The Master Delegates

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Cast - The Master learns to better control himself and delegate to others. What will happen to the family?

Spoiler alert - please read the stories before looking at the cast list

The Master Downstairs

David - The protagonist who becomes the owner of the Device and the Master
Kristen - David’s wife who is his slave and becomes something else. Slaves are told she is the Mistress

Jeremy - graduate student inventor of the Device, pays a price for it
Brenda - Jeremy’s mom, widowed
Susan - Jeremy’s sister undergrad in college

Jen - Susan’s friend, undergrad who had the Device taken off early
Sally - Susan’s friend, undergrad - Certain Leak

Tina - Grad student, In a relationship with Linda
Linda - Grad student - Certain Leak - in a relationship with Tina

Jane - Brenda’s neighbor Certain Leak

Tom - Jeremy’s friend Certain Leak
Meghan - Tom’s Mom - chartered accountant

Stephanie - Yoga instructor - owns her studio
Rob - Stephanie husband - Certain Leak defense attorney

Peter - Grad student IT guy - likes Jen
Steve - works at Kristen’s company - ethical hacker

Amy - Virtual Reality professor and last leak

Ashley - yoga class attendee, forms a triad with David and Kristen

Alice - grad student - likes to submit paired up with Jeremy
Lisa - abused, but wants to open up now

Laurie - Bookstore owner
Julie - bookstore customer looking for self help books
Janice - undergrad - works at a high end mens fashion store

The Master Decides
Professor Graf
Danielle Graf - Professor Graf’s daughter
Mrs Liza Graf
Dana Grad fooled around with Professor Graf, becomes a prime researcher for the family
Professor Talbot

Madison - waitress who catches David in the bathroom

Jessica - David’s senior manager
Evie - David’s group admin
John - David’s boss
Nick - David’s peer

Tara Jones - local reporter who annoys David

Tilly - Flight Attendant
Cindy - Flight Attendant

Juliana - Barista at coffee shop

The Master Delegates

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