m afraid you must need glasses, this is just a bit of paper.”

Jack started to get a bit agitated at this and said “Look it’s role-play. This bit of paper is a pretend £60.”

“Well I didn’t know The Bank of England even printed £60 notes. I really think sir should put his clothes back on and come back when sir has some money with him.”

Oh Sue it was so funny I could hardly stop myself laughing. His willie started to wilt and he looked so pathetic standing there wanting to do it and I wouldn’t let him.’

‘So what happened? Did you let him do you in the end?’

‘No I didn’t. To tell the truth, I was pretty desperate for it myself. I had got quite excited, but having started to insist on proper payment to keep the role-play realistic, I wasn’t going to back down, ‘

‘So is that what led to you and Jack splitting up?’

‘Oh no, that was ages ago. Mind you he did sulk for the rest of the day. Anyway he did get his revenge on me a few days later, so we finished up even.’

‘Oh Jennifer do tell. How did Jack turn the tables?’

Jennifer’s initial embarrassment had subsided and by now she was enjoying telling her friend of her past escapades. ‘My favourite role-play was “Secretary” have you seen the film? In the film the man has a secretary who makes the odd typing error or something. As a punishment he makes her bend over the desk and he pulls up her skirt and gives her a spanking.’

‘Oh, ‘ exclaimed Sue. ‘Now you have touched on my favourite game - spanking. Paul used to give me some great spankings and we got so excited. Of course that was a while ago. I love a good bottom spanking, it makes me really randy. Anyway how did Jack get his revenge?’

‘Well on that particular occasion, he lifted my skirt and pulled down my tights and knickers and instead of spanking me with his hand, like he usually did, he picked up a plastic ruler and gave me a really good walloping with it. I wriggled and squirmed and begged him to stop, but he kept going. I was threshing around trying to escape, but he held me down on the desk until he had made my bum all red. When I looked in the mirror later my buttocks were bright red.’

‘Oh Jennifer. Lucky you. I envy you. I would have loved that. Did you do anything else?’

‘Of course. Just like in the film. Jack held me down on the desk and unzipped and gave me one right there. Excuse my French but it was the best fuck of my life. My bum was still stinging like mad, but it was a fantastic shag.

‘Jennifer, that was so sexy. I suppose I ought to confess my little secret now. it was you mentioning spanking that brought it to mind.

‘Sue, don’t tell me you enjoy a spanking as well.’

‘Yes, Jennifer. Do you remember Miss Palmer?’

‘Our P.E. teacher from school?’

‘Yes, that’s who I mean. Well, when we at school I had a crush on her. Like a lot of impressionable girls at school I did have crushes on some of the women teachers, especially, Miss Palmer. Well one day, to get her attention I messed about something awful. Miss Palmer kept warning me to behave, but it just made me worse. She said she would have to spank me if I didn’t stop it. Well I just went on and on. I liked her a lot, but I just had to keep messing her about. Sort of testing her to see how far I could go. Suddenly she snapped and I was so shocked when she pulled me over her knee and began to spank my bottom.

I hadn’t expected her to do it, but I was glad when she did. Not that I wanted her to spank me, but I wanted her attention. Just me and her.

I was a bit surprised how much her hand hurt. I didn’t think she would spank me so hard, because I knew I was one of her favourites. I must have really pissed her off. Even over my skirt it was quite stingy.

‘Did she pull your pants down, Sue? I know she used to sometimes when she was really mad.’

‘No she didn’t, Jennifer. But she did pull my skirt up and spank me over my knickers. I felt so, you know, funny down there. I think I was getting turned on by it. It was both horrible and lovely all at the same time, if you know what I mean. Horrible and humiliating, but intimate and sexy as well. Does that make sense?’

‘Do you know what, Jennifer? I desperately wanted her to pull my pants down. It would have been so lovely. I can’t explain it. I often think of it even now. I imagine what it would have been like if she had pulled my knickers down. I would have been terribly embarrassed but looking back it would have been so sexy.

She finished my punishment then, but imagine if she had instructed me to stand close to her and she had hooked her thumbs inside the elastic of my knickers and began to ease them down over my chubby bottom.

Just think how very humiliating it would have been for me to stand there with my bottom bared as she pulled by pants down to my ankles. It would have been horrible, but when I look back, it would have been so deliciously exciting as well. Can you imagine my embarrassment as she made me step out of my knickers, leaving my bum bare and vulnerable? Then ordered me back over her knee to continue spanking met, but this time on the bare ... The thought is so deliciously exciting that I could hardly ever put on a pair of cotton knickers without thinking of Miss Palmer and her spanking me on my bare bum. It never happened, except in my imagination. I only had to close my eyes and the image came back. I had to put my fingers down my knickers and play with myself. It was so exciting. In fact it still is. Even now I think of it and want to put my fingers down there and, well, you know what I mean.

‘Wow, Sue, that is so hot, ‘ said Jennifer in a husky voice. ‘We must talk more about this.’

‘Yes, Jennifer we will.’

Jennifer took a deep breath and said ‘Now, whose turn is it to pay the bill?’

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